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St James' Connections - October/November 2020

The October/November edition of St James' Connections. Printed copies are available for purchase (postage and handling costs only) from

Oct – Nov 20

C onnec ti onsBicentenary 2019-2024




INSIDE Caring for the disadvantaged in the community Graham Long p3
Why Care? Andrew Sempell p5
Hearing Women’s Voices Nicky Lock p8

Oct – Nov 20

ConnectionsBicentenary 2019-2024


Caring for the disadvantaged in the community Graham Long....................p3

Why Care? Andrew Sempell.........................................................................p5

Colin's Corner Colin Middleton....................................................................p7

Hearing Women's Voices Nicky Lock...........................................................p8

C O N N E C T I O N SA Response to ‘Hearing Women’s Voices’ Sue Mackenzie.........................p11

A Priest meets a Gentleman Convict Friend Robert Willson.......................p12

Parishioner Profile: Richard Willgoss Brooke Shelley................................p15

Stoke Newington, London & Olney Michael Horsburgh.............................p16

Bell News Jackie Dettmann........................................................................p19

Sr Freda Mission Robyn & David Carver....................................................p20

C onnecti onsReady, Steady, Flow! Tony Naake..............................................................p22

St Laurence House: The Road Ahead Alan Soutar......................................p26

St James’ Institute Update Christopher Waterhouse..................................p28


ONNDEoCbTsIoOnNPSipe Organ Builders at Work Alistair Nelson.................................p30

Music Notes Alistair Nelson.......................................................................p33

Connectionso n n Fercietnidos nofs MusCicOat NSt JNamEesC’: DTigiItaOl CNoncSert Lincoln Law.......................p34
St Raphael icon painted by St James’ Parishioner,
ConnectionsCONMuNsicEaCt STt IJaOmNes’S.....................................................................................p35 Nanette Danks.
Photo: Brooke Shelley

Oct–Nov20 St James’ Connections
C onnecti onsBicentenary 2019-2024

on paper

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Con nec t ion sCONNECTIONS
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INSIDE Caring for the disadvantaged in the community Graham Long p3 The cost includes postage.
Why care? Andrew Sempell p5
Hearing Women’s Voices Nicky Lock p8

Con nec t ion s Cover Image: Manuscript Leaf with Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis of Assisi, ca. 1320–42;
Public Domain - The church celebrates the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on 4 October.

CardiinsgcaodmvamnutangiteydOctober-November2020 for the in the

Graham Long new staff joined our team at Wayside, my failing culture and, no matter the amount
view was that their formal training was an of pain we feel, the answer is always to
The Rev’d Graham Long AM was Pastor impediment; that took about two years to make our machine bigger. The expense
and CEO of the Wayside Chapel for overcome. Beyond this, the training began of running our ‘helping machines’ is eye-
fourteen years. St James’ Connections to yield some utility. watering and yet the answer always seems
invited Graham to share his thoughts on to be more hospitals, more professionals,
pastoral care and social justice, the themes Every collective noun, every label, every more funding.
of this edition. cliché, effectively pushes people away. It
amounts to, “You are a thing”, “You are The truth is that when someone is ‘met’
The greatest impairment to caring is the a problem”. Where there is a thing, there they move toward health under their
impulse to solve problems. To read and must be another thing; where there is a own steam. Perhaps more accurately,
comprehend this warning is to swim problem, there must be a problem-solver; they become unstuck and move because
against the rushing cultural tide of our day. where there is a client, there must be an their own steam is added to the steam
The urge to solve problems can come from expert; where there is a customer, there of others—people find they are part of
a good heart or a malevolent one, and in must be a salesperson, and so on goes the something that is bigger than themselves.
the long run, the outcomes are much the duality. We’ve turned the activity of caring Their driving question moves from “What
same—isolation increases and community into something that depletes the soul of can you give me?” to “How can I help?”.
is diminished. In the foundations of our the caregiver and adds to the total burden It’s a sign that a process of transformation
culture, formed over hundreds of years of mental illness in our community. Surely has begun. This really is how it works:
and rarely understood, is a tangle of forces caring must be understood as a mutual
that combine to create lonely individuals. action so that two people become more It takes wisdom to see, but in plain sight,
whole, rather than being depleted. when this driving question changes, a
The issue is so deeply ingrained that most fundamental shift has taken place. Crudely,
of us spend most of our time solving The issue I aim to identity here is not just a person was aiming down and now they’re
problems. But people are not problems to about caring for people who have some aiming up. Ahead was only fate, and now
be solved; they are people to be met. The disadvantage, it is about caring for those there is a sense of destiny. Destiny doesn’t
mighty desire to make the world a better close to us. It would do us well to ponder need any understanding. No cognitive
place generally assumes that problems how much time we relate to partners, process needs to necessarily take place
should be solved. It’s possible, even likely, spouses, children or colleagues as that calculates a future and a goal. Instead,
that all our days can be spent solving problems to be solved rather than people all that is required is to understand there is
problems, unknowingly pushing people to be met. How much time and life are lost a future and that it vaguely ‘calls’. A vague
away with perhaps a hint of martyrdom. playing “I think you’re the problem” or “I’ll sense that the destiny is there is all that
It’s shallow comfort to be able to talk show you my problem can’t be solved”? is needed: the destiny is not born of will
about the fine effort we are making. It’s like power, nor is it a decision; it is born as an
sunbaking under the warmth of a forty- One of the greatest deprivations of our accident of community. In time it becomes
watt light globe. age is community. What once used increasingly obvious that the present
to be an activity of hanging over the moment is an artifact of the future.
Problem-solving comes with its own fence and talking to a neighbour now
language, and disadvantaged people are seems to require professional help. Pills, In the real world, we solve problems, right?
well used to the game. People who are programmes and pamphlets abound, Here is a distinction that is important to
stuck can talk endlessly about how they but there is a serious lack of community. understand: you can meet someone in
feel, and they are comfortable with well- We’ve created a machine to cope with our order to solve a problem or you can solve
meaning people leading a discussion about
options and pressing for decision. When


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
harshest judge of themselves. Friendship
a problem in order to meet someone. The the point of the meeting. The meeting no and community can be too hard to believe
doubt led to community if those funds for many, and so it’s natural that suspicion
distinCHcUtRiCoHn is stark. IMfussic olving aLife p& Lreoarnbinlgem were repaid, but an added result was is a first response. Therefore, I recommend
that the tax collector, a man well-used to a ‘no rush’ approach to guide your caring
is the goal of the exercise, the outcome serving himself, was transformed because contacts (meetings) with others. You
he met Jesus. The good Samaritan wasn’t can’t, by your own volition, turn lives
mayCdHUeRlCivHer some satiMsufsiac ction, bLuifet&iLteawrninog n’t running an ambulance service, but he was around anyway. But you can help to carry
a good man who saw a brother in someone and acknowledge their sadness. When I
create community. It is a transaction normally thought of as an enemy. Because walked through Auschwitz, we came to a
of what the Samaritan saw, an example room full to the roof of human hair. Most
whicChHURCeHssentially cMounsicfirms tLhifea&tLearneinag ch was set for the sake of his natural enemies, of the other tourists were jostling to keep
and everyone in the story, and anyone who their place in the group and in some ways,
person is alone. If we solve problems in really hears the story, is transformed. you’d think we were in Disneyland, not
the site of unspeakable inhumanity. As we
ordeCrHUtoRCHmeet someoMnuesic, it mighLitfe &hLaeaprnipngen. So this word is good news and bad entered that room, a lady stepped back
news. In order to meet another person, and cried, unable to walk on. As I walked
Meeting between people is a rare event you only have to be you. You don’t need past her, I hesitated and said, “thank you
in ouCHrURcCuHlture, especMiauslilcy theseLidfe a& Lyeasrn,ingbut to be an expert; you don’t need to fix. for your tears”. Sadness may not seem
You just need to be interested in the like much of a contribution to the world—
it can happen at times when problem- other person. If you can be you without it can’t be measured and it doesn’t deliver
judgement, you’re pretty well-equipped to outcomes—but, oh, how history and many
solving becomes an accident of caring, not care for anyone, particularly those whom of the faces we meet cry out for it. This
we call disadvantaged. Friendships and day just might be the day that someone is
the goal of caring. community are never instant; they are built sick of being sick. When the penny drops,
over time. If you’re keen to care, what you when the moment comes when someone
Thank God for all the psychiatrists, social know is of little importance compared to suddenly realises that others are with them
workers, psychologists and all variety of who you are. People have names. People and for them, then transformation is not so
people who care for others. Good people have stories. People are interesting. much a miracle, as a natural consequence.
all, but rarely can they meet our deep need To meet someone—to be present to
for community. another—will enrich and stretch and open Graham Long, since retiring as CEO,
our eyes to a bigger world view. It is to
It’s not surprising that Christians in our sometimes discover God revealed more prefers to be known as Grandpa at The
culture create a Jesus after the image fully than in any sermon you’ve ever heard
of our ‘helping machine’. Yet by any or any book you’ve ever read. Wayside Chapel. He does not ‘pretend to
measure, Jesus would fail as a counsellor
by our standards. Which part of the story People often fight off that which they be an authority on anything’; he writes
of the woman at the well reminds you of a need the most. People are generally the
counselling technique? When Jesus spots out of his ‘years of living’.
a tax collector perched in a tree, he invites
himself home for lunch. Those familiar
with the parable know that, as a result
of that meeting, the tax collector made
statements like if he ‘inadvertently ripped
anyone off’ he will repay them multiple
times. (Wouldn’t you love to know if he
did?) It seems clear enough to me that
repayment of defrauded funds was not
the point of the meeting. The meeting was

Stand with
Wayside Chapel

Become a monthly giver today, to
help the most vulnerable people in
our community.


Why Care?October-November2020

Andrew Sempell

Apart from ideas about God, Christian Sadly, such love seems to be a rare quality The Rev’d Andrew Sempell
Theology also gives rise to a Christian ethic in the world. We can avoid being loving by Image: Chris Shain
that is concerned with justice, fairness, saying that “This is a lofty ideal and beyond
and goodness. It is primarily an ethic of human capacity”, and we can run away CGroedattehde iCnreGaotodr’s–ImHaugme anity
love that involves being faithful to God, from it by arguing that we cannot expect
while also being actively concerned for people to behave this way in ‘the real world’ The Biblical stories about the creation of
the welfare of other people and the world of aggression, entitlement and tribalism. the world note two important principles.
around us. Jesus summarises this ethic in In other words, worldly people contend First is that what was created by God
what has become known as the ‘two great that it is too costly and too threatening to was good. The creation brought joy and
commandments’, viz.: set aside one’s own needs for the benefit satisfaction to God, but was not complete
of others. Moreover, it is easier to blame until the formation of human beings, male
“You shall love the Lord your God with all the needy for their circumstances—as if it and female, to live in and tend the garden
your heart, and with all your soul, and with is their choice. called Eden. This ushered in the second
all your strength, and with all your mind; principle, which is that humanity reflects
and your neighbour as yourself.” In this way we retreat into a desire for the nature of God.
self-preservation and control of our
(Luke 10: 27) circumstances. This is what the Levite So, God created humankind in his image,
and the priest did in the Parable of the in the image of God he created them; male
This statement is followed by the Parable Good Samaritan—they moved to the other and female he created them.
of the Good Samaritan, which teaches that side of the road to avoid the person in
all people are the objects of God’s love and need, thereby keeping their religious and (Genesis 1: 27)
are deserving of compassion and mercy, ideological purity intact by ‘not getting
including those who may be considered involved’. Note that the image of God is both male
enemies or undesirable. and female; in God’s realm there is no
While this may be the way of the world; gendered hierarchy. This is what is known
So, what does this love look like? The the Christian message, on the other hand, theologically as the imago dei, which
great hymn to love in St Paul’s First Letter is a counter-cultural one that overcomes a recognises that humans have a special
to the Corinthians describes it this way: desire for division, self-interest, and power relationship with God and creation.
by replacing them with a transformative Moreover, it suggests that humans
Love is patient; love is kind; love is not process based on love, justice, and mercy, possess god-like qualities, such as self-
envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It thereby drawing people closer to God and consciousness, time consciousness, and
does not insist on its own way; it is not each other.. the capacity both to identify and choose
irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in good or evil behaviour—known as ‘free-
wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It Of course, humans are not innately self- will’.
bears all things, believes all things, hopes giving. We need to grow and develop
all things, endures all things. through the course of our spiritual lives The recognition that all people reflect
from a natural self-centredness with an the image of God helps us to understand
(1 Corinthians 13: 4-7) associated desire for control, on through that every person has value, should be
a structured and rule-based faith with respected, and loved despite the divisions
This passage describes an active concern associated beliefs and practices, to of race, gender, class, or creed. St Paul
for the wellbeing of others without any a more contemplative and open faith picks this up in his Letter to the Galatians
strings attached. It expects no reward, no that transcends human division and where he proclaims:
quid pro quo, and there is no contract or brokenness, leading to an emphasis on
expectations between parties. It is also graciousness and the common good. 5
a love that transcends creed, ethnicity,
gender, and class, because it is ultimately
less concerned with the needs of the self
or the ‘tribe’ and more concerned with the
need for universal justice.

Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
relationship with God as metaphorical
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there In this way, the stories of the baptism of sons and daughters. Jesus, in himself,
Jesus proposed an extraordinary idea at was the revelation of this relationship. He
is CnHUoRClHonger slave orMusic free, thLiefe r&eLearinsing no the time. When he was baptised, a voice exemplified what it is to be human and
was heard saying: “You are my son, the divine, and through his words and actions
longer male and female; for all of you Beloved, with you I am well pleased.” In revealed a life of self-sacrifice, justice, and
the first place, the title ‘Son of God’ was compassion for those in need. We care for
areCHoURnCeH in Christ JeMsuusics. Life & Learning one used of the Roman Emperor and others, therefore, because of the example
plays a special part in the Gospel of Mark, of Jesus, who has led us back into a right
(Galatians 3: 28) being the proclamation made by the pagan relationship between God, each other, and
soldier at the foot of the cross after the nature.
CHURCH Music Life & Learning death of Jesus. Mark presents Jesus as
the new Emperor or King. God with Us – The Holy
This was God’s intention; however, the Spirit Incarnating God Today
There is a second aspect, however, to
humCaHnURCgHod-like qualiMtyusiccarried Lwifei&thLearintingthe the idea of being a ‘son of God’. The Jesus told his followers that the message of
predominant philosophy in Jesus’ day God’s presence in humanity was not to end
risk of people choosing to act badly, which was Stoicism. While it was principally with him. The Gospel of Luke recorded the
a Greek idea, it nevertheless permeated resurrected Christ teaching the disciples
in thCeHUGRCeHnesis story leMdusicto the firLisfet&sLeianrninag nd near-eastern cultures and unsurprisingly about God’s history of salvation from
featured in the writings of St Paul. The Genesis to the present time. He told them
its resulting punishment. From that point, Stoics had a problem with the idea that to wait to be empowered for a new ministry
divinity could be present fully in humanity, of proclaiming repentance and forgiveness.
the story of humanity became one of the because humans can only be a shadow
of the ideal, which is divine. St Paul is The Scriptures recognised this new
struggle between the choices of doing recorded as addressing this dilemma in spiritual order through the account of the
a debate with the Athenian philosophers, disciples at the Feast of Pentecost (Acts 2).
good or evil, which led to the problem of saying: The scene was Jerusalem around fifty days
after the resurrection. People were gathered
justice. “From one ancestor he made all nations from nations far and wide, and after a rush
to inhabit the whole earth, and he of wind, the disciples begin speaking in
To live in harmonious relationships with allotted the times of their existence and strange languages that were understood
God, each other, and nature, recovers the the boundaries of the places where they by the foreigners. It was the reversal of
blessing that was originally intended in the would live, so that they would search for the Tower of Babel story (Genesis 11) that
creation. We care about others, therefore, God and perhaps grope for him and find previously described people being divided
because it is God’s nature and is what was him—though indeed he is not far from into different language groups and nations.
originally intended by God for humanity. each one of us. For ‘In him we live and
This is ‘salvation’. move and have our being’; as even some The Pentecost event described the arrival
of your own poets have said, ‘For we too of the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God that was
God Incarnate – Jesus the are his offspring.’” present in Jesus) upon his followers. It led
God-filled Human to St Peter’s address to the crowd in which
(Acts 17: 26-28) he outlined the Gospel message of new life
The Biblical accounts of Jesus’ birth and through the resurrected Christ. This was
the commencement of his ministry set the The idea that a human could be a child of the culmination of both the Gospel and
stage for a story as momentous as that of God was offensive to the Stoics and utter wider history of salvation, resulting in the
the creation—God’s presence in humanity, nonsense to the Epicureans, the other formation of the early church.
known as the ‘incarnation’. To this end, major philosophical group of the age.
the Gospel of John follows the pattern of Nevertheless, it was not totally unfamiliar The presence of God’s Spirit in the
Genesis 1: to Judaism, where the kings of Israel followers of Jesus has been recognised
were sometimes given this title; however, for the past two thousand years through
In the beginning was the Word, and the the concept of humans’ being children the sacrament of Baptism. This service
Word was with God, and the Word was of God was a remote one until Jesus acknowledges that through the presence
God. He was in the beginning with God. reinterpreted the relationship between God and blessing of the Holy Spirit, people are
All things came into being through him, and humanity. made one with Christ, receive new life, and
and without him not one thing came into are incorporated into the body of believers,
being. What has come into being in him The Gospel brought about a new idea who continue Christ’s work in the world. In
was life, and the life was the light of all (or perhaps more correctly, recovered
people. The light shines in the darkness, an old one) that humans have a special
and the darkness did not overcome it…
And the Word became flesh and lived
among us, and we have seen his glory,
the glory as of a father’s only son, full of
grace and truth.

(John 1: 1-5, 14)

Inasmuch as the creation reflected God’s
glory, so too did the Christ—the one
chosen by God to redeem the creation from
its sin and brokenness by revealing what it
is to be a human in total relationship with
the creator—a return to Eden.


October-November 2020

other words, like Jesus, we are sons and problem. If we haven’t grown from a self- we are called, blessed, nurtured, and
empowered to continue the ministry
daughters of God. focussed desire for control, followed by a of Jesus through acts of compassion,
hospitality, and a desire for the common
Recognition of the presence of God's spirit structured and institutionalised faith, and good that results in justice and salvation
in both ourselves and others should result finally on to one that has the capacity to being available to all.
in an ethic of respect for all. Tribalism, embrace all humanity with God’s love,
bigotry, racism, self-righteousness, and then we will fail to be the transforming The Rev’d Andrew Sempell is Rector at
exclusion have no place in a world where presence of Christ in the world.
St James’.
Colin’s Corner‘we are all one in Christ’; but there is a We care for others, therefore, because
from the St James’Archives
100 years ago at St James’ Church

You take the train for Richmond and get out at Mulgrave the station Splendid progress is being made on ‘Sprayleigh’ Farm, near Pitt
this side of Windsor. From there you drive (or walk) four miles to Town. This farm was purchased from Mr. Arthur Tidswell by Mr.
the farms, which you approach through the memorial avenue of Vicars, of Marrickville, and presented to the Church Social Campaign
infant pines which is already planted. On your way to the farm Organisation. The farm consists of 72 acres, 15 acres of which are
house you pass seven or eight tents, besides a large marquee and now under vegetables. Fruit trees have also been planted, as well as
cook house. These are the ex-soldiers’ quarters. Men whom the 2,000 strawberry plants, 600 vines, etc. Already 40 men—returned
Church Social Campaign has found drifting and destitute on the soldiers who for various reasons are out of work—have been placed
streets of Sydney and to whom it has given a helping hand. You on the farm, where they sleep in tents and do their own washing
pass on from the tents to the house, where you are welcomed by and cooking. Rations are served out each day by the manager,
Mr. and Mrs. Hogarth, who are in charge of the farm. The former is ex-Sergt. Hogarth, who, with his wife, lives at the homestead. A
an old Indian army man of many campaigns, and of great practical factory for making jams and preserves has been established, also
capacity in handling men. It is his business, through the avenue of a boot-making depot, while in the near future a soap kitchen will
work, to restore the men sent to him to health and self-respect. His be started with a view to using all waste fat. Each department is
remedy for the destitute loafer is not relief, but work, and he maps expected to be self-supporting, and to yield 10 per cent, profit,
out the men’s day to include seven and a half hours of farm work. which will go towards developing new work. Although the farm is
The farm, some seventy-two acres in extent, runs right down to carried on under the auspices of the Church Social Campaign, with
the Hawkesbury River, from the waters of which it is irrigated. Chaplain Richmond as organiser, it is quite unsectarian. The farm
The greater part of it has already been brought under cultivation. is not a charity—charity ruins a man, work makes the man. When
Potatoes, beans, peas and other vegetables are growing there, kind friends present a boat and a fishing net Chaplain Richmond
besides orange trees and flowers. The object is to grow saleable hopes for great things from the Hawkesbury River at the back of
produce and to make the farm as far self-supporting as possible. the farm. Next year, when the strawberries are ripe, he hopes that
The Rev. G. S. Richmond, who accompanies you on your trip, picnic parties will come and eat them on the farm. Donations to
takes you round the farm, while Mrs. Hogarth is cooking you an help in the carrying on of the farm will be welcomed by Chaplain
excellent lunch. The men come there straight from the streets Richmond, 125 Princes-street, Sydney.
of Sydney, often starving and destitute. There they settle down
to the farm work, three good meals per day, and 5/- per week. From Windsor and Richmond Gazette Friday 8 October 1920
Three or four weeks of the open air and healthy work and the
companionship of fellow Diggers set them up in health and spirits Colin Middleton is the Archives Assistant at St James’.
and enable them to face the future with new hope and self-respect.
Work is then found for them, if possible in the country, and the Excerpts from The Monthly Church Messenger may contain reference
most satisfactory reports have come from farmers who have taken errors or references that do not correspond with modern editions of the
on men from the farm. The farm is a great social experiment which Bible. We publish exactly what is printed in The Messenger. - Ed.
is achieving its purpose and is deserving of every support.

The Monthly Church Messenger November 1920


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
HearingWomen’sVoicesCHURCHCHURCHMusicLife & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Nicky LockCHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning The Silencing of Women’s Maybe less confronting, are the ways in
In late August this year, the congregation of Story which women’s voice has been silenced
through the history of the church.
St James’ was given a rare treat when two The silencing of women’s voice in society References to women in scripture are
can be seen somewhat shockingly in fleeting and disjointed, and the early
female singers from the choir led the sung medieval times in the application of the church fathers were influenced by the
‘scold’s bridle’—a device of punishment long tradition debating the inferior
part of the eucharist service with a lyrical and torture that comprised a headpiece physical, moral, and intellectual capacities
with a small piece of iron, known as the of women. To counter this silencing,
rendition of Messe a Deux Voix Egales by ‘bridle bit’, which would be placed inside Girardian mimetic theory has been used
a woman’s mouth and pressed upon the by feminist theologians to analyse and
Neukomm. As the perfectly balanced voices tongue to prevent her from speaking. interweave the historical fragments in
Women in the Middle Ages who were seen order to discern wider systemic patterns at
of Claire Burrell-McDonald and Chloe to be gossiping by their husbands and work: to support the ‘retrieval of the victim
masters would be on the receiving end of from her second victimage, that is, from
Lankshear moved in perfect coordination this humiliating and painful punishment, the relegation of her [victim] experience to
being forced to wear the device for the abyss of silence’.2
together through the rising and falling hours at a time, and paraded in public to
increase the shame of the punishment. Listening to Women’s Stories
phrases of the music, we the listeners The punishment could be administered
to a woman who was deemed to be Much of my role as a counsellor is about
could rest in the beauty of the moment undermining her husband’s authority: it hearing the story, hearing someone’s
often resulted when a woman spoke out voice. In a typical week I would hear
and sink into deeper contemplation of the about the ways in which her husband several women’s stories of being victims of
treated her badly. domestic violence, of having been sexually
prayers and praise being offered. I say abused as a young girl, of being bullied or
abused by a church minister, of as a teen
this was a rare treat since, whilst at St being sexually assaulted at her Christian
school, of wanting to self-harm as a result
James’ we have a long tradition of a mixed of childhood physical abuse, of feeling
suicidal, of being discriminated against in
choir, this is not a universal experience in her church because of being female.

church choirs currently, nor has it been What happens with this
throughout history.
Being in a trusted and accepting
Whilst in the early church the whole relationship, where the counsellor or
congregation participated in the singing pastoral carer seeks to listen deeply, is
of simple hymns and chants, by the time seen as foundational to many counselling
of Gregory I (590-604 CE) chanting had
become a sophisticated activity that was
taught to men-only choirs in choir schools
attached to larger churches. This was
despite the sponsoring of women and girls
in liturgical choirs by church leaders such
as Clement of Alexandria.1 By the late 15th
century in Britain, the tradition of having
male-only choirs was cemented with the
foundation of choirs that only had men and
boy members for Canterbury Cathedral,
Westminster Abbey and the Chapel Royal.
It was not until the mid-18th century in
England that women’s singing in mixed
choirs at choral festivals and performances
of oratorios became commonplace.

1 Clutterham, L. (2000). A Chronology of the Treble Voice in Choral Ensembles. In
2 Nowak, Susan (1994). The Girardian Theory and Feminism: Critique and Appropriation. Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture 1 (1):19-29.


October-November 2020

modalities: listening deeply takes place attended some Safe Ministry training and forgiveness from him and move forward,
when the listener exerts effort to be there heard that she could come forward to albeit bearing the consequences of
for the other, and waits with openness the church’s Professional Standards Unit his action. But it was the beginning of
and expectancy, emptying themselves so (PSU) and tell her story. After meeting another journey with counselling and
that their ego does not interfere nor get in with the Contact Person from the PSU to help to come to terms with the incident
the way of the storyteller as they tell their tell her story, she writes, so long ago and how it had impacted me
story. Jungian therapist Robert Hobson over all those years.
asserts that the client’s healing begins as The day I posted that Complaint form
they share their story of pain, alienation also took a lot of courage. I walked Hearing the voices of women
and fear with the other: that it is through round and round the neighborhood who suffer Domestic Violence
the loving, accepting presence of the past the post office many times before through the COVID-19 crisis
listener that the storyteller experiences finally dropping it in. My contact person
both their individuality and also their met with me again and let me know In April 2020, the St James’ Outreach
communion with the listener. The concept when the complaint was to be taken to Committee generously supported the
of being in relationship with the listener is the person in question. Then there was ‘Emergency Response Project to COVID19
foundational to Martin Buber’s concept of more waiting for his response. Crisis in Western Kenya’ run by Kenyan
the ‘I-thou’ relationship. Buber describes Anglican priest, Reverend Domnic Misolo
this type of a relationship as an encounter, However, that was not the end of Helen’s through his organisation IFAGE4. In May
where we don’t simply experience the having to tell her story, since the man alone, IFAGE responded to 25 cases of
other as an object, but rather we enter accused refused to accept the full gravity domestic and sexual violence through their
into a relationship with the other in their of the situation, minimising the sexual 24-hour hotline. Reverend Domnic tells me
entirety, not just as a sum of their qualities. contact. This required that Helen respond “never before have I witnessed deep needs
But entering into such a relationship is not ‘with more details of clarifying the actual and vulnerability of women and girls than
without cost to the listener: as we do so, as incident in minute detail (in itself a painful during this COVID-19 crisis”. Increasing
we participate in something with the other, process for me with the memories it levels of sexual and domestic violence are
both the I and the You are transformed by evoked)’. being experienced, with many teenagers
the relation between them. becoming pregnant against their will. They
Finally, the accused had his licence as a are fearful not only of catching COVID-19,
Listening to women who have clergyman removed for breach of conduct. but also of the men who are their husbands
been abused in the church Reflecting on having her story heard, and supposedly their protectors. Here is
Helen writes, one such story:
I have had the privilege and pain of
hearing many stories from women who In all this, I could see that the PSU Nancy (name changed) was married at
have been sexually abused in the church. was also ministering to the clergyman the age of 16 and now at the age of 19,
Helen was one of those women: recently himself, supporting him, helping him she has two children. To narrate Nancy’s
she has generously shared her story on acknowledge what he had done and to story, one day as she went for her
Jenny Salt’s podcast.3 Helen was sexually allow him to confess to God and receive
assaulted by a senior leader in a missionary Nancy in her village kiosk
organisation, an ordained man, when Image supplied.
she was a young and vulnerable woman
preparing to go on the mission field. He
was supposedly offering her counselling to
help her deal with some of her emotional
difficulties, but on at least one occasion,
he assaulted her sexually whilst taking
her home after a counselling session.
Some twenty years after the assault, Helen

4 Institute for Faith and Gender Empowerment


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning back in the right direction.
At St James’ we hear women’s voices
pre-natal clinic, her husband sexually mandate for female and male equality in in many ways, not least in the exquisite
Christ and in ministry, and challenges the female voices we have in our choir: the
assCaHUuRlCtHed her first Mbuosicrn daugLhifet&eLrearnaingg ed church to follow through with upholding challenge for us all is to keep the call for
this position in very practical ways. Hill male and female equality before us.
two years old while she was still at the details 15 ways in which churches can Nicky Lock is the Course Coordinator
‘amplify the voices and honour the gifts for the Master of Pastoral Counselling
hosCHpUiRtCaHl. Her case Mnuesicver sawLifet&hLeearnlinigght of women’. One point simply lists over Program at the School of Theology,
three dozen action words such as ‘befriend Charles Sturt University and a parishioner
of justice. She then ran away and came her’, ‘listen to her’, ‘promote her’, ‘smash of St James’.
CHURCH Music Life & Learning patriarchy with her’, ‘choose equality with
back to live with her mother. Now, the her’, ‘pay her’, ‘celebrate her’ and so on. COUNSELLING
Hill goes on to reference N.T. Wright’s AT ST JAMES’
turCnHUoRCfHevents for NMaunsiccy with LCifeO& LVeaIrDning-19 challenge,
crisis is that her mother recently forced St James’ Church offers a
Just as I think we need to radically socially inclusive and non-faith
herCHtUoRCgHo back and liMvuseic with heLrifeh&uLesarbninag nd change our traditional pictures of both based professional counselling
what men and women are and how they service as part of its outreach
who sexually abused her two years’ old relate to one another within the church ministry to the city.
and indeed of what the Bible says on this Our professional counsellors/
daughter. It is a fact that due to hard subject…..Perhaps in our generation we psychotherapists/coaches are
have an opportunity to take a large step available to assist individuals,
economic situation, Nancy’s mother has couples and family members
EDITORIAL on a wide range of issues.
been silently receiving money from that POLICY Appointment flexibility is
offered to accommodate
abusive man unfortunately, to feed the We aim to publish a wide range work schedules.The service is
of views and opinions in this provided in rooms in the lower
family. magazine. Publication should level of St James’ Church,
therefore not be read as St James’, located in the heart of the city.
With your kind donation, we are the Rector, Parish Council, staff or To make an appointment, or
supporting Nancy to overcome this parishioners necessarily endorsing for further details,
situation. She is currently running a or approving any particular view or please visit or
village kiosk selling groceries and other opinion. telephone 8227 1300.
food items, which is doing well for her.
She is now able to pay for her rental ADVERTISING
house and get food for her family away
from her ill mother and abusive husband. Have you considered
The smile is back in Nancy’s face, thanks advertising your business
to your support. in St James’ Connections?

Hearing Women’s Voices in Please phone 8227 1300
the church or email [email protected]
au for advertising design
It is not the purpose of this article to criteria, quotes and copy
comment extensively on the ways in which deadlines.
women have been silenced in church,
but rather to celebrate those experiences
where women’s voices have been heard
and responded to. St James’ has a long
tradition of celebrating women preachers
and through the ministrations of the St
James’ Institute, female authors and
scholars have been showcased. However,
there is no room for complacency if one
takes seriously the thesis of egalitarian
scholars that male domination of women is
a result of the Fall—with this as a backdrop,
the slide to silencing women, or men
dominating the space, is an ever present
temptation. Australian author Graham
Hill’s recent book Holding up Half the Sky
presents a well-argued case for a biblical



A ResponseOctober-November2020 to ‘HearingWomen’sVoices’

Sue Mackenzie itinerant ministry, financially and practically cloth in Acts 16:13-15) who was clearly
(see Luke 8:1-3). And, given his friendship a wealthy woman and who owned her
As I am the proofreader of St James’ with Mary and Martha (sisters of Lazarus) own home, to which she invited the
Connections, I am able to read each issue who also feature quite prominently more apostles without recourse to a male head
before it is published, and occasionally I than once, no doubt Jesus relied on such of household. Later this probably became
wish to respond to what is said in an article. women for emotional support as well. a house church, which was the means
This is one such occasion. Nicky Lock has by which the early Christians gathered
written an excellent piece, which is well- Within the very early days of the church, together and so organised as a group; there
researched and thoughtfully offered. Of we see women are present, such as in the was no church institution yet.
course, she writes as one who, in her work upper room in Jerusalem, following Jesus’
as a counsellor, often hears stories of women ascension (Acts1:12-14). Later several There was one place (1 Timothy 2),
being silenced by their male counterparts or house churches contain women who however, where the New Testament did
their circumstances. She puts such stories fulfil important roles, for example, Junia, counsel that women be silenced. But this
in a wider context, particularly a historical identified as an apostle in Romans 16:7, was because they had got out of hand, were
context. Her concern is partly with the role and Phoebe, a deacon (Romans 16:1). disrupting worship services, and leading
of women within the church, which is where Although, as Nicky states, the references people astray with false teaching. Moreover,
she begins, by referring to the recent choral are often ‘fleeting’, I think we need to realise the cultural context in that place (Ephesus)
leading of the eucharist by two female that on the one hand this reflects the culture was one in which women were given undue
vocalists. of the day when a woman was identified prominence within pagan religion. The
as prominent mostly within the home writer (traditionally the apostle Paul) is
To anchor her comments within Christian environment, but on the other hand, some seeking to have a more balanced situation.
history, Nicky mentions women in the Bible: have argued that to have women leaders, His words were not meant, therefore, to be
‘References to women in scripture are for instance, was not out of the ordinary so read as a general principle. Galatians 3:28
fleeting and disjointed, and the early church needed no emphasis. Romans 16, in fact, provides evidence that this is the case;
fathers were influenced by the long tradition names ten women, who are listed along with otherwise it is a nonsense.
debating the inferior physical, moral, and various men, and known to the apostle Paul
intellectual capacities of women.’ It is this who commends them. Catherine Kroeger The problem is, which is the theme of
statement to which I wish to respond. traces the history of women in the early Nicky’s argument, that people since these
Although in one sense I agree with Nicky’s Church further than the days of the apostle early days have latched onto the one case
claim, I believe this masks the true picture Paul. One quote from her will suffice here: of women being silenced, and forgotten
of the role of women in the early Christian ‘The circle of Roman women who studied about all the other evidence of their having
church, and their appearance in scripture. with Jerome in the late 300s showed such important roles within the church and
scholarship that he thought nothing of within the ministry of Jesus. Jesus and the
When I was writing the study series ‘The referring some church elders to Marcella for apostles did not view women as second
Role of Women in the Church’, presented the resolution of a hermeneutical problem.’1 class citizens, but rather as individuals of
last year under the auspices of St James’ equal importance with men within God’s
Institute, I was struck by how frequently This means that women were not necessarily people.2
we tend to gloss over the many references actively silenced. Think of the woman at the
to women within the pages of the Bible. well, who evangelised her whole village, Sue Mackenzie proofreads St James’
Women are present within the Gospel or Mary Magdalene who was commanded
stories, and sometimes take centre stage, to tell the disciples of Jesus’ resurrection. Connections and is a parishioner at St
such as in the incident in John 4:1-42 Consider, too, Lydia (the dealer in purple
where Jesus meets the Samaritan woman James’
at the well. It is women who support Jesus’

1 Kroeger, C. (1988) ‘The Neglected History of Women in the Early Church’, Christian History, Issue 17.[Accessed May 2019 at https://christianhistoryinstitute.
org/magazine/article/women in the early church/
2 See France, R.T. (1995) Women in the Church’s Ministry A Test-Case for Biblical Hermeneutics, Paternoster Press, Milton Keyes, U.K., and Giles, K.
(2018) What the Bible actually teaches on women, Cascade Books, Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.


Bicentenary 2019-2024 meets CONNECTIONS
CHURCHA PriestCHURCHMusic Life & Learning a
Music Life & Learning

CHURCHMusic Life & Learning Convict
CHURCHMusic Life & Learning
Music Life & Learning

RoberCtHURWCH illson Music Life & Learning

As St James’ Church celebrates two a Justice of the Peace in Pembrokeshire. were part of the same social circle. Now
centuries of Anglican worship and witness He had originally planned for a career Brigstocke was a priest and Cozens was a
in the heart of Sydney, historians are in the Church, but ran away from his convicted felon.
looking anew at the early years of the Grammar School after three years. He
parish. Founded in 1819, St James’ may have spent some time at Cambridge, Neither of them knew of the arrival of the
was for many years the nearest place but eventually enlisted in the Royal Horse other in New South Wales, but later they
of worship for convicts confined in the Guards, known as the ‘Blues’, in the time of were to meet, and the meeting changed
Barracks across the road. Both buildings King William IV. He remembered standing Cozens’ life.
are now architectural treasures of early guard at Windsor Castle. His regimental
Sydney which were designed by Francis number was 576. The newly arrived felons were landed
Greenway, himself a convict transported from the Woodbridge and met by Mr
for forgery. Cozens was six feet three inches in height, Timothy Lane, the very self-important
and apparently a man with a very quick Superintendent of the Hyde Park Barracks.
Once upon a time the convict heritage was temper. He had been convicted of violently They were marched through the Domain
almost a badge of shame to be hidden threatening a senior officer in his Guards to the Barracks, passing the place where
away by family historians. Today our Regiment, and was sentenced at a Court the Mitchell Library now stands. There
convict roots are a major part of the study Martial at Regents Park, London, to they were inspected by His Excellency
of our national heritage. In the first eighty transportation for seven years. He arrived Governor Gipps, and told the rules of their
years of settlement in Australia, over in Sydney Cove at the end of February new situation.
162,000 convicts were transported to this 1840, one of 230 convicts on the ship
land, the majority to New South Wales and Woodbridge. Vice and Infamy
Van Diemen’s Land [Tasmania].
Cozens later recorded his thoughts and There were 1300 convicts crammed
Charles Cozens feelings as he looked out at the cliffs into the Barracks. Cozens describes it as
and bush-covered headlands around the a ‘Pandora’s Box for vice and infamy’.
But very few convicts had the education or settlement: ‘In a little while I should be Each day, gangs of 20 or more men
the opportunity to leave any record of the enrolled as one among the many branded were marched out to work on various
experience of transportation from Britain and degraded outcasts in those vast government projects, roads, streets or
to one of the Australian colonies. Among regions and that, too, under circumstances forts. He writes that every Saturday all the
the very few who served their sentence and most galling and repulsive.’ convicts had to wash their shirts. They
returned to England to write an account of dried them by putting them on again over
their experiences was a young man named School Chums their jackets and sitting in the sun. Any
Charles Cozens. His book, Adventures of shirt hung out to dry would vanish and
a Guardsman, was published in London What Cozens did not know at that time was never be seen again.
in 1848. I had the pleasure of reading this that just a few months before his arrival,
rare book in the National Library where another ship had entered Sydney Harbour. On Sundays there was a kind of church
there are two copies. The ship was the Fairlie and on board were parade, and convicts were escorted to
three clergymen. One of them was the nearby churches. Cozens was listed as a
Cozens was a most unusual convict by Reverend Charles Ferdinand Brigstocke. ‘protestant’ and such men were taken to
reason of his background, education, and By a remarkable coincidence, Brigstocke evening service at St James’, just across
social status. He was what was called a and Cozens had been school chums in the road from the Barracks. Roman
‘gentleman convict’, the youngest son of Pembrokeshire, Wales, long before, and Catholics would have been escorted to old
St Mary’s nearby.

October-November 2020

Yass in c.1850.
Image: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

In 1836, a letter appeared in the Sydney Border Mounted Police redress grievances, prevent trespassing,
Morning Herald with a complaint about the and record stock numbers. The main
compulsory attendance of convicts at St But Charles Cozens did not remain long in danger was not from bushrangers or
James’. The writer said that this policy was the Hyde Park Barracks. His education and indigenous peoples, but from getting lost
very unwise because it afforded these men previous military career marked him out for in the trackless bush.
the opportunity on dark winter evenings special treatment. He was appointed to a
of ‘prowling about the streets of Sydney, party of what were called ‘border mounted Brigstocke
committing robberies and depredations of police’, designed for the protection of
the worst kind’. squatters in remote and dangerous About the year 1841 Cozens returned to
districts, and Cozens’ party was ordered Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney and was
The correspondent went on to suggest to Cooma Creek on the Monaro. The party appointed as a clerk in a local gaol. One day,
that a member of the Clergy should consisted of four policemen, a carpenter, while in the Barracks, he was astounded
be appointed to preach to them in the a bullock drover and a scourger, who to receive a visit from the Rector of Yass,
Barracks. This would afford the increasing imposed brutal discipline. Now Cozens Charles Ferdinand Brigstocke. As an old
population of Sydney the opportunity to found himself again in a uniform of green school friend from his boyhood, the two
use the galleries of St James’ Church which cloth and black braiding, and armed with men had close family links and would have
were at the time exclusively occupied by a brace of pistols, a sword and a carbine. had much to talk about.
these felons, to ‘the great annoyance and It was certainly a change from the ‘Blues’!
inconvenience of every respectable person Bishop Broughton had welcomed
who may be inclined to attend’. Cozens spent about a year in the mounted Brigstocke on his arrival in the Colony
police in Cooma. The party had to build in 1839, and had appointed him to Yass
We do not know if such complaints had their own quarters, a two-roomed hut where he was to have a notable ministry.
improved the situation by 1840 when the with a bark roof. But much of Cozens’ Apparently Brigstocke heard about the
Reverend Robert Allwood became Rector time was spent visiting the scattered very tall ex-Guardsman named Cozens and
of St James’. By 1850, the transportation stations on the southern Monaro from the was keen to meet him again. The priest
of convicts to NSW had ended. Snowy Mountains to Twofold Bay and up came to Sydney and would have reported
the coast to Broulee. He would hear and to Bishop Broughton in the Diocesan


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
Rector of Yass. One wonders if he kept in
Registry opposite St James’. From there it great personal attractions’. Cozens had an touch with Brigstocke, who continued to
eye for women but appears determined minister in Yass until his death in 1859. He
was aCHUsRhCHort walk acroMsussic MacquaLifrei&eLeSarntinrgeet to avoid any entanglements while in the is honoured as a pioneer Anglican priest
Colony. He wanted to keep out of trouble in NSW.
to the Barracks. and eventually be free to return to England.
Charles Cozens wrote one fascinating
CHURCH Music Life & Learning Freedom book, Adventures of a Guardsman,
published in London in 1848. Then he
Brigstocke invited Cozens to apply for Cozens spent more than a year in Yass. vanished from history, but somewhere
After some time in the Police Force, during records of his life may survive. Research
a TicCHkUeRtCH of Leave aMnusdic to goLifet&oLearnYingass which he was able to make an arrest of a into his background goes on.
murderer after a long chase through the
where there would be a very rewarding mountains, he left the Force and worked in Robert Willson is a retired priest and
a steam mill. He records on one occasion writer in the Diocese of Canberra and
situaCtiHoUnRCHfor him. He Maulssico intervLiifee &wLeeardningthe the arrival of the famous Caroline Chisholm Goulburn.
in the village with a group of emigrants,
superintendent of convicts on behalf of and of her efforts to find employment for
CozeCnHsU,RCnHo doubt poinMtuisnicg out hiLsifes&uLeparneinrgior them.

education, military background and status. Finally, his seven-year sentence was up,
and Cozens was free to return to England.
So Charles Cozens once again found This change in his fortunes was greatly
himself on the Great South Road to Yass assisted by his good behaviour and
but this time he walked, and he tells us the the recommendations of his friend, the
journey took him six weeks. In Yass he was
welcomed by Brigstocke and his newly
married wife, Susan.

The Sydney Morning Herald records that
on 9 April 1844, Brigstocke had married
Susan, third daughter of William Adye JP,
of the Murrumbidgee. Cozens recorded
that Brigstocke’s wife was ‘possessed of

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Parishioner Profile:October-November2020

Brooke Shelley

Richard, how long have you been a span and integrate the understanding Image supplied
parishioner at St James’? What brought of the relationship between the arts and
you here? sciences in a philosophical way; for me worship services. I have also performed on
there is no real divide between them. And violin for the postlude of the service.
I have been worshipping at St James’ for that fully embraces spiritual matters too.
about five years. It came about because What do you enjoy about St James’? Are
of our discovering the major inclusion of Many of our readers might not be aware of there any other churches that you have
good music in worship there. I happen the Music Prizes you donate; a testament been a member of over the years? Have
to be musical in many different ways, to your generosity and drive to nurture you always been an Anglican?
and hoped being here would enable that creativity in young aspiring composers.
gift to be integrated into my worship as a Would you like to share some information St James’ as a community, offers through
participant, not just as an observer. about the Prizes and what brought them its leadership, a unique and welcomed
about? combination of abilities, encouragement
Were you born and bred in Sydney? If not, and opportunities to worship God. Long
would you like to say something about Sue and I sponsor the creation of new may it continue.
your origins? musical works. When I did BMus, I
specialised in composition and creativity. We have both worshipped together in an
I am English by origin, from the south From that grew our willingness to support eclectic list of churches, the type changing
coast near Southampton, where I grew up, other composers who normally have a as we ‘matured’.
married Sue and we raised a family there. tough time to get their product appreciated
In 1985, I was appointed to an academic and performed. The programme of ...Continued on page 21
post at UNSW, researching intelligent support has been running for over five
machines, robotics and AI sort of topics. years. This year we have managed to
I started the Mechatronics degree there in organise five new commissions, via
1995, an innovation that has grown into a UNSW Music Performance Unit, Sydney
major specialisation in many engineering Conservatorium and the Australian Music
faculties of universities. Even industry now Centre. Some of these are designated for
advertises with this specialisation for their females only. Owen Elsley recently won the
prospective employees. 2018 prize offered through UNSW for an
unaccompanied choral work.
What do/did you do for a profession?
You volunteer for a number of roles here at
I am an academic and researcher who St James’. Would you like to list them and
has completed a career in science and explain what drew you to take part in these
engineering, only to then blend and activities?
transfer that group of intellectual skills
into all things musical. The only difference I sing with the St James’ Singers and have
now is I don’t get paid or hold down some rare opportunities to join with The Choir of
designated position at a university. I now St James’ on big occasions. Both Sue and I
do what I want to, not what I have to. I are doing the readings and intercessions in


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
Stoke Newington,CHURCHCHURCHMusicLife & Learning

Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCHMusicLife & Learning
Music Life & Learning
London and Olney:CHURCH
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Michael Horsburgh

This article is about the development of After his death, his papers were given to sham, Watts proceeded to ask ‘why it
English hymnody in the 18th century as the recently founded Yale University in may not be esteemed as lawful to take …
seen through four significant writers: Connecticut. materials agreeable to the word of God and
Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley and the suited to the present case and experience
combination of John Newton and William Although the Church of England was of Christians and compose them into a
Cowper. limited to singing only metrical psalms, spiritual song?’
nonconformist churches could sing Moreover, contemporary Christians live in
IsaacWatts (1674-1748) whatever they wished. That did not mean, circumstances quite different from biblical
however, that the same debates about what times, and it may not be possible to find
Watts came from a nonconformist could be properly sung did not happen in scriptural texts suitable for modern needs.
family, what would now be called those churches. In 1719, Watts published In any case, why should we not believe
Congregationalists. Like Charles Wesley, his own metrical psalter with a preface that the Holy Spirit is just as capable of
he was an inveterate versifier. It is reported entitled, in typical 18th century fashion: inspiring modern poets as older ones? In
that, when asked why he had not closed his Short Essay, Watts wrote:
his eyes during family prayers, he said: Isaac Watts said that a psalm is a ‘general
name for any thing that is sung in divine Those that refuse to sing forms of
A little mouse for want of stairs worship’. A hymn he defined as a song human composure, though the sense be
specifically of praise, whereas a song was never so divine, generally allow it lawful
ran up a rope to say its prayers. ‘any theme or subject composed into a to take any parts of Scripture and alter
form fit for singing’. These definitions and transpose the words into a form fit
Having been beaten for both his irreverence opened the way for a broad discussion for singing; but to take a mere parable
and his insolence, he replied: about singing in church. or story out of the Bible, and put some

O father, father, pity take Watts argued that a metrical psalm was Isaac Watts
And I will no more verses make. not simply a translation of an original Image: Wikimedia Commons
text. Because it had to accommodate both
Nonconformists could not attend Oxford metre and rhyme, the text was inevitably
or Cambridge universities but, in 1690, changed. The subject matter of the biblical
Watts went to Thomas Rowe’s Dissenting texts was not always appropriate to the
Academy in London. For a short while, he present day, necessitating further changes
was the Minister of a Congregational Chapel if the product was to have contemporary
in London but poor health caused him meaning. Having demonstrated that the
to retire to the house of a nonconformist accepted practice was in some sense a
family in Stoke Newington. He was, you
might say, the family chaplain, but he
spent his life in academic pursuits and
writing hymns. Watts wrote a textbook on
logic, which became the standard text at
Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale for
more than 100 years. In 1728, the Scottish
universities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen
awarded him doctorates in divinity. He
died, aged 78, on 25 November 1748.


October-November 2020

IsaacWatts, CharlesWesley,

John Newton & William Cowper

rhymes on to the end of every line of Charles Wesley number exceeded only by John Mason
it without giving it a new and pathetic Image: Wikimedia Commons. Neale, the Tractarian translator of earlier
turn, is but a dull way of making spiritual Latin hymns, who has 39 entries.
songs. (c) John Wesleys House &
The Museum of Methodism As a Church of England priest, Wesley
Isaac Watts’ metrical Psalter intended to was restricted to metrical psalms in
speak directly to the Christian state and London with their three children, Charles church. As a Methodist, he preached
worship. He also published three volumes junior, Sarah, and Samuel, the father of in private chapels where no such
of hymns and spiritual songs: metrical Samuel Sebastian Wesley. Steadfastly restrictions prevailed. In that sense, he
versions of Scripture apart from the Psalms; a member of the Church of England, he had the best of both worlds. Metrical
hymns composed on divine subjects; and died on 29 March 1788, aged 80, and was psalms for the established church, both
hymns for the Lord’s Supper. We sing buried in the St Marylebone parish church psalms and hymns for the Methodists.
many of his compositions from ‘Joy to the graveyard. Dissenting congregations could also
World’ at Christmas to ‘When I survey the take up his hymns.
wondrous cross’ on Good Friday. He has 11 I have written extensively in St James’
entries in the New English Hymnal (NEH). Connections about some of Wesley’s John Newton (1725-1807)
Because of the strength of his argument, hymns. He was prolific and, like Watts,
but also for the quality of his verse, Isaac an inveterate versifier, sublimating his The son of a seafaring father and a
Watts is appropriately called the ‘Godfather emotions through verses on a daily basis. deeply religious mother, who died of
of English Hymnody’. Of his 9,000 recorded verses, about 6,500 tuberculosis two weeks before her son’s
were intended as hymns. Like Watts, seventh birthday, John Newton went to
CharlesWesley (1707-1788) Wesley wrote a complete metrical psalter. sea at the age of 11, apprenticed to his
His psalms were more personal than those father. In 1743, Newton was taken by a
Born in 1707 in his father’s rectory at of Watts, and he specifically introduced press gang and forced into service in the
Epworth in Lincolnshire, Charles Wesley, Jesus into them. His hymns were strongly Royal Navy, becoming a midshipman.
the eighteenth child of Samuel and biblical. Although they are not paraphrases He later served on a slave ship, Pegasus.
Susanna, was educated at Westminster of biblical texts, nearly every line in a In 1745, the ship left him in West Africa
School and Oxford. In 1735 he went with Wesley hymn can be related to a specific with the slave dealer, who gave him to
his brother, John, to the American colony verse. If Watts is the godfather, Charles his wife, a princess of the local people. In
of Georgia, returning after only a year. On Wesley is the natural father of the 18th effect, Newton was her slave until 1748,
Pentecost, 21 May 1738, Charles, who was century hymn. He has 26 entries in NEH, a when he was rescued by a sea captain
recovering from a serious illness, had a life- his father had sent to find him.
changing religious experience, which his
brother repeated three days later. Whilst on his return to England, the ship
was caught in a severe storm off the coast
These experiences launched the Wesley of Ireland. The terrified Newton took
brothers on their evangelical ministry. refuge in prayer. The storm subsided,
Based in Bristol, Charles participated with after which Newton began a troubled
John in an itinerant ministry until, in April journey to Christian faith. Despite this,
1749, he married Sarah (Sally) Gwynne. he continued to work in the slave trade
From 1771, Charles and Sally lived in until he suffered a severe stroke in 1754.


CHURCH Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
Music Life & Learning
be more successfully, or at least more
CHURCH Music Life & Learning be called severe depression and anxiety. In easily attained by a versifier, than by a
1763, he attempted suicide and was sent to poet. They should be Hymns, not Odes,
CHURCH Music Life & Learning an asylum in St Albans. On his discharge, if designed for public worship, and for the
he began to live with a retired priest, Morley use of plain people.
CHURCH Music Life & Learning Unwin, and his wife, Mary. He moved with
them to Olney, where he met John Newton. Newton was an Anglican priest and was
CHURCH Music Life & Learning After Unwin’s accidental death, Cowper subject to the existing rules about what
continued to live with Mary in Olney until could be sung in church services. The Olney
CHURCH Music Life & Learning 1786, when they moved to Buckinghamshire. Hymns, therefore, were most probably
Mary’s death in 1796 led to a deterioration in intended to be sung in other kinds of
John Newton Cowper’s mental health, from which he never meetings, some of which could have been
Image: Wikimedia Commons recovered, dying in 1800. held in the church building but were not
prayer book services. Cowper was not in
Newton then undertook an unsuccessful Newton and Cowper holy orders and had no control of where his
series of applications for ordained ministry. contributions to the volume might be sung.
He applied to the bishops of Chester and While Cowper lived in Olney, he collaborated
Lincoln and the archbishops of Canterbury with Newton in producing, in 1779, a volume We are most familiar with Newton’s hymns
and York. Not one to be put off by refusals, called Olney Hymns. It was in three parts. ‘Glorious things of thee are spoken’ (NEH
he also applied to the Methodists, the The first, ‘On Select Texts of Scripture’ is like 362) and ‘How sweet the name of Jesus
Independents (Congregationalists) and a metrical psalter in that it reduced biblical sounds’ (NEH 374). By far the most famous
Presbyterians. Finally, under the patronage texts to metre, but is not confined solely to of his hymns, however, is ‘Amazing grace’.
of the Earl of Dartmouth, he was ordained psalms. The second part, ‘On Occasional It appears in Olney Hymns as a commentary
both deacon and priest by the Bishop of Subjects’ has verses divided into topics like on 1 Chronicles 17:16–17:
Chester in 1764. the seasons of the year, Christmas, Easter
and theological topics such as Providence. Then King David went in and sat before the
From 1764 to 1779, Newton was Rector In effect, it had divisions like those in NEH. Lord, and said, ‘Who am I, O Lord God, and
of Olney in Buckinghamshire. In 1779, he The third section, called ‘On the Progress what is my house, that you have brought me
became Rector of St Mary Woolnoth in and Changes of the Spiritual Life’ reflects thus far? And even this was a small thing
London, where he remained until his death Newton’s view of the development of a in your sight, O God; you have also spoken
on 21 December 1807. In 1787, Newton Christian. of your servant’s house for a great while to
published a pamphlet against the slave In his preface, Newton said: come. You regard me as someone of high
trade, Thoughts Upon the African Slave rank, O Lord God!
Trade, and entered the abolitionist political There is a style and manner suited to
cause alongside William Wilberforce, who the composition of hymns, which may ‘Amazing grace’ was not noticed in the
began his campaign in 1789. In 1792, he United Kingdom, appearing in only one
was made Doctor of Divinity by what is now William Cowper other hymnal, the Countess of Huntingdon’s
Princeton University in New Jersey. Image: Wikimedia Commons Hymns, where it was set to the tune
‘Hepzibah’ by John Husband. In the late 18th
William Cowper (1731-1800) and early 19th centuries, it was picked up
significantly in the United States, appearing
William and his brother John were the only in the hymnals of many denominations. Its
two surviving children of John Cowper, now famous tune, ‘New Britain’, appeared
Rector of Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, and first in the tune book, Southern Harmony,
his wife Ann. After education at Westminster in 1847. A favourite of African American
School, Cowper was articled to a solicitor in congregations, it now owes its popularity to
order to begin a legal career. secular rather than religious usage.

Cowper suffered from mental illness for most Of Cowper’s contributions, we are most
of his life, being subject to what would now familiar with ‘God moves in a mysterious
way’ (NEH 365) and ‘O for a closer walk
18 with God’ (NEH 414). Considering that it
was written by a person with serious mental

October-November 2020 Bell News

illness, the plea for calmness and serenity The bells of St James’ rang out on Victory in the Pacific (VP) Day this year, celebrating
expressed in the latter hymn is poignant in the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, thanks to Sue Cameron and Tower
the extreme. Captain, Jackie Dettmann. Both Sue and Jackie have war-time links, which they shared
with St James’ Connections:
Four hymn writers
John Sanders (23 February 1918 - 13 June 2009)
Did these four hymn writers ever meet?
Considering their respective dates of birth My father, the late Lieutenant John Sanders, was part of the second AIF in the
and death and life histories, it is improbable Royal Australian Artillery. Dad was serving in Darwin when it was bombed in
that Watts ever met Newton or Cowper. A 1943 and later that year was stationed in Merauke in Dutch New Guinea in
meeting between Watts and Wesley is more a Search Light Unit defending the local airfield. It was in the jungles of New
probable, but I can find no evidence that it Guinea that he contracted malaria, under the influence of which he wrote to
happened. Both of them moved in the same Mum’s father and asked for her hand in marriage. On VP Day I rang a bell at St
circles as the Countess of Huntingdon, James’ in his memory, and to honour him and all other Veterans of the War in
mentioned above, so a meeting was not the Pacific.
impossible. We know that Watts was
familiar with Wesley’s work because, as I Sue Cameron
noted in my article on ‘Wrestling Jacob’,
he commented favourably on that hymn’s John D.H. Dettmann
poetic quality. (20 October 1917 - 6 March 1998)

There is no evidence that Charles Wesley In 1941, the AIF 8th Division was despatched
met Newton or Cowper. In April 1764, to Singapore. My father, Captain John D.H.
John Wesley wrote to Newton inviting him Dettmann, should have been with them but
to join in a united evangelical movement. was diagnosed with pneumonia the night before
He received three replies, none of which departure. Once recovered, he was sent with
were from Newton. Watts and Newton the 9th Division Signals to North Africa where
were Calvinists, while the Wesley brothers he lived through the Battles of El Alamein. Later,
were Arminians, differing over the doctrine he was sent to serve with American forces at
of predestination. On 16 August 1769, Balikpapan, Borneo. Quite possibly, I owe my
John said in his journal that he had re-read existence to a bout of pneumonia.
Newton’s autobiographical account of his
conversion, noting that it was an answer to Jackie Dettmann
his mother’s prayers rather than the result
of predestination. Sue Cameron and Jackie Dettmann
Image supplied.
John Wesley was a dedicated abolitionist
and supporter of Wilberforce somewhat 19
earlier than Newton and, in 1774,
published his own tract, Thoughts on
Slavery. When Newton moved to St Mary
Woolnoth in 1770, he lived within six
kilometres of Charles. These connections
make unrecorded meetings quite possible.

Whether they met or not, our four hymn
writers began a movement that enriches
our liturgical life to this day.

Associate Professor Michael Horsburgh

AM is a Parish Lay Reader and

Parishioner at St James’.

Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCHMusic Life & Learning
CHURCHMusic Life & Learning Freda Mission
Music Life & Learning
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
Life & Learning
RobyCnHUR&CH David CaMursicver

The Mission began in 1895 in the old Hyde a team leader, staff the Mission. Each
CHURCH Music Life & Learning volunteer contributes about two hours
Park Barracks building. It was begun by every six weeks on a Sunday afternoon
from 1:00pm. Lunch, comprising soup,
Sister Millicent of the Community of the sandwiches, cake, fruit and tea is served
at 2:00pm.
Sisters of the Church, an English Religious In the last 4 to 5 years, the Mission has
been greatly helped with food donations
Order that started the Collegiate School in from OzHarvest, an organisation which
rescues perishable excess food, and
Paddington in 1893. Eventually it moved to now works with over 3,500 food donor
businesses across Australia to facilitate
Waverley as St Gabriel’s School, where it the delivery of food free of charge to over
1300 local charities, including the Sr Freda
remained until its closure in 1965, when Mission.
Following the earlier tradition, a special
the Sisters moved to Glebe to begin a new occasion is made of Christmas, when
turkey, ham, puddings and custard and
and different phase of their work. ice cream are served. An a capella choir,
Voices of the Waters, from Berowra has
The Mission moved for a time to Surry Hills Fr Andrew, David and Robyn Carver been providing wonderful singing of
and later to Darlinghurst, where it became Image supplied Christmas carols at this event for many,
known as the Mission to the Destitute. The many years.
1890s were a time of severe economic cake, carol singing and various musical Since the coming of COVID-19, and due
depression. Emily Rich (Sister Freda), a entertainments. to Government initiatives, particularly
member of the Sisters of the Church, took in providing social housing for the
over the organisation of the Mission in When Sister Freda died in 1936, her
1899. name was given to the Mission and St The Sr Freda Team at St James’ during COVID-19
James’ took over the responsibility for restrictions
From its inception, a close association its operation. In 1950, the Church crypt
with St James’ existed, particularly during became the regular venue and remained so Image supplied
Isaac Carr-Smith’s time as St James’ sixth until COVID-19. Lunch is now served at the
rector (1896-1909). Carr-Smith was a East end of the Church in the open air.
larger than life personality—a convinced
Anglo-Catholic and a staunch Christian Today, six teams of volunteers, with six
Socialist—who was a regular speaker on to eight members in each team including
Sunday afternoons in the Sydney Domain.
Clergy from St James’ celebrated Holy
Communion weekly at the Mission’s chapel
at Paddington, conducted short services
and gave talks at the Mission. Parishioners
helped prepare teas and provided music
for the community hymn singing which
followed. They worked as volunteers on
Sunday afternoons at various halls in the
city offering a light evening meal of bread
and tea, which was accompanied by a
short religious service. As the need arose,
other assistance was given: the provision
of clothing, help in finding employment,
and the provision of aid to discharged
prisoners. Christmas was a special
time when there would be Christmas


October-November 2020 and blankets are provided. help of the Team Leaders and their teams
of volunteers—many of whom have been
socially disadvantaged, our numbers Our programme is financed by the with the Mission since Lesley’s time.
have reduced. However, the Mission has generous donations from parishioners and
been able to continue its work, following others in the community, plus of course If anyone would like to know more about
essential guidelines that are in place. the amazing amount of food donations the Mission, or would like to help in any
from OzHarvest and Streets Ice Creams capacity, please do not hesitate to contact
An important part of this ministry is us through the Parish Office.
engaging with our guests, and sharing their We have enjoyed being part of this special
ups and downs, particularly during these Mission for over 20 years, after taking Robyn and David Carver are the Sr Freda
trying times associated with COVID-19. over from our much-loved parishioner, the Mission Coordinators and Parishioners
Given these changing times, masks are late Lesley Proudman. None of the work at St James’.
now provided for our guests, and during could be done without the enthusiastic
the winter months beanies, gloves, socks

OzHarvest supplies. Voices of the Waters OzHarvest supplies.
Image supplied Image supplied Image supplied

Parishioner Profile: RichardWillgoss continued

Would you like to say something about logical, and am still hopeful to have fellow Here to help & support you every step of the way
your faith journey over the years – how empathetic intellectual travellers identify
it began, some of the things you have themselves. 100% Independently Australian Owned
learned, how it affects your daily life? Have & Operated Funeral Director
there been any other influences on you? Do you have any particular (or peculiar)
interests or hobbies? OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: R..S..L..M...E..M...B..E.R..S...&...F.A...M..I.L..Y..D...I.S.C..O..U...N..T.
I am the sort of person who provokes .......................2..4..H..O...U..R..S..•...7...D..A..Y..S.
without even being aware of doing so. I ask As the prospect of retirement loomed, I • All Nationalities & Religions
why, what, when, how? I am not normally requalified in music (a geriatric amongst • Chapel Services SERVICING ALL AREAS OF SYDNEY
satisfied with any explanation per se, but greenhorns) and re-vitalised my violin and
absorb and remake it for myself. Yet at viola playing, re-invigorating my singing • Celebrant Services
the same time, I delight in differentiating bass. I am now performing, playing
knowledge from understanding, and then and singing music of all sorts, and have • White or Black Vehicles WINNER AWARDS 2012
understanding the interplay of syntax become a composer and luthier. COVID-19
with semantics (how evidence turns has also given me the opportunity to • Burials & Cremations
into trustworthy belief). What remains play cello, too. I love playing chamber
central, despite our worshipping in a music, and singing unaccompanied choral • Collectively Serving Your Community for over 100 Years
variety of churches over the years, is my works. I continue to research the maker’s
understanding of why God impinges upon control over the sound of a violin, both • Pre Paid Funeral Plans
me, how, and what He has done for me scientifically and aesthetically.
through Jesus. I recently wrote an essay • Burials at Sea & Scattering of Ashes
about my faith on the limitations of being
Modern, well-defined, reasonable and We understand your needs at this time - Call us today

ALL SUBURBS 9713 1555

Head Office: 160 Great North Rd Five Dock


Arrangements in The Comfort of Your Own Home or Our Funeral Home



Incorporating Member of Rotary
Adam James Lee
Funeral Services

Brooke Shelley is Communications
Manager at St James’.


Ready, Steady, Flow!CHURCHBicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning
Music Life & Learning
Tony NaakeCHURCH

In CAHUpRCrHil 2019, myMusic ‘MyanmLifea&rLearnWing ater of their partnership with the Anglican Image courtesy of Hpa-an Diocese (C)
Challenge’ was launched to supply clean Board of Mission (ABM), with improved
drinking water to remote villages. During water sanitation, waste management and awareness, and agriculture. $100 buys two
2019 my fundraising activities included: livestock grazing practices. Prior to ABM’s basic fly-proof latrines with septic tanks.
email campaigns, two articles and involvement in the village, there was no $500 funds the fee of a professional water
advertisements in St James’ Connections, clean drinking water, very little sanitation technician. Construction of a tube well,
and weekly updates in St James’ pew and no toilets. Bringing clean drinking which provides water for up to 225 people,
sheets, after-breakfast and dinner water to a remote village in Myanmar is costs $2,750. Construction of a gravity-fed
talks, a short radio interview, collecting my passion, something we all take for water system, which provides water for
donations after lunches and dinners, visual granted in Australia! ABM’s project was to up to 225 people, costs $2,750. So much
presentations to groups, and two garage construct three tube wells and at least 20 can be achieved with people’s generous
sales, where I sold most of my beloved latrines with septic tanks in the village. The support!
collection of vinyl LP albums, including best thing is that after the three tube wells
Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd! were constructed and in operation, the Since the end of 2019, fundraising has been
These donations have enabled the Anglican villagers used the technology and know- understandably difficult with the bushfires,
Board of Mission to supply clean drinking how to construct a further eight tube wells drought and now COVID-19. However, as a
water to a total of 2,750 people in 8 villages. for the village. The water is piped from the result of such generous support, I am very
Seminars have also been conducted to well by generator into a holding tank to let pleased that the donations to date have
cover important topics such as hygiene the water settle, as the quality is not good amounted to just over $47,000!
and sanitation, environmental awareness, enough to drink. After three days the water
safe agricultural practices and women’s is tapped to another smaller tank for use, A further $3,000 is required, which is
empowerment. and the holding tank is cleaned. To drink about one more tube well! Please help
In early February 2020, I visited Myanmar. this water, it has to be filtered or boiled. me in reaching my challenge and give
My trip included a trip to Yaytarley Village a gift that is worth sharing. Please visit
to witness the vibrant community where Training workshops, typically conducted in for further
villagers are now enjoying the benefits the local church, cost $60 to train 20 people information.
in four different topics: personal hygiene
Image courtesy of and sanitation, gender and environmental The Integrated Water Sanitation and
Hpa-an Diocese (C) Hygiene Project is tax-deductible.

22 Tony Naake is a parishioner at St James’.

October-November 2020

Image courtesy of Hpa-an Diocese (C) Image courtesy of
Hpa-an Diocese (C)

TAKE Part IN Tony’s
$50,000 Water
Challen'*g-¥ e! »WHII
^•^ 15
t h e Standard Communion mineSIDESMANTSo' nRyOSNTaEaRk. e has challenged himself to raise
$50,000 to support ABM’s Water, SOanwiitnagtitoonthe age, quality, and absolute purity of this wine, it is found

Fletcher, Waelnchd, HBryagdiye, nKeePttr; oject. most suitable for sacramental purposes, and is highly recommended by
Church Stores Ltd., Daking House, Rawson Place ('Phone City 1325.
A. Clarke, Tipper, Kelso, Smith;
or, Blick, T. Clarke, Dawkins, Biggar- OBTAI NABLE
Wright, WeMlcahn, yBvliicllka,geSsminithM; yanmar do accesQsuteoenclVeaicntoria MAarBkMetsa, imwhsetroe baupiledrstownoal tvuibseit wweinllsbaenadppprroecviiadteedpibpyedthe
nham. not have firm.
mountai'nPhwoanteesr :toCaityto6t7a5l8oafn7d7948p1.eople, and conduct
water due to contamination of rivers and existing wells

, Benham, Fdlertycihnegr,uBpldacukr,inKgeslsuom. mer'. Dhygiene and sanitation awareness raising seminars.

, Brady, Job, Kett, A. Clarke; Please support Tony’s Water Challenge so that we can

annerman. Consequently, women and children can spend hours in the
oo rW, iBghigtg, aWr, ehlTocht. ,wCBlealarikcthke,,erWSemavtiestrhfoy;rdda, yHwaawlkkiinngs:long
, distances to collect ensure people in Myanmar gain access to clean drinking
water and learn about good hygiene and safe sanitation.
Stationers, Printers, Recount Book Makersverett.
water for their village. ''

, Black, TippTeorn, yKreetcte, nEtlvyevreistitt;ed Myanmar with the Anglican Board ofSYSTThEeMInSte—gMratAeJdEWSTaItCer SLaOnOitaStEionLEanAdFHyLgEieDnGe EPrRoSject is
Wight, JobMb,isBsrioadny, ,wShmoicthu;rrently have several development projects tax-deductible. ST., ST?
or, Biggar, Tth. eCrlea.rkHee, Bsaliwckf,irSsmt hitahn; d the la•ck of access to clean E S T A B L I S H E D 1830

Hawkins, Wdraitnskfoinrgd,wJaotbe,r Kaneldsot:he serious implications for people’s
elch. health, such as water-borne disease.

r, Hawkins, Smith, A. Clarke, Benham; Where Good Gardeners Buy All their Needs

Brady, Wight, Kett, Tipper;
Nock & Kir by's Low Price Storesor, Fletcher, Biggar, T. Clarke, Job:

To help TonyKelso, Smith, Hawkins, Black;
annerman. reach his goal please donate via this link:

verett. • GEORGE STREET (near Circular Quay)

REST ROOM ROSTER. Phone Your Order (City 9980) and Goods will be sent cash on deliver y

oseley, Miss Julian, Miss Begg
Appeal for Archives ewart awmef,ly,e,eMsMr,Msiis,MsisssMissTMsrGosDteo.LrhtsacMe.oyaa,.StlafyMin,btonhtiM.hsu'esoisrAhspLaeorW,vccekMhhyiiaitevserns..eysCmcoookeu.mldorhaabvielioarasbsoorcrioatwe,daws witILheLmSUtSoJTvaRemAteTosE’cDelReIbNrGaastseCetATinALaOnGyUcEo
i^l e M rMs -isPsr iPt cr ihcaer.d , Mrs. Mann D i a m o n d R i n g , purchased at fair market value, is an


untry .


ad MARRIAGES. of the Church’s consecration? act© >e ( A t x s t . L#tdL.)

the bicentenarydell—Ella. Mary Durham. donor. St., Sydney
velyn Laura Willis.
If so, please contact the Archivist, Gordon Cooper at [email protected]—Ruby Florence Bressington
aaassssszaEBvwassesBW B Ltd,

Andrews—Violet Lillian Glasscock. be photographed or digitised and returned to its

Borrowed material willFinch—Lillian Esraa Guest.
Martyn—Alice Maie Morrow. COFFEES * COCOAS
George Brown—Elsie "Vernon Ford.
Vivicnne Doris Weston. ''
ekes—Ileline Macdormell. Pure and Wholesome Fresh and Aromatic Delicious and Eoonomieal

l Norman—Nervclle Bessie Brunkers Sherbon. 5 3 4 G E O R G E S T R E E T (opposite Town Hall)

Mitchell—Mildred Mary Croll. a n d at W e n « w o f t h A v n a e . S Y D N E Y

Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

The St James’ FoundationCHURCH Donation form for:
Music Life & Learning
The St. James’ Building and Property Foundation
CHURCH Music Life & Learning & The St. James’ Music Foundation

CHURCH Music Life & Learning Directors:

CHURCH Music Life & Learning Christine Bishop LLB (Syd) FAICD (Chairman)
Graham Smith (CEO)
CHURCH Music Life & Learning Right Reverend Richard Hurford OAM, KStJ
Robert Cameron JP
Daniel Ferguson JP
Marilyn Smith BSc (Treasurer)
Gregory West CA


Christine Bishop LLB (Syd) FAICD, Chairman Mobile

The current Board of Directors Address
invite you to support the
dynamic resource for St James
by way of donation or bequest Email

In 1999 our founding Chairman, Fr Richard Hurford then Please accept my donation to the
Rector of St James, was the Chair of the Australian Council Capital Fund of the Music Foundation
International Guild of Church Musicians, was part of a small
group of church music supporters which shared the vision of $

establishing the St James’ Foundation. Please accept my donation to the
The Board of Directors invite you to support this dynamic Current Activities Fund of the
Music Foundation
resource for St James by way of donation or bequest.
The St James’ Foundation Ltd.
Please accept my donation to the
The St James’ Foundation Ltd is a company limited by Organ Replacement & Restoration Fund
guarantee and is the trustee of two charitable trusts, the St of the Music Foundation
James’ Music Foundation and the St James’ Church Building
and Property Foundation.
Please accept my donation to the
The St James’ Music Foundation Capital Fund of the Building Foundation

The object of the Music Foundation is: $
To provide financial and other assistance to enable the
production and performance of sacred and secular music with Please draw cheques to the
a particular focus on choral and pipe organ music along with St James’ Music Foundation or
other expressions of the creative and performing arts. The St James’ Building Foundation and forward to:
The Music Foundation allows two kinds of donations; those The Treasurer, Unit 2702/5 York St, Sydney 2000
towards the capital fund, which is invested to provide annual
distributions to the Parish. The second kind of donation can be to OR
particular reserves, like the organ restoration/rebuilding fund,
scholarships, production of CD’s or other reserves that meet with Direct Bank Transfer
the requirements of the Foundation and the needs of the Parish. (electronic payment) to:
Donations to the Music Foundation are tax deductible. WBC - BSB 032 007 / Acc. No. 181314

The St James’ Church Building and OR
Property Foundation
Please debit my: Visa Mastercard
The object of the Building and Property Foundation is to
provide financial assistance to St James for the restoration, Card No. /
Exp. Date
preservation, maintenance, improvement, enhancement
and upkeep of the Church building, its fixtures, fittings and Signature
ornaments. The Building Foundation is principally a capital fund, Please send me information (to the above address) of
the income of which is distributed to the parish. Donations to how I might include a bequest for The St. James’ Music
Foundation or The St. James Building Foundation in my will
the Building Foundation are not tax deductible. All donations to The St. James’ Music Foundation
The two Foundations have provided well over 2 million dollars, over $2.00 are tax deductible
in distributions to the Parish of St James over the past 13 years.


October-November 2020

children and
young people
back on track”

19% 2,333


UNDER $125,000


42 years of providing medium term 1. provide food and shelter
accommodation for youth experiencing
homelessness. Through providing a 2. offer hope and a brighter future
caring, stable, homelike environment
where those in need, often for the first 3. keep our service viable
time, can learn the living skills unavailable
to them, but which are necessary to 4. make a real difference
enable them to reach their full potential.

CAN HELP US Online -
MAKE AN IMPACT Cheques - PO Box 20 Kingsford NSW 2032
Monthy Donations and Bequests - (02) 9349 6438


Bicentenary 2019-2024 House:CONNECTIONS
St LaurenceCHURCHCHURCHMusicLife & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Music Life & Learning

Alan SCHUoRCuHtar Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning
Since St Laurence House was established provider of community housing in NSW
focussed solely on youth accommodation.
in 197CH8U,RCmH any parishiMousnicers of SLifte &JLeaarmninges’
Last year, Her Excellency the Governor
Church and Christ Church St Laurence have Margaret Beazley became our Patron. This
further boosted our efforts, and we are
been actively involved. Over this time there looking at options for a fuller relationship
in due course. While the Governor is Patron
have been challenges and setbacks, but of many organisations, there is no doubting
the sincerity of her support.
also many achievements. Most importantly,
But we cannot rest on these laurels—there
there have been many thousands of children are still significant challenges ahead.

and young people who have had their lives We survived a NSW Government initiative
in 2014 to rationalise agencies, seeing the
influenced for the better. number of services providing medium term
accommodation in NSW drop from sixteen
I joined the Management Committee to only four. St Laurence House is one of Alan Soutar and Nigel Parker
four years ago, when I retired from the the smallest. Unfortunately, the funding Image supplied
corporate world. At the time, Anne Cogswell we have received since then is also at a
was just taking over the chair from Ruth substantially reduced level. We have an end-of-financial-year-appeal in
McCance, and Anne passed the baton to June and a Christmas Appeal in December,
me last November. I took it on with a little In 2012, the Federal Government introduced as well as our Big Event and Shrove Tuesday
trepidation—would St Laurence House be requirements that the home-services sector pancake nights.
able to carry on the good work of the many hire more qualified staff and bring wages,
capable people before us? over an eight-year period, up to parity with Despite the funding challenges, our
other sectors. This is a welcome initiative— organisation has grown over the last couple
Our focus has always been on medium however, through a quirk in the finance of years. The main house has been renovated
term accommodation—looking after our stream that comes to St Laurence House, and an additional bedroom added, thanks
clients over several months or longer. we have missed out on the additional to a generous donation and active support
We are driven by our mission of getting government funds required to pay these from the Property Industry Foundation.
wage increases. Further, we now have a total of five one-
homeless children and young people bedroom units that serve as transitional
back on track. We provide a caring, stable We stand in stark contrast to most other accommodation when clients are ready to
environment where those in need can learn service providers, who have a higher move on. But as we have expanded, so too
the living skills previously unavailable to proportion of government funding relative have our costs, yet government funding
them, a necessity to enable them to reach to the amounts they must raise themselves. remains the same.
their potential. This year, 19 percent of our Overall, we have had to work hard to keep
clients identify as indigenous. 61 percent our head above water. With the needs of our clients at heart,
are 17 years or under. Every time we have the drive to increase our professionalism
a real success, such as a child attaining a We survive because of the generous support and effectiveness has been ongoing. A
university placement when this previously of our benefactors. The NSW government new initiative is now in train to improve
seemed unachievable, we feel a remarkable supplies only 70 percent of the costs to run governance standards across the whole
sense of achievement and satisfaction. our facility. To keep us afloat, the balance sector. St Laurence House is engaged in
must come from our benefactors and a major three-year programme to review
The team is led by Executive Officer Nigel fundraising—a total of $125,000 annually. and update all its processes, planning and
Parker, who has held the post for over 10 staff training. The aim is to achieve a robust
years. Under Nigel, St Laurence House is and healthy organisation that provides
active in liaising with other service providers best-in-class service, capable of meeting
engaged in the sector, as he also sits on the any challenge, such as COVID-19. But this
board of Y-Foundations (the sector’s peak renewed focus comes at a cost in time
representative body for homeless youth for the Management Committee, a cost in
services) and My Foundations, the only focus for the Executive Officer and staff,


The Road AheadOctober-November2020

and a financial cost in engaging an external be swinging back again. With a renewed Ministry of St James’ Church, the financial
independent assessor. interest in medium term accommodation support comes from individual benefactors
by the Department of Communities and both within and outside the congregation,
The quality of governance we are aiming for Justice (which replaced the Department of as do the members of the Management
is the same as a much larger organisation. Community Services), we will be pushing Committee. Greg Murray as Secretary,
With our 10 beds, we still require the strongly for further funding to expand Rod Ravenscroft as Treasurer, and myself
same professionalism and governance as our activities. There is no doubt about the are actively involved in the administration.
an organisation with 100 beds, or more. effectiveness of such further spending— Now, additional skills are required on the
Meanwhile, we have only three permanent the social return is evidenced in repeated Management Committee, particularly mental
staff on the payroll, though they are ably studies. health skills and IT skills, and we would also
supported by casual staff. Looking ahead, welcome a new member who identifies as
growing St Laurence House is our best Another option is to work more closely Aboriginal. Please get in touch (see p. 24)
option. Going from one fully-serviced with other organisations, but our own if you feel you can contribute—we still have
house to two effectively halves the costs model is working well, and we have a good plenty of work ahead of us!
on each house. team headed by a competent Executive
Officer who is engaged, connected and We will be providing further updates in
Homelessness remains a vital issue for respected. And we have strong backing due course. In the meantime, your support
all governments, as it must, but there from our benefactors. and encouragement, in whatever way it is
has been less funding for medium term provided, is so much appreciated.
accommodation such as ours. We continue to examine our options for
the best way forward. In the meantime, Alan Soutar is Chair of St Laurence House
There are early signs that the pendulum may while St Laurence House remains a Special
and a parishioner at St James’.


The next edition of St James’ Connections will be published on Friday 4 December 2020.
Deadlines (advertising and editorial): Monday 23 November
Contact: 8227 1301 or [email protected]

Address – Level 1, 169–171 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone – 8227 1300 Web – Email – [email protected]

RECTOR........................................................ The Reverend Andrew Sempell.......8227 1303 (m 0419 018 225)
ASSOCIATE RECTOR.................................... The Reverend John Stewart............8227 1304 (ah 9410 3077)
DIRECTOR OF ST JAMES’ INSTITUTE.......... Christopher Waterhouse.................8227 1305
HEAD OF MUSIC........................................... Warren Trevelyan-Jones.................8227 1306
ORGANIST.................................................... Alistair Nelson................................8227 1308
OFFICE ADMINISTRATORS........................... Dianne Ward/Jonathan Elcock........8227 1300
ACCOUNTANT............................................... Michelle Chan.................................8227 1302
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ST JAMES’ CONNECTIONS EDITOR.............. Brooke [email protected]u
COUNSELLING @ ST JAMES’....................... Loretta King....................................8227 1300
PASTORAL CARE COORDINATOR................. Chris Cheetham..............................0407 017 377
FACILITIES MANAGER.................................. Tony Papadopoulos........................8227 1312


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
St James’ InstituteCHURCHCHURCHMusicLife & Learning

Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
Music Life & Learning
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Christopher Waterhouse

This will be my final report as Director Gooder called The Meaning is in the Image: Nick Gilbert
of the St James’ Institute before I move Waiting: The Spirit of Advent—a four week
to Hobart to take up a new role at St study which invites us to ponder what Cathedral in London. Details of the days
David’s Cathedral. I look forward to future this season of waiting is all about. Paula and times of the discussion groups will be
collaborations with the St James’ Institute Gooder is a speaker and writer on the made available in November.
and to the occasional visit. The remainder Bible, particularly on the New Testament. It has been a great honour to serve as the
of this year’s programme is somewhat Director of the St James’ Institute. I have
dependent on travel restrictions and limits She began her working life teaching in greatly enjoyed the opportunity to invite
on gatherings of people. We will keep you ministerial formation first at Ripon College outstanding guest speakers to come and
updated when new activities and events Cuddesdon, Oxford and then at the Queen’s share their knowledge with us, and also to
are confirmed as the rules and regulations Foundation for Ecumenical Theological have been able to collaborate with some
change. We also look forward to welcoming Education in Birmingham. Following this, of our city neighbours, most especially
our new Director, Dr Aaron Ghiloni in early she spent around eight years as a speaker the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Living
November. and writer in biblical studies, travelling the Museums, St Stephen’s Uniting Church,
country and seeking to communicate the St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, Christ
On Saturday 31 October, we welcome best of biblical scholarship in as accessible Church St Laurence, as well as with Trinity
Bishop Stephen Pickard to speak on a way as possible. After that, she spent six College Melbourne and with international
Anglican Identity and the future of the years working for the Bible Society as their
Anglican Communion. Bishop Stephen is Theologian in Residence, and then for the Christopher conducting a tour of the church.
the Executive Director of the Australian Birmingham Diocese as their Director of Image: Brooke Shelley
Centre for Christianity and also Culture Mission Learning and Development. She
Director of Public and Contextual is currently the Chancellor of St Paul’s
Theology Research Centre at Charles Sturt
University. The seminar will run from
3:00pm to 5:00pm in St James’ Hall.

On Sunday 15 November, the Institute
will present a webinar for the rescheduled
NAIDOC Week, which now runs from 8 to
15 November, having been delayed from
its usual July dates. We’ll be hearing from
a number of guest speakers on the topic
‘Time for Treaty’. The webinar will run from
2:00pm to 3:30pm and will be hosted by
the Rector, Fr Andrew Sempell.

Please register for these events
online at or email
[email protected]

Our Advent Study series will begin in the
week commencing Monday 30 November.
We’ll be discussing a book by Paula


October-November 2020 been challenged and inspired by a range faith. I hope that the programme I have
of topics. The vision of the St James’ coordinated over these past few years has
guest speakers. Through these events, Institute is to be more informed, more done just that for you. It certainly has for
as well as our regular group discussion articulate, and more confident about our me.
studies, short talks and retreat days, I have
personally grown in the faith and have

Preparing for a service at the Parish Retreat 2019
Image: Chris Shain (Images for Business)

New DirCeOctNoNr EofC tThIeO SNtSJames’ Institute


The Rector and Wardens are pleased to announce that Dr Aaron Ghiloni has been appointed the next Director of the St James’
Institute. He will commence work on 2 November 2020.

Dr Ghiloni is a theologian, an educator, an author, and a speaker on faith formation. He also has a background in leadership and
management of church institutions and their programmes. He is currently Senior Research Fellow in Religion and Theology at
the University of Queensland, and also works with the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology in Canberra. Previously, he has
held positions in youth and family ministry, adult education, and theological training for ordinands.


C O N N E C T I O N SAaron comes to the St James’ Institute with a keen interest in developing activities that are rich and relevant to the needs of our

times and can attract the people of the city. He is also interested in providing the church with a ‘new voice’ in the public domain
that is socially engaged, creative, and hospitable.

We look forward to welcoming Aaron and his family into our midst and working with him in this vital ministry, both for our church

N EC T I ONS Con nec t ion sand for the benefit of the community around us.

• I ndividual: $22

Connections (6 issues per year; includes postage)

SCUOBNSCNREICPTTIIOONNSS • P arish/Institution Bi-Monthly:
$60 (20 copies of one issue, includes postage)

• Parish/Institution Yearly:
$300 (20 copies of 6 issues, includes postage)

Due to increased postage and printing costs, we need to charge a fee to cover the cost of sending out copies of Parish Connections.

C O N N EC T I ONSTo be put on the mailing list or to purchase a Parish Subscription, please call the office on 8227 1300

or email [email protected]



Bicentenary 2019-2024 Organ BuildersCONNECTIONS
Dobson PipeCHURCHCHURCHMusicLife & Learning
at Work
Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Alistair Nelson Music Life & Learning

You may be wondering what’s happening
rightCnHUoRwCH with the newMuDsicobson oLrigfe &aLnearfnoingr St
James’. You’ve probably rightly assumed
that public gatherings for fundraising
activities have been suspended because
of COVID-19 restrictions, and that’s partly
why you haven’t heard as much about
the new organ’s progress. You may still
be wondering how the dire pandemic
situation in the USA might be affecting
work at Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Ltd
at their workshop in Lake City, Iowa.

I am pleased to report that the staff at photographic record of the current organ Chatham’s console is made of American black
Dobsons are safe and well, though they has been made, acoustic treatments have cherry and Carpathian elm burl.
suspended operations in their workshop for been tested in the church, and a structural Image: Benjamin Hoskins
seven weeks of lockdown. John Panning engineer has been assisting in preparing
succeeded Lynn Dobson as owner and the space for the new instrument. University of Dubuque, Iowa, only four
president of Dobsons in February this year, hours’ drive from their workshop. Photos
and we are excited to continue working Our organ is one of three new instruments from the installation may be viewed
with both John and Lynn in building the that Dobsons are working on right now. on Dobsons’ Facebook page. In their
new organ. Technical discussions about They are currently installing their Opus workshop they are assembling their Opus
the sound, appearance and construction 97 in the John and Alice Butler Hall at the 98, ready to be sent across the country
of St James’ new organ have continued to St Christopher’s Episcopal Church,
by email and Zoom, in lieu of face-to- Chatham, Massachusetts, a picturesque
face meetings. Various preparatory works seaside town on Cape Cod. The factory
also continue in Sydney: an archival is working to schedule on the St James’
organ and, unless there are unforeseen
future delays, installation continues to be
planned for mid-2022.

Some photos from their Opus 98 in their
workshop are featured here, to give you
a little taste of what goes on in building
a new organ. The parts that you see in
these pictures are in the process of being
assembled into working order in the
workshop before they are disassembled
and shipped to St Christopher’s.

Windchest ‘pallets’, the specialised valves that let I bring you the following update from the
pressurised air into the pipes. Chair of the St James’ Organ Replacement
Image: Benjamin Hoskins & Restoration Appeal Committee, Mr
Robert Marriott: ‘The St James’ Organ


October-November 2020

Art Middleton machines some metal parts for the John Streufert voices a façade pipe.
mechanical key action. Image: Benjamin Hoskins

Image: Benjamin Hoskins Randall Wolff fits swell shades.
Image: Benjamin Hoskins
Restoration and Replacement Appeal has
carried on somewhat in the background 31
during these unusual times. Even so, the
Appeal has continued to receive donations
from generous individual benefactors as
well as a grant made, after a successful
application, from The Fred P. Archer
Charities Trust. The overall amount now
raised for the project is just over $1.6
million. The St James’ Music Foundation
is able to fund the building contract
instalment payments due over the course
of this year from the donations that have
been received. The Appeal Committee
looks forward to being able to hold some
more fundraising events in 2021. It is
grateful for the continued support and
generosity of benefactors and donors as
we look forward to the next stages of the
construction of what will be St James’
magnificent new organ.’

Alistair Nelson is Organist at St James’.

Bicentenary 2019-2024 MCONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Some frames for the organ case
Image: Benjamin Hoskins

St James’ Organ
Replacement & ResAtorpatpioenal

Striving for the second million!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shared feeling of general uncertainty
and, with many now out of work, the capacity to give to worthy causes has been
reduced. But thanks to your generosity, the St James’ Organ Appeal has raised
just over $1.6 million in total pledges and donations.A great effort in these
uncertain times!
Why support this appeal?
A pipe organ plays a significant part in the life of a church and in the wider
music community of the city. The new Dobson organ at St James’ will be the
third largest pipe organ in Sydney after the Sydney Opera House and Sydney
Town Hall.
Its point of difference is that, apart from its use in regular church services, it will
also be available to international organists and music students for concerts and
recitals. In this way, generous donors can be assured they are making a difference
to both the cultural and spiritual life of Sydney.
Visit the Appeal website:

The St James’ Music Foundation
ABN 81 868 929 941


MOctober-November 2020 Music Notes

the 20th century, find hope through God in the midst of great
adversity. And for those missing the experience of a full

church singing hymns, why not also purchase yourself a copy

Alistair Nelson of An English Mass, where you can hear six familiar hymns
accompanied by organ and orchestra?

Many thanks to those who have continued to express support In these uncertain times, it is hard to predict when we will be
and appreciation for the music at St James’ during this adding to our current regular services and lunchtime concerts.
time of pandemic. This has been of great consolation and The Choir will likely perform as part of cellist Rachel Scott’s
encouragement to the music department, as they have worked Bach in the Dark series in November. Keep an eye on her
to accommodate health advice restricting the number of singers website ( for this concert. If you
in church. were ever disappointed to discover she was booked out far in

Having only one or two cantors at services in August was an advance, now is the time to be sure of a ticket, by purchasing

opening for creativity in repertoire. This included looking to the one for an online-only concert. We look forward to providing

French Baroque for settings of the Magnificat: with alternating more comfort and inspiration in our various musical offerings.

organ solo (by the German-born Jean-Adam Guilain) and choral Alistair Nelson is Organist at St James’.
plainsong, and a 12-minute long through-composed setting

for two tenors by François Couperin (‘the Great’). There were

mass settings for two voices and organ written for 19th century

Paris: one in Classical style (by Austrian composer Sigismund

von Neukomm—well known in his day—he was a student of

Haydn, lived four years in Brazil, where he popularised Mozart

and Haydn, and lived much of his life in Paris and London); and

one in Romantic style (by French composer Auguste Durand,

founder of the publishing house which bears his name). There

were mass settings by 20th century composers: English-born

Canadian Healy Willan (‘the Dean of Canadian composers’) and

English composer Arthur Wills (who was long-time Director of

Music at Ely Cathedral). We even included a very recent work:

Magnificat and Nunc dimittis on a Hexatonic Scale written by

former St James’ Organ Scholar, Titus Grenyer.

In August, St James’ became the first venue in Sydney to A new choir recording for
restart their lunchtime concert series, after much work was anxious times.
done to adapt the concerts to COVID-safe procedures and Buy online at
arrange the necessary technology. There is now an audience
in church (up to 84 people) at the usual time of 1:15pm on
Wednesday and online (available in livestream and up until the
Tuesday following each concert). Tickets can be purchased via
the website at

Also now available in the online shop is the new CD from The
Choir of St James’ Songs of Hope. The music on this CD sets
texts which speak very much to our current condition: the texts,
whether they be from biblical times, from the 16th century, or


CHURCH Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
Music Life & Learning

Friends of Music at St James’CHURCH


Digital ConcertCHURCH
The Friends of Music at St James', withMusicLife & Learning
the support of Century Venues, presentsMusicLife & Learning
Music Life & Learning
fDigital concert dates:The Choir of St James' in a live recordingMusicLife & Learning
Music Life & Learning
of a concert sung at The Concourse,
Chatswood. This is our first digital concertSydney The Choir of St James'
Directed by
fand we are thrilled by it. With strictThursday, 15 October 2020 7:00pm AEDT Warren Trevelyan-Jones

COVID-19 restrictions and skeleton staff London Repertoire:
and budget, we have created a wonderfully If ye love me
Monday, 19 October 2020 7:00 pm GMT
f fwarm and enriching concert titled(Tuesday, 20 October 2020 5:00am AEDT) - Thomas Tallis
Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom,
f(Re)Visions: After the Silence. NewYork
- Thomas Tomkins
From sublime Early Music pieces, toWednesday, 21 October 2020 7:00pm EDT Jesu, grant me this I pray
luscious modern renditions, this concert(Wednesday, 21 October 2020 10:00am AEDT)
- Orlando Gibbons arr. Bairstow
ffffffshowcases Australian composers andView the concerts via this link: Non vos relinquam orphanos

features a world premiere recording by ourThe Friends of Music at St James’ YouTube - William Byrd
very own Brooke Shelley, Missa Æ Ego flos campi
Some touching old favourites may bring aUCxHTlrr7TxQFMIbRxjcY0Rw
tear to your eye! - Clemens non Papa
Missa Ænigmata
fff fPleasesupportusbydonatingaseat.Fora
- Brooke Shelley (world premiere)
donation of only $10, you will help fill our Lux Aeterna
virtual concert hall and support a future
- Edward Elgar
ffor our performances and Choir. We would O Waly Waly

love to create more concerts for you and - arr. Owen Elsley
continue to share them with you. Please Wild Mountain Thyme
donate generously through our GoFundMe
- trad. Scottish
fff ffpage: A gift to be simple

- Aaron Copland
Blue Moon

- Richard Rodgers/Lorenzo Hart
Somewhere over the rainbow

- Harold Arlen


- Billy Joel

The Choir of St James’ at The Concourse
Image: Brooke Shelley


Music at St James’October-November2020 OCT-NOV

Choral Music

The Choir of St James’ continues to offer inspiring choral music of the highest standards. As the restrictions on the number of singers in

choirs continues to change, it is difficult to set a music list for two months hence. Recordings of our livestreamed services can be viewed

for two months afterwards.

Lunchtime Concerts

Experience the peaceful atmosphere of Sydney’s oldest church as it is filled with music every Wednesday lunchtime between 1:15pm and
1:45pm. Tickets are $10 and patrons have the choice between attending in person (COVID-19 restrictions apply) or watching online. Go to for further informat4ioPnD.GTPiOckPeKTt pQrI0ic1e covers the cost of livestreaming and the musicians’ fees.





An English Mass Do you want to remember what it sounded like to be in a church full of people?
Do you want to relive the uplifting feeling of singing the hymns?

$25Then purchase a copy of the recording of the 20 January 2019 Orchestral Mass.

For sale
from the Parish Office,

or the online shop


All proceeds donateCdotvoerThe St James’ Organ Replacement & Restoration Appeal.


CurrentWorship Arrangements at
St James’ Church

Our service schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic is as follows:
Sunday: 8:00am – Holy Eucharist
10:00am – Choral Eucharist (also livestreamed)
Monday to Friday: 8:30am – Morning Prayer (on Zoom)
12:30pm – Holy Eucharist
Wednesday: 6:15pm – Choral Evensong (also livestreamed)

Register your attendance online at

Please note the following COVID-19 restrictions for attendance at worship:
• You must not attend the service if you feel unwell;
• You must adhere to physical distancing guidelines and sit in the church at those places marked

by a green dot;
• Hand sanitiser is provided for use when arriving and leaving;
• Face masks are available for those without their own;
• Random temperature checks will be conducted when entering at the door; and,
• Members of the congregation must not sing during the choral services because of the risk of

spreading COVID-19 through proximity to other people.

Keep Informed


Stay Connected
View services at

Join Morning Prayer at

Sign up to the St James’ Institute and/or
the Music Mailing Lists at

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