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2019 Client Manual1

2019 Client Manual1

1661 International Drive
Suite 400
Memphis, TN 38120
O: 901.818.3159
F: 888.977.2815
[email protected]

December 5, 2018

Thank you for choosing MB Legacy Consulting for your Tax, Accounting, & Small Business
Strategy needs. We strive to uphold excellent client service while meeting and exceeding your
business/professional tax and accounting needs. In order to continue providing the highest level
of professional tax and accounting services I have enclosed a copy of MB Legacy Consulting’s
2019 Policy & Procedures letter that details current and revised office and procedural policies.

Your business is greatly appreciated and as always, I value your continued support. I aim to add
value and quality service by adhering to efficient and continuous process improvement strategies
as well as staying abreast of tax law and accounting changes and their impact on your business.
Planning and process improvement are vital to achieving and sustaining business growth. You
will continue to receive the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality.

Thank you again for choosing MB Legacy Consulting.

I look forward to working with you in 2019 and beyond!


Tamika M. Benton, CPA
Managing Principal

2019 Office Policies and Professional Service Procedures

MB Legacy Consulting Policies and Procedures detailing: Confidentiality, Client Document
Control, Financial Obligations, and Client Rights and Responsibilities of MB Legacy Consulting.
Please contact Tamika M. Benton with any questions or concerns.


MB Legacy Consulting agrees to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure of client information.
That is, workpapers prepared by MB Legacy Consulting and records relating to its clients are
confidential and may not be disclosed without written permission from the client unless required
by law. All client information shall be safeguarded at all times. All original documents are the
property of the client and will be returned to the client upon completion of the engagement. Any
employees/contractors of the firm must adhere to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure of
client information.

Client Document Control

Document control is integral in maintaining an efficient and innovative practice. MB Legacy
Consulting is a paperless work environment. Being paperless enables MB Legacy Consulting
and its clients the ability to work securely, remotely, and efficiently. With today’s technology,
information can be shared quickly and digitally and be securely stored.

Clients are asked to create a secure and encrypted client portal to electronically submit
documents. The client portal securely stores client documents as well as any communication
between the client and CPA. Client portal information will be provided upon retaining MB
Legacy Consulting as your tax, accounting, and/or business advisor. You will have 24-hour
access to the portal to view/retrieve documents. Hard copies are still welcome--see below. Your
convenience is priority.

In order to complete projects efficiently and maintain an organized workflow, client documents
will no longer be accepted via email/text, beginning January 1, 2019.

Documents can be submitted 1 of 4 ways:
1. Client Portal or Secure Send
2. Mail-in of hard copies/flash drive
3. Drop-off of hard copies/flash drive
4. Scheduled pick-up of hard copies/flash drive

“Mapping Your Success with Strategy” 2

Fee Structure

A 50% deposit must be paid prior to beginning any work on your engaged services. Services
will not begin without a 50% deposit. Balances are due prior to filing tax returns, reporting
financials, or providing client with completed work papers/projects. Clients with anticipated
refunds can opt-in to full payment of fees via a third-party bank affiliate.

Late fees will be added, up to state law limits, to all unpaid balances after 14 days (unless prior
arrangements are made).

Please note: MB Legacy Consulting will not be held liable for any assessment of penalties,
interest, or fees due to late filings or reporting as a result of late payments.

A minimum surcharge of $50 per hour will be incurred when additional tax/accounting
information is submitted after tax return/accounting/analysis is complete.

Rush services, less than 15 business day turnaround, will incur a rush surcharge.


Electronic payments are accepted via QuickBooks. Credit cards and debit cards are acceptable
forms of payments. Services on retainer and/or installment agreement require client authorization
for processing recurring payments by MB Legacy Consulting.

Financial Records & Substantiation

Business clients should provide one of the following as a primary source for tax preparation:
annual income statement, access to business bank account or excel version of business bank
statements--if bank account was solely used for business. Receipts and manual bookkeeping
records are also welcomed. Additional service fees will be incurred to organize loose receipts
and/or hard copy bank statements to calculate income and expenses.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to provide accurate records. MB Legacy Consulting does
not review/audit records to determine accuracy but rather considers applicable law. New clients
must provide prior year tax return with current tax year support documentation.
You should keep all support documents in the event of an audit, as proof of burden resides with
the client/taxpayer. Tax preparation service fees are independent of audit support services. Retain
all tax related records for a minimum of 3 years post filing or 2 years post tax payment. Business
owners should consider retaining substantiation documents for at least 7 years.

“Mapping Your Success with Strategy” 3

Engagement Letters

Services provided to Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Corporations and Sole
Proprietorships will begin with the acceptance of an engagement letter and applicable
deposit/retainer, as stated per your engagement letter. The purpose of the engagement letter is to
clearly define the scope and terms of services and the responsibility of the client and CPA.

Email, Client Portal Registration & more

Register your e-mail for monthly tax tips and important 2019 tax dates at

Please feel free to leave a client review under “client review” and send any suggestions that
would allow us to better serve you under “survey” on the website.

You will receive an invitation to setup your client portal (secure & encrypted file sharing) via
email by December 20, 2018. If you prefer to submit your documents by mail, pick-up, or drop-
off please email Tamika at [email protected] by January 10, 2019.
There is an option on the website (under Resources) to send documents without using a sign-in,
“Secure Send”—this option does not allow access to your files.

“Mapping Your Success with Strategy” 4

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