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My Script Proposal Final Draft

My Script Proposal Final Draft

My Script Proposal:

(Working Title)

A group of teenagers attend a party but it all goes horribly wrong
when Lily’s drink gets spiked. But who did it?

Purpose of the Script

• The script is a fictional script with the purpose to entertain

• The story also involves themes such as alcohol, drugs and crime so is also
designed to warn against the dangers of drinking and raise awareness of the issue
of spiking

• Other key themes included in the script include mystery, friendship and

Unique Selling Point

• This short film is aimed at teenagers and is a mystery

• The unique selling point is that there is not many teenage mystery programmes and short films on the
market meaning this is quite unique

• Crime and mystery programmes are also very popular such as Sherlock so are likely to be received well with
7 million viewers

• Some mystery films aimed at teenagers include 13 frightened girls (1963) and Abduction (2011) which made
$90.1 million showing there is definitely potential for my own script to be successful

• The most recent film fitting into the teenage mystery film category is the 2020 released film Enola Holmes
which was released straight to Netflix due to Covid 19 which has had many positive reviews despite just
being released almost 2 months ago

Brief Synopsis

• The short film follows a meeting between the
attendants at a recent party that ended in Lily being
spiked as they try to figure out who did it

• The piece contains a collection of flashbacks of the
narrative of the night as Lily’s best friend Jess
attempts to piece together who did it

• At the party on the night of the incident, Lily’s friend
Lucy talks to Ellie about how she plans to kiss Lily’s
boyfriend Harry. Lily’s ex boyfriend Jake hears this
and pulls Lily aside to tell her. She leaves her drink
unattended during this time and later she is found
passed out on the bed

• There is lots of discussion about who did it

• Lily’s boyfriend Harry is responsible as he was jealous
of the interaction between Lily and her ex. He goes to
the room Lily is passed out to take advantage of her
and Jess finds them but thinks Harry is helping her.
It’s not until the end when Jess figures this out and it
ends on a Cliff hanger as Lily then realises

Target Audience

• The Primary target audience is teenagers
between the ages of 16 and 18 to raise
awareness of the issue of spiking as this is
something that largely impacts this age group. In
particular, a female who regularly socialises and
goes to parties, working to middle class who is a

• The Secondary target audience is parents. This is
to raise awareness to them also of the issue so
they can be greater aware in order to look out
for their own children

• The script is aimed at teenagers who like to party
but also have a conscience and like to be sensible
and keep themselves ands their friends safe

Visual Themes

• The Primary target audience is teenagers so all visual
themes will appeal to this audience

• Firstly, the locations will be heavily relevant to
teenagers as it will be set at a party which lots of
teenagers enjoy and at a college which is a place
most of the target audience is familiar

• Other key themes include drugs and alcohol and the
party will have similar visual themes to the pictures

• In terms of media texts, the script will have similar
visual elements to soaps such as Holly oaks and
Waterloo road (which appeal to my target audience)
in terms of locations and drama aspects as well as the
small snippet of action cutting to a different location
and set of characters like in soap operas

• The script will also feature flashback of the events
similar to in Sherlock

Character Profiles

Main Character Lily

Lily is the main character. She is the girl who gets
spiked and passed out. She is 17, about 5 foot 5,
brunette and tanned. She is always happy and is a
very sociable girl which helps make the incident
even more shocking in the eyes of the audience

Lily’s Boyfriend Harry

Harry is Lily’s boyfriend at the time. He is 18, about 6
foot, dark messy brown hair. He is the false hero.
Everyone thinks he was saving Lily when he was
actually the one who spiked her drink and was going
to take advantage of her

Character Profiles

Lily’s Best Friend Jess

Jess is Lily’s best friend. She is 17, about 5 foot 3, blonde
and pale. She is the hero as she tried to finds who spiked
Lily. She is very feisty and determined to protect her friend

Lily’s Ex Boyfriend Jake

Jake and Lily dated for a few months half a year ago. He is
17, about 5 foot 8 with jet black hair. He and Lily are on
good terms and still friends and Jake gets on with everyone
and is very popular but is the main suspect due to being
her ex and disappearing with her for a period of time but is
actually innocent

Character Profiles

Jake’s New Girlfriend Chloe

Chloe is now dating Jake. She is 18, about 5 foot 4,
has blondie brown hair and wears a lot of makeup
and fake tan. She very is insecure and jealous of Lily
and because of this is one of the main suspects

Lily’s Friends Lucy and Ellie

Lucy is about 5 foot with brown hair. She is very
chatty and self obsessed and is jealous of Lily’s
relationship with Harry and is not a good friend. Ellie
is 5 foot 7, athletic build and dirty blonde. She is
Lucy’s sidekick but is very weak and doesn’t have
many of her own opinions and tends to follow the

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