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2015 BizNewz Editors CV

The Ageing Footballer ‘Do something worth writing, WRITE something
worth reading’ – Benjamin Franklin EDITOR
S everal months ago at the conclusion of my term as head of the so-
Haslenna Hamdan is a Senior Lec-
cial science cluster I wrote a story about my days as a half-baked foot- turer in Marketing at Universiti
baller and its similarity to my university job. I know it is hard to imagine Writing has been Madam Azian Abd Ghani’s passion as Teknologi MARA Terengganu. She
that a person of my physical stature once ran up, down, diagonally, and she was actively involved in editorial board since she was graduated in Bachelor in Business
across the field with sweat rolling down my face. Suffice to say most of in school. She was also the editorial board in SAPURA Administration (Hons) in De Mont-
my efforts were futile as I had very mediocre skills and poor stamina. But, Telecommunication Bhd. She likes collecting quotations and fort University, Leicester, United
as a hopelessly foolish young fellow, it didn’t bother me at all that my at- kept a scrap book during her schooldays. The writing that Kingdom and MBA in Universiti
tempts were mostly useless. I simply chased, dribbled, and kicked the ball she consistently do until today, is jotting down her daily Teknologi MARA Shah Alam. Cur-
with so much commitment and vigor that my madman passion cancelled activities in her diary. Her do’a is may Allah bless all of us rently she is pursuing her doc-
out whatever else I was lacking. But that was once upon a time. I hung and make us people of knowledge and live by it. ...‘Walk our toral studies at Universiti Sains
my boots a long time ago and my jerseys are now tucked somewhere Talk’... Malaysia. Her academic interest
under the heap of old clothes and never to see the light of day again. is on halal and tayyib food con-
sumption, Islamic entertainment
The truth is, time changes everything. Passion, determination, ambitions, and other related Islamic market-
and life in general change as I go through my many life phases. And when ing principles and strategies. She has published in various
things change, I’d reevaluate and realign my personal goals and purposes. academic journals and has been presenting academic pa-
I came to the realization that football is a game that I cannot play anymore WAN MAZIAH BINTI WAN AB RAZAK pers at local and international conferences. Haslenna also is
as I grow older and as energetic younger men with greater passion and LOGISTIC EDITOR a member of International Islamic Marketing Organization.
ambition took over the playing field. I cannot outrun them; I cannot outwit them; and I simply cannot match them
in almost every aspect of the game. So the right thing to do was to bow graciously, step aside, and then step out Born in Kuala Terengganu on 28th of March 1980, the first
of the playing field. The truth is I no longer have the energy or the reason to run up, down, diagonally, and across daughter of Wan Ab Razak and YM Tengku Saidatul Akmal
the field anymore. I lost the strength and passion to chase the ball down the field or to dribble it past monster- Tengku Abdul Halim Shah, the name given was Wan Maz-
sized defenders. I lost the will to be part of the action and preferred to be on the sidelines as a passive, but oc- iah Wan Ab Razak. Her nickname is Ima as called by her late FATHIYAH ISMAIL- BAHASA MELAYU
casionally noisy, spectator and felt content to let my past adventures and misadventures on the football field go. grandma. She is a very friendly and enthusiastic person in EDITOR
performing her work. She likes to create bonds and able to
Similarly, once upon a time not too long ago, I was an ambitious young man building my career. I was charting my future join with her teammates in UiTM (Terengganu). She loves Fathiyah Ismail is a lecturer
and naturally I wanted to move up the career ladder just like everyone else. And I did manage to achieve certain suc- writing and hope that she could have her own novel one of the Faculty of Business
cesses in my 30-year career span as an academician and an administrator; though these successes are nothing to shout day! Being a former English teacher at IMTIAZ had given Management, UiTM Tereng-
about.At the early stage of my long career, just like during my sweaty football days, I was passionate and determined and her priceless experience and inspired her in her career as a ganu. She was born in 1977
whatever weaknesses and limitations I had were effectively cancelled out by my determination and sense of purpose. Lecturer.... She said ‘So, Lets’ start Writing & Enjoy Your Day!’ in Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia.
In her current position, Fathi-
During my younger days I had strong self-determination to stay on the football team and the same tenacity was yah Ismail teaches courses in
present in my quest to build a good career. In football I enjoyed being picked quite regularly to fill the right flank po- finance. She has been with
sition and I equally enjoyed being selected quite regularly by the university’s top management to fill various admin- UiTM Terengganu for 13
istrative positions. I was so involved in the university administration that in my 30 years of service I’d estimate that years. Her primary areas of
interest include investment
only for a combined total of three years that I didn’t hold any sort of administrative posts; analysis, Malaysian deriva-
but even when in the rare instance I was not an administrator, I was still quite involved HAPIZA OMAR- BAHASA MELAYU tives, portfolio management
in various management committees that effectively put me in a decision-making role. EDITOR and applications and Islamic takaful/insurance. Hap-
pily married and has been bestowed with a daughter.
Just like when I was on the football field where I ran up, down, diagonally, and across An energetic iron lady that lead the Business Faculty in
the field, I too ran up, down, diagonally, and across campus or even across states UiTM Terengganu, Hapiza Omar is from the land of paddy
to get work done. That didn’t mean that I can get my work done well, but I was pas- and is married to a Terengganuian man. She holds a degree
sionate and motivated enough to help the university accomplish its goals and such in Bachelor of Economics and Master in Economics both
determination cancelled out my many shortcomings. Just like on the football field, from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She is the eldest in the family and possesses a leadership trait that molds her leadership style in the Faculty
commitment and determination can effectively camouflage weaknesses. I’m of Business Management. Her friendly and easy approach personality makes her office room a welcoming place for her students and colleagues
not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing, but it did give people the im- to gather around for her advice and personal consultation.
pression that I was qualified and competent when, in fact, I was not. In ret- Page
rospect, I suppose such deception, though unintentional, is a bad thing. 1 Page
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Najah Lukman is currently a senior lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Mara (Terengganu) Perginya Seorang Kakak
and has been a lecturer here for 13 years. She obtained her degree in Bachelor of Zalinawati Binti Abdullah (Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan)
Science in Business Administration from University of Arizona, Tucson, USA and MBA Mengenali arwah PM Dr. Siti Haryati Shaikh Ali dengan panggilan mesra Kak Ct menjadikan
from Universiti Teknologi Mara. She has had experience working in the private sec- aku seorang yang lebih matang. Banyak perkara yang aku buat akan merujuk kepada Kak
tors prior to being a lecturer and also held various administrative posts since being a Ct. Ini adalah kerana Kak Ct sangat ikhlas dalam memberi pendapat. Sebenarnya dalam
lecturer. Though writing is not her forte, she would like to start this new experience diam Kak Ct pandai menilai seseorang. Kak Ct seorang yang sangat memahami dan tidak
here at BizNewz and welcome everyone to share this experience with her. jemu dalam memberi sokongan dalam apa jua keadaan.
Rutin harian kami biasanya akan ada perkara yang dibincangkan salah satu isu wajib
YAU’MEE HAYATI HJ MOHAMED NORCHAHAYA JOHAR– ENGLISH ialah penyelidikan dan penulisan. Individu yang banyak membantu kami dalam penyelidikan
YUSOF-LAYOUT & GRAPHIC EDITOR dan penulisan ialah PM Norudin Mansor. Kami memang seronok membincangkan isu ini
selain dari pengajaran dan pembelajaran. Penyelidikan dan penulisan selalu ditekankan oleh
Yau’Mee is currently a senior lecturer from Faculty of She started her teaching career with UiTM in 2007, PM Norudin dan juga Kak Ct. Ini adalah kerana pada pendapat mereka seseorang pensyarah memperolehi laluan yang
Business Management, Department of Applied Man- after 15 years in the industry as an HR Practitioner. She lebih mudah untuk lebih berjaya sebagai ahli akademik. Memang terbukti nasihat mereka adalah benar.
agement in Universiti Teknologi MARA (Terengganu). strives to be different and appreciates the uniqueness Pada saat terakhir sebelum pemergian Kak Ct, arwah dan anak-anaknya ada memberi kad ucapan dan hadiah
She started her formal higher education in Diploma in people. She believes in learning and growing through hari lahir buat ku walaupun belum sampai tarikh sebenar. Kata Kak Ct, “sengaja nak bagi awal supaya tak kelam-kabut
level till Master Degree in Information Technology at past experiences, good or bad. She does not to let nanti”. Satu lagi Kak Ct juga menghadiahkan permata cincin yang dibeli di Australia dan menyuruh aku membuat
Universiti Teknologi MARA. Her fields of interest are in people or problems affect her positive attitude because tempahan dengan segera. Katanya, dia tidak sabar hendak melihatnya. Kak Ct juga ada memaklumkan beberapa
Strategic Information System Planning, E Government, she believes that life is too short to be anything but perkara penting kepadaku sebelum beliau menunaikan ibadah haji. Rupanya semua itu adalah tanda-tanda perginya
Knowledge Management,and Human Computer Inter- happy. An avid reader, coffee addict, cat lover, music seorang kakak selamanya. Semoga roh Kak Ct tenang di sana.
action. She can be contacted through an official email: enthusiast and history buff, she hopes to someday
[email protected] or through her official travel the world.
website : http:[email protected]



She is a Kelantanese girl who chose Dungun, Terengganu as the first place to build her career as a lecturer because of
the unique, beautiful and scenic view of UiTM Dungun. She is currently teaching Economic subjects to both Degree and
Diploma students. To relax, she enjoys reading, watching movies and long walks on the beach. Her life motto is “you are
the universe in estastic motion”.

Assalamualaikum Wrt. Wbt., Chief Editor’s Column BERSAMA MEREKA YANG TELAH PERGI

By: AZIAN ABDUL GHANI BOleh Noor Malinjasari Ali (Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan)
ertemu dan berpisah, adat manusia biasa, hilang di mata tapi di hati tidak lupa, bait-bait lagu yang sering dinyanyikan
Dear prolific writers and readers of BizNewz. This issue is really a bumper, no, “triple bumper,” issue, sewaktu upacara atau perkhemahan pandu puteri di sekolah terngiang-ngiang di telinga, sementelah pula apabila kehilan-
I should say. Glad to inform that we received more than 30 articles, spanning from all angles of topics gan beberapa orang sahabat yang juga merupakan sebahagian daripada tunjang utama UiTM (T), Allahyarham PM Tengku
that may capture the interest of readers from all walks of life. This truly reflects the true color of intel- Yusoff Tengku Mahmud (TY), Allahyarhamah PM Dr Siti Haryati Shaikh Ali, Allahyarham Tuan Haji Hussin Dollah, mem-
lectual discourse that academician in a public university should uphold. buatkan lirik lagu tersebut amat signifikan dalam hidup saya. Pepatah melayu ada menyebut, Harimau mati meninggalkan
belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama, memori bersama manusia yang pernah menabur budi dan bakti kepada saya,
Despite all the excitement, we were saddened by the news of our dearest friends who left us so tetap tersemat erat dalam sanubari.
suddenly. Al Fatihah to Allahyarham P.M Dr. Siti Haryati Shaikh Ali, PM Hj Hussin Dollah, Y.M. PM
Tengku Yusoff Tg Mahmud, Pn Sarimah Abdul Latiff, and Ustaz Azam. In memory of our dear departed Saya masih ingat lagi ketika kali pertama saya berjumpa dengan TY adalah pada tahun pertama saya di UiTM (T) kira-kira
friends, we have dedicated a tribute section in this issue. We pray that Allah forgive them and placed 15 tahun yang lampau. Pada masa itu, TY memegang jawatan sebagai TP HEP dan saya selaku pensyarah baru pada waktu
them with the righteous companion. itu berjumpa dengan beliau kerana saya ditugaskan mengajar kod kursus yang pernah beliau ajar. Tanggapan pertama saya
pada waktu itu, adalah, “simplenya TP HEP ni, no regulations, no airs, very friendly and helpful, lain daripada orang-orang
We also have a special column to those who bid us farewell and have moved on with their lives in yang berjawatan penting yang pernah saya temui di pejabat lama saya. Apabila saya menyuarakan hasrat ingin meminjam
other UiTM campuses. We invited them to pen a word or two as a remembrance of our friendship. nota daripada beliau, tanpa banyak karenah, beliau terus menyerahkan fail kursus tersebut kepada saya dan berkata “Nota
saya simple je, yang penting student faham apa yang diajar…”
We are blessed to have a dynamic and fun loving new editorial team who work their sweat out to
produce this bumper issue. Only Allah can repay their priceless effort. Nasihat yang masih melekat dalam otak saya sehingga kini dan fail yang dipinjamkan oleh TY kepada saya besar maknanya

Our hope for BizNewz is that it will be the newsletter that will inculcate the writing and reading spirit kepada saya. Ia bermakna kerana sebagai pensyarah baru yang masih terkial-kial dengan tugas dan mengajar pula subjek
within us and a platform for all writers to contribute new horizon of interesting facts of life to share yang bukan menjadi kemahiran kita, tanpa tunjuk ajar daripada senior sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung
with others. mungkin ia akan menjadi satu beban pada diri. Memandangkan TY merupakan pensyarah senior juga dalam OM, dari

Syukran, jazakalalhu khairan kathira. Happy reading to all. masa ke semasa, beliau akan bertanyakan perkembangan tugas dan sama ada boleh menangani kerja-kerja yang
diberikan, terima kasih TY
Page Page
3 4

Dengan Siti Haryati pula, kami merupakan batch yang sama memasuki UiTM (T) , dia awal beberapa bulan daripada The Last Note..
saya. Kami sama-sama menghadiri induksi pada tahun 2003 di Sri Iskandar dan terlibat juga dalam beberapa program
keusahawanan. Dia adalah antara sahabat yang tidak lokek menghulurkan bantuan ketika diperlukan. Hanya dengan
satu panggilan dan beberapa patah perkataan, sekiranya pertolongan yang diminta dalam kemampuan beliau, pasti
beliau akan menolong. Beliau juga prihatin dengan nasib para pelajar atau golongan yang kurang berkemampuan dan
adakalanya diikhtiarkan juga supaya para pensyarah juga dapat menyumbang sama kepada mereka yang memerlukan.
Tuan Haji Hussin, saya tidak mempunyai banyak kesempatan untuk berinteraksi dengan beliau memandangkan beliau
dalam bidang kewangan dan saya pengurusan operasi, namun sama seperti pensyarah senior yang lain, tuan haji juga
merupakan seorang yang ‘tidak berkira’ dalam memberikan pandangan dan buah fikiran yang bernas, jasanya dalam
memastikan FPP kekal wujud di UiTM (T) tetap diingati…
Begitulah,..secebis catatan memori saya bersama mereka yang telah pergi… saya akhiri dengan serangkap pantun lama
Pisang emas dibawa belayar
Masak sebiji di atas peti
Hutang emas boleh dibayar
Hutang budi dibawa mati
“Al-fatihah buat mereka yang telah pergi meninggalkan kita untuk selamanya.

So Near Yet So Far Away Found in PM Dr Siti Haryati’s diary
and assumed was written by her.

Yeah, I am kind of proud Today, My Confidante
that you were once I felt the sorrow,
my officemate, looking at the future, My dear friend Getting to know other people
my buddy, my bff, that my once officemate, buddy, bff, listener, mentor, I feel you near But we always know how to find our way back
boss and my role model As I listen with my heart Because we know, deep down inside
my listener, my mentor, is longer here, I can feel your love around me, soft and clear You will always be there for me and I for you
my boss, my role model, you made a quantum leap, Thus Even now
we share our office PC, I can still hear our chats When I can no longer reach you
you left us, As I always looking forward to our heart pour I can still feel you
we share our story, but in a good way Laughing and giggling The warm breeze of your friendship
we share our joy and sorrow, May Allah bless you my friend Confiding our thoughts Still warms in my heart
we share our ups and down, You are always near in our heart although you are yet so Looking back
At times drifting apart By Najah Lukman
you were always there, far away. Pursuing our own paths 22/11/15
BUT, Love u Always.
Azian Abd Ghani

Page Page
5 6

S aat itu pasti datang Satu déjà vu Far Away
Insan dipanggil untuk pulang
Tiada siapa dapat menghalang Oleh Nurmuslimah Kamilah Abdullah Far far away
Itulah ketentuan Yang Maha Penyayang Kita bersapa Too far to reach you
Too hurt to remember you
Hanya tinggal kenangan Dengan sinaran mata Deeply griefing to let you go
A ir mata berlinangan Dengan seulas senyuman
Rasa hiba kehilangan You’re remembered in good times
Ya Allah Ya Rahman Dengan satu soalan You’re missed in every decision
Ampuni dosa dan kesalahan Sehari sebelum keberangkatanmu ke Tanah Suci made
Tempatkan kami dikalangan orang beriman Di saat itu, katamu keberangkatannya mungkin bukan esok You’ve touched all hearts
In naa lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un…….. Alfatihah Soul....emotionally disturbed without
Kerana tiada hitam putih diterima you
He is a great person Esoknya
Never want to let you go
Unfortunately, he is no longer around Ku dengar berita gembira Never thought you’re gone forever
Allah takdirkan dirimu menjadi tetamuNya Never realised you’ve emptied us
Some time ago… he left forever Never believe you’re not with your
Keberangkatanmu benar-benar esok loves
Sweet memories will be remembered Dalam rasa syukur itu, diterjah satu rasa
If you need help… you can count on him Yang tak terungkap dengan kata-kata Rest eternally dearest sister
Ask him for a treat… no big deal Ku abaikan ia, bimbang terlanjur berkira Rest in your destiny
Nice to have such a friend Rest with the love of The Almighty
Tanggal 24 September 2015 Rest till the Hereafter
Do not forget… Termangu seketika, ianya benar-benar déjà vu May Allah bless you till Jannah
Our turn will definitely come Keberangkatanmu kini ke alam yang telah dijanji
Let’s get prepared By Haslenna Hamdan
Let’s pray for the best Tak mungkin bertemu lagi di sini
Allahummaghfirlahu  warhamhu wa'afihii wa'fu'anhu Hanya memori baik dan indah berulang diminda

Hambamu memohon keampunan dan kesejahteraan… Paling terkesan sikap positif dan optimismu
Dalam setiap kali isu dituju
Tugas review diterima tanpa jemu
Diselesaikan tanpa ragu
Ya Allah
Begitu besar kurniaMu

Menghadirkan insan yang sepertinya
Mentarbiah ketika bersama dan setelah tiadanya
Semoga saham nya di dunia ini terus berganda ke infiniti

Beroleh syurga yang kekal abadi
Semoga bertemu di syurga…

By Zaimi Mohamed Page


* Dedikasi kepada Allahyarhamah guruku, Prof Madya Dr Siti Haryati Shaikh Ali AL-FATIHAH BUAT MEREKA YANG PERGI

Kau hamparkan kanvas putih untukku, Page
Dalam lebat hujan Tenggol, 10

Dengan harap aku akan membias warna pelangi.
Kau aturkan ukir pada kanvas itu,

Dengan harap aku akan menyusurimu,
Walau kau tahu ukirku rapuh.

Sungguh, ia tidak akan seindah lakarmu yang sempurna.
Namun kau ukirkan jua untukku
Dari titis hujan, tawa dan airmata.

Walau kau tahu ukirku lemah ,
Lakarku goyah,
Dalam gerimis hujan Tenggol itu,
kau ukirkan jua untukku,
Kiasmu aku akan mengukir rapi,
Menurut langkah lakarmu dalam kanvas itu.

Kau hamparkan seluas lagi,
Agar aku akan belajar dari payah, bangun dan sabar.
Kanvas itu telah makin usang dek lakarmu,
Yang tidak pernah berhenti.
Mengukir dalam kental hatimu.
Untuk aku yang tidak pernah mengerti.

Kini, tiada lagi bias warnamu mengukir kanvas itu,
Tiada lagi ukir alun penamu,
Untuk menemani aku,
Menitip semangat untuk aku berdiri,
Ia telah terlipat rapi,
Tersimpul dalam pergimu yang tidak akan kembali

Hujan Tenggol kini telah berhenti,
Aku menoleh lagi ,
Dalam ruang pandang tanpa waktu,
Dalam basah kekeringan dedaun,
Kubuka lagi kanvas ini,
Padanya ada pesan,
Yang kau tinggalkan untukku,
Agar aku fahami,
Kanvas itu perlu ku ukir sendiri tanpamu…lagi.

Damailah guruku, sahabatku,
Tenanglah disana,
Setenang kanvas yang kau ukir dalam gerimis hujan Tenggol.

Norhusniyati Husin Page
Oktober 2015. 9

Lensa Tribute Lensa Tribute

Page Page
11 12

Lensa Tribute Malay Section

Kematian Allahyarham Jalil bin Ibrahim: Misteri yang belum tersingkap

Oleh Suraya binti Ahmad (Fakulti Perakaunan)

Dunia perbankan dan pengauditan pasti tidak menemui catatan terakhir Jalil tentang temujanji beliau dengan sese-
boleh melupakan kisah yang pernah menggem- orang di Hotel Regent pada 18 Julai 1983. Hasil siasatan polis menda-
parkan dunia yang melibatkan sebuah anak
syarikat Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad pati orang yang ditemui beliau adalah seorang le-
(BBMB) pada sekitar tahun 1980an. Bumipu- laki bernama Mak Foon Than, seorang usahawan
tra Malaysia Finance (BMF) beroperasi di dari Malaysia. Hasil soal siasat mendapati Jalil
Hong Kong yang berfungsi untuk menyediakan dan Mak bertemu di lobi hotel dan menyambung
pelaburan dalam tukaran matawang asing dan perbincangan mereka dalam bilik 609 di hotel
pasaran wang. Pada tahun 1983, kemerosotan tersebut. Di situlah kali terakhir Jalil dilihat masih
harga hartanah di Hong Kong serta kemero- hidup oleh seorang pekerja hotel yang menghan-
sotan pasaran saham telah mengakibatkan tar minuman ke bilik tersebut.
beberapa syarikat yang merupakan pemin- Pada masa yang sama pemilik Carrian Group of Companies, George Tan
jam utama BMF Hong Kong telah mengalami dan pembantu kanannya, Bently Ho menemui Henry Chin di ibu peja-
masalah kewangan. Ini mengakibatkan pihak bat BMF Hong Kong secara tiba-tiba. Pada masa tersebut Carrian Pada
BMF mencatatkan sejumlah besar pinjaman masa yang sama pemilik Carrian Group of Companies, George Tan dan
yang tidak dapat dilangsaikan, termasuk pinja- pembantu kanannya, Bently Ho menemui Henry Chin di ibu pejabat
man yang dibuat oleh Carrian Group of Com- BMF Hong Kong secara tiba-tiba. Pada masa tersebut Carrian Group of
panies. Tambahan pula, pihak BBMB menda- Companies mengalami masalah kewangan yang serius dan memerlukan
pati terdapat pinjaman kewangan yang dalam sejumlah wang untuk menyelamatkan syarikat. Untuk itu, mereka telah
jumlah yang besar diluluskan tanpa mengikut meminta Henry untuk meluluskan pinjaman mereka sebanyak US$4
prosedur yang betul malah ada yang diluluskan juta. Namun, Henry meminta agar mereka menunggu kepulangan Jalil,
tanpa sebarang cagaran. Untuk itu, pada Mac memandangkan hanya Jalil yang boleh meluluskan
1983, pihak BBMB telah menghantar Encik Jalil pinjaman kewangan pada masa tersebut. Kerana
bin Ibrahim, 34 tahun, seorang pegawai bank keengganan Henry, George Tan menunjukkan satu
yang mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam bi- nota arahan daripada Pengerusi BMF Hong Kong,
dang pengauditan untuk mengaudit penguru- Lorrain Esme Osman, supaya meluluskan pinjaman
san BMF Hong Kong. kewangan tersebut.

Pada 19 Julai 1983, negara digemparkan den- Pada jam 2.45 petang, Henry menerima panggilan
gan penemuan mayat seorang lelaki di sebuah telefon dari Jalil menanyakan keadaan di pejabat.
kebun pisang di Hong Kong. Tiada pengenalan Henry memaklumkan tentang permohonan pinjaman daripada Carrian
diri ditemui bersama mangsa, malah mangsa Group of Companies kepada Jalil. Namun, Jalil meminta agar Henry me-
tidak mengalami sebarang pendarahan atau nyemak prosedur meluluskan permohonan dan memaklumkan akan
kecederaan. Namun, setelah mayat diperiksa kembali ke ibu pejabat dengan segera. Namun, sehingga hampir jam
pihak polis menemui syiling sepuluh sen Ma- 4.00 petang, Jalil masih belum muncul. Henry mula keresahan kerana
laysia dalam salah satu poket seluar mangsa. waktu akhir penghantaran permohonan adalah jam 4.30 petang. Tepat
Pihak polis segera mendapatkan maklumat ten- jam 4.10 petang, Jalil sekali lagi menelefon Henry dan meminta Hen-
tang laporan kehilangan individu. Pihak polis ry mengesahkan arahan yang telah diberikan oleh Presiden BMF. Jalil
mendapat maklumat bahawa seorang pegawai meminta agar Henry menunggu sebentar di talian, namun tidak lama
sebuah bank dari Malaysia telah melaporkan kemudian talian diputuskan. Oleh kerana yakin dengan arahan yang
kehilangan rakan sejawat beliau sehari sebe- diberikan oleh Presiden BMF, maka Henry meluluskan permohonan
lum kejadian. Laporan tersebut dibuat oleh tersebut. Selepas itu, Henry tidak lagi menerima panggilan daripada
Henry Chin, Pembantu Pengurus Besar BMF Jalil sehinggalah mayat Jalil ditemui.

Hong Kong. Hasil proses pengecaman, mangsa Pihak polis berjaya menangkap Mak setelah identiti beliau dikenal pas-
disahkan sebagai Jalil. ti. Terdapat banyak percanggahan maklumat yang diberikan oleh Mak

Hasil bedah siasat mendapati, Jalil telah dije- pada sesi soal siasat dan sesi perbicaraan di mahkamah. Pelbagai teori
rut dengan tali sehingga mati. Siasatan dibuat timbul memandangkan Mak bukanlah seorang yang terlibat dengan
dengan menggeledah pejabat mangsa dan me- Carrian Group of Companies dan tidak pernah berurusan dengan pihak
nyoal siasat pekerja di BMF Hong Kong. Pihak BMF Hong Kong mahupun BBMB. Motif pembunuhan juga tidak dapat
polis telah menemui diari peribadi beliau dan dipastikan sehingga kini. Namun, pihak juri telah sebulat suara menya-
takan bahawa Mak adalah pembunuh Jalil berdasarkan bukti
yang ada.
Page Page
sambung di ms 26 14

Oleh Wan Maziah Wan Razak dan Ahmad Ismail Mohd Anuar (Fakulti Oleh Fathiyah binti Ismail & Nur Syikri bin Harun
Pengurusan Perniagaan, UiTM (Terengganu)

‘Terima kasih Cikgu’ akan sentiasa bermain di ingatan kita Tanggungjawab dan cabaran yang berbeza antara guru di Tulisan Jawi pada asalnya merupakan medium inter- ah Asia Tenggara pada suatu ketika dahulu dikenali sebagai
apabila setiap kali tibanya 16 Mei setiap tahun. Semua sekolah dan di universiti tidak memendekkan langkah go- Javadwipa (Abdul Aziz Mahmood, 2009). Sistem ejaan jawi
orang yang pernah melalui zaman persekolahan pasti longan para pendidik ini untuk terus berbakti demi mem- aksi bertulis terpenting sedari zaman Kesultanan Mel- ini lama-kelamaan tersebar luas ke seluruh pelusuk Kepu-
akan mengambil kesempatan pada hari tersebut untuk perjuangkan nasib anak Malaysia. Setiap titik peluh diguna- ayu Melaka. Diadaptasi daripada huruf-huruf Hija’iyyah lauan Melayu melalui sistem pendidikan di mana ia diajar
mengucapkan Selamat Hari Guru kepada guru-guru mer- kan dengan penuh keyakinan dan iltizam yang tinggi untuk yang digunapakai di dalam bahasa Arab, pengadapta- sebagai satu subjek dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran di
eka. Ungkapan ini amat bermakna jika kita imbau kem- melihat kejayaan anak-anak didik mereka tanpa mengira sian tersebut telah menghasilkan sistem tulisan jawi. institusi-institusi pengajian secara formal dan tidak formal.
bali saat-saat kita di waktu alam persekolahan bersama penat dan lelah. Mereka adalah insan-insan yang ingin meli- Berkembangnya sejarah pembangunan dan kemanta-
guru-guru yang kita sayang, guru yang pernah memarahi hat kecemerlangan akademik dan juga sahsiah terpuji yang pan akademik kaum Melayu suatu ketika dahulu adalah Walau bagaimanapun, penggunaan tulisan jawi semakin
kita, guru yang pernah memberi perhatian kepada kita hebat di mata dunia. Seperti mana seorang guru merasa didasari oleh penggunaan tulisan jawi. lama semakin merosot bahkan hampir pupus semenjak tu-
dan kepada guru jugalah tempat kita mengadu nasib ke- amat gembira dan puas melihat dan berkongsi kejayaan di Akan tetapi, satu kenyataan yang harus ditelan pada ma- lisan rumi diperkenalkan secara meluas. Isu ini bukan sahaja
tika berada di sekolah. Di alam universiti pula, para ma- hari keputusan peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) sakini adalah tulisan jawi seakan-akan tenggelam dalam melanda tanahair kita bahkan negara-negara jiran seperti
hasiswa begitu dekat dengan pensyarah mereka. Sama pelajar-pelajar mereka diumumkan, sama jugalah bagi arus kemodenan dan kepelbagaian rentak bahasa yang Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, dan Singapura turut merasai
ada guru atau pun pensyarah, masing-masing bergelar para pensyarah di universiti yang berasa begitu gembira digunakan oleh kaum muda zaman kini yang lebih me- kedinginannya (Abdul Aziz Mahmood, 2009). Ini berikutan
pendidik yang mempunyai amanah yang sama, iaitu melihat keputusan cemerlang anak didik mereka, teruta- nagih penggunaan tulisan rumi berbanding tulisan jawi. penggunaan tulisan jawi yang semakin menguncup dan
menyampaikan ilmu di samping mendidik para pelajar. manya ketika istiadat konvokesyen berlangsung. Kegem- Dikatakan sebagai kehilangan atau ketiadaan nilai kom- kepopularitiannya yang semakin menurun, lebih-lebih lagi
Di IPT, ada di kalangan pensyarah yang sentiasa dekat di biraan itu jelas terpancar di wajah para mahasiswa ketika ersial serta kesulitan dalam menggunakannya dan men- di kalangan anak-anak muda. Keadaan menjadi kian parah
hati mahasiswa, yang selalu prihatin dan komited den- mereka mengucapkan terima kasih kepada para pensyarah jadi mangsa prejudis khalayak bahawa ia hanya sesuai apabila majalah-majalah dan akhbar-akhbar tempatan yang
gan tugas mereka bukan sahaja di dalam bilik kuliah, sebaik sahaja istiadat selesai. Pensyarah, kaulah model untuk golongan tua seperti warga emas, maka tulisan dahulunya menggunakan tulisan jawi kini beralih kepada
malah ketika terlibat di dalam aktiviti seperti program para graduan untuk berjaya di alam pekerjaan pula nanti. jawi seakan sudah tidak lagi relevan di kalangan pem- tulisan rumi kecuali beberapa penerbitan seperti majalah
khidmat masyarakat, lawatan akademik dan sebagain- Warga pengurusan institusi atau kolej sangat digalakkan baca terutamanya muda-mudi. Menyedari peri pent- Pengasuh, Utusan Melayu, dan lain-lain media cetak yang
ya. Pensyarah juga seorang guru yang turut memberi untuk mengambil inisiatif tersendiri bagi menghargai para ingnya tulisan ini dikekalkan dan dimartabatkan sebagai sedikit jumlahnya masih mempertahankan dan mendaulat-
ilmu, mendidik dan berkongsi pengalaman dan kegem- pendidik mereka. Dengan memberikan ucapan Selamat ikon jatidiri bangsa Melayu, maka tulisan jawi kini wajar kan penggunaan tulisan jawi.
biraan bersama pelajar mereka. Seorang pendidik yang Hari Guru pun sebenarnya sudah cukup bermakna buat dijadikan satu matapelajaran penting bermula di pering-
baik tidak akan pernah menolak tugas mereka jika itu para pendidik, apatah jika ada yang telah meraikannya, kat sekolah rendah. Selain itu, Akta Bahasa Kebangsaan yang diperkenalkan
demi kebaikan pelajar mereka atau pun demi masa pasti memberikan impak yang cukup besar di dalam diri Kedatangan Islam ke Tanah Melayu pada masa si- pada tahun 1963 turut memberi impak yang begitu signifi-
depan sekolah atau institusi masing-masing. Cabaran para pensyarah, malah ia boleh dikatakan suatu saat yang lam bukan sahaja membawa perubahan besar kepada kan terhadap perkembangan tulisan jawi di mana orang-
mengajar di universiti juga mencabar dan pensyarah cukup manis untuk dikenang. Secara tidak langsung, peng- masyarakat Melayu secara spiritual bahkan mempengar- orang Melayu mula mengurangkan perhatian mereka ter-
perlu sentiasa bersedia menghadapi era globalisasi hargaan yang diberikan ini akan meningkatkan produktiv- uhi kaedah tulisan dan dokumentasi. Abjad tulisan Arab hadap penggunaannya sehingga tahun 1984 (Mohd. Alwee
yang serba serbi canggih. Tahap kebolehpasaran yang iti dan tahap motivasi para pendidik untuk terus berbakti. yang dibawa oleh para pedagang dan pendakwah Islam Yusoff, 2005). Namun, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia te-
tinggi di dalam pasaran sekarang akan mewujudkan Marilah kita berfikir sejenak, pernahkah kita ucapkan terima dari Tanah Arab mempelopori tulisan jawi Melayu ber- lah mengambil inisiatif mewajibkan pelajaran tulisan jawi
satu situasi yang cukup kompetitif di universiti. Pen- kasih kepada guru atau pensyarah kita? Pasti akan terung- dasarkan aksara Arab (Mohd. Alwee Yusoff, 2005; Awang di sekolah-sekolah rendah agama dan kelas-kelas Fardhu
syarah juga perlu bijak dalam menangani masalah dan kap ucapan istimewa itu buat ibubapa kita di rumah di mana Sariyan, 2010). Sebagai akibat kepada proses asimilasi di Ain. Selain itu, badan-badan bahasa dan persuratan Melayu
isu berbangkit berkenaan mahasiswa dan mahasiswi mereka juga guru kita sedari kecil. Kata pepatah, ‘melentur antara dua budaya dan dua bahasa, yakni Melayu dan turut memainkan peranan memartabatkan semula tulisan
universiti dan sentiasa bersedia dengan ilmu yang cu- buluh biarlah dari rebungnya’ adalah sangat bertepatan Arab, tulisan jawi ini menjadi jambatan penghubung. jawi dan menarik perhatian masyarakat Melayu untuk men-
kup serta mental fizikal yang matang juga professional. dengan didikan ibubapa kerana merekalah yang mencorak- Sebagai bukti, ia telah digunakan oleh orang-orang Me- gaplikasikannya semula.
Guru di zaman moden ini sudah pasti berdepan den- kan kita, malah merekalah insan mulia yang banyak berjasa layu sejak mereka memeluk Islam bermula daripada
gan pelbagai ujian dan tugas yang semakin hari se- dalam hidup kita sehingga berjaya. Tiada kata seindah baha- zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka. Sejak itu, tulisan Walaubagaimanapun, usaha-usaha yang dilakukan untuk
makin bertambah. Semangat dan kecekalan seorang sa yang dapat menceritakan betapa besarnya pengorbanan jawi menjadi medium atau pengantar kepada undang- menghidupkan dan memperkasakan tulisan jawi bagi mem-
gurulah yang sebenarnya menjadi aset berharga bagi seorang ibu dan perit jerih seorang ayah yang berusaha keras undang Islam dan peraturan-peraturan mengikut adat bentuk generasi celik jawi hanya menampakkan kesan min-
sesebuah sekolah untuk melahirkan para pelajar yang membanting tulang untuk membesarkan anak-anak mereka. masing-masing, ditulis di atas kertas atau diukir di atas ima kerana ramai anak muda dan orang dewasa yang te-
hebat. Sebagai contoh, keunggulan Sekolah Menen- Hargailah seluruh warga pendidik. Jadilah warga pendidik batu seperti yang dapat disaksikan pada Batu Bersurat lah meminggirkan tulisan jawi sekian lama akibat daripada
gah IMTIAZ umpamanya, yang telah berjaya memben- yang cemerlang. Usah ditanya berapa banyak ucapan peng- daripada abad ke-14 bertarikh 702 Hijrah (1303 Masihi) sistem yang telah diperkenalkan oleh akta tersebut (Mohd.
tuk keperibadian yang cemerlang dan beroleh penca- hargaan dan hadiah yang kita peroleh, tetapi tanyalah berapa yang ditemui sekitar tahun 1886 dan kini dipamerkan di Alwee Yusoff, 2005). Kelemahan menguasai tulisan jawi di
paian akademik yang amat membanggakan, adalah banyak bakti dan perkara baik yang telah dicurahkan kepada Muzium Negeri, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu (Abdul kalangan muda-mudi, sebagai contoh, telah menyebab-
terhasil daripada komitmen cemerlang para guru di anak bangsa dan realisasikanlah tanggungjawab sebagai Razak Salleh, 2010). kan kegagalan mereka membaca al-Qur’an dengan lancar.
IMTIAZ. Secara tidak langsung, sekolah ini berjaya seorang pendidik dengan penuh amanah dan cemerlang. Antara sebab-musabab tulisan ini dikenali sebagai tu- Ini secara tidak langsung memberi kesan terhadap pema-
mencapai matlamat utamanya iaitu ‘Ke Arah Melahir- lisan jawi ialah kerana bangsa Melayu merangkumi se- haman mereka tentang Islam dan pengamalannya. Lebih
kan Generasi Ulul Albab’. Dan kini, ia menjadi sumber mua kumpulan etnik yang mendiami Kepulauan Melayu, mengejutkan, kemerosotan penggunaan tulisan jawi bukan
inspirasi kepada sekolah-sekolah lain di negara kita ini. tidak kira samada berbangsa Jawa, Sunda, Aceh, Man- sahaja menimpa pelajar-pelajar sekolah aliran biasa bahkan
dailing, Rawa, Minangkabau, Bugis, Bawean, Banjar, dan pelajar-pelajar sekolah agama juga kurang berkemahiran
Page lain-lainnya digelar ‘Jawah’ atau ‘Jawi’oleh orang-orang menggunakan tulisan jawi di dalam pembelajaran mereka
15 dari Tanah Arab (Awang Sariyan, 2010). Ini kerana daer- seperti mengambil nota, menulis, dan membaca (Ahmad
Faisal Abdul Hamid & Noralina Abdullah, 2009).


Untuk mengembalikan semula kehebatan dan keagungan dieja menjadi semakin panjang. Manakala cara ejaan Pada hemat penulis, kaedah pemikiran orang zaman MANAGEMENT VS
tulisan jawi yang sudah lama tergugat khususnya dalam tulisan jawi lama pula terkenal lebih ringkas dan pa- dulu boleh dikira lebih meluas kerana pemahaman LEADERSHIP
masyarakat Melayu, ia memerlukan jangka masa yang pan- dat. Pun begitu, tulisan jawi lama tetap dapat difa- tentang satu-satu penulisan atau artikel bertulisan jawi MANAGEMENT IS ABOUT
jang selain perancangan tersusun dan usaha yang berterusan hami kerana ia dibaca menurut konteks tersendiri. dilihat mengikut konteks dan secara menyeluruh.
meliputi pelan tindakan jangkamasa panjang dan perjuangan Walau bagaimanapun, dari satu sudut pandangan yang ARRANGING AND TELLING
semua pihak bermula daripada serendah-rendah institusi Secara relatifnya, tulisan jawi kini pula menekankan lain, kaedah ejaan jawi masakini sepatutnya dapat
pengajian sehingga ke menara gading (Mohd. Alwee Yusoff, ejaan sukukata perkataan dengan lebih terperinci, membantu orang ramai untuk menguasai tulisan ini LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT
2005). Jika ini tidak dilakukan, tulisan jawi akan dipandang menjadikannya sistem ejaan jawi moden tidak ubah dengan mudah. Akan tetapi, semakin hari ia semakin
sepi malah terkubur dan ditalqinkan sendiri oleh masyarakat seperti sistem ejaan rumi yang merangkumi huruf tidak mendapat tempat di hati pembaca. Banyak faktor NURTURING AND ENHANCING
Melayu yang semakin buta jawi. vokal dan huruf konsonan. Ini menyebabkan elemen berkemungkinan menjadi penyebab kepada situasi ini
Tulisan Jawi: Dahulu dan Sekarang seperti contextual clue atau pemahaman berasas- dan langkah-langkah yang lebih berkesan perlu diam- MANAGEMENT
kan konteks dan ayat yang membawa maksud atau bil untuk mengembalikan semula kegemilangan tulisan
Tulisan Jawi zaman sekarang sudah mengalami banyak pe- bermakna (meaningful), atau ayat yang mempunyai daripada huruf-huruf al-Qur’an ini. IS DOING THINGS RIGHT
rubahan berbanding tulisan jawi lama. Ini berikutan persain- hubungkait (relevant) tidak lagi digunakan untuk Rujukan
gan yang diberikan oleh sistem ejaan rumi kerana pelbagai membantu menulis atau memahami tulisan jawi. Abdul Aziz Mahmood (2009). Masa depan Bahasa Me- LEADERSHIP
istilah dan terminologi moden terutamanya yang berkaitan Sebagai contoh, perkataan ‘bumi’ dahulunya dieja layu di Selatan Thai. Kertas Pembentangan di Seminar
dengan bidang sains dan teknologi diperkenalkan dan diada- secara ringkas, iaitu , terdiri daripada huruf Memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu kelolaan Jabatan Ba- IS DOING THE RIGHT THINGS
patasi sebagai kata pinjaman di dalam Bahasa Melayu. Ini me- ---- (Ba’), (Wau), dan (Mim). Walaubagaimanapun, hasa Melayau Universiti Islam Jala Thailand.
merlukan satu mekanisma, iaitu kaedah transliterasi, yang te- golongan muda-mudi akan membacanya sebagai ‫ومب‬ Ahmad Faisal Abdul Hamid & Noralina Abdullah (2009). Page
pat agar perkataan-perkataan tersebut diterjemahkan secara ‘bom’, bukannya ‘bumi’. Ini kerana mereka sudah ter- Penguasaan tulisan jawi di kala+ngan mahasiswa pen- 18
dalam tulisan jawi (Che Wan Shamsul Bahri Che Wan Ahmad, biasa dengan sistem ejaan baru di mana perkataan gajian Islam: Kajian di institut pengajian tinggi awam
Khairuddin Omar, Mohammad Faidzul Nasrudin, Mohd Zamri ‘bumi’ tersebut dieja sebagai ‫ ومىب‬dengan huruf ‫ب‬ (IPTA) tempatan. Jurnal Al-Tamaddun, Bil. 4, m/s. 145
Murah, & Mohd Sanusi Azmi, 2012). (Ba’), ‫( و‬Wau), ‫( م‬Mim), dan ‫( ى‬Ya’). Namun, jika ayat – 156.
Memandangkan tulisan jawi diadaptasi daripada tulisan Arab yang ditulis dengan ejaan tulisan jawi lama, perkataan Abdul Razak Salleh (2010). Batu Bersurat Terengganu:
yang dibaca dan dibunyikan dengan sistem baris dan harakat, seperti ‫( كيتك‬ketika) boleh mengundang kekeliruan Perspektif Matematik. Menemui Matematik (Discover-
tulisan jawi baru menggantikan sistem tersebut dengan meng- kerana ia boleh dibaca sebagai ‘ketik’, sebagai contoh, ing Mathematics), 32(1): m/s: 1 – 15.
gunakan huruf vokal untuk membentuk sukukata-sukukata. ‘mengetik butang pada tetikus’ atau ‘click’ dalam Ba- Awang Sariyan (2010). Pemartabatan bahasa kebang-
Walaubagaimanapun, ada sesetengah pihak yang merasa hasa Inggeris. Begitu juga dengan perkataan seperti saan dalam pembinaan negara bangsa. Dipetik daripa-
selesa dengan sistem ejaan jawi baharu kerana ia lebih mu- ‫( تيڤ‬tiap) yang boleh disalahfahami oleh orang yang da
dah dieja berbanding sistem ejaan jawi lama. Namun bagi tidak biasa dengan ejaan jawi lama kerana ia boleh Dr%20Awang%20Sariyan.pdf
sesetengah pihak yang lain pula, ejaan jawi kini lebih rumit disebut sebagai ‘tip’. Oleh itu, perkataan ‘tiap’ itu dieja Che Wan Shamsul Bahri Che Wan Ahmad, Khairuddin
berbanding ejaan lama. Lebih tepat, ejaan lama tulisan jawi dengan ‫ تياڤ‬di mana huruf ‫ ا‬ditambah selepas hu- Omar, Mohammad Faidzul Nasrudin, Mohd Zamri Mu-
secara literalnya lebih ringkas dan memohon pembacanya ruf ‫ي‬. Sementara itu, perkatan seperti ‫( کامڤوڠ‬kam- rah, & Mohd Sanusi Azmi (2012). Isu-isu dalam translit-
menggunakan common sense yang mudah ketika membaca pung) dieja dengan huruf ‫ ا‬ditambah selepas huruf erasi mesin manuskrip Melayu ejaan jawi lama kepada
agar sesuai dengan konteks ayat yang ditulis. ‫( ك‬kaf). Namun sekiranya ia dieja tanpa huruf vokal ‫ا‬ jawi baru. Seminar Penyelidikan Jawi dan Manuskrip
Tulisan jawi kini telah dimodenkan di mana perkataan-per- (alif), iaitu ‫کمڤوڠ‬, perkataan tersebut berbunyi sep- Melayu. m/s: 169-179.
kataannya dieja mengikut sistem ejaan rumi. Akibatnya, per- erti ‘kempung’, iaitu bermaksud ‘gelembungan’ atau Mohd. Alwee Yusoff (2005). Perkembangan tulisan jawi
kataan-perkataan dalam tulisan jawi secara relatifnya lebih ‘lekukan’, iaitu suatu keadaan yang berlaku kepada dan aplikasinya dalam masyarakat Islam di Malaysia.
panjang berbanding perkataan-perkataan yang ditulis dengan sebuah tin yang terjatuh atau dipukul permukaannya Jurnal Usuluddin, Bil. 21, m/s. 23-38.
menggunakan sistem ejaan jawi lama. Dengan penambahan itu sehingga tenggelam atau berlekuk ke dalam. Be-
bilangan huruf vokal untuk membentuk sukukata-sukukata gitu juga dengan perkataan ‫([ کنچيڠ‬kencing – buang
yang hampir menyamai bilangan huruf dalam sukukata-suku- air kecil/urinating) atau (kancing – butang baju/but-
kata bagi perkataan-perkataan yang dieja dalam tulisan rumi, ton)] yang boleh bertukar maksudnya jika diletakkan
keunikannya semakin hilang kerana perkataan-perkataan yang pada ayat yang berlainan konteksnya. Oleh sebab itu-
lah perkataan ‘kancing’ dieja dengan huruf vokal di
mana huruf ‫( ا‬alif) diletakkan selepas huruf ‫( ك‬kaf),
menjadikannya ‫( کانچيڠ‬kancing).

Oleh itu, untuk mengelakkan perselisihan faham dari
segi makna dan sebutan, maka sistem tulisan jawi ba-
haru mengenakan huruf-huruf vokal, iaitu alif, wau,
dan ya’ dalam setiap perkataan yang dieja menggu-
nakan kaedah tulisan jawi baharu agar perkataan-
perkataan yang dieja dalam jawi baharu lebih serasi
dengan bunyi dan sebutan ejaan rumi. Ini selaras
dengan peredaran zaman dan keperluan tulisan jawi
sebagai salah satu pengantar kepada ilmu.


KMhuiyaamr:aHlaatk Pengguna Dalam Kontrak Sambungan dari ms19 b. Pembeli tidak mengetahui aib semasa kontrak.
OAkleahdeDmr.iMPeonhgdaSjiaabnrIisblaAmbdKuolnGtehmafpaorrari (ACIS) c. Penjual tidak menyatakan bahawa ia tidak bertang-
Dalam Fiqh Muamalat, khiyar bermaksud hak yang diberi- 2. Khiyar Syarat iaitu khiyar yang diminta oleh salah satu gungjawab atas aib yang ada pada barang yang dikon-
Pendahuluan kan kepada kedua-dua pihak yang membuat akad untuk pihak yang berakad. Contohnya, pembeli berkata: “Saya trakkan.
meneruskannya atau sebaliknya. Kontrak yang terlibat beli baju ini dengan harga RM100 dengan khiyar selama d. Jenis barang yang dikontrakkan kebiasaannya tia-
dengan khiyar adalah kontrak yang boleh dibubarkan sep- tiga hari”, atau pihak penjual memberi khiyar kepada da kecacatan. Jika barang tersebut memang tergo-
erti kontrak jualbeli, kontrak sewa, kontrak perkongsian pembeli apabila ia berkata: “Saya jual baju ini dengan long dalam kualiti yang rendah, maka aib yang biasa
dan sebagainya. Kesan daripada penggunaan khiyar akan harga RM100 dengan khiyar selama tiga hari.” Adakalan- ada pada barang tersebut tidak membolehkan khiyar.
menyebabkan kontrak tidak berkuatkuasa (ghair lazim) ya Khiyar Syarat tidak disebut secara sighah tetapi din- e. Aib yang nyata dan tidak boleh diperbetulkan.
sepanjang tempoh khiyar masih berjalan. yatakan (tercatat) pada resit/invois barang yang dibeli. f. Aib berkekalan sehingga masa untuk dipulangkan.
Tempoh Khiyar Syarat: Jenis/Bentuk aib:
Islam amat menggalakkan umatnya menceburi bidang Tujuan khiyar: a. Mazhab Syafie dan Mazhab Hanafi berpenda- a. Aib zahir. Ia boleh dilihat secara mudah atau dengan
perniagaan. Tujuan berniaga bukan sekadar mencari ke- 1. Untuk memberi kebaikan dan kemaslahatan kepada pat selama 3 hari atau kurang. Pendapat ini ber- membuka penutup atau bungkusan yang melindunginya.
untungan semata-mata, tetapi juga sebagai suatu saluran pihak yang mengadakan akad. dasarkan Hadis Rasulullah SAW bermaksud: “Apa- b.Aibbatinsepertipokokbuahyangtidakberbuah(baka),bi-
amal soleh dan berbuat kebajikan kepada masyarakat. 2. Untuk mengelak daripada kerugian yang disebabkan bila kamu berjualbeli, katakan (kepada penjual): natang ternakan yang mandul. Ia boleh ditentukan melalui
Dari perspektif Ekonomi Islam, perniagaan mestilah di- akad yang telah dimeterai. jangan ada penipuan, dan aku mohon khiyar selama siasatan oleh orang yang pakar atau melalui ujian makmal.
jalankan berasaskan kerelaan bersama di antara penjual 3. Untuk mencapai kepuasan hati dan kerelaan pihak tiga hari.” (Hadis Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim) 4. Khiyar Rukyah. Khiyar ini hanya terdapat dalam Fiqh
dan pembeli. Firman Allah Ta’ala bermaksud: “Wahai berkontrak. b. Mazhab Maliki berpendapat tempoh Khiyar Syarat Hanafi. Pihak yang berkontrak (sebagai contoh pembeli)
orang-orang yang beriman jangan kamu makan harta Jenis-jenis khiyar: mengikut kebiasaan (adat). boleh membuat pilihan sama ada untuk meneruskan kon-
orang lain secara batil (salah), melainkan (jika berke- c. Mazhab Hanbali berpendapat tempoh yang dibenar- trak jualbeli atau membatalkannya ketika melihat barang
hendakkan sesuatu hendaklah) dengan perniagaan yang kan melebihi tiga hari asalkan diketahui masanya. yang dibeli. Khiyar Rukyah hanya dibenarkan sekiranya
dibuat secara kerelaan bersama antara kamu”. (Surah al- Khiyar Syarat akan tamat apabila: semasa kontrak jualbeli berlaku, barang tersebut tidak
Nisa’: 29). a. Pihak yang menggunakan khiyar menya- diperlihatkan kepada pembeli.
takan untuk meneruskan atau membubar- Rujukan
Islam menjaga hak pengguna supaya tidak dikhianati 1. Khiyar Majlis iaitu khiyar semasa dalam majlis akad atau kan akad semasa dalam tempoh khiyar. Abdullah Alwi Hassan (1997). Sales and Contracts in early
oleh pihak yang ingin mengaut keuntungan yang lebih. sebelum meninggalkan tempat akad. Dalil Khiyar Majlis b. Berlalu tempoh khiyar. Islamic Commercial Law. New Delhi: Kitab Bhavan
Kebajikan pengguna dijamin dengan pengharaman sega- ialah menerusi sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud: c. Barang akad telah digunakan atau rosak di tangan pen- Ala' Eddin Kharofa (1997). Transactions in Islamic Law.
la bentuk penipuan, pengurangan timbangan, maklumat “Dua orang yang berjualbeli dengan khiyar (hendaklah erima khiyar. Kuala Lumpur: AS Noordeen.
yang tidak tepat tentang barang yang dijual dan lain-lain khiyar itu dibuat) selagi mereka belum berpisah, atau (jika d. Berlaku penambahan pada barang yang ada khiyar. Razali Nawawi (2009). Islamic Law on Commercial Trans-
lagi. Pengguna diberikan hak untuk membuat pilihan mahu, jadikan) jualbeli khiyar (Khiyar Syarat)”. (Hadis Ri- e. Pengguna khiyar meninggal dunia, mengikut pendapat actions. Kuala Lumpur: CERT Publications.
jika dia merasakan dirinya telah ditipu oleh penjual atau wayat al-Bukhari) Imam Hanafi dan Imam Hanbali. Manakala mazhab-ma- Umar Sulayman al-Ashqar (1992). Khiyar al-Shart fi al-
mereka yang menawarkan sesuatu perkhidmatan. Hak Syarat-syarat: zhab lain berpendapat, khiyar berpindah kepada waris si Buyu'. Amman: dar al-Nafais.
ini dinamakan khiyar. Sungguhpun hak ini nampak me- a. Pihak berkontrak masih berada dalam majlis akad dan mati. Wahbah al-Zuhayli (2007). Islamic Jurisprudence and Its
nyebelahi pengguna, hakikat sebenarnya khiyar tidaklah belum berpisah. 3. Khiyar ‘Aib iaitu khiyar untuk samada meneruskan Proof - Financial Transactions (Vol.2). Translated by Mah-
merugikan penjual kerana terdapat syarat-syarat yang b. Pihak berkontrak masih berada di tempat akad dilaku- akad atau sebaliknya setelah menyedari terdapat aib moud A El-Gamal. Beirut: Dar al-Fikr al-Mouaser.
mengadili kedua-dua pihak pembeli dan penjual. kan. pada subjek akad.
Dalam ekonomi pasaran bebas, hak ini disebut sebagai c. Pihak berkontrak belum keluar dari tempat akad jika da- Syarat ‘aib yang dibolehkan khiyar ialah:
“money-back guarantee” di mana pembeli yang tidak lam bilik yang kecil. a. Aib berlaku sebelum kontrak atau sebelum barang dis-
berpuas hati dengan barang atau produk yang dibeli d. Pihak berkontrak belum berpaling dan beredar bebera- erah kepada penerimanya.
boleh memulangkan semula barang tersebut dan menda- pa langkah jika dalam bangunan yang luas atau di tempat
patkan balik wang daripada penjual dalam tempoh yang lapang.
dibenarkan. Adakalanya, pasaraya atau kedai-kedai yang e. Pihak berkontrak masih belum menukar perbualan
menjual barangan tertentu menyatakan dalam terma pada perkara lain.
perjanjian jualbeli atau resit pembelian tentang hak
pembeli untuk mengembalikan barang yang dibelinya Sambungan di ms 20
dalam tempoh-tempoh tertentu. Sungguhpun begitu
ada juga syarikat-syarikat perniagaan yang menafikan
hak ini dengan menyatakan secara terang-terangan ba-
hawa barang yang dibeli tidak boleh dikembalikan.

Page Page
19 20

UNSUR PEMIKIRAN KRITIS YANG TERDAPAT DI DALAM AL-QURAN sambungan dari ms 21 mereka akan melihat sesuatu yang membenarkan al-
Quran. Apabila apa yang mereka lihat dikaitkan dengan
Oleh Muaz bin Hj Mohd Noor Unsur Pemikiran Kritis yang terdapat di dalam ayat-ayat apa yang terdapat didalam al-Quran, mereka meya-
Akademi Pengajian Islam Kontemporari (ACIS) Al-Quran kini al-Quran sebenarnya datang daripada Allah.“2
UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka 1) Ayat pertama : Kaitan Akal, Al-Quran dan Sains Dalam
Kehidupan. Dalam Tafsir al-Azhar pula Hamka berkata, “Dalam ayat
Bahagian 1 Konsep Pemikiran Kritis Firman Allah S.W.T.: ini dinyatakan al-Quran ini semakin lama semakin nya-
Istilah ‘pemikiran kritis’ merupakan gabungan di antara dua per- ta kebenaranya. Bukti kebenaran itu akan muncul di
Pendahuluan kataan iaitu ‘pemikiran’ dan ‘kritis’. Dari gabungan perkataan 53. Kami akan perlihatkan kepada mereka tanda-tanda segenap penjuru bahkan pada diri mereka (manusia)
ini, istilah ‘pemikiran’ berasal dari kata dasar ‘fikir’ yang ber- kekuasaan Kami di merata-rata tempat (dalam alam Yang sendiri. Mungkin beberapa perkara yang diterangkan
Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan Sekalian Alam, Maha maksud “ingatan, angan-angan, akal, sangka, anggapan, penda- terbentang Luas ini) dan pada diri mereka sendiri, seh- al-Quran semasa ia mula diturunkan belum difahami
Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang. Selawat dan salam pat dan kira.” Manakala terbitan kata ‘fikir’ melahirkan istilah ingga ternyata jelas kepada mereka Bahawa Al-Quran tetapi kelak (semasa zaman berubah) dan otak manusia
buat junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W ‘pemikiran’ yang diertikan sebagai “perihal berfikir (memikir)”. adalah benar. belumkah ternyata kepada mereka kebe- menjadi semakin maju, kebenaran itu pasti Nampak”3.
melalui baginda kita mendapat petunjuk jalan yang Pemikiran juga dimaksudkan dengan sebagai “satu proses naran itu dan belumkah cukup (bagi mereka) Bahawa Tu-
selamat dan daripada jalan yang binasa .Sesung- yang melibatkan pengolahan operasi mental tertentu yang hanmu mengetahui dan menyaksikan tiap-tiap sesuatu? Justeru ayat ini adalah jambatan antara sains dan al-Quran.
guhnya Bagindalah pembawa berita gembira dan bertindak dalam minda seseorang dengan tujuan menye- Antara ayat al-Quran yang menjelaskan mengenai Ia mengisyaratkan penemuan-penemuan sains ketika ini
berita ancaman .Barang siapa yang diberikan pe- lesaikan masalah atau membuat keputusan”. Manakala is- hubungan antara otak manusia dan hukum logik (Quran) yang berkaitan dengan alam dan manusia akan menam-
tunjuk oleh Allah maka tiada siapa boleh menyesat- tilah kritis pula berasal daripada perkataan Inggeris ‘critic’. adalah ayat 53 dalam surah Fussilat yang bermaksud pakkan tanpa ragu-ragu lagi tentang kebenaran al-Quran.
kannya dan barang siapa disesatku oleh Allah maka Namun begitu, kata dasar ‘kritis’ merupakan perkataan Greek , “Akan kami tunjukkan kepada mereka bukti-bukti ke- Yang penting adalah kajian sains yang dilakukan mestilah
tiada siapa yang dapat memberi petunjuk kepadanya. ‘kriths’ (Kritikos) yang bermaksud ‘menimbang’ (Judge). ‘Men- benaran Kami di segenap penjuru dari diri mereka merupakan satu kajian yang sahih dan tepat. Justeru,
Amma ba’du. imbang’ membawa maksud “menilai, membezakan, memutus- sendiri, sehingga jelas kepada mereka Quran itu benar.” penemuan-penemuan sains masa kini dapat dimanfaat-
Allah Ta’ala telah menurunkan kepada kita umat Nabi kan dan menyoal sama ada sesuatu itu benar atau salah”. Kamus Ada ulama’-ulama’ yang mentafsir ayat ini secara ber- kan bagi memahami ayat-ayat tertentu dalam al-Quran.
Muhammad S.A.W suatu kitab yang diberi nama al- Oxford Dictionary of English memberi huraian terhadap maksud beza sedikit. Bagi mereka ayat ini bermaksud, “Akan
Quran sebagai penawar dan pedoman agar kita sela- ‘critical’ yang membawa maksud ‘kritis’, sebagaimana berikut; Kami tunjukkan kepada mereka bukti-bukti kebe- Al-Imam al-Ghazali pula menekankan pentingnya umat
mat di dunia dan di akhirat. Kandungan al-Quran yang i) expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgments. naran Kami di segenap penjuru dari diri mereka send- Islam memiliki pemikiran al-Quran yang syumul. Al-Quran
mempunyai 116 surah dan padanya terdapat ayat ii) expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults iri, sehingga jelas kepada mereka Islam itu benar.” hendaklah dibaca dengan penuh penelitian supaya meng-
yang bersifat kritis atau bernada kritikal iaitu tahap of a work of literature, music, or art. Walaubagaimanapun, dalam kitab tafsir al-Quran , Imam hasilkan pemikiran yang terbaik dalam usaha memakmur-
pemikiran yang sepatutnya dipraktikkan oleh kita se- iii) (of a situation or problem) having the potential to become Ibn Kathir berkata, “Allah akan tunjukkan bukti-bukti kan bumi ini. Beliau mengkritik keras sikap umat Islam
mua. Pada kali ini, penulis akan mengkaji tentang kon- disastrous; at points of crisis. serta dalil-dalil di alam ini yang menunjukkan al-Quran yang lalai memahami dan tidak mengambil pemikiran
sep pemikiran kritis yang terdapat di dalam al-Quran. Asasnya, Pemikiran Kritis menjadikan kita lebih terbuka dalam ini adalah benar.” 1Maka, bagi menerokai dan menge- yang syumul dari al-Qur’an. Beliau menegaskan masih
Metodologinya, penulis bawakan dengan menjadikan menerima sesuatu, di samping cuba mempertimbangkan- luarkan bukti serta dalil daripada alam, sains diperlukan. banyak umat Islam menghadapi al-Quran secara buta tuli.
buku teks ‘Pengenalan Pemikiran Kritis dan Kreatif’ nya semula, menganalisa secara kritis dengan mengambilkira Seterusnya, berhubung dengan kata Allah yang ber-
sebagai punca carian ayat-ayat kritis di dalam al- pelbagai sudut. Ia juga memungkinkan pencernaan beberapa maksud, “dan pada diri mereka sendiri,” Imam Ibn Sebenarnya, umat lain menyedari keadaan kaum muslim-
Quran, juga sebagai sumber sekunder dalam kajian. idea dan konsep baru.Ilmu Pemikiran Kritis juga membolehkan Kathir berkata, “berkemungkinan yang dimaksudkan in terhadap al-Quran. Oleh itu, kita dapati beberapa siar-
Akhir sekali,penulis berdoa mudah-mudahan Allah selain menganalisa hujah (hujah yang kuat atau lemah, teori oleh ayat ini adalah apa yang terdapat dalam tubuh ba- an radio antarabangsa memperuntukan waktu untuk me-
Ta’ala memberikan manfaat yang banyak pada kajian berguna atau menyangkalnya), kita juga berupaya berhujah dan manusia yang menakjubkan, sebagaimana yang nyiarkan program harian untuk bacaan al-Quran. Mereka
ini.SemogaAllahmemberikanjalankeluarbagimasalah dengan berkesan sekali. dapat dilihat dalam ilmu tasyrih (anatomi). Kesemua berbuat demikian kerana mereka yakin umat Islam hari
umat Islam ini dan menyatukan kita di atas kalimah Pemikiran Kritis menjadikan kita lebih kritis dan peka dalam ini menampakkan kebijaksanan yang maha Pencipta.” ini hanya mampu mendengar tetapi tidak memahaminya.
Laillaha illallah, Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulullah. mengkaji sesebuah hujah ataupun penyataan yang dikeluar- Bagi mengenali organ serta memahami sistem yang
Wallaahu a’lam.. kan secara pengucapan ataupun penulisan. Ia dapat menye- terdapat dalam tubuh manusia, sains juga diperlukan. Menurut al-Imam al-Ghazali isu-isu yang diutarakan
darkan kita bahawa sesebuah penyataan itu tidak semestinya Konklusi yang dibuat As-Syeikh Said Hawa berhubung dalam al-Quran adalah isu-isu ilmiah yang praktis. Al-
benar walaupun konteks struktur penyataannya adalah betul. ayat ini terdapat di dalam al-Asas fi al-Tafsir, berliau ber- Qur’an membentuk peribadi, jiwa, akhlak, umat dan
Ia juga mampu membuka minda kita agar lebih menerima ber- kata, “Di dalam buku saya bertajuk Ar-Rasul saya mem- tamadun. Al-Imam al-Ghazali membawa bukti sejarah
banding terus menolaknya secara falasi kejahilan. buktikan bagaimana Allah menunaikan janjinya yang iaitu bangsa Arab yang dahulu hidup dalam keadaan
terdapat dalam ayat ini. Sekiranya menusia melihat ke- jahiliah akhirnya apabila diturunkan al-Qur’an telah
pada segenap penjuru alam dan diri mereka sendiri, merubah segala-galanya. Mereka bertukar menjadi
umat yang cintakan syura, bencikan autokrasi, menga-
malkan keadilan dan menghapuskan diskriminasi kelas.

Daripada pengkajian mengenai al-Quran ini juga akan
menghasilkan ilmu psikologi yang baik sebagai al-
ternatif kepada daya pemikiran kritis manusia. Be-
liau menegaskan bahawa seandainya kita mengikuti
dengan penuh teliti disiplin ilmu-ilmu al-Quran dan
kita cuba merenungi tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah
yang ada pada diri kita, nescaya kita akan mempu-
nyai ilmu psikologi yang mengenali kebesaran Allah.

Sambungan di ms22 Al-Imam al-Ghazali4 berpendapat bahawa ke-
Page bangkitan Page
21 22

Islam bermula daripada penghayatan al-Quran yang syu- P KENGURUSAN EWANGAN
mul dan keupayaan memperaktikkan pemikiran kritis dan
inovatif. Cetusan Islam yang digerakkan oleh al-Quran. Faha- Memulakan Pengurusan Kewangan Peribadi
man penghayatan al-Quran yang syumul ini telah menjadi
penggerak kepada generasi awal Islam. Beliau berpendapat Oleh Zaleha binti Khamis
bahawa cetusan al-Qur’an sebagai pencetus tamadun te- Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan
lah hilang disebabkan kita sibuk dengan urusan yang lain.
Pengurusan kewangan merupakan kaedah bagaimana gan merekod aliran masuk dan keluar tunai dengan
2) Ayat kedua: Minda Saintifik individu menguruskan perkara berkaitan wang. Jika membuat belanjawan individu. Dengan cara ini, ses-
Firman Allah S.W.T.: anda mengatakan bahawa anda telah lama mening- eorang dapat mengawal perbelanjaan supaya tidak me-
galkan bangku persekolahan maka sukar untuk anda lebihi dengan jumlah pendapatan yang mereka perolehi.
190. Sesungguhnya pada kejadian langit dan bumi, dan pada mendapat ilmu kewangan, anda sebenarnya silap. Ilmu Belanjawan dapat membantu seseorang menguruskan
pertukaran malam dan siang, ada tanda-tanda (kekuasaan, mengenai kewangan tidak semestinya diperolehi se- kewangan dengan lebih teratur. Dan yang paling penting,
kebijaksanaan, dan keluasan rahmat Allah) bagi orang-orang cara formal tetapi ia juga boleh berbentuk tidak formal. pastikan belanjawan yang telah disediakan itu dipatuhi.
Yang berakal;5 Jika seseorang dapat menguruskan perbelanjaan ru-
Penghormatan yang Allah berikan kepada golongan yang mah seperti membayar bil-bil elektrik dan air, serta 3. Hindari hutang
suka mengkaji alam, sehingga menggelar mereka sebagai sewa rumah, tanpa sedar mereka telah pun menga-
ulul albab, begitu signifikan bagi umat Islam. Ia adalah rang- malkan pengurusan kewangan. Cuma yang menjadi Pada masa kini, boleh dikatakan semua individu terlibat
sangan yang istimewa daripada Allah supaya umat Islam persoalan adakah kaedah yang diamalkan berkesan dengan hutang, seperti pinjaman pelajaran, pinjaman
mendekati alam bagi mengkajinya. Dengan itu ketakwaan atau pun tidak. Artikel ini tidak akan menekankan ke- kenderaan, pinjaman perumahan dan pinjaman perib-
mereka kepada Allah akan meningkat. Secara khusus, antara berkesanan pengurusan kewangan tetapi lebih kepada adi. Apabila banyak berhutang, ia boleh menyebabkan
ciri yang terdapat pada ulul-albab adalah mengkaji dan ber- penerangan ringkas bagi membantu mereka yang be- individu terikat dengan beban kewangan yang teruk
tafakur mengenai penciptaan langit dan bumi. Pada hari ini lum tahu mengenai pengurusan kewangan peribadi. dan kadangkala ia mengganggu emosi individu terbabit.
golongan yang banyak mengkaji mengenai kejadian langit Berikut adalah lima (5) langkah yang boleh dia- Oleh itu, digalakkan supaya jangan berbelanja lebih
dan bumi adalah pakar-pakar sains dalam bidang astronomi daripada kemampuan. Elakkan daripada berbelanja
dan astrofizik. Justeru, ayat 190 surah al-Imran itu tadi ber- 1.malkan untuk memulakan pengurusan kewangan: atas perkara yang tidak perlu dan seelok-eloknya jelas-
hubung ulul albab merangsang umat Islam supaya berfikir Tetapkan matlamat dan keutamaan kan hutang anda dalam masa yang telah ditetapkan.
dengan menggunkan anugerah akal yang diberikan Allah. Matlamat adalah perlu dan ianya penting dalam ke- Pada masa kini, ramai individu memiliki kad kred-
Quran sememangnya mahu umat Islam memiliki minda yang hidupan seseorang. Matlamat yang berbeza me- it. Tidak dinafikan penggunaan kad kredit mungkin
saintifik. Minda yang saintifik adalah minda yang kuat berfikir, merlukan perancangan yang pastinya berbeza. perlu untuk tujuan kecemasan. Tetapi diingatkan ba-
kritikal, mampu menganalisis data dan fakta, serta mampu Keperluan dan kemahuan adalah dua perkara yang ber- hawa bayaran faedah untuk jumlah yang tertunggak
membuat andaian dan kemudiannya konklusi kepada apa yang beza. Keperluan adalah perkara yang perlu anda ada un- untuk kad kredit adalah amat tinggi. Untuk menge-
dicerap atau dilihatnya. Minda saintifik menolak sebarang tuk terus hidup seperti makanan, tempat tinggal, paka- lakkan dikenakan caj tinggi, bayarlah jumlah penuh
laporan dan pandangan yang tidak berlapikkan bukti dan dalil. ian, penjagaan kesihatan dan pengangkutan. Manakala kad kredit anda setiap bulan. Langkah yang lebih
Rujukan kemahuan pula adalah perkara yang anda inginkan tetapi baik ialah anda menyediakan tabungan kecemasan.
tidak semestinya perlu untuk meneruskan kehidupan,
Ihya Ulumuddin, Al-Imam al-Ghazali (terjemahan Prof. TK. H. Ismail Yakub seperti kereta besar, rumah mewah dan pakaian mahal.
MA-SH), Pustaka Nasional, Singapura, 1981. Mulakan pengurusan kewangan anda dengan menyenarai-
Surah Al-Imran, ayat 190. kan matlamat-matlamat anda dan susun keperluan anda
Tafsir al-Quran, Ibnu Kathir, Darul Fikr, Kaherah, Mesir mengikut keutamaan supaya perancangan kewangan anda
Al-Asas fi Tafsir, Sadi Hawa, Darul Salam, Kaherah, Mesir, 1985. masa kini dan juga masa hadapan akan lebih terancang.
Tafsir al-Azhar, Hamka, Yayasan Latimajong, Surabaya, 1982.
2. Rekodkan perbelanjaan dan patuhi belanjawan

yang ditetapkan

Ramai orang dengan mudah dapat memberikan jum-
lah wang yang mereka perolehi dalam setahun, tetapi
tidak ramai yang boleh memberitahu dengan jelas
bagaimana mereka membelanjakan wang tersebut.

Page Oleh itu, adalah penting untuk mengira aliran tunai den-

4. Jaminan kewangan masa hadapan TAAHNUDKAA? H Sambungan dari ms 14 Rujukan
Setelah pemergian Jalil, beber- John, A. (1984). The fateful day for Jalil Ibrahim. New Straits
Rancang pelan persaraan anda daripada awal dan disi- PENCUCI MULUT UNIK apa misteri timbul. Antaranya Times. Diperolehi daripada
plinkan diri untuk peruntukkan sedikit wang untuk tabun- PUDING DIRAJA penemuan surat tidak lengkap newspapers/Digitised/Article/straitstimes19840518-1
gan kecemasan. Sekiranya berlaku sesuatu perkara yang yang menggunakan kod rahsia .2.18.3.aspx .
tidak diingini seperti kecederaan semasa bekerja, kesiha- PAHANG yang ditujukan kepada keluar- Baron, A. (1991). Imprisonment without trial: The Lor-
tan yang terganggu atau diberhentikan kerja, anda mem- ganya di Malaysia yang antara rain Osman case. Legal Notes No. 15. Libertarian Alliance,
punyai pelan persaraan yang teratur dan simpanan lain. lain meluahkan rasa terkilan London.
Jalil terhadap apa yang berlaku Carrian Group. Diperolehi daripada https://en.wikipedia.
Pembelian insurans atau takaful juga penting terutamanya di BMF Hong Kong. Di samp- org/wiki/Carrian_Group
jika anda mempunyai keluarga yang mengharapkan anda ing itu, beliau juga dilaporkan Niret, A., & Nikhil, J. A. (2012). The banker who knew too
sebagai penyumbang sumber kewangan utama. Selain itu, much. Diperolehi daripada
melaburlah sebahagian wang ke dalam pelaburan yang telah menyerahkan laporan audit beliau terhadap penyele- watch?v=meSDsu0ttlc
boleh memberikan pulangan kepada anda seperti unit ama- wengan yang berlaku di BMF Hong Kong kepada BBMB Reuters (July 8, 1985). Malaysia discloses details of bank
nah, sjil deposit dan harta tetap (perumahan dan lot kedai). sebelum kembali ke Hong Kong. Dikatakan kes penyele- scandal. New York Times Diperolehi daripada http://
wengan ini turut melibatkan beberapa individu penting di
5. Jangan malu mendapatkan ilmu Malaysia. Namun sejauh mana kebenarannya, masih tidak closes-details-of-bank-scandal.html
dapat dibuktikan dengan jelas. Sarban Singh (November 27, 2005). Catching up with...:
Carilah ilmu kewangan dengan bertanya kepada mer- Kes ini menjadi perhatian masyarakat dunia kerana status Gone, but never forgotten. New Straits Times. Diperolehi
eka yang tahu atau belajar melalui pembacaan dan se- BBMB selaku bank utama di Malaysia yang memberi bantu- daripada
bagainya untuk membantu dalam pengurusan kewangan an kewangan kepada warga Bumiputra. Akibat daripada kes ing-late-op-jalil-ibrahim.html.
yang lebih baik. Kaunselor atau perunding kewangan boleh ini, Presiden BMF, Lorrain Esme Osman dan Pengarah BMF, Lane, W. (May 17, 1984). Jalil was holding up huge Carrian
membantu dalam pengurusan kewangan dengan mem- HashimShamsuddinmelarikandirikeLondon.Merekaditahan Loan: Court told. New Straits Times. Diperolehi daripada
beri nasihat dan membuat perancangan yang lebih tera- dan dibawa pulang ke Hong Kong untuk perbicaraan. Hashim
tur mengikut matlamat yang ditetapkan oleh seseorang. Shamsuddin dikenakan hukuman penjara selama 10 tahun ticle/straitstimes19840417-1.2.7.aspx.
manakala Lorrain Esme Osman dikenakan hukuman penjara
Rujukan Anda mahu cuba? Tunggu selama 5 tahun atas tuduhan penyelewengan dan rasuah.
Jean Folge. (n.d), 5 Articles to Refresh Your Financial Literacy, keluaran Biznewz seterus- Manakala Carrian Group of Companies diisytiharkan mu-
retrieved on 29 November 2015 from http://www.investope- nya.... flis apabila terpaksa menanggung hutang yang besar, di samping menerima kesan buruk akibat imej syarikat
your-financial-literacy.asp. yang tercalar setelah kematian Jalil. Kegagalan Car-
Miriam Caldwell, (n.d), Manage Your Personal Finances, re- rian Group of Companies membayar pinjaman kewan-
trieved from on 29 November 2015 from http://moneyfor20s. gan cukup membebankan dan memalukan pihak BBMB. Akhirnya Pengerusi Eksekutif BBMB, Dr.
es.htm. Nawawi Mat Awin meletakkan jawatan pada 31 Disember 1983. Namun, walaupun
ramai orang kenamaan dan peneraju or-
ganisasi telah terkena tempias, namun se-
hingga kini mengapa Mak membunuh Jalil
masih menjadi persoalan yang tiada jawa-
pannya. Kisah Jalil telah dijadikan dokumentari dalam Asian

Page Page
25 26

KERJAYA SAYA Peminta Sedekah peminta sedekah ini, apakah yang akan terjadi 10 ta- SolatLebih 60% Gagal Menunaikan
hun, 20 tahun akan datang? Kemungkinan anak muda Penuh Lima Waktu???
Oleh Wan Mardiana Wan Musa dan Razifa Mohd Razlan kita pula memilih untuk menceburkan diri ke dalam
profesion meminta sedekah lantaran mudahnya
rakyat Malaysia memberi sedekah. Menurut Khalid Oleh Ros Norita Abd Samad dan Rosliza Ghazali (Fakulti Perakaunan)
(2015), purata pendapatan seorang peminta sedekah
sehari adalah RM608-00 sehari, bersamaan RM18, S olat adalah rukun Islam kedua selepas penyaksian kei- responden tersebut sahaja yang mendirikan solat fard-
240-00 sebulan! Bayangkan tanpa berbuat apa- hu cukup 5 waktu sehari semalam (Mohamad Shafiee,
apa, hanya bermodalkan pakaian compang camp- manan bahawa tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah dan Nabi 2004).
ing dan sedikit wajah kasihan, pendapatan bulanan Muhammad SAW adalah utusan Allah.
mereka sangat lumayan, malah si pemberi sedekah
pun belum tentu berpendapatan sedemikian! Solat teramat penting sehinggakan hanya orang yang hi- Rentetan dari kajian tersebut, satu tinjauan telah dibuat
lang akal dan hilang kesedaran sahaja dibenarkan men- untuk mengenal pasti tahap penunaian solat fardhu dan
Seorang gadis sunti kelihatan memimpin seorang lelaki buta Sememangnya rakyat Malaysia terkenal dengan sikap inggalkan solat. Alasan sakit seperti patah kaki atau lum- pengamalan pembacaan al-Quran di kalangan generasi
berjalan perlahan-lahan mengelilingi sebuah warung. Satu pemurah dan suka membantu. Mungkin kerana itulah puh sekalipun tidak diterima sebagai sebab kukuh untuk muda pula. Responden-responden bagi tinjauan ini pula
demi satu meja makan yang menempatkan pelanggan war- gejala meminta sedekah ini sukar dibanteras. Oleh meninggalkan solat. Tidak seperti rukun-rukun Islam terdiri daripada kalangan remaja berumur sekitar 20 ke
ung tersebut dirapati. Si buta, yang mungkin merupakan ayah itu tidak hairanlah apabila Menteri Wilayah Perseku- yang lain, contohnya puasa di mana seseorang itu boleh 25 tahun. Seramai 30 orang responden telah terlibat da-
kepada gadis sunti tersebut berkata,”Sedekah dik..sedekah…” tuan, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor me- meninggalkan puasa di bulan Ramadhan dalam keadaan- lam tinjauan ini.
Penghuni meja yang sedang enak menikmati juadah terhen- nyarankan agar undang-undang berkenaan peminta keadaan tertentu seperti sakit, musafir, dan lain-lain. Bagi penunaian solat fardhu lima waktu, responden te-
ti. Ada yang memandang jengkel, ada yang tanpa menjawab sedekah dikuatkuasakan. Menurut kenyataan Datuk Di dalam al-Quran, Allah SWT menjelaskan bahawa solat lah ditanya tentang amalan solat mereka sepanjang ta-
sepatahpun sapaan si buta menghulurkan not seringgit. Ada Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor tersebut yang merupakan benteng diri seseorang Muslim daripada per- hun tersebut. Tinjauan tersebut mendapati sekitar 63%
juga yang memberikan syiling 50 sen tanpa memandang ke dipetik BERNAMA, undang-undang berupa laran- lakuan keji dan mungkar. daripada responden-respondent tersebut mengaku ga-
arah dua beranak tersebut. Trend meminta sedekah di tempat- gan meminta dan memberi sedekah perlu disegera- Firman Allah SWT: gal menunaikan sepenuhnya solat-solat tersebut (Subuh,
tempat awam terutama sekali premis-premis makanan sudah kan dan diperketatkan penguatkuasaannya. Pem- Zohor, Asar, Maghrib, dan Isyak). Solat Subuh adalah so-
tidak asing lagi di Malaysia, terutama sekali di bandar-bandar beri sedekah akan didenda sebanyak RM150 kerana Bermaksud: lat yang paling banyak dicuaikan. Selain fardhu Subuh,
besar seperti Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam dan Petaling Jaya. menggalakkan gejala peminta sedekah di negara ini. “Dirikanlah solat, sesungguhnya solat itu dapat mence- fardhu Asar dan Isyak juga antara solat-solat fardhu yang
Seringkali kelihatan seorang remaja lelaki berkopiah Mungkin ada kebaikannya cadangan tersebut. gah daripada perbuatan keji dan mungkar…” kerapkali ditinggalkan.
dan berbaju melayu, membawa tabung kecil bersaman- Rakyat Malaysia perlu lebih berhati-hati dan ber- (al-‘Ankabut, 29:45) Bangun lewat adalah alasan yang paling kerap diberikan
ya disertai surat menerangkan sebab beliau meminta waspada apabila memberi sedekah kerana kemu- Di dalam al-Quran, Allah SWT juga menceritakan doa bagi kecuaian mereka menunaikan solat subuh. Manaka-
sedekah. Segumpal resit rasmi juga ada sebagai balasan rahan hati masyarakat kita dengan mudah diambil Nabi Ibrahim AS agar baginda dan zuriat baginda berada la alasan lain yang acapkali diutarakan ialah leka melaku-
terhadap sejumlah wang yang dihulurkan. Mereka ber- kesempatan oleh mereka yang tidak bertanggung- di kalangan hamba-hambanya yang selalu mendirikan so- kan perkara lain sehingga luput waktu solat.
legar-legar di stesen-stesen minyak di sekitar bandar di jawab. Gejala meminta sedekah ini sesetengahnya lat, seperti berikut: Selain itu, responden-responden ini juga ditanya tentang
Malaysia. Fenomena ini tidak lagi pelik apabila remaja le- dipelopori sindiket yang menggunakan kanak-kanak persepsi mereka tentang pengamalan solat lima waktu
laki tersebut mendakwa derma yang dikutip adalah un- dalam meraih simpati orang ramai. Mereka pula Bermaksud: ibu bapa mereka. Ironiknya, mereka mengaku ibubapa
tuk membantu sekolah tahfiz ataupun rumah anak yatim. bersenang-lenang di atas kesengsaraan orang lain. “Wahai Tuhanku, jadikanlah aku dan zuriat keturunan ku mereka tidak mengabaikan kefardhuan solat. Namun
Kadangkala apabila kita ke bank untuk urusan mengeluarkan Kita tidak mahu akhirnya generasi muda kita terperang- sebagai orang yang tetap mendirikan solat.” terdapat juga 17% daripada responden-responden yang
atau memasukkan wang di mesin ATM juga, tidak kurang kap dengan sikap tidak suka berusaha dan mengambil (Ibrahim, 14:40) mengatakan ibubapa mereka kurang menjaga solat.
warga peminta sedekah duduk di hadapan pintu masuk jalan pintas untuk mendapatkan wang. Jika sesuatu Firman Allah SWT: Dari segi kemampuan dan pengamalan pembacaan
bank, menghamparkan tikar dan menyediakan tabung khas tidak dilakukan sekarang, bila lagi? Kita perlu menjadi al-Quran, semua responden (100%) mengaku mampu
bantuan entah kepada siapa-siapa. Terbaru, trend meminta masyarakat yang bertanggungjawab demi kebaikan Bermaksud: membaca al-Quran. Namun, kebanyakan mereka men-
sedekah di persimpangan lampu-lampu isyarat diberitakan generasi kita di masa akan datang. Jangan sampai “Dan perintahkanlah ahlimu mendirikan solat dan sabar- gaku tidak mengetahui hukum Tajwid secara menyeluruh
di kaca televisyen, dipelopori oleh warga asing yang da- anak-anak muda kita bercita-cita menjadi peminta lah dalam mengerjakannya. Kami tidak meminta rezeki di mana mereka hanya mengetahui pengetahuan paling
tang ke Malaysia semata-mata untuk mencari pendapatan. sedekah kerana pulangan lumayan di hujung bulan! kepada mu, bahkan Kamilah yang memberi rezeki kepada asas tentangnya sahaja. Seramai 62% responden men-
Adakah meminta sedekah sudah menjadi semacam satu Rujukan: mu. Dan kesudahan baik adalah bagi orang yang bertak- gaku secara puratanya lebih empat (4) hari seminggu
kerjaya, atau satu Suatu profesion seperti profesion peker- Khalid.I. (2015, Julai 2).Jangan terkejut kalau si pemilik wa.” diisi dengan membaca al-Quran di dalam tahun tersebut.
jaan yang lain? Kita bimbang jika tidak dibanteras, meminta kereta mewah itu seorang pengemis. Astro Awani. Dirujuk (Taha, 20:132) Manakala 37% lagi mengaku hanya membaca al-Quran
sedekah menjadi pilihan kerjaya utama generasi belia kita pada Disember 1, 2015, dari Pada tahun 2004, satu kajian telah dibuat mengenai pe- sebanyak satu (1) kali seminggu. Walau bagaimanapun,
pada masa akan datang. Sementelah orang asing boleh da- berita-Malaysia/jangan-terkejut-kalau-si-pemilik-kereta- nunaian solat fardhu. Responden-responden bagi kajian hakikat yang amat menyedihkan ialah apabila terdapat
tang ke Malaysia untuk menceburkan diri ke dalam industri mewah-itu-seorang-pengemis-64594 tersebut terdiri daripada pelajar-pelajar tahun enam. Ha- seorang responden yang mengaku belum membaca al-
sil kajian mendapati  hanya 36.3% daripada responden- Quran dalam tahun yang ditanya.
Page Di samping itu, pengamalan membaca al-Quran juga dit-
27 injau kerana kepentingannya dan kaitannya dengan ke-
fardhuan solat. Rukun qauli atau rukun bacaan di dalam
solat tidaklah banyak, namun memerlukan seseorang
muslim membacanya dengan betul, contohnya bacaan


al-Fatihah di dalam setiap rakaat solat. Ini kerana al- ahli masyarakat yang memberi manfaat kepada semua. Alat Mengukur Paras Gula Dalam Darah
Quran itu merupakan kitab petunjuk di mana dengan Sememangnya sudah tiba masanya untuk se-
mengikuti panduan al-Quran dan sentiasa berdamping mua menggembeleng tenaga berusaha un- B Oleh Siti Aishah Che Kar, Norizan Ahmed dan Merani Che Ali (FKE & FACC)
dengannya, manusia akan mempunyai arah dan tujuan tuk menyembuhkan generasi yang semakin tidak agi pesakit kencing manis kategori Type 1 Diabetes Syarikat kesihatan terkenal, Abbott, juga baru mengelu-
yang jelas dalam menjalani kehidupannya. Selain itu, cakna dengan kepentingan solat dan al-Quran. dan Type 2 Diabetes, paras gula di dalam darah perlu arkan alat yang dinamakan FreeStyle Libre Flash. Alat ini
al-Quran juga adalah ubat kepada hati setiap manu- Daripada Sayyidina Abdullah bin Mas’ud RA katanya: sentiasa dipantau bagi menjamin kualiti kesihatan diri. berfungsi melalui alat pengesan kecil kalis air yang dileka-
sia. Oleh sebab itulah membaca dan menghayati isi al- Dia bertanya kepada Rasulullah SAW, “Amal yang ba-
Quran amat perlu ditiitkberatkan oleh setiap individu. gaimanakah yang paling utama?’ Jawabnya (Nabi SAW):
Allah SWT berfirman: “Solat pada waktunya.” “Kemudian itu apa?” tanyaku.
mudian itu apa?” tanyaku lagi. Jawab baginda (Nabi SAW), Manakala bagi ibu hamil yang mengidap Gestional Dia- tkan pada tangan pesakit dan boleh bertahan sehingga
“Jihad fi Sabilillah!” “Aku sebenarnya hendak bertanya lagi, betes Melitus, kesihatan bakal ibu perlu diawasi lebih dua minggu. Teknologi yang dihasilkan adalah berdasar-
tetapi aku cukupkan sedemikian.” (Sahih Muslim: 0066). ketat terutamanya kadar kandungan gula dalam darah kan Interstitial Fluid Glucose yang tidak memerlukan
demi kesihatan ibu dan anak. Kebiasaannya paras gula sampel darah diambil melalui cucukan jarum.
di dalam darah diukur menggunakan sejenis alat yang
dipanggil Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) atau Meter Gula
Darah. Dengan menggunakan BGM, sedikit sampel
Bermaksud: Rujukan:- darah diambil melalui cucukan jarum pada mana-mana Sekumpulan penyelidik dari Fakulti Kejuruteraan Kimia
“Hai manusia, sesungguhnya telah datang kepa- jari. Spesimen darah itu kemudian akan dititis ke atas MIT, sedang melakukan penyelidikan untuk mencipta
damu pelajaran dari Tuhanmu dan penyembuh bagi html jalur pakaibuang yang dimasukkan ke dalam BGM. Alat generasi terbaru kit ujian gula di dalam darah. Sistem
penyakit-penyakit (yang berada) dalam dada dan pe- ini kemudiannya akan memaparkan bacaan gula di da- yang dikaji melibatkan penggunaan sejenis dakwat khas
tunjuk serta rahmat bagi orang-orang yang beriman.” lam darah secara digital. yang berasaskan teknologi nanotubes yang akan disuntik
(Yunus, 10:57). ke bawah kulit pesakit. Dakwat itu akan bertindakbalas
dengan sinar Infrared (IR) yang disuluh pada kulit pesakit.
Allah SWT juga berfirman: Teknologi BGM adalah berdasarkan sejenis jalur uji khas Warna dakwat akan berubah mengikut paras kandungan
yang mengandungi sejenis enzim yang boleh bertindak- gula dalam tubuh pesakit. Ini adalah satu lagi teknologi
balas apabila darah dititiskan ke atasnya. Spesimen itu yang membolehkan bacaan gula di dalam darah diambil
kemudian akan diuji bacaannya menggunakan BGM. secara berterusan tanpa cucukan jarum di jari.
Hasil tindakbalas elektrokimia terhadap enzim dengan
glukos akan menghasilkan isyarat elektrik. Isyarat elek-
trik yang dihasilkan akan ditukar kepada bacaan digital
untuk paparan pengguna. Lagi tinggi kadar kandungan
Bermaksud: gula dalam darah , lagi tinggi bacaan flux yang dihasil- Terdapat juga teknologi untuk mengukur paras gula di
“Dan Kami turunkan daripada al-Quran suatu yang kan. Namun kadar bacaan paras gula yang diambil se- dalam darah yang tidak memerlukan specimen darah
menjadi penawar dan rahmat bagi orang-orang lalunya akan berubah dari satu masa ke masa yang lain seperti teknologi Infrared (IR), Ultrasound dan Biosen-
yang beriman dan al-Quran itu tidaklah menam- bergantung pada cara pemakanan pesakit. Selain itu, sors. Terdapat juga Multi-test Meter yang membolehkan
bah kepada orang-orang yang zalim selain kerugian.” cara pengambilan spesimen darah juga agak menyakit- banyak kit sampel darah diuji serentak dengan lebih ce-
(al-Isra’, 17:82) kan. pat. Walaupun kesemua teknologi tersebut masih di da-
Hasil tinjauan ini amat relevan dengan tugasan kita se- lam kajian, namun ia akan membantu memastikan ujian
bagai pensyarah. Profesion kita memberi peluang kepa- kadar paras gula di dalam darah dapat dilakukan tanpa
da kita untuk bertemu, berkomunikasi, dan berbincang Namun kini terdapat beberapa teknologi baru yang me- rasa sakit dan lebih pantas satu hari nanti. Perkembangan
dengan generasi muda, iaitu para pelajar kita sendiri. masuki pasaran kesihatan seperti Continuous Glucose teknologi ini akan membantu para pesakit memantau,
Peluang tersebut perlulah diambil untuk mengingat- Meter (CGM) yang digunakan untuk memantau paras mengawal dan menurunkan paras gula di dalam badan
kan mereka tentang kewajipan solat. Ia adalah perisai gula di dalam darah secara berterusan. Manakala ter- bagi mengelakkan komplikasi kencing manis yang lebih
yang menyelamatkan manusia daripada terjebak ke dapat juga Downloaded Meter yang membolehkan data teruk seperti buta, kegagalan buah pinggang atau pemo-
dalam perkara-perkara mungkar. Harapan kita, insan- yang diuji dimuaturun ke komputer untuk tujuan anali- tongan kaki.
insan yang kita didik ini akan menjadi individu-individu sis dan rekod. Antara CGM yang terkenal adalah Dexcom
Muslim yang baik dan punya aqidah yang teguh serta G4 Platinum yang menggunakan wayar platinum halus
tidak mudah terjerumus dalam perkara-perkara mung- yang diletakkan di bawah kulit sebagai alat pengesan.
kar yang berleluasa sekarang seperti gejala murtad, Alat tersebut akan bertindakbalas secara elektrokimia Rujukan
dadah, zina, buang anak, samun, dan lain-lain. Selain dengan glukos dalam darah. Bacaan yang dihasilkan
itu, individu-individu ini juga diharapkan agar menjadi akan dihantar melalui isyarat 2.4 GHz secara berterusan
kepada penerima. Data akan dibaca dan dianalisa oleh work
penerima dan menghasilkan bacaan dalam bentuk graf
untuk paparan pengguna melalui telefon atau jam pin-


Page Page
29 30


INTERNAL COMMUNICATION AUDIT By Norchahaya Johar and Nor Hidayah Harun (Faculty of Business Management)

C By Siti Fatimah Mardiah Hamzah (Faculty of Business Management) often have a positive attitude and are self-motivated. Having a
ommunication in the organization is vital as it determine Meanwhile, survey conducted among employees involves dif- positive attitude helps the managers create a productive work-
the sustainability of the organization. Information in the orga- ferent internal audience groups in an organization in order to ing environment for his team. Positive attitude simply means
nization must be communicated in effective manner to both determine the conformity of their views with the opinions of being optimistic and looks for the good in every situation. Man-
internal and external public. There are two communication the management. Based on the finding of these interviews, agers with positive disposition are normally open-minded and
activities in organizations which are internal and external com- assessment of discrepancies is performed. The discrepancies confident. They are also flexible and adaptable to any changes
munication. External communication is the communication might include the missing links, the possible distortion in mes- in the environment. Furthermore, because of their optimistic
performs by organization to its external public such as custom- sages flow and interferences or noises in communication pro- outlook, they make good motivators that can inspire their team
ers, while internal communication is a process that takes place cess. Audit’s findings help to explain the current organizations’ members. They also value people, an important trait to have
inside the organization amongst all its members. Internal com- communication situation. The information is also useful for in order to maintain good relationship with their employees.

munication formed relationships between employees. Internal organization to initiate changes for the purpose of improving In contrast, managers with negative attitude often display
communication takes places in various forms of interaction communication process. (Hargie & Tourish, 2011). For instance, traits such as emotional, controlling and indecisiveness. They
namely verbal, nonverbal and written. organization will plan a comprehensive communication pro- The business environment is very dynamic that organizations also have difficulty communicating with employees, do not
gramme which would fill the gaps between the management are often faced with complex challenges that only the strong give nor accept constructive criticism or feedback, and con-
Both types of communications are equally important to the or- and employees based on the discrepancies found. In short, in- will survive. Organizations need high-performing employees in stantly searches for fault in employees. With such character-
ganization. However, internal communication should be high- ternal communication audit is a tool towards effective commu- order for them to meet the challenges both now and in the istics, how can they expect to create a productive and harmo-
lighted first as it will determine the effectiveness of external nication within and outside an organization. It is not an option, future. Due to this, managers may find that their roles have nious working environment that is essential in creating high
communication. Due to this, internal communication audit but a must do assessment for survival of the organization. become increasingly demanding as managing people is not an performing, achievement-oriented employees? As mentioned
must be done periodically. It is necessary to assess communi- easy task. People are complex in nature as they have differ- earlier, managers have the hard task of ensuring that employ-
cation activities within the organization to ensure the informa- References ent personalities, skills and experiences. Thus, managers also ees performed their jobs efficiently but bear in mind, employ-
tion is delivered and received as intended by the management need the right attitude, skill and experience to be able to man- ees are not robots. Feelings and emotions cannot be sacrificed
and the employees. Emmanuel,M. (1985) Auditing Communication Practices, in age them effectively. We believe that one of the essential and in the name of productivity. The equation is simple, positive
Inside Organisational Communication, (2nd Edition), Ed. by Re- must have characteristic for managers is a positive attitude. managers will create happy employees. Happy employees
The assessment should include all communication activities uss, C and Silvas, D., Longman. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, once said in an interview, that a will in turn increase productivity and improve their services
and channels used to communicate the information. This as- good manager is a manager that generally likes people and has which will eventually lead to happy customers. Something
sessment is called communication audit. Communication au- Hargie O. & Tourish D., (2011), Assessing the Effectiveness of good communication skills. He further adds that good managers for managers to mull over a cup of coffee don’t you think?

dit can be defined as "a comprehensive and thorough study Communication in organizations: the Communication Audit
of communication philosophy, concepts, structure, flow and Approach, Human Resource Management & Ergonomics, Vol
practice within an organization." (Emmanuel, 1985). V, 2/2011 p.122

Internal communication audit process involve four stages (Jones Jones, J. F (1975), The Public Relations Audit: Its Purpose and
1975): The stages are “Survey of the management board and Uses. In: Public Relations Journal, July, p. 6-8
managerial staff “, “Survey of employees”, “Assessment of dis-
crepancies” and ‘Recommendations”. Internal communication Wilcox L. D, Ault H. P, Agee.K.W & Cameron T. G, (2002), Essen- 7 7DAYS NIGHTS IN TURKIYE By YAU’MEE HAYATI HJ MOHAMED YUSOF
audit is usually done through informal interview with employ- tial of Public Relations, Addison_Wesley Educational publish- (Faculty of Business Management)
ees of all ranks for internal communication evaluation (Wilcox, ers Inc.

2002). Interviews usually conducted among the managerial
staff in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the
organization, its key audience groups, and the issues subject

Gratitude: The Fundamental Solution to Life Problemsto assessment.
Zajkowska M. & Anna Rychły-Lipińska, (2011), The Importance Merhaba Turkiye
Of Internal Communication In Polish Enterprises In The Light
Of The Studies Carried Out, Human Resources Management & Turkey is a republic country which has embraced secu- Furthermore, their citizens are cheerful and friend-
Ergonomics Volume V 2/2011 p.120 larism ideology since Mustapha Kamal Atatürk’s era of ly when meeting tourists from all over the world.

By Nurul Ulfa Abdul Aziz & Nur Syikri bin Harun (FPP & APB) the new formation The major parts of Turkey are located in the Anato-
right after the fall of lia Peninsula in the Asian side while the minor part of
I n life, there will be times when we feel down, lost, and con- them. The first thing that comes across our mind is that the the Ottoman Empire. the empire area is in the west of Balkan in the Eu-
people who were contemporary with the pharaoh should Turkish people are ropean side. Turkey has so many neighbourhood
fused about things that happen. In these situations, we will start have gone through trials and tribulations with patience and known as the strong, countries, which are Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan
to blame ourselves or other people, feel stressed, and question endurance but the advice of Prophet Musa A.S. was differ- courage, nationalist,
the relevance of people we dealt with, and things and affairs that ent. In Surah Ibrahim, the guidance is: and diligent in their
just occurred in our lives and those of individuals we care about. work. It has been Iraq, and Syria, and is divided by
When these happened, we start to analyse, search for solutions, “And when Musa said to his people; Remember Allah‘s proven by the Otto- the Black Sea, Aegea Sea, Medi-
and find reasons that triggered problems. However, we forget to blessing upon you when He delivered you from Pharaoh‘s man Empire who has conquered most of the east and the terranean Sea, and also Marma-
ponder and learn from the wisdom of our prophets and the ad- people who had been inflicting a grievous torment on European side for about 7 centuries. It has been most- ra Sea. Geographically, Turkey
vice from the Qur’an. During the era of Prophet Musa A.S., people you, slaughtering your sons and leaving your women ly caused by their attitude towards their countryman. is definitely a cross-continent
were treated unfairly by the pharaoh. For instance, in this period, alive. In that there was a great trial from your Lord.” country due its strategic loca-
all male babies were murdered by the pharaoh out of fear that tion.
they might become the ones who potentially jeopardised the For centuries, Turkey itself has never failed to at-
power that he held in that era. All the people were devastated tract tourists to come to this wonderful place not only
with the pharaoh’s decision and the abuse of power he had against (Ibrahim; 14:6) because of their amazing heritage but also because
of many attractions that can be seen and savoured. continue on page 44 Page
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Time Value of Money vs. the Value of Money at This Time The fluctuation of exchange rate or the weakening of Bank Negara Malaysia: Exchange Rates
T By Zaimi Mohamed (Faculty of Business Management) ringgit is only a secondary factor that determines the
ime Value of Money (TVM) is the idea that mon- According to Moody’s, the Malaysian ringgit has depreci- value of our money today. After all, according to the ringgit-depreciation-has-limited-overall-impact-but-weak-
ey available at the present time is worth more than ated by approximately 25% against the US dollar in the past central bank Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the currency er--PR_334067
the same amount in the future due to its potential 12 months. The weakening of the ringgit has caused great may recover when the U.S. Federal Reserve normalizes Moody's: Malaysian ringgit depreciation has limited overall
earning capacity. This core principle of finance holds concerns especially among businesses involving in inter- interest rates and as "domestic issues" in Malaysia are impact, but weaker commodity prices will weigh on corpo-
that, provided money can earn interest, any amount national trading. While the situation is said to have a posi- resolved. rate earnings
of money is worth more the sooner it is received. tive impact on exports, the main concern is that the cost We ourselves determine the value of money that we Global Credit Research - 08 Sep 2015
of imported goods is greatly impacted by the depreciation have at this time. Let’s strive to ensure that the money
The Value of Money at This Time (TVMTT), however, is of the ringgit subsequently caused the increase in prices. we earn comes from permissible sources and all our zeti-says-ringgit-significantly-undervalued-amid-economic-
a different story that I am going to share in this article. Another concern is that the significant drop in oil prices is financial dealings are in accordance to the Shariah. growth
There are several factors that determine the value of not reflected in the lower price of fuel at petrol stations. More importantly let us pray that our money and for- Zeti Says Ringgit Significantly Undervalued Amid Growth
our money today. First, let’s look at the financial situ- Instead, the price of petrol is increasing which have pos- tune are blessed by The Almighty. Alaa Shahine November 11, 2015
ation in the country particularly the value of ringgit. sibly caused the increase in the price of consumer goods. References:
h t t p : / / w w w. b n m . g o v. m y / i n d e x .
One of the issues worth noting during the year 2015 is If you were an international trader, the value of your mon- php?ch=statistic&pg=stats_exchangerates
the depreciation of Malaysian currency. Ringgit contin- ey today is not what you have expected earlier. The value
ued its depreciating trend since the fourth quarter of of ringgit has depreciated drastically from about 3.5 in the Those who can, do; those who can't, teach
2014 with a drop to 3.5100 against the US Dollar in the beginning of the year to almost 4.5 against the US Dollar By Marha Abdul Ghapar (Faculty of Business Management)
opening year of 2015. The ringgit’s value continued to as at November 2015. In addition to having to pay more I am pretty sure many of us have heard of this famous
weaken as at the first quarter 2015. On 11 March 2015, to import goods, personal spending is also affected due to school actually looked for me to buy things. In Ma-
the ringgit traded at 3.7105 to the dollar. On 6 July 2015, the increase in prices domestically. Not only that, family English idiom before. Well, do you agree? Personally, I don’t. triculation College, I sold prepaid cards, and it was a
it was reported that the ringgit had dropped to its lowest vacation overseas may have to be postponed as travelling
level in 16 years, falling to 3.81 to the US dollar. When would also cost more at this time. How about the sav-
the ringgit was pegged to the dollar in the aftermath ings plan that you have set to send your son to The United
of the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, it was set at 3.8. States? Is it enough considering the current exchange rate?

The ringgit exceeded the 4.0 level and fell to RM4.0025 If you were not importing any goods from overseas or According to McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and huge success. During my degree years, I sold blank CDs
against the dollar on 12 August. It continued to de- planning to travel abroad, then the exchange rate would Phrasal Verbs (2002), it means that people who are able to do and even provided printing services in my residential
preciate and reached its peak on 29 September when probably not be your main concern. Furthermore, if you something well can do it for a living while people who are not college. That too, was a total success, leaving me ec-
the ringgit was traded at 4.4725 against the US Dollar. have been loyal to the local products, probably you could able to do anything that well can make a living by teaching. static to continue with selling just about anything le-
Looking back during the year 2010 to 2013, the ring- save some money by not buying imported goods. Basi- gal to make my own living. Yes, I earned my pocket
git has been quite stable which traded 3.0000 to 3.4000 cally, your money is still worth something as it is not di- money without having to ask from my parents. I guess
against the US Dollar. However, the ringgit started rectly impacted by the exchange rate. However, there is As for me, I find it much easier to teach when I have experi- business is in my blood, as my father owns a print-
to weaken and steadily falling since November 2014. another factor that needs to be considered to determine ence in the subject that I am teaching. Since I come from a ing business. All these real life experiences are pre-
About a year later as at 20 November 2015, the ring- the value of your money besides the weakening ringgit. business computing background, I have a better and broader cious as gold since I used them all to explain my way
git was still above the 4.0 mark and traded at 4.2825. Based on the TVM concept, RM5000 that we have now perspective not only in the business related field but also through chapters in the subject of Entrepreneurship.
A combination of several factors has contributed to the is worth more than the same amount that we would get in computer science field. This really helps me to relate the
drop in ringgit’s value. The declining price of Brent crude next year. However, the RM5000 is actually worth noth- theory of the subject matter with real life examples or situ-
oil of 38% from its June 2014 high is affecting the curren- ing if it was obtained from prohibited sources. Not only ations especially in the subject of “IT in Business”. Students I overheard several lecturers chatting in the common
cy as oil is one of Malaysia’s main exports. The situation that the way it was obtained is wrong but also using the today need to be given real world examples for them to un- room about how some students feel that they do not
worsens as questions over Malaysia’s 1MDB debts gained money to support our family would also get us into more derstand the chapters better. When I relate the chapters to have to respect the lecturers. There are even a few stu-
global attention and affected confidence in the ringgit. trouble. In a hadith, it was said that the status of food movies, songs or games that they like, I feel that they can dents who are under the impression that if these lectur-
In July 2015, media reports that Prime Minister Najib that we give our children would affect their behavior. If it grip on the idea better and can elaborate on their own in ers are experts in the subjects that they teach, why are
Razak’s personal accounts were involved in the transfer of comes from prohibited sources most probably they would tests and exams. When I relate artificial intelligence with they still here instead of out there in the real world mak-
USD700 million of 1MDB money has caused further weak- grow up with problematic personality. the movie Avengers, they quickly know that Jarvis is an ing lots of money? Well, kids, if everyone is out there
ening of confidence in the currency. The situation gets Let’s reexamine the value of our money and wealth to- AI and that an AI is an attempt to replicate human intelli- making money doing business and such, who would
worse when the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir day. The value of money at this time (TVMTT) depends on gence in computers or even robots such as Honda’s Asimo. teach you ABCs, 123s, calculus, computer coding, phys-
Mohamad criticized the government on certain delicate how we get it. Are we entitled to 100% of the salary that ics, finance, accounting, chemistry, and entrepreneur-
matters. The falling value of the ringgit in June 2015 has we earn every month? Did we get a loan from a conven- ship? Someone’s got to do it, and we do it because we feel
also been attributed to the prospect of the US increas- tional bank? Where did we invest for our children educa- I am also given the chance to teach Entrepreneurship. I fell happy when we see students eventually succeed in life.
ing its interest rates. Subsequently, on 11 August 2015, tion? How do we insure our car and house? Those are just in love with business since forever. I can still remember, dur-
China devalued its currency which caused other Asian some of the common areas that we may want to check to ing preschool, I sold lollipops, candies, pencils and such to
currencies to suffer and pushed the ringgit down further, ensure the money that we have is really valuable. my schoolmates. During primary and secondary school, I So, yes I disagree with the idiom “those who can,
as the devaluation of the yuan strengthened the dollar. continued selling all kinds of stuff, and students all over the do; and those who can’t, teach”. What about you?

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The Value of it will grow. To have good relationship, we need to sac- As difficult it is for me, I am sure it is hard for her too. enough? When I think back, I felt like I have wasted the
“Sharing is Caring” rifice and invest. Give our time, soul, and effort to de- Now my focus is on my daughter’s future. My late hus- time Allah has given to me. Is there still time for me
velop, maintain and flourish it. Some people may know band and I have several plans for her especially with to repent? Deep down I know the answer is not only
By Wan Zuhaila Wan Ab Rahman how to start relationship but not many really know how regards to financing her education. After my husband’s to plan, but to start doing. Do not procrastinate. Start
(Faculty of Business Management) to sustain it. What we need to do is just surround our- death, I often discussed this matter with the late Dr Siti planning for your life and for your loved ones. All of us
selves with the right and nourishing people with whom Haryati Shaikh Ali. Like me, she also had great plans for have two accounts. One here and one in the hereafter.
Everybody has this kind of value. Some keep it for we may mutually benefit. Speak less with toxic people. her three daughters. Her death after wukuf shocked her There are so many things on my mind, so many things
Relationship is very much correlated with sharing. To im- closest families and friends. I am sad but at the same to accomplish. I hope I still have the time. Life as a hu-
themselves and some give it away to others. Some value prove our relationship, constantly improve ourselves. time I am glad she passed away during her hajj. May Al- man being is not easy. I still remember what my late
it most, and some do not. The value that I mean is the val- Once we have improved ourselves, our relationship will lah grant her jannah. Ameen. husband always said, "The world is the prison for the
ue that many people neglect, which is the value of “shar- grow. Always give ourselves and other people around Sometimes I would sit down and look at the far horizon. believers”. We have rules and regulations to follow and
ing and caring”. This feeling allows us to see unlimited us goodness and happiness. Then they will come back What will happen to my daughter if my time comes? adhere to. Plan your life for today and tomorrow. You
strength and opportunities to improvise ourselves to be to us. That is the secret and the value of sharing that What have I done so far? Is my planning and my deeds will not know when your time will come. Be prepared
a better person. Many people simply could say it verbally, not many people realize. People who value and appre- always.
but not many people really understand and embrace it. ciate themselves most will find happiness and are also
Prof.Dr. Muhaya inspired me in her saying that love and valued by friends, business partners, employer, spouse, 5 REASONS YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP
happiness comes around when we give what we have. etc. Many best friends nowadays say “I will take care Nurafida Abdul Talib (Faculty of Business Management)
This is in line with Zig Ziglar. He says “The more people of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.” Well, Do you struggle fall asleep no matter how exhausted you are? Or do you wake up in the middle of the night and lie
you can help to get what they want, the easier it will be- that is what we call the beauty of sharing and caring. awake for hours, anxiously watching the clock? One of these habits could be the culprit.
come for you to let you want”. Islam also teaches its fol- Our life is full of opportunities and possibilities. Once we
lowers to be good to other people. Prophet Muhammad believe in ourselves and at the same time support oth- Too Much Coffee
p.b.u.h. said “The best of people are those that bring er people around, we will find that we have discovered
most benefit to the rest of mankind” [Dâraqutni, Hasan]. the key to unlock our unlimited potential. Treat peo- Too much caffeine can cause bedtime troubles. It takes about six to eight hours for your body to clear enough caffeine
If we want something good in our life, build good relation- ple the same way as we want other people to treat us. to avoid it interfering with your sleep. It is suggested that you should limit the consumption of caffeine to 250 milli-
ship with many people and help them to achieve their If we portray good image, in which we commit to keep grams a day.
goals and dreams. The magic will come to us. Once we improving, we actually give right to ourselves, and help
feel good, our body actually reacts positively by releasing others to improve as well. This support system is like a Going to bed with your gadgets
dopamine and other feel good hormones. Then miracu- circle that begin from ourselves and end at ourselves too.
lously, all the goodness will come to us such as good peo- What are you waiting for, make a move and become Surfing the internet or scrolling through Facebook or Twitter on your mobile phone or iPad before bedtime will trick
ple, good news, and many good things for us to succeed. the type of person you want the world to be. When your brain into thinking that it is still daytime. This will eventually disrupt your body's regular pace. Help yourself by
Feeling is not enough. We should turn it into action. you do, the world will seem to change and will be shutting off your gadgets at least 20 minutes before bed.
Next, we need to invest our energy to cultivate good filled with all the right people. If you want the world to
relationship with people around us. We need to re- change, then change the only things that you can con- Late supper
member that relationship is like a garden. The more trol over. So, let’s change ourselves, and then the world
we spend our time there, take care of it, the more will change too. Anything we pursue will always elude Avoid making a habit of late-night eating because it can cause indigestion which can keep you up at
us; everything we embrace will be attracted to us. night. Change your eating habits and opt for an earlier dinner if possible if you notice other digestive
distress at bedtime.
Death , Widowhood and Planning

by A’tiqah Rashidah Abu Samah (Faculty of Business Management)

Last year was a miserable year for me. I lost my father, my him or her. Suddenly, you are on your own and now ev- Shut your mind off
husband and my uncle in the same year which left me dev- erything falls on your shoulders. However, I am extremely
astated. My father passed away on 28 January 2014 and lucky. I have been blessed with a loving family and sup- Continually worrying and thinking about your long to-do list can keep you from drifting off to sleep. Keep a small book
my husband who was in ICU for three weeks due to se- portive friends who helped me in so many ways. I have by your bed so you can jot down ideas and to-dos, and shut your mind off.
vere leptospirosis, died in the wee hours of 21 December, a job to support my daughter and me. If I had been a
2014. Four days later, on Christmas day, my uncle, who was full-time homemaker who never worked a day in her life, Fan of naps
my father’s older brother, passed on. I was numb for days. it would have been very difficult to handle the burden.
Sometimes, I just cried. I couldn’t help it. I miss them tre- Money will be tight as there are funeral expenses, debts, Napping during the day can make it more difficult to sleep at night. If you think your naps are disrupting your bedtime,
mendously. I still do. and daily expenditures to deal with. Widowhood is not an it is suggested to limit it to 10 -15 minutes before 3 p.m.
When you lost someone dear to you, you feel that there is easy path. I am still learning to adapt to it. I always say to
a blank space in your heart. All this while you have some- myself, this is the path followed by the widows of Prophet
one’s shoulders to cry on. You divide responsibilties with Muhammad SAW. I have to be strong for my daugh-
ter as she still needs my care and attention. Page
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From Banking to ACADEMIC LIFE Small Business Start-up: Do you need a Mentor?

by Johari Harun (Faculty of Business Management) By PM Norsidah Ahmad & Norlaila Ibrahim (Faculty of Business Management)

A fter serving the banking industry for 22 years, I For an entrepreneur to build a business, to manage and to sustain its performance is a very challenging task. Starting
from the initial stage, a lot of things need to be taken into account with thorough preparation, both mentally and physi-
assumed the role of a lecturer on 3 November 2002. cally. The awaiting challenges and risks can be so difficult and uncertain.
My friends and the public at large viewed lecturers
in the public universities as people in the comfort For a new entrepreneur, he or she will likely to commit mistakes. The mistakes sometimes can cause disaster even
zone, knowing that they have steady income and when they don’t realize what they had done. Hence, with the mentors’ knowledge and previous experience, similar
need not have to worry about the post retirement mistakes can be avoided and if it happens, it can be corrected immediately, especially in matters that the new entrepre-
age as their pensions will take care of the golden neurs may have overlooked. In addition, it can prevent the new entrepreneurs from trying methods or techniques that
era. So it is not surprising if a number of people are not effective and inefficient. Prevention is always better than cure.
express their interests in becoming academician.
The emergence of new universities in Malaysia pro- By having a mentor, preparation process for a future entrepreneur is done through sharing of knowledge, skill and ex-
vides ample opportunities for academic positions. perience. So, for those who have the intention to start a business, get a mentor and do not hesitate to get advice and
There is also an urgent need from the old and estab- consultation from them.
lished universities to beef up their teaching staff ow-
ing to their expansion and numerical replacements Who can be a mentor? What are their roles and why are they considered as an important part of the business assets?
of those who have retired or have moved on to other The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a mentor as "a trusted counsellor or guide". Meanwhile F. John Reh in his
higher learning institutions, both public and private. online article in, refers a mentor as an individual, usually older with more experience, who helps and guides
Generally, university lecturers’ duties are grouped into three categories: teaching, research and administration. Teaching another individual’s development. This guidance is not done for personal gain but to help the new entrepreneur.
is a lecturer’s main task which includes preparing for and delivering lectures, tutorials, seminars and workshops. Teach-
ing may not be difficult but the preparation for it is tedious and may pose some problems especially if the lecturer’s Mentor can be a friend, a counsellor or a teacher who can be trusted. They can be peers who are considered seniors
discipline changes rapidly, like computer science, finance or law. Research is the next task that may or may not be favor- that have demonstrated the ability to lead their business. They can also be family members, consultants or our idol.
ably undertaken by the lecturers. Some find that independent research is what motivates them as the subject matters They are not only considered as friend but also adviser or coach who is willing to give advice, share experiences, lat-
and methodology are not dictated by their superiors or even the organizational policies. Those who are engrossed in est techniques and developments in the industry. They might share their perception and philosophy of life, and provide
research activities can find a funding body to support their project. Administrative responsibilities may include matters guidance and support to help entrepreneurs to conduct and improve their business.
that are routine or mundane such as class scheduling, planning and organizing seminars, attending meeting, and so forth.
After working for more than 13 years, students represent my greatest reward and also my heaviest burden. It is a It is important that a mentor has sincere intention to help, willing to spend their time, can keep a secret, reliable, can give
gratifying experience when I am able to instill a long-life love for learning into another human soul. Most of the stu- courageous criticism, has a high level of motivation and always think positive.
dents are averagely bright individuals and it is a tremendous challenge for all lecturers to convert them into well-
educated individuals with adequate knowledge for them to survive and be streetwise. Most lecturers prefer to teach Regardless of the role of mentor and who they are, the success in the relationship between both parties and the effect
the bright and smart students but they derive satisfaction from helping the less gifted to achieve their full potential. on the business is depends on the entrepreneurs themselves. The entrepreneurs should be self-driven even without the
As government employees, we depend heavily on our paychecks for survival. Although we are financially secure, there presence of a mentor in developing their entrepreneurial skills and competencies.
are cases of known over dependence on credit facilities like credit cards and bank borrowings. Banks, insurance and
unit trust companies have come out with numerous products and packages to lure lecturers to commit to their long Reference:
term financial products. I have taught personal finance for many years and I concur with wise men saying “if you
fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Coupled with the fact that I am on the verge of retirement, I agree that finan-
cial planning is vital at every stage of our lives. It is important to achieve our goals, which could be of short, me- F. John Reh, Mentors and Mentoring: What is a mentor? Retrieved January 31, 2013 from http://management.about.
dium or long term. Some people may want to retire or quit earlier to start their own business such as a tuition centre com/cs/people/a/mentoring.htm
in town or a petrol station; but such investment would certainly require a substantial amount of capital. Also in the
current scenario with exit policy being implemented, a lecturer’s job may not last till his or her retirement age of Escalating House Price : Gainers and Losers
60. We often hear of mergers among corporations or some nonresident controlled companies ceasing their opera-
tions in Malaysia and moving to cheaper and more attractive locations such as China and Thailand. Corporations in- By Anita Shariff (Faculty of Business Management)
vest heavily on information technologies, thus employees are made redundant and are offered separation schemes.
Government owned institutions are privatized. Outsourcing activities are getting trendy to cut overhead costs. These The problem with house price stems from the lack of our un-
are some prevailing happenings and let us hope such uncalled situations will not happen in our work place. However, derstanding over what causes property price to go up. Prices
what is in store in coming years are full of surprises and uncertainties. Being salaried workers, we are sometimes up- are determined largely by demand and supply. There are
tight with (1) children’s education (2) ageing parents, and (3) personal needs. For many, these are basic needs in our various factors that influence demand and supply of houses.
lives. Put together, they can seem overwhelming, especially if we have to foot these expenses singlehandedly. Our
resources can only go so far. The thought of so much financial responsibility can be depressing. For average wage The escalating local property prices are no doubt In big cities, when the influx of job seekers continues inces-
earners, we think financial planning is not that important as our resources would not be enough to cover everything. an issue that need to be addressed by not just the santly, demand for property increases. When demand in-
However, in my opinion, planning is even more crucial in these circumstances. Given the greater financial responsi- government but all Malaysians. Government poli- creases, price goes up. This is understandable. However,
bilities, it is important that we have a good grasp of our financial standing and work towards our goals in a prag- cies to a large extent can only act as short-term false demand is also created by people who buy scores of
matic manner, even if it is hard accepting the fact that we can no longer afford expensive holidays or a new Honda. remedy and not a long-term solution to various na- houses not to live in but for investment purposes. These
tional issues. It is the knowledge and collective ac- investors are willing to pay high price today thinking and
Page tions of the society that will have a lasting impact. hoping that the price will eventually rise. Their action de-
37 rived from their expectations about future price pushed
today’s demand up and caused the price to really increase.
Unconsciously, a vicious cycle of expectation, de-
mand and price is created, explaining the ridicu- Page
lously high price of house worth little in real terms. 38

Clinging to the idea that property asset is a safe ha- end up in scary mode. Failure of borrowers to service their continue from page31 are supported and affirmed by others. According to the sociolo-
ven asset against inflation certainly is not a good idea. property loans has crashed even the financial giants. Sadly, In life, there will be times when we feel down, lost, and confused gist, George Simmel, “the moral memory of mankind” such as
Yes, historically, property price appreciation is always despite having reaped a lot of profit from interest the preced- about things that happen. In these situations, we will start to having gratitude encourages people not only to appreciate gifts
above inflation rate. In fact, property price appreci- ing years, these financial giants had had the Federal Reserve blame ourselves or other people, feel stressed, and question the but also to repay them.
ation is the main contributor to inflation. So, home Bank to bail them out at the expense of the taxpayers. relevance of people we dealt with, and things and affairs that just
owners and property investors are said to be all-time The story can go on and on. Debates and academic discus- occurred in our lives and those of individuals we care about. When But how can we be among the people who fall into any catego-
gainers. But do they really gain from the price appre- sions can continue forever. But problems in hand remain un- these happened, we start to analyse, search for solutions, and find ries of those who are grateful? According to Prophet Muham-
ciation? resolved unless people act and make a wise decision based on reasons that triggered problems. However, we forget to ponder mad (P.B.U.H.), people who are grateful to the Creator are those
For owners, truly they do not. If they want to sell their trustworthy sources of information with no self-vested inter- and learn from the wisdom of our prophets and the advice from who are grateful to others. To verify this, Usamah ibn Zaid re-
house to take advantage of the price appreciation, est. Be wary of lucrative advertisements that entice the public the Qur’an. During the era of Prophet Musa A.S., people were ported that the Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H.) has once stated:
they have to find another one to live in. Buying an- with false promises of borrowing and investing in properties. treated unfairly by the pharaoh. For instance, in this period, all
other house of the same standard will certainly cost Perhaps, it is not a bad idea for future homeowners to con- male babies were murdered by the pharaoh out of fear that they “The most grateful people to Allah are those who are most
them similar high market price. Unless they are willing sider building a decent house on the outskirts of a city but might become the ones who potentially jeopardised the power grateful to others.” (Shu’b al-Iman al-Bayhaqi; 8534)
to sacrifice their standard of living, move to a smaller with basic infrastructures in place using his/her own money that he held in that era. All the people were devastated with the
home, to a less comfortable area or perhaps move or through collaborations. This is a bit unusual but there are pharaoh’s decision and the abuse of power he had against them. Meanwhile, Abu Huraira also reported that the Prophet (P.B.U.H.)
out of the city at all, they could probably cash in a few people, including those in the developed nations, who have The first thing that comes across our mind is that the people who has stated as follows:
thousands from selling the house. started doing it. This action can, collectively help curtail the were contemporary with the pharaoh should have gone through
For investors, finding a buyer for a property is quite a skyrocketing house price and prevent the risk of people being trials and tribulations with patience and endurance but the advice “He has not thanked Allah who has not thanked people.”(Sunan
challenge. In many major cities in the world, a lot of homeless. The sweeter part is that the homeowners are debt- of Prophet Musa A.S. was different. In Surah Ibrahim, the guid- Abu Dawud; 4811)
houses are left vacant- despite many homeless in the free with no risk of being bankrupt. ance is:
street- simply because there are no buyers or tenants. In a nutshell, there are always gainers and losers of a game.
Prices and rentals are extremely unaffordable for a lot Obviously, in the property price game, the gainers appear to “And when Musa said to his people; Remember Allah‘s blessing Based on the aforementioned prophet sayings, it is understood
of people. The houses which are supposed to gener- be the property developers who collect millions and the lend- upon you when He delivered you from Pharaoh‘s people who that people who are grateful are the ones who always thank
ate returns turn out to become an additional burden ers who reap billions. Losers are millions of ordinary people had been inflicting a grievous torment on you, slaughtering to others in the first place before they are considered as be-
to the investors. The investors lost in their self-created who either have to bear the cost of borrowing or who could your sons and leaving your women alive. In that there was a ing thankful to Allah. The rationality behind this is that people
game! Most surely, their actions have denied many not at all afford to own a shelter. Don’t be the losers. Be in- great trial from your Lord.” (Ibra- usually display their gratefulness to someone who gives some-
deserving people to own a home to live in. formed and do something different. him; 14:6) thing tangible, which is something that can be physically seen,
Looking at the supply side, property selling price is touched, and savoured. This is because should they fail to be
determined largely by the cost of development or ac- According to the divine text of the Quran, Prophet Musa A.S. has thankful for something that is visible, how can they be thankful
quisition. Naturally, sellers are willing to only sell at a emphasised to his people the importance of instilling gratitude towards something which is intangible? The blessings of Allah
price above their cost. For property owners, investors in their hearts and being grateful with all the blessings they had are not always visible because sometimes goodness is obtained
and developers, a large portion of the cost is made up from Allah. This is due to the fact that being grateful is the main without consciousness, for example, the blessing of breathing,
of the cost of borrowing i.e. interest charged by the solution towards life problems regardless how difficult and chal- eating, smelling, and feeling which seems to be the ordinary
banks or financial institutions. For example, a house lenging they may seem. Hence, only by being grateful, patience thing for a human yet for those who have faith, these are count-
purchased with a RM300, 000 loans at 5% interest re- and strength may be instilled within us. less blessings that need to be conceded and acknowledged. In
payable for 30 years will leave a borrower with a debt Surah al-Nahl, Allah has reminded us that there are countless
bill of RM579, 765.60. Still, what is actually the meaning of being grateful? The word blessings that we receive from Him, which we are not capable to
‘grateful’ is an adjective that describes the feeling of warm and say enough thank for, as follows:
deep appreciation upon kindness or benefits received. It is a feel-
ing that is naturally pleasing to mind and senses. In a deeper un- “If you count the bounties of Allah, you cannot count them all.
derstanding, gratefulness comprises several categories. The first Surely, Allah is Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful.”(al-Nahl verse 17)
category is expressing thankfulness by tongue, which is uttering
words of acknowledgement upon receiving benefits with the The first step that we should take is to think positively, namely
attitude of humble acceptance. The next category is about ex- by seeing everything that we have received or has happened in
pressing thankfulness through the body and limbs as the indica- our lives as a series of events that contains countless goodness.
tors showing loyalty and readiness to serve. The final category is Meanwhile, Emmons (2010) has recommended that it is good
Not only that the extra 279,765.60 interest charged is thankfulness expressed by the profound and sincere emotion felt to keep a gratitude journal, create a daily practice of remind-
absurd, throughout the loan tenure, a large portion of in the heart. This requires a careful balance between the visible ing ourselves the benefits, pleasures, experience, and any good
their monthly payments are channeled towards paying behaviour of appreciation and the continuous preservation of a things that we have enjoyed in life. The next step is remember-
the interest first instead of the principal. So, it always sense of worshiping the Creator. Meanwhile, being grateful could ing the bad times that we have endured and comparing them to
comes as a surprise for a borrower to realize that de- also be described by eyes, which means overlooking any faults the current situation that is much happier and less hurtful. The
spite having paid so much in the past years, his/her or mistakes in one companion. In the meantime, thankfulness third step is utilising the Naikan meditation technique, which is
original principal reduced just slightly at a snail’s pace. through ears is described as ignoring any blunders and slips of a asking three main questions to ourselves: 1) “What have I re-
This is true for all types of borrowing from any conven- companion that are heard and accused of. In a scientific research ceived?”; 2) “What have I given?”; and 3) “What difficulty has it
tional or Islamic banks and financial institutions. conducted by a team from the Greater Good Science Centre of the caused?”. In addition, we should also learn and recite gratitude
University of California, Berkley and the associates have believed prayers and use our senses such as the ability to touch, smell,
that being grateful or having gratitude consists of two parts. The feel, see, and hear in a good manner as the signs of grateful-
Should the borrower decide to sell the house at any first part is about affirmation of goodness where we agree that ness to Allah. The final step is making a vow to always practise
point of time; he/she must at least take into account there are good things and good deeds that we receive and wit- gratitude because studies have shown that making an oath to
the cumulative interest he/she has incurred plus the ness in this world. Meanwhile, the second part is about recognis- practise a particular behaviour will increase the likelihood of
original house price. The interest factor is undeniable ing that the sources of goodness are exterior, which means that the action to be executed. Lastly, we need to think outside the
a main contributor to the escalating house price at un- we acknowledge the existence of a higher power and individuals box to look up new situations and circumstances to feel grateful
precedented level. who provide for us blessings, pleasure, and any forms of assis- for. By doing these, we may develop our sense of appreciation
tance that enable us to achieve goodness in our lives. On top of
The sub-prime crisis that rocked United States in 2008 that, the research team has also seen gratitude as a relationship- towards life as human beings and recognise the ulti-
explains how the borrowing-for-property story can strengthening emotion because it makes humans see how they mate sources of life. But how does being grateful help
Page us to live a better life? Research has revealed that it is Page
39 not merely happiness that makes us feel grateful but 40

As Muslims, we have also been reminded by the divine text References: SEE YOU AGAIN
of the Quran that those who feel grateful towards Him,
the reward and blessing that He gives will be amplified. Abu Amina Elias (2011). Hadith on gratitude: Thanking others is part It's been a long day without you, my friend SAHABAT @ KAWAN @
of gratitude to Allah. Retrieved from http://dailyhadith.abuaminael- And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again RAKAN = KITA
“(Recall the time) when your Lord declared: If you express grat-
We've come a long way from where Nukilan Sahabat dari Jauh
itude, I shall certainly give you more, and if you are ungrateful, Abu Amina Elias (2013). Hadith on gratitude: The most thankful of we began Rosfatihah Che Mat
then My punishment is severe.” (Ibrahim; 14:7) the people to Allah are those most thankful to others. Retrieved (Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan, Melaka)
from Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you
Meanwhile, scientific studies have verified that practising gratitude gratitude-the-most-thankful-of-the-people-to-allah-are-those-most- again Mereka yangku panggil sahabat.
gives positive outcomes to humans. According to a study conducted thankful-to-others/ Mengenali mereka merupakan satu anugerah
by Emmons and Lyubomirsky (2010), it was found that gratitude is When I see you again kepadaku kerana aku banyak belajar dari pen-
one of the most reliable methods for increasing happiness and life Emmons, R. (2010). 10 ways to become more grateful. Retrieved All the planes we flew galaman hidup ‘kita’ yang sememangnya amat
satisfaction. On top of that, the study has also shown that gratitude from Good things we've been through
boosts a range of feelings such as optimism, joy, pleasure, enthusi- come_more_grateful1/ That I'll be standing right here talking berliku.
asm, and other positive emotions. Besides, it also reduces anxiety Memang aku mengakui setiap dari ‘kita’ ada
and depression. Other benefits that gratitude offers to humans Gratitude (n.d.). Retrieved from to you
are strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, topic/gratitude/definition#what_is 'Bout another path mempunyai kelebihan dan juga kekurangan.
reducing symptoms of illness, and making them feel less ache and I know we loved to hit the road and laugh Ditambah lagi dengan masalah yang menimpa
pain. Other than that, it also encourages people to exercise and Greater Good Science Center (n.d.). Expanding the science and prac- But something told me that it wouldn't last setiap seorang daripada ‘kita’ yang aku rasa cu-
take better care of their health (McCullough & Emmons, 2010). In tice of gratitude. Retrieved from Had to switch up kup unik yang mana ‘kita’ saja yang tahu dan me-
addition, it was also discovered that people who are grateful man- expandinggratitude Look at things different, see the bigger
age to sleep better as they receive more hours of sleep, spend less mahaminya.
time awake, and feel rejuvenated upon awakening. On top of that, Islamic Termilogy, Asra (n.d.). Shukr: To be thankful, expression of picture ‘Kita’ sama-sama saling memberi nasihat dan
being more resilient is also one of the benefits that are obtained gratitude. Retrieved from Those were the days pandangan, saling bergaduh, saling bermasam
by being grateful. Besides, the study has also found that gratitude post/6064118223/shukr-arabic-%D8%B4%D9%83%D8%B1-an-ara- Hard work forever pays muka, saling diam seketika kerana cuba menye-
helps people to recover from traumatic events. Amazingly, grati- bic-term-denoting Now I see you in a better place lesaikan halangan yang tiba untuk memastikan
tude also enables people to influence and strengthen relation- How can we not talk about family when
ship. This is because people who are grateful usually feel closer Lyubomirsky, S. (2010). Gratitude brings happiness. Retrieved from kebahagian di kemudian hari.
and more committed to friends and spouse(s). For instance, when family's ‘Kita’ menangis, ketawa, gembira bersama. An-
their partner(s) express gratitude and feel thankful towards each all that we got? dainya salah seorang daripada ‘kita’ pergi dulu,
other, both parties may feel more satisfied with the relationship, videos/speaker/sonj a_lyubomirsky/gratitude_brings_hap- Everything I went through you were titipkanlah doa kepada ‘kita’, agar mampu dijadi-
encouraging more equitable division of labour between partners. piness/
Meanwhile, forgiveness can be easily promoted by having and feel- standing kan bekalan terakhir daripada ‘kita’ ke sana.
ing gratitude towards life. Studies have also shown that gratitude Quran Index (n.d.) Verses including the word thanksgiving [Mo- there by my side Atau mungkin suatu hari nanti, ‘kita’ perlu cerita-
makes people more helpful, altruistic, and compassionate about tion picture]. Retrieved from And now you gon' be with me for the kan kepada anak-anak ‘kita’ bagaimana rapatnya
life and the future. In the interim, the impact of gratitude can also php?id=8786
be shown since childhood. Studies have found that children who last ride ukhwah atas nama persahabatan ini.
practise gratitude were reported to have greater life satisfaction, Youtube (n.d.). Discover the Three Keys of Gratitude to Unlock Your First you both go out your way Doakan ‘kita’ tidak akan berputus asa, doakan
possess more positive emotion, and feel more connected to the Happiest Life!: Jane Ransom at TEDxChennai [Motion picture]. Re- ‘kita’ sentiasa tabah ......Anggaplah segala halan-
community. Not to mention, it also makes students feel better at trieved from And the vibe is feeling strong gan itu sebagai salah satu cara ‘kita’ mendekat-
their school and drives teachers to feel more satisfied and accom- And what's small turn to a friendship
plished, and reduce their emotional exhaustion and work stress. Youtube (n.d.). Gratitude | Louie Schwartzberg | TEDxSF [Mo- iNYa.
tion picture]. Retrieved from A friendship turn to a bond Mohon keampunan daripada Allah, Mohon
watch?v=gXDMoiEkyuQ And that bond will never be broken dipermudahkan segala urusan ‘kita’ di dunia ini
dan mohon dijauhkan daripada azab api neraka.
It is evident that gratitude is a powerful element that should Youtube (n.d.). Lecture stations of gratitude levels power of gratitude The love will never get lost
be infused in our mind, body, and soul as it is verily the heart by Hamza Yusuf [Motion picture]. Retrieved from Ameen.
of happiness and kindness. This feeling certainly creates a posi- So remember me when I'm gone Aku sayang ‘KITA’.
tive quality to a person, family, and also community. To create Everything I went through you were standing
a better and peaceful world, we must therefore make gratitude Youtube (n.d.). Mufti Menk - Gratitude (path towards righteous- Page
as the key that needs to be restored in the community. The feel- ness) [Motion picture]. Retrieved from there by my side 42
ing of greed, competition, selfishness, and stinginess should watch?v=2oTRvHrd-Tw And now you gon' be with me for the last ride
be swapped with gratitude as it will change our lives and make
us better human beings, enable us to achieve higher goal, and Youtube (n.d.). RISTalks: Ustad Nouman Ali Khan – Gratitude: A way So let the light guide your way
spread positive vibes to others to create a better world and living. of life [Motion picture]. Retrieved from Hold every memory as you go
watch?v=_n97HzT8qSo: And every road you take, will always

To conclude, grateful is indeed one of the solutions to prob- Youtube (n.d.). The Gratitude Experiment [Motion picture]. Retrieved lead you
lems in our lives. As Muslims, let us be reminded by Al- from home
lah’s words that encourage us to be thankful, hence, we
would not be among those who have been forgotten by Him: Youtube (n.d.). The Gratitude Experiment - Doug Vermeeren [Motion When I see you again, See you again
picture]. Retrieved from When I see you again...
Adapted from the song ‘See You Again’
“So Remember Me, and I will remember you, and be thank- Youtube (n.d.). The transformative power of gratitude: Katia Sol at by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth
ful to Me, and be not ungrateful to Me.” (al-Baqarah, 2:152) TEDxMission The City2.0 [Motion picture]. Retrieved from https://


SELOKA GENG FINANCE UITMT continue from page 32 Having been in Istanbul in the
Nukilan Nurul Syuhada Baharuddin (Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan) evening on the first day in
Our Starting Point: The Timeline Turkey, we decided to stroll
Seloka dicipta sebagai kenangan Sangat pembersih sifat semulajadi around the place to savour the
Agar memori tak luput di ingatan Bila bersuara tegas dan berani As our trip has been decided 7 months before the real fascinating, panoramic views,
Bukti kukuh sebuah persahabatan Inilah perihal Dr Noorhayati journey actually began, we have come into mutual agree- as the next day, we would have
Semoga keakraban terus berkekalan Amat disegani pelajar-pelajar kami ment that our journey should be backpacking style with to travel to Bursa by taking a
Geng Finance tunjang fakulti Sangat disayangi anak didiknya limited budget. It started with a rough idea when we sea ferry. As shopaholics, the
Ahlinya ada kelebihan tersendiri Bab memasak ala chef utara came across with an advertisement at the MATTA fair in very first place we were truly
Tanpa kami pastinya sunyi Anak bongsu dalam keluarga September 2014. When we saw Turkey as one of the of- crazed to visit to was the well-
Agen penggerak pelbagai aktiviti Fathiyah Ismail itulah gerangannya fers, of course it was just a dream comes true as this was known grand bazaar, wander-
Kecil molek segak orangnya Tinggi lampai cantik orangnya one of the places that we would like very much to go to. ing and darting from store to
Kemas teliti bila bekerja Kalau dilihat macam bersaudara The preparation began with hostel-booking and putting a store as we would spend our
Zaimi Mohamed si awet muda Salwani dan Nabilah sentiasa bersama lot of efforts seeking for every useful piece of information whole final day of our trip
Ketua kami yang sporting dan ceria Amanah diberi pasti terlaksana for our own itinerary. to Istanbul to shop before returning back to the home
Tercipta sejarah Professor pertama Nabilah nak jadi orang Nogori country. Therefore, we did some window shopping at
Ilmu yang ada dikongsi bersama Ke tempat baru membawa diri Malaysia – Turkey the bazaar as we had to know exactly what we planned
Prof Dr. Wan Mansor gerangan dicerita Doa diiring sebagai pengganti to shop and reasonably listed down a few items to buy at
Memang ‘low profile’ sempoi orangnya Jauh di mata dekat di hati 23rd May, 2015 the bazaar in the next visit later when we came back to
Suka menjelajah ke serata dunia A’tiqah Rashidah orang utara 5:00 a.m.; Malaysian Time Istanbul on the final day of the trip.
Melihat alam indah tercipta Tak kena gaya melentinglah dia The journey began on 21st May, 2015 when four of us
Bersifat kebapaan jolokan pelajarnya Kalau berani cubalah mara departed from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Istanbul – Busra
Johari Harun itulah dia Sangat komited laksanakan tugasnya 22nd May, 2015, at 5:00 a.m. It was such a tiring journey
Cuma ada mereka bertiga Zuraida dan Suhaily aktif sentiasa as it took almost 12 hours just to arrive in Turkey. Defi- 24th May, 2015
Golongan adam berkhidmat setia Asal berjumpa ‘tuppy’ ceritanya nitely it was the only choice we had by the way. :p
En. Joe & Prof Wan nak pencen pula Dulu pelajar kini pekerja 23rd May, 2015 5:00 a.m.; Turkey Time
Pupus kumbang tiada gantinya UiTMT dihatiku tersemat di jiwa 11:00 a.m.; Turkey Time
Berwajah serius pandai berjenaka Bertahi lalat manisnya rupa We reached Before departing from Istanbul to Bursa in the next 3
Bab mengajar serah sahaja Bersifat keibuan lembut bicara Turkey hours, we have all decided to wander around the place
Nora Danish nama glamornya Tak pernah marah sentiasa gembira around nearby the budget hotel at 6:00 a.m. (local time) in order
Itulah Roseziahazni empunya cerita Siapa lagi kalau bukan Zaleha 11.00 a.m. to get some fresh air. The first place that we visited was
Meskipun pendiam berjalan kerja Geng Finance sentiasa setia (local time). nearby the great mosque which was situated next to the
Bahiyah sebilik artis ternama Susah senang digalas bersama The airport hotel. The mosque was called Sehzade Mehmet Mosque
Sekarang bercuti berbulan lamanya Nurul Syuhada penulis seloka area was which was built by Suleiman the Magnificent as a memo-
Melihat alam ciptaan Yang Esa Silap dan salah maaf dipinta not so dif- rial to his son, Şehzade Mehmed, who died in 1543. The
Anisabanum comel dan ceria Ikatan terjalin terpaut erat ficult to get interior design within the mosque was incredibly amaz-
Doktor falsafah bakal diterima Inilah dia dikatakan sahabat around as it ing as every single detail of the painting and calligraphic
Pingpong badminton permainan utama Mendidik anak bangsa sedaya kudrat was not so large and huge enough to understand. Most arts were perfectly drawn on the wall.
Rajin bersukan sihatkan minda Agar menjadi manusia yang hebat signboards were written in both Turkish and English. Af-
terwards, we took a taxi to our budget hotel around the Just after seeing too much the beauty of Istanbul by our
Sultanahmet Area, which is the Old SultanahMet – Hamit own naked eyes, we finally returned to our hotel to pack
Hotel. up our things for the next journey to Bursa, the well-
After checking in the budget hotel, we went to the nearby known place for “Snow on the Mountain” in which we
restaurant to have lunch. In there, we were cordially greet- already knew that unfortunately there was no snow dur-
ing our visit.
ed by a very friendly waiter.
What was unique about The trip to Bursa started off when we embarked on the journey
their food was that Turkish by taking the sea ferry at the Yenikapi Port at 10.00 a.m. (local
ate a lot of wheat-based time). The journey roughly took about 2 hours for us to reach
foods. Apparently, any Mudanya (a coastal town in Bursa). From there, we took a bus
types of dishes that we or- to go to the metro station before we met a person who was in
dered, it was the must that charge with the rental apartment in Bursa at the Sehrekustu
the waiter would serve us Metro Station.
a welcoming drink, which
was Turkish tea. We arrived in the Bursa City at 3.00 p.m. (local time). As we
did not want to waste any precious time, we went to the well-
known Bursa Grand Bazaar to get some local experi-
ences. Bursa is one of the oldest cities in Turkey
Page which was founded by Osman Gazi in 1307. Page
43 44

Our Starting Point: The Timeline Bus Station which took about half an hour. From there, Cappadocia – Istanbul Turkey – Malaysia
we took a night bus for the journey to Cappadocia,
the central metropolitan districts of the city of the Bursa which was quite tiring as it took another 8 hours to 29th May, 2015 – 30th May, 2015 31st May, 2015
Province. The main attraction of Bursa is Uludag Moun- reach there.
tain, which is the centre for winter sports such as skiing As we 10:00 p.m.; Turkey Time 6:00 a.m.; Local Time
and snowboarding, and a national park rich of flora and reached the
fauna. Cappadocia We arrived at the On the final day in Istan-
Region, it Sabiha Gochen Air- bul before we departed
Busra – Pamukalle was almost port at 10.00 p.m. We to Malaysia, we went
4.00 a.m. then took a taxi to again to the Grand Ba-
25th May, 2015 – 26th May, 2015 (local time). the hotel we booked, zaar for shopping some
9:00 a.m.; Turkey Time The journey which was in the souvenirs and mementoes for the loved ones in Malaysia.
In the next morning, our trip did not end same area of the Old By 11.00 p.m., we departed from the hotel to the Istanbul
continued with a journey here as we Sultanahmet – Sur 1 Atatürk Airport to catch our flight by 3.00 p.m. (local time).
to Pamukalle, which was an took another Hotel. In next morn- In the next morning, 31st May 2015, we finally arrived safe
8-hour ride on a bus from the 45 minutes to get to our destination in Goreme. ing of the arrival day and sound in our home country, Malaysia.
Bursa Terminal Station. What in Istanbul, we took Our Remarks
was so unique about our trav- Pamukalle – Cappadocia a trip to see the city The journey has left some great remarks for us especially
elling this time was that there of Istanbul once again when it comes to friendship, loyalty, and compassionate. It
were so much exciting things 27th May, 2015 – 28th May, 2015 with our naked eyes. would remind us that the way we treat people will make an
in our bus such as, a steady- 5:00 a.m.; Turkey Time From the Bosforus impact to those who are treated and how we are also treat-
on-the-go steward dressing When we arrived in Goreme, we felt like we had really ferry trip to Hagia So- ed. As what has been stated by Sayyidina Umar al-Khattab
in bow tie and casual office moved into a new planet as most of the houses here fia to visiting Topkapi R.A. on how to evaluate the morality of a person, we must
attire has warmly served us were made of caves; even our hotel was built in hu- Palace and so on, we look into these three things: 1) Doing Muamalah or mak-
some snacks along the bus man-made cave, which was truly wonderful. In here, could not say enough ing business transactions with them; 2) Being a partner in a
trip. Another thing that was we strolled around the Goreme Town, like what we because there was a journey; and 3) Being a neighbour; by knowing their friends
so unique in Turkey was that did before, as it has so many attractions, for instance, lengthy list of the eye- and family. It might be only a journey, but on the other
the Goreme Open Air museum, air balloon trip, and catching and mesmerising places that we went to in a day hand, it would offer us sweet memories in terms of meeting
each time the bus stopped at the rest-and-treat pit stop so much more. being in the Istanbul City. There were so many activities that strangers from the other parts of the world, making contact
along the highway to Pamukalle, the staff and the driver On the next day in we could do, regrettably we did not have much time to carry and dealing with them, and knowing ourselves better. Yes,
would make sure the bus was washed and cleaned be- Goreme, likewise, them out. it is true that the farther we travel the more experience we
fore we started over to the next destination. We noticed we took a ground will gain.
that practising cleanliness is one of the key aspects in the tourist guide to continue from page 1
Turkish culture. take us to see the
Pamukkale, is also known as “a cotton castle” in Turkey. It most fascinating But that was once upon a time. Today, I am no longer the ambitious young man of two or three decades ago. Today I’m
is a natural site in the Denizli Province in the south-west- part of the Cap- no longer a person busy building a career. After 30 years, the time has come for me to plan my exit and to start a new life
ern region of Turkey. The city has been reserved under padocia Region with a new lifestyle. Time changes everything. My passion, determination, and ambitions have shifted from the fast pace
UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. The city con- on the Green Trip, of career-building to a more sedate and serene lifestyle. Upon reflecting on past events and upon reviewing future plans,
tains hot springs, travertines, and terraces of carbonate which allowed us to see most of the Cappadocia Re- career building is a game that I cannot play anymore as I move closer to the end of my career and as a new breed of young
minerals left by the gion. There were a lot of history of Cappadocia that we men and women with greater passion, ambition, and skills took over the campus from men past their prime like me. Just
flowing water. On learnt from the tourist guide as we were taken to see like in football, I cannot outrun them, cannot outwit them, and simply cannot match them in almost every aspect of academic
the next day in Pa- the Underground City, Pigeon Valley, Sultanahmette life. Just like many others of my generation, I am simply too old and too old-school to match the newer breed of lecturers.
mukkale, we hired Diamond Factory, and so much more. After the trip, So just like in football, the right thing to do is to bow graciously, step aside, and then step out.
a ground tourist we went back to the Goreme City and reached it at
guide to lead us 5.00 p.m sharp as we had to rush to the Nevsehir Air- As the priorities of the university shifted and with age catching up, my concerns shifted too. Once an ambitious career
in our trip around port to catch our next flight to travel back to Istanbul. builder, I’m now more focused on being at peace with myself and to be more content with life. I suppose it is a natural life
Pamukkale. In Fortunately we arrived on time, however, the plane progression to be less concerned about careers and promotions as I head into the final stages of my life. I must shift gears,
here, we learnt was delayed to next hour as the weather was not so take the turn at the next junction, pick a different route, and embark on a new journey. The time has indeed come for me to
about the history great for air-travelling. set new goals and to choose a different path.
of Medusa eyes,
the existence of H‎ ierapolis City, Necropolis, the Theatre, Page Football is a tiring game. Career building is a tiring game too. And when the playing gets too tiring, one must take a rest or
and so much more. 45 simply go home. Circumstances, age, and the difficulty to adapt to changes necessitate me to rethink and to reevaluate
Our trip around Pamukalle ended by 3.00 p.m. as we had where I go from here. But it is not to be. At least not yet.
to be on time going to the Denzili City to catch a bus for
the next trip to Cappodicia at 10.00 p.m. We were there- The university decided that despite my many weaknesses, I should once again wear my football jersey and give it one last
fore brought by a small van from Pamukalle to the Denzili
go. So here I am, for better or for worse, your new head of the business and management cluster. I hope I can at least still

kick the ball straight. It goes without saying that when an old man is on the playing field, the younger players need to work

harder because the team needs to win its games. Let me assure you that although I’m now slower and less agile, I will

continue to be passionate about UiTM and will do my utmost to ensure that the Faculty progresses. The reason is

simple: UiTM Sentiasa di Hati Ku. So, let’s go out and play ball again. Page

By PM Ismail Hassan (Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan) 46

Down Memory Lane Report Section

How To Say Goodbye To 20 Years Of BENGKEL “DATA SEKUNDER – OSIRIS”
Beautiful Memories? By Siti Marina Amit
Oleh Zaleha binti Khamis (Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan)
(Law Faculty, Dengkil)
It will be darned hard if it is not impossible, definitely. As I was sitting in front of my computer trying to compose Pada 26 dan 27 Oktober 2015, seramai 45 orang pelajar ijazah Sarjana Muda Pentadbiran Perniagaan (Kewangan)
notes expressing my feelings, a quote from Winnie the Pooh came to mind, “How lucky I am having something that
makes saying goodbye so hard”. As hard as it maybe to say goodbye to my family at UiTM Terengganu, I am also count- bahagian 5 telah menghadiri Bengkel “Data Sekunder - Osiris” bertempat di Perpustakaan Cendikiawan UiTMT. Beng-
ing my blessings for I have amazing memories that I can cherish for the rest of my life. I have had so much fun be- kel ini dilaksanakan dengan kerjasama pihak Perpustakaan Cendekiawan UiTMT. Objektif utama penganjuran bengkel
ing part of this big family. When I got here so many years ago, I have to admit I was apprehensive, to say the least. ini adalah untuk memberi pendedahan kepada para pelajar mengenai pencarian data-data sekunder menggunakan
But I quickly realised that this is a kind and welcoming place to be. Trust me! I have lasted 20 years! I would never perisian OSIRIS. Perisian ini memudahkan para pelajar mendapatkan maklumat berkaitan dengan pelbagai syarikat
have expected to be this attach to this institution and its community. I know people enter your life for a reason and dari serata dunia, terutamanya data-data kewangan seperti penyata kewangan, analisis nisbah, maklumat saham dan
throughout my 20 years with UiTMT, I made so many friends that helped me through difficult times and celebrat- data pemilikan syarikat.
ed my joyous moments and I became enriched from just being part of this wonderful family. In a million ways my
friends have turned me from an innocent young woman, trying to find her footing in the new environment, into a P I OENDEDAHAN LMIAH RGANISASI
more confident woman who is able to walk as who she is supposed to be. This family taught me to beat my limita- P MOElehRFaKtimHahIbDintMi AbAd GThAaniNdan MuAniraKh bAintNi HAamNid
tions and allow me to walk as tall as I want to be. This place also offered a lot of opportunities, especially to a young
staffer. If you falter, and you will, there will be people who will willingly pick you up or at least offer their prayers Fakulti Pengurusan Hotel dan Pelancongan
(sometimes money) are hardly alone. As I embark on a new journey in UiTM Selangor Kampus Dengkil, I would
like to stop and express my appreciation to everyone in UiTM Terengganu. I love you for the journey that we have Industri perkhidmatan makanan adalah industri yang menawarkan perniagaan dan perkhidmatan makanan dan minuman
shared together and for the bliss that we have contributed in each other’s lives. Also, I am so sorry if at any time I was kepada pelanggan. Industri ini juga menawarkan peluang pekerjaan yang mencabar dengan gaji yang lumayan. Pekerjaan
not a good friend to any of you. May Allah bless all of you at UiTM Terengganu with ongoing success and happiness. di bidang perkhidmatan makanan khusus bagi mereka yang sukakan cabaran dan minat yang mendalam terhadap dunia
To quote Shakespeare, makanan dan masakan. Kursus ‘Foodservice System and Operation’ adalah kursus yang tertumpu kepada pembelajaran
"And whether we shall meet again I know not. tentang sistem dan operasi perkhidmatan makanan kepada para pelajar Diploma Pengurusan Perkhidmatan Makanan
Therefore our everlasting farewell take: (HM112). Demi mempersiap-siagakan para pelajar dan memberikan mereka pendedahan awal dalam realiti industri
For ever, and forever, farewell, friends! perkhidmatan makanan, maka satu lawatan ilmiah telah dilaksanakan. Lawatan tersebut memberi peluang kepada para
If we do meet again, why, we shall smile; pelajar untuk melihat dan merasai sendiri dengan lebih dekat tentang industri perkhidmatan makanan. Selain itu,mereka
If not, why, then this parting was well made. " juga turut mendapat pendedahan eksklusif tentang pelbagai sistem dan operasi dalam industri yang dilawati sebagai
I will not say goodbye but TILL WE MEET AGAIN...instead. persediaan menghadapi alam latihan industri seterusnya alam pekerjaan
kelak. Sebanyak enam organisasi merangkumi pelbagai organisasi makanan
Page di sekitar Lembah Klang telah dipilih sebagai destinasi lawatan yang telah
47 disertai oleh 54 orang pelajar dan dua orang pensyarah pengiring.

1. Palace of the Golden Horses

Organisasi ini adalah hotel mewah bertaraf 5 bintang yang terletak di Seri Page
Kembangan, Selangor. Kapasiti hotel yang sangat luas ini membuatkan para 48
pengunjung berasa seolah-olah berada di dalam istana. Hotel ini sangat
menarik dan terkenal dengan keunikan tersendiri yang bermotif

kan kuda di setiap sudut ruang dekorasinya. Ini dapat lan atlet-atlet yang terdiri 5. Dwap Barbarian Vape & Grill
dilihat dengan pelbagai binaan patung-patung dan daripada pelajar tingkatan Para pelajar juga berkesempatan untuk menikmati makan malam dengan berkunjung ke Dwap Barbarian Vape & Grill
hiasan dalaman dan luaran yang berunsurkan kuda. Pel- satu dan tingkatan empat. yang terletak di Laman Seri Business Park, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. Mereka juga turut dibenarkan untuk melawat dapur di
bagai majlis telah diadakan melibatkan beberapa artis Sekolah ini mempunyai mana penyediaan makanan dilakukan. Restoran ini menyediakan menu berkonsepkan makanan barat dan hidangan paling
tempatan dan luar negara seperti Mawi, Lana Nordin, seorang Pegawai Dietitik popular adalah Barbarian Sandwich. Idea asal ‘Barbarian Sandwich’ adalah dari rancangan kegemaran pemilik restoran
Puan Sri Tiara Jaqueline, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk yang menjadi penasihat tersebut, En. Mohd Yaser iaitu Man vs. Food. Para pengunjung
Shah Rukh Khan, dan Jackie Chan. Selain itu, hotel ini pemakanan harian dan dapat membuat pilihan ‘Barbarian Sandwich’ mereka dengan
juga sangat terkenal dan merupakan tempat kegema- tambahan serta penguru- menggunakan roti tortila yang datang dalam tiga saiz iaitu single,
ran di kalangan orang kenamaan termasuklah mantan san berat badan untuk at- double dan triple. Namun pengalaman makan malam di sini agak
Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Moham- let-atlet di sini. Selain itu, mengecewakan dengan beberapa insiden yang berlaku seperti ma-
ad dan isteri beliau, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali. beliau juga memantau pe- kanan yang dipesan agak lewat dihidang dan perkhidmatan hospi-
Di sini, para pelajar telah dibawa melawat sekitar tem- makanan yang sihat bagi taliti yang kurang memuaskan.
pat penyediaan makanan, ruang makan, dan bankuet. setiap atlet supaya dapat
Di samping, terdapat juga beberapa restoran Cina dan memastikan mereka be- 6. KPJ Damansara Specialist (KPJ-DSH)
Jepun yang berkonsepkan ‘fine dining’ yang sangat ek- rada di tahap kesihatan terbaik untuk setiap pertandingan. KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital adalah hospital yang ke-8 di
sklusif. Perasaan teruja jelas terpamer di setiap wajah Di sini, para pelajar tidak berkesempatan melawat sistem bawah pengurusan KPJ Health Berhad. Di sini, para pelajar berpeluang melawat dapur KPJ Damansara di Bahagian Sajian
para pelajar sepanjang berada di organisasi ini. operasi penyediaan makanan kerana pihak SSBJ telah me- dan Dietetik untuk melihat sendiri penyediaan makanan dan minuman yang disediakan untuk pesakit hospital tersebut.
maklumkan bahawa sumber makanan harian para atlet Jumlah makanan yang disediakan setiap hari adalah sebanyak lima kali hidangan terdiri daripada sarapan, makan tenga-
2. Brahim’s Airline Catering disediakan oleh pihak katerer luar (outside catering). hari, minum petang, makan malam dan minum malam. Para pelajar juga dapat mengetahui bagaimana makanan yang
Brahim’s Airline Catering adalah sebuah organisasi kat- disediakan mengikut keperluan nutrien pesakit. Ini termasuk proses aliran makanan yang disediakan dan proses pem-
erer yang pertama di Malaysia menyediakan makanan 4. Kilang Roti High 5 bahagian makanan mengikut jumlah porsi yang ditentukan oleh pakar pemakanan dan dietetik hospital. Selain itu, para
dan minuman Bandar Roti High5, adalah bandar pertama seumpaman- pelajar juga diterangkan bagaimana untuk mengekalkan suhu serta menjaga kebersihan makanan sebelum ia dihantar ke
untuk para ya di dunia yang terletak di Seksyen 21, Shah Alam telah wad pesakit.
yang menai- dibuka secara rasmi oleh Yang Setelah melawat beberapa organisasi tersebut, para pelajar telah melalui pelbagai pengalaman yang menarik serta telah
ki pesawat Berhormat Menteri Perdagan- membuka minda mereka terhadap peluang pekerjaan yang sangat meluas dalam industri perkhidmatan makanan. Mer-
udara (airline gan Antarabangsa dan Industri eka kini lebih berkeyakinan dan teruja untuk melangkah ke alam pekerjaan sejurus selepas tamat pengajian. Pendeda-
catering). pada 25 Mei 2005. Bandar ini han ilmiah sebegini sangat bermanfaat kerana dapat memberi pencerahan yang lebih bermakna dan jelas kepada para
Jumlah ang- mempunyai tarikan yang unik pelajar.
garan maka- dan tersendiri telah dicipta
nan yang da- oleh Pengarah Urusan Silver PENCAPAIAN ICAN 2015
pat dihasilkan Bird Group, Dato Jackson Tan.
oleh caterer Senibinanya yang mempunyai Oleh Abd Razak Hj Abu Kassim Fakulti Pengurusan Hotel dan Pelancongan
ini adalah sebanyak 45,000 hidangan setiap hari. Di karya agung yang telah me-
samping itu, ia juga merupakan penyedia perkhidma- nelan belanja sejumlah RM100 Terima kasih kepada BIZNEWS Editorial di atas peluang yang diberikan kepada Unit ICAN untuk berkongsi pencapaian
tan makanan dalam penerbangan utama di kedua-dua juta dan mendapat pengikti-
Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) rafan oleh Malaysia Book of kami sepanjang tahun 2015 ini. Umumnya ICAN atau Industry, Community and Alumni Networking mula ditubuhkan
dan Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Pulau Pinang. Record sebagai “Muzium Roti pada tahun 2010 dengan nama UiLC, di bawah Bahagian Penyelidikan, Jaringan Industri dan Alumni (PJIA) dan seterus-
Katerer ini telah mendapat pengiktirafan halal dari- yang Pertama di Malaysia”. Bandar Roti High5 terkenal seba- nya berkembang sehingga ke hari ini. Pada tahun ini, Unit ICAN telah diberi peluang untuk terlibat dalam penganjuran
pada Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) serta gai tarikan pelancong dengan menawarkan pengembaraan pelbagai aktiviti setempat atau di luar kampus, sekaligus membantu ICAN mencapai KPI yang telah ditetapkan. Be-
mengamalkan sistem keselamatan makanan yang ketat melalui sejarah roti yang menceritakan resolusi pembuatan berapa pencapaian ICAN pada tahun ini ialah:
serta mendapat pensijilan HACCP secara menyeluruh roti dari satu masa ke satu masa. Para pelajar berpeluang
dalam setiap proses penyediaan makanan. Para pela- mengalami pengembaraan interaktif dan menarik sepanjang 1. Educational Project of Innovation Competition (EPIC2015)
jar merasa sungguh teruja kerana berpeluang melawat berada di Bandar Roti High5. Antara pengalaman menarik
sekitar tempat penyediaan makanan yang seluas tiga sepanjang berada di sini, para pela- Penganjuran Educational Project of Innovation Competition (EPIC2015) yang menggantikan Pertandingan IID (Peringkat
padang bola sepak. jar dapat melihat sendiri dari jam- Dalaman) telah diadakan di Kampus Rekreasi Bukit Besi pada 10 September 2015. Sejumlah 132 penyertaan yang terdiri
batan lutsinar, proses penghasilan daripada Kategori A (Pelajar IPT) dan Kategori B (Pelajar Sekolah). Anugerah Berlian telah dimenangi oleh Seko-
3. Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jalil roti daripada awal hinggalah roti lah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Intan Zaharah Dungun melalui projek Gel Pokok Duri Tujuh. Page
Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jalil (SSBJ) atau Bukit Jalil Sports siap dibungkus dan dilabel untuk
School (BJSS) merupakan sekolah sukan yang pertama dipasarkan kepada pengguna. Para
di Malaysia. Sekolah ini terletak di Kompleks Sukan pelajar juga kagum dengan tahap
Negara di Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Sekolah Sukan Bukit kebersihan yang diamal di setiap
Jalil ini dibuka pada tahun 1996 dengan pengambi- kawasan penghasilan roti. Sebagai
buktinya, lantai ruang penghasilan
roti sentiasa bersih dan berkilat! 50




Nukilan bersama oleh Ahmad Ismail Mohd Anuar dan Nik Noor Afizah Azlan
Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan

2. Pemeteraian Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Alhamdulillah! Perlawanan Futsal Muhibbah telah dan sebagainya. Program ini juga dapat mengukuhkan ke-
Satu majlis menandatangani MoU di antara Universiti Gunma, Jepun dan UiTM (Tereng- mahiran kepimpinan dalam melaksanakan sesuatu projek.
ganu) telah diadakan di Universiti Gunma pada 3 Jun 2015, di mana MoU yang dimeterai ini berlangsung dengan jayanya pada tanggal 6 November
merangkumi bidang pendidikan (Fakulti Kejuruteraan dan FSKM), penyelidikan, pertukaran 2015 iaitu pada hari Jumaat yang lepas bertempat di Ge- Program futsal ini juga bertujuan menyokong aspirasi
pelajar dan bidang kepakaran. Pada majlis itu, UiTM (Terengganu) telah diwakili oleh Rek- langgang Futsal XZone, Dungun. Perlawanan futsal ini kerajaan sempena Hari Sukan Negara yang dilancarkan
tor dan Ketua Pusat Pengajian Sains dan Teknologi. adalah merupakan Program Khidmat Masyarakat untuk oleh Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Yang Berhormat Encik
3. Program Khidmat Masyarakat kursus “Personal Development & Ethics” yang julung- Khairy Jamaluddin baru-baru ini. “Kerajaan berhasrat un-
julung kalinya dianjurkan oleh pelajar-pelajar daripada tuk bukan sahaja menggalakkan budaya bersukan tetapi
Penganjuran program khidmat masyarakat melalui aktiviti kumpulan BM2423A, Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) Ke- menitikberatkan penglibatan bersama atau ‘mass par-
amal buat kali ketiga bersama–sama dengan NGO Antarabang- wangan dengan kerjasama Kelab Akademik UiTM (Tereng- ticipation’ dalam aktiviti-aktiviti sukan yang akan mera-
sa iaitu Aman Palestin Berhad, telah diadakan bagi mengutip ganu) dan PIBG Sekolah Rendah Islam Al Amin, Dungun. patkan hubungan rakyat antara satu sama lain tanpa
dana untuk tujuan pembangunan semula Gaza yang musnah Sambutan guru-guru, ibu bapa dan juga staf UiTM (Tereng- mengira umur, bangsa dan kepercayaan agama.” (Laman
akibat serangan pihak Israel. Pada tahun ini jumlah kutipan yang disasarkan adalah se- ganu) serta penglibatan pelajar-pelajar bawah 12 tahun Web Rasmi, Majlis Sukan Negara Malaysia 10 Okt 2015)
banyak RM500,000.00 yang mana bertujuan untuk pembinaan semula hospital yang daripada beberapa buah sekolah yang terpilih di seki-
musnah di Gaza. Sehubungan daripada itu, satu Majlis HiTea bersama–sama Y. Bhg. tar daerah Dungun di antaranya Sekolah Rendah Islam Kejayaan penganjur mengadakan perlawanan futsal
To’ Puan Seri Halina binti Zakaria, isteri Menteri Besar Terengganu, telah diadakan pada 4 Oktober 2015 di Dewan Al Amin, Sekolah Kebangsaan Sura dan Sekolah Rendah ini telah mendapat pujian daripada pihak sekolah dan
Konvensyen, Taman Tamadun Islam, Kuala Terengganu. Agama Bersepadu Zainal Abidin untuk Perlawanan Fut- ibubapa kerana keselamatan anak-anak sangat terjamin
4. Lain-lain Aktiviti dan Pencapaian sal Muhibbah ini amatlah memberangsangkan. Tidak berikutan lokasinya yang sangat strategik dan selamat.
Di antara aktiviti-aktiviti dan pencapaian-pencapaian lain Unit ICAN pada tahun ini adalah: lupa juga anak-anak staf UiTM (Terengganu) yang turut Hadiah-hadiah kepada para pemenang telah disampai-
• Projek Edutourism iaitu program hasil kerjasama ICAN dan Fakulti Pengurusan Hotel dan Pelancongan serta juga telah memeriahkan lagi perlawanan tersebut. kan oleh wakil Kelab Akademik iaitu Encik Aizat Aripin
• ASEAN Youth Camp Thailand 2015 Kelab Akademik UiTM (Terengganu) dan PIBG Sekolah Rendah dan juga wakil PIBG, Sekolah Rendah Islam Al Amin.
• Student Mobility iaitu penempatan 4 orang pelajar Kazakhstan di kampus UiTM (Terengganu) Islam Al Amin telah banyak membantu dalam melancarkan
• MoU bersama Badai Suci Sdn. Bhd yang melibatkan pensyarah-pensyarah daripada Fakulti Kejuruteraan pengurusan program ini dengan memberikan khidmat nasi- Semoga usaha murni pelajar-pelajar Kumpulan
• Penyediaan Kad Ucapan PJIA untuk Alumni sempena konvokesyen hat dan juga sumbangan kewangan kepada pihak penganjur. BM2423A, Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) Kewan-
• Serta program – program khidmat masyarakat yang melibatkan agensi kerajaan dan swasta. Meskipun ianya hanyalah perlawanan futsal, namun pro- gan, UiTM (Terengganu) dapat memberi pengala-
Kerjasama yang telah diberikan oleh semua pihak amatlah kami hargai. Semoga aktiviti-aktiviti anjuran ICAN akan gram ini telah mencapai objektif seperti yang telah dis- man yang manis kepada semua pihak yang terlibat dan
sentiasa mendapat sokongan padu daripada warga UiTM Terengganu dan terus berkembang dengan jayanya pada asarkan. Antaranya ialah untuk merapatkan hubungan mendapat ganjaran yang setimpal dari Allah Ta’ala.
tahun hadapan. komuniti setempat iaitu di antara para pelajar, ibubapa
dan guru-guru dari sekolah yang berlainan dengan warga Terima kasih kepada Kelab Akademik UiTM (Terengganu),
Terima kasih. Universiti Teknologi MARA (Terengganu). Di samping itu, pihak HEA UiTM (Terengganu), PIBG Sekolah Rendah Is-
para pelajar yang sedang mengikuti kursus “Personal De- lam Al Amin, yang terlibat dan seterusnya kepada sekolah-
velopment & Ethics” dapat mengaplikasikan teori-teori sekolah dan semua pihak yang terlibat secara langsung atau
berkaitan pengurusan, jati diri, kerjasama, komunikasi tidak langsung dalam menjayakan aktiviti ini. TAHNIAH!

Page Terima kasih daun keladi. Jumpa lagi. Page
51 52

Kursus Pengurusan Kewangan Masjid-Masjid Kerajaan Negeri Page
Terengganu Darul Iman 54

Oleh Noor Emilina Mohd Nasir, Dr. Norazamina Mohamed, Nur Raihana Mohd Sallem, Siti Rokyah Md Zain (FACC)

Sebuah Special Interest Group (SIG) Accounting for Accountability, di bawah Fakulti Perakaunan UiTM (Terengganu) te-
lah mengambil inisiatif untuk menganjurkan satu Kursus Pengurusan Kewangan Masjid-Masjid Kerajaan Negeri Tereng-
ganu pada 27 dan 28 Februari 2015 yang lalu bertempat di UiTM Terengganu, kampus Dungun. Kursus yang dinamakan
Perakaunan Masjid ini diketuai oleh Pn. Siti Rokyah Md Zain telah dilaksanakan dengan kerjasama MAIDAM (Bahagian
Pengurusan Masjid). Majlis Perasmian kursus ini telah diadakan di Hotel UiTM Terengganu dan disempurnakan oleh
Dato’ Haji Omar bin Musa, Timbalan Pesuruhjaya Hal Ehwal Islam MAIDAM, Terengganu. Ini merupakan kali pertama pe-
rundingan seperti ini dibuat melibatkan kerjasama kedua-dua organisasi iaitu MAIDAM dan Fakulti Perakaunan UiTM(T).
Kursus ini dianjurkan bertujuan:
- Memberi pendedahan kepada semua bendahari/AJK masjid-masjid kerajaan di negeri Terengganu mengenai
asas sistem fail yang baik.
- Memberi pendedahan kepada bendahari/AJK masjid-masjid kerajaan di negeri Terengganu mengenai penge-
tahuan asas simpan kira perakaunan masjid.
- Menyeragamkan cara perekodan dan penyimpanan kewangan masjid untuk masjid-masjid kerajaan di negeri

daripada Bendahari dan Setiausaha atau Pengerusi Masjid. Konsep pelaksanaan kursus ini adalah dengan mengadakan
kelas-kelas kecil yang terdiri daripada 15 orang peserta dan dikendalikan oleh 2 orang pensyarah bagi setiap kelas. Secara
bagi membantu peserta mendapat tahap pemahaman yang tinggi kerana bilangan peserta bagi setiap kelas adalah kecil.
Peserta lebih selesa untuk bertanya dan penceramah pula dapat memberikan tumpuan yang lebih kepada setiap peserta.

Di antara pengisian kursus yang berkaitan dengan pengurusan akaun masjid adalah:
Slot 1: Pengenalan dan Penyimpanan Dokumen Sumber (Daftar Aset)
Slot 2: Pendedahan Asas dan Langkah-langkah Merekod Transaksi
Slot 3: Pengemaskinian dan Penyediaan Laporan Kewangan
Slot 4: Daftar Aset Masjid
Semoga Allah memberkati usaha UiTM(T) dan MAIDAM dalam memastikan perjalanan pengurusan kewangan masjid
dapat dilaksanakan dengan sempurna. Diharap kursus ini dapat membawa kepada anjakan paradigma kepada benda-
hari-bendahari masjid khususnya, bagi memastikan menguruskan kewangan masjid dilaksanakan dengan baik termasuk
penyimpanan rekod-rekod yang betul mengikut prosedur yang digariskan. Memetik ucapan Rektor UiTM (Terengganu),
Prof. Madya Dr Abdol Samad bin Nawi, beliau berharap permulaan ini akan menghasilkan manfaat yang berpanjangan
dan khidmat runding yang berterusan di antara MAIDAM dan Fakulti Perakaunan UiTM(Terengganu). In shaa Allah.


Student’s Column

Oleh Nur Amirah Aqilah (BBA (Hons) Operations Management)

Dalam banyak-banyak negeri, kenapa rakyat Malaysia mahupun pelancong luar perlu memilih Terengganu sebagai
destinasi pelancongan? Ini kerana negeri Terengganu adalah negeri yang sangat indah dan dipenuhi dengan banyak
tempat-tempat rekreasi berasaskan alam semulajadi. Di antara yang boleh dilawati adalah:.

1. Gunung Tebu, Jerteh

Bagi kaki travel mahupun kaki hiking, anda wajib pergi ke Gunung Tebu yang ter-
letak di Jerteh. Gunung ini menjadi tumpuan pendaki tempatan dan luar negara
kerana keunikan bentuk muka buminya yang sangat mencabar dengan ketinggian
1,039 meter. Pada ketinggian tersebut,
para pendaki dapat melihat dua buah
pulau yang amat terkenal di Terengganu,
iaitu Pulau Redang dan Pulau Perhen-
tian, dengan lebih jelas. Bayaran yang
dikenakan adalah RM5.00 kepada setiap

2. Chinatown, Kuala Terengganu

Chinatown adalah pekan China yang terletak di bandar Kuala Terengganu.
Langkah anda pasti akan terhenti di setiap lorong di celah-celah deretan
bangunan kedai-kedai lama kerana terpegun dengan laluan berpayung serta
lukisan mural yang berwarna-warni dan setiap satunya mempunyai cerita yang tersendiri. Anda pasti akan melangkah
dengan penuh gembira dan teruja tanpa menghiraukan rasa penat dan bahang mentari yang panas membakar. Bagi
yang suka bergambar, terdapat banyak port yang menarik di sini untuk merakamkan pelbagai detik kenangan bersama
ahli keluarga dan teman-teman.

3. Sungai Bangang, Dungun

Sungai Bangang terletak di dalam kawasan Hutan Lipur Chemerong. Menurut
Kosmo, jalan untuk sampai ke sini adalah melalui laluan jalan pintas menuju
ke Kem Balak. Dengan menggunakan laluan ini, pengunjung tidak lagi perlu
melalui puncak Gunung Berembun, Taman Bonsai, Berembun Kecil dan Kem
Y. Perjalanan menuruni lembah akan mengambil masa lebih kurang satu jam
untuk sampai ke sungai ini. Airnya sangat jernih dan sejuk ditambah dengan
pemandangan yang sangat cantik, benar-benar dapat menambat hati para
pengunjung untuk kembali. Tempat ini sangat sesuai untuk beriadah dan
berkelah ketika musim cuti.

4. Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI)

Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI) yang berkeluasan 10 hektar ini menempatkan 22
replika monument Masjid dengan seni bina Islam yang hebat daripada 21 neg-
ara antaranya Masjid Nabawi di Arab Saudi, Kubah As Sakhra di Palestin, Tugu
Kompleks Suleyman di Turki, Menara Kalyan dan banyak lagi. TTI merupakan
satu-satunya taman tema yang bercirikan Islam yang pertama seumpamanya
di dunia. Bayaran yang dikenakan adalah RM21.20 untuk orang dewasa dan
RM15.90 untuk kanak-kanak dan warga emas.

Terdapat banyak lagi tempat-tempat menarik yang boleh dilawati di
negeri Terengganu. Pulau-pulau di negeri pesisir pantai ini di juga sangat terke-
nal dengan keindahannya. Bagi yang sukakan batu karang, saya cadangkan anda pergi ke Pulau Tenggol untuk
aktiviti diving kerana hidupan dasar laut di situ sangat cantik. Sememangnya negeri Terengganu kaya dengan
khazanah alam semulajadi yang mempesonakan. Rugi rasanya jika anda tidak meneroka tempat-tempat me- Page Page
narik ini. Selamat bercuti! 55 56


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Di Sini Jua, Memori Tercipta.... Walau Seketika,
Terjalin Kasih Kita, Mungkin Di Sini Kita Kan
TerPisah......Kenangan Bersama Takkan Ku Lupa...




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