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Published by CYNTHIALIZZE GUTIERREZ, 2019-09-19 21:44:21

A Snapshot of Cynthializze

A Snapshot of Cynthializze

A Snapshot of


f Cynthializze

lizze Gutierrez Per.2 9/17/19


I was born in Harbor-UCLA Med
Center at 11:27 am. The day was Feb
2006. When I was born my grandma,
aunt, auncle, mom, dad, and family m
were there to see me. When there wa
visitors, in the night I didn’t let my m
at all. I will sleep in the morning and
night I will stay wide awake. I stayed
hospital for 3 days and then it was tim
home. I didn’t want to go home becau
crying and crying.

bruary 1st
, grandpa,
as no more
mom sleep
d in the
d in the
me to go
use I was

Event 1

A important life event is when I went to Six
my first time there and it looked pretty scary. My
me and my sister to get on a rollercoaster but it
scary. We were in line waiting and it was our tur
mom got on with my sister and I got on with a ra
didn't know at all. But, I got off because I felt like
to throw up. My mom got mad but then,they let h
with me and I was still nerves. We got on and it w
and I was screaming. Then, we got to where ther
loop and it didn’t feel like nothing. The ride came
complete stop and we got off at the station. I wa
said, “I want to go on again.” It was fun. That’s w
rollercoasters after I got on my 1st one to try it.

Flags. It was
y mom told
rn next. My
andom lady I
e I was going
her get on
was scary
re was a
e to a
as okay but I
why I like

Event 2

Another event is when I turned into a black belt. I
in taekwondo for 3 years and it was time that I reach th
do my black belt test. The test was on a Saturday. I stu
belt like poomsae, one-step, and self defense.I had to
stamp for each belt to do my test. On the day of the tes
me, sister, and friends. Me and my sister were nerves
the masters had to pick 3 random belts for us to do.My
a hard time remembering so lucky me i got the easy be
got the hard belts. Then we moved on to sparring. We
to fight 2 people vs. one of us and it was funny but har
moved on to board breaking where we had to jump ove
people and do a flying sidekick. It too me 3 tries to end
breaking it. Then, I also had to break 4 boards with the
choose to do. Lastly, to finish the test I had to break 7
with my bare hand in a fist.

I have been
he point to
udied every
get a
st it was
y sister had
elts and she
each had
rd. We
er 2-3
d up
e kicks that I
to 8 boards

Event 3

Last event is when my sister was born. When
my sister was born I was kind of happy and mad
because I thought I was going to be the only child
and happy because I will have a sister to play wit
When my sister was born I was not there because
was with my grandma and grandpa. When, I got t
see her I realized that it was my mom’s birthday s
we bought her a cake and balloons when we went
to Saint Mary hospital. I was happy and now I
have more siblings to deal with. So that’s why thi
event is important to me because I thought me an
my sister were going to be the only one.




All About the Author

Cynthializze Gutierrez was
born in Carson,Ca. Her
birthday is in February 1st,
2006. She has two sphynx
cats and 3 siblings and one
little sister to be born on
December. She lives with her
mom and dad. She is also a
taekwondo 1sr dan black belt
just like her sister. Her favorite
shoe brand is Vans. She like
to play video games, sleep,
and play outside with friends
or her siblings.

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