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jaxon has had a really bad day. his car runs out of gas and he almost didnt make it to the football game

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Published by Hunter Olson, 2019-05-08 11:56:59

Hunter Olson - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT

jaxon has had a really bad day. his car runs out of gas and he almost didnt make it to the football game

Trouble on the

by : Hunter Olson

Jaxon woke up at 5:00 am because he was super
excited for his big game today. He plays football for the
MINNESOTA VIKINGS. So first, he got out of bed and
got some clothes to wear and then got into the shower.
After he was done taking a shower he got dressed and
called his friend Hunter. After that, he went to pick up
Hunter and then they went to get breakfast.

Then they went to MCDONALDS to get some
breakfast. So they got some coffee, breakfast
sandwiches, pancakes, and hashbrowns. Also, the
breakfast looked as good as cookies and milk.

Then when they started eating, some of their fans
were at MCDONALDS and they asked for their
autographs. So, when they were done eating they went
to let out Hunters dog. If you didn't know, Hunter is a
person that I play football with. Then when they were
done letting out Hunter’s dog, they started heading for
the football game.

Then when we were on our way to the football
game we ran into a bit of trouble. Now let me tell you
about their journey to the football game.

We just started going to the game, but when we
left, we knew we needed to be there early because we
were the most popular people there. So when we were
on our way the car ran out of gas, so we called my dad to
come and bring us to the nearest gas station.

When my dad got here we went to the gas station
then I noticed I couldn't find my wallet, so Hunter paid for
the gas. So I said I would pay him back, but he rejected,
so I said ok.

When we got back on the road, my dad went back
home. But like thirty minutes later, we saw someone's
car break down, so we offered them a ride. Then brought
him to the nearest place that tows cars and gave him
some money cuz he was a guy that does a blog about

Then we got back on the road and then made it to
the football game then took some pictures with some
fans and then did the game. Then when the game was
done, we won, and then we all celebrated on the 10 wins
in a row. We went to an Italian restaurant and ate a lot of
pasta and breadsticks. Then when we were done, we
went on the trip back home.

Then we went home and on the way, we saw the
guy that got his car towed. We stopped because he
wanted us to and then he said thank you. We said,
¨You´re welcome.

¨Then he said he wanted our autographs so we
said, ¨ok¨. We saw someone else come and it was the
guy's wife and kids and then said thank you. He wanted
some autographs because they were for the guy's kids.

Then at the end of that day, they went to the house
and played some games like Fortnite, Black ops 4,
ANTHEM, and Minecraft. Then when he was playing the
games he was getting a lot of wins in the games he was
playing at his house.

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