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St James' Connections - April/May 2020

The April/May 2020 Edition of St James' Connections. Printed copies are available for purchase (postage and handling costs only) from

Apr – May 20

C onnec ti onsBicentenary 2019-2024




INSIDE Pilgrimage in ‘interesting times’ Gregory Seach p3
Chaos and Order Andrew Sempell p5
The Storm of Life Michael Horsburgh p31

Apr– May 20

ConnectionsBicentenary 2019-2024


Pilgrimage in ‘interesting times’ Gregory Seach..........................................p3

Chaos and Order Andrew Sempell...............................................................p5

Preacher Profile: The Rev’d Catherine Eaton Christopher Waterhouse.........p8

Mission...Question...Quest...Questing...Bequest Ivan Head..........................p9

C O N N E C T I O N SWhen St James’ was a setting for an ordination Robert Willson................p10

Counselling Connection Loretta King.........................................................p12

Mingalabar! (Welcome and Good Fortune) Tony Naake.............................p14

Dying for Love Kevin Giles.........................................................................p17

Colin’s Corner Colin Middleton...................................................................p19

Who is my neighbour? Libby Hindmarsh...................................................p20

C onnecti onsPray Love Remember Marianne Dorman...................................................p22

Where two or three are gathered in my name Christopher Waterhouse.....p23

Book Review: What the Bible Actually Teaches on Women Dorothy Lee....p24

St James’ Institute News Christopher Waterhouse....................................p28

The King James Bible Olive Lawson...........................................................p29

ConnectionsThe Storm of Life Michael Horsburgh........................................................p31 Image: Brooke Shelley

Music Notes Alistair Nelson......................................................................p35

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PilgrimageApril-May2020 in
‘interesting times’
Gregory Seach
time, ‘safe’; and she could travel in an in Smyrna, Polycarp’s flock gathered the
In about 326 CE,… empire recently restored to peace—which bones of their ancient and beloved bishop
Helena, mother of emperor meant travel from Brittania to Palestine, and took them away for burial: and thus,
Constantine, made a from Egypt to Gaul was relatively secure. it was that on the site of his grave, each
legendary pilgrimage to the (Certainly, if you were the mother of the year on the anniversary of his ‘translation
Holy Land and is purported Emperor, it was secure!) into glory’, a eucharist was celebrated.
to have found the true cross Polycarp was clearly someone whose life
as well as the tomb in which More interesting still is why Helena, and had been touched and transformed by
Christ’s body had been laid. thousands or millions of others since (to God: so, therefore, his bones—and other
say nothing of quite a few before), thought things associated with him (and other
So begins Professor Frances M. Young’s going on pilgrimage important. One way saints)—must equally be ‘holy’.
fascinating ‘Prelude’ to the volume she of answering that question is to consider
jointly edited in the Cambridge History what Helena did once she got to Jerusalem For a faith that believed and affirmed
of Christianity (Volume 1: Origins to and Palestine. As Young mentions, she is (especially after Constantine’s Council!)
Constantine, CUP, 2006, p. 1). The said to have found a number of relics (the that the divine and eternal Son of God
‘Prelude’ is so interesting because it true cross, the crown of thorns, the nails became flesh, was incarnate, it followed
explores why gathering relics, and indeed and the Titulus—the board hung above logically that the stuff of earth could be
the practice and notion of ‘pilgrimage’, the cross) of Jesus’ crucifixion. Her title transformed and be holy. After all, did
were (and are) significant in Christian as ‘Protector of Holy Places’ makes clear not Christians frequently gather and, in
history and theology. that she is also remembered for having ordinary bread and wine, assert that the
‘discovered’, and caused churches to be same risen and exalted Son of God was
The first thing of interest in this story of built around or over, places where she present with them? As early as the first
Helena is the date of her pilgrimage. By and others believed the Lord, or apostles decade of the second century, Ignatius of
326 CE, Constantine was (virtually) the or saints had been. More interesting still, Antioch could write that such bread and
undisputed emperor of all of Rome. And, as Young also mentions, Helena took back wine was the ‘medicine of immortality’.
as is well known, he had introduced not to her palace in Rome a sizeable sample
only a tolerance for Christianity, but had of dirt from Palestine: she wanted, clearly, In short, places and things could be a
taken steps to protect it and give it quasi- to pray in the places where Christ’s feet clear sign of God’s presence with and
official status. (Indeed, a few years before touched the ground while he was alive, for God’s people. And therefore it was
his mother’s pilgrimage, he’d called a and to take such ground back with her to important, if possible, to be near these
council in the city of Nicæa where many continue to pray on. places, if necessary by travelling to them.
bishops and others gathered to provide So, even before Constantine had made
the emperor with a clearer understanding For Helena, and for others of her travel more secure for Christian pilgrims,
of what Christians believed!) Helena, time, Christian belief ‘meant receiving Origen (3rd century) can write of people
therefore, was able to travel in a time immortality through physical contact making pilgrimage to sacred places, as
when being Christian was, for the first with the material realities that had been he had done. Our current traditions of
transformed and sanctified by the presence processions on Palm Sunday, or the
of the divine.’ (p.7). In this, she was simply walking of the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem
following a tradition that, at its earliest, (especially on Good Friday—represented
appears to be associated with St Polycarp. at St James’ by the ‘Stations of the Cross’
After he had been martyred in the arena reflections) were the most popular early


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
remarkable writing in English. And more
instances of ‘mass’ pilgrimage. And we lengthy and perilous journey. But for those significantly, in these interesting times,
who found Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the this story of ‘pilgrimage’ was written by
knowCHUaRbCHout these froMmusic the wriLtifien&gLesarninogf a Jordan and other such places a pilgrimage someone who had little ‘community’ and
too far, places closer to home were no chance to travel. John Bunyan wrote
remarkable woman, Egeria, who tells of all possible. Rome—where both Peter, Paul The Pilgrim’s Progress while he was
and others (like Laurence and Agnes) had imprisoned (though we should realise this
she wCHiUtRnCeHssed in JerusMuasilcem in arLoifeu&nLedarn3ing80, been martyred—thus became ‘second’ on wasn’t Bunyan sitting alone in a cold and
the list of preferred pilgrim destinations. damp cell, as some romantic imagery might
having made her way there from Spain And it hardly needs to be mentioned to have it!). Bunyan’s allegory of ‘Christian’
or GCaHuURlCH(scholars stiMllusidc ebate wLifhe &icLeharn,ingbut parishioners of St James’, King Street, travelling through ‘This world (including
that the third of the ‘Big Three’ for early passing through the ‘Slough of Despond’)
certaCiHnUlRyC,H a long way aMwusicay!) Life & Learning and later mediaeval pilgrims was Santiago to That Which Is to Come’ became a
de Compostela in northern Spain, where classic of English literature—and, through
This sense of travelling to make a relics of St James the Great are held and translation, of other languages too. Indeed,
pilgrCimHURaCgHe was cruciMausli.c PeopleLifew& Leeanrnting on venerated. there is a good evidence that, aside from
pilgrimage because of the recognition the Authorised Version of the Bible, it was
that, as Christians, ‘here we have no Again, troubling and dangerous times— the most popular and widely-read work
lasting city’ (Hebrews 13:14—ironically, a as first Magyar and then Viking invasions in English from the time of its publication
letter written to Jewish followers of Jesus of Europe—saw a decline in numbers until the mid-19th century.
after Jerusalem, especially the temple, had of those willing to undertake a physical
been destroyed by the Romans.) In times pilgrimage. But, as times became In the midst of COVID-19, as large
of distress and flux, it was helpful to recall somewhat more settled, the desire to go numbers of people are isolated, frequently
that, despite the importance of this physical on pilgrimage grew in popularity. Indeed, it at home, physical pilgrimage is obviously
world, it remained a pointer to something might be argued that part of the motivation impossible. Yet, perhaps now is a time
else at the same time. St Augustine’s City for going on pilgrimage was a sense that when we might reflect on how we journey
of God—the burden of which was that the ‘contemporary Christians’ had become together as the people of God in these
collapse of the city of Rome and its empire ‘slack’, and weren’t facing the trials and unsettling and fraught times. Perhaps we
in the West should not alarm Christians, as tribulations of the earlier heroes of the could follow Bunyan, and undertake a
they were citizens of another, imperishable faith. In the early centuries, after the great spiritual, imaginative pilgrimage. Perhaps
city—was significant here. The work itself persecutions ceased, this led some to flee this might be a time when, to misquote
is a huge tome, but its message filtered to the desert and undertake the monastic an interesting politician, we can “Make
down to people by means of popular life. For others, not called to that life, a The Pilgrim’s Progress widely-read
preaching. And, of course, notions of the pilgrimage provided a temporary time of again”—not least among the people who
people of Israel being led through the asceticism. acknowledge St James, that consistent
wilderness by God were important too. focus of pilgrimage, as their patron. Who
Given that the Church had already begun The sense already mentioned of knows: it may help us all through our
to identify itself as the ‘new Israel’, and ‘journeying together as the people of current ‘Slough of Despond’.
that by the 7th century Easter had been God’ finds remarkable expression in the
identified as a Christian ‘Passover’— later Mediaeval period, and is epitomised The Rev’d Dr Gregory Seach is Warden of
through the waters of baptism, from death in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales—which
to life, out of ‘slavery to sin’—so the makes explicit that the reasons for Wollaston College, Perth.
Exodus wanderings were re-enacted by pilgrimage might not be entirely as ‘holy’
the ‘new’ people of God. as we might imagine. For some, it was
simply a chance to ‘see the world’, and in
As mentioned, after the collapse of the company, though with a legitimate reason
Roman Empire, it became dangerous and (or excuse) to hand. Nevertheless, that ‘in
difficult for those living in Western Europe company’ ought not be underestimated
to undertake pilgrimages to Palestine. as an expression of faith: doing things
Following the rise and spread of Islam, together as part of the body of Christ was
after which the ‘Holy Land’ was no longer significant.
‘protected’ by the Eastern Roman Empire,
such travel was seen as even more Mention of Chaucer brings to mind another
dangerous. (Notwithstanding, it must be
recalled, that Islamic rulers were keen to
protect all pilgrims to holy sites shared
by all ‘people of the book’). Nevertheless,
a number continued to undertake such a


Chaos & OrderApril-May2020
Andrew Sempell emanating out of conflict between the
forces of chaos and order, with the god The Rev’d Andrew Sempell
The Old, Old Story of order finally winning. In most of these Image: Chris Shain
stories, however, the forces of chaos are
The 1960s’ American TV comedy series Get only temporarily held at bay by the god good and evil. The result of human rebellion
Smart featured a blundering intelligence of order with the possibility of anarchy against God is that humans no longer
officer who sought to protect the free breaking out at any time remaining. inhabited a world of peace and goodness
world from those who would destroy it. but were instead cast out of the Garden
Maxwell Smart (who is presented as a In contrast to these dualistic stories, the and kept away from the ‘tree of eternal life’.
cross between James Bond and Inspector Hebrew creation narrative presents a The Hebrew scriptures go on to describe
Clouseau), worked for the CONTROL single God who creates by divine will alone. the outworking of this situation through
organisation against the activities of KAOS While there is initially cosmic disorder and history, which includes people returning
(the international force for evil). The series formlessness, God creates without conflict to obey God as well as their turning away
is a humorous presentation of the age-old to bring about divine order. In this way it from God toward tribalism, scapegoating,
story of the fight between order and chaos; can be seen that the world was meant to be violence and general destructiveness. But
a topic that is also the basis of more a place of peace, harmony and goodness, it became a story without resolution.
contemporary and serious expressions reflecting the nature of God.
such as the Star Wars and Harry Potter What this narrative reveals is the basic
films. People are therefore taught this The narrative goes on to explain that human desire for power, order and control,
principle from an early age. disorder and chaos do not arise from which often also includes the absurdity of
conflict between ‘gods’ but is a result of using disorder, cruelty and persecution to
This grand theme is likewise depicted human destructiveness. It would seem achieve it. The human desire for control
at the beginning of the Bible, where it that this too fits into God’s plan, because usually results in violence, but God offers
describes God bringing order out of chaos: humans received the god-like quality another way.
of free-will and therefore a capacity to
In the beginning when God created the choose to do good or evil from God. This Out of the Depths
heavens and the earth, the earth was is the problem of love, for it requires a
a formless void and darkness covered choice rather than being the result of either In the middle of the Hebrew Scriptures is
the face of the deep, while a wind from demand or manipulation. to be found a collection of very different
God swept over the face of the waters. writings to those around them. They are
Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and In the second Biblical creation story the Psalms, a series of poems and prayers
there was light. And God saw that the (Genesis chapters 2 and 3), the that (among other things) express praise of
light was good; and God separated the representative humans Adam and Eve God and gratitude, but also give utterance
light from the darkness. God called the chose to go their own way by ‘eating the to deep human needs and emotions.
light Day, and the darkness he called fruit from the tree of knowledge of good
Night. And there was evening and there and evil’ that God had forbade them to eat.
was morning, the first day. In turn, this gave rise to that part of the
human condition called ‘the fall’, which
(Genesis 1: 1-5) resulted in lives of pain, disease, violence
and murder on the one hand; but also
The account goes on to explain, in religious retained the possibility of compassion,
terms, God’s creation of the world and love and mercy on the other.
ends with the conclusion that ‘it was good’.
Conflict is therefore seen as something
Ancient religious creation myths (such that lies at the heart of the human condition
as the Babylonian Enuma Elish story) rather than between any divine forces of
are common human phenomena across
all cultures. Many describe creation as


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
order. But the story does not end there.
The Psalms are one moment in the great One temptation when things go wrong is
to seek control of the situation by seeking The Gospel narrative is one of God’s
narraCtHiUvReCH of the Old TMeussictament Lwifeh& Leearreningthe to address the challenge before us. If this entering into the situation to address the
does not work, we may then take recourse problem of humanity. The Gospels tell us
pomposity of religion, law and state, and to blame and scapegoating. A final stage is about God’s presence in humanity through
the sCeHlUfR-CjuH stification ofMuhsiicstory arLeifes&eLetaraninsgide to assert power through either the threat the person of Jesus—a human being like us
or exercise of violence. Such behaviours in all respects, but also one who was totally
to allow honest human emotion to run free can be seen operating in the political scene filled with the Holy Spirit. Theologically,
CHURCH Music Life & Learning today; but is it the way of God? we have come to understand this as the
with joy, praise, thanksgiving, wisdom, ‘incarnation’—God in the flesh—which we
Prayer and reflectiveness provide both a celebrate at Christmas.
anxieCtHyUR,CfHear and angeMrus(icto nameLifae &fLeeawrnin)g. way of being honest with oneself as well
as bringing one’s concerns before God and Through Jesus’ life, ministry, death and
The CPHUsRaCHlms provideMuasic prayerLfiufe l& Lecareninng tre seeking wisdom. In this way it is possible resurrection we have come to understand
to the Hebrew narrative concerning God to face the challenges of the world, put what it is like to be a human in total
and humanity; and many of them offer an them into perspective, and respond with communion with God—as was the original
insight into the human heart as it grapples confidence even when the future is not clear. intention for Adam and Eve living in the
with moments of ambiguity, anxiety and The wisdom here is the understanding that Garden of Eden. Yet, Jesus had to live
chaos. the Creator God continues to renew the in the world of chaos and its resultant
creation through the presence of the Holy recourse to the exercise of power, control
Psalm 130 expresses such emotions aptly: Spirit in cooperation with humanity. and violence. This is what Easter is about.

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord. We can therefore have hope that the The death of Jesus was brought about
Lord, hear my voice! current times will be overcome by seeking by the human desire for power over
the common good. We put our faith in him and his message of God’s love and
Let your ears be attentive to the God on the one hand, but also in the forgiveness. He challenged the religious
voice of my supplications! health professionals and researchers who and political authorities by appealing for
through their creative, God-given skills people to return to God and seek salvation
If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities, seek to bring renewal on the other. in spiritual rather than temporal power. He
Lord, who could stand? called it ‘entering the kingdom’—a way
The Strife is O’er of acknowledging God’s presence and
But there is forgiveness with you, so authority in the here-and-now that led
that you may be revered. The New Testament brings a new people back into the Garden and intimate
perspective to bear on the story of communion with God.
I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and humanity. While there is no lasting
in his word I hope; resolution to the dilemma of human The religious authorities initially sought
existence in the Old Testament, God offers to silence Jesus through intimidation.
my soul waits for the Lord more a new creation through the Gospels. When that didn’t work, they sought to
than those who watch for the destroy him. The crucifixion of Jesus
morning, It goes as follows: God created the world was humanity’s response to God in the
more than those who watch for the to be good and blessed it. Humanity was flesh, and the resurrection was indicating
morning. meant to live in peace and harmony with God’s response to humanity, that God’s
God, each other, and creation itself, but the grace will ultimately overcome what
O Israel, hope in the Lord! For with the consequences of people having the God- humanity is incapable of doing for itself.
Lord there is steadfast love, and with like quality of free-will and choice brought Renewal, or ‘new life’, is God’s promise to
him is great power to redeem. about a capacity for them to choose evil over all who choose to ‘live in the kingdom’—
good, and therefore destructiveness over regardless of who they are and despite the
It is he who will redeem Israel from creativity, leading to estrangement from desire of religious and political authorities
all its iniquities. God. Death was the final consequence of to control the process.
being out of communion with God, which
This is one of the penitential psalms. left humanity in a hopeless situation—the
It expresses lament and a desire for ultimate spiritual triumph of chaos over
forgiveness and redemption, not only
for the individual but also the whole
community. The ‘depths’ refer to the
experience of chaos, including death and
estrangement from God, however the
psalm moves on from this to find hope
in God’s love and a desire for peace. It is
a message for our current times as we
grapple with COVID-19.


April-May 2020

At Easter we celebrate God’s metaphorical re-opening of the gate
to the Garden, it is our choice to enter it or not. Yet, inside we can
discover order in the chaos, peace in conflict, love where there is
fear, and joy where there is sadness. This paradox is based upon
God’s grace that seeks goodness even in the face of evil. Jesus
therefore said to his disciples:

‘I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.
Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By
this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have
love for one another.’

(John 13: 34-35)

The Rev’d Andrew Sempell is Rector of St James’.

The Divine Story Recording music for the Good Friday Liturgy of the Cross
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PreacherCHURCHCHURCHBicentenary 2019-2024 Profile:CONNECTIONS
Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning
The Rev’d Catherine EatonCHURCH
Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Christopher Waterhouse Macarthur gave me better insights into Image: supplied
the challenges facing churches in today’s
Where did you grow up? world and the creative possibilities the as a quiet house, offering meditation
church has to be a life-giving and prayerful groups and so on. I was seen by the
I grew up on Sydney’s north shore. Although presence in the wider community. I had wider community as their vicar, which
we lived further up the line, much of my time been dabbling in theological studies even opened new connections with the wider
was spent in North Sydney where I went to before women were being ordained, and community.
school and church and played tennis. eventually, after time working at St Alban’s Was this when you became interested in
Epping, I made the difficult decision leaning more about Christian spiritual
Could you tell us something of your to leave Sydney to test out my sense of formation and spirituality?
personal journey in faith? Have you been vocation in Melbourne. No, that interest had begun a long time
a Christian since childhood? before, and I had done some studies in
You studied at Trinity College, University spirituality before I left Sydney.
I have always had a sense of God’s of Melbourne. What were some of the
presence, and while for much of my life I most formative experiences of that Continued on p.13
did not have language for it, I guess I am training?
a contemplative by nature. I grew up in the Candle for Morning Prayer. See p. 23
Anglican Church and found my faith never When I was at Trinity it was part of the Image: Christopher Waterhouse
quite fitted some of the ways of faith I was United Faculty of Theology, so we were
exposed to as I was growing up. It was taught by excellent scholars from Jesuit,
therefore a relief to discover in my early Uniting and Anglican backgrounds. It was
20s some of the early mystics and spiritual a very rich time of learning. I also valued
writers, and the consequent enlarging of the ways in which our formation was
my faith landscape. woven in with the chapel life at Trinity. I
was also blessed to have two very good
You trained first in Social Sciences and student placements, and valued the
spent some time working as a Parish learning I gained from the priests and
Community Worker with Anglicare. Could people of those two parishes.
you tell us a little about that work?
You ministered in Victoria on the
I was appointed as Parish Community Mornington Peninsula for some time.
Worker for the new growth areas of Could you share some memories of that
the Macarthur region to assist new and time?
existing Anglican churches respond to
the growing population and the enormous Being in a regional area, I found we were
social, economic and spiritual needs. The able to develop strong links with the
challenges and opportunities for ministry wider communities. There were many
and outreach were many, and my work opportunities for ministry involving the
involved clergy support and training as arts, beach services, Conversations in
well as working with congregations to the Pub, Blessing of the Vintage in a local
develop links with their local communities. winery, and a Café Church programme in
January when all the holiday makers were
What led you to study theology? around. We were also blessed to establish
a separate house in one of my parishes
While I have always had a sense of call
to ministry of some kind, my time in


AprIMivl-aMnayH20e2a0id ssQioune.Bs.te..Qq.u.uQeessutteisotnin..g....
In the archival library in the Anglican

Board of Mission (ABM) in Sydney, I am Japan immediately post-World War II the world. ABM invites each of us to re-
surrounded by tangible records of ABM’s remains profound and is now embedded identify for ourselves the mission of Christ,
one hundred and seventy year history of in the history of that church. One can read that we too may support that; the mission
mission. his diaries from the time before he became of the Christ who would and does indwell

This past can be our friend for the present a university student. Or, one can enter the his people. ABM believes that its actions
and the future. It awaits our inquiry and world of the PNG mission in 1890 and remain worthy of gifts and bequests.

can inspire, challenge, correct and also track it through the later Bishop Strong The Anglican Board of Mission raises core
make us regret some of what has been years to the emergence of an independent questions about mission and the question
done or not done in Australia’s past. Anglican Province. Or one can read of bequests—that generous commitment
accounts by missionaries of life in the of its supporters who give a considered
The ABM archival library has taught me Solomon Islands. The archival goldmine percentage of final estate assets to its
that all the Anglican Board of Mission’s has many shafts. continuing work in the Christian decades
work across one hundred and seventy to come. To find out more about the work
years has been supported by the sacrificial, I have begun to track the deep and often

financial and community support of faithful troubled history of engagement with the of ABM and how you can contribute to
Anglicans, from the days of the Church of prior people of this land and reflect on the it and pray for it, visit their website at

England in Australia until now. history of mission to the aboriginal peoples,

ABM is fit for purpose in the present partly knowing that today ABM is committed Rev’d Dr Ivan Head is the Gifts in
through its dynamic past and now through and active in ongoing reconciliation. Wills Officer with the ABM and may be
its support of Christian mission where it is Best practice today demands considered contacted at [email protected]
happening; and by committing to the local reflection. That reflection can involve our
churches as the primary mission agents, own substantial John and Ernest Gribble
and through its own holistic five marks material and the critical re-reception of
of mission. These marks include what the their own writings and their own lives. The
older catholic tradition called corporal or study of the histories of these missions,
bodily works of mercy. Our Lord said that within the history of British imperial and
doing these things for the needy was doing colonial engagement and the emergence of
it for him. Best practice and empowering federated Australia are important activities
responses to the brother and sister in need in their own right and signposting paths
remain basic imperatives. into the future.

Artefacts and written records inspire. All these matters invite the clearest
Things speak. Photographs and letters and deepest Christian thought, as
can help us to bring forth treasures old commentators will leap daily into a
and new—as the Gospels imply. In this polarised debate. The matter is as deep
room I see reminders of the mission and large as the continent.

that is Christ’s. There is a photograph of ABM is distinctive as an Anglican agent of Portrait of The Rev’d Canon Frank Coaldrake MA
the remarkable Frank Coaldrake, whose mission, within the scope of the General ThL, Chairman of the Australian Board of Mission,
personal ministry of reconciliation in Synod, and expressed in many nations of January 1957 - July 1970 [The Australian Board of
Mission became the Anglican Board of Mission in

1995 –Ed.] Image supplied.


Bicentenary 2019-2024
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Robert Willson ago in St John’s Wagga Wagga. Like and lost. Therefore, reconstructing his life
James Allan, I had previously served for in Scotland and in Australia was something
CHURCH Music Life & Learning some years as a Presbyterian Minister. of a challenge, but a fascinating exercise in
One day in June 1843, a crowded On the day of my ordination, with a large
crowd in the Church and the service When I visited Braidwood to research
congCrHeUgRCaHtion in St JamMuseics’ ChurcLihfe &sLaearwningthe about to start, the Bishop of Canberra and Allan’s life, I found in the local Cemetery,
Goulburn suddenly turned to me and asked among the crumbling tombs of the
Bishop of Australia lay hands on a group of if I had any last-minute reservations about pioneers, two graves side by side, each
the step I was about to take. I assured him stating on the headstone that it was the last
men, two to be ordained priests and two to that the answer was “No”, but I wondered resting place of The Rev’d James Allan.
what would have happened if I had said
be made deacons. “Yes”, that I did have reservations, and Closer study revealed that one headstone
asked that the service be postponed! I marked the grave of Canon James Allan,
The voice of Bishop Broughton rang hardly like to think about it. the first Rector of Braidwood, who died
around the Church as he laid hands on in 1876 aged 83 years. The other is the
the kneeling men to be made deacons, I do not think that Bishop Broughton grave of his nephew, The Rev’d James
saying, “Take thou authority to execute posed such a question to James Allan. Allan, Minister in the Church of Scotland
the office of a Deacon in the Church of God Allan served in Braidwood for the rest Parish of Greenhead, Glasgow, who died
committed unto thee…” of his life, but returned to Sydney to be while staying with his uncle on a visit to
ordained priest in St Andrew’s Temporary Australia for his health, in 1873.
Then two men knelt to be ordained priests Cathedral on the last day of December
and the Bishop pronounced: “Receive 1843. He had the unusual distinction of James Allan of Braidwood was one of two
the Holy Ghost for the office and work preaching at his own ordination and gave Presbyterian Ministers who served for
of a Priest in the Church of God, now what the Bishop described as a lucid and some years in Colonial New South Wales
committed unto thee by the imposition of compelling account of the reasons for before approaching Bishop Broughton for
our hands. Whose sins thou dost forgive, his move from the Presbyterian to the ordination in the Church of England. The
they are forgiven; and whose sins thou Anglican communion. other was The Rev’d John Gregor, whom
dost retain, they are retained. And be thou Broughton sent to Moreton Bay but he was
a faithful dispenser of the Word of God, FortyWinks drowned after only a brief ministry.
and of His holy Sacraments….”
In the ordination liturgy the candidate is Thomas Muir
The newspapers of the day reported the asked to give assent to the Thirty-Nine
service from St James’, reminding us that Articles of Religion, a doctrinal statement Allan was born in Campsie, Scotland,
in those early years Bishop Broughton of the Reformed Anglican faith compiled in 1794, the son of a weaver. It was the
often treated St James’ as his Cathedral, in the 16th century. I assented to these time of the French Revolution and the
while St Andrew’s Cathedral was slowly Articles, but I wonder if Bishop Broughton British Government was desperately
being built. The words he used are in the would have asked the candidates to read frightened that the infection of Revolution
1662 Book of Common Prayer. I was the them to the congregation in full, as was the might spread across the Channel. So the
last priest in the Diocese of Canberra and old tradition? This lengthy requirement is authorities employed spies to report any
Goulburn ordained according to the same said to have given rise to the expression sedition. One of these spies was James
traditional rite, before modern Australian ‘Forty Winks’, meaning a short snooze. Lapslie, the Parish Minister who baptised
versions arrived. After hearing the Thirty-Nine Articles they Allan and other members of his family.
were all asleep, having their ‘Forty Winks’! Lapslie has a sinister link to Australia. He
James Allan was friends with the family of Thomas
Allan never married and left no papers Muir of Huntershill, an Edinburgh lawyer
One of those made deacon that day was behind him or, if he did, they were scattered and advocate for democratic reform.
The Rev’d James Allan, whom the Bishop
then appointed to Braidwood. Many years
ago, I wrote a postgraduate thesis on the
life and times of James Allan. When I read
the account of his ordination I was forcibly
reminded of my own ordination 46 years


settingApril-May2020 for an ordination

The Rev’d James Allan. Image supplied opposed the Evangelical party of Dr Lang in God became a major tenet of her life.
[The Rev’d Dr John Dunmore Lang, who Allan’s influence played a big part in that.
When Muir was arrested, Lapslie turned was the first Presbyterian minister in
against the whole family and exerted Sydney – Ed.]. In 1841 an attempt was From these letters and other sources, we
himself to have Thomas Muir transported made to expel him from his parish in learn that Allan was a gifted evangelist,
to the penal colony of New South Wales. Parramatta but Allan dug his heels in and a man after Broughton’s own heart, and
For that action the local people of his refused to budge. a faithful parish priest. That Anglican
parish despised him and tried to burn his ministry began with his ordination in St
house down. Though James Allan was But by 1843 he had had enough and he James’ Church and in St Andrew’s in 1843.
then only a baby he would have heard approached Bishop Broughton for Holy
this story years later. Maybe it turned his Orders in the Anglican Church. Some say References:
thoughts to Australia? that Broughton decided to send him to A Colonial Clergyman by Robert Willson
Braidwood, on the frontier of settlement, Days of Wrath, a life of John Dunmore Lang by
Muir arrived in the Colony in 1794 and to get him out of reach of the wrath of D.W.A. Baker
managed to escape in an American ship in Dr Lang. Lang described both Allan and The Australian Dictionary of Biography, vol 2.
1796. His story seems to have given James Gregor as “perverts and turncoats”. Entry for Thomas Muir
Allan a special sympathy for victims of the
whole convict system in Australia, and a So James Allan found himself in Father Robert Willson is a retired priest
desire to minister to them. Braidwood with a residence but no church, in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.
and a ministry of ceaseless travelling on
Bitter Conflict horseback. There are probably letters from COUNSELLING
him to Bishop Broughton in the archives AT ST JAMES’
James Allan studied in the University of of the Diocese of Sydney, but these are not
Glasgow but apparently left without taking available at present. I have described his St James’ Church offers a socially
a degree, then spent some years as a school long and energetic ministry in my thesis A inclusive and non-faith based
teacher. In 1837 he arrived in the colony of Colonial Clergyman and there is a copy of professional counselling service
New South Wales and was ordained and it in the NSW State Library. as part of its outreach ministry to
inducted to the Presbyterian Charge in the city.
Parramatta. It was a time of bitter conflict Recent Discoveries Our professional counsellors/
in the Presbyterian Church between the psychotherapists/coaches are
Evangelicals and the Moderates. Allan I wrote about the life of James Allan in available to assist individuals,
identified with the Moderate tradition and the early 1980s and since then, the Trove couples and family members
search engine of the National Library has on a wide range of issues.
uncovered further details of his life and Appointment flexibility is offered
the lives of those he influenced. The book to accommodate work schedules.
A Cargo of Women, by historian Babette The service is provided in rooms
Smith (2008), describes the life of her in the lower level of St James’
ancestor Susannah Watson through newly Church, located in the heart of
discovered letters. Susannah Watson had the city.
been transported for stealing to feed her To make an appointment, or for
starving children. She spent her last years further details,
in Braidwood, a very energetic and devout please visit or
member of the Church of England under telephone 8227 1300.
the ministry of James Allan. The life of
Susannah shows that she was deeply
receptive to Allan’s ministry, and her faith


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
Counselling ConnectionCHURCHCHURCHMusicLife & Learning

Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCHMusic Life & Learning
Music Life & Learning
A New Enemy,A DifferentWarCHURCH

LorCeHUtRtCaH King Music Life & Learning stimuli, often at the expense of having
sufficient mental breaks of quietude,
The panic is palpable. The coronavirus, mindfulness and reflection which have been December 2019/January 2020 St James’
specifically COVID-19, is a new life- neuro-scientifically proven as essential to Connections article I discussed a need for
threatening global enemy which has overall health and general happiness. loving kindness in conjunction with the
descended upon our shores. Our general Christmas spirit, and provided a meditation
concerns related to the devastations of As a nation we understand the meaning of incorporating emotional and spiritual
distant wars that so often fill our airwaves, compassion and courage, as has been so healing of the self, our relationships
together with our own too intimate and well exhibited during our recent devastating with others, and the world as a whole.
personal sense of loss over the more recent fires, when even neighbouring and distant The meditation focused on forgiveness,
devastations suffered through drought, parts of the world chipped in to help the kindness, gratitude, compassion, love and
fires and floods resulting from climate victims of our savaged land. Our heroic empathy to bring healing and renewal on
change now seem somewhat dwarfed in firefighters and healthcare workers on the so many levels. Certainly now, more than
our general consciousness; in their place front line showed such inordinate bravery ever, practising such qualities via self-
is the lurking threat of a more insidious even at a threat to, and sometimes expense care and care of others, through all forms
and invisible enemy. It is a contagion that, of their own lives. Now, the front line of of safe communication and practices, will
except possibly for our most vulnerable and battle is our emergency health services keep us strong and united, strengthening
disadvantaged, doesn’t seem to discriminate which are grappling with short supply our capacity to reduce our own existential
between the richer or poorer, the powerful of necessary basic medical equipment, angst, and find comfort in solitude that
or less powerful, bringing sickness, and in including emergency rooms, beds and reminds us we are all fundamentally alone,
serious cases death, to large populations ventilators. Even access to surgical masks and yet so lucky to have each other to brave
everywhere. We and our governments have and gowns is insufficient. Panic buying, the storm.
been unprepared and are now scurrying to the result of a primitive, hardwired survival
make up for time lost. Our lives have been response to an overwhelming threat, has And just a few precautionary reminders
turned upside down, the world as we know expressed the other side of our natures— from health authorities on how to protect
it has been interrupted, put on pause for the not so altruistic or caring. We now need ourselves and others:
sake of a new imperative: basic survival. The to find the right balance between personal
medically-prescribed new safety measures survival and honouring the needs of others
of greater physical separation, and often by connecting with our higher selves, our
total isolation from others, have thwarted humanity. The truth is ‘we’re all in this
our natural, human hardwired need for close together’. Without our skilled healthcare
connection and touch, important aspects workers and services, great scientists,
of mental health. Indeed, having a balance good governance and other group supports
between separateness and togetherness is we are truly in the firing line of the enemy—
fundamental to achieving optimal mental often ourselves.
health and satisfying relationships, yet so
many of us have problems adapting to the So what can we do to cope better with
former state as a result of the fast paced, this new affliction? How can we be of
economically and technologically driven greater support to others? How do we
competitive global society we inhabit. Our spend our days when we are experiencing,
brains, through a necessity for success more and more, just too much time on
or indeed survival in such a world have our hands to anxiously ruminate on our
become inured to an incessant blitz of new, alarming circumstances? In my


April-May 2020 Also, importantly, if you or someone you Loretta King is a psychotherapist,
know is experiencing an emergency mental
• Wash hands with soap and water. health crisis, free 24 hour assistance is counsellor and life coach. She
available at Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond
• Clean and disinfect frequently touched Blue on 1300 22 4636. specialises in many areas of mental
surfaces daily.
Perhaps there is no better time than now health and wellbeing, and works
• Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth to learn the benefits of separation through
with unwashed hands. our preferred forms of self-expression— with individuals of all ages, couples,
such as singing, dancing, painting,
• Cover your cough or sneeze with a composing, drawing, sculpting, knitting, families and groups. She is available
disposable tissue or, in its absence, sewing, cooking, videoing, etc., while also
your elbow. staying connected with others through by appointment at Counselling @ St
all our available technological means of
• Avoid close contact with people who communication and social networking. James’.
are sick. Perhaps, also, there is no better time than
now to focus on meditation and prayer for Time Shift
• Stay away from work, school or a safer, healthier and more nurturing and
other people if you become sick with loving world we all deserve. When Jesus died that Eastertide
respiratory symptoms, such as fever He carved his blazon in our skies.
and cough. He wrote no word, but he is heard
Whenever our own remedies
• Abide by all current social distancing Do not give us healing.
It haunts us still that we dared kill
Preacher Profile continued... This sinless man, the Son of God.
The Rev’d Catherine Eaton But we discern it was God’s plan
For humankind to be restored
You frequently run quiet days and retreats with our Easter journey even if we can’t By what unfolded then.
for parishes and groups. Why are these
days so important for our spiritual life? come to the church building? Come the third day he could not stay
Should we all be making time for this sort Within the tomb of mortal man.
of thing? The current crisis offers us an opportunity He spoke her name and then we
to develop some daily patterns of prayer and came
Our world has become increasingly busy, silence and inner reconnection. Particularly To understand this Son of Man
information-overloaded, and distracted, over this Holy Week it is a blessing that Now reigns eternally.
especially by technology. We need to people can join in with St James’ services
withdraw on a regular basis to reconnect including Morning Prayer online. We will Again today, we hear him say:
with ourselves and with God, and to be missing much of the symbolism of Holy I’m the Resurrection and Life.
deepen our prayer. This is not just for our Week and Easter, so in conjunction with For time alone does not atone:
individual spiritual health but for the health the gospel of the day, people might want His message, down long years of
of the church and our corporate prayer. I to find a symbol of their own for the day— strife,
also think that in these days of complexity e.g. make your own cross out of whatever Is still: I am theWay.
when so many of our old economic, social, is in your garden for Palm Sunday, anoint
environmental and political patterns are yourself with oil on Monday, bury a seed Millennia pass—like fresh mown
failing us, the church has an obligation also on Tuesday and so on as part of your prayer grass,
to deepen its prayer and hold a different times. Time bends and ripples in his wake.
space for the world around us. Once more we see, at Calvary,
Christopher Waterhouse is Director of the The Teacher, dying for our sake
This year Holy Week and Easter will To make his people whole.
St James’ Institute.
be a particular challenge because of Margaret Johnston

the restrictions on being able to come 13

together physically in the church building.

How might we each find a way to connect

Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning
Life & Learning
Tony NaakeCHURCH (Welcome and goodMusic
Music Life & Learning for tune!)grew to make a small contribution to this

wonderful country.

Tony Naake on his recent trip to Myanmar at the In April 2019 my Myanmar Water community where villagers are now
Shwedagon Pagoda. Challenge was launched to supply clean enjoying the benefits of ABM’s partnership
Image: Paul Lee drinking water to these remote villages. with improved water sanitation, waste
My original target was to raise $30,000 but management, and livestock grazing
“Good morning”, “good afternoon”, “good my good friends at ABM supplied me with practices. Prior to ABM’s involvement in
evening” and “good night”—we have so promotional material to raise $50,000! the village, there was no clean drinking
many ways to greet people. However, in How could I refuse? water, very little sanitation, and no
Myanmar one simply says “Mingalabar!” toilets. Bringing clean drinking water to a
If I had to sum up my third pilgrimage So here I am in February 2020 back in remote village in Myanmar is my passion,
to Myanmar in February 2020 with the Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar, something we all take for granted in
Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) it would renowned for its colonial heritage Australia! ABM’s project was to construct
be: laughter, emotional tears, joy and buildings. Every trip to Yangon has to three tube wells and at least 20 latrines
happiness! include a visit to the gilded Shwedagon with septic tanks in the village. The best
Pagoda. This time we visited at night, thing is that after the three tube wells were
witnessing large crowds of people of all constructed and in operation, the villagers
ages paying their respects to Buddha. used the technology and know-how to
construct a further eight tube wells for
The first two days of the pilgrimage the village. The water is piped from the
were spent with the Myanmar Provincial well by generator into a holding tank to let
Development Desk staff and meeting the the water settle as the quality is not good
Men’s Group and the Mother’s Union who enough to drink. After 3 days the water is
shared progress on their projects. tapped to another smaller tank for use and
the holding tank is cleaned. To drink this
I could hardly wait for our bus trip to water it has to be filtered or boiled.
Yaytarley Village to witness the vibrant

My interest started on an ABM pilgrimage
in 2017 when we visited Mya Goe Gyi, a
remote village in the Ayeyarwaddy delta,
a major rice-growing area. The area is
surrounded by water but is unusable due to
severe contamination and pollution, which
is mainly due to fertiliser runoff, factory
waste, and all sorts of human waste and
garbage that get discharged into the river.

As a result, the people use copious A holding tank and two water outlets at Yaytarley village.
amounts of plastic bottled water; the Image: Tony Naake
women have to walk miles to surrounding
villages every day to collect clean drinking
water. Since that first visit, my passion


April-May 2020

Latrines and septic tanks promote good hygiene at Yaytarley Village. Hlegu and can report no after-effects! The
Image: Tony Naake plan is to invite farmers and students to
learn about animal husbandry and organic
Saying “Mingalabar” to the villagers was by purchasing the land and building farming. As electricity is about two miles
a teary experience—we have so much accommodation and a work area for the from the farm, one of the students, who
and they have so little. However, we might four farm workers. The use of fertiliser is also an electrician, has constructed
think they don’t have very much but, as an is not good for the land or the produce. a windmill and a solar panel to supply
agricultural country who produce rice as Runoff into the water systems creates the buildings with electricity—he is very
their major export, they seem happy and contamination, hence the practice of innovative!
content with what they have. making natural compost with a special
brown liquid, which can be achieved in In Taungoo we were present for the
Back on the road again to Taungoo, on just two weeks! Breeding pigs, selling opening of the lecturers’ accommodation
the way we visit the Men’s Association them at the market and rice farming are at St Peter’s Bible school, which ABM
organic farming programme at Hlegu. now slowly producing an income. I drank has contributed to. We were inspired
ABM partners in several projects here water straight from the new tube well in by a visit to the early childhood centre
Agape 2 which ABM first supported in
2010; it was self-sufficient by 2015, and
we were privileged to visit there in 2017.
The project was then extended to Agape 1,
next to the bishop’s house which we were
thrilled to visit on this latest trip.

In 2020, ABM aims to supply clean
drinking water to a total of 2,750 people in
8 villages. Seminars will also be conducted
to cover important topics such as hygiene
and sanitation, environmental awareness,

Clean ‘Ready to drink Water’ from the tube well at Hlegu.
Image: Tony Naake


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

Sunset at the longest teak bridge in the world at Mandalay.
Image: Tony Naake

safe agricultural practices and women’s air ballooning over the ancient temples. about another 5 tube wells! Help me in
empowerment. reaching my challenge and give a gift that
If you belong to a group, society or an is worth sharing. For further information,
Training workshops, typically conducted organisation that you think may be able please visit
in the local church, cost $60 to train 20 to help my Myanmar Water challenge,
people in four different topics: personal I am very willing to visit in the future, The Integrated Water Sanitation and
hygiene and sanitation, gender and show a presentation and answer any Hygiene Project is tax-deductible—
environmental awareness, and agriculture. questions. Please contact Wilnor Flores at Mingalabar!
$100 buys two basic fly-proof latrines. [email protected]
$500 funds the fee of a professional water Tony Naake is a parishioner of St James’
technician. Construction of a tube well, The donation progress to date is $35,320
which provides water for up to 225 people, so we require a further $14,680—that’s
costs $2,750. So much can be achieved
with people’s generous support!

One very important factor to me regarding
ABM’s work in Myanmar is that the benefits
go to everyone: any religion and even
the non-believers! A small donation from
Australia goes a long way in villages. They
are very resourceful people who work hard
and nothing much goes to waste.

As well as witnessing the great work of All dressed in traditional costume for a farewell
ABM, we had some time off sightseeing dinner with the staff at Yangon.
at Inle lake, a significant world biosphere Image supplied.
site, as well as watching gold leaf making
at Mandalay, and a day trip on the
Ayeyarwaddy river to Bagan, including hot


Dying for LoveApril-May2020

Kevin Giles is this an instance of a man’s being driven make all the important decisions and the
too far by his wife who wouldn’t do as he wife should be subordinate.
International Women’s Day was on demanded? In other words, was this an
6 March. Has anything changed for awful, violent and willful crime against a ‘Domestic abuse’ is a specific phenomenon.
women since last year’s International defenceless woman and her children, or It does not refer to an incidence of abusive
Women’s Day? I ask this question because did this woman deserve it? Had she driven language and possibly a slap—what
we Australians are reeling under the shock her husband to do this because of her own is commonly called ‘situational couple
of the horrific murder of Hannah Clarke actions? violence.’ Domestic abuse refers to the
(31) and her three young children, Aaliyah ongoing assertion of power, almost
(6) Laianah (4), and Trey (3). They were The next day, the Queensland Police always by a man over his wife or intimate
killed on 19 February 2020 by her husband Commissioner, who happens to be a partner, that has as its intent the complete
and the children’ father, Rowan Baxter. woman, Katrina Carrol, took Inspector control of the woman. Domestic abuse
He doused them with petrol and set them Thompson off the case and apologised is always ultimately about power in one
alight in the family car. They appeared for what he had said. No matter what any way or another; the man feels he must be
to the world as a glamorous couple with woman does, no husband has the right to in control. His male identity as a leader
three beautiful children; but in the home, be violent towards his wife, let alone kill must be asserted. Australian journalist
Rowan was, his sister-in-law said, “a her. In this case, Hannah Clarke’s ‘sin’ was and author Jess Hill says, “The unifying
monster.” He always wanted his own way to leave her dominating and controlling ingredient among abusers is a radioactive
and was controlling. Hannah lived in fear husband because she feared for her own sense of entitlement”, which can be
of him and went to the police for help safety and that of her children. summed up in the sentiment: “I should be
several times and had a court order out in charge.” Women do kill their husbands
against him. Nevertheless, she is dead and On average, one woman a week in Australia on rare occasions but almost always to
so are the three children. In her greatest is killed by the man who says he loves her. preserve their own life, and often the lives
time of need no one could do anything. Her The prevalence of domestic violence is of their children as well. Women do not
husband killed her and their three children staggering. The figures are breathtaking pour petrol on their husband and children
in the most appalling way. If this woman and hard to believe. An unimaginable and set them alight. Domestic abuse
would not live with him, or recognise his number of women’s lives are blighted always involves control and fear but not
authority over her, and she wanted to take by this scourge. In the USA, Europe and necessarily physical violence. Domestic
his children from him, he decided to kill Australia, 1 in 4 women will experience abuse is gender specific. It’s a male thing.
them all. physical abuse from an intimate partner
in their lifetime. The incidence of abuse Why do some men, and some men who are
This is almost too much to get our heads is even higher among immigrants, and in church most Sundays, we ask, abuse their
around, but to make things worse the those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island wives? We now know the primary reason.
police inspector in charge of the case, descent. No change in these statistics are in It is well-put by professors Lori Heise and
Mark Thompson, said it was possibly all sight; they may even be getting worse. The Andreas Kotsadam in their 2015 Lancet
Hannah’s fault. Speaking the day after more freedoms women enjoy, the stronger article, ‘Cross-national and multilevel
the murders, he said, “to put it bluntly,” the pushback by men who believe that, as correlates of partner abuse,’ based on 66
we are “deciding which side to take.” We men, they should be in charge and make surveys, in 44 countries and involving
are “opened-minded” at the moment. all the important decisions. In the research 481 subjects. They found that ‘especially
Which side are you on? Is this an issue of we have, the incidence of domestic abuse predictive…of partner violence are norms
a woman’s suffering significant domestic in society seems to be paralleled in church- related to male authority.’ In other words,
violence and she and her children perishing going families, and possibly elevated in when it is believed that men are privileged
at the hands of a violent and angry man, or churches where it is regularly taught that and should be in control, women in much
the man is the head of the home; he should higher percentages are abused. Similarly,


CHURCH Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
Music Life & Learning
Jess Hill in her 2019 book, See What and women of equal dignity, status and
you CHmURaCdH e me do: Mpusoic wer coLnifet&rLoealrninag nd leadership potential (Genesis 1:27-28); Have you considered
domCeHsUtRiCcH abuse, saysMu,sic‘It is inLdifeis&pLeuarntinagble that Jesus in word and deed valued men advertising your
that traditional notions of masculinity— and women alike and said not one word business in St James’
partiCcHuUlRaCHrly male entiMtulseicment—Laifre e& Leaarntingthe on male ‘headship,’ and St Paul taught that Connections?
core of men’s violence against women.’ a husband should love his wife like Christ Please phone 8227 1300
Our WCHUaRtCcHh, the AustraMluisaicn organLiisfea&tLieoarnningset loved the church and gave his life for her or email [email protected]
up specifically to combat domestic abuse, (Ephesians 5:25). In a Christian marriage, au for advertising design
saysC,HU‘RRCHesearch hasMucsiconsistenLitfely& Leafroninug nd he added, ‘mutual subordination’ is what is criteria, quotes and copy
that men who hold traditional, hierarchical demanded (Ephesians 5:21). deadlines.
views about gender roles and relationships
are more likely to perpetuate violence If the International Women’s Day is going
against women.’ to mean anything, we need to unite and
say, the abuse of women must stop. We do
What this means for the churches is that not want another Hannah Clarke murdered
teaching that men should be real men, and by her husband.
women real women, that men should be
in charge, that men make all the important See further, Kevin Giles, The headship of
decisions, can be a very dangerous diet men and the abuse of women, are they in
for some men—men who are needy and any way connected? Cascade, May 2020.
controlling. What we should be hearing in
our churches is that God has made men

Finding guidance
during a difficult time

is comforting.

That’s why Servicing the Funeral induStry For over 50 yearS.
people turn to us
This proudly Australian owned Yvette Sheppard offer you
MFF family operated business offers personalised, attentive service at

MAURER FAMILY FUNERALS 24 hour, 7 day service in this difficult time.
Maurer&Bracks all suburbs. Pre-paid funerals available.
Phone for a free booklet on
9413 1377 In your hour of need - ‘What to do at the time of
Trevor Lee, Bernadette Lee
Offices at Chatswood & Balgowlah (Nee O’Hare), Darren Lee & Bereavement’.
[email protected] Contact our team on:
9746 2949 • 0411 743 334
Three generations of family values since 1941 [email protected] •
115 Wellbank St, North Strathfield 2137
We have no affiliation with any other Funeral Director.

Colin’s CornerApril-May2020
from the St James’Archives

100 years ago at St James’ Church

Lambeth Conference and Japan, which have adopted titles 100 years later, it is again the year for the
appropriate to their respective countries, Lambeth Conference, which was to have
Many of our Bishops are already on the but are still bound in the closest fellowship been held in July and August this year but
high seas on their way to England. Others with the parent Church. So these princes has been postponed because of COVID-19.
will soon be following. They go to attend of the Church from all lands will meet,
the Lambeth Conference in London. This look one another in the face and confer Unfortunately, it would seem that the
will be the sixth of such Conferences held on problems of common interest. The Archbishop and Bishops of Sydney Diocese
at intervals of ten years. The last was held in Conference is not a synod with legislative have decided to decline the Archbishop of
1908. It derives its name from the fact that powers. Its resolutions are not binding on Canterbury’s invitation to attend the next
Lambeth Palace is the London residence the Churches for which the Bishops stand; Conference, when it takes place.
of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is yet naturally such resolutions carry great
Primate of All England, and the leading weight. The Conference of this year should Colin Middleton is the Archives Assistant
bishop of the Anglican communion, and be one of critical importance in the history at St James’.
who presides over these conferences. Not of the Church. Problems affecting not only
only from Australia, but from all parts of the Anglican Communion, but her relations Excerpts from The Monthly Church Messenger
the world in which branches of the Anglican with other Churches will be discussed. We may contain reference errors or references that
Communion are established, the bishops hope in subsequent issues to refer to some do not correspond with modern editions of the
will assemble for prayer, discussion and of these in the hope of their eliciting both Bible. We publish exactly what is printed in The
resolution. The Anglican Communion interest and prayer on behalf of this event. Messenger. - Ed.
includes the Church of England and all
Appeal for Archives
churches in communion with her. But not The Monthly Church Messenger April
Do you have any memorabilia
only churches still called the Church of 1920 associated with St James’
that the Archives could have
England will be represented, but Churches or borrow, as we move to
celebrate the bicentenary of
Milestoneslike that in America, South Africa, China the Church’s consecration?
BAPTISMS If so, please contact the
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Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
WhoCHURCH Music isLife & Learning my
CHURCHMusic Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

ElizaCHbUReCHth (LibbyM)usicHindmLifea&rLesarnhing

This article is an edited version of a St James’ then approached Anglican Aid to 3. To advocate for asylum seekers and
submCHiUsRsCiHon that is paMrustic of the St James’Life &Learning see if we could propose a family through
Annual Report for 2019 and aims to their organisation. A family from Iraq living refugees by writing to politicians both
inform St James’ Connections’ readers as refugees in Lebanon, having fled Mosel
about the work of the group, Who is when it was invaded by ISIL, has been individually and as a group.
my neighbour?. identified. We are currently working with
Anglican Aid and a Refugee Advocate to We continue to be concerned about the
The group known as Who is my neighbour? see if they can be accepted by Australia and detention of people, who have come to
came together in 2013 in response to supported by St James’. Australia by boat, being held on Nauru
several challenging sermons at St James’ and Manus Island (PNG). Some of these
and the policy decisions being made We have so far raised over $13,000 and people have moved to USA in 2019. There
by Australian Governments around the we estimate that we will need $20,000 or are about 250 people remaining on Manus
treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. more to cover the costs of visas, housing Island and Nauru.
and money to settle. The process of
The group communicates via email, with an money-raising will continue when we have Currently there is a move by people in
update on current issues and information confirmation that the family is coming to Canada to propose/sponsor some of these
about activities being sent about every six Australia. people to go to Canada. Contributions can
weeks. It has been concerned by the rising be made to this process. (See 1. in Further
numbers in our world of displaced people We have had discussions with the Chester Information).
seeking refugee status and a place to live Hill Anglican parish which has been
in peace. Many Australians have concerns working with refugee families in their area New Zealand has also offered to take 150
about the way we are responding to people for some time. In 2019 we worked with of these people, but so far our Government
seeking asylum and those who have been the parish and the Summit group to run has not taken up this offer. We need to
recognised as refugees. a family picnic at Central Gardens Nature continue to advocate on their behalf.
Reserve for refugee families. The picnic St James’ is a member of The Refugee
The group also looks to support our was held in June and there were about 70 Council of Australia which is an umbrella
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, both families and individuals. St organisation for the many groups working
brothers and sisters following the delivery James’ supplied food and drinks as well as in this area.
of the Uluru Statement to the Federal entertainment for the children.
Government and the Statement being sent
to yet another review. In 2019 there were
concerns for rural Australians living with
drought and also those suffering from
the devastating fires. St James’ has been
responding to these issues in a number of

Who is my neighbour? has several aims:

1. To inform people about issues
through emails, articles and information

2. To propose a Refugee Family to come A Cathy Wilcox cartoon from SMH first published with consent in Parish Connections April/Mary 2019.
to Australia.

The work for a family from Syria living in
Lebanon identified by Hope and Trust has
been unsuccessful.


April-May 2020

4. To encourage the parish to provide
phone cards and food vouchers (by
depositing them in the offering plate at
church) for the Asylum Seekers Centre at

About every six weeks, a delivery of cards
and vouchers is made to the Centre and it
is greatly appreciated. At least five of our
members do voluntary work at the Centre.

5. To support the Uluru Statement. Who is my Neighbour? is open to Smoking Ceremony on 7 October.
members of St James’ and their friends. Image supplied.
Following the announcement of the There are currently over 49 people on
Uluru Statement in 2018 there is a need the email contact list. Libby Hindmarsh Buy from the bush drought relief – The
for the non-indigenous members of the is the organiser of the group and can be Land>story>buy-
Australian community to step up and contacted at: [email protected] from-the-bush-drought-relief and One
support the proposals in the Statement. day closer to rain –
If the principles of the Statement are to Further Information groups/285535182329659/
be heard, then steps need to be taken
towards recognition in the Australian 1. Further information about refugees 3. Articles in St James’ Connections
Constitution, having an Indigenous Voice going to Canada – Schwartz [email protected]
to the Australian Parliament, truth-telling and donations story/parish-connections/:
about our history including the massacres can be made through the Refugee October/November 2019, p.6, and
of Aboriginal Peoples, and a treaty. These Council of Australia www.refugecouncil. December 2019/January 2020, p.18.
are the proposals that the Uluru Statement
is asking Australia to implement. Dr Elizabeth (Libby) Hindmarsh is a
2. Places to access goods and gifts from parishioner of St James’ and coordinator
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander areas in Australia which are drought of Who is my neighbour?
Peoples make up about 3% of the affected:
current Australian population and so for
a referendum to succeed at least 60% of
the non-indigenous population will need
to stand with them and support their
proposals. This is a wonderful opportunity
to bring healing to our land.

6. To support aid in times of natural


The group discussed with Anglicare in
Bathurst ways to respond to the drought.
The suggestion was for people to consider
buying gifts and other goods from people in
the country through a number of websites.
(See 2. in Further Information below).
It was also suggested that people consider
visiting the country and having meals
and staying to support their businesses.
With the bushfires that came in October
and onwards, St James’ raised money for
Anglican Aid and Anglicare to help with the
recovery process.


Bicentenary 2019-2024 Remember CONNECTIONS
CHURCHMusic Life & Learning
CHURCHMusic Life & Learning
Music Life & Learning
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

A tree – a tree that gave up its life, He is the Son of God in a beautiful garden
wooCdHUhRCeH wn from myMusic giant trunkLife &Learning dying on my crimsoned wood. for mankind to enjoy for ever.
without thought of my pain or “I am weary of crying; my throat is Yet he was not content to know
indeCeHdURCmH y creator.Music Life & Learning dry; just life,
my sight fails me for waiting so the gift I gave so freely.
Where would my lifeless body go? long upon my God.” Instead he wanted to be the I AM
Would some good come from it? Darkness enveloped the earth And make himself like me
Would I be part of a ship? to hide man’s dreadful deed To know both good and evil
Or a bridge or perhaps a home. and to mourn the death By tasting of the forbidden fruit.
of the one cut down by man. The cherubim swords barred
Would I travel far, far away? I was a stranger unto my brethren. paradise.
To a land I did not know The only faithful to behold these From that moment I have struggled
Would there be ventures ahead things— to rescue my people from their
Of stories I could share? the Galilean women, and the two folly
He loved most; I even made a rainbow
Alas, I was hewn for criminals “Woman behold your son; To remind me of my covenant.
to be carried on their shoulders; Son behold your mother.” Yet my people kept raging against
To their place of execution “You have put away my me, their Lord.
And all I could hear was death. acquaintances Pray love tell me
and I cannot come forth.” How have I grieved you O people
One spring morning O God, hear me, of Israel?
another criminal after torture; for your loving-kindness is Why have you been so angry with
Lifted my heavy weight comforting. me?
For the journey ahead. From my bloodstained wood came What wrong did I do to you?
a tremendous cry. Don’t you remember in your time
He found it hard to carry me, It is finished! of slavery
stumbling and falling many times; Your will has been accomplished. I delivered you from bondage
he hardly made it to the hill At that the veil of the temple was And this is how I am repaid?
so burdensome I seemed to be. rent Evil for good!
From top to bottom. What more could I have done for
Yet his compassion was greater than I asked when hewn you?
my mighty weight. Could I do some good? I led you across the water and
To the weeping daughters of Never did I dream through the desert with a pillar of
Jerusalem, My life would bring life fire,
He would have gathered them in To all creation but you have nailed me to a cross.
as a hen does her chickens. that would please the Lord. I fed you with manna from heaven
Pray love remember: But my body was broken for you.
At the place of the skull What from his cross I heard him I struck the rock in the wilderness
there was the usual merciless-ness utter, To give you water to drink
of nailing the criminal to me “I have stretched forth, my hand But you gave me only sour vinegar.
hoisting both of us high unto thee.” Was there any sorrow like mine?
for all to cheer or sneer. Long ago I planted a tree of life I looked for pity and there was
“The rebuke has broken my heart,
I am full of heaviness.
I looked for some to have pity on
but there was none.”
Yet this crucifixion was different.
My companion was not every-man.


April-May 2020 for the saintly Helena. GWaohtrehMTreehryTerwdeNeoianamree
Broken up for holy relics.
I led you into the promised land Throughout the centuries Christopher Waterhouse
Flowing with milk and honey Many mystics have pondered
But you cast lots for my garment. on the tree of glory Since October 2018 a small, committed
Was there not one passer-by to on that Golgotha hill group of St James’ parishioners has
know my sorrow? bearing the sweetest weight. established and maintained the practice of
O Israel, I made you my vineyard The Lady Julian praying in her cell beginning each weekday in prayer. Morning
To bring forth sweet wine to understand more truly the Prayer is offered Monday to Friday at St
But the wine you gave me was passion James’ at 8:30am and has, for many of
bitter. saw “the red blood trickling down us, become an essential part of our week.
What more could I have done for from under the crown of thorns”; There is something very special about the
you? “the great, hard, hurtful nails in act of coming together with others to spend
Oh how you have wearied me! those dear some time hearing from Holy Scriptures,
But how often would I have and tender hands and feet.” praying for the world around us as well as
gathered you! She cried, “This sight caused me so for ourselves and one another, and marking
Now I am lifted high on the cross much grief. the various seasons of the liturgical year.
It becomes my throne. Could I share in this horrible As Lent approached, several of us decided
I reign supreme, dying?” that our Lenten discipline this year would
Conqueror of evil and death. But the holy Franciscan desired be to attend Morning Prayer more often,
“Be thou exalted O God above the more or to say it from home even on the days
heavens; than just to behold the crucified on we couldn’t come in to the church building.
Make your face to shine upon your the tree.
servant.” He prayed to bear the dying Then, in the middle of March, we were told
I, now that sweetest wood saviour’s agony, we could no longer come in to the church
That bore the sweetest weight of the imprints of His bloody building, even if we wanted to.
Have glorious words to speak. wounds.
Never did a soul groan so heavily “Save me, O God; for the waters We quickly scrambled together to decide
Never did a heart pour itself out are come in, how we might proceed. Should we simply
for love even unto my soul.” abandon Morning Prayer until this crisis is
To open paradise gates once again. That also was long ago; over? How long might that be? Shouldn’t
The cross has brought eternal light. What of to-day? we, in fact, be committing ourselves to
Holy God, holy and immortal Is my wood still revered? more regular prayer in the weeks and
Have mercy on us all. Do people still pass me by? months ahead? Without missing a single
So pray love remember In the poor and the oppressed day, we moved from chapel to computer
You are no longer prevented But the Lord always heard the cry and have maintained our ministry of
From coming to the tree of life of the poor and prisoners. weekday Morning Prayer using Zoom
It is yours now Behold a voice cries out technology, which allows us to see one
By the tree of the cross— ‘Christ is reigning from your tree. another and to continue to come together
That faithful tree above all others He is alive; alive indeed! in prayer (see
One and only noble tree; Death no longer has dominion.’ for further information).
None in foliage, none in blossom, The wood of the cross is the tree of
None in fruit thy peer may be. knowledge. This online service has become a particularly
Sweetest wood and sweetest iron, Let us behold and adore it. significant part of our day, especially for
Sweetest weight is hung on thee. Marianne Dorman is a those staying at home. The connection
That was all so long ago parishioner of Christ Church with friends and fellow parishioners has
when I bore the weight of the St Laurence.
my wood became a priceless


Bicentenary 2019-2024 Book Review: CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
What the Bible Actually
been particularly welcome, as has the act Teaches onWomen

of anCcHUhRoCHring ourselveMsusicin the pLifrea&yLeearrnisng of by Kevin Giles
(Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2018; Paperback; ISBN: 978-1-5326-3368-3)
the church each day.

In reCHcUeRnCHt days the Mnusiuc mber oLiffe & Lpeareniongple

particCHipURaCtHing in the daMiulysic office hLiafes& Legarrniongwn
from 3 or 4 to more than 20. We might not

be abClHeURtCoH meet in theMcushicurch buLiilfed&inLeagrn,ingbut

this ministry has grown, and the prayers

of StCHJUaRmCHes’ Church cMousnic tinue. PLeifer&sLoearnnianglly,

I feel connected and greatly comforted

to know that we are still able to come

together in prayer. I’ve been made aware

of several others who are unable to join Dorothy Lee The rise of complementarianism
represents a move away from an older
us through the online link but have been This book by Kevin Giles is a biblically view of women’s inferiority to men and
based and systematically argued exposure is focussed on differences of ‘roles’
saying Morning Prayer at home at 8:30am of the theological inadequacies of the so- between men and women, as supposedly
called ‘complementarian’ position on male ordained by God. Giles points out that the
each weekday at the same time that we are headship in the home and the Christian word ‘role’ is used in this discourse in an
community. In particular, the author singles inflexible and unbiblical way that obscures
praying together. out as representative of this view the 2014 the real agenda, which is the refusal of
volume by Andreas J. and Margaret E. those with power (men) to surrender it
I went across to the Chapel of the Holy Köstenberger, God’s Design for Man and in order to empower others (women):
Spirit the other morning after our online Woman: A Biblical-Theological Survey ‘The complementarian use of the word
service and I lit a candle to represent the which argues in an uncompromising way “role” is a disingenuous and deliberately
prayers of all those who usually come into for the submission of wives in marriage obfuscating way of saying men and women
the building. The doors might be closed, and women in the church. are differentiated on the basis that men
but the ministry of the church goes on and rule, women obey.’ (p.119).
God’s presence remains a constant. I’m Dr Giles argues his position from his
reminded of this every time I unlock the perspective as an Anglican priest in the Giles’ biblical position is carefully argued.
door to the church and I see the Sanctuary evangelical tradition, a well-published New Beginning with creation, he demonstrates
lamp burning brightly in the Apse. The light Testament scholar, a theologian who has that the subordination of women to men
reminds us that God is always with us. long endorsed the Cappadocian view of the is a direct consequence of the Fall and not
equality of Persons within the Trinity, and a part of God’s intrinsic design for women
What a joy it will be to come together again happily married man in an fully egalitarian and men; the story ‘is descriptive of life in
in person when all this is behind us. relationship with his wife. He allows these a fallen world; not prescriptive’ (p. 65). It
perspectives to intermingle in his writing, is, in other words, a manifestation of sin
Christopher Waterhouse is Director of the although his emphasis throughout the and thus displeasing to God. This view
St James’ Institute book is on Scripture. stands in stark contrast to that of the
Köstenbergers, who explicitly condone and
TheVenite – A Song of Triumph The first three chapters deal directly with sacralise the patriarchal rule of men over
O come, let us sing out to the Lord; complementarianism in its modern guise, women.
let us shout in triumph to the rock of our outlining its basic presuppositions and
the subsequent crisis among evangelicals Turning to the New Testament, Giles
salvation. because of their divergent readings of articulates the remarkable attitude of Jesus
Let us come before his face with thanksgiving: Scripture on gender issues. Giles’ view, towards women, as attested to in the
though sharing a similarly high view of Gospels. Jesus had women as disciples,
and cry out to him joyfully in psalms. Scripture as the complementarians, sees including Mary Magdalene as ‘the apostle
For the Lord is a great God: egalitarianism as grounded in the biblical of the apostles’, treating them as equal to
vision of gender relations. men, and never regarding men as having
and a great king above all gods.
In his hand are the depths of the earth:
and the peaks of the mountains are his also.

The sea is his and he made it:
his hands moulded the dry land.
Come, let us worship and bow down:
and kneel before the Lord our maker.

For he is the Lord our God:
we are his people and the sheep of his pasture.

Today if only you would hear his voice:
‘Do not harden your hearts as Israel did in the

‘When your forebears tested me:
put me to proof though they had seen my works.’

Psalm 95
A Prayer Book for Australia, 1995.


April-May 2020 context of the biblical world in which environment in which abuse can thrive. In
‘husbands had rights, privileges, and his conclusion, Giles assures his readers
special privileges within marriage. Again freedoms denied to wives’ (p.156), Giles that complementarianism which, for him,
and again, Giles reminds the reader that argues that this passage reflects in one is full of ‘euphemistic and obfuscating
leadership, according to Jesus himself, sense its ancient context where women language’ (p.179), remains a minority
is about humility and costly, self-giving were poorly educated, entirely dependent Christian view, even among evangelicals,
service, not about domination and on the men of their families, and fitted for and confirms that ‘women’s liberation is
subjection. life within the home; thus lacking in the good news for men and women’. (p.230).
training needed for leadership. Egalitarian This book is written with lucidity and
From Jesus to Paul is but a small step marriage is inconceivable in such a context. reason by someone who knows and loves
for Giles: he sees Paul following Jesus the Bible, and who believes in the liberating
on gender as on all other questions. At the same time, Giles argues that impulse of the gospel, as grounded in the
Far from being a misogynist, Paul was the same text provides the resources teaching and example of Jesus himself. It
‘revolutionary in his teaching and practice’ for undermining patriarchal marriage, is a pleasure to read such coherent and
(p.64) in relation to women and their particularly in confirming mutual cogent prose, and to perceive the power
ministry. In the list of ten women named in submission at the beginning of the passage of biblical teaching when it is rightly
Romans 16, Paul demonstrates that he has (v.21) and challenging Greco-Roman understood and clearly expounded. We
no problems working alongside women in understandings of power. Here the aim of owe Kevin Giles a great debt of gratitude for
leadership for the sake of the gospel. He the text is to ‘ask the husband, the leader, this eloquent book and its exposure of the
names and commends women who are to become a servant to his wife’ (p.158). theological anomalies and incongruities of
house church leaders, deacons, patrons of This does not, for Giles, authorise male complementarianism.
churches, apostles, and missionaries. leadership in the home, but it does reflect
an attitude that ultimately leads towards The Rev’d Prof. Dorothy A. Lee FAHA
In discussing Paul, Giles also addresses an egalitarian perspective on marriage in is Stewart Research Professor of New
some of the problem texts from the which submission is mutual and headship Testament at Trinity College, University
Pauline corpus; arguing, for example, that can be seen as unnecessary and irrelevant. of Divinity, Melbourne.
the Greek word kephalê in 1 Corinthians
11:3 means ‘source’ rather than ‘head’, A useful parallel is drawn between EDITORIAL
and showing that women possess a God- women’s submission and the endorsement POLICY
given authority to prophesy and preach of slavery. Giles points out that there
in the Christian assembly. In the light of were evangelicals who supported slavery We aim to publish a wide range
the contradiction between this text and 1 in the 19th century (as well as female of views and opinions in this
Corinthians 14:33b-34, which seeks to subordination) and evangelicals who magazine. Publication should
silence women’s voice in the assembly, vigorously opposed slavery and worked therefore not be read as St James’,
Giles accepts the view that these verses hard to overcome it. The same was true the Rector, Parish Council, staff or
are a later interpolation that do not belong of apartheid in South Africa where some parishioners necessarily endorsing
within Paul’s argument. Christians argued for it on biblical grounds or approving any particular view or
(mainly quoting odd verses) while others opinion.
Discussing another problematical text, vehemently opposed it as being inimical to
1 Timothy 2:12, Giles argues that the the core message of the gospel itself. 25
difficult Greek verb, authentein, refers to
usurped rather than divinely-sanctioned Finally, Giles underscores the truly
authority. What is being criticised here appalling figures around the abuse of
is the behaviour of certain women in the women across the contemporary world.
community, in a context of heretical ideas, From the abortion of female foetuses, to
attempting to dominate men with their female genital mutilation, the enforcement
[false] teaching. This does not reflect a of marriage on young girls, the frequent
denial of women’s capacity to lead and and widespread occurrences of rape, and
teach, which is affirmed elsewhere in the violence against women in the home,
Pauline writings. including among Christians, Giles argues
that complementarianism, while not
One of the best sections of the book is the responsible for these social ills, creates an
extended discussion of Ephesians 5:21-
33 (pp.154-168). Appealing to the social

CHURCH Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
Music Life & Learning

The St James’ FoundationCHURCH
Music Life & Learning Donation form for:

CHURCH Music Life & Learning The St. James’ Building and Property Foundation
& The St. James’ Music Foundation
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
Christine Bishop LLB (Syd) FAICD (Chairman)
CHURCH Music Life & Learning Graham Smith (CEO)
Right Reverend Richard Hurford OAM, KStJ
Robert Cameron JP
Daniel Ferguson JP
Marilyn Smith BSc (Treasurer)
Gregory West CA

Christine Bishop LLB (Syd) FAICD, Chairman Name
The current Board of Directors Mobile
invite you to support the Address

dynamic resource for St James Postcode
by way of donation or bequest
In 1999 our founding Chairman, Fr Richard Hurford then
Rector of St James, was the Chair of the Australian Council Please accept my donation to the
International Guild of Church Musicians, was part of a small Capital Fund of the Music Foundation
group of church music supporters which shared the vision of
establishing the St James’ Foundation.
The Board of Directors invite you to support this dynamic Please accept my donation to the
Current Activities Fund of the
resource for St James by way of donation or bequest. Music Foundation

The St James’ Foundation Ltd. $

The St James’ Foundation Ltd is a company limited by Please accept my donation to the
guarantee and is the trustee of two charitable trusts, the St Organ Replacement & Restoration Fund
James’ Music Foundation and the St James’ Church Building of the Music Foundation

and Property Foundation. $

The St James’ Music Foundation Please accept my donation to the
Capital Fund of the Building Foundation
The object of the Music Foundation is:
To provide financial and other assistance to enable the $
production and performance of sacred and secular music with
a particular focus on choral and pipe organ music along with Please draw cheques to the
other expressions of the creative and performing arts. St James’ Music Foundation or
The Music Foundation allows two kinds of donations; those The St James’ Building Foundation and forward to:
towards the capital fund, which is invested to provide annual The Treasurer, Unit 2702/5 York St, Sydney 2000
distributions to the Parish. The second kind of donation can be to
particular reserves, like the organ restoration/rebuilding fund, OR
scholarships, production of CD’s or other reserves that meet with
the requirements of the Foundation and the needs of the Parish. Direct Bank Transfer
Donations to the Music Foundation are tax deductible. (electronic payment) to:
WBC - BSB 032 007 / Acc. No. 181314
The St James’ Church Building and
Property Foundation OR

The object of the Building and Property Foundation is to Please debit my: Visa Mastercard
provide financial assistance to St James for the restoration,
Card No. /
preservation, maintenance, improvement, enhancement Exp. Date
and upkeep of the Church building, its fixtures, fittings and
ornaments. The Building Foundation is principally a capital fund, Signature
the income of which is distributed to the parish. Donations to Please send me information (to the above address) of
how I might include a bequest for The St. James’ Music
the Building Foundation are not tax deductible. Foundation or The St. James Building Foundation in my will
The two Foundations have provided well over 2 million dollars, All donations to The St. James’ Music Foundation
in distributions to the Parish of St James over the past 13 years. over $2.00 are tax deductible


April-May 2020

St James’ Organ
Replacement & ResAtorpatpioenal

TIONS Striving for the second million!

Thanks to your generosity, the St James’ Organ Appeal has raised just over
$1.4 million in total pledges and donations. A great effort!
Spread the word amongst your friends and keep up the momentum!
Go to the Appeal website to donate online.

Why support this appeal?
A pipe organ plays a significant part in the life of a church and in the wider
music community of the city. The new Dobson organ at St James’ will be the
third largest pipe organ in Sydney after the Sydney Opera House and Sydney
Town Hall.

C O N N IEts pCointTof dIiffeOrencNe is Sthat, apart from its use in regular church services, it will

also be available to international organists and music students for concerts and
recitals. In this way, generous donors can be assured they are making a difference
to both the cultural and spiritual life of Sydney.
Visit the Appeal website:

The St James’ Music Foundation
ABN 81 868 929 941



The next edition of St James’ Connections will be published on Friday 5 June 2020.
Deadlines (advertising and editorial): Monday 25 May.

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Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
Music CHURCHLife & Learning
Music CHURCHLife & Learning
Music Life & Learning
St James’ InstituteCHURCH
CHURCHMusicLife & Learning
CHURCHMusicLife & Learning
Music Life & Learning
Christopher Waterhouse

Before the COVID-19 crisis hit us, the St Macquarie Street to the Barracks, explored Image: Nick Gilbert
James’ Institute hosted two excursions; the new exhibits and experienced the new
the first across the road to the Hyde Park interactive audio technology, which guides and of the significance of this Macquarie
Barracks to see their recently renovated you from room to room and from story Street precinct, of which we are a part.
museum, and the second to La Perouse to story. It was especially interesting to
for a Lenten day of reflection and prayer. see the role that St James’ Church played On Saturday 14 March, a group met with
At the end of February, the Hyde Park in the story of the Barracks and of early Fr Glenn Maytum at La Perouse (Guriwal)
Barracks re-opened to the pubic after Colonial Sydney. for a tour of Dharwal Country and a visit
many months of a major restoration and to the Reconciliation Church. The weather
the installation of a new visitor experience A striking and thought-provoking artwork in was against us somewhat, so our planned
and museum. The Barracks were designed the courtyard by Sydney-based Wiradjuri/ walking tour along the coastal lands of
by the convict architect Francis Greenway, Kamilaroi artist Jonathan Jones featured the Dharawal-Yuin nation was abandoned
who was also the architect of our church the similarly shaped symbols of the emu as we retreated inside the La Perouse
of St James. You might recall that last year footprint (maraong manaóuwi) and the museum. Safely out of the wind and rain,
The Choir of St James’ sang at the 200th English broad arrow, which became the we heard some of the stories of these
anniversary of the Hyde Park Barracks, mark of the convict. The artwork, made lands and people, and then enjoyed a lunch
and in October last year Sydney Living of a mix of white and brown gravel, began of fish and chips together before making
Museums assisted us with writing and to deteriorate as more and more people our way up the hill to the church. Inside
performing a short play about Greenway as walked on it; muddling up the stones and we heard about the history and ministry
part of our 200th anniversary celebrations. beginning to join and blend the two colours of the Reconciliation Church and then
On Sunday 23 February, a group of 50 together. The symbolism was powerful; concluded the day by praying the Stations
of us made the short pilgrimage across the coming together of different cultures, of the Cross, aided by the extraordinary
of destruction, even of the fragility of these paintings by Richard Campbell.
Hyde Park Barracks Courtyard. important sites, which are worn down over
Image: Christopher Waterhouse time. When we visited in the opening week, I wish to record my thanks to Fr Glenn for
the design was still sharp and easy to coordinating this activity and for leading
28 identity, but within just a few short weeks our Lenten reflection day. We each came
the work was already fading. home with a set of postcards of Richard
Campbell’s ‘Stations of the Cross’ with
Inside the Barracks are thousands of corresponding reflections and prayers.
artefacts which tell the story of how the Little did we realise that this would be the
Barracks changed over the years, how it last such opportunity to gather together
was used, and who lived and worked there. as a group in person for the foreseeable
We were particularly interested to see the future.
scale model of St James’ Church under
construction. Since then, the St James’ Institute has
gone entirely online. We are finding new
The visit was an important reminder to us, ways to present talks and discussions on
as we celebrate our bicentenary, that we a range of topics and to stay connected,
share many stories with our neighbours,

April-May 2020

even though we’re unable to present face- If you are on the mailing list, you’ll be
to-face events for the time being. We kept up to date with upcoming events and
hosted our first ever webinar on Sunday activities, or you can visit the website.
29 March with Dr Robyn Wrigley-Carr, Please contact us if you would like to join
who joined us online to talk about the the mailing list.
publication of her new book, The Spiritual
Formation of Evelyn Underhill and the role Thank you for your continued support of
played by Underhill’s spiritual director, the St James’ Institute.
Baron Friedrich von Hügel.

Copies of Robyn’s new book are now on Christopher Waterhouse is Director of Set-up for Morning Prayer online. See p.23
sale from our St James’ Shop the St James’ Institute
shop along with other resources from our

We’ve also published copies of the

addresses I gave at the 2019 St James’ James Bible
Retreat called ‘God Give Me Joy’, a series of
reflections on finding God in the everyday

Theand of finding joy in the simple things.

It seems that this message might be

Kingparticularly relevant in the crisis unfolding
around us.

Olive Lawson 19th century Bible and, as was customary

then, was not dated by the printers. I found

Scale model of St James’ under construction. We all know, or know of, the King the page in a family bible which had been
Image: Robert Marriott James Bible of 1611 (also known as the read and handled daily for well over 100
Authorised Version, the KJV, or the King years, passed down from my mother’s
Our Lenten Study series moved from James Version). For many, including father and still in my mother’s possession
meeting together in person to some groups myself, it is THE Bible. at the time of her death in 1997. When the
meeting online via Zoom. Fortunately, the book finally fell apart irretrievably, I picked
book we used for our studies (Journeying For about 400 hundred years, the KJV up the introductory dedication page and
with Bonhoeffer: Six Steps on the Path has been the ‘paradigm’; expressing the was so taken with its content and style that
of Discipleship) lends itself to private history, legend, poetry, and prophecy of I could not discard it. I had not come across
study and devotion just as much to group the Old Testament, and the Gospels and this dedication in other bibles, although
discussions, so many people were able to Pauline letters in the New Testament, by many—such as the Scofield editions—are
continue with the studies in their own time. the finest prose in the English language. based on the King James Version.
Subsequent translations in more modern
If you would like further information, English lack its power to touch mind and The dedication is an extraordinary
heart. expression of loyalty to the King by his
subjects, the translators—their flowery
The 1611 Bible is referred to as the King turn of phrase giving us an insight into
James Bible because it was dedicated to what came to be understood as the Divine
the monarch—not that he had any part in Right of Kings.
the editing of former texts and translations
for publication. In fact, he might well have Olive Lawson is a parishioner at St
been as gratified with its dedication to James’.
him by the translators as we later readers
are gratified by its prose perfection, and See Dedication on the next page...
smitten by its emotional impact.

please visit or email This dedicatory page is reproduced from a
[email protected]


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning

CHURCH Music Life & Learning


April-May 2020

The Storm of Life

Associate Professor Michael Horsburgh AM

‘Jesu, lover of my soul’ (JLMS) is one of The stormy weather references in the of death. The brothers’ faith was deeply
Charles Wesley’s most popular hymns, not opening verse remind me of a significant shaken by the contrast between their own
only now but from the time of its original event in the lives of the Wesley brothers. terror and the calmness of the Moravians.
publication in Hymns and Sacred Poems of On 21 October 1735, John and Charles They caught a vision of Christians whose
1740. Starting in 1739, the Wesley brothers left England for the American colony faith appeared to be complete. While in
published a series of hymn collections with of Georgia, which had been founded Georgia, they had frequent contact with
this title; not simply versions of the same in 1732 by General James Oglethorpe the German immigrants, and it was in one
book but separate collections in their own (1696-1785). As a member of parliament, of their meetings in London that John later
right. They began in the year following their Oglethorpe had chaired an inquiry into had his ‘conversion’ experience.
separate but related spiritual experiences prisons, including the three in London that The experiment in Georgia was not a
commonly known by the rather misleading housed debtors. Georgia was to be a place success. Charles fell out with Oglethorpe
description of ‘conversions’. The volumes to which released debtors could emigrate and left the colony on 11 August 1736,
published close to that year contain hymns and begin a new life. Charles was to be for an even more eventful voyage home.
that are affected by those experiences. Oglethorpe’s secretary and John to be the His ship was forced to put in at Boston
vicar of Christ Church, Savannah and a for repairs following a storm. More was
Called ‘In Temptation’, the original had a missionary to the local native Americans. to come. After leaving Boston, the ship
modest five verses, unlike some of Charles’ endured a ten-day storm, in response to
exceptionally long productions: On the ship were 26 members of the which Charles wrote in a hymn entitled ‘In
German Moravian Church, a group a storm’, which he published in the same
originally derived from the Bohemian book as JLMS:
reformation led by Jan Hus but with
later Lutheran overtones. The voyage to Another hymn in this volume, ‘A Hymn,
America was beset by storms. During one to Be Sung at Sea’ also references storms
particularly violent event, the mainsail split and includes the lines:
and water flooded the lower decks. The
Wesley brothers feared for their lives and Charles Wesley’s confident words in his
were amazed that the Moravians continued hymns belied his actual experience of
to sing their hymns and exhibited no fear terror and it is little wonder that he never
again ventured overseas further than


Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
CHURCH Music Life & Learning
In 1761, John published a volume of tunes, the following, given out to be sung The full concerto swells upon your
by every member of a large mixed ear;
SelecCtHUHRCyHmns: with tunMuesisc annextL:ifde &eLseairgninng ed congregation, in a dissolute part of All elbows shake. Look in, and you
a populous and irreligious city:— would swear
chiefly for the use of the people called The Babylonian tyrant, with a nod,
MethCoHdURiCsHts. In this voMluusicme, onlLyife &thLeearninfgirst Jesu, lover of my soul, Had summoned them to serve his
Let me to Thy bosom fly; golden god.
verseCHoURfCHJLMS was reMpusricoduced Lsifee&tLetaroningthe
tune ‘Hotham’. Ordinary worshippers did and let him be entreated to consider, JLMS entered Anglican hymnody, as far
whether such language as this is as I can tell, in an appendix to the 1848
not hCaHvUReCHaccess to tunMuesicbooks bLuifet&,Leiafrnitnhg ey not inexpressibly shocking to the edition of Thomas Cotterill’s Psalms &
contrite and humble worshipper;and Hymns. More importantly, it was included
could read, used word books only. Still whether it is not very hurtful to the in Hymns Ancient & Modern (A & M),
presumptuous; and whether it must which may be how it came to be sung
set toCH‘UHRCoHtham’, JLMSMuasicppearedLiifen& LSeaarncingred not be very offensive to Almighty in Westminster Abbey to Wordsworth’s
God, who is to be "sanctified in disgust.
Harmony: or a choice collection of psalm them who come nigh Him," and to
be approached with "reverence and Writing in the Proceedings of the Wesley
and hymn tunes, in two or three parts, for godly fear." Historical Society in 1899, hymnologist,
C. D. Hardcastle, commented on the
the voice, harpsichord, & organ. Again, It appears that Wordsworth was referring many changes that editors had made to
to the singing of JLMS in Westminster the text of JLMS; he counted 154. The
only the first verse appeared between the Abbey, where he was a Canon at the time. most common, and universal in the United
The good bishop did concede that such a States, is the addition of ‘s’ to the end of
lines of music. hymn might be used for private devotion. ‘Jesu’. Next comes the replacement of
‘lover’ with a less intimate word, such as
John included JLMS in his Hymns and Outside the Wesleyan publishing business, ‘refuge’ or ‘Saviour’; similarly, ‘bosom’
Spiritual Songs of 1753 without the third the four-verse version of JLMS appeared in becomes ‘shelter’ or ‘mercy’. ‘Hangs my
verse, which set the general pattern for Martin Madan’s A Collection of Psalms and helpless soul on thee’ becomes ‘Rests’ or
the future form of the hymn, although he Hymns Extracted from Various Authors of ‘Leans’. These few examples show how
included all five verses in the Pocket Hymn 1760. Madan was a controversial character, the intimate tone continued to trouble.
Book of 1785. This book, as its name a lawyer converted by John Wesley and
suggests, was designed to be carried chaplain to the London Lock Hospital, JLMS has eight lines of equal length with
by the owner and to operate as a form which treated venereal diseases; its the metre 77 77 77 77 or 77 77 D[ouble].
of prayer book. JLMS first appeared in patients were mostly prostitutes who were Alternatively, it can be split into four-line
American Methodist hymnals in 1786 in forcibly confined, hence the name ‘Lock’. verses, giving access to a larger number
their version of the Pocket Hymn Book. Those with money had private treatment, of tunes. As noted above, JLMS was first
such as it was. On Sunday evenings, set to ‘Hotham’ by Martin Madan and
A feature of JLMS, which possibly Madan held oratorios in his hospital’s published in his A Collection of Psalm
accounts for its popularity, is its overt chapel, much to the distaste of the more and Hymn Tunes Never Published Before
emotionalism and suggestion of a quasi- pious, who considered it a desecration of of 1760, which was the tune book to
physical relationship with Jesus. Consider the sabbath. Of him, his cousin, William accompany his collection of hymns (see
the opening verse with its theme of hiding Cowper, wrote: next page).
in the bosom of one’s lover. Possibly for
this reason, John, who was wary of his Occiduus is a pastor of renown; As far as I can tell, Madan composed
brother’s emotional excesses, did not When he has prayed and preached ‘Hotham’ for JLMS. It is not exactly to
include the hymn in his first 1780 edition the Sabbath down, the metre of the verse, requiring two
of A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the With wire and catgut he concludes repeats of the opening words of the last
People Called Methodists. It had to wait the day, line, thus giving a metre of 77 77 77 7 13.
until the 1797 edition. Quavering and semiquavering care Nevertheless, it was a great survivor, being

Bishop Christopher Wordsworth (1807-
1885) had the same idea, which he
expressed in the preface to an 1863
collection of hymns, The Holy Year. He
commented on egotistical hymns that
‘put into the mouth of every member of
a congregation expressions of confident
self-assurance, or of a familiar and even
amatory character’:

Let the reader imagine, what the
writer has heard, such a Hymn as


April-May 2020

generally replaced only by ‘Hollingside’, HOLLINGSIDE—J B Dykes—As in A & M
composed by J. B. Dykes specifically for
JLMS and appearing in the A & M tune 33
book of 1861.

‘Hollingside’ was the tune of choice for
the Methodists in the 1877 edition of the
Collection, the first to be published with
tunes and that choice continued into the
1904 and 1933 hymnals. The 1904 edition,
however, resurrected ‘Hotham’ with the
last line arranged to fit the metre, and
allowed a third tune, ‘Aberystwyth’, by
Welsh composer, Joseph Parry (1841-
1903). Parry set ‘Aberystwyth’ to JLMS as
the final number in his cantata, Ceridwen.

The 1933 Methodist hymnal set
‘Hollingside’ but allowed ‘Hotham’ and
‘Aberystwyth’ as alternatives, while setting
them to other hymns. ‘Hollingside’ and
‘Aberystwyth’ were the tunes of choice
in both the English Hymnal and the
New English Hymnal in that order. The
Australian Hymn Book did the same,
although it reversed the order.

‘Hollingside’ and ‘Aberystwyth’ are now
the principal tunes for JLMS, although
‘Martyn’, an 1834 tune by Simeon Butler

CHURCH Bicentenary 2019-2024 CONNECTIONS
Music Life & Learning
In an ABC recording 50 Best Loved
CHURCH Music Life & Learning Hymns, JLMS comes in at number 6, well
ahead of ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘Guide me, O
CHURCH Music Life & Learning thou great redeemer’ and ‘Love Divine’.
Inexpressibly shocking or not, Charles
CHURCH Music Life & Learning must have got something right.

CHURCH Music Life & Learning MAssociate Professor Michael Horsburgh

CHURCH Music Life & Learning AM is Parish Lay Reader at St James’.

Preparing for the Choir’s recording of music for
Good Friday.

Image: Brooke Shelley

Marsh (1798-1875), is popular in the 11:26 in the King James version: ‘But
United States, first appearing with JLMS in thou sparest all: for they are thine, O Lord,
about 1900. thou lover of souls’. The phrase ‘Lover of
souls’ is also found in Thomas à Kempis’s
The opening words of JLMS are believed Imitation of Christ, a favourite of the
to have been taken from the Old Testament Wesley brothers.
Apocryphal book Wisdom of Solomon

Address – Level 1, 169–171 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone – 8227 1300 Web – Email – [email protected]

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MApril-May 2020 Music Notes

large congregation in attendance, thanks in part to the 2020
Sharwood Lecture in Church Law, which took place immediately

after Evensong. Evensong on 18 March was sung to an online

This is not a normal Music Notes column. Usually I can sit down audience via an iPhone which beamed the service to Facebook
to write knowing I can give an overview of the past two months Live. At the time of writing it has been viewed over 6,000 times.
and then enthuse about our upcoming events for the next two
months. But I’ve now lost half my article, due to COVID-19 and We were also able to live-stream Choral Eucharists on 22 and
all events being cancelled at St James’, and any certainty about 29 March within Government regulations and we have been
the next two months. I’m in shock. buoyed by the positive comments posted online from our ‘local’
parishioners to the ‘St James’ diaspora’ all over the world. It
February began well for Music at St James’. Hot on the heels of seems the music in our online services has been meeting the
the Orchestral Masses came the first Cantata Service for 2020, needs of our UK friends, who are struggling with the decision
featuring Bach’s Gleichwie der Regen. As part of the orchestra, to close the churches.
it was a pleasure seeing the delight with which the four viola
players relished this opportunity to be the feature instruments But I cannot predict what will be happening with our services in
of the orchestra. The following Thursday, a small group of April as the regulations and recommendations change from day
choristers retraced the steps of the Choir’s convict ancestors, to day. I can report, however, that we have pre-recorded music
and sang at the opening of the refurbished Hyde Park Barracks. for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, thanks to the expertise
Then Ash Wednesday was upon us. Allegri’s Miserere, a yearly of Simon Turnill (one of our former choristers), and that we
hope to live-stream Palm Sunday and Easter Day.

tradition at St James’, sounded a little different to usual thanks I will be pre-recording an organ recital, which will be made
to lavish ornamentation by soprano Chloe Lankshear. In March, available online.
The Choir of St James’ crossed the harbour (for the first time
in many years) to sing a lunchtime concert in the Mosman Rest assured, the musicians at St James’ are eager to keep
Concert Series at Blessed Sacrament Church. making music for you, any way they safely can. Stay safe, I
hope to see you all soon.
There was a stark contrast between the Evensongs on 11
and 18 March. Evensong on 11 March had an unusually Alistair Nelson is Organist at St James’.

The Choir of St James’ at The Mint for the An English Mass
opening of the refurbished Hyde Park Barracks.
and many more available on our
Image: Christopher Waterhouse website at


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