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alex is a young man from mn whos not having a good day

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Published by Carson Spray, 2019-05-08 11:13:46

The Never Ending Day

alex is a young man from mn whos not having a good day

​BY: Carson Spray

Have you ever had a bad day? Well!, This one could
possibly be the worst. Alex is 26 years old. Its November
17, 2019. He lives in Minnesota, and his job is a football
commentator there is a blizzard going on right now.

and he has to be at his job by 8:00 or else he will be
fired! because that will be the 6th time he will be late this
month, and he has to drive there in his red Ferrari in the
blizzard which isn't a good car for snow.

It's currently 7:45 am, His job is only 5 minutes away,
and he just got all of his clothes on and is heading to his
car and opens the garage door and heads to work. On the
way to work, the highway roads are so icy that Alex skirts
across the road and goes into the ditch. He figures out he
has to call a friend who has a big red Chevy truck that
goes through snow like nothing and does not slip on ice.

His friend said he would be there in 5 minutes, but it's
7:50 and Alex is waiting in his car until his friend gets there
and he's running a little late. His friend is there at 7:55 and
picks Alex up. He brings him to work and its 7:59 now

he just gets there in time and his boss is mad, but
says you're fine, and Alex is ready to go and never got

After he was done with work, he was exhausted, but
he didn't have his car. IT was towed out, and he has to go
pick it up he calls his friend to come to pick him up and
bring him there. When Alex finally gets there, he takes his
keys and gets in his car and drives home and guess what
happened he got stuck in the snow AGAIN!

He has to call his friend for the third time today He
has been triggered his friend is tired of running back and
forth to pick him up but he's so mad he just Tows Alex’s
car home while Alex is in the pick up. He is so
questionable how he got stuck.


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