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Low Organized Games shiloria prince

Low Organized Games shiloria prince


Shiloria Prince MW-8:00-8:50am
Coach Williams

Table of 1. Cover Page
Content 2. Table of content
3. Warm Up
4. Keep the Hoola Hoop Going
5. Song Tag
6. Rock, Paper, Scissors
7. Red Rover
8. Finish the race
9. Pass the Message
10. Ball to Ball
11. Buddy Race
12. The Letter Game
13. Heads Down Thumbs Up
14. Four Corners
15. Hot Potato
16. End page

• Two laps around the gym
• Stretch legs and arms as a class

Warm Up!

• Equipment: Hoola Hoop
• Instruction: Create a group of 6; In each

group, each person will hoola hoop till the last
team player is up. The final people who won
will play to see who last he longest and they
will win.
• Objective: to last the longest hoola hooping
• Skills: Motor Skills

Keep the Hoola Hoop Going

Song Tag

• Equipment: no equipment
• Instruction: everyone will stand in a circle whoever is on the

outside of the circle will tag someone and they have to
name a song in 3 seconds. If the person can’t come up with
one, then they sit down.
• Objective: whoever is standing last wins
• Skills: n/a

• Equipment: N/A
• Instruction: No teams, each player will

randomly play rock,paper,scissors and if you
lose you get behind the winner until the last
two people are left and whoever wins out the
two wins the whole game
• Objective: To win rock, paper, scissors
• Skills:

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Red Rover

• Equipment: N/A
• Instruction: Two teams line up opposite each other. The first team agrees to call one

player from the opposite team then chants, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send (player's
name) on over!” The person called runs to the other line and attempts to break the
chain (formed by the linking of hands) if you do not successfully break the chain you
have to join the other team. If the player does break the chain they get to pick one of
those people to take back over to there side.
• Objective: to break the chain of the opposite team and have the most people on your
• Skills: strength, speed

Finish the

• Equipment: sports scooters
• Instruction: The class will be broken up into two teams and

there will be a rise with the scooters, like a track relay. Each
team will race laying flat on their stomach on the scooters and
when they reach the starting side again the next person will go
and it will continue. The team that finishes first is the winner of
the race.
• Objective: be the first team to make it back
• Skills: speed, arm strength

• Equipment: N/A
• Instruction: the class will stand In a straight

line. The instructor will give a message so it
can be passed down to the end of the group
and the person at the end must say the
message out loud. No repeating
• Objective: the message to stay the same
throughout the group
• Skills: memory, listening

Pass the message

Ball to

• Equipment: two basketball
• Instruction: the class will break into two even groups. The

ball will be sit on the floor. When the timer starts, the
person in the beginning will pick it up and pass it all the way
down and the end person will pass it back to get to the
beginning person
• Objective: to pass the ball the quickest and win
• Skills: speed


• Equipment: Something tie someone ankle
• Instruction: there will be two people chose to be partners, their

ankles will be tied together and they will race against the other
two players on the opposing team. The two teams will be
competing to see which set of partners will get to the other
side of the gym first. The races will continue until every group
has gone from each team. Such as a partner relay.
• Objective: to race with the ankle bracelet on
• Skills: speed, coordination

The Letter

• Equipment: N/A
• Instruction: There will be music and the players will dance around and

when the music stops you are to make whatever letter is called out
and you can only use the amount of people the announcer says you
can use.You will do this using yourself and classmates. Whoever is left
out and does not make it to a group to for the letter is out
• Objective: to form the letter that is called out using the participants
• Skills: motor skills

• Equipment: N/A
• Instruction: everyone lay down in a circle and put

there heads down with one hand then one hand with
thumbs up. The person goes around the circle and
puts someone's thumb down then they run from the
person. If the person catches the person who tags
them before they lay back down then they win
• Objective: to catch the tagger before they sit down
• Skills: speed, running

Heads Down Thumbs Up

• Equipment: blindfold, 4 hoola hoops
• Instruction: one person will be it. “It” will count

to ten and the rest of the students must choose
between 1 of the four hoola hoops . After the
person count to 10, they will stay blindfolded
and choose which color or number and whoever
is by that color or number is out
• Objective: to stay out the color/number the “it”
person calls out
• Skills: speed

Four Corners

Hot Potato

• Equipment: a soft ball
• Instruction: everyone gets in a circle and everyone will

under hand toss the ball around and whoever drops it is off.
Both hands are to be used.
• Objective: keep the ball tossed around
• Skills: be able to catch a ball


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