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Published by St Albans Catholic High School, 2019-06-12 10:08:50

The Green Grapevine

Edition 2 - June 2019

The Green EDITION 2
Grapevine June 2019

Learning, ABOUT US
Caring The purpose of ’The Green Grapevine’ is
to open a dialogue between the
Pictured above are the St Alban’s Editorial team. students and parents by informing them
about what life is like here at St. Alban’s
Catholic High School.

Our main aim is to share our
experiences with you which will range
from the ‘Sporting successes’ to a
‘Student’s perspective’ which enable us
to become effective members of our
school’s Christian community.

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@stalbansipswichchaplaincy Suffolk Schools’
Year 7 student Jericho Athletics Events
Dates for Montanez discusses his
the diary first year at St. Alban’s and
his challenges for moving
forward into year 8.

The Elisha Scrivener (8WM)
turned in an impressive
‘BIG’ 15 display at the Suffolk Schools
A new initiative has launched within year 9
which aims to raise awareness of the
importance for mental health through
physical exercise.

Read inside for more details on what has
been happening in recent weeks to get the
blood pumping amongst the students!

Below are some of the wonderful pictures taken by Linda Seidel of the Year 8 squad involved in
their Suffolk Schools Athletics event at Northgate High School.

Takondwa Maturure
(pictured below) finished in 1st
place during the Javelin event with
a throw of 16 .91 meters.

The year 8 ‘s performed well at the However, the boys were in fine form
recent Suffolk Schools Athletics to dominate the track and started
event, where seven schools well with Oli Fleming (right) winning
attended, including Hadleigh who his 200m ‘B’ heat. race He was also
won both the boys and girls event on part of the winning 4x100m relay
the night. team, with a time of 57.33, which
was further made up of Matthew
Competing in the ‘B’ League, both Ferrer, Denzel Mashonganyika and
the boys and girls shared successes Oliver Buckles.
across the afternoon, with Elisha
Scrivener in fine form to dominate As the boys and girls switched over,
both the track and field. further success followed for the girls
with Ruth Westland (right) edging to
With the girls selected to do field win the 300m sprint with a fast time
events first, Scrivener carried out of 48.73.
our only 1st place finish with a high
jump score of 1.30 meters. The boys took their turn on the field
Scrivener then went on to complete and were rewarded for their efforts
the treble by winning her 200m race with four 1st place finishes in Olly
with a fast time of 29.36. and then Buckles (Long Jump), Tako
the 4x100m relay — very impressive! Maturure (Javelin), Zac Doney (right)
and Woody Matemba (Discus).
Ruth Westland was marginally close
to winning in the shot put with an This now means the boys athletics
impressive 6.10m throw, losing out squad will compete in next season’s
to the eventual winner who ‘A’ league competition which is a
recorded a distance of 6.84. great achievement.

Holly Heard finished third in the Overall, St Alban’s enjoyed a
Javelin, whilst Felicity Perry claimed successful evening where some top
fourth in the long jump and Monica individual performances were on
Falcucci battled well to fifth in the display, but more importantly a
discus with a respectable throw of togetherness which epitomized the
10.82 meters. mutual respect between students.

Report by Mr B Deacon

Photos by Linda Seidel

The Big 15 is a new initiative led by Head of Year 9 Mr Deacon which aims to raise the
awareness of mental health through physical exercise. 1. It releases feel good
Each week, Mr Deacon leads a 15-minute exercise session during form registration hormone (serotonin)
time for Year 9 students where exercises are firstly modelled and then explained
regarding their physical and mental health benefits. 2. Regular exercise can
All forms within the year group gather to complete the workout which brings a sense of help you sleep better
togetherness and community which enables the experience to be shared between the and more regularly.
3. It can help with weight
Pictured above are some of the year 9 students who took part in a Hybrid Game loss and inactivity is a
known as Corner Ball. The activity increases co-ordination; agility and reaction major factor in weight
gain and obesity.
4. It is good for your
“It gets you energised for the whole day.” Annabel Gorham 9NC muscles and bones;
preventing osteoporosis
“It’s much better than doing nothing in form” Isobel Jenner 9RS
later on!
“Personally I found that it made my day that little bit brighter, although slightly
more sweaty” Mr. Robinson 9RS Form Tutor 5. Exercise boosts
‘”It’s common knowledge that less exercise leads to bad things like obesity. energy and muscular
This can have a negative effect on mental health. Regular exercise can have
a very positive impact on our mental health, which is an extremely good strength.
reason to do so. “ Anonymous Year 9 student
6. It increases the range
Interviews & report written by of a person’s movement
Isobel Jenner
known as flexibility.

7. It boosts your immune
system, making you
stronger against

8. It increases your
lifespan, as exercise
helps to prevent the risk
of some causes of death,
such as heart disease.

9. It helps with some
chronic pain.

10. It gets rid of most
feelings of anxiety.


History teacher Mrs Wise discusses her role as form tutor whilst Year 7
student Jericho Montanez informs us of how his first year has gone
here at St. Alban’s.

How long have you been teaching in Secondary? Three (3) adjectives that best describe you?
Almost ten years Quiet, grumpy, independent

What was your educational background? What’s your favourite subject and why?
Thurston Community College followed by Art because you get to express a creative
attending the University of East Anglia. side that may not be in other subjects.

What or who inspired you to become a teacher? Do you immerse yourself in any extra-
An amazing A Level History teacher who curricular clubs
showed passion for their subject Not currently

What is your favourite topic to teach in History? How does SAIL at St. Alban’s compare to
The Cold War homework at primary school?

You are a form tutor—Describe your role. There is a lot more here to do!
Looking after the emotional well-being of the
form members and supporting them in their Who is your favourite teacher at St. Alban’s?
academic learning. I don’t have a preferred teacher!

If you had an elephant, which you couldn’t sell or If you were Head teacher, what would you
give away, what would you do with it? change?
Ride it to school instead of wasting petrol Longer breaks and lunch times.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what five What challenges have you set yourself for
things would you take with you? Year 8?
The Dog; Music system; Macaroni cheese; To set higher expectations of myself for
Sun cream & the husband! completing work


Interview constructed by year 9
student Tammy Bennett

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