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the ocean-merged (1)







No. K/P : 031120-01-0978
Angka Giliran : 2021242310067
Program : PPISMP
Ambilan : JUN 2021
Unit : X2
Nama Pensyarah : TAN LOON SIM
Tarikh Hantar : 6 DISEMBER 2021

Saya mengaku bahawa tugasan kerja kursus ini adalah hasil kerja saya sendiri kecuali
nukilan dan ringkasan yang setiap satunya saya jelaskan sumbernya.

Tandatangan Pelajar:______A__u_n_i_____________Tarikh : ______6_._1_2_.2_0_2_1________


Markah Markah

Tandatangan Tandatangan

Cop Cop

Tarikh Tarikh

Saya mengesahkan bahawa maklum balas yang diberikan oleh pensyarah telah saya
rujuki dan fahami.

Tandatangan Pelajar:_______A__u_n_i_______________Tarikh : _____________________

Losing someone you love dearly is one of the hardest things anyone can go through.
Sometimes it hurts so bad that you may ask yourself, “What’s the point of being here
anymore?” I ask myself that question all the time, ever since my grandmother passed away.

The most memorable day of my life was, 17 July, 2021 in Malacca, Malaysia. I was invited to
my friend’s birthday party on that day.While I were there, the atmosphere was so exciting,
everyone was laughing, smiling, making new friends, and just having a good time all around.
Suddenly, I felt abuzz in the back pocket of my jeans. It was my phone, so I pulled it out to
see who was ringing me. It was my mom. I thought she was going to check up on me. So, I
pressed the little green button on the lit up screen and put the phone beside my ear. She
told me that my grandmother was passed away. Out of sudden, my vision became blurred.
My tears began to drip and eventually I began to cry loudly. I never really fully cried, but I did
loose a lot of sleep after my grandmother’s death. I can’t believe that the person I love the
most was gone. I found out that my grandmother had been infected with covid 19 in the last
week and she was admitted to the ICU ward. I was so sad that I couldn’t afford to do
anything. I still remember the day when me and my late grandmother laughing together
because we watch a hindustan movie. My late grandmother was an amazing and wonderful
woman. She never showed her weakness infront of me and my siblings eventhough she’s
facing a lot of problems in her life. I didn’t imagine her dying at the age of 68, due to the
covid-19. She once said that one day when shes’s not around, she asked me to take care of

Losing her means I lost myself. My family and I hurriedly left Johor to return to our
hometown. When we got there, I saw a lot of my family members waiting at the outside. I
can’t hold back my tears when I saw my grandfather cried. I ran quickly and hugged my
grandfather because I know he’s at his lowest. He lost the woman who took care of him so
well all this time. I asked my aunt if I can see my grandmother for the last time or not. Then
she said, I can’t because the hospital didn’t allowed family member to manage my late
grandmother. We were only allowed to do a video call. We have been very sad to see the
face of the grandmother who looks so silky and clean.

After half an hour, we heard an ambulance passed the road infront of our house. Quickly, all
of use followed the hearse to the graveyard. When we arrived in that area, we were only
able to see the funeral pocessed from a distance. All I could do was pray that her spirit
would always be calm. After the completion of the funeral process, all of us returned home
with sad hearts. I was only able to pensively recall all the sweet memories with my
grandmother. I miss the way she hugged me when I’m in sad. She always told me to be
patient and kind toward others. Even though I am in a state of anger, I have to keep my

People must be wonder why I love my grandmother more than I love my others family
member? Because she’s the one who raised me up and because of that I felt like I lost half

of myself. I didn’t think she would leave us so soon, but you know what they say life doesn’t
always go as planned. I never got the chance to say goodbye, or tell her I loved her very
much and that I was so grateful for all that she had done for me, I never got to tell her what a
inspiration she was to me, and I never got to hug her for one last time. That night, I slept with
tears and hugged my late grandmother’s clothes. On the next day, all my family members
started packing and storing clothes that my late grandmother had used. We also saw an
album that contained lots of grandma’s picture. I couldn’t hold back the tears, so I got up dan
went to the beach in front of the house and screamed loudly. Dawn grows to the blinds, our
family was getting ready to go home because we are only allowed to go back to the village
for two days only due to the increase in covid-19 cases. Before we went home, we stopped
at my gradmother’s grave. It is difficult for me to accept the fact that my grandmother was
gone. My step felt so heavy to leave the graveyard. I kept stepping towards the car and
spontaneous, I looked back and ran toward my grandmother’s grave. I cried loudly and said,

“Why you leave me alone?” while layed on the grave.

My mom ran quickly and rubbed the back of my body and she said,

“It’s okay dear, you may cry as much as you want but please be strong and accept the fate
that your lovely grandmother has gone. Believe me, if she sees you in this situation, she will
be very sad.”

Then, I wipe my tears and stood up.

My mother was worried for a while because I would not sleep and my health was beginning
to diminish. She ended up taking me to the doctor and they declared that I was suffering
from insomnia. After months, I began to accept the fact that my grandmother was gone.
There was no explanation, but I knew that I was still grieving my grandmother, it was the
only way that I could since no one would know that I would cry in the middle of the night.

Now, I have accepted the statement with an open heart that I am that my grandmother has
been gone. I can only pray for her happiness in another world.

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