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Published by Dulce Gonzalez Diaz, 2019-12-12 17:28:34

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Rudy's Road Map


Rudy got picked on by his His brothers would pick on
brothers for him saying that he him and not let him play
was going to go to Notre Dame defender because he was too
and play football . small.

His brothers finally let him play His father didn't support his
as defender and he wanted to dreams of going to Notre
tackle his brother when he go Dame
knocked down and his brothers

High School

Rudy got onto the Joliet
Catholic High School Football
team is Senior year .

Rudy's teacher told his Rudy played in his last
students about a college football game.
field trip to Notre Dame

The teacher told him that he Rudy got to the bus to go on
didn't have good enough the trip but got denied by the
grades for notre dame or even teacher .
a community college.

After High school

He got engaged to Sherry |S| On Rudys birthday his friend
Worked in a steel mill for 4 gave him a Notre Dame jacket.

|S|Rudy lost his best friend who
would be the only one to motivate
him that acted as the spark to
Rudy’s journey

Rudy got motivated to go to
college when his best friend

Rudy talks with the priest and
he enrolls him in Holy Cross
Community College.

Community College

|P|Rudy started to attend Holy
Cross College to try to qualify for
Notre Dame.
He makes friends with D-Bob.

|P|He decides to help Fortune
the caretaker for the football
fieldWhile he was Helping

He got rejected by Notre Dame
for his first 3 semesters before he
was accepted

He went back to his hometown,
showed his father that he got
into Notre Dame, His Brothers
were jealous of him for going to
their dream school

Notre Dame

|G|Rudy really want to
accomplish his dream of being a
Notre Dame football player
He then finally made the
practice squad for the Team and
was very Excited
|G|Rudy tried very hard to help
the team get better

Many of the players on the team
proposed to the coach to let Rudy
play in his spot and the coached
really had no choice.
The coach agreed that Rudy
would dress for the last game of
the season
Rudy’s family came to see him
play and it would be a first for
them and Rudy

The coach didn’t want rudy to Rudy got carried off the field and
play in the last game was one of two players in Notre
Rudy tackled the player with Dame to get carried off the field
the ball on the last play of the by his teammates 
game He later finished college at Notre
Later his five younger brothers
went to college

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