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• This bed is made to facilitate the dressing of
the stump.
Making An

• To ensure that the stump is visible to the staff
Amputation moving about the ward, so that immediately

any hemorrhage may be observed.


• It is commonly found that the stump quivers.

Making An • This is uncomfortable and distressing for the


Amputation • The stump is immobilized by using a towel and

Bed two sandbags.

• The bed is modified depending upon where the

amputation has occurred.

• The bed is made up to the level of a simple bed.

• The flannelette sheet is placed over the patient’s
chest, trunk and the good leg
Amputation • The dressing mackintosh and dressing towel are placed

where the stump will lie.

above knee • To prevent quivering of the stump

• The second dressing towel is placed over the thigh and
held firmly by placing the sandbags over it at either

side of the thigh.

• The cradle is then placed over the stump.

• The bed is now made up with the divide at the level of
the stump.

• Requirement is as of amputation above knee.

Amputation • The bed is made up to the level of simple bed

until the flannelette sheet and the bed cradle

Bed Below is in position.

The Knee • The bed is then made up as for simple bed,

but the top bed clothes at the stump side are

turned back over the cradle

• This is tucked in at the bottom

on the other side, thus exposing
Amputation the stump to view.

Below Knee

Prosedur Persediaan

Katil Amputasi

1. Disposable sheet

2. Dressing Towel

3. 2 Sandbags In Covers
Equipment 4. Cradle

5. Linens

• These are appliances used in bed making:

➢To provide comfort of the patient

➢For the protection of bed linen
Equipment ➢Prevention of pressure sores

➢To facilitate putting the patient into bed

without delay etc.

• A bed cradle

➢It is a device designed to keep the top

bedclothes off the feet, legs and even the
abdomen of the patient.


• Footboard or foot boot

➢These are used to support the
immobilized client’s foot in a normal right

angle to the legs to prevent plantar

flexion contractures

• Intravenous rods/ stands/ poles/ standards

➢These are made up of metal to support IV

infusion containers while fluid is being

administered to a client.
Equipment ➢These rods are free standing on the floor

beside the bed or are attached to the

hospital bed.

• Side rails/ bed rails

➢These are used on both hospital beds and


Equipment ➢They are of various shapes and sizes and

are made of metal.

➢The side rails serve as a safe effective

means of preventing a patient from a fall.

• Hot water bottle

➢They are used to provide warmth for the


➢They are made up of rubber.

Equipment ➢Observe the demonstrations on how to
fill a hot water bottle.

• Air rings are covered and placed on a bed to
lift the wait of the patient off the bed.

• Bed rest/ back rest.

➢These may be attached to or separate

from the bed and pulled forward if

required in cardiac condition, asthma etc.

➢Bed elevators and bed blocks are made

up of wood or metal and have several
Equipment rings /rungs at varying heights on which

the bar of the bed may be supported.

• Sandbags are made up of impermeable

material which is filled with sand. This is used

to immobilize a limb.

• Heart table / cardiac table are specially made

table that can be drawn up in front of the

patient during meals time, when sitting
Equipment upright and leaning slightly forward.

• Fracture boards provide firm base for the bed

to prevent bit from sagging

No Prosedur

1 Nilai keperluan klien

2 Sediakan katil troli / peralatan

3 Lapang Kawasan keliling katil
Persediaan 4 Letak fraktur board di bawah tilam yang kukuh

5 Sedia katil basik
Katil 6 Lindungi cadar dengan linen protector

7 Letak dressing towel di atas linen protector
Amputasi 8 Terima pesakit dan letak di atas katil

9 Letak sand bag yang telah berbalut:

9.1 below knee: di kedua-dua sisi lutut

9.2 above knee: di kedua-dua sisi stump

10 Bantu pesakit ke posisi selesa

11 Kemas peralatan

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