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The Physis is The Pine School's literary magazine produced by students and featuring student writing, artwork & photos. It is published once a year.

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Published by Jorge Salas, 2018-12-20 15:05:17

The Physis 2018

The Physis is The Pine School's literary magazine produced by students and featuring student writing, artwork & photos. It is published once a year.




H Ali McClimond
Y Jeff Ehrlich
S Maddie Nield
I Sara Velcani
2018 Alyssa Schoettle
Amelie Galbraith
Charlotte McElroy
Emory Whittington
Hannah Squier
Lauren DiMare
Lily Cave
Kiele Mader
Sara Velcani
Trent Long

Alison Sanchez
Aliya French
Grace Wilson
Nia Einhoff
Nicole Cappellino
Olivia Bertolo
Olivia Siegel
Ryan Ehrlich
Savannah Stranigan

Nia Einhoff


Scholastic Winner

The Call of The Ocean
Amelie Galbraith, 6th

Waves thundering,
Boats meandering,
Waves crashing mercilessly down on the shore,
They destroyed the perfect, pristine beauty
of tiny grains of sand.
Yet they had their own mystic beauty,
An ethereal beauty that clearly spoke:
“I am powerful,
I can be destructive,
Yet at the same time,
I am beautiful…”
I was awed by the waves.
I was terrified by the waves.
I mounted my bike, watching the waves
As they ebbed onto shore and out to sea.
As I rode away, I can still hear the ocean.
The ocean, the waves, the shore.
They were calling me,
Calling me back with their thunderous roar.
The ocean’s call became weaker and the bobbing boats,
Became minusclue specks.
I pondered, I though, I wondered,
Will the call of the ocean,
Bring me back tomorrow.

The Ballerina
Lily Cave, 8th

Trained to be entirely flawless,
To dance as if weightless,
She jumps, turns and glides swiftly like a fox,
But with the elegance of a swan.
Behind her soft lines is strength,
And endurance.
As she floats across the stage disappearing into the curtain,
The audience is hypnotized.
Suddenly, with great applause, they roar with cheers and
Before walking back on, she hides her face with a mask,
A mask of beauty and grace for only the audience can see.
She strides onto the stage.
Soaking in the applause with a smile, she bows.
She walks off.
The audience is hypnotized.
Trained to be entirely flawless
To dance as if weightless
She jumps, turns and glides swiftly like a fox
But with the elegance of a swan
The audience hypnotized
Behind her soft lines is strength
And endurance
But behind the mask is not what you see.
It hides the pain.
The pain of being able to do the impossible,
This did not come easy, the things she sacrificed.
The audience hypnotized.



Alyssa Schoettle, 11th

So what should I choose?
the land, the sea, the sky, the road
there are memories for all
and what would you choose?
the land, the sea, the sky, the road
do you have memories for all?
I could live them all
the land, the sea, the sky, the road
I have lived them all, through time
the land, oh the land
never once the same, but all here
I feel as if I’ve seen it all
the sea, oh the sea
of all the blue, green, greys, it is
a part of me is with it
as for the rest you know
I travel them both alone
across the sky, along the road
the land, the sea, the sky, the road
I choose them all

Night Thoughts
Hannah Squier, 8th

Scholastic Winner
There I lie between the scratchy sheets,
Chin propped by my
Bunched up pillow.
My soft tee shirt
Pressing lines into my skin,
Staring out my only window.
I listen as the crickets
Chirp out their night time farewells,
As the breeze rustles through
The new sprout of leaves
That emerged only
The ghostly moon
Glowing dully
Peers out from behind
A crackling frond.
It beckons to the scattered
Night critters
That lurk just beyond
Its outstretched fingers.
The daytime noises are gone -
Sprinklers watering many yards;
Lawn-mowers puttering, working hard.
Only to be replaced, not by a peaceful, quieter
As many writers suggest,
But by a busier one.
Inhabited by the loud horns
Of passing trains; the steady hoot of the night owl;
The faint splash of a mullet
Leaping in the nearby river.

The plastic, stick-on stars
That perch on my ceiling
Seem brighter tonight.
Their competition is
Gone for the moment,
Lost behind an endless
Mass of gray clouds.
Tendrils of wind
Wafting through my
Open window
Tickle my half shut
A curious smell
Rides alone on the breeze,
A mix of mint and basil
Of summer and winter
Of blossoms and leaves
Of the changing seasons.
And now the wind,
Its pesky tendrils,
Are dancing on fully
Closed lids.
And I listen
To the reliable noises
Of Night, my Night,
Until I am whisked away
In the careless arms
Of dreams.
Away from the distant sounds
Of the chirping crickets,
The rustling of newly sprouted leaves,
And into a world
Conquered by wishes and
Hopes known only by me.

Scholastic Winner

Charlotte McElroy, 3rd

If I could climb a mountian,
If I could read a book,
If I could sing a song to you,
with such a little hook
If I could swing peacefully,
If I could make a change,
If I could see a smile,
on every single face.

The Beach
Emory Whittington, 3rd

Ten o’clock AM.
Jump in the car,
Get there,
Lay down beach towel.
Set up umbrella
Seagulls flying
dolphins jumping



She Looked Up
Lauren DiMare, 12th

Her eyes peered at the sky
as the sun shone upon her face.
The clouds above her moved quickly —
hyper speed.
The wind whipped through her hair
and passed the overgrown grass she laid on.
She rolled and tumbled down the hill
to the side of the cliff,
dangling her toes over the sharp edge,
but she felt safe.
The wind whirred once more.
It wiped the smile off her face
and vanquished the laughter from her voice.
all at once,
the feeling of safety slipped away.
She gathered her thoughts and ran.
She ran as fast as she could
and did not look back.

Kiele Mader, 8th

The wind started to pick up and the bitter air surrounding me became
My vision filled with yellow and blue colors from the sky.
The colors were so vivid and alluring.
I could stare silently at that sky for hours and hours,
Watching the clouds move above the glowing colors
The bright yellow and blue faded to a dark orange and purple.
The sky was approaching dusk, and the atmosphere got very bleak.
Still, the sweet sun waited to set,
As the ghostly moon waited to rise.
The inception of night was right around the corner.
The bottom of the sun reached the ground.
The sounds of heavy winds, traffic, and people talking filled my ears.
It made it difficult to focus on the ravishing view of the setting sun,
But for one long moment, maybe 45 seconds,
All the noises I heard completely stopped.
Nothing but silence filled the air.
Not a single sound was to be heard.
I was baffled at this strange event.
I found myself looking back at the captivating view over the roof of the
And I watched the last piece of the golden sun drop down into a long
The silence came to a stop after the last sliver of sun disappeared.
The sounds of traffic, wind, and people talking filled into the air again.
For just that moment when the sun went down, I forgot that there was a
world around me;
It was only me and the sunset, with no modern world.
But now, it’s back to reality.



A Light Within the Darkness
Trent Long, 9th

The untamed feeling But water runs
Of rushing water Between my fingers
Washing away tattered skin Clear as the sky above

The endless sea When her eyes closed
The crashing waves Blue disappeared
Contrasting the bleeding sunset Not a color I desire

The sky above I still have orange
Tainted by clouds And green and yellow
That break its endless blue And red of burning fire

The color of Yet sometimes
Her shining eyes I feel as though
A light within the darkness I am missing something

It’s strange how Then I remember
When her eyes closed I am blue
That color disappears And sometimes I too
The green of grass Wish I could disappear
The yellow leaves
They all seem to remain

Sara Velcani, 9th

Colors create distinct hues, when
You mix them together it becomes
Each tint allows a different emotion,
A different perception,
A different feeling
To be explicated
Why have we abused the word
Why do the smudges of blue
Counteract with
The color of pink?
Why does his perfectly tousled hair
Suddenly label him as easygoing
And why do the strawberry earrings
I wear, label me as naive
Being powerful can enact the
Feeling of courage
To embrace one’s emotions,
Being fond can promise
Benevolence towards those below
Why do the smudges of blue
Counteract with the
Color of pink?



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