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KXB 202 Unstitched Magazine October 2018

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KXB 202 Unstitched Magazine October 2018

KXB 202 Unstitched Magazine October 2018


Future of Fashion

How CanYOU
Be Sustainable?


Is Art


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0 2 Editor's Letter
0 3 The (Not So) Secrets of Spell
0 5 KUWAII: Behind the Brand
0 7 Worth It? Beauty Reviews
1 1 Is Fashion Art?
1 3 Thrifted Threads: A Lookbook
2 1 The Seven Investment Pieces

your Wardrobe Needs

2 5 The Future of Fashion
2 7 Gumnut : Student Designer
3 1 How Can You Be Sustainable?
3 5 Behind the Scenes - Enchanted

Winter: Natural Fibres Fashion
Parade Presented by Moet and



Editor Graphic Designers

Georgia Smith Samara Mai
Samantha Tan
Georgia Smith
Bree Purcell Samara Mai
Grace Dalla-Bona Samantha Tan
Samantha Tan

Digital Marketing

Bree Purcell
Samara Mai

You’ve Got Mail!

Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of Unstitched!
Unstitched is a magazine talking all things fashion and
beauty. Our magazine was born from a university project
and we have been itching to share it with you, we can’t
believe the day has finally come!

It offers our tips, a peak into the industry, and a focus
on moving towards a more sustainable world of fashion.
This first edition features some amazing content—it gives
you the low-down on the sustainable designers you need
to shop from, the best ways to be more sustainable in your
fashion choices, and features a gorgeous student designer;
plus, much, much more… I guess you’ll just have to take a
look for yourself.

We would also would like to thank our external providers
who asssisted in the production of the magazine and/or
it’s content. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We hope you enjoy our magazine and please message
us with any questions, comments, or feedback, we would
love to hear from you.


Georgia, Bree, Samara, Grace, and Samantha


Spell and the Gypsy Collective have

gone from a simple market stall set-up
to becoming a renowned global fashion
label. However, they aren’t just any global
fashion label (not that we were suggesting
this is a small feat) they’re one with a
vision. That vision being a goal to become
one of the most inspiring and conscious
fashion brands in the world.

Ambitious you may be thinking, but
to Spell they know why and knowing why
they is how they are going to make sure
they achieve that vision.

There why? To positively impact
our planet and its people in every
single thing they do, playing their part
in preserving our beautiful earth for
generations to come. Rather than striving
for sustainability to be their point of
difference, Spell hopes to drive change
within the textile industry so that a new
‘normal’ is achieved universally.

THE (Not So)


Written By Grace Dalla-Bona

Spell’s website clearly maps out
for its customers all the different ways
it is driving change in the industry by
providing clear evidence through videos
and the organisations they are involved
with. This ensures Spell’s customers, you,
are provided with complete transparency
and can knowingly shop with awareness
and a clean conscious.

Just in case you haven’t yet been
lucky enough to cross paths with a Spell
design we will try our best to give you a
verbal visual of their amazing aesthetic.
Imagine boho luxe, beautifully time-worn
natural materials and designs that feel
like they have been inspired by far-off
cultures. To take their designs a step even
further Spell only uses organic cotton
and biodegradable materials such as
linen and leather. If that hasn’t sold you
I don’t know what will—do yourself and
the environment a favor and go purchase
some Spell!

Written By Grace Dalla-Bona A shift is beginning in the world of

KUWAII: fashion, a shift that is hugely impacting
Behind the way the fashion industry works.Fast
the fashion has become a hot topic and a
Brand target for criticism in the fashion industry,
the negative views that are continuing to
05 develop regarding this practice are now
being placed on the brands that use these
practices. This is because fast fashion is
energy demanding, pollution generating
and poses some serious ethical issues.

Essentially, fast fashion is ‘trend’
pieces produced with the intention of a
high-turnover rate and are often nearly
out of trend before they are even taken
home by a new owner. These brands are
releasing up to 52 seasons a year, that
can be 400 new styles each week, just
think about the landfill that is causing…

The alternative is slow fashion, an
approach that reduces this environmental
havoc and ensures that brands minimise
their waste, both in terms of fabric
production and garment wastage.
Consumers also place more respect on
slow fashion as the quality and materials
are of a higher standard than fast fashion
alternatives ensuring the clothes last
longer and aren’t thrown away after
being worn once.

They are 100% independently owned
and run completely by women allowing
them to maintain complete control over
every aspect of their values and business.
Even their business lawyer, accountant and
business coach are women—we think that’s
pretty amazing!

Despite having three retail stores and
the continual growth of their brand, Kuwaii
manages to keep their production very, very
small as volume and quality are intrinsically
linked. Their high-quality garments are
produced in timeless designs encompassing
a stylish yet sophisticated aesthetic. They
produce made-to-order garments and have
very small runs of designs and fabrics that
last the test of time. Time and time again
their customers prove this with their praise,
but you may just have to test that out for

Melbourne-born brand Kuwaii
is quickly being recognised as one of
Australia’s most sustainable and innovative
brands, with their entire image being built
on these values.

Every aspect of the brand encompasses
sustainable, honest, fair and kind principles,
impacting the way they make their clothes,
the people they work with, and how they
run their business. Their approach is slower,
more considered and sometimes complex,
yet most definitely worth it.They achieve
sustainability throughout all aspects of
their business by focusing on transparency,
minimising waste, recycling, environmental
impacts and gender equality.

Worth It

Beauty Reviews


Born This Way Foundation 4/5

Writer wears:
Shade: Porcelain
Skin Type: Normal Skin with Oily T-Zone

Formulated with coconut discolouration without being too
water and alpine rose, the Too thick.
Faced Born This Way Foundation
is a natural looking foundation It is worth noting that this
that applies smoothly and blends product may mattify your oily
with surprising ease. Despite spots making it a great product
being a medium to full coverage for users that want to cover up
product, it did not make my skin oily spots. However, as it gives
feel heavy and ‘cakey’. It is a a natural finish, users who
lightweight foundation with a want a dewy finish may want
slightly watery consistency, and to add moisturisers while using
you only need one pump to cover this product. Additionally, the
your whole face! It’s full coverage product oxidises and dries very
formula easily covers spots and quickly, so it is best to work

M.A.C. Matte Lipstick 4/5
in Russian Red
that continues to impress, with
Writer has: even a light-handed application
Skin Type: Normal to Dry it stays true to its vivid colour
with no pink pull due to the blue
The bold Russian Red undertone.
M.A.C matte lipstick is my after-
hours purse must-have. This soft I’ve been on a long search
matte can transform your daytime for the perfect red lipstick to
makeup look to a ‘life of the party’ compliment my fair complexion
pout. Its creamy rich consistency and dark eyes, the M.A.C Russian
provides your lips with long Red lipstick was everything I
lasting hydration, with a gorgeous wanted and more, worn and
matte finish. The high-colour tested to last till last call. After
formula stands to dominant in six months of carrying a daring
the war amongst the iconic red red pout, I can recommend with
lipsticks. It is its colour intensity confidence that this as a one of my
“Worth It” products of 2018.



Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery

Complex II 4.5/5

Writer has:
Skin Type: Normal to Dry

Estee Lauder’s Advanced hydrate your skin and get to
Night Repair Serum is rated work without leaving behind a
Australia’s number one repair heavy residue. This allows it to fit
serum. This product is the holy seamlessly into your morning and
grail of skin repair and renewal. night skincare regime.
How does it work? While you
sleep, your skin gets to work with The Estee Lauder Advanced
the assistance of this Advanced Night Repair Serum reduces all
Night Repair Serum. This is my signs of aging—including fine
secret weapon for a good night’s lines and uneven skin tone—
sleep, it maximises your skins leaving your skin feeling hydrated
natural night renewal allowing it and looking more youthful and
to be repaired from the inside out. radiant than ever. This has
become a product I cannot live
This product works simply by without, and I guarantee after you
massaging a few small drops of try the Estee Lauder Advanced
the product into your face from Night Repair Serum you will
the centre outward. Its quick wake up feeling like a whole new
absorption allows it to effectively woman.


Veil Mineral Primer SPF15

Writer has: and bacteria throughout the
Skin Type: Normal to Dry day. In an attempt to hydrate
and prepare your skin for your
The Hourglass Veil Mineral makeup application, primers can
Primer has a smooth satin all too often have a thick, oily, or
lightweight consistency that even watery consistency than can
gives your skin a porcelain finish, tarnish the overall application
lasting you through your breakfast and appearance of your makeup.
meetings to your after work But Hourglass has mastered the
drinks, all the while providing formula of the perfect primer,
long lasting sun protection. with the Veil Mineral Primer
This product creates a smooth
waterproof protective barrier over After using this product for
your skin, effectively stopping about two to three years now I
sweat and oil from spoiling your can say with absolute confidence
foundation. It also protects your that this luxury skin primer is one
pores from a build-up of makeup of my all time favourite beauty
products and is worth every cent.

Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

Writer has:
Skin Type: Normal Skin
with Oily T-Zone and sensitive eyes

The Clinique Take The Day I apply the product using
Off Makeup Remover is designed a cotton pad and gently press
specifically for the areas that it on my eyes and lips, easily
need a little more care – lids, removing my makeup in gentle
lashes, and lips. Clinique is known wipes. It breaks down stubborn
for being a gentle yet effective makeup quickly, including
skincare range, and this product semi-permanent lipsticks, and
definitely does not disappoint. even waterproof eyeliners and
This makeup remover has
an oil and water-based formula Therefore, this remover is
that, unlike most removers that I the perfect makeup remover for
have tested before, does not leave those who are looking to remove
an oily residue on my skin and stubborn makeup in no time at all.
instead leaves it feeling soft and I highly recommend Clinique’s
clean. My eyes are quite sensitive Take The Day Off Makeup
and I was happy to find that this Remove, it has become a staple in
product caused no irritation at all. my daily skincare routine.

TARTE's 3.5/5
Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

Writer has:
Skin Type: Skin: Normal Skin, Fair Skin Tone

This finishing powder by Due to my skin tone being
Tarte is a translucent, silky powder quite fair, this powder lightens my
that helps to set in your makeup skin too much and makes it look
and evens out skintone. When chalky. I have to be careful of how
I first brushed it onto my face, I much powder I use. This powder
was surprised at how smooth and also has a very steep price but is
fine the texture was. The powder worth for the amount of product
was not crumbly or hard to apply. that you get. Another thing is
It also gave me a natural finish that if you do not own brushes,
on my face. I normally use it to you will have to purchase a brush
set my under eye concealer and as the powder does not include an
it helps to lock my concealer in applicator.
for almost the whole day. It also
helps to conceal my pores. However, this powder is
definitely a product that you use
in your home preparation routine,
and not something that you can
use on the go.


Is A rtF?ashion

By Bree Purcell

In recent years we have seen Vogue magazine, artistic director centre offers us a door way into
of Conde Nast and the Chair of the world of high fashion that we
a significant rise in the popularity the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s thought was untouchable. Creating
of fashion exhibitions within Annual Met Gala. The history an opportunity to interact, to learn,
museums. This new era of fashion of dress and fashion museology to admire. In the words of Wintour
museology has sparked the biggest took a monumental step forward herself, people respond well to
ongoing debate amongst art and in 2014, when the Metropolitan people who are sure of what they
fashion industry experts—is fashion Museum of Art officially opened want, and with the passion and
art? And does its deserve a place the Anna Wintour Costume Centre, influence of Anna Wintour and
within the museum? Come with us a permanent exhibition wing the support from the prestigious
as we delve into the intricate worlds dedicated to the history of fashion. Metropolitan Museum of Art it
of both art and fashion, and unearth This exhibition features clothing cemented the position of fashion
the controversial opinions and from all over the world, spanning within the museum. This was put
indissoluble beliefs of the industries from the present day all the way perfectly by Berges in the Observer
most prestigious and influential back to the 15th century. In this day “Wintour is contributing to the
designers, artists, critics, curators and age, we are all full of curiosity legitimization of fashion as fine
and more. but also full of entitlement- wanting art—museum quality art”.
and needing more for less and when
In the world of fashion there its convenient. Successful and world renowned
is no bigger name than Anna theatrical and movie costume
Wintour—editor and chief of Wintour expresses a need for designer Irene Sharaff in an interview
more interaction; this costume for the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bulletin stated that she also believes George Mayer -
fashion is art. Sharaff went on to
express that “As much as art, fashion Alice Rawthorn, British design With no resolution in sight,
is a manifestation of the times of its critic for the international edition this debate remains ongoing. A
psychological, social, political and of the New York Times, expresses topic as intricate as fashion as art
visual existence”. Her work within a similar opinion. With a highly and questioning its value and place
the film and theatre industry has regarded position and strong within the museum is open to
opened her up to the complexity of evolvement in the art industry, her wide interpretation and warranted
fashion, engorging herself in the utter disbelief of the prospect of interjection. It has sparked a
history behind the clothing, and also fashion being consider as art is not conversation not only between
creating costume with the intent of unwarranted. Rawthorn explains those of importance to the fashion
introducing eccentric and cultural that fashion is not art, its fashion, and art industry but to society. The
fashion wonders into the wardrobe as simple as that. But in light of this debate is opening up our mind to
of everyday society as we see the push for more and more fashion the idea of the blending of fashion
gap between the costume of film exhibitions to be displayed within and art—it has encouraged all to find
and the clothing of life narrowing the museum, she admits that in value in what is new and what is old,
more and more over time. A famous some cases high fashion does hold to find value in the clothes we live
example of her stage costume to as much historical and creative in and the stories they have to tell
high fashion transition, was the value as art. Thus seeing its place of is instrumental to the evolution of
Thaibok silk she incorporated value within the museum. both the art and fashion industry.
into the 1951 production of The
King and I. I mean, who was
mesmerised by the extraordinary
gowns Sharaff designed for Deborah
Kerr’s’ character Anna Loenowens.
Through this production, Sharaff
was responsible for the integration
of the Asian colour palette into
the high fashion of society. From
starting off as an art student and
evolving into a costume designer,
Irene Sharaff can see a future where
art and fashion are both of equal
value and importance to the creative
industries and within the museum.

On the contrary, modern
environmental sculptor Louise
Nevelson expressed an unyielding
answer of rebuff to the lingering
question, is fashion art? Nevelsons’
perpetual opinion of fashion within
the museum steams from the belief
that “to qualify as an art, fashion
must be an expression of the wearer
and must relate to her environment”.
Nevelson, finds the idea of fashion
as art ridiculous due to its lack of
personalisation and the separation
between the designer, the label, and
the wearer.


Photographer: Samara Mai
Model: Safia Stemp


Model is wearing:
La Strada size M blouse
Cue Skirt Size 6

Model is wearing:
Cozi Size M Blouse
Frontier Fashions size L

Model is wearing:
Cozi Size M Blouse

Jag Jeans Size 14

Model is wearing:
Cozi Size M Blouse
Love Your Denim Jacket Size 10



By Georgia Smith

I’m sure every single one of don’t, but one thing is certain, investment piece is quality and
you don’t want to go through that design, you want these to be classic
us have experienced those panic- again. But, how do you avoid this pieces that you can wear forever,
filled moments sitting on the happening again? The answer and you want them to last that
floor of your bedroom in your is simple, investment pieces. long too, hence the ‘investment’
underwear, staring at your closet part of the equation. They may be a
in despair—a closet full of clothes, What are investment pieces? little pricier than what you’re used
but nothing to wear… Maybe Investment pieces are items in to, but when you are wearing them
you’ve shed a tear (or two), until your wardrobe that are staples, for years and years on repeat, you
finally you came to the decision items that are of great quality, will thank yourself. These pieces
that, nope, you’re not going out. Of timeless design,and are essentially make up the basis of any woman’s
course, you quickly throw together luxury basics. They are not ‘trend’ wardrobe, the items that will
some clothes and off you go— pieces that will last one season, stand the test of time and always
maybe you look great, maybe you rather they are garments that be there for you when you are in
will last years. The key to a good the midst of a wardrobe crisis.


White Tee Blue Jeans Little Black Dress

Every wardrobe needs a white Speaking of blue jeans… Another Okay, this is a bit of an obvious
tee, it’s a basic that goes with any essential for any wardrobe is the one, but every girl needs an LBD.
outfit—jeans, denim skirts, shorts, It is the perfect solution for an
perfect pair of blue jeans, the event you can’t find anything to
tailored pants, blazers, leather pair that you searched high and wear to, a last-minute invitation,
jackets. A good quality, cotton tee low for, the pair that fits you just or a fancy dinner out for a friend’s
is essential, and always my go-to
right and the pair that makes birthday. It doesn’t have to be
when I am stuck with what to you feel amazing. Blue jeans are any particular silhouette, fabric,
wear. It fits in to every season, can or style—it just needs to make
a vital component of any and you feel like a million bucks. Find
be dressed up or down, and will every wardrobe. Dress them up something that fits you perfectly,
never go out of style. I love pairing with some heels and a nice top, that compliments your figure, and
mine—a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt— pair them with some cute flats most importantly, makes you feel
with a pair of tailored shorts in the
summer, or some blue jeans in the and a white button down, or comfortable.
winter. The key is to find one that chuck on a casual tee and do the
food shopping—the options are
fits you perfectly, and when you endless. Spending a bit more to
find it, never let it go. get a quality pair of jeans is always

4 5

White Button Down Black Heels

A beautiful white button down Whether they are a slinky pair of
is my guilty pleasure, and if it stilettos, a classic pump, or some
has gorgeous sleeves I’m sold. I
love a good white blouse, such a trusty wedges, every girl needs
versatile piece that can be paired a pair of black heels. A pair that
with anything. Pair it with tailored will go with almost any outfit,
trousers and you have the perfect whether it be jeans, a dress, or a
outfit for the office, some blue power suit. A perfect example of
jeans and you have an effortless this is Megan Markle, she knows
look for a casual day out. If you’re how to rock a pair of black pumps.
anything like me then you’ll Usually she sports some Manolo
have a white blouse for every Blahnik’s, but other great options
occasion; I have a few for nice for quality black heels with a lower
dinners, the office, the beach, and price point are Tony Bianco (be
just everyday life. Basically, you sure to pick a comfy pair though!)
can never go wrong with a white
blouse, especially when they are a or Senso.
good quality fabric and make.

6 7

Leather Jacket Flats

My leather jacket has become one A good pair of flats is vital, whether they are slides,
of my most beloved items in my ballet flats, sandals, or espadrilles. The trick is
wardrobe, it carries me through to not get sucked into a cheap pair, invest in a
winter, through every chilly night leather shoe, so you know it is going to last; this
out, and every wardrobe disaster.
A leather jacket always makes any doesn’t have to be an extremely expensive shoe if
outfit look put together, it gives you don’t want it to be. You could shop the sales
the outfit a classy look with an and get an amazing bargain, or you could use this
edge. If you’re cringing at the high as your excuse to splurge on an expensive pair
price point on a real leather jacket you’ve been eyeing off for a while now. Buy them
I would recommend trying out a in a basic colour—nude, black, tan—and make sure
pleather (fake leather) jacket for they are comfy, there is nothing worse than getting
a season or two—or until you can blisters an hour into wearing them and knowing
afford a proper leather jacket—and that you have to soldier on for many hours to come.
then purchasing a real leather My black Tony Bianco slides are my go-to shoe,
one once you know you are going the ones I slip into if I am running late, if I don’t
to get the wear out of it. Leather know what other shoe to pair with my outfit, or if
jackets last forever, and it is one I know I am going to be walking a bit. I wear them
purchase you will never regret. everywhere: shopping, travelling, seeing friends—
basically any possible scenario I can get away with


Written By Grace Dalla-Bona


The fashion industry—both globally

and in Australia—is beginning to see a shift in
the social norms of society. Designers, models
and the media are leading the charge when
it comes to standing up for minorities and
changing social views and values.

There is more diversity present on
runways then ever seen before, campaigns are
beginning to portray accurate representations
of what a ‘real women’ looks like. For example,
models such as Winnie Harlow who has a skin
condition in which her dark skin is blotched
with white marks challenges the typical ideals
of beauty, yet Winnie has consistently be seen
on runways throughout recent fashion weeks
walking for large names such as Versace and
Dolce Gabbana to name a few. The acceptance
of plus size models on and off the runways
is also drastically growing, bonds even just
launched a campaign that featured several
different sizes of confidant women, all proud
of their bodies. To top this off even further
nearly half 44.8% of the models cast in New
York for Spring/Summer 2019 were people
of colour. It’s amazing to think how far the
industry has come in 10 short years when
Naomie Campbell used to be the only women
of colour strutting her stuff on the runways.

Designers have started using their status
and collections to push political agendas that
matter to women. The #MeToo movement was
promoted and seen in collections such as Tom
Fords Pussy Power Bag seen striding down
the runway, communicating to women that
they should look beyond themselves and come
together as a collective of powerful women
who are writing their own history and future.

So, what does the future hold for
Australian fashion? Australian fashion is
forecasted to continue developing into a
diverse and empowering industry, focusing on
celebrating women of different shapes, sizes
and races. Without change, there is no future.



Written By Grace Dalla-Bona

Featuring Iris Hall, an upcoming Austrialian
student deisnger at Queensland University of


I don’t think a brand can possibly

get anymore Australian than student
designer Iris Hall’s brand Gumnut.
Her aesthetic is purely Australian
in and out. Cute mini dresses and
shirts showcase prints of hand-drawn
Australian flora that make you feel
like you have just gone for a walk
through a national park.

Colorful totes are also a must,
they feature Australian slang—just
in case you didn’t already have
enough in your vocabulary—and
pop art designed cartoons. All of her
garments are made from linen and
thus embody sustainable ideals, as
natural and sustainable designs are
one of Gumnut’s founding values.

Iris Hall's amazing designs


"a true appreciation
towards Australia and our
amazing wildlife and plants"


When asked what inspired Iris’s
designs the answer was simple, a true
appreciation towards Australia and
our amazing wildlife and plants.

Iris has just come back from a
six-month student exchange in New
Delhi, India which she explained
allowed her to truly appreciate how
lucky we are to live in Australia. Iris
says, “the air is so polluted in New
Delhi that the idea of ever seeing a
blue sky is unheard of, we’re so lucky
that nature falls at our doorstep from
which we have continual access, we
should take a step back more often and
appreciate it”. This new appreciation
was the inspiration behind Gumnut’s

Iris’s designs are available to
purchase on Instagram (gumnut__)
so if you’re feeling a bit out of touch
with your inner Australian go check
out her amazing designs!

Can You Be


Sustainability is a term you By Georgia Smith

hear often, and perhaps it is a term There are many different
that inspires feelings of confusion, understandings of sustainability,
intimidation, and even yearning - within the fashion industry, and
I know it does in me. I want to be so many opinions it can often be
more sustainable, but I just don’t overwhelming. Some people look
know how.As soon as sustainability at sustainability in terms of the
and fashion are mentioned in the products being environmentally
same sentence, flashes of money sustainable, some see it as the way
floating down the drain appears in which the garment has been
before my eyes - don’t you have made needs to ethically sound.
to spend a lot of money to be Of course, you are also being
sustainable, I think to myself. I am sustainable when you are buying
here to tell you that, no, you don’t. second-hand or vintage; renting,
loaning, or swapping; or investing
in pieces that are of high quality
and timeless design. It’s easy to be
more sustainable in your fashion
choices,all it takes is a bit of thought
and a few changes in your mindset.


Second Hand and Vintage

If you’re already an avid op- This also highlights the Green Garments
shopper then you will be delighted importance of donating. I am sure
to hear that second hand and we can all find at least one item in Having ‘green’ clothing is not
vintage shopping is a great practice our wardrobes that is just not seeing referring to the colour, but rather
for being more sustainable! Don’t the time of day. Donating this item to how and what the garment is
fret if you’re not though, now means it is probably going to go to a made from. This may be the type
is always a great time to start. much better home, one where it will of fabric they use, the way the
finally be free from the dark depths fabric is made, or how the fabric
Why is op-shopping sustainable? of your wardrobe. Some people use is treated. I’m sure you’ve all
Simple – reusing. Just because one a one-in one-out policy: if they buy heard of organic cotton, or tees
person thought that the denim skirt one new thing then they have to made from bamboo, and I’m sure
they donated is trash does not mean donate one old thing that they are no that you’ve seen the price tag
it can’t be somebody else’s treasure. longer wearing. Of course, this isn’t attached to some of them. Yes,
Buying old clothes that people no a viable option for everyone and is some of them are very expensive
longer have a use for and giving perhaps catering towards those with for what they are, but the good
them new life in your wardrobe is wardrobes on the bigger side of the news is that as sustainability gains
extending the life of that garment, scale, but it is always a good idea more and more traction, more and
when it might have otherwise ended to go through your wardrobe every more brands are getting involved.
up in land fill – I think we can all agree once in a while, and have a spring This means that big brands such
that this is a much better solution. clean. Maybe make a rule, every three as Tommy Hilfiger, now use
months you will go through your organic cotton in their products.
wardrobe, or every time you begin
to struggle for hanger space you The bottom line is that research
will clean it out – trust me, you and is key when you are looking for
your wardrobe will feel better for it. green clothing. A lot of brands
are on the pricier side, but if
you don’t mind spending a bit
of time searching you are sure to
find a sustainable brand within
your price range. A great website
to discover sustainable fashion
brands is ‘ecocult.’ They have a list
of sustainable brands, and you
can even filter them by location
and what you are looking for,
e.g. jewellery, basics, denim, etc.

Timeless Pieces

Timeless pieces, or as I like to call Ethics
them investment pieces, are amazing
quality and timeless designs that The ethical side of fashion has
you ‘invest’ in, invest because they been a hot topic in recent years, as
are most likely going to be on the big brands are exposed for their poor
pricier side. By investing in designs ethics.Whetherthatbethetreatment
that aren’t going to go out of style of their workers, the working
you are being more sustainable and conditions they are subjected to,
financially sufficient. Why? Instead or animal cruelty. Similarly, to the
of purchasing a new wardrobe every green side of fashion, the ethics
season, you can slowly build up a side has also grown immensely. As
wardrobe that will last you years the fashion industry becomes more
rather than just a few months. But transparent consumers are now
this does mean investing in more able to make informed decisions
expensive pieces of a higher quality. about where they want to shop.
When you first buy an investment Big brands can no longer so easily
piece you may wince at the amount get away with having poor and
you just spent, say on a pair of jeans, even dangerous working conditions
but when you wear those jeans throughout their production
day-in day-out and they last you
years, you will be thanking yourself. cycle or testing on animals.

This is where cost-per-wear comes in To shop ethically it takes a bit of
- say you spend $300 on a dress for a research, but ‘Ethical Clothing
wedding, a dress you will wear once, Australia,’ an accreditation body
twice, maybe three times at best, the that works with Australian brands
cost-per-wear at the very best is $100. manufacturing within Australia,
Say, however, that you spend $300 on have made it a bit easier. On
jeans instead, jeans that you will wear their website they have a list of
hundreds of times, the cost per wear brands that you can easily shop
will probably be just a few dollars. from knowing that the goodies
This is why not only are investment you are purchasing are ethical.
pieces worth it for you, but they are
also worth it for the environment.

A popular way to police this is
the 30-wear test. Every time you
go to buy something ask yourself
whether you are going to wear it 30
times. Pick quality over quantity,
rather than wasting your money on
fads and fast-fashion that will be
out of style again in a few months.

Rent, Swap, Borrow

In the past few years we have rent, means that one dress gets
experienced a rise in ‘renting’ more wear then it ever could if only
clothes. A range of websites, one person was using it - you truly
Facebook groups, and Instagram get the ‘wear’ out of the garment.
pages have been popping up
everywhere with designer garments The same goes for swapping
on rent for people looking for an or borrowing, my mum always says
outfit to wear to a special occasion. one of the perks of having a sister
This has been so popular because the was having two wardrobes – it’s so
cost of buying, say a ‘Zimmerman’ true. My clothes always get so much
dress, is extremely expensive more wear with my friends and
compared to that of renting one— sister borrowing them rather than
at least $400 dollars difference— just me, and I wouldn’t have it any
which is exactly the reason it is other way! I would rather my clothes
sustainable. Having dresses for get the wear they deserve than sit in
my closet and get eaten by moths…





This year I had the utmost
pleasure of working behind

the scenes at the Ekka Winter

Enchanted Winter: Natural Fibres Wonderland Natural Fibres
Fashion Parade
Fashion Parade presented by Moet
Presented by Moet and Chandon
and Chandon. For the second year
Written by Bree Purcell
running the parades were directed

by Laura Churchill and assisted by

Fashion Event Manager Jessinta

Jones. They presented a fresh line-

up of 26 designers,18 of which have

never been presented on the Ekka

stage before. This year’s designers

aimed to showcase the natural

materials of cotton, wool, silk and

leather under the theme of an

enchanted winter. This showcase

brought some exciting new

additions to the stage including

an extra show each day, as well

as the ‘Meet a Model’ sessions

after each show. This year’s

showcase also introduced a new

lingerie designer segment

that really wowed the crowd, it

featured the return of the student

design competition and the Fibre

to Fashion Conversation Series.

Fashion Show by catwalkphotos -

The Fashion Parade’s theme clothes are flying everywhere, Bora, Annalisse Designs, Silk Ilk,
tied in perfectly with the Ekka’s and there is so much pressure to Jericho Road Clothing and many
overall theme, ‘The Year of undress and redress the models in more. This showcase took the
the Farmer’. In these times of roughly a 15-second turn-around crowd on a personal and powerful
devastating drought, our farmers’ so they can get back on stage. But journey through a whimsical winter
are struggling to keep their farms the sense of achievement you feel wonderland, resulting in record
and businesses running. With such once it is all done is incredible and crowd numbers, outstanding
a strong focus on supporting local I just can’t wait to do it all again. crowd interaction and appreciation
farmers it was great to see the throughout all of the shows.
Ekka’s glamorous fashion parades “Working behind the scenes
incorporate this message of support at a fashion parade is Working alongside such an
and education. The parade and
conversation series stripped back complete madness, I wouldn’t incredible team of designers,
fashion to its roots—without the say that I’m an adrenaline
natural fibres grown and produced junky, but I live for the thrill models, makeup artists, and
by our farmers we wouldn’t be of working in such a fast-
able to create these magnificent paced environment.” volunteers—especially Laura
clothes. I felt privileged to have
the opportunity to showcase This year saw Connor O’Grady Churchill and Jessinta Jones—
this message and educate the lead the show as the first up-
public in such a creative way. and-coming student designer, was a privilege and an incredible
alongside a wide variety of
Working behind the scenes Queensland Designer including; learning experience for a fashion
at a fashion parade is complete Gail Sorronda, White Label Noba,
madness, I wouldn’t say that I’m Darb Bridal Couture, Tengdahl, student wanting to branch into
an adrenaline junky, but I live for Lazygirl Lingerie x Missy Noir,
the thrill of working in such a fast- Irma J Smith, Pia du Pradal, Living the fashion events and styling
paced environment. Models and Silk, Nelson Molloy, Jordan Hewitt,
staffareconstantlyrunningaround, industry. It is one of the most

rewarding jobs I’ve ever had, and

I would highly recommend it to

anyone given the opportunity.



October Issue - 2018

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