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GEEC 1052

NO. IC : 031231030584
ANGKA GILIRAN : 2021202310004
KULIAH : 1.07
TARIKH HANTAR : 8/12/2021


Music is the art of combining sounds of different
pitches to create a coherent, melodious,
harmonious composition that is easy to
understand and express ideas and emotions (R.
B. Trajano, 2013). Music is an art form and
cultural activity whose medium is sound and
silence (C. J. Luna, 2016). Music is important in
human life because it can provide various
benefits to us. Music can give us peace of mind by
listening to the lyrics. When we are under stress,
music can help us get rid of problems. Music is
also able to change and build human identity
and character. Music has many types of genres.
A musical genre is a common genre that
identifies certain pieces of music that belong to a
common tradition or set of conventions. Music
can be divided into many different genres, such
as popular music and art music, or religious
music and secular music.


The genre of music that I choose is country music
a form of popular music that originated in the
rural southern regions of the United States. It is a
mix of ballads and dance tunes featured on
violin, banjo, guitar, and steel pedal guitar. Even
while keeping the same tempo, chord
progression, and instrumental theme beneath,
the words to a country song manage to blend
emotions, much like a novel twists and turns.
Furthermore, the songs convey important life
lessons while avoiding themes like sex, alcohol,
and money. The artists are extremely well-
versed in their respective instruments.




The character of country
music has reflects my
personality in their
lyrics, themes and
collaboration (duets)

Simple Lyrics

One of the important keys of Examples:
country music is its lyrics.

Most country songs are in
the ballad genre that tells a 1. Give respect
story. Usually, these are to everyone
stories of love, heartbreak, 2. Minimalist
hard work, or personal 3. Focus on
pride. Country music also
uses simple lyrics. I can positives vibes
develop my character
through simple lyrics. This
type of music can reflect my
personality who is a simple

A simple person like me is always giving respect
to everyone regardless of gender, age, economic
status, region, and religion and also does not
touch on sensitive issues such as ethnic
differences, alcohol, and sex. Same goes to the
country music who does not show the sensitive
issues in their lyrics and convey important life
lessons meanwhile avoiding its. Simple people
recognize that how they handle themselves in
public reveals a lot about who they are and
what they value. As a result, the majority of
simple people are quite courteous. Simple people
treat everyone with respect, regardless of their
age, history, or treatment. They are gallant and
kind to others, with impeccable manners.

A simple person doesn’t require so much to be
happy, but we just need a simple pleasure like a
cool drink of water, a coffee, a scoop of ice
cream, and also a good cry. It can bring me joy
for a whole day. A simple person does not
require perfection under any circumstance. For
example, a simple person like me just wants a
house full of simple things that can bring me

A simple person is always focused and points on
positive vibes to continue living with joy and
happiness. A simple person is an optimist in
anything even their pathway is the worst. When
having in bad situations, we could still find and
work around what is a good thing to live. A
simple person will always be brave faced any
challenges and stay positives.


Moreover, Country

music, perhaps more

than any other modern,

popular genre, has Example

always put a premium
1. Good attitude
on group singing from 2. Responsibility

its inception. Family 3. Good
members might sing

together in the early

performances, such as

the Carter Family.

Miranda Lambert, for

example, has achieved

success in recent years

by collaborating with

other vocalists on

emotional duets. So, the

most important key in

this situation is a

collaboration with

others, or what should

we call teamwork. This

type of music can reflect

my personality who has

a teamwork


A team is a group of people with
complementary abilities who are dedicated to a
common goal, performance objectives, and
strategy for which they are mutually
accountable (Alessandro, 2016).

Teamworks are part of the importance of
everyone’s life. Teamworks does not depend
only on our skills but on our attitude, so when
the country song show us about their teamwork
in their performance, it was the same with my
personality. The same goes for the characteristic
of a country song, one of my personalities is
teamwork in anything that we called group
discussion. With teamwork, we must not depend
only on our skill development but on our attitude
during working with others. For example, I can
show my teamwork personality in group
assignment tasks, not just my skills, but I can
share responsibility with others through
permitting individuals to have primary roles for
completing the task given.

Other than that, with teamwork, I can build
myself to be a good communicator. I can
communicate and open my mind to allow others’
opinions to provide team members with work
through any misunderstanding

Harmonies Themes

One of the important keys of country music is its
themes. Usually, these are stories of love,
heartbreak, hard work, personal pride,
patriotism, family, and values. This type of
music can reflect my personality who is a
harmonious person as the theme is harmonies.
Most of the country song‘s themes are

Harmony-strong people seek out areas of
agreement and are acutely aware of conflict and
dissonance. People who have harmony can see
how people can work together or reach an
accord even when they are in disagreement, and
especially when they conflict.

Harmony personality like me is important
because it is one of the important professional
traits that help us keep our mental health stay on
top of our health. The wellbeing of our body can
help provide our mental health with no stress of
our office work or anything. It is can help our
body and mind balance both of them. When the
body and mind are on top of our health, it can
make us be able to be more productive and able
to do anything in effective ways. The same goes
for the theme of country music, it provides
listeners to reduce their stress. It is probably one
of the most effective ways to keep their mental
health stable. So, a harmonious personality is
not just a trait to be a happy person and able to
get along together with others or strangers
without a fight, but it depends on how a person
can keep the good social connections between
the community.


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