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BizNewzJune-November 2019FPP


VS Video-Captured


Personal Grooming
@ Business School

as a Medium of
Medan Melahirkan Pemimpin Lecturer-Student
Mahasiswa yang Hebat

One of
Language Skills 5S YOUR DESK


e-Bulletin of the Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu
eISSN 2600-9811



Finally, Biznewz 2nd issue of 2019 has arrived. Alhamdulillah.

Greetings and a very warm welcome to everyone.

Towards the end of 2019, I believe that everyone is running out of time. Everything
has come to its deadline. With our new application of MyATP, congestions and
overflow of data in PRISMa, the underload and overload amount of training hours,
and the Performance Index which still demands extra efforts and mileages. Believe
it or not, those things add colours in our lives as educators in UiTM.

Whether we have underperformed or outperformed throughout this wonderful year,
each and every single one of us has given the best we could for the year. Hopefully
in the next coming year, 2020, we shall become more positive and optimistic to
provide and serve everyone we care and love; our family, university, and country.
Like a wise man said, “Be fanatically positive and militantly optimistic”, for an
optimist understand that life can be a bumpy road, but, at least, it is leading to
somewhere, for positive people know that positive matters and events always
happen to them even though there are negative to others.

BizNewz would like to welcome aboard our newly appointed Rector Associate
Professor Ts. Dr. Mazidah Puteh and our new Head of Studies Centre (KPP) of the
Faculty of Business and Management Dr. Ahmad Suffian Mohd Zahari to UiTM
Cawangan Terengganu’s Management Team. We truly believe that our new Rector
and the KPP could lead us towards the betterment of our faculty, university, and
us ourselves. “Great leaders don't seek power, they're called by necessity”. Best of
luck from all of us!

Last but not least, BizNewz would also like to thank everyone who has contributed
wonderful articles and photos to our e-bulletin, which make it outstanding and
stayed relevant. We are truly honoured to be able to share your thoughts and ideas
with our readers.

Lots of love.

fettyThank you.

Fathiyah Ismail




Haslenna Hamdan

Fathiyah Ismail

Norchahaya Johar

Wan Maziah Wan Ab Razak
Hani Sakina Mohamad Yusof

Suzila Mat Salleh
Nur Syikri Harun

Azian Abd Ghani
Najah Lukman
Nur Syikri Harun
Che Wan Khalidawaty Khalid

Nur Azwani Mohamad Azmin
Nur Syikri Harun
Zaimi Mohamed

Nurul Ulfa Abd Aziz
Dr. Hj. Zainuddin Zakaria


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• 5S Your Desk



Nur Syikri Harun1
Fathiyah Ismail2
(Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu1)
(Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu2)


Many people from all walks of
life, including me, like to drink
sugary pick-me-ups. They refer
to sweetened and sugar-added beverages.
Drinking sweetened drinks is really enjoyable.
However, it has been highly associated with
gaining weight and severely risking one’s
health. Sugared beverages include all kinds
of tea, coffee, sodas, energy boosters, and
any types of drinks with added sugar as their
premier ingredient.

If truth be told, I really don’t want to write
about what the risks of taking too much
sweetened drinks are, as there have been
millions of articles concerning about such risks
since decades ago. Some have been written by
dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, academicians,
or people whose interest is in health care.
Notwithstanding who wrote those wonderful
and informative pieces, people don’t seem to
really care about their health.

There’s no difference between talking too
much or writing too much. Taking action is
what matters. Hence, I’m urging you to take
action. What I really want to is to advocate all
the readers to take glasses of plain water as
a substitute to sweetened beverages you take
every day.

Changing this daily sugary routine won’t kill
you though. We’ve never heard of people dying
from not taking sweetened drinks. Instead,
there’re too many people who decease due to
overtaking them! Coronary heart diseases and
diabetes are the most common angels of death
if you treat sugary beverages as your close

Many may think that plain water tastes bland
and empty. If a glass of water doesn’t allure you,
then water infusion is highly propositioned.
Some make it fruit-infused or herb-infused




water like putting generous slices of
strawberries and raspberries or slices of lemon,
lime, or cucumber to make it even dramatically
tastier. Some others may put a tablespoon (no
more than this!) of honey or some mint leaves
or cilantro to add more flavour to it. It’s up to
you, as long as you drink enough out-of-sugar
beverages, which offer a lot of health benefits
to your body.

Many would wonder how much water they
should consume. It’s easy to remember this
simple tip. For every 20 kilogrammes, there
should be 1 liter. This means that if someone
weighs about 80 kilogrammes, then he or she
should consume 4 liters of water. If someone
weighs only 40 kilogrammes, then 2 liters of
water intake would be enough for his or her
body. This means that the lesser your weigh is,
the smaller the quantity of water you should

All in all, drinking plain water, be it infused
or not, is extremely vital as it’s one of the
gateways to having a healthy life. However,
knowing a lengthy list of its advantages doesn’t
guarantee you to be healthy as reading tons of
articles about drinking pure water wouldn’t

...hydrate you. Then, stop reading articles! Start

drinking plain water… A lot!

4 Fruit Infused Waters (n.d.). Retrieved from https://

Frank Hu, F. (2008). Obesity Epidemiology. Oxford
University Press. pp. 283–285. Retrieved from https://


20 kilogrammes = 1 liter




Nur Syikri Harun1
Fathiyah Ismail2
Norchahaya Johar2
(Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu1)
(Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu2)





Interactions between Based on our observations, many lecturers
choose to stay connected with their students
lecturers and students are by using WhatsApp. However, do you know
that your interaction with students can be
key for a teaching-and- as simple as using WhatsApp yet more
efficient compared to using it as the medium
learning process. Lecturers of interaction? The non-profit Telegram
application, featured by the blue icon with
mostly use social media for a white paper airplane inside, is one of the
social media which is widely used by many
disseminating information people as it provides free-of-charge, cloud-
based, fast-and-secure messaging service
to their students, for and is equally convenient like WhatsApp.

example, uploading teaching- Even though Telegram has been greatly
outnumbered by WhatsApp due to its
and-learning materials, notifying popularity over Telegram, there are features
which are not available in WhatsApp and
students about changes made to other popular social media. For example,
lecturers could use WhatsApp to stay
their class timetable and venue, connected with their students. Yet, they are
not able to isolate chit-chat messages with
posting assignments, holding light their students and materials uploaded for
their students. Basically, there are only two
discussions, and so much more. channels provided by WhatsApp, which
are WhatsApp Groups and WhatsApp
For instance, Telegram, WhatsApp, Broadcasts. These two features offer two-
way and one-to-many communications
Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Line, between participants. However, messages
and materials are jumbled up altogether as
and Facebook are among those the channels are only meant to be mixing
them up either in groups or broadcasts. This
applications which could be used by does not happen to Telegram as it enables
the lecturers to segregate their written
lecturers to keep in touch with their casual messages/discussions from a list of
documents or loads of teaching materials
students. for their students. Unlike WhatsApp users,
Telegram users are able to segregate their
messages and materials by using two
separate conduits. This can be done by using
Telegram Groups for casual chit-chats or
light discussions and Telegram Channels
for placing all the documents and materials,
which are very affective to avoid Telegram
users from wasting their time scrolling up
and down searching for documents that have
been uploaded somewhere amid thousands



of messages and emoticons! This could be because of server and platform
restrictions postulated by Facebook.
What differs Telegram from other
Applications? 3 Highly Accessible Files
There are, of course, countless elements of Some people are reluctant to use Telegram
Telegram, which could be put into emphasis. because they assume that millions of images
However, these unique features are the and videos shared through media, such as
ones that make Telegram different from WhatsApp, may consume their smartphone
other thousands of Android applications, as storage. Actually, what differs Telegram from
follows: WhatsApp is that Telegram is a web-based
channel which does not automatically save
1 Sorting Messages and Documents messages, images, and videos unless Telegram
In order to use Telegram for online class, users choose to save them to their smartphone
lecturers need to create two conduits. Say Gallery. Relatively, WhatsApp is, by default,
ELC151 (Integrated Language Skills II) is set to media auto-download, which denotes
selected as a code taught. The lecturers have that every single piece of photos and videos
to create a few Telegram Groups depending will be stored in a WhatsApp folder under
on how many ELC151 groups they teach. Gallery for use offline as WhatsApp is more
Then the lecturers may create a Telegram towards being device-specific rather than being
Channel in which they upload all the ELC151 a web. As a result, photos, videos, and even
teaching materials like notes, photos, videos, messages pile up and consume a lot of storage
PowerPoint slides, assignments, exercises, of smartphones. This may take like forever to
quizzes, past-semester question papers, carry free up and reclaim space. However, this would
marks, and almost files of any types. This not happen if we use Telegram.
single channel can be viewed and shared by
different groups of students, which means 4 Web-Based Application
that the lecturers have to prepare the channel Another function of Telegram we should
containing teaching materials only once and know is that, since Telegram is web-based, the
reuse the channel almost for good. These Telegram users are able to scroll up until the
materials can be sorted and organised based very first message typed or image/video shared
on a semester time frame, which is from either in a group or channel where WhatsApp
Week One to Week Fourteen. If the students users cannot. This is because Telegram stores
need to find out necessary files uploaded by all the messages, images, and videos in its
their lecturers, they may just have to scroll application as a web. This is, however, not
up along the channel without having to applicable to WhatsApp because new applicants
scrutinise the files through their groups like to WhatsApp groups are not able to scroll up
what they do when using Whatsapp. to read old messages and retrieve old files
attached before those applicants are invited or
2 Adding Unlimited Number of Users added to the groups. After all, deleted files like
Meanwhile, there are other functions which photos are unretrievable neither by existing
distinguish Telegram from WhatsApp. applicants nor new ones as the deleted images
For example, there is a huge number of are no longer available or do not exist in their
participants that could use Telegram groups devices or SD card of their smartphones. As
and channels – about 75,000 members per a result, those files discarded may turn blurry
Telegram group/channel – which is opposing on their device screens as they are no longer
to WhatsApp which offers its service to seeable or shareable.
only 256 participants per WhatsApp group.


5 Creating Online Polls message would appear on the top of a Telegram
Telegram allows its users to use polls too. channel or group that the lecturers select. The
Typically, polls are used to coordinate students’ reason why these important messages are pinned
activities, make choices for items pertaining is because the lecturers could remind their
to the teaching-and-learning process, and students about important notifications, newly
stay connected with them. For example, the uploaded learning materials, and previous
lecturers are able to ask the students about lessons probably missed or overlooked by the
learning mode they prefer most, such as students.
blended learning, face-to-face learning, or
online learning, by asking their students to In summary, there are many ways lecturers
vote via Telegram. This could be done by using would use to communicate with students and
Telegram bots or searching @vote or @pollbot, impart learning materials to them. However, the
a special application that helps the lecturers simplest yet most efficient and ideal application
to compose their poll questions and multiple- which could be used by the lecturers and
choice answers for their students. Since this is students for holding online classes and storing
online vote, polls are set to be anonymous and documents on the Cloud would definitely be
confidential, which means that there is no way Telegram due its exceptional features which are
for anyone to see who has voted for what. The not offered by other applications in the mobile
result of the polls held would only be numbers operating system. developed by Google. Hence,
and percentage values which tell what decision it is highly recommended that the lecturers and
has been made according to the students’ votes. students employ this great application on the
Say, the students have voted that they prefer
blended learning over other learning modes, ...go for the list of benefits it has offered.
then, the lecturers would be able to tailor their
teaching materials with the learning mode their Reference:
students had opted.
Siraj Abbas (2017). 11 Reasons why You Should Use
6 Pinning Important Messages Telegram instead of Whatsapp. Retrieved from
The last but not least feature of Telegram which
the lecturers could use is that they could pin you-should-use-telegram-instead-of-whatsapp-
important messages at one time. This pinned ab0f80fbfa79





BNFNy(ua(:AoFrtrhcaScacihyyduiaaelkthmhyrayiIoysHofamfaBJarLuoiulash2nnian1greu2sasgaenSdt ,CUaiwTaMn gCa n Ter en g gTaenrue1n) g g a n u2 )
a wan ga n
uMdai ensa,gUe mi TeMn t


Oral presentation In UiTM, degree students are required to take
is one of ELC590 – English for Oral Presentations.
important This code equips students with necessary oral-
assessments presentation skills, for instance, preparing
to measure and delivering oral presentations, anticipating
students’ and responding to questions pondered by
understanding audience, selecting sources of information
of a subject matter and their level of and writing outlines, employing verbal and
language proficiency. Most subjects non-verbal elements in oral presentations, and
taught in learning institutions understanding the fundamentals of speech
include this kind of assessment as communication and its ethics. The focal point
their partial requirement. In some of this code is enabling students to perform
countries like Russia, students are both informative and persuasive speeches well
regularly assessed by their teachers in a verbal and spontaneous manner.
orally even in technical subjects
like Mathematics, Physics, and Lecturers’ Preferences
Architecture. Talking about evaluating students’ speaking
aptitudes, some lecturers prefer to appraise
their students face to face while some opt to do
it in a more advanced way, which’s by using
cutting-edge devices to capture students’ oral
presentations and get them uploaded into free
cloud storage, for instance, in their YouTube
channels, learning management systems
(LMS), or Google Drive. This can be done by
using laptops, desktops, or even smart phones
where Screencast-O-Matic software or other
recording applications are installed, which
enable the students to display their self-prepared
PowerPoint or elegant, zooming, conversational
Prezi slides and their faces in a small frame
simultaneously on screen. In the interim, some
lecturers have made appointments with their
students to deliver oral presentation via Skype.
The latter, according to my observation, is a
two-way communication where the sense of
spontaneity is still emphasised.

Advantages of Using Technology for Oral

Being able to do this, thanks to the technology,
many lecturers have found that it has
exponentially saved their precious time a lot in
comparison to meeting up their students face to
face at formal settings. In addition, the lecturers
have also stated that they would be able to


replay and review those oral-presentation doesn’t help the students to experience a
videos almost ubiquitously. This means that a real-life situation, for example, interviews, in
student evaluation process is no longer confined which they’ve to struggle and conflict with
and narrowed down to four walls and working their inner and outer self when encountering
hours of eight to four. Instead, the lecturers are a panel of interviewers while their hands are
able to view their students’ oral presentations at shaking and their skin is sweating and their
home, day or night, and even during weekends throat is drying and their heart is pounding so
– if they’re industrious enough. Additionally, fast and their adrenaline is rushing and their
other students are able to view their classmates’ blood is flowing more rapidly and they start to
videos online and could learn something from. become stuttering and worried about what kind
After all, the students are capable to minimise of answers they’ve just articulated as they’re
their test-apprehension and language-anxiety speechless as if they’re experiencing brain
levels and reduce the physical sensation of freeze when gulping down a very cold smoothie
getting butterflies in their stomach as a result or a generous scoop of ice cream (Gosh!) in
of a reduction of blood flowing into the organ one shot. These, would’ve never happened if
when presenting orally in front of the audience. oral presentations are delivered virtually.
All in all, capturing oral-presentation videos
is convenient and accessible as it offers many In conclusion, delivering oral presentations
advantages to both the lecturers and students. either face to face or online is one of the
activities performed by students in order to
Disadvantages of Using Technology for Oral prove that they possess sufficient abilities like
Presentations knowledge of a subject content, interpersonal
and intrapersonal skills, and language aptitude.
That being said, it’s not an effective holy-grail There are ways oral presentations can be
method to use as there are also disadvantages delivered. However, it’s up to lecturers and
which have been hotly discussed by many students to choose which channels they
academicians. This is due to the fact that some may use depending on their advantages
aspects, for instance, the face-to-face-like and disadvantages. We couldn’t deny the
environment and question-and-answer session, availability of technological advancement for
are not available if the oral presentations are its use in education. Of course, we don’t want
done online. Worse comes to worst, some to be labelled as the cave dwellers that’re left
students may read auxiliary texts they’ve behind as embracing and balancing between
prepared, which aren’t seen by video watchers. digital and in-person experiences in education
In the meantime, some may read out word by
word what they’ve typed in their slides, which ...should be effectively done by both educators
should’ve been avoided by Public Speaking
students. Meanwhile, some others may redo and students.
video-recording when they’ve found that their
videos aren’t spellbinding enough.

However, if this is done conventionally, the
chances are that the students are good if they’re
good and they’re not when they aren’t. This
would be obvious, as crystal clear as seawater.
However, this is contradictory to when oral
presentations are screen-captured. In my point
of view, this kind of one-way communication




The Five Steps

12 3


Nur Syikri Harun1
Fathiyah Ismail2
Norchahaya Johar2
(Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu1)
(Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu2)

Are you an inexperienced The Five Steps
marketer? Do you have One of the persuasive techniques used by people to
products to sell but don’t urge buyers to take action is Monroe’s Motivated
really know how to market Sequence, known as the MMS. The MMS is
them? Have you invested the psychological method of communication
great sums of money to you may use to efficiently persuade people to
buy products but ended not only listen to you but also take immediate
up being regretful as not even a single product action. The technique was pioneered in 1930s
promoted is at least sold? What strategies should by American Psychologist Alan H. Monroe,
you follow in order to make sales happen? These a lecturer teaching English – to be specific,
are questions that keep rotating in our mind if we Public Speaking – at the Purdue University. His
want to be sellers (but not the other way around!) contribution in communication skills has been
Well! I’m a newbie, a tenderfoot, a fresh meat, or widely recognisable by many. The MMS has
whatsoever unaccustomed to a marketing area, to been known as one of the most psychologically
be honest! Give me one single communication persuasive methods used to deliver effective
tool I would use! Urmmm… Here we go. communication messages organised in a well-


3 45


structured manner. Basically, the MMS covers introduce. Grabbing the audience’s attention is
five steps, as follows: highly important as it’s like setting a flame before
Step One : Attention introducing the use of a fire extinguisher. But
Step Two : Need how long would it take to introduce your topic? It
Step Three : Satisfaction won’t take long, just as long as setting the flame
Step Four : Visualisation and using the fire extinguisher to extinguish the
Step Five : Action flame! In this step, you need to deliver a message
saying that “Hey! There’s someone who has a
How should I sell then? Things aren’t crystal problem.” That’s basically what this step has to
clear yet, right? “I haven’t started explaining! Be cover.
patient, will ya? Okay! Give me some minutes”.
To make things clearer, these steps will be 2. Need = Explanation
explained and later supplemented with examples In this step, you need to convince people that
included in the next section. someone’s problem needs to be solved. The
problem refers to a matter or situation regarded
1. Attention = Problem as unwelcome or harmful, which needs to be
To begin your you-name-it sales, campaigns, dealt with and overcome. As you exhibit the
persuasive speeches, etc., you can use a few tips to problem encountered by someone or happens
grab the attention of your audience. For instance, in one particular place, your audience may now
you can use attention grabbers, such as showing see that there is something that should be done
dramatic figures and statistics, short-yet-catchy in order to help or offer solutions to the problem
anecdotes, meaningful quotations, and rhetorical being experienced by him or her. This step is like
questions related to a topic you’ve chosen to thoroughly diagnosing symptoms of an illness.


It’s also like saying “Let me explain to you what etc. Giving them limited offers in a limited time
his or her problem is!”. The next step will provide will give them a sense of urgency too, which
its ‘cure’. would help you to implement the next step.

3. Satisfaction = Solution 5. Action = Conclusion
This step is the step where you tell your audience The last step of the MMS is Action or Call to
solution(s) that you’ve thought of, which would Action. In this final step, you will ask the
be an absolute answer to the problem stated in Step audience to do something right there/here and
Two. It’s like giving two bullets of Paracetamol then/now. This means that you’ll tell them how
to someone who’s having an excruciating you’re going to get the problem solved, which’s
headache or telling him or her that the 500mg by following measures you’ve formulated and
Extra Advance Panadol is a fast solution to his or visualised in Steps Three and Four. It’s like
her headache. It’s like foreshadowing people that saying to your audience “You’ll help me to solve
“Hey! I’ve got a solution to his or her problem”. this man’s or this woman’s problem by using this
However, your speech remains pointless if you specific way. Will you help me then? If you do, I’ll
don’t provide solutions to the problem you’ve show you how.” Some of your audience, who can
uttered to the crowd and stays informative, not as afford and are philanthropists, may ask you how
persuasive as you hope it should be. they can help you to solve the problem. Hence,
it’s vital for you to provide details on how they
4. Visualisation = Benefits should channel their help, for instance, donations,
In this step, you’ll help the audience to picture energy, time, and other types of support. Since
what it looks like when they take the solution some people are highly motivated and very keen
you’ve offered in the previous step (Satisfaction). to offer their assistance to make your project(s)
This could be done by telling stories or showing a dream-come-true, you must provide them with
photos around benefits or changes they may necessary details like contact numbers, e-mail
obtain if their problem gets solved by the answer addresses, websites, social media, bank-account
you’ve provided in Step Three. In other words, numbers, etc. On top of that, you should also
you should assist the audience to promote their provide some details about your whereabouts,
awareness about how important the subject for example, where the location of your booth/
matter you’ve brought to, what solution you’ve office is, when (date and time) you’re going to be
provided for addressing the problem, and what available, and whom they should refer to in your
benefits that can be gained if the problem is absence, in order to get some important points
solved. It’s more or less like saying “If we do my about your project(s) and contribute whatever
solution, this is going to happen!” or “If we don’t they could. This could be done by distributing
do as I recommend, the chances are that this may your business cards and flyers.
terribly happen!”.
The Illustrations
The choice however rests in you. You may help To help you visualising what you should do, I’d
your audience in either a positive or negative like to give you two examples of situations which
way, depending on how you want your audience follow the MMS. The first example is about
to visualise. Besides, you could also tell the helping unfortunate villagers to generate income
audience what they themselves may get too if and the second one is about helping people in a
they help people in need, for instance, they may disaster-stricken nation, which’s Nepal.
get free membership of your club or association,
they may be eligible to get discounts for purchases Example 1:
if they buy your products instantly, or they may 1. Attention:
be partially sponsored if they join your activities, • Telling a story about a poor village


• Exhibiting some pictures about the real - Join a charity organisation:
situation of the village - As donors
- As volunteers/activists
2. Need:
• Little food • Asking the audience to give details:
• Few jobs - Giving telephone no./e-mail address/fax
• No hope - Providing forms/give business cards/flyers,
3. Satisfaction: etc. to volunteers
• Goat donation
4. Visualisation: In a nutshell, the use of the MMS isn’t restricted
• Picturing it to only selling products openly in shopping malls
or night markets. Making health or election
- They get sources of food and merchandise – campaigns, fundraising for the well-being of the
mutton/milk/fur/horns, etc. poor and needy, and financing university final-
year projects and non-funded research studies can
- They can be traders/sellers/ also be actualised by using the art of the MMS.
shepherds/animal husbandry workers However, this may take some time to prepare as
you need chunks of information and piece them
- They see new hopes together to make a good persuasive speech. Just
5. Action: because you’re good at public speaking doesn’t
• Asking the audience to give donations mean that your persuasive speech is good enough
• Providing bank details, persons-in-charge, to convince people to take part in whatever you’re
promoting. This is true because you couldn’t
flyers, websites, etc. impulsively give speeches without having a
good preparation and a structured flow of ideas
Example 2: to guarantee the effectiveness of communication
1. Attention:
• Telling a story about earthquake striking in ...when persuading the audience.

Nepal References:
• Showing pictures/footages of victims, KP’s Speech Class – Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
(n.d.). Retrieved from
damaged houses, and devastated landscape
2. Need:
• Traditional houses were ravaged Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (n.d.). Retrieved from
• Freezing-cold weather
• No access to freshwater
• No medical facilities Monroe’s Motivated Sequence - Dr. Hanlon (n.d.).
3. Satisfaction: Retrieved from
• Building earthquake-resisted residences
• Donating blankets, sleeping bags, and winter
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (n.d.). Retrieved from
• Providing well-drilling machine/fresh-water
Presenting Effectively With Monroe’s Motivated
supply Sequence (n.d.). Retrieved from
• Providing medical facilities
4. Visualisation:
• Picturing them: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (n.d.). Retrieved from
- They can stand the earthquake
- They are able to stand the cold weather
- They can have access to fresh-water supply
- They can get close-to proper medical

5. Action:
• Persuading the audience to:



Nur Dalila Adenan
Faculty of Business and Management
UiTM Cawangan Terengganu


Personal Grooming Photo: Members of BizClub

@Business School


Grooming ntoday’sincreasingly special dress that suits you
competitive perfectly guarantees you to
• Preparing one for a better world, university have people noticing your
appearance citizens who are presence. No matter who
knowledgeable and you are – students, staff, or
• Creating a good image able to embrace their lecturers – it is important to
• Themes of personality find good outfit and buy only
Iindividuality stand some of the best yet cheapest.
Importance of Grooming Perfect-fitting clothes will
out in any fields of endeavour. free you from worrying about
• Conveying self-confidence What they really need is to your appearance because you
• Displaying a positive self-im- believe their own choices, just know that you look good,
especially their appearance as notwithstanding physical
age it speaks much about reacting, properties you were born
• Presenting one in the best responding, and reverting to with. Therefore, to ensure
people. Some studies have being well-groomed, keep
manner reported that making the first your style in a great way, make
• Appearing polished and positive impression is of a great sure that the outfit is of good
importance. Psychologically, quality, well-made, appealing,
intelligent people perform better at work and the most important thing
when they look good and is, you feel comfortable
Tips: Groom Yourself feel great about themselves. carrying off something very
Men Therefore, everyone, with much different from the norm
this psychological sense of around you. This grooming
• Taking care of hair (sham- self embedded in their head, is important in order to tell
poo and haircuts) will be more victorious and and show to other people that
successful if they dare to you are serious about the way
• Clothing (fitting properly) look fashionable, elegant, you look. You need to look
• Cleaning and trimming nails and fully confident about professional and crisp for
• Taking care of teeth (fresh themselves. However, many business. Hence, it is key to
university academic staff, be aware of the importance
breath) especially those in business of workplace dress codes and
schools, do not care about grooming, and understand
Ladies their appearance and choose what they entail, which are
to stay dry and cold. This is what we should abide by and
• Scarf (Ironed) due to the fact that they think comply with.
• Hair Do that the teaching-and-learning
• Choice of dresses (Right process is not affected by Be Smart yet Elegant
their looks, no matter whether The interpretation of the
colour and fit well) they're teaching at colleges term ‘Smart Casual’ may
• Makeup (Light and fresh or universities. They only be differently defined at
love to wear anything which workplaces. The dress code
look) meets their styles or fashion of smart casual is a step up
• Shoes and High Heels (La- according to their own from business casual, yet not
comfort and norms. as proper and formal as Board
dy-like aura) Meeting attire. It is still neat
• Skin Care Stand Out from the Crowd and professional in a way
• Limited accessories Nevertheless, clothing always
• Wearing watch speaks in its own way. A
• Speaking politely

Clear Eyesight

• Updating glasses with good
look and sharp power

• Picking a suitable style of
frames to create up-to-date



but rather informal. As long neat, pressed, and never outfit that complements
wrinkled. It is all meant to your body and hide areas of
as it is presentable, anything project a professional image. concern is another great tip
Meanwhile, torn, dirty, and you should take heed of. By
is fine. Thus, business casual unmatched clothing is deemed the way, you better match your
unacceptable. Therefore, it complexion. Ultimately, it is
appears as relaxed clothes. is wise to choose your right hoped that these tips to groom
dress. Likewise, outdated your personality will help you
This type of wear typically dresses will let you down. As to promote your confidence
your body changes, so should level and be successful in
includes slacks, khakis, be what is in your wardrobe.
On top of that, avoid yourself ...your life. Good luck!
blouses, collars or polo shirts, from wearing baggy clothes,
too. Besides, wearing fitting 26
tailored blazers, knit shirts or

sweaters, and loafers or dress

shoes that cover all or most of

the foot. The standard dress

code in a formal business

environment includes

clothing that should be crisp,



One of
the most
language skills


Nur Syikri Harun1
Fathiyah Ismail2
Norchahaya Johar2
(Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu1)
(Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu2)


Many people, especially students,
wish that they could master English
not only for good grades in studies
but also for survival. They may use
whatever it takes to guarantee that
their goal, which’s the acquisition
of the language, is reached.


Numerous strategies have been employed grammar books and surfing on the Internet
to help them realising the intended goal. just to learn English! Or have you?” I saw
These include watching movies and dramas. my students nodding their heads as they
Some listen to songs and even read lyrics were intently listening to my two cents.
while enjoying the music. Others listen to
podcasts and radio. The rest reads novels, Yes, it’s true. Many people like watching
magazines, newspapers, and websites. English movies and dramas as they believe
There are also people who perceive that that this is the genuine remedy for learning
reading grammar books, dictionaries, and English more effectively. However, they’ve
thesauruses is helpful while some believe not realised that they’re actually reading
that drills and practices in using English English subtitles or Malay-translated
may be fruitful to help them attaining their subtitles. Not to mention, they’ve also been
aim. In other words, everyone has his or her unaware that they’ve got overly distracted
own favourite sources of learning English as and diverted by packs of actions and are
the second language. Not like other foreign allured by their favourite, delicious, good-
languages, sources of learning the target looking, all-time actors and actresses. In
language are ubiquitous. English is spoken fact, they’ve got entertained much more
not only in English-speaking countries and than having learned English as the second
the adjacent areas but also in classrooms, language, which has been their prime
public centres, and workplaces countrywide intention!
and worldwide.
Whatever strategies we’ve taken to learn
Some students have asked me: “How could English, we mustn’t forget to listen. This is
I improve my English, Sir?” because sense of hearing, among five senses
wired in humans, is the first sense activated
My answer is: “You must listen, listen, and in foetuses and the last sense drawn from
listen!” humans before they die. Allah SWT has
mentioned this in His glorious texts, as
“As simple as that, Sir?”, they asked again. follows:

“Yeaaah! Why not! Look at babies. How do “Allah has brought you forth from your
they learn English? How could babies, be mothers’ wombs when you knew nothing,
they British or American, learn their mother and then gave you hearing and sight and
tongue? They first listen to their parents thinking hearts so that you may give thanks.”
speaking to them, all the time. Then the
babies listen to their siblings, uncles, and (Al-Nahl; 16:78)
aunties who keep talking and playing with
them while their mouths are still bubbling. Furthermore, Allah SWT has also stated,
As the babies are yet to have a capability to in sequence, the sense of hearing followed
talk, they just keep listening and listening by the sense of sight and thinking hearts, as
and listening. Once the babies grow bigger below:
and bigger and bigger, so is their language
aptitude. It all begins with listening. After “And do not pursue that of which you have
all, I’ve never heard of babies reading no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the
sight and the heart – about all those (one)


will be questioned.” like what I previously exemplified, are the
(Al-Isra’; 17:36) classic examples of mammals that learn
through sense of hearing. They’ve listened
In addition, Allah SWT has again asserted in to surroundings since they were even in
the following sacred verse that the sense of their mothers’ wombs. They’ve reacted to
hearing is the first sense among the faculties us even before they are born. They could
He has created for humans as His bounty to even hear what their parents said in the 28th
mankind: week of pregnancy.

“Then He proportioned him and breathed But then, how much have we listened? To
into him from His (created) soul and made what extent our sense of hearing has been
for you hearing and vision and hearts; little stimulated? Have we been prepared good
are you grateful.” enough to be good language learners through
this wonderful sense of hearing? Have we
(Al-Sajdah; 32:9) neglected the power of this faculty? Then,
we don’t really appreciate the chronological
On top of that, Allah SWT has also declared order of human creation – the development
that He has provided humans with a complete of sense of hearing – in the first place!
set of senses, led by the sense of hearing, by
which they sense external stimuli:

“It is He Who has endowed you with the For this reason, I’ve always kept asking
faculties of hearing and sight and has given my students to listen to radio, especially
you hearts (to think). Scarcely do you give when those DJs speak in English or those
thanks.” FM/AM frequencies offer speak-in-English
channels. Another alternative that I’ve
(Al-Mukminun; 23:78) recommended to my students is listening to
According to prominent embryologist
Professor Keith Moore, sense of hearing Some might’ve not realised what podcasts
is humans’ first sense, based on the are. They refer to the episodes of pre-
aforementioned Quranic verses, that is recorded digital audio files made accessible
chronologically developed before the on the Internet which could be downloaded
development of other senses. This is proven to devices. Basically, podcasts contain short
when the formation of eyeballs is physically dialogues or talks held by people about
preceded by the creation of the pair of countless topics under the sun. They could
ears. This scientific finding has therefore range from serious topics with thought-
supported the notion that listening is vital provoking contents to those laden with mere
in learning languages – which’s English in jokes and entertainment.
this case.

That’s why I’ve told my students that it’s Some people might have thought that
important for them to listen first before podcasts are similar to radio. In fact, they’re
starting to read or speak as we need to much different from radio programmes
gather as many inputs as we could so that we because radio segments are usually
could bring out those treasures that we’ve broadcast and aired without delay and
collected whenever necessary. Babies, couldn’t be edited.


I believe that by listening to radio listening skills are something which couldn’t
programmes and podcasts, my students are
able to capture and comprehend what is be brushed aside. Hence, from now on, let’s
being said when they’re listening to. This is
because distractions are reduced as podcasts listen! Don’t just hear! It could make a big
typically don’t have background music. So
are radio programmes being apart from difference. ...
airing songs, especially when listening to
chatty DJs speaking in English with either References:
an American or British accent. Embryology (n.d.). Retrieved from https://

On the other hand, songs typically have Keith, L. M. (n.d.). A Scientist’s Interpretation of
background music, except ‘a cappella’, References to Embryology in the Qur’an. Retrieved from
which’s deemed a distractor for those who
attempt to listen to lyrics in order to learn php
English. This is similar to watching movies
and dramas as viewers may be distracted Syukuri Nikmat Pendengaran dengan Pelihara Zahir,
by stars of all time performing in action- Batin Telinga (2019). Retrieved from
packed movies.

However, results may turn out to be
different if we’re facing television backward
and not setting our eyes on subtitles but
staying focused on what is being said by
actors or actresses per se without staring
at the television screen. If you do this, the
chances are that you may begin to listen to
the dialogue attentively like how words are
pronounced and expressed and what subject
matters are being talked about.

Some may question how listening could
be distinguished from hearing. Well! There
are a lot of differences we could tell. When
you focus on what you hear, then it’s called
‘listening’. But if you fail to focus on what
you hear, then it’s only dubbed ‘hearing’.
There’s of course a big difference between
university students who listen and the ones
who hear your lectures!

In summary, there are strategies and tips
which could be employed for the attainment
of the target language acquisition, yet


Are You


What Is Your Next


Siti Rapidah Omar Ali1
Suhaily Maizan Abdul Manaf1
Nur Shafini Mohd Said1
Nur Dalila Adenan1
Wan Mardiana Wan Musa2
(Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu1)
(Faculty of Law, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu2)

Prediabetes occurs when blood-sugar levels are higher than usual but not higher
enough to be acknowledged as diabetes. Prediabetes happens when insulin in
our body does not work well as it should or, in other words, ‘insulin resistance’.
It can lead us to a serious health condition if uncontrolled overtime. If the blood-
sugar levels reach certain levels, it can lead to Type-2 diabetes. Prediabetes can
progress into Type-2 diabetes and other serious health conditions like heart disease, stroke,
kidney failure, and eye damage.

Typically, prediabetes does not show any symptoms unless blood-sugar levels are tested.
People at risk of getting prediabetes include those who are overweight or obese, genetically
inherited, have diabetes during pregnancy and HDL, or good cholesterol that is too low
while higher in triglycerides. The specific number that defines prediabetes are HbA1c
reading of 5.7% to 6.4%.


However, the good news is that prediabetes can be prevented or delayed from being Type-2
diabetes by change people’s lifestyle. The following are ways to prevent prediabetes:

1. Losing Weight
Weight-losing can help overweight people lower down their blood-sugar level.

2. Exercising Regularly
Exercise is very important when you have prediabetes. A routine exercise for at least 30
minutes per day five times a week should be helpful.

3. Practising a Healthy Diet
Eat low-carb foods, for instance, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. Avoid
processed foods, fried or sugary foods, and high-carb foods, such as rice, pasta, bread,
cereal, potatoes, and others.

4. Drinking Plenty of Water
Keeping hydrated is the best approach to lowering blood-sugar levels for people especially
those with prediabetes. It can help their body to eliminate excess glucose through urine.

5. Portion Control

Keep your diet based on low-glycaemic food index and limit the amount of food you eat.

Health is wealth. To materialise this, time and effort are needed to change our lifestyle.

Many of us have suffered from life-threatening diseases because of our own imbalance

lifestyle which has been our life regime since years. Hence, we should start with small steps

and keep moving forward and never look back. We have to improve our lifestyle no matter

what and do not get back to the old habit. We should support and educate ourselves how

to make healthier food decisions at grocery stores, in the kitchen, or even when eating out.

Prediabetes can be reversed by working hard, staying focused, and making good choices.
The choice is always in our hands.




In our lives, there have been many times when we must have encountered
difficult people who drove us nuts and turned us topsy-turvy! These
bunch of people have been irritating, disappointing, and stressful. I
am sure we are going to meet these people again, too. Here are some
strategies which can be used to handle the problem:

1. Identify the 4 Types
There are four distinct types of difficult people. Think about the people
in your lives and determine a family in which they belong to, as follows:
• Downers are referred to as Negative-Nancys or Debbie-Downers.
They always get to say something negative. They keep complaining,
criticising, and judging people.
• Better-Thans are referred to as Know-It-Alls, One-Uppers, or Show-
Offs. They attempt to impress you, to name and to compare.
• Passives are referred to as Push-Overs, Yes-Men, and Weaklings. They
do not make much of contributions to discussions or individuals around
them. Instead, they let everyone else do work and show efforts.
• Tanks are referred to as explosive, uplifting, or clingy. They want to go
their way and do everything they can to get it.

2. Do not Try to Change Them
Our instinct when meeting difficult people is to try to change their behaviour
or attitude. We attempt to persuade Downers to become more optimistic,
Better-Thans to become more friendly, Passives to stand up, and Tanks to
relax. Alas! It will never work! Actually, they tend to hate you when you
attempt to drastically change them and the chances are that the situation
may become even worst.

3. Try to Understand Them
The way to get connected with those difficult people is by attempting to
understand where they come from. Try to discover a value language. If you
want to master people skills, you have to understand what they value. A
value language is what inspires people to make choices in their lives, what
gets them up in the morning, and what tells them about their expectations
and actions. That is what drives their decisions. This really helps us to
know them. Besides, it also enables them to stay calm and become more


? By:
Nur Shafini Mohd Said
Faculty of Business Management
(UiTM Cawangan Terengganu)

4. Do not Allow Them to Be Toxic
Difficult people may be harmful to others. Toxic individuals may be passive-aggressive,
mean, and harmful. Hence, if you have to deal with them, you need to understand where
they come from and their whereabouts, so that you can stay away. Besides, you also
have to build a physical barrier by surrounding yourself with best buddies, seeing those
difficult people less, and doing it for a minimum amount of moment if you have to be
with them.

In conclusion, dealing with difficult people is sometimes unavoidable and can be challenging.
However, with some tips and tricks, confronting them would not give us a big headache. It pointless to fight fire with fire as we may end up one day being exactly like one of them!

Robinson, S. L., & Schabram, K. (2019). Workplace ostracism. Current Directions in Ostracism, Social Exclusion
and Rejection Research, 155.




EAVCIATDAEL MQIUCAIALINTSIES(AcademyofLanguageStudies,UiTMCawaNnuRgraauznlifATaemMrieloninhgdRgaaRnzaauzw)laiBny:


What comes to our One of the qualities is effective communication.
minds when we The educators should have excellent command
judge the most on the subject that they want to deliver. They
quality educators? have to prepare thoroughly especially in terms
Do you know how of knowledge that they are going to convey.
to differentiate the The knowledge or the materials used must be
ones with good updated and, at the same time, the educators
qualities and the ones without? Well! Actually, must be alert about current issues that happen
it is hard to categorise the most quality around them whether local or abroad. The best
educators as it is very subjective. However, educators can connect knowledge to the real
there are many categories or qualities that we world so that students can relate themselves
can refer to as our guidance. Hence, let’s have with the real world. With this, the students can
a look at the qualities or skills academicians or gain better understanding and they are ready to
educators should possess. face the actual environment when they embark
on the working environment later on.

On top of that, the other quality is excellent
presentation skills. Presentations skills are
essential for both teaching and learning. When
we refer to oral presentations, they are not only
about presenting ideas gathered from texts
or reading materials. They are a combination
of presentation skills, such as presenting in
a confident manner, establishing a strong
eye contact, projecting with a strong voice,
applying a right tone and pitch, displaying right
body gestures, and many more. If the educators
feel that they are not good in presentation, then
they can improve their presentation skills by
exercising good trainings and a lot of practices.
There are many ways to do the practices, such
as practising in front of a mirror, practising in
front of colleagues, recording their own voice,
and so forth. The educators have to be aware
that their quality of teachings is assessed and
students’ feedback is important for gauging
their performances.

In addition, the other important quality is
networking. Everyone knows that networking is
crucial and, yet, it can also be very discouraging.
Walking into a room full of unfamiliar people
and being social or approaching outstanding
researchers at a conference has always caused
us to feel awkward and uncomfortable.
However, we have to avoid these feelings as
networking offers a lot of benefits. The benefits


are that we can collaborate with people who can assist the educator to be a leader.
are in the same field and share ideas together Last but not least is resilience. The educators
for future events. The events can be like poster sometimes may have a tendency to be
presentations, paper presentations, or talks. demotivated, frustrated, or feeling down when
When we have opportunities to meet potential their work is criticised, for instance, papers
contacts, we can develop positive attitudes and submitted to journals are rejected, proposals
start to develop our own professional network are returned with critical comments, editors
especially if we are PhD candidates or post- insist the educators on rewriting, and so on.
doctoral staff. As the educators, we have to be receptive to
constructive criticism and have confidence to
Apart from that is time management. As we defend our views and resolve the issues. All the
know, to be an educator is not only to deal with constructive criticism and comments should
teaching. Educators’ time is not only a regular, be taken into account as they can assist the
nine-to-five job but it can easily start early in educators to become better people.
the morning until evening or even night. In fact,
sometimes the educators must also sacrifice their All in all, becoming a great educator is a
time to work during weekends or on holidays. challenging job. There are a lot more important
They have to be independent and wise in order qualities next to the qualities which have been
to juggle their tasks, for example, research, mentioned up above. Becoming an educator is
teaching, innovation, community-service a noble job as it always comes with passion to
activities, students’ activities, administration, teach and a position that requires a non-stop
and many more that pull them in different teaching-and-learning process. To be in the
directions. If the educators want to succeed as education field enables humans to achieve their
academicians who have commitment with their fullest personal, spiritual, mental, social, and
family, friends, and personal interests at the
same time, it is very important for them to be ...physical potentials.
highly disciplined and well-organised.

The other quality is leadership and management. Reference:
From the earliest moment of the career of The University of Manchester (1824), Essential skills
academicians, we have to manage a lot of and qualities of a successful academic. Retrieved July
things like being leaders in research groups, 10, 2019, from http://www.academiccareer.manchester.
supervising degree, master’s or PhD students
or new researchers, carrying out administrative
management roles, setting up a series of 40
seminars from external speakers of the same
fields of interest, and many more. Some of
educators who are unsure about leadership and
management skills can always go for training
in order to develop themselves. In fact, most of
the educators are leaders as they have to manage
their students, plan their teaching-and-learning
activities, decide and solve their colleagues’
matters, complete administrative tasks, and so
on and so forth. However, it will be a bonus if
becoming an educator is not his or her first job
as the experience of the previous job somehow



Razifa Mohd Razlan
(Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu)


Ihave never thought of becoming an How It All Started
educator when I was in school and
it has never been one of my dream My journey started in 2004 when I was
careers. However, when I embarked appointed as a lecturer at Kolej Islam Pahang
on the teaching profession, the notion Sultan Ahmad Shah (KIPSAS), Kuantan, which
that I have had about this career has is now known as Kolej Universiti Islam Pahang
totally changed. The position of being Sultan Ahmad Shah (KUIPSAS). The beauty
a lecturer might sound nice to some people, of this college was that it has put its emphasis
however, it has not been that easy to some on the Islamic environment and the students
others. Only the people who hold the position have been very respectful towards the lecturers.
can feel the challenges and the beauty of being Every time I have bumped into the students,
lecturers. they would definitely wish ‘salam’ to me.
Besides teaching Malay students, I have also
taught Singaporean students. Even though most
of the Singaporean students acquired a much
more advanced English level as compared to the
locals, they have been so humble and willing to
help others. I have faced many obstacles since
I started my teaching career, but I have been
so fortunate to be surrounded by good team
players. They have lent not only their helping
hands when I needed help but also shared ideas
and opportunities for enhancing my capabilities
to become a more competent educator.

Later on, I joined UiTM Cawangan Terengganu
(Dungun Campus) in December 2009 and
it has not been that easy to be accepted here
as I have needed to undergo two phases of
interviews. Besides the hassle that I have been
through, I have thought that UiTM has done
the right thing by emphasising the quality that
every educator should have. One of my dreams
has been to teach at tertiary level so I felt so
lucky and honoured to be accepted here. At
that particular time, both degree and diploma
courses have been combined and taught in the
same semester. So, imagine how lively our
campus has been from morning until night as
we had classes even at night. On top of that,
I have been heavily pregnant at that time. To
teach in that state have not definitely been an
easy task, but it went the other way around as
the students have been very helpful in carrying
my teaching materials into class. They have
offered their hands when I needed them most,
hence, it have been an amazing and enjoyable
memory for me. Furthermore, culinary students


always shared their pastries and cakes when I in class. Hence, this has indirectly enhanced
had done with my class. I have felt so honoured my positive teaching vibes in class too. I have
and excited to be treated like that. still remembered that when it came to oral
presentations, the degree students have been
Teaching English very well-prepared, knowledgeable, and able to
respond well in question-and-answer sessions.
In the earlier semesters, I taught diploma They have been able to explain and relate to
students and the codes at that time were BEL120 reality and their experiences when sharing their
(Consolidating Language Skills), BEL260 answers and personal opinions.
(Intermediate English), and BEL311 (Language
for Academic Purposes). As time has evolved, Preparation to class is another thing that every
the course codes have also evolved and been lecturer should pay attention, too. Even though
changed to ELC120 (Integrated Language most of the semesters I have to teach the same
Skills: Listening), ELC150 (Integrated codes, that is not an excuse for me to not improvise
Language Skills: Reading), and ELC231 my teaching materials or methodologies. Every
(Integrated Language Skills: Writing). Later on, semester comes with different challenges. In the
after my third confinement, I was asked to teach beginning of every semester, I have to analyse
degree students and, at the same time, I have the level of my students before teaching them.
been tasked as the LiC (Lecturer in Charge) The materials chosen must suit the level of
for ELC550 (English for Academic Writing) my students because there are many types of
and EWC661 (Report Writing). The function learners out there, such as audio, kinaesthetic,
of the LiC is to share any updates and latest visual, and reading and writing learners. For
information with lecturers teaching the same instance, auditory learners will remember
codes and guide those new lecturers. Moreover, information the most while listening compared
the LiC also has to prepare a course file for easy to the other types of learners. Hence, it is not that
reference. easy to adopt all the learning styles preferred by
the students to our teaching style. Therefore, I
One of the differences when teaching English would normally integrate some of the learning
codes for diploma and degree levels is that styles in my teaching with the purpose to cater
the English codes for degree courses are all of my students’ preferences in my class. By
much more advanced and the skills taught are doing this, I would be able to help the students
discussed in depth compared to English codes to engage in my class and learn English in a fun
for diploma courses. For instance, ELC550 way.
focuses on developing students’ ability to write
academic texts. Students are taught how to Research and Trainings
paraphrase, analyse, synthesise, summarise,
and do annotated bibliography. Therefore, to do As for me, every semester will lead to another
all these, the students need a good language and chapter of life. As lecturers, we not only teach
higher-order thinking skills to pass the code. but also have to contribute to other activities too,
such as writing papers, attending conferences,
In addition, one of the reasons why I love getting involved in students’ activities,
teaching degree students is because of their doing community services, fulfilling training
attitudes. The degree students are maturer in requirements, being references and experts in
thinking, more motivated to learn, well-prepared our field of interest, and so much more. When
towards the codes learned, very knowledgeable, it comes to writing, at first, I have had no idea
and very active in class participation. In how to do it. However, after having attended
general, I would say that all of them have a many courses offered here, I started to apply
high degree of positive attitudes and motivation the skills in writing and be able to produce


quality writings. The skills of writing have is that we are blessed with the abundant of
gradually improved as we needed to attend a trainings without having to pay for it. Hence,
lot of courses or training pertaining to writing. we could apply knowledge and skills that we
Besides, we have also been required to write at have gained from the training and courses for
least two writings per year as required in the Key our career development. I believe that this kind
Performance Indicator (KPI). Honestly, I do not of opportunity is very rare to be experienced out
have much time to write, but I have to discipline there.
myself and be wise with time management,
which is to juggle between teaching, writing,
and other tasks too. I believe that other lecturers Teaching Japanese Students
may have faced the same situation too.
One of the sweetest memories that I have ever had
On top of that, we have also been required at UiTM Cawangan Terengganu has been when
to attend non-academic trainings, such as I was given the opportunity to teach Gunma-
team-building, leadership training courses, University students from Japan. My colleagues
information-technology courses, and many like Aileen, Hafizah Rabi’ah, Norhayati, Najlaa,
other professional-development events. The Wan Najmiyyah, Nor Shazwani, and Shamshad
programmes are usually organised by the Begam and I have accepted this challenge and
Training Unit of UiTM Cawangan Terengganu. opportunity even though it has been our first
Such programmes provide a wide range experience teaching the Japanese students.
of activities specially designed to improve They have been Taiki, Tatsuki, Tomoki, Yuya,
team performance to meet the needs of our Takashi,Gaku, Shintaro, and Ryohei, while
organisation. I have still remembered attending the girls have been Shiori, Natsumi, Aki, Eri,
a team-building programme in Pulau Kapas Remina, and Thao. The biggest challenge to
where the participants of the programme have teach them has been the language itself as I have
been lecturers and staff. There have been so been barely able to understand their accent even
many activities over there but the one that I have though they have spoken in English. During in-
enjoyed most has been when we had to create class activities, they have normally discussed
different walking styles and use the styles to in Japanese, so, sometimes, it has been quite
dance according to music. Our styles should be hard to identify their problems in learning.
different from other groups and we had to make Though, they have been very hardworking and
eight rounds of walking in the classroom. At sporting students. They have never refused to
that moment, we also had to discuss the styles participate in any of the activities that we had
spontaneously as the time taken to change our planned. During the activities, I have noticed
styles while walking was too short. I believe that electronic dictionaries would have always
that this has been the time where teamwork been their reference while learning and this is
and quick-thinking skills have been applied. different from our students who have refused to
We have enjoyed this activity so much as there bring their dictionaries in English class.
has been fun background music and the style
should be synchronised to the music as well. I believe that all of the Japanese students have
This activity has caused a lot of noises and enjoyed themselves being at UiTM Cawangan
chaos among the group members. This most Terengganu. My colleagues and I have planned
hilarious and fun moment has become one of a lot of activities especially those integrating
the unforgettable memories in my life. Malaysian cultures in their English-learning
process. The activities that we have done with
In my point of view, the beauty of being a them have been role-plays, mock interviews,
lecturer here at UiTM Cawangan Terengganu do-it-yourself projects, oral presentations, and
many other interesting activities. Every time my
colleagues and I had class with them, we would


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