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Published by Isean Williams, 2019-05-09 10:28:28

Rain forest

Rain forest

Rain forest

BY:Isean Williams and Kairi Simmons


Rainforest are very humid and
warm. The temperature stays
between 70 and 90 degrees for
most of the year.


The Over story- The tallest layer in the rainforest
The Canopy- The story under the Over story, its thick
The Under story- The story under the Canopy it’s dark and has less plants than the Canopy
The forest floor- The forest floor is the Darkest and last layer of the rainforest it has less
plants and sunlight


Some animals that live there are
snakes,frogs,iguanas,chameleon and
many more (ect.)

Some plants that live there are
shrubs,trees,fruit and much more


There are 3 major areas of Tropical RainForests

1. Africa-The major tropical rainforest in africa is in the southern central portion of the
continent with the Congo River running through it.

Southeast Asia - Much of Southeast Asia is considered part of a tropical rainforest biome. It
runs all the way from Myanmar to New Guinea.
2. South America - This is the world's largest tropical rainforest. It covers much of the

northern part of South America as well as the southern portion of Central America. The
area is often called the Amazon basin and has the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers running
through it.

Map of south america

Fun fact

● Surprisingly, the soil in a rainforest is shallow and has little nutrient
● In the Amazon rainforest there are over 2,000 species of butterflies
● Trees grow fast on top of each other so they can get to the sun light


Question 1: How many types of butterflies are in the Tropical rainforests? 2,000
Question 2: How does a rainforest feel? Warm and humid
Question 3:how many layers are in the rainforest? 4
Question 4: what are all the layers called? Overstory,canopy,Understory,forest floor


Ducksters and google

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