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By: Norchahaya Johar & Syed Jamaluddin Syed Hassan In this case, the waiter or the owner could have recommended A customer service staff in any organization is constantly faced
to the customer to replace the chicken rice to another dish on with difficult situations that requires certain skills. In my opinion,
the menu. If chicken rice is the only dish on the menu, the owner one of the most effective ways to calm an angry customer is to
could have waived the payment for the food or even let the smile. A smile can calm an irate customer, despite the level of
customer eat for free. In fast-food establishments such as KFC, if anger. Try it, and see for yourself the effect of a smile.
a customer is not satisfied with the food, the customer can
complain at the counter and the customer service employee will Ultimately, the customers’ return intention and willingness to
replace the order immediately, no questions asked! promote a restaurant to their friends depend on the attitude of
the owners and workers of the restaurant towards their
4. Service Recovery. customers.

Remember that when a customer is angry, the company can lose Therefore, I would like to leave this quote to restaurant owners to
more than just one customer as word of mouth is a powerful ponder – “The true test of a business’ customer service is not
tool to make or break a company. When customers’ are when things are going right – but rather what is done when things
unhappy with the product or services, then the organization’s go wrong” – Steve Ferrantert.
task is to regain the customer’s confidence. In the situation
Recently, a friend told me an interesting story. He was driving The following suggestions are merely my opinion on what steps above, giving a discount is good but it may not be as effective.
home with his family from a holiday trip and decided to stop at a the restaurant owner could have taken to resolve the issue and to The cashier could have waived the payment or replace the meal
restaurant near the roadside because they were hungry and tired. maintain good customer relationship. for free. Doing so will not affect the restaurant’s operating cost
They decided to order the chicken rice on the menu. They didn’t or profit, in fact, there might even be an increase in sales
have to wait very long as they were served promptly. He was 1. Acknowledge the complaint. because when a customer is happy with the services, he/she will
quite happy with the services at first, until he noticed a caterpillar Listen attentively to the customer’s feedback before deciding on most likely increase his/her visits to the restaurant. In addition,
-like worm nestled between the rice and the chicken on his dish. the next course of action. Customers normally would not he/she may recommend the restaurant to their friends. After all,
Of course, he didn’t bother to check if it was dead or alive. He complain unless the situation is serious In this case, neither the word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing.
summoned the waiter and when the waiter came, he pointed at owner or waiter acknowledge the customer’s complaint. The
his plate and said to the waiter, “there’s a worm in my chicken waiter may have thought that the customer was making a big A line at the head of a dispatch The latest time or date by
rice”. The waiter took one look at his plate, turned and left, deal out of nothing especially when other customers were not or special article in a newspaper which something should be
neither offering a solution nor apologize. Feeling disappointed at complaining. The owner’s own laid-back attitude towards showing the date and place of completed.
the waiter’s reaction, my friend pushed his plate away and customer may have also influenced his/her worker’s behavior. writing.
stopped eating.
For reference only
When it was time to pay the bill, my friend informed the cashier,
who is also the owner of the restaurant, that he did not eat his 2. Offer an apology.
chicken rice because there was a worm in it. The cashier said that If the customer is right, offer an apology. A simple “I am sorry
he could have asked for a replacement, to which my friend Miss/Mr” certainly goes a long way in pacifying an angry
replied that he did call the waiter but the waiter seemed customer. No matter how furious the customer is with the
unconcerned about the situation. My friend then asked the services, if the proprietor acknowledges his mistake and
cashier if he still had to pay for a dish that he did not eat? And the apologize, the customer is willing to listen to explanation and
cashier casually said “Yes”. Not satisfied with his answer, my accept the mistakes amicably.
friend asked if he had to pay even if there is a worm in his food?
The cashier’s reply was “We will deduct RM1 for the worm”. That
statement left my friend speechless! It is as if the worm was
actually part of the ingredient! Not wanting to cause a scene, he
paid and left, and vowed to never patronize the restaurant again.

I am sure many of us have amusing or even horrifying stories
about poor services at a restaurant. Getting the wrong order,
dirty utensils and environment and rude waiters are some of the
most common poor customer services at a restaurant or food
outlet and it happens anywhere whether in the rural or urban
area. It is ironic that the City or District Council and Tourism
agencies give an all-out effort in promoting local food products to
attract local and international tourist, but they fail to provide the
necessary customer service training to complement the effort.
Even if the products are good, but if the services are
disappointing, the effort will be futile.

FP&P UiTMCTKD Faculty of Business and Management

Oleh: Siti Rapidah Omar Ali

Bismillahirahmanirahim Isu gangguan seksual di institusi pengajian tinggi telah banyak Langkah proaktif telah diambil oleh Universiti Malaya dengan
Assalamualaikum wrt wbt. and a very good semester!!! to all my colleagues and students. diperkatakan malahan sering mendapat liputan media massa. menerbitkan buku “Kod Amalan Mencegah dan Mengen-
September…September…. September…. here you come!!! With a bag full of joy and sorrow. Keadaan ini boleh mengundang bahaya jika dibiarkan berlelua- dalikan Kes Gangguan Seksual di Universiti Malaya” yang telah
Joy because we, the academicians start our normal teaching life and academic activities. sa serta menggugat proses pembelajaran pelajar dan meng- dijadikan bahan rujukan dan pendedahan mengenai perilaku
Sorrow, because, the sweet “anytime” vacation mood has been robbed away. Hmmm, life ganggu kelancaran sistem pengajaran sesebuah univesiti itu ini bukan sahaja kepada kalangan staf tetapi juga pelajar-
has to go on. Bye-bye vacation life, looking forward for the next semester break. sendiri. pelajar universiti tersebut. Langkah ini haruslah dipuji dan
perlu dicontohi oleh institusi pengajian tinggi yang lain
This semester began with a new beginning. Welcome Pn Hasleena, as our new KPP, our own Apakah gangguan seksual dalam persekitaran akademik? memandangkan mereka yang terlibat sebagai mangsa
Nur Azwani, our Biznewz graphic designer promoted to KP (Diploma). Welcome, Pn Khalida- gangguan seksual lazimnya takut untuk bersuara dan mengam-
waty, adding our strength, working hand in hand with Pn Norchahaya and Pn Najah as a new Dalam bahasa yang lebih mudah difahami, gangguan seksual bil sebarang tindakan ke atas pihak yang mengganggu beriku-
English editor. Updates of syllabus. Joy to students who sit for ENT coursework with no final dapat diertikan sebagai suatu perbuatan mengusik atau tan kebimbangan digagalkan dalam sesuatu tugasan.
examination, but hey! we balance them up with some “challenges”…. More group projects that is…. mengacau seseorang pada sifat-sifat jantinanya sehingga
menimbulkan ketidaktenteraman, kegelisahan, ancaman, Justeru, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab setiap warga kampus
Thank you PM Ismail for your dedicated leadership. We will miss you Piza, Hapiza Omar for the fun and joy you bring. We wish you tekanan emosi dan seumpamanya. Dalam konteks akademik, sama ada pihak pengurusan, pensyarah, kakitangan serta
all the best at UiTM Perlis campus. sesuatu tingkah laku akan ditakrif sebagai ancaman atau ‘quid pelajar untuk mengambil berat akan kod amalan untuk
pro quo’ apabila ianya tidak diingini, berunsur seksual, dan mencegah dan menangani masalah gangguan seksual.
There are a lot more to mention, but with the space limit given, I hope, the message flow as it goes. Thank you to those who con- dijadikan sebagai syarat untuk membuat keputusan ke atas Pendedahan maklumat berkaitan serta kesedaran tentang
tributed their articles in this September 2017, BizNewz edition. Looking forward for more articles in our December edition. See ya. status pengajian penuntut tersebut. Manakala persekitaran perkara ini amatlah perlu di semua peringkat bagi memben-
Jazakallahu khairan kathira. tidak selesa dalam konteks akademik membawa maksud dung perkara ini daripada terus berleluasa.
tingkah laku dalam kuliah atau di kaki-kaki lima bilik kuliah
CHIEF EDITOR ENGLISH EDITOR ataupun di kolej kediaman yang mengganggu gugat keupayaan Rujukan:
AZIAN BT ABD GHANI NAJAH BT LUKMAN penuntut itu untuk belajar.
NORCAHAYA BT JOHAR Sabitha M. (2003). Persepsi Gangguan Seksual Di Institusi Pen-
SPECIAL ISSUE EDITOR CHE WAN KHALIDAWATY BT CHE WAN KHALID Menurut satu kajian yang telah dijalankan oleh Sabitha (2003) didikan: Kejadian Dan Strategi Penyelesaian.
HASLENNA BT HAMDAN di sebuah universiti awam di Utara Semenanjung, hampir 80%
LAYOUT & GRAPHIC EDITOR pelajar pernah mengalami gangguan seksual. Gangguan Malaymail online (2016). Pelajar mudah jadi mangsa seks pen-
LOGISTIC EDITOR YAU’MEE HAYATI BT HJ MOHAMED YUSOF seksual yang dialami oleh pelajar datang daripada pelbagai syarah, akui pegawai kanan UKM.
WAN MAZIAH BT WAN AB RAHMAN NUR AZWANI BT MOHAMAD AZMIN individu iaitu dari pelajar, pensyarah, kerani, pengawal kesela-
NOOR HAFIZA BT MOHAMMED matan dan orang luar kampus. Gangguan seksual yang
BAHASA MELAYU EDITOR dilakukan oleh penuntut adalah paling tinggi diikuti oleh
FATHIYAH BT ISMAIL pensyarah itu sendiri. Menurut seorang pentadbir kanan
HAPIZA BT OMAR Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), pelajar-pelajar univer-
siti mudah menjadi mangsa gangguan seksual apabila banyak
urusan akademik terletak di tangan pensyarah. Hal ini tidak
dinafikan oleh Timbalan Naib Canselor universiti itu sendiri
yang mengakui kebergantungan yang tinggi terhadap
pensyarah membuka ruang si pelaku mengambil kesempatan
ke atas pelajar (Malaymail online, 2016).

Walaupun peratusan pelajar yang menerima gangguan seksual
di kampus agak tinggi, namun penuntut tidak pasti atau tidak
tahu sama ada prosedur aduan di tempat pengajian mereka
wujud atau tidak. Ramai mangsa gangguan seks di kampus
tidak tahu saluran untuk mengadu masalah tersebut malah ada
yang tidak berani meluahkannya kerana malu dan takut.

Oleh: Sholehah Abdullah

Satu majlis penghargaan pensyarah FPP telah diadakan pada 15 Disember 2016, iaitu pada hari Khamis, dan telah berlangsung
bermula jam 2.00 petang hingga 5.00 petang bertempat di Dewan Bidara, Hotel UiTM Dungun.

Selain berperanan sebagai sesi beramah mesra bersama dekan baharu Fakulti FPP, majlis ini diadakan khusus untuk para akad-
emik FPP bertujuan untuk menunjukkan pengikhtirafan dan penghargaan serta meningkatkan rasa sayang dan cinta para akad-
emik (sense of belongings) kepada UiTM Cawangan Terengganu. Pemberian anugerah ini bertujuan meraikan dan menghargai
jasa pensyarah FPP yang telah banyak menyumbang kepada pencapaian akademik pelajar dan UiTM Terengganu secara kese-

Di samping itu, majlis ini juga telah diisi dengan acara-acara menarik seperti ucapan julung-julung kalinya daripada Dekan FPP,
persembahan daripada para pensyarah FPP, penyampaian anugerah terpilih, penyampaian anugerah bagi pensyarah yang te-
lah dan akan bersara, dan cabutan bertuah. Majlis ini telah dihadiri oleh 76 orang pensyarah FPP serta jemputan khas yang
telah memberi komitmen yang baik sepanjang berlangsungnya majlis tersebut.

Oleh: Sholehah Abdullah, Norazlina Ahmad, Fatimah Zainab Dzulkifli, NorChahaya Johar, Norlaila Ibrahim, Azlina Shamsudin

& Rusnah Ismail

Pada 5 Jun 2017 yang lalu, para pensyarah yang Aktiviti yang dianjurkan ini dianggap berkesan kerana
mengajar mata pelajaran UED 102 bagi pelajar–pelajar pelajar dapat menimba ilmu, berinteraksi, berkenalan dan
program BM114 telah mengadakan syarahan bersama selama meluaskan pengetahuan pada satu masa. Rata-rata pelajar
empat jam di Dewan Aspirasi UiTMTKD. Syarahan bersama ini sangat menyukai kaedah pembelajaran ini kerana ia lebih
dijalankan bertujuan untuk memberikan satu pendekatan santai. Selain itu pelajar berpeluang mengembangkan bakat
baru kepada para pelajar supaya proses pengajaran dan dan menjadi lebih berkeyakinan kerana aktiviti- aktiviti yang
pembelajaran dapat dijalankan dengan lebih menarik dan dijalankan memerlukan pelajar berinteraksi, berkerjasama
berkesan. Syarahan bersama tersebut disertai oleh seramai serta menyuarakan pendapat dikalangan ramai seterusnya
213 pelajar dan tujuh pensyarah. Objektif syarahan bersama dapat melatih pelajar menjadi lebih berani.
tersebut adalah untuk mengadakan sesi suai kenal bersama
pelajar dan pensyarah serta menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti Aktiviti syarahan bersama ini akan diteruskan pada
berkaitan mata pelajaran UED102. masa akan datang dengan harapan dapat memberikan kaedah
pembelajaran yang lebih berkesan dan santai kepada pelajar.
Selain bertujuan menyampaikan ilmu, aktiviti-aktiviti Aktiviti yang dijalankan ini mendapat sokongan penuh Timba-
yang dijalankan adalah untuk melatih para pelajar menjadi lan Rektor Hal Ehwal Akademik (HEA), Prof Madya Dr Khalipah
pelajar yang lebih cemerlang di universiti. Ini kerana aktiviti- Ibrahim kerana menurut beliau ia adalah keperluan silibus dan
aktiviti yang diselitkan mengajar pelajar untuk fokus dalam proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran yang terkini.
mencapai target semasa belajar di universiti. Aktiviti- aktiviti
dijalankan juga mengajar pelajar untuk berdikari di universiti Sekian.
serta membezakan dan membiasakan diri dengan proses
pembelajaran di universiti yang jauh berbeza berbanding di
sekolah. Tambahan lagi, aktiviti-aktiviti yang dijalankan dapat
menyemai rasa yakin dikalangan pelajar dan melatih pelajar
berkerjasama dengn ahli kumpulan dengan komunikasi yang
lebih berkesan.


Tarikh Masa Acara
31/3/2016 5.00 petang Bertolak dari UiTM Terengganu.

KELAB BOLASEPAK VETERAN UITM KE RUMAH SERI KENANGAN, PENGKALAN CHEPA, (Khamis) 11.00 mlm Sampai di UiTM Machang. (Bermalam di UiTM Machang)
KELANTAN 7.30 pagi Bertolak ke Rumah Seri Kenangan, Pengkalan Chepa.
1/4/2016 9.00 –12.00 tengah hari Khidmat masyarakat dan pemberian sumbangan.
Oleh: Mohd Aldrin B Ali, Wan Anuar Wan Mamat, Ahmad Ismail Mohd Anuar, Samsul Bahari Usman & Wan Anisabanum Salleh (Jumaat) Rehat dan solat jumaat
12.00 – 2.00 petang Perlawanan bolasepak persahabatan
PENGENALAN : PENYERTAAN : 5.00 – 7.00 petang Bertolak pulang ke UiTM Terengganu.
9.00 malam
Program khidmat masyarakat adalah satu program
kerjasama antara Syarikat Sani Ekspres Sdn. Bhd. dengan Program ini disertai oleh semua pemain bolasepak
Kelab Bolasepak Veteran UiTM Terengganu dalam usaha veteran uitm 2016, disokong oleh ahli-ahli kelab Akademik,
memberi khidmat bakti atau sumbangan kepada masyarakat UiTM Cawangan Terengganu dan dirasmikan oleh General
yang memerlukan. Manager Business Development & Operation, Sani Express
Sdn Bhd.
Ini adalah salah satu aktiviti Kelab Bolasepak
Veteran UiTM selain daripada memberi khidmat tenaga di TEMPAT DAN TARIKH :
padang bolasepak. Dengan kepercayaan dan kerjasama dari
Sani Ekspres Sdn. Bhd., berbagai program kemasyarakatan Program Khidmat Masyarakat
telah berjaya dilaksanakan bukan sahaja di Terengganu
malah di negeri berdekatan seperti Kelantan. Tarikh: 1 hb April 2016 (Jumaat)
Masa: 9.00 pagi – 12.00 tengahari
Salah satu program yang dilaksanakan ialah khidmat
masyarakat di Rumah Seri Kenangan Taman Kemumin, Tempat: Rumah Seri Kenangan, Pengkalan Chepa,
Kelantan (RSKTK). RSKTK merupakan salah satu Institusi di Kelantan
bawah Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, Kementerian
Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat Malaysia. Perlawanan Bolasepak Persahabatan dengan TM Kelantan Gambar 2 : Sumbangan Untuk Rumah Seri Kenangan Gambar 3 : Pemasangan ‘Banner’ oleh Pemain Veteran UiTM
RSKTK memainkan peranan penting dalam melaksanakan
tugas dan tanggungjawab sosialnya terhadap mewujudkan Tarikh: 1 hb April 2016 (Jumaat)
masyarakat warga emas yang sejahtera, bermaruah,
mempunyai martabat diri yang tinggi, dengan Masa: 5.00 petang – 7.00 petang
mengoptimumkan potensi diri mereka dan memastikan
mereka menikmati semua peluang di samping mendapat Tempat: Mini Stadium Penjara, Pengkalan Chepa,
penjagaan dan perlindungan sebagai ahli keluarga dan Kelantan
Program ini diwakili oleh wakil Sani Ekspres dari
Objektif program ini adalah : Kuala Lumpur, pasukan bolasepak veteran UiTM Terengganu
dan wakil dari Rumah Seri Kenangan. Juga wakil dari
1. Untuk mendekatkan diri setiap ahli kelab dengan Bernama dan Sinar Harian Kelantan.
Gambar 1 : Gambar 4 : Aktiviti bersama penghuni Rumah Seri Kenangan Gambar 5 : Aktiviti bersama penghuni Rumah Seri Kenangan
2. Untuk membantu masyarakat yang miskin menerima Gambar 6 : Sumbangan diedarkan untuk penghuni Rumah Seri
sumbangan. Wakil dari Pasukan Bolasepak UiTM Terengganu dan HARAPAN KELAB :
Rumah Seri Kenangan bersama En. Hafis, General Manager
3. Memberi kesedaran dan keinsafan kepada ahli-ahli kelab Business Development & Operation, Sani Express Sdn. Bhd. Besarlah harapan dari Kelab Bolasepak Veteran
yang hidup ini kena saling bantu-membantu dan tolong UiTM Terengganu supaya berbagai program yang memberi
menolong. manfaat untuk masyarakat di pantai timur dapat diteruskan
lagi dan diperluaskan ke negeri lain seperti Kedah. Besarlah
4. Merencanakan program-program kelab dengan harapan kami dengan adanya sumbangan dalam bentuk
kerjasama syarikat luar dan tidak hanya fokus kepada kewangan dan tenaga dari pihak Sani Express Sdn. Bhd.,
bolasepak semata-mata. program-program seperti ini dapat dilaksanakan dengan
lebih baik. Terima kasih kepada Sani Ekspres Sdn. Bhd.
kerana memberi kepercayaan kapada kami untuk
menjayakan program ini.

By: Suzila Mat Salleh, Noor Hafiza Mohammed & Nurul Ulfa Abdul Aziz

By: Azlina Shamsudin, Nasiha Abdullah, Norchahaya Johar & Rusnah Ismail Whenever you need to convey your messages to an audi- 4. Overdependence on visual aid
ence, inevitably, you need to have a great presentation in Reading from slides, will lessen the eye contact time be-
The more busy or important a person is, the more stress he/she will face. People always associate stress as a negative order to get them impress with your presentation. More tween the presenter and the audience. The presenter will
element, which is not necessarily true in certain circumstances. Sometimes, stress can be a benefit, provided that it often than not, speakers make mistakes when giving spend less time ushering and communicating with the au-
brings in positive elements such as increase in motivation. A good stress is called eustress. It is considered good presentations. Thus, the audience will either lose interest dience, but rather more time reading the slide. This will
because it gives motivation to improve our work performance. The enthusiasm that we feel in performing certain jobs in the subject or even worse will disregard you as the pre- result in the presenter lacking of body movement and
is also considered as eustress because we don’t feel the pressure in completing the tasks. senter. voice intonation which is the emotional communication
Come to think of it, our life is full of stress, the good (eustress) and the bad (distress). Distress occurs when we feel a lot aspect of the presentation.
of pressure to perform, or experience sudden changes that we are not prepared for or happy about, whether the The following are common mistakes usually occurs in a
change happened to us or to the people we love. The effect of distress is that it can affect our life and health as well as public speaking and presentation. As a result, it will give a negative impression to the audience
relationships with people around us. So, do we really want stress to control our life or vice versa? Well, that depends on that the presenter has not yet mastered the topic. There-
the individual. However, it is wise that we take charge of our life and try to control stress so that it will not disrupt our 1. Unprepared Presentation fore, the presenter has a less commandeering effect over
life entirely. Precisely, the presenter does not spend sufficient time to the audience on the topic resulting in lifeless presentation. It
How then do we control stress? There are many ways to deal with stress. go through the materials before appearing in front of the cannot be helped, but people easily lose interest in a lifeless
1. Take a break. audience. Undeniably, there are a number of experience talk.
Rest or stop for a while from the activity that gives you stress. There is so much more that you need to do in life and so presenters who manage to grab the attentions’ of the au-
much more to look forward to in the future that it is just not worth jeopardizing your health due to stress. dience and carry on with their speech without any prepa- Slides should not contain detailed information about the
ration but if they had prepared a little bit more before- topic, but rather highlight only important points about the
2. Smile/laugh. hand, they will surely mesmerize the audience. topic. Highlighted points serve only as a reminder to the
Smiling or laughing is a great stress reliever. It is believed to not only be good for your immune system, but also guards presenter as he/she elaborate about the points. In addition,
you from the bad effects of stress. There is nothing wrong in laughing and enjoying jokes now and again, otherwise it 2. Not knowing your audience it also serves as the direction of the presentation.
will make you a dull person. Smiling and laughing will also make you look years younger and fun to be with. Nobody It is essential for you to do research on whom your audi-
likes a grumpy person! ence will be, for example their gender, age group, educa- Overdependence on the slides is disastrous. There are times
tion background, etc. Eventually, the art of addressing the when machines are not functional properly, computer files
3. Exercise. content of the speech will mostly depend on your audi- corrupted, projector break down, etc. And when these un-
Find time to do simple exercises at least two or three times a week. Brisk walking is said to relieve stress and good for ence. The language that you use, the example that you fortunate events occur, as a presenter you are paralysed and
people who have high blood pressure. give, will definitely differ from one audience group to an- it does affect your audience as well.
other, although it is the same topic. It is because you need
4. Seek help. to make sure your audience easily grasp the topic and take 5. Irrelevant language
Don’t let yourself be burdened with pressure that you cannot handle on your own. Share your problems or anxiety with it into their heart. If you give a canned speech and it does Even in the same country, people in different geographical
family, friends, or a counselor. Get help before the situation escalates to something more serious. You owe it to not interest the audience, they will feel bored and distract- location do have different common traits. Words or gestures
yourself to be happy, if not for you, then for your family. They also have the right to be happy. ed to other things like playing with hand phone or doze off. that are acceptable in one location, might not be appropri-
ate in another location. Ignorant presenter may not realize
References: 3. Points of Argument are not clear these circumstances and unconsciously might use words
In a normal presentation, you can easily elaborate three, that offend the local people. four or five argument points and you may repeat them
again as introduction at the beginning or as a summary at 6. Lengthy presentation the end of a speech. It is necessary for you to explain your Another common mistake is a lengthy presentation up to a
points clearly so that people will understand your speech point that it becomes irrelevant to the topic and also confus- better. ing the audience. The best presentation is short, precise and
does leave an impact on the audience. To overcome this mistake, you may record your presentation or get some
comments from the audience to identify which part of your
presentation is in need for improvement.

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