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Published by Sangeetha Menon, 2019-04-15 08:51:25

The Windows

Chapter 2



Sunday,15th March 2014 10:30pm

My Name is Joe Xander or as I recently found out Joe
Zondaar. My sister Annie has apparently been missing for
two days. My brother, Jake, has been found dead in a
pool of blood and puss yesterday morning. I will be going
down to Germany to keep my dad company. Honestly
don’t my siblings watch horror movies never buy a big
house if it is very cheap, for a big house, I wonder what I
would find cause junior detective baby!


Monday,16th March 2014 5:15pm

I will be boarding my flight soon. I have always wanted to
go to Germany. Sadly now, I will be attending a funeral.


My flight reached Germany a while back. The
atmosphere of ‘THE BLACK FOREST’ is just creepy. There
is definitely something, something watching me. There
he was lying dead in a pool of blood and puss. Jake. He

had a hole through his stomach . I asked dad not to do
anything to the body before I reach Germany as I would
need to analyse the body to try and find the killer. I have
sent picture of the body , a cut of the area were the
weapon struck , to the detective agency where I am
training . Let’s see what I find. I’m going to explore the
house as well as look for clues as to where Annie could


Tuesday,17th March,2014 6:30pm

Holy crap I don’t know how I’m alive but I am. Last night
while exploring the house I found Annie’s diary it
explained how Jake died , she wanted to find out more
about the origins of the house so she went to the 3rd
floor cause where else do you go ,anyway, she found a
diary of some very very rich and very very famous plague
doctor named Amelia Zondaar, yes I’m her descendant
which is not too surprising cause as I drove through the
black forest I heard some gossip of a murder in Zondaar
manner and with my detective skills figured that Zondaar
got Americanised to Xander considering the fact that my
great great granddad was born and brought up in
Chicago , once I got to my dads house (cant call it a home

any more) learned that my dad recently found out that
we were the descendants of the Zondaars anyway back
to how Jake died apparently she saw a dark shadow on
the big window on the 3rd floor there where two figures
one looked like a birdman with a staff with a pointed
end, definitely a plague doctor stabbing someone that
looked like a teenager since it was a shadow you cant see
who the person was until the face came right in contact
with the window it was Jake. She plans to kill all of her
evil twin’s descendants that includes me. Imagine my
shock , fear and overall fear for life when I got the
results, the staff had blood already on it , blood of people
from over 250 years ago , the time of the plague and the
was contaminated with the plague asper dad I blacked
out for half an hour and then when I regained
consciousness ,was pale. My brother was killed by a
ghost. Dad doesn’t want to leave the house , here is what
he said ‘‘ Bud there is no point of moving the fire that
killed yo mama was probably caused by this ghost .’’

And well he was right there is no point shifting its just
gonna follow us anyway. I have to find a way kill the
ghost and save my sister, if she isn’t dead that is .

I like watching horror movies so I kinda know what I
should although , I don’t think it will work. They usually

use a cross and say ‘‘ You shall not pass demon!’’ but I’m
an atheist and I don’t own a cross , or maybe a vacuum
machine with a ghost sticker ooh light , sun light be more
specific these would all be OMG I see he

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