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SUD_ Player - The Homebrewery



5th Edition S.U.D.

5th Edition S.U.D.


The Cracked Realms

T The Cracked Realms














A world ruled by Demons, Devils and Mad gods. The only safe haven; a small




A A world ruled by Demons, Devils and Mad gods. The only safe haven; a small
collection of islands called Britannia. Still picking up the pieces of a ravaged
c o l l e c ti o n o f i i s l a n d s c a l l e d Br i i t a n n i i a . . S ti l l p i i c k i i n g u p th e p i i e c e s o f a r a v a g e d
c collection of islands called Britannia. Still picking up the pieces of a ravaged

empire after a 50 year long war against other worlds. . .












e empire after a 50 year long war against other worlds.

Table of contents WIP

All GREEN pages contain highly important information to users these are considered MAIN/ESENTIAL rules.

page 11 is (The character creation rules) read through it then ask an @Guide for help in #help

WHITE PAGES FOR GMs & Enthusioasts
All WHITE pagescontain highly important information for Gms or those who wish to delve into the mechanics of how our game works. Not recommended for those
who do not wish to renew the magic of D&D for themselves. It is advised that you do not ruin others' fun by rules-lawyering NOTE: Whilst there are rules, a Gms
job is to ensure the fun of the party whilst sticking to the rules for fairness when they need to.

The rest of the pages that are coloured Parchment contain Extra & Extended information for All users, these contain our extra rules although not necessary to play in
our server, can make your stay here more interesting.

Welcome to the Cracked Realms (Page:3)
Books Allowed (Pages:4)
Races Allowed (Pages:5)

World Map (Pages: 6)
Setting Primary / Basic Lore (Pages: 7-9)
Character Creation (Pages: 10-11)
Homebrew Mechanics (Pages:12-15)
Downtime Points (Pages:16-338)

Dungeon Master Rules + Tables

Mile Stone Experiance



Vaniy Pets

War System

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Welcome to the Cracked Realms

Warning Code of Conduct
This is a WestMarch with a mature theme where 1. Be respectful and constructive. We work hard to keep this community
the sessions can contain a range of 18+ content fun and wholesome. Please do your part by being respectful and
including, but not limited to, gore, sexual encouraging.
content, torture, drugs, discrimination and 2. Make an effort to keep toxicity to a minimum. With that said, there may
racism. be members who are more comfortable talking to their friends in
jokingly rude manners. Do not be offended by this.
Sessions are roleplay-focused where combat is 3. Keep chats clear of porn. The moderation team will remove it, warn you
dangerous and not always balanced. Actions have and then assign a strike.
consequences and your characters have a high 4. TCR welcomes all people. all races, creeds, sexual orientations and
likelihood of perishing. It is advised to expect gender identities are welcome.
your character to die. 5. Do not spam, people will reply when they have time.
6. Keep discussions in English.
7. Do not DM staff members. Casual conversation or asking questions that
are already answered in the rules will be ignored. If you have a legitimate
Playing the game 8. Server Integrity Protection. All staff on this server contribute their free
question, ask in #Help or #Discussion.
We conduct all sessions through Foundry VTT This is like Roll 20, which time so that you may enjoy your hobby completely free-of-charge. If you
is free for all users. act in a generally hostile or chaotic manner, combative manner, or act in
Create an Account Link: way that degrades server morale, or bring what we perceive as a toxic
dynamic in any way, you will be asked to chill out or find a new place to
Discord play.
We also require the use of Discord voice chat.
Discord Link:
Questions Session Etiquette

If you have any questions or problems pertaining to a specific area of the The dungeon master is always right, however, in the event they are not
Westmarch then please message the appropriate GM or GUIDEs. We are here you may have 1 minute to plead your case, once the minute is over or
to Help so ping us all day long with questions. the GM has reached a decision then the game will continue with the
GMs ruling. Issues can be addressed after the session, not in the midst
of it. Any ruling other than the writtten rules is done so on a non-
precendential basis.
Don't roll dice unless asked to.
No metagaming. Keep conversations in-character as much as possible.
Try not to make other players wait in combat, plan your actions during
other players' turns.
Minimum allowed age for PCs are "Young Adults" in relation to whatever
race they are. (i.e. No lolis or shotas)

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Books Allowed

The Core Rule Books Extra Life Charity Content
Player’s Handbook (PHB)
Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) The Lost Kenku
Monster Manual (MM) One Grung Above
The Tortle Package
Volo’s Waterdeep Enchiridion
Lost Laboratory of Kwalish
Supplement Books Adventure with Muk
Infernal Machine Rebuild
Mordenkainen’s Fiendish Folio
Volo’s Guide to Monsters (VGtM)
Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (XGtE) Locathah Rising
Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes (MToF)
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (TCoE)
Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron (WfGtE)
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (TWBtW) Hombrew Content (that is
Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse (MPMM) avalible to all)
Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons (FToD)
Matrhew Nercer; TalDorei Campaign Guide
Matthew Mercer; Blood Hunter
Matthew Mercer; Blood Hunter (2020)
Campaign Settings Matthew Mercer; College of Maestro
Matthew Mercer; Gunslinger
The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (SCAG) Matthew Mercer; Lingering Soul
Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (GGtR) Matthew Mercer; Oath of the Open Sea
Acquisitions Incorporated (AI) Matthew Mercer; Way of the Cobalt Soul
Eberron: Rising from the Last War (RftLW)
Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount (EGtW)
Mythic Odysseys of Theros (MOoT)
Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft (VRGtR) Hombrew Content (That only
Spelljammer: Adventures in Space
Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos (SaCoC) Benifactors of Knowlage can

Adventures Vauxs; Vauxs' Discord Homebrew Extravaganza
Jonoman3000; Sprouting Chaos Player's Companion
Nord Games; Game Master's Toolbox Ultimate Bestiary Revenge of the
Lost Mine of Phandelver (LMoP)
Hoard of the Dragon Queen (HotDQ) Horde
Princes of the Apocalypse (PotA)
The Rise of Tiamat (RoT)
Out of the Abyss (OotA)
Curse of Strahd (CoS)
Storm King’s Thunder (SKT)
Tales from the Yawning Portal (TftYP)
Tomb of Annihilation (ToA)
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (WDH)
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (WDotMM)
Stranger Things: The Hunt for Thessalhydra
Ghosts of Saltmarsh (GoS)
Essentials Kit
Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus (BGDiA)
Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (IDRotF)
Candlekeep Mysteries (CM)
The Wild Beyond The Witchlight (TWBtW)
Journeys through the Radiant Citadel
Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]

Races Allowed

L - M
Official Races
If your race is not on one of the below lists in the following books then you Leonin MOT
cannot use it. (We allow most races and even some from DMG.) You can Lizardfolk VGM, MPMM, DMG
use the subraces of the bellow as well.
Locathah DMG, lr
A - B Loxodon GGR
Merfolk DMG, PSX, PSZ
Race(s) Sub-Race Book(s)
Minotaur MPMM, MOT, GGR, PSA
Aarakocra MPMM, EEPC, DMG
Aasimar VGM, MPMM, DMG N - O
Aetherborn PSK
Aven PSD, PSA Naga PSA
Bullywug DMG Owlin SCC

C - D R - S

Centaur MPMM, MOT, GGR Reborn VRGR
Changeling MPMM, ERLW Satyr MPMM, MOT
Custom Lineage TCE Sea Elf MPMM
Deep Gnome MPMM Shadar-Kai MPMM
Dhampir VRGR Shifter MPMM, ERLW
Dragonborn PHB, FTD, EGW Simic Hybrid GGR
Duergar MPMM Siren PSX
S - T
E - F

Skeleton DMG
Eladrin MPMM Tabaxi VGM, MPMM
Fairy WBtW, MPMM Tortle TTP, MPMM,
Firbolg VGM, MPMM Triton VGm, MPMM, MOT
Genasi MPMM, EEPC Troglodyte DMG
Gith MTF
Githyanki MPMM V - Z
Gnoll DMG
Goliath VGM, MPMM Verdan AI
Grimlock DMG Warforged ERLW
Grung OGA Yuan-Ti MPMM
Yuan-Ti Pureblood VGM
H - K Zombie DMG

Half-Orc PHB, ERLW
Halfling PHB, SCAG, EGW, ERLW Hombrew Content (That only
Harengon WBtW, MPMM Benifactors of Knowlage can
Hexblood VRGR use)
Hobgoblin VGM, MPMM, ERLW, DMG,
Human PHB, PSA, PSI, PSX, PSD, ERLW, PSZ Vauxs; Vauxs' Discord Homebrew Extravaganza
Jonoman3000; Sprouting Chaos Player's Companion
Kalashtar ERLW Nord Games; Game Master's Toolbox Ultimate Bestiary Revenge of the
Kenku ERLW, VGM, MPMM, DMG Horde
Khenra PSA
Kuo-Toa DMG

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early 600 years ago there were 5 worlds on the brink of
collapse. In their most desperate hour, a man claiming
to be the mad god named "Morridan" offered them a MEKKHAN
way out of their dire situations, each morbidly unique in
its own right. What was unknown to anyone other than
The pharaohs of old, in their hubris, did not heed the wisdom of their
Nthe mad God himself, was that he had offered this deal
seers. What once were the enslaved machinations of labor are now the
to many others. Each World thought that they would be
ceaseless taskmasters of their own design. The remnants of royalty now
the only inhabitants of the new world that was fresh with both time and
displayed with chains of gold instead of steel are put first in line, leading
resources. I n s t e a d t h e s e 5 w o r l d s n o w c o l l i d e on the edge of the new
their ilk in assembly lines of smoke and fire. For their mechanical
world known as Britannia, along with the new world's inhabitants. The
overlords, they pave and plaster the sites of construction not with mud
E m p i r e now on the brink of defeat after its long battle with these and stone, but with blood and bone.
invaders, shatered and broken, now sits back in the shadows watching
their new visitors, scrutinizing their ever y move and helps them ensure
the other visitors' destruction without causing direct conflict. Betrayed by RUNATRIA
their new God, most others would cast their worship of him aside anyway,
branding him as a demon or a devil who offered them false hope. Wars
Since ancient times, the tribes have ser ved to keep the Beast King from
and skirmishes between powers and their beliefs rage on till this day, all
waking, protecting humanity from itself by waging war in the name of
powers locked in contest for dominance to this day.
nature. What seemed like an endless war between society and themselves

finally came to a head as the primordial entity stirred. Ever since that age,
the bold races were flung back to a more simple state. Their ancient ruins
T.C.R. Pantheon the only reminder of their once great societies. A stark comparison to
their now nomadic lives, lead in part by the druids of old. Somberly, they
The Gods and all their wisdom were not stong enough to stop the coming
seek to keep the primal at rest.
Darkness, Morridan and the other faithful gods cast them out from the
universe as Morridan Created it anew.

These are the worlds which intersected with the Cracked Realms, invited
by the Mad God to claim it's resources and establish their dominions.
Created by conquest and lead by the Emperor known as Axios, the
subjects of the Axium aim to please their war-god emperor by engaging in
death-defying acts of peril and prestige. To impress the emperor is to earn
a seat at his table and to sit amongst those bloodstained by achievements
is to earn the respect of one's peers. To this day, there is never an end to
the types of feats that one may strive for. Some still have even attempted
to cross blades with the emperor himself, though foolish as it is. And to
those who did, the emperor gave them his greatest gift: a warrior's death
and the honor of being another name on the list of great warriors that he
has personally slain.


United from many vying kingdoms due to an over whelming ancient threat,
the Allegion pulled itself together in one-of-a-kind of a caste system, each
with its own culture and governance. The treaty that they swore to has
been strained many times, and despite the fact that each legion could
abandon it, the pact has held throughout generations.


Since before recorded histor y, there were those that sought out the
mar velous city known as Ethreon. Sages, summoners, alchemists, and all
manner of mages have made the city their home. Despite being so well-
known, the city itself has not been properly explored. Floating high above
the ground, and incredibly perilous in its lower depths, a society sprang up
on its surface, acting as archivists and esoteric collectors, they have been
within the city the longest and are thusly called... Ethernals.

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]


Born within this plane the native inhabitants reject foreign claims, as they
view this world to belong to themselves by birthright.

Albion is a constitutional monarchy and one of the established kingdoms
in Britannia, and ever since the realms shattered, it has found many new
enemies and allies.
Albion is situated in what we would recognise as the north east of
England, stretching from the iron and coal mines of the Pennines, to the
fish-rich north sea, their lands filled with pleasant moorlands where
shepherds roam and fields of grain stretch for miles. With the local
nobility and land owners overlooking these lands, ruling them like they
have had for generations since the days of the old empire, though now not
all of the ruled are serfs…


Edins~vel is a united council of 7 powerful factions within the countr y
whose goal for the single banner they fight under is world peace. It has
taken the countr y 100 years of constant conflict and wars before the
factions could come to an agreed ceasefire after the Arival of the Invaders
from other worlds. Before all 7 factions finally banded together under a
single unified title, they were mercilessly slaughtered by these new
unthafomable forces, despite this Edins~vel was created by the prophet
Asmodaus to bring peace to the continent.

The Bonelands

Long before the Eternal Ice grasped the world, a propserous kingdom
existed by the name of The Iron Dominion of Nulbilnul. It was a strong,
powerful kingdom that exerted fair control over it's subjects. The King,
Lord Domri, and his Brother, Kandris oversaw most of the kingdom and
it's duties peacefully and with great success.

Højland Confederation

Ever since ancient times, tribes in the Badlands region have been striving
to expand to no success, mostly due to their unwillingness to cooperate
with one another. This was until 10 years ago, when the 3 tribes residing
in the isles right north west of the highlands decided to push aside their
differences, uniting themselves under the same banner, giving birth to the
højland Confederation, the first ever nation to form in the Badlands.

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]

Danger Zones The Badlands

A my thological mountainless jungle in the highlands filled with all manner
These malformed sites are home to powerful artifacts and dangerous
of creatures and savages. some say when they venture into the jungle they
monsters which roam its ruins, inhabited by little and visited by few.
can hear the breathing of the mountains, those who leave this area alive
The Distortion tell tales of gigantic creatures too large to be alive, of ancient stories that
they once thought to be but tales and now they realize it to be a reality.

During the period known as the great collapse following directly after the
The Demon Seas
Omnicience wars Morridan invited people of several worlds to bring forth
the Arcs of Salvation. These golden fortresses or powerful cities of stone,
magic and myster y were built by the best magitech constructors of each
The Demon & Devil overlords of this world are not kind and their subjects
world which came to "jörð" , in the process of this mass exodus an area of
even less kind. Various demons have banded together at the ice fortress (a
the world became tainted with negative energy, cracks in reality and the
large mountanous ice wall that spans the edge of France) and have built
weave formed in such volume that the residents of that area were driven
up small pirate boats to kill off those from Britannia for sport.
mad. This area was named "The Distortion" after a group of researchers

noticed that the reality of the location was distorted by Negative Space, a
Gehenna Gate
place that yet is and never was, a reflection of that which could have been.
Those who are born in this location are able to walk the true reality and
ignore the others, as such a large empire has been built up using stock
The mouth of Hell rarely shows its ugly, gluttonous maw, however
markets and trade routes that other countries would find impossible due
Asmodeus often summons it when he feels that the natives of the world
to the effects of the distortion.
should be kept in check . The Gehenna gates is a large fortress portal
which allows for entr y and exit between jörð and the 9 Hells . Creatures
from the lowest levels of hell are said to guard the general location of this
monolithic structure.

Infernal Mateira
Asmodeus, The Seven Deadly Sins, The Nine Denizens of hell , and the 7
generals of the Abyss banded together along with their armies and took
most of jörð's surface for their own whilst the Mad god was recovering
from creating the world. Morridan only had enough energy to ensure the
safety of Britannia from the demon scourge which had infested his
newfound paradise now turned into a rotten meal for the crooked and
wicked. The rest of the world is now covered in an eternal winter brought
on by its new rulers as they warred and ravaged the lands. The lands were
divided up amongst those who Asmodeus trusted using a monarchy
system, with Asmodeus as the new proclaimed king of jörð. Britannia was
given the the Prison Warden, the Sin of Greed "Merlock" who sits on his
throne in the ice fortress.

Player Created Lore

This is lore generated by the players as they see it. Adventures, objects,
thoughts... ever y thing....
Item's of wondor

Some players do some feats that warrent being added to the lore
Quests as told by players

At the end of each game the player get to write Journals that go into the
lore of the world.

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]

Choosing a Star Sign (Optional) Foundry VTT Character Sheets

Your character might be born under a star sign; these can determine a
When starting to create your character, please ping a DM or Guide to set
number of things about your character as listed below.
you up with a character sheet on our ser ver.
Any equipment given to you as part of your star sign replaces all
equipment of your class & background.
Eternal General Restricted Content
This list cotains content that cannot normally be
Eternal Star signs are always avalible to the player and may be used
during the creation of any character.
Stars of "Death" ᛖᚾᛞ Unearthed Arcana
Those marked by the stars of Death are the most unfortunate. Their soul is Homebrew
Dark Gifts (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
slated for collection, when they draw their final breath there shall be no When character creation says ask your GM, the
salvation. Everything they do is made a hard and punishing task. Surviving awners is always NO!
through adversity from birth they have lived without the advantages others Aberrant Dragonmark (Eberron: RLW)
enjoy in their walk of life. They start with; Tasha's "Customizing Your Origin" (Tasha's

1 gold piece (emblazend with a skull) Cauldron of Everything)
a dagger Artificer (Tasha's Cauldron of Everything)
Robes Dragonmarked Race (ERLW)
Curse: You have disadvantage on ability checks and saving throws, Unearthed Arcana (UA)
inclusing death saving. When you die, your soul is immediately Homebrew that is not from the aproved list.
collected by a higher power and you cannot be resurrected.
If you wish to lift the curse and buy your soul's freedom, collect
100 "Underworld Coins". Each killing blow you deliver to an
enemy creature awards you 1 coin. Once your soul is free the
player earns a Discord role "Death's Chosen". Once you break Input Ability Scores
the curse you may comune with "Bhal" and request any one
Uncommon Magical Item We use 27 point buy. with a 15 point maximum and 8 point minimum
in any given score for determining ability scores for your characters.
We use Variant Encumbrance.
Stars of "Forsaken" ᛚᛟᛋᛏ Choose a Race
The forsaken have been abandoned by all gods, Dieties and abarations of T h i s l i s t c o n t a i n s r a c e s t h a t c a n a l w a y s b e u s e d :
this world. None shall shelter them and the world often looks apon them as
apsolute trash only fit to be crushed under their feet. You will often find Human Halfling Dwarf
Forsaken doing menial tasks and slaving away for the benifits of others only Dragonborn Tiefling Elf
to be tossed away after their hard work, when they fall ill or unable to Gnome Orc Half-Orcs
continue. They start with; Goblin Kobold Half-Elf

The Tough Feat.
1 copper piece
You can unlock a race that is not on this list by spending 20 CR coins.
a set of common clothes
These may only be races listed on Page 5.
Whenever making a character you can choose any race you have
already unlocked.
All subraces are avaliable if you have access to the main race.
Fading Choose a Class
Fading Star signs are temporar y and only useable during character
HP: You must always take the average.
cration until they are replaced. These star signs will usualy be replaced
Druids Already know all animels from there wild shape ability and
after an OLD GOD is killed or if a game altering event has taken place
that would call for change in the creation of new life. Full list Here. must use the following list: Here.
Multiclassing is allowed
Stars of "Gravitos" ᛞᛟᚹᚾ Staring level
Power radiates though time and space, propelled by the death of "Gravitos"
Your charcter's level is always the same as the ser ver level
one of the old gods. Any born under this Dieing star will start with; You can check ser ver level on the discord ser ver
(https://d rGaQKrQm4)
You learn the spells Magnify Gravity and Immovable Object. You can
cast each of these spells without requiring material components or Choose a background
expending a spell slot. Once you cast either of these spells in this way,
you can't cast that spell in this way again until you finish a long rest. You Ever y character has a background, although all work for the Guild.
can also cast these spells using spell slots you have of the appropriate

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]

Leveling Up!!! MXP Family Sharing
Every D&D game has a method of leveling, in TCR we use MXP or Mile
Stone Experiance. a method between Milestone and the Experiance system. All of your characters belong to the same family or know each other and as
such they can share the same general wealh and assets like housing ect.

When you finish a game the GM will tally up everthing you did in that
game to award a special type of XP called Mile Stone XP or MXP for
short. This XP is then put towards the ser ver and will increase the
amount of XP the ser ver has. Once certain goals are met the ser ver will
level up. your character will always be the same level as the ser ver and
will level up with the ser ver. This way ever yone contributes and works
together to increase the level of ever yone on the ser ver.

Character Slots
This is a number that determines how many characters you can have. This
is tracked on the Discord bot.

There is a starting limit of 1 characters per player, other wise known as
character slots. Additional slots can be gained by:
Obtaining various discord tags (c heck: │list-of-character-slots in the
Supporting the ser ver on Ko-Fi
character Slots list
Tag Name How its obtained Given
____Member Given by defalt this is your Joining Slot 2
Lord Have a Keep or more expensive property 1 Family bank
+ Challenge Given as a reward for compliting Events set 1
Champion out as challanges You have a Bank account tracked by our discord bot, This is the only place
+ 100 Hours Use Foundry Virtual Table top on our server 1 you should store your coins out of game.
VTT for 100+ Hours
Money can be put into the Family vault at a rate of 1:1
+ Kane Join teh Kane list by being the first on the 1 You can store an amount of Gold equal to 3x the most expensive
server to do a significant thing. proper y that you have ownership of atlease 30% of.
Alpha Tester Be With the server Since Day 1 1 If you have no Property then the max you can store is 1000gp
If you exceed your max compacity you must buy items untill you reach

The Legion Join During the beta or 2nd Phase 1 your cap of gold.
Family Property
of 50
Death's Complite the task given by the Star Sign of 1
Chosen Your Entier share all assets such as property and items, this means that
Champion Come Top 3 in the Bi-Yealy Battle Royal 1 all your family can benifit from the propertys effects and statuses.
of Morridan
Be Active in the Voice or Text Chat 1 Family Stash
+ Active
Benefactor Support the server financialy for £0.50 per 1
month By default you do not have a stash, however you can buy a stash to store
items. This stash can be pulled from out of games in downtime.
⚠ _Game Run Games in the server as a certificed 1
Game master Any of your characters can only pull & Add to the Vault outside of the
GUIDE Help the server run by helping answer other 2 session.
peoples questions and helping them get set These stashes are often expensive with 500lbs of storage costing
up. 100gp.
You can get an unlimited Storage by joining the Ko-Fi as a top tier
What takes up a slot subscriber.
Player characters you own take up 1 slot each.
Vanity Pets Take up 1 character slot each unless you have a stable /
Farm to keep them on as described in the property section.
If you wish to get rid of a character you can turn the character into an
NP C that is no-longer in your controll. This will require you to write an
entr y in the player lore book about your character and there
acomplishments & what they will now do. (t his costs you 1 DTP)

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]

Preparing for the Quest
We have introduced some clarifications and rules to help preparing for the quest easier as well as more balanced.

Quest Description Level Un-Common Number Legendary+
Lv. 1 - - -
he quest description contains many rules that are relivent to you as a
Lv. 3 1 - -
player, be sure to read the quest descrition, as it WILL contain any extra
infomaton you need to know for that game. it will contain;
Lv. 6 2 - -
A brief description of what the quest will be about.
Lv. 10 3 1 -
Background / Naritive information that the players will need to know.
Lv. 13 4 2 -
Game rules specific to the quest.
Lv. 15 5 3 1
Any equipment / items that are recomended for your character to bring
with them in this quest.
Before the Game Stats Buying and Selling Items
Players are always given 15 mins to buy what they can from the world
market , Once the Time is up the game will likely start without delay. Through your adventures you will accumulate both gold and items. Some
prefer gold, some prefer items but both can be interchanged as long as
Food & Water you follow the rules below.
Trading Items
By default we do not play with hunger machnics but a GM may introduce
it as a house rule. (a Player is normaly considered to have always have
enough food and watter for 1 Week) Players may freely trade items and gold between characters and other
player characters so long as an agreement is reached.
Banned Items & Processes
All Trades and sales of items must be logged in │player-market
A player out of game cannot hold any more than there waight
channel in the discord.
compacity allows.
If you wish to store items out of game then you must buy Storeage Trades made between players will not be overseen by Gms meaning if
you are unhappy with a trade you have made there is no refunds.
items such as "chests", or "Crates".
A Player character which is not the active character may only hold
Items may be loaned to another player during a game provided you are
(5 0gp x There Level) at any given time.
in the same game, however the item returns to the original owner at
When Changing active characters be sure to follow the above rule.
the end of the game, unless either character is dead.
Currency cannot be stored stored in extra dimentional storage.
IF you Have imunity to exaustion You cannot Take the "chronomancey
In the event that a trade was made for gold and the gold or item was
/ Chrono Mage" subclass of "Wizard" and loose all abilities associated
not transfered event though you had already transfered contact a
with it.
member of staff to resolve the situation as this may be a breach of code
Magic Item & Consumable of conduct.
Restictions Purchasing Items:
Outside of the game a player can only buy items that are at the world
In order to keep things fair we have intruduced a limit on the number of
magic items & Consumables you can carr y as well as the rarity by level at
which they can be carrid. inside a game a player may only purchase what GM allows.
This only includes what you have on you from before the quest, if what Only Common Magic items can be purchased from the world market.
you obtain in the quest puts you over the limit then it is acceptable. GMs are welcome to allow the purchase of magic items in-game using
You can have as many Commons as your want and only consumables the magic item prices. (c heck the magic item ban list).
that have a rarity are limited.
Selling Items
Outside of a game when selling any item to an NP C you only receive
25% of its value.
You cannot sell infused magic items.

Gm-Specific Rules
Some Gms have set table rules about behaviour and ways to play the game. These rules will be vetted by an admin firstly and, if aproved, will be imposed at the

A GM is allowed to deny you entr y to their game for any reason.
A GM can remove any player from participating in the remainder of a
game if the player has caused problems and went against the CODE
A Gm does not need to follow the rules to the letter and has full
controll over their game.
A GM may introduce house rules but must list them in the quest

| | | - | | © . . . | [ ]

General Changes
We Have changed several combat rules to make things work better, and make combat more intense and rewarding. Most of these changes are minor, however
some are unique to our server.

Speaking Flanking

Any thing said when in the game is sayed in chatacter unless you
we do not use the variant Flankning rule.
specify before hand "out of character".

Any information that your character has not gathered themselves can
only be introduced with the Gm's permission, introduducing it without
permission is considerd metagaming and can be punished by the GM.

In Cracked Realms, injuries become more severe.
Cover Majour Injuries
Making a ranged attack against a target with a creature between you
if you take 1/2 or more of your MAX HP for 1 attack you roll on the
and the target provides 3/4 cover to the target.
majour injuries table and take the injurie.
Saving Players

No Actions Required saving a downed player from death can earn you 1 inspiration at the
GM's discretion.
You do not require any acion types to do the following:

Dropping a Held Item
Player Death
Dropping consentration on a spell.

When a player dies their soul is released and their energy is dispersed as
Free Actions demonic hands only visible to those with true sight reach up from the
under world to claim their soul. Adventurers' souls are cherished by the
Free actions would normaly be part of your main action or movment but
under world and are kept in display jars by arch-demons and devils.
are now seperate. Object interactions are renamed to free actions. You
can now use a free action to do the following; If A Player Character does not own its soul, their soul is immediately
collected upon death by whom it is owed to and they cannot be
Stow or draw a weapon
resurrected without it.
Stow or draw an item.

A Player Character cannot be looted from until they are dead.
you can convert the following into free actions;
A Player Character cannot be delt lethal damage by other party
1/2 Movement
members. When they take damage from other players they can only be
made unconcious.
Bonus Action
A Player Chatacter cannot be moved whilst they are Death Saving or
Stable but not up. If it would put them in harms way.

Advantage & Disadvantage (B e aware that any stolen magic items from a dead player can be
confiscated by the GUILD at GM's descretion.)
Sources of disadvantage and advantage stack to cancel each other out
instead of rolling flat if there is more than one source of each. (e .g. two I f a p a r t y m e m b e r s o m e h o w m a n a g e s t o d i r e c t l y k i l l a n o t h e r p a r t y
sources of disadvantage and one source of advantage results in
m e m b e r, m a l i c i o u s l y s o t h e y ;
disadvantage for the roll.)
Will be removed from the game imediatly by being teleported out by

one of the elemental mages watching the party and punished by the
Nat 1 & Nat 20 & Critical hits GM.
Will not share in the quest GOLD rewards.
Natural 1s and Natural 20s and Critical Hits are not automatically hits or
(A GM may also take non direct attacks into account at their own
misses. The target's AC matters. Each has their own table of
discretion. This is a ser ver punishment for killing another player or
consequences to be rolled from.
indirect toxicity, be thankful you are not banned from the ser ver for
Full NAT 1 & 20 Rules here
instigating unprovoked fights)

Potion Changes
Potions & there effects are considered NOT Magicle (T hey are not
effected by Detect magic or similer magic / Effects)
Using a potion is a Bonus Action.
Coating an object
You can take an object and apply a potion to it as an action; this
consumes the potion.
doing so applies one use of the potion's effect to the object.
The next thing the object hits &/o r touches uses the one use and
applies the potions effects to the target hit.
If you coat an object in multiple of the same potion it adds more uses
to the coating of that effect applied.
If you coat an object in multiple diffefent potions then on a Hit or
Touch it removes a coating of each of thoses effects.
Each separate potion coating has its own number of coating and do
not stack with differenet effects.
Once Coated the potion effect will remain on the object for 1 hour or
untill used.
| | | - | | | [ ]

Keys to the dungeon


Once Morridan had created this world he sat back and realised that he
With high risks come high rewards, and these rewards are indeed high.
needed a castle from which to rule his new territory, instead of separating You will not receve D T P for participating in a realm key but The boss at
the heavens and the Planes, Morridan commandeered the moon the end of the dungeon has a guaranteed drop of 1 magic item with a
enveloping it in madness as he ordered his gods to create him a dungeon rarity of item depending on the Key used. And any other lootables or
that spans the moon. With a mighty blow of his warpick he cracked the rewards may be handed to the players in gold coin form as a treasure
moon asunder allowing the gods to create a dungeon that sprawled out hoard. As for distribution of the magic item each player will roll 1d20 (t his
cannot be re-rooled at all)and the highest roll may choose what happens
from the moons core.
to it, weather it is melted down for gold and distributes, given to another
player or if they take it themselfs. The Person who activ ted the key wil; get
How do I get to the dungeon? a +5 to there Roll for this.
How do I get a key?
You can only enter a portion of the dungeon through the use of a special
item called a Realm Key. Each key will take you directly to the start of a
At the end of ever y game a GM will ask you to roll 1D100, if your roll
new dungeon, and each key has a level asigned to it, These levels
within the range you get a key. The keys level will be closest to the level of
determine what part of the dungeon you can access and how hard the
your character rounded up.
bosses are. Using a key will open a temporar y gate to the dungeon.
D100 Key Level Guaranteed Drop? GP Value
What are Realm Keys?
85 - 100 Level 03 UnCommon 100gp
90 - 100 Level 05 Rare 1,000gp
Realm Keys allow you to access the dungeon, by throwing the key into the
93 - 100 Level 07 Very Rare 5,000gp
air and shouting out the name of the boss you wish to face. The key will
attempt to connect you to a dungeon on the moon that has that boss in it.
95 - 100 Level 10 Legendary 10,000gp
You will then be allowed to enter the dungeon with your friends to take on
95 - 100 Level 15 Artifac 20,500gp
the boss.
How to use the Realm Keys?
( You cannot sell keys to the world market but can sell them to other
players at the above values.)
In the Realm Key name & description it will have a level, each of these
levels is the level of Difficulty for that game meaning that it will be
caculated at that level of players x5 players at a DX of 2.5(o r 10 if more
than 5 characters join dungeon i.e. pets). Unlike regular quests the key
dungeons are designed for replayability so you can be any level and join
any level of key with your friends, and since the key is at a set dificulty this
means you and yours can power game.

In order to attend a realm key game you must either own the key that is
being activated or be invited by the one who is activating it. Once you have
chosen to activate a key gather up to 5 players, each may also bring 1 pet
or mount for a total of 5.

Once you have your raid party ready, Ping @ GM in # │ l o o k i n g - f o r -
g a m e in The Cracked Realms discord and work out a date and time for
the game. (T hey may ask you to join a voice chat with all participants to
sort out a date)
Realm Keys are no small trinkets. If you sur vive you will be lucky, however
there is no running away from these, once entered you cannot leave
without dying. Upon death in the Realm Key dungeon your character's
soul will be destroyed unless another player uses a soul stone on you.
(B TW bosses always start at top of intitive)

| | | - | | | [ ]| ©

| | | - | | | [ ]



Downtime is something you do inbetween adventures. You can do several Activities;
Work Heirlooms Prostitution Religious Service Relaxation Monster Hunting
Pit Fighting Training Farming Crime Reviving Research

Each of these options has unique functions and can allow you to do different things inbetween your adventures. Some specify that they can be done mid-
game but if not specified then they cannot be done as such.
How to Obtain Downtime Points?

Downtime points are used to symbolize an amount of work that can be done over a 7 day period (o r less). This is a simplification of normal downtime
mechanics. Instead of DTP being per character they are per family (o ptional IP G).
DTP are obtained through various methods, for instance;
Playing in a game gives you 2 Down Time Points by Default
You can get exta if a Benefactor &/o r Booster is in your party
At the end of each IRL week on Sunday at 00:00 UTC+0 you get 4 Points.
You can obtain DTP by spending CRC at a rate of 5 CRC to 1DTP
How to Spend?

DTP is per family but any Character in the family may use DTP from the family pool of Down Time Points.
Each section specifies how you can spend downtime
You can Save Up your downtime

| | | - | | | [ ]

Features During Downtime Riskey Buisness pas
The training that an adventurer goes though can be very useful in various
fields of work. Putting their skill to the test in the mundane can be just as The underworld is well known for getting its mitts into every corner of the
world and pays handsomely for those who help with any "Riskey Buisness".
lucritave as dungeons

Before you start your downtime activity. you can choose doubble (2 x) the
Proficiencies & Expertises work as normal
rate to the Complication Rate of your Downtime in order to gain the
following effect:
Features that would aid a roll work as normal but must included in
cluded in the downtime Log with an explination.
After you Roll Your Downtime and Complication, if you suceed you
Features that avoid the downtime function do not Work outside the
increase your reward by 50%.
session. (f or example Forge Cleric's Artisan's Blessing)
This cannot be used on Downtime without a Complication Table.
No one's day is perfect, and every time you try to do something, anything Luckey Day (NAT 20)
can go wrong. These are called COMPLICATIONS and are a nasty side of
DOWNTIME, as it is MANDATORY to apply their effects. Some time you can have a good day at work and others you will become a
god at working in your field, who is temporarily unrivaled
A Bad time (NAT 1)
Each Time you Roll Checks you must roll the complication table once.
Sometimes when you're going about your buissness you have some bad
Each Complication table has its own % of failure this means that for
example if the percent is 10% then the player must roll a D100 and
luck and then you have a bad time where you might almost die.
any thing on a 10 or less is a COMPLICATION.
Once a complication happens a player must roll on the table of
In downtime if a NAT 20 is rolled it dose NOT AUTO PASS, instread
complication for that downtime.
the player adds 1d6 to their roll result.
In Downtime A Nat 1 is NOT AUTO FAil, However after the downtime
Tools/Weapons you roll on the complication table an additional time as if you failed the
complication table role and take 1 complication.,
The tools that are used in your trade are surely better than your bare hands,
these finely crafted instrument make your Downtime easier.
Help Action & Other Profits?
You know whats more fun than doing stuff alone- doing it with friends.
You can only use one of the following N o r m a l To o l s or M a g i c a l To o l s .
and only one for eather.
Your Friends can help you with any downtime you do via the following
N o r m a l To o l s : You can use a Tool/ Weapon that is relivent to the rules;
DOWNTIME you do. This will consume and break the tool/ Weapon
used; but you will gain a +1 to your rolls for that 1 DOWNTIME's
The help action in downtime gives you advantage on one of the ability
Checks. When your do that downtime again if you want to gain this
checks within the downtime activity.
effect you must consume another or the same relevant tool.
If you wish to benefit from the help action you must get another player
M a g i c a l To o l s : A Magical variant of tools/ Weapons OR Artisan's tools
to help you with a character they own. The person helping pays 1 DTP
OR Heirloomed Tool/ Weapon will instead provide a +3 to your roll
and you pay the full DTP then you split the reward with them 50% /
instead of advantage and WILL NOT BREAK unless they are infused
50% .
If you own property which is required for a downtime activity you can
N o t e : A Nat 1 Will break the Tool/ Weapon regardless even if you use
charge others to use that property upto 50% of the profits that would
an ability to re-roll that Nat 1.
be made from that downtime or if there is no profit to be made from
the downtime; 25gp per 1DTP used on your property.
Spells During Downtime?
Spliting Ownership of a item / property requires it to be broken into
The weave is weak in the world of TCR and weaker still in the places which exactly 100 Shares, each share is worth 1% of the value of that item /
is barely touches such as the astral plane. Whilst in downtime you are in a property.
state where people of the normal plane cannot affect you in a life-
if you only own Part of a property and it is involved in any downtime
threatening way but in exhange all magic and Magical items are nulified that you do would make you profit and/o r if any amount of money is
(Curses remain however). made from it; The Profits that are made from it are split between the
Owners of the property Based on the % ownership.
Spells cannot be cast in Downtime or outside a session. The pocket
dimension where downtime takes place is outside the confines of
reality and therefore the weave does not reach there.
Magical items can be used during downtime and follows the same
rules as "Features During Downtime", there use must be included in
the downtime Logs Downtime is Done outside the session.
Scrolls & Glyphs still require the weave to be present so therefore they
Downtime is ALWAYS outside the session.
do not work.
Time does not pass in downtime as the concept of time does not exist
in the astral plane. (although you can still interact with people). This
means that any abilities, effects, items and spells that require a day to
pass or time, will require you to take a full rest via the Realaxation
downtime, or being able to take a long rest via the start or end of a
Players cannot rest during downtime unless a downtime activity
specificaly allows it.
Players get a full rest before the start and at the end of each game.

| | | - | | | [ ]

Cracked Realms Coins (CR)

The Coins given to players as a reward for loyalty and time spent on the ser ver. These coins will never be pay to win, they can only be obtained through hard
work and dedication.

CR Coins are an out-of-game currency that is earned by playing in the campaign. You can only use them when you are not in a game or at the end/start of a
Earning Cr

Cacked Realm Coins Action
Gain 05 Cr The DM will award this at the end of every session.
Gain 10 Cr Make a backstory in the discord. (# │characters-backstory)
Gain 10 Cr Make a journal note in the discord. (# │character-journals)
GM Earning Cr:

A Gm will get 5Cr per Player that shows up to and play in their game (Max 25Cr).

Spending CR Coins

Cracked Realm Coins Action
Spend 10 Cr Add 1 XP to the server
Spend 01 Cr Add 50gp to your bank.
Spend 05 Cr Get 1 Downtime Point.
Spend 03 Cr Get 1 Inspiration on a character you own.
Spend 20 Cr Gain 1 "Unstable shard of time"
Spend 20 Cr Unlock 1 Race

| | | - | | | [ ]

Complication Table
When all else fails, an adventurer can turn to an honest trade to earn a
living. This activity represents a character's attempt to find temporary work, Each Time you do this downtime activity brings a 5 % c h a n c e t h a t a
the quality and wages of which are difficult to predict. c h a r a c t e r e n c o u n t e r s a c o m p l i c a t i o n (Roll a D100 on a 5 or less roll
on the table below)
D6 Complication
1 A difficult customer or a fight with a coworker. (Reduces the
wages you earn this check by 25%)
Work is always available if you know where to look and only requires:
2 Your employer is having financial difficulties. (Reduces the wages
you earn this check by 50%)
1 D T P
Results 3 A coworker with ties to an important family in town takes a
dislike to you. (You have disadvantage on your next 1d4 Downtime
To determine how much money a character earns, the character makes an
4 Your employer is involved with a dark cult or a criminal
ability check using:
enterprise. (take a -5 Penalty to your checks for NEXT Downtime
Any Skill ( You need to justify the skill you choose to your GM)
Intelligence using a set of tools
Charisma using a musical instrument. 5 A crime ring targets your business for extortion. (Reduces the
wages you earn this check by 75% and you pay the thugs 10gp)
Then, based on your result you earn a flat wage of gold.
6 You gain a reputation for laziness (unjustified or not). (You have
You bulk roll by spending 4 DTP. Make a single roll then multiply the
disadvantage on your next Downtime Activity)
wage by your 4 DTP spent, for your Gold reward. You then make only 1
complication roll.
Result Wage
1-5 2gp x Character Level
6-10 4gp x Character Level
11-15 7gp x Character Level
16-20 10gp x Character Level
21-25 15gp x Character Level
26-30 20gp x Character Level
31+ 25gp x Character Level

| | | - | | | [ ]

Pit Fighting
Complication Table
Pit fighting involves boxing, wrestling and other non-lethal forms of
combat in an organised setting with predetermined matches Each Time you do this downtime activity brings a 2 5 % c h a n c e t h a t a
c h a r a c t e r e n c o u n t e r s a c o m p l i c a t i o n (Roll a D100 on a 25 or less roll
on the table below)
Resources D6 Complication
1 An opponent swears to take revenge on you. (Your Next pit fight
Pit fighting is a tough business, you can spend several days training before
has +5DC to all checks.)
your match and networking before being able to fight, tickets dont sell
2 A crime boss approaches you and offers to pay you to
themselves therefore you must spend the aforementioned items per
attempt; intentionally lose the next match and he will pay you 50GP. The
next time you do this downtime you can forgo rolling and instead
choose to loose with 0 sucesses and collect the 50gp. (if you do
1 D T P
any other downtime instead or win your next match you take 2
Results Major injuries as the crime boss has a hit squad "take care of you")
3 You defeat a popular local champion drawing the crowd's ire.
(Your Next Fight's reward is reduced by 50%)
You must make a series of checks, the GM will roll a DC for each to
determine at random the quality of the competition you run into. Part of
4 You defeat a Noble's servant, drawing the wrath of the Noble's
the risk of Pit Fighting is the unknown nature of your oponent.
house. They have their butler beat you up after the fight. Take 1
Major injury
To fight you must make three checks. If you are proficient with a Weapon
you may replace one of these checks with an Attack roll using that
5 You are accused of cheating. Only you know the truth of
whatever you did (or didn't), but your reputation is tarnished
Check DC Check either way, loose 3 DTP trying to rebuild your reputation, You
cannot use this downtime untill you do.
1st 8 + 1d8 + Character Lv Strength (Athletics)
6 You accidentally deliver a fatal blow to your last opponent you
2nd 8 + 1d8 + Character Lv Dexterity (Acrobatics) get punished by the pit lord; They hold you down whilst they
3rd 8 + 1d8 + Character Lv Constitution (Save) beat you. you take 3 majour injuries and one other complication
roll this table again, if you roll a 6 you dont take another.
Before each check you roll you can choose to increased the DC by 1, it
multiples for each time you do; add (5 G x Character Level) to the

Each roll must beat the DCs to be a Success, when determining the
outcome of your Pit Fighting consult the Success Table below.

Success Table
Successes Value
0 Lose your fights. Earn (5gp x Character Level) and (1
Major injury x amount of increases to DC)
1 Earn (5gp x Character Level) + (1 Major injury x amount
of increases to DC)
2 Earn (25gp x Character Level)
3 Earn (50gp x Character Level)

| | | - | | | [ ]

Prostitution Results
Client Acquisition
Being a freelance prostitute is quite a bit riskier than carrying water or Prowess
unloading ships. However, it also has the potential to open up unique Roll Client Type Base Pay Modifier
opportunities and connections for your character.
1-5 Slumdweller 1gp x Character Level +6
Resources 6-9 Lower-Class 5gp x Character Level +5
10- Lower Middle 10gp x Character +4
12 Class Level
The prostitution activity will require;
13- Middle Class 15gp x Character +3
1 D T P 17 Level
checks 18- Upper Middle 20gp x Character +2
23- Upper-Class 25gp x Character +1
Two checks are made to determine the success of a night spent engaged
27 Level
in prostitution, a Client Acquisition check, followed by Prowess check.
28+ Nobility 30gp x Character +0
Client Acquisition: Level
The value of a night of prostitution is quite variable depending on the
quality of client that can be secured. This check speaks to the Prowess
Roll Rating Income
practitioner's skill in landing a valuable client, and can be made using one
of the following checks:
1-7 Dismal NO PAY + Dirty Rumour
P e r f o r m a n c e : Demonstrate the capacity of your body
8-9 Un-Skilled (BAD) 0.50 x base pay + Dirty Rumour
P e r s u a s i o n : Convince clients of the value of the experience
10-13 Underwhelming 0.50 x base pay
I n s i g h t : Identify the hidden needs of people around you.
Prowess: 14-20 Satisfactory 1.00 x base pay + Dirty Rumour
Regardless of the client, your character's social and sexual performance in 21-29 Memorable 1.00 x base pay
the bedroom can influence the income. This check speaks to the
30-34 Impressive 2.00 x base pay
practitioner's skill in satisfying their client's needs, and can be made using
35-39 Amazing 2.00 x base pay
one of the following checks:
40+ Unforgettable 3.00 x base pay
A c r o b a t i c s : Use of motion, rhy thm, and tantra.
A t h l e t i c s : Use of muscle, power, and endurance.
D e c e p t i o n : Use of mind, motive, and discipline.
Complication Table
Dirty Rumour
Each Time you do this downtime activity brings a 3 0 % c h a n c e t h a t a
Your client has spread a rumor that you are c h a r a c t e r e n c o u n t e r s a c o m p l i c a t i o n (Roll a D100 on a 30 or less roll
terrible at what you do. You receive -5 to Client on the table below)
Acquisition rolls until you roll a Prowess check of D10 Complication
Impressive or higher.
1-3 You contract 1 disease
4-5 You receive a Major Injury from overexertion or rough handling
6 You've endured a traumatic sexual experience. (Lose 10gp
hiring a therapist)
7 Your client is indiscrete, and news of your deeds reache your
social circle (Your next check is done at disadvantage for
8 You have attracted the attention of an aggressive and persistent
pimp (Lose 50% of your income on the check but gain advantage
on your next check)
9 Caught! Your client's spouse knows your face... and hates it
(Lose 100% of your income on the check)
10 Your client develops an infatuation with you, and feels entitled
to your exclusive attention (Loose 1 DTP)

| | | - | | | [ ]


Who says crime doesn't pay? Well, I guess anyone who got caught... Loot Table
This activity gives you the opportunity to make some extra cash, at the risk DC Loot Value
of arrest or injury.
5 7gp x Character Level
Resources 10 15gp x Character Level
15 30gp x Character Level
During downtime the only crimes you can commit are m i n o r c r i m e s that 20 40gp x Character Level
25 50gp x Character Level
include activities such as pickpocketing, Gambling, Distibution of drugs,
Smuggling. These take little time and few resources to prepare for, but
30 70gp x Character Level
still require you to research your target and as such you must spend per
35 100gp x Character Level
1 D T P 40 150gp x Character Level
You can reduce the DC by 3 DC by spending EXTRA DTP in
multimples of 2, to a Minimum of DC 15
Results Complications Table
You make a series of checks with the DCs for all checks dependent on
Each Time you do this downtime activity brings a 3 5 % c h a n c e t h a t a
the scale of the crime being committed.
c h a r a c t e r e n c o u n t e r s a c o m p l i c a t i o n (Roll a D100 on a 35 or less roll
on the table below)
To attempt a crime, you must make 3 checks, Each Check that passes
D6 Complication
the DC is a success, you require 2 Successes in order to commit a
crime successfully.
1 Due to rushing, you dropped some of the Loot. (You Lose 5gp)
2 You were mildly injured during your escapades. (Roll on the Injury
You choose the DC Level of the Crime. The harder the crime the
higher the reward, however the Consequences scale with the DC as
3 You were slow to leave and a witness managed to get a vauge
well if you fail.
description of you. The guards are more likely to grow suspicious
Crimes Checks: of you. (1d3 of your sucesses for this Crime check become Fails.)
Check No. Check Stat Options 4 You stole from an individual with a couple of friends. A few
people in the city are vigilantly searching for you. (You are unable
1. Perception or Investigation to use this downtime untill you have used relaxatuion downtime)
2. Sleight of Hand or Athletics or Stealth 5 The Crime department has taken notice of your feats. (Gain
3. Acrobatics or Deception or Performance Disadvantage on your next Crime check)
6 Your Crime was made infamous. (Gain a cool alias e.g. "Cat man"
and 10% extra total gold reward on your next crime downtime.)

| | | - | | | [ ]

Requires Property
Nothing beats a day of hard labour tending to crops in the open fields with Each Time you do this downtime activity it brings a 1 0 % c h a n c e t h a t a
the wind in your face, the smell of manure in your nose and the feeling of c h a r a c t e r e n c o u n t e r s a c o m p l i c a t i o n (Roll a D100 on a 10 or less roll
crusty soil on your hands. on the table below)
D6 Complication
Resources 1 A drought causes the quality of your crops to reduce. (Reduces
the wages you earn this check by 25%)
2 All of your crops wilt for some reason. (Reduces the wages you
Farming is simple, you can spend several days tilling the fields that you
earn this check by 50%)
own and sow your seads, then har vest them once ripe. you will require per
attempt; 3 The Local goverment appropriates your goods for war or military
use (Gain advantage on your next downtime roll and lose 50% of
your wage earned on the check)
A piece of property with 1 o r m o r e C r o p F i e l d on it. (T he Max No.
4 Your family name is dragged through the mud by an unhappy
wholesaler. (You have disadvantage on your next 1 Roll for
crop fields = 6)
( Optional) Hearbalism Tools o r Poisoners Kit
Results 5 An animal targets your business for nourishment. (you lose 10%
of your wage on this roll.)
6 You gain a reputation for great quality goods. (You have Advantage
1. C r o p Ta b l e :
on your next 3 Downtime checks)
Choose what type of crop you will be producing and spend DTP
asociated. (t his will determin ; How much DTP you need to spend,
What the Crop Yield GP will be, and the Growing DC)
2. C r o p Ta b l e :
Make your first Nature roll, This is against the Growing DC. (if you
pass you may make the second Nature roll. If you fail you loose your
DTP and fail the farming downtime.)
3. Wo r k Ta b l e :
Make your second Nature roll, This time consult the Work Table to
determin your Sale Multiplier
4. C r o p Ta b l e : + Wo r k Ta b l e :
Work out your Profit = Crop Yiled GP x Sale Multiplier
Crop Table
Crop DTP Roll 1: Growing
Name Crop Yield GP Cost DC
Wheat 1gp x No. Crop 1 8
Rice 2gp x No. Crop 1 10
Work Table
Roll 2: Work Sale Multiplier
1-9 1 x Character Level
10-14 2 x Character Level
15-19 3 x Character Level
21+ 4 x Character Level

| | | - | | | [ ]


Some times even the most experianced adventurers need help from a
shady indevidual

In order to gain a Contact you need a differing amount of time to gain
favour with different classes of people;
Uses of a contact
Contacts dissapear after you use them, and can reduce all DC of a single
dow time activity, this is dependant on their level of skill;
You can only use one contact per Downtime activity.
If you have the "Criminal Contact" Feature your contacts DC reduction
is 2x when used on "crime", but the loyalty Roll has disadvantage.

A perminant Contact dose not leave after you use them. (s ome quests
reward perminant contacts.)
Getting a contact

You can get a contact by spending DTP, See below table;
Contact Table
Skill level DTP Cost DC reduction
Commoner 1 1
Skilled 3 2
Professional 5 3

Loyalty Roll

Once you use a conrtact roll 1 D20 if 10 or less then they leave your
ser vice, if 11 or more they stay.
You can make a contact a member of your family by spending 10 DTP;
they will gain "Family Loyaly " and as such they roll advantage on there
loyalty roll after being used.

| | | - | | | [ ]

Religious Service A favor, in broad terms, is a promise of future assistance from a

representative of the temple. It can be expended in a number of ways,
Characters with a religious bent might want to spend downtime in service
to a temple, either by attending rites or by proselytizing in the community.
Someone who undertakes this activity has a chance of winning the favor of Asking the temple for help in dealing with a specific problem.
the temple's leaders. General political or social support.
Spend 1 divine favor to add 1d8 radiant damage to your next attack.
Spend 1 divine favor to add 1d8 to you saving throw.
Resources The d8 can be raised by one level for each divine favor you spend
above 1 up to a d12.
Spend 3 divine favors to get divine inter vention and automatically
Religion is a way of the faith and soul, to have beliefs in your god is
stabilize a creature of your choice to 1HP, can be used when the
necessar y and to have a conduit to them is more necessar y. Performing
creature is at 0 HP.
religious ser vices requires per attempt;
Using divine favour for other miracles should follow the same power
level as above.
a c c e s s t o , a n d o f t e n a t t e n d a n c e a t , a t e m p l e whose beliefs and
ethos~ align with the character's. A deity's inter vention, such as an omen, a vision , or a minor miracle
provided at a key moment. This favour is expended by the DM, who
1 D T P
Results also determines its nature.
At the end of the required time, the character chooses to make one of the
following checks;
Intelligence (Religion)
Each Time you do this downtime activity brings a 2 0 % c h a n c e t h a t a
Wisdom (I nsight)
c h a r a c t e r e n c o u n t e r s a c o m p l i c a t i o n (Roll a D100 on a 20 or less roll
Charisma (P ersuasion)
on the table below)
Complication Table
The results of the check determines the benefits of ser vice, as shown on
the Religious Ser vice table.
Religious Service D6 Complication
Roll Favours Earned 1 You have offended a priest through your words or actions. (You
lose 5gp repaying your offence)
1-10 No effect. Your efforts fail to make a lasting impression
2 Blasphemy is still blasphemy, even if you did it by accident (Lose
11-20 You earn one favour 2 Divine Favour, Min = 0 )
21+ You earn two favours 3 A secret sect in the temple offers you membership (Learn a Peace
of lore of your chosen religion from a GM)
4 Another temple tries to recruit you as a spy (Lose 1 Rep in a
5 The temple elders implore you to take up a holy quest (Gain a
nonsensical new goal for your character e.g. find the holy grail)
6 You accidentally discover that an important person in the temple
is a fiend worshipper (Take 1 major injury as you are injured trying
to escape them.)

| | | - | | | [ ]

Research Complications

Forewarned is forearmed. The research downtime activity allows a character
to delve into lore concerning a monster, location, magic item or some Each Time you do this downtime activity brings a 2 0 % c h a n c e t h a t a
other particular topic. c h a r a c t e r e n c o u n t e r s a c o m p l i c a t i o n (Roll a D100 on a 20 or less roll
on the table below)
Resources Complication Table
D6 Complication
Research is a task of the mind, but that does not come cheap, a character
1 A book curses or attacks you causing you take take 1 injurie
2 You come across a horros in the library and are forced to deal
with it make an attack roll against a DC 1d20+10, on a pass you
1 D T P
may finish your research, on a fail you loose access to the library
2 0 g p x C h a r a c t e r l e v e l (1 /2 if you have the sage background)
Results for the day and fail your research topic.
3 You come across a more interesting topic than your initial
research objecitve. You can ask the GM for a Topic, you learn it
You declare the focus of your research
and fail your origenal objective
4 You fall asleep in the library, roll a wisdom save DC 12 + your
a specific person
level, on a pass your research roll become a 21+, on a fail you are
thing trapped in a dream that is so realistic you loose 1d12 DTP trying
Enchanted Item in your inventor y. to get out of it, waking up with your head in a book.
5 You come across a forbiden tomb, Roll a Stealth check DC 15 +
A recipie for an enchantment.
A spell that you have a leveled spell slot for. your level, on a pass your are fine and manage to sneak it back to
the correct section, if you fail a guard finds you and fines you for
reading forbidden material loose 10gp x your level
After Spending the resorces requitred you make 1 Intelligence Check.
You can choose top spend Gold in incriments fo 100 with a max of 600 6 The librarian hates your presence and throws you out of the
library, you cannot conduct reaseatch again untill you have done
to get a +1 per 100 spent(m aximum of +6.)
another downtime.
If your character has access to knowledgeable sage then you may roll
with A d v a n t a g e .
Research Outcomes
Roll Research Learned
1-5 Learn nothing
6-10 Your next attempt has a +1 and Advantage
11- You Learn About your oibjective
21+ You Learn you objective and you learn One 1st level Spell or
Cantrip (Must be a class that you have that can learn it, and you
must have a spell slot for it if leveled).

| | | - | | | [ ]


These are items which have been imbued with the energy and lifeblood of a
god. Players are considered inheritors of Morridan and therefore have been
given the right to make such items.


A character can make an item into an heirloom by spending time imbuing
their life energy into it. The cost of this is;
Minor Beneficial Properties
28 DTP (h eirloom can be created for 1/2 the DTP If you crafted the
d100 Property
A ny i t e m t o m a k e i n t o a n h e i r l o o m (An heirloom item can be any
01-20 While attuned to the artifact, you gain proficiency in one skill
item your character owns, such as "a feather" to "Plate armor")
[choose this skill on creation].
Results 21-30 While attuned to the artifact, you are immune to disease.
31-40 While attuned to the artifact, you can't be charmed or
You get to Name the Heirloom and work with a DM to make it a frightened.
41-50 While attuned to the artifact, you 30ft of darkvision, if you
permanent part of the world lore.
already have darkvision it extends it by this amount.
The item gains one random Effect from "Minor Beneficial Properties"
Table. 51-60 While attuned to the artifact, you can use an action to cast
one cantrip from [choose at creation] it.
When selling an Heirloom they sell for 100% of that items value
61-70 While attuned to the artifact, you can use an action to cast
one 1st-level spell (chosen at creation) from it. After you cast
instead of 50%.
the spell, roll a d6. On a roll of 1-5, you can't cast it again until
It is possible to lose an Heirloom if it gets stolen, lost or looted from
the next dawn.
your dead corpse.
71-80 As 61-70 above, except the spell is 2nd level. The die
Heirlooms are special so even if it is sold to an NP C it will apear in the becomes a D8
81-90 As 61-70 above, except the spell is 3rd level. The die
stor y again.
becomes a D10
if a Heirloom is destroyed it's desruction will be written into the
permanent world lore. 91-00 While attuned to the artifact, gain an extra 10ft of movment.
additional info
Effects of Hairlooms do not stack with each other.
You can only make an item an heriloom once.
With the Guidance of a GM, and permision the hairloom's effec can be
more specific.

| | | - | | | [ ]

The prodigy (Int Mod)
Given enough free time and the services of an instructor, a character can
learn a language or pick up proficiency with a tool. The amount of D T P you must spend is r e d u c e d by your character's
I n t e l l i g e n c e m o d i f i e r
Resources & Results Negative Int mod will cost you more DTP
Max increase of 2
Max reduction of 4
At the end of the character's required number of days training they will
Int Mod DTP Proficiency DTP Expertise DTP Feat
earn Proficiency or Expertise in the Language, Skill or Tool chosen.

-2 7 12 17
Learning is a difficult task and in the world of Britania there are few
-1 6 11 16
people that can provide you with the knowledge and help you understand
+0 5 10 15
it, thus this is both a time consuming process and an expensive one. Both
Proficiency & Expertise have their own requirements and Feats are much
+1 4 9 14
harder to achieve :
+2 3 8 13

+3 2 7 12
P r o f i c i e n c y : (S kill, Tool or Language)
+4 1 6 11
30gp x Character level
The Trainer
E x p e r t i s e : (S kill or Tool)
10 DTP
You can have another player train you This replaces the costs of
100gp x Charcater level
"Training" with;
Proficiency in the skill
The trainee spends no down time points and the trainer spends 1/2
Fe a t s
the normal DTP cost (M inimal 1 & Rounded up) of the skill you wish
to learn,
15 DTP
200gp x Character level x The number of Feats the character has
The person learning the skill still pays the gold cost to the guild and
the Trainer will recive 1/2 of the gold spent.
Primal Training The person Training you must know what you want to learn (P rof,
Expert, Feat).
You can also have your pets and mounts go though training downtime;
You must meet any pre-requisits meet any prerequisits still.
This costs 2x the Resorces it would normaly cost
Prof & Expert are the same as a normal character
Pets can learn from both the Vanity Pet Feats and the Character Feats The amount of D T P you must spend is r e d u c e d by the person your
trainings I n t e l l i g e n c e m o d i f i e r
Negative Int mod will cost you more DTP
Max increase of 1
Max reduction of 3
Trainee Int DTP DTP DTP
Mod Proficiency Expertise Feat
-1 3 6 8
+0 3 5 8
+1 2 5 7
+2 2 4 7
+3 1 4 6

| | | - | | | [ ]


Sometimes the best thing to do between adventures is relax. Whether a
character wants a hard-earned vacation or to recover from some injuries,
relaxation is the ideal option for adventurers who need a break.


Relaxation takes your character out of action for some time to let them
relax on a beach or holiday home, or even their own home, giving them
what they need for some time. The activity requires the following to use
each time:
3 Downtime Point
10gp x Your level

While relaxing a character gains advantage on saving throws to recover
from long-acting poisons and diseases. At the end of the week the
character may c h o o s e f r o m o n e of the following options:
Removes 2 level of Exaustion.
Take a Long rest on 1 character.
Remove 1 Injur y & 1 Disease.
Remove 2 Injur y
Removes 2 Diseases.
These benefits cannot be used if the harmful effect is caused by a spell
that is still ongoing.

| | | - | | | [ ]

Deal with the Devil
The Churches are built for more than just worshipping gods, they also
house powerful healers and magic users. Those most connected to If this is the Player's character first dies & their
Morridan are able to use true resurrection magic and can revive someone soul was not captured by a soul stone. The player
as long as their soul is intact. may ignore the resorce requirements and revive
their character. However, the cost of this is on
Resources your next death your soul cannot be captured by
a soul stone. Additionaly you must do any one
thing the demon that revives you tells you to do
Reviving someone is a difficult task. It requires some time, money and
to the best of your ability or you will immediately
specific requirements to revive a person;
50gp x Level of character reviving

A Soul Stone containing the soul of the dead person. It becomes an
You do not take the normal results either, instead
(e mpty) soul stone after use.
you revive as a Death Marked at level 0 and
1 devine favours x Level of character reviving
Results create a new character, you maintain all
memories. but you must be a different race. You
also gain a new name as your soul is forced into a
After Revival the person revived returns naked without any equipment.
random commoner who is Deathmakred.
You gain 4 levels of exaustion.

| | | - | | | [ ]

Crafting & Enchanting Items
(Ko-Fi) Only

Crafting and Enchanting is an Extensive, Expensive and and as such
requires a seperate book to do. Please follow the link to the Crafting
Downtime S.U.D.

S.U.D. Crafting Downtime

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

| | | - | | | [ ]

Property is an Extensive, Expensive and and as such requires a seperate
book to do. Please follow the link to the Property Downtime S.U.D.

S.U.D. Property Downtime

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

| | | - | | | [ ]

Vanity Pet Creation
(Ko-Fi) Only

Vanity pets are an Extensive, Expensive and and as such requires a seperate
book to do. Please follow the link to the Vanity Pets S.U.D.

S.U.D. Vaniy Pets

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

| | | - | | | [ ]

War Downtime
(lords + Gms Only)

The War System is Extensive, Expensive and and as such requires a
seperate book to do. Please follow the link to the War System Downtime

S.U.D. War System Downtime

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

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