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Published by neshia12_milton, 2019-12-02 23:41:04

raneshia LOG

raneshia LOG

Low Organized Games

Raneshia Milton
Kine1151 P05
Tuesday and Thursday 7- 7:50 am
September 26, 2019

Table of Contents

1. Drag the Body
2. Crab kickball
3. Prison War
4. Catching Stars
5. Blined Four Corners
6. Barnyard
7. Panther
8. Red light - Green light
9. Snake tag
10. Lighthouse and Ships
11. Slime Tag
12. Food Raiders


★ Two laps
★ Arm stretches “Count to 12”

○ Left/right arm across chest
○ left/right arm behind head
★ Leg stretches “Count to 12”
○ Stretch down with feet together
○ left/right leg apart stretch down
○ Stretch down the middle with feet apart

Drag the body

Instructions:Have players create teams of 6-10. Players form pairs within their
teams. Object is that one player drags his/her partner who is laying or sitting on the sheet
or blanket to the end of the room then switch and come back again. Do this until
everybody in one team has went.
Objective: Promotes cooperation and develops strength
Equipment: old blankets or anything that can be dragged across the gym floor
Space: full or half court
Time: until one of the teams finish first.

Crab kickball

Instructions: Divide group into two equal-sized teams and have them sit on the floor at

opposite ends of the room. Place a goal at each end and the ball in the center of the room. When given
the signal for play to start, the children must crab walk to the ball and attempt to kick the ball toward
their goal and score. Players must stay in the crab-walk position the entire game. Failure results in the
opposing team getting a free kick. After a goal is scored, the ball is placed in the center of the play
area and the game resumes. The first team to reach an agreed-upon number of points wins. There will
be a goalie at each goal.

Objective: strengthening arm and leg muscles

Equipment: Ball of any type, Large area for play, and Something for a goal.

Space: large space

Time: until the first team reaches the desired points set by the person in charge.

Prison War

Instructions:the class is divided into two teams and each team selects one player to be the

prisoner. The prisoner stays in a jail deep on the other team’s side of the court. Students from each
team attempt to go across to the other side to retrieve the prisoner. If a student is tagged on the
opposing side, he goes to jail as well. If a student gets to the jail without being tagged, he can stay as
long as he wants and then tag one of the prisoners to run back with him. Each player can only return
one prisoner at a time. If a player is tagged on the way back to his side, he must return to the jail.

Objective: to work together and strategize to get the other team in prison

Equipment: none

Space: full court

Time: The game ends when everyone from one team is in prison.

Catching Stars

Instructions: Divide the players into two groups: Stars and Catchers. Set up two
boundaries about twenty feet apart. Catchers: Stand in the middle of the two boundaries
Stars: Stand on one side of the boundaries Catchers: Say “Star light, star bright, how many
stars are out tonight.” Stars: Say “More than you can catch!” The stars run across to the
other end and try not to get tagged. The winner is the last person to get caught.

Objective: try to turn everyone into catchers

Equipment: none

Space: full court

Time: until one star is left.

Blinded four Corners

Instructions: Select one player to wear a blindfold and they are to be placed into the center of the room.

Once the player is blindfolded and in position, the other players must stand in one of the four corners. They must do
this very quietly (no talking allowed) and within 10 seconds. If a player is not in a corner by the time your done
counting, that player is out of the game. The player that is blindfolded will point to one of the corners and all the
players in that corner will be out of the game. To be fair you cannot go to one corner, make noises and then quickly
move to another corner. If no one is in a selected corner, the players have 5 seconds to get to another corner before a
new corner is selected. The one person that was never found will be the new player in the middle.

Objective: learn to be quiet when needed.

Equipment: blindfold

Space: full court

Time: until everyone is out


Instructions: From “3” Teams to “however many” Teams are in their groups and one end of the gym.

Players in teams have DESIGNATED NAMES: Sheep, Cows, Horses, Pigs, etc. Two or three persons are “It” in the
middle of the room. “It” calls out the names of the animals (Example – Sheep) All sheep must run to the pen at the
opposite end of the room without being caught. When “BARNYARD” is called, everyone must run to the opposite
end. Penalty for being caught is to run all around the barnyard (A LAP OF THE GYM) once— and then they can
come back in the game! (Remember to change the “It” people)

Objective: to get active

Equipment: none

Space: full court

Time: 5 to 10 mins


Instructions: Everyone walks around with their eyes closed in a small space. When they bump into

someone–they ask, “Panther?” If “Panther” is said back to you— then they are not the person you are looking for
and you continue looking in the group. The referee has whispered to one person, telling them that they are the
“Panther”. The Panther does not have to close their eyes and if someone bumps into them and asks “Panther?” they
do not respond. This is the clue to join onto their hand and open your eyes. The fun comes when there is only one
person left to find the Panther!

Objective: try to find the panther

Equipment: none

Space: small space

Time: until one person is left

Red light - Green light

Instructions: Select one person,to start the game and be the “stoplight”. All the
people line up on the other side of gym. The ‘stoplight’ yells “Green light!” and the people
lined up start running. The stoplight should yell “Red light!” to get people to stop. Any
movement by a person means she is sent back to the beginning. The stoplight can also call
out “yellow light” which means the people can only walk very slowly.
Objective: The first one to make it to the stoplight wins and is now the stoplight.

Equipment: none

Space: full court

Time: 5 to 10 mins

Snake tag

Instructions: Divide students into groups of three or four. Have one person left over to

be “it”. Have the members of each group attach together by holding onto the waist of the person
in front of them to form a snake. The person in front is the head and the person in back is the
tail. To start, the person that is “it” must catch the tail of one of the snakes and attached to it. If
he is successful, the head must come off and he is now “it”. The newly “it” person can not
attach to the same snake it came off of for 10 seconds. You are to twist and turn your snake to
keep from losing your head

Objective: To chase and catch the "tail" of a "snake"

Equipment: None

Space: up to the coordinator

Time: 5 to 10 mins

Lighthouse and Ships

Instructions: One player is designated to be the lighthouse. One quarter of the players assumes the role

of “rocks” and they scatter in a bounded area. All the other students become ships and boats of various sizes. The
ships blindly navigate their way (eyes closed) their way about, attempting to reach the safety of the lighthouse. If a
boat bumps into a rock, the boat becomes and extension of the existing rock and makes the noise “swish” (water
lapping against the rocks) The lighthouse constantly goes “Beep! Beep! Beep!” to help the ships reach the safety of
the lighthouse.

Objective: to make it to the lighthouse

Equipment: none

Space: medium sized

Time: 5 to 10 mins

Slime tag

Instructions: set boundaries were they cannot go and choose one person to be the
slime while everyone else is trying not to get tagged by the slime, once tagged by the slime
you have to join the slime by holding hand and help tag the others.
Objective: For the slime to stick to everyone and for everyone else to stay alive as
long as possible.
Equipment: none
Space: small or large
Time: until one person is left non-slimed

Food raiders

Instructions: Divide students into teams of two or three. Have the teams stand by one hula hoop which

they will call their own. On the teacher’s whistle, each team will send one person out at a time to grab ONE ball
from another group's hoop. The student will bring that ball back to their hoop and give a high five to their partner or
teammate to signal a switch. The person that the runner just high fived is the new runner and THEY must now go run
and grab a ball from another hoop. Remember that ONLY one player from each group can be running and fetching a
ball from another group at ONE time. Also, remember that players fetching the ball can only bring back ONE ball at
a time! You could have different locomotion like hopping instead of running to make it harder to get balls quickly.
Every hula hoop starts with three bean bags

Objective: Either have the most balls in your team's hoop at the end of the game or be the first team to

have 10 balls in your hula hoop at one time

Equipment: hula hoops(the houses) and bean bags(the food)

Space: open space Time: 5 to 10 mins

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