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Summer Connection 2019 - Final

Summer Connection 2019 - Final



Cover photo: original
acrylic on canvas by
international KML
graduate Jessie You ‘19

CONTENTS Cover Art 1,20
Graduation Edition
Acrylic on canvas by Jessie You, International graduate ‘19

For My Power is Made Perfect in Weakness 12

Brandon Mantz (‘11) on his life-changing accident, moving forward,

and keeping his faith strong. 14

Listen Up Next Time You’re at Walgreens

Cassie Boettcher (‘09) on her new album and life in the fast lane.

Heart of the Matter 16

Aaron Matter (‘04) more than a man’s strength, more than

determination, but above all faith.

Memorials, Honorariums & Years of Service 18

‘98, ‘99, & 2000 Reunions

KML Charity Golf Outing 19

You’re Invited GwArliatuDhm

to share your story!
What a wonderful blessing
it is to learn more about our
KML alumni. We’re accepting
alumni stories for our fall
Connection. Please email me
if you are interested in telling your story
in a future addition. Family members are
encouraged to nominate!
God’s Blessings,
Crystal Perez ‘03
Marketing and Alumni Coordinator

04 10

KML Class of 2019 So Far So Fast
Reunion Zero
We are certainly bless
KML’s Mission Excitement Team beyond our belief, an
God’s people gave
sent the Class of 2019 off right thanks for their best
gift of faith in Jesus
with a morning of fun, food, and with their best gifts o



Photo Highlights from
Graduation 2019

tDhmUnAiTES 08 We are in a constant state of building.
It has been exciting over the 45 years
KML Alumni with of KML’s existence to see the changes
Graduates that continue to happen to ensure our
facilities match our vision of providing a
KML is blessed with amazing Christ-guided success path for all! The
support from our alumni. What construction is easy to see both during
an honor to see their kids the actual construction phase and even
graduate from KML too! more so when it is finished.

ast There is another type of construction that
never takes a break. Each day the growing
blessed members of our student body are given
ef, and the opportunity to build their education
ve and, more importantly, their lives on the
best foundation of Jesus Christ and his saving
sus work for us. It happens overtly in Word of
ifts of God classes and in chapel each day. This is
also interwoven into our academic classes
and by coaches and activity leaders as
they build the next generation of Christian

As our students discover and sharpen
their gifts for the future, the key objective
is their understanding that God has a
plan and purpose for them. Their future
success path is always under construction,
but true success is achieved when they
positively impact the people around
them. These Christian young adults are
able to make God known in their families,
churches, and communities.

May God continue to bless our work
together. Let us lift them up in prayer and
support them as God builds them up for
his purpose.

In Jesus,

Principal Jamie Luehring


KML Class of
2019 sharing
in their first
reunion, hosted
by the Mission
Excitement Team,
before bidding
them “so-long-



God’s Blessing




KML is blessed GrawDiUtAhlumni
with amazing
alumni, culture,
and heritage.
Here are a few
of our alumni
who loved their
KML Christian
education so
much that they
wanted to share
the experience
with their

1. Mark Knepprath ‘83, son Skyler ‘19 3. Heidi (Blum) Sina ‘88, daughter Megan ‘19
2. Darrell Washburn ‘88 and Jill (Bartholomew) 4. Rod Egelseer ‘88, son Grant ‘19
5. Christin (Oppermann) Leckwee ‘93,
Washburn, daughter Abigail ‘19 and son
Benjamin ‘19 daughter Clara ‘19
6. Randall and Jaclyn (Miller) Haeuser ‘97,

son Thomas ‘19



7. Angie (Hafemeister) Molkentin ‘89, 10. Paul Filber ‘79, daughter Madisyn ‘19
daughter Katie ‘19

8. Lori (Hinds) Knoll ‘94, son Cooper ‘19
9. David Egelseer ‘85, daughter Carissa ‘19



Just twelve months ago, it was determined actually given and pledged allowed us to We are certainly
that KML’s growing enrollment would break ground in early February 2019. blessed beyond our
quickly surpass the capacity of our facility.
In response, the KML Board of Directors The building walls have risen quickly, belief, and God’s
made the recommendation to launch and by the end of May, the exterior will people gave thanks
a capital campaign. The goal of this be enclosed. Catalyst Construction has for their best gift of
Blessed Beyond Belief campaign was to been a faithful partner and leader in our faith in Jesus with
fund the entire cost of the $4.7 million aggressive facility expansion response their best gifts of
Science & Innovation Wing by raising to God’s blessing of more students. The
the full amount in gifts and pledges. company plans to hand over ownership thankfulness.
By doing so, this sixth major expansion of the Science & Innovation Wing to the
project in KML’s 45-year history would federation by the end of July 2019, just
not add to our current $6.3 million debt. three weeks before the school year begins.

We are certainly blessed beyond our
belief, and God’s people gave thanks for
their best gift of faith in Jesus with their
best gifts of thankfulness. The $4.2 million


We are Blessed Beyond Belief with a team of leaders who represent the KML Federation.

Joshua Schoeneck, Jody Hansen, KML Dave Stern, KML Head
KML Registrar Business Manager, of Maintenance, knows
and Director of faithfully manages the every inch of our
Technology, plays construction budget and campus, including the
a key role in the is a key decision-maker many additions and
construction during the building improvements over the
process, process. He oversees years. His knowledge
representing our needs to the our relationship with the bank and makes and experience is vital to the accuracy
architect (Excel Engineering) and the necessary payments to keep the and swiftness of this project.
working directly with the construction project moving smoothly.
superintendent of Catalyst,
Brian Matter (KML ‘81). Josh has Take an inside peek at the Science & Innovation Wing!
tremendous talent for seeing the (photos & livestream)
finest details of the plans and making (frequent building updates)
adjustments which often save money
in the overall budget.


God gives his toughest
battles to his strongest soldiers.
Now being disabled, I have a
different platform to glorify God.

It was Brandon Mantz’s (‘11) first have a different platform to glorify God.
time skiing on December 8th when I hope my story can inspire others.”
he fell and severed his spinal cord.
After months of rehab and recovery,
The fall paralyzed Mantz from the waist Brandon is living independently and excited
down, and doctors said he will never walk to see where God will guide him next.
again. Mantz said he will continue to do
everything he can to regain mobility. Brandon, a strong advocate for pineapple
He said his faith, family, girlfriend, and on pizza, continues to support his
friends help him push through the pain. Wisconsin home sports teams. He
- Caroline Reinwald Reporter WISN 12 enjoys the Colorado craft beer scene and
traveling. Brandon says, “You should see
“I believe God has continuously been some of the looks I get when riding the
guiding me from KML to WLC to where I escalators at the airport in my wheelchair!”
am at today. With a life-changing injury
and event, God was there with me on Brandon was very active at KML. He
the mountain and pulled me through was in an array of sports, NHS, and
emergency surgery, saving my life. Student Council, but it was Mr. Walz’s
God gives his toughest battles to his economics class that introduced him
strongest soldiers. Now being disabled, I to the business world and inspired


Brandon to pursue a bachelor’s define ourselves as, it’s how God defines Brandon Mantz (Class of ‘11) in the
degree in business administration us, and he defines us as his child. Once hosipital after a skiing accident which
at Wisconsin Lutheran College. I realized this in my recovery process...
it gave a whole perspective shift.” severed his spinal cord.
Brandon is passionate about people,
creating strong friendships, meeting Brandon continues to learn how to My grace
new people, and hearing their stories. navigate the world and everyday life as it is sufficient
relates to his new normal, but God is using for you, for
His story is one that definitely inspires. him to be a light in a unique and different my power is
He recently came back home to KML way. God will most definitely continue made perfect
where he led chapel. The passage for to bless Brandon and others through in weakness.
the day was 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 Brandon’s accident and use him in more
(NIV) - But he said to me, “My grace ways than he ever thought possible. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 NIV
is sufficient for you, for my power is God’s power is made perfect in weakness.
made perfect in weakness.” Therefore
I will boast all the more gladly about my Here’s his advice for future generations
weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may of KML, “Don’t sweat the small things. If
rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, you put people first and treat people the
I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in right way, it will go a long way. Focus on
hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. the process rather than the outcome.”
For when I am weak, then I am strong.

He went on to talk about his struggles
emotionally during the beginning of his
recovery. He recalls, “I really had a lot of
feelings as I started my recovery, feelings
of inadequacy, I was no longer good
enough, I couldn’t compete at the same
levels, I wasn’t the same person that I was
before. It took me a number of experiences
to realize some of those differences.

“I really defined myself as an athlete, as
an active person, and I had to recalibrate
that shift in my mind. It’s not who we


On your next trip to My time at
Walgreens, listen closely KML was one
to the music playing in of the greatest
store. You may hear a experiences
song from KML’s Cassie I’ve ever had. I
Boettcher. Cassie is a proud 2009 feel so blessed
graduate of KML. She currently resides to have been
in California where she works in the surrounded
entertainment industry as a musician by such a
and television producer. Cassie says supportive
she loves to talk, and she was often and loving
scolded during school for doing so. (She Christ-centered
specifically apologizes to Mr. Walz!) community.

Cassie has a great passion and love for
telling stories that evoke emotions and
feelings, as evident in her music. Cassie
explains that it was really her time
here at KML that influenced her future
because of all the time spent in the
music department. “It made me realize
that I wanted music in my life every
day.” She may or may not have admitted
to writing songs during math class!

After graduation from KML, Cassie went
on to study international relations and
Japanese and continued to perform
around the Milwaukee and Chicago

Cassie says her “journey was (and Photographers: Sierra Ehlert at Nektar Productions, Ale
still is) up and down, backwards and
forwards, everything at one time. But
it’s such a blessing. I’m so thankful
to have experienced so much and
continue growing, learning and trusting
Christ every day. I don’t know where
he will take me or what will happen in
my life, but I’m just along for the ride,
knowing that he’s going to put me
where he wants me. He’s been with me
the whole time! When I’ve forgotten
about him, when I’ve gotten caught up
in myself and the ways of the world,
when I’m at my low points...always.
He’s been there pointing me in the right
direction and showing me where he
wants to use me, even when I might not
know it myself. He’s blessed me more
than I ever deserve. His love is REAL.”


s, Alexandra DuParc, Kelly Brown This past April Cassie
released the album “More
She plays a few shows a Than That,” a collection
month in the Los Angeles of blunt, honest “sad girl
area and did a short tour songs.”
Her album features four
in Canada this originals plus a cover of
past February. Britney Spears’ “...Baby
Cassie hopes to play One More Time.”
Summerfest someday. “It’s Cassie’s already working
been a goal for a on music for another
long time,“ she said. record with songwriters
like Andrew Rollins, an
For more on Emmy Award winner who
Cassie’s music, visit has worked with artists like Blink 182 and Carole King.
Across the nation you
- JS Online, can hear Cassie’s music
Hannah Kurby in stores like Walgreens,
Vons, Safeway, Ralphs,
on the Golf Channel, Tom
Clancy’s “The Division”
video game and a Sprint
- JS Online,
Hannah Kurby

Cassie’s favorite bible verse is Isaiah
30:21 (NIV) - Whether you turn to the
right or to the left, your ears will hear
a voice behind you, saying, “This is the
way; walk in it.”

“This passage has been such a constant
in my life and is always a reminder that
God is in control.

“My time at KML was one of the
greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I feel
so blessed to have been surrounded
by such a supportive and loving Christ-
centered community. I loved the size
of the school - I really got to know the
teachers and fellow students personally.
Because of that, I made lifelong friends
who I still talk to every day. KML has
been such a blessing in my life.

“My advice for future KML grads
is to follow your heart! Experience
everything you can - life is short, just do
it! Call your parents and grandparents
often. Step outside your comfort zone
and do things that scare you. Take time
off your phone and truly get to know
people...Trust God, even when things
are the worst. He’s got you. He’s got a
plan to use you for his good and bless
you more than you can ever imagine!”



Senior living trends have grown
to five-star like cruise ships
on land, and one man is using
his God-given talents to bring
these amazing communities
to reality.

Aaron Matter, a 2004 KML graduate has
many passions in life - multi-sport racing
and providing seniors with quality and
comfortable living.

Christian Aaron came out of college (UWM) in
teachers with an uncertain time in the real estate
faith-centered market, but picked up an internship
guidance were and eventually a job with increasing
an irreplaceable responsibility in senior living real estate
resource in the development. Aaron had increased
most formative responsibility with a small company
years of my life. for nearly 10 years, and then moved
to Chicago to join a much larger
company where he had a more focused
role. Aaron is now an independent
real estate developer.

“Development can be difficult to explain
because it’s a complex formula that
involves a lot of different problems and
politics, but essentially my job is to buy
land, design a project, and then capitalize
the deal with different creative financing
resources and investors.”

Aaron says, “I find fulfillment in
senior living projects because they have
a greater community impact outside of
the real estate. Senior living touches the
lives of people in some of their most
uncertain moments, and I like thinking


Aaron Matter, 2004
KML graduate and
independent real

estate developer
specializing in
senior living.

about how we can be a stable and soft
place to land.”

Aaron shares a favorite memory from
his time at KIML. “My favorite memory
is an indoor charity fun-run in the
hallways that we organized between
periods that lasted the entire day. It was
completely spontaneous and we had
donors that we published on the walls.”

When we asked Aaron to tell us about
his KML experience he said, “Christian
teachers with faith-centered guidance
were an irreplaceable resource in the
most formative years of my life.”

Aaron goes on to say, “My life and career
is full of clear ‘wins’ and ‘losses’ and
is rarely consistent, but I always have
my grounding in faith. Be comfortable
with change. Learn to recognize when
opportunities are in front of you, and
don’t be afraid to blow everything up
and start over. Your life does not need
to follow a linear path.”

Aaron started racing a
competitive style of cycling
called Criterium a few years
ago, which transitioned into
multi-sport racing (duathlon
and triathlon) after adding
running and swimming. Aaron
has also run marathons and
finished an Ironman Triathlon
in 2016.


MYeeamrosroiaflSse,rHvoicnoerariums and

Memorials: Leonard Collyard 1976-2017 Eric Lange 1993 Paul Wendland 2008-2014

Janet Bartelt Margo Semon 1977-2006 Rev. James Ziesemer 1993 April Alonte 2009-2011

Paul Bartelt Rev. James Becker 1974-1975, 1977-1978 James Grasby 1993-2003 Erin Laabs 2009-2017

Richard Dehnel, Sr. Rev. Robert Uttech 1978-1979 Rev. John Moldenhauer 1993-2012 Nathan Amundson 2011-

Hildegard Eickstedt Herbert Kluth 1978-1979 Timothy Kuehl 1993- Ellen Raasch 2011-2012
Philip Leyrer 1978-1992 Rev. Randall Hughes 1993-
Vivian Gartzke Rev. James Behling 1978-1981 Mark Hirsch 1994-2002 Julie Stoltz 2012-
Franklin Gronemeyer
Norma Groth Rev. Benjamin Berger 2012-2014

Jesus Kenneth Taylor 1979-1985 Todd Jahns 1994-2017 Lucas Bitter 2012-2013

Helen Kannenberg Rev. Paul Anderson 1979 Brent Nolte 1994-1998 Barbara Olsen 2012-

Gary Kenyon Darwin Schramm 1979-2016 Julia Boggs 1996-1997 Kayli Pesch 2012-2018

Anastasia Klemp Bonita Schmidt 1979-1980 Sheila Nelson 1996-1999 Jonathan Pasbrig 2013-

Lillian Kohlwey Rev. Daniel Deutschlander 1980-1984 Keith Bowe 1997-2004 Sheila Krause 2014-

Cecilia Kroll Rev. David Huebner 1980 Joshua Schoeneck 1997- Jamie Luehring 2014-

Margaret Ann Markham Rev. Edwin Fredrich 1980 Rebecca Wendland 1997-1998 James Ott 2014-

Jeanne E. Rapp Craig Kitzrow 1980-1994 Amy Gensmer 1998-1999 Rev. Philip Malchow 2014-

Audrey E. Rasmussen Bonnie Schramm 1980-1983, 1993-2016 Matthew Schlomer 1998-2008 Rebecca Meyer 2015-
Russell & Edna Sackett James Haferman 1981- Bethel Cohoon 1999-2002 David Kren 2015-
Lloyd Schmiege Rev. Ronald Mehlberg 1981-2017 Linda Hering 1999- Daniel Albrecht 2016-

Dennis Schroeder Rev. Richard Gurgel 1982 Gerald Zeamer 1999- Robert Heider 2016-

Sandy Siebers Rev. Thomas Bauer 1982 David Deibert 2000-2015 Daniel Hubert 2016-2019

Paul Techtmann Orville Breitkreutz 1983-2001 David Bartelt 2001- Angela Livingston 2016-2017

William Wohlbedacht Janet Kieselhorst 1983-1992 Rev. Jon Baumann 2001-2006 James Livingston 2016-

Alfons Woldt Rev. David Sweet 1983-1984 Debra Boeldt 2001-2014 Joshua Lindner 2017-

Peter Zirtzlaff Rev. Roger Schultz 1983-1989 Gerald Henckel 2001-2011 Joseph Greefkes 2017-

Honorariums: Rev. Jon Ladner 1985-1986 Matthew Moeller 2001- Rev. Michael Helwig 2017-2018
Rev. Donald Thompson 1988-1990 Mark Otte 2001-2012 Rachael Kreis 2017-
Brooke Baade Susan Breitkreutz 1988-2001 Jason Walz 2001- Travis Kretsch 2017-2018
Elroy Bublitz - 91st Birthday Rev. Timothy Flunker 1988-1991 Kevin Ehlke 2002-2011 Maureen Kruse 2017-
David Hackbarth - Birthday Earl Monday 1989-2000 Emilie Williams 2002-2006 Calista Leistekow 2017-2018
Margaret Schille - 80th Birthday Rev. Dan Voigt 1989-1990 Matthew Frey 2003 Matthew Linton 2017-

Years of Service at KML: Herbert Grams 1990-1993 Michael Goede 2003-2008 Mark Nolte 2017-

James Fenske 1974-2005 Rev. Mentor Kujath 1990-1992 Sarah Mayer 2003-2016 Megan Plocher 2017-2018

Carl Natzke 1974-1975 Rev. Galen Riediger 1990-1992 Stephen Granberg 2004-2014 Rev. Benjamin Reichel 2017-

Karen Pautz 1974-1975 Wayne Baxmann 1990-2000 Amanda Gronholz 2005-2011 Sarah Chojnacki 2018-

Rev. Dale Arndt 1974, 1977-1978 Wesley Schmandt 1990- William Strasser 2005- Marcie Kren 2018-

Rev. Paul Pankow 1974, 1978 Rev. Kevin Klug 1991-1992 James Carlovsky 2006-2014 Nathan Krug 2018-

Carol Fisher 1975-1976 Rev. Larry Schlomer 1991-1992 Mark Heckendorf 2006-2017 Sarah Proeber 2018-2019

Jerome Kieselhorst Linda Fuller 1992-2010 Rachel Luehring 2006- Matthew Rydecki 2018-
Theodor Nommensen 1975-2001 Thomas Mellon 1992-2015 Kate Schaffer

Richard (Dan) Sievert 1975-2013 Connie Bey 1992-1996 Stephanie Cares 2007-2008

Carol Nitz 1975-1996 Rev. Jeffrey Berg 1992-1993 Micah Nelson 2007-

Rev. Roger Kobleske 1976-1979 Rev. Timothy Bauer 1993 Sarah Schmandt 2007-2008

Rev. Dale Baumler 1976-1977 Rev. Timothy Henning 1993 Jonathan Laabs 2008-2013

1268 Pleasant Valley Rd. ~ West Bend, WI 53095

You’re Invited!!!! Greetings from the Classes of ’98, ’99, and 2000 Reunion Planning
Committee! It’s been 20 years (give or take) since graduation for the
KMLCHlSas2s0R-eiushnioYnearTrinity Chur1c0h:0P0ican.imc .~—S3u:n0d0apy.,mJ.ulTyODT1EPIAC4UKD,RECL2THI0NSA:1ES9E
 8:00 a.m. ~ Worship Service in Church classes of 1998, 1999, and 2000, so we’re combining all three into
JUNE 15 10:00 a.m. ~ Worship Service in the Park one epic reunion. We hope you’ll consider attending the reunion that
 11:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m. ~ Food, Music, Auction, Games
is taking place this summer, Saturday, July 20, at Whistling Straits in
Sheboygan, Wisconsin. All details can be found at the event website:

See you in July!

You’re Invited!!!! Trinity Lutheran Golf Outing

Vacation Bible School At Hidden Glen Golf Club

Trinity Ev. Lutheran School Sunday, September 29th

Enrolling To register call or email: [email protected]
Church: 262-675-2621 School: 262-675-6627
1:30 p.m. Shotgun Mexican Themed
Mon., July 29th -Thur., August 1st $125.00 per golfer Food Stations after Golf
9:00 – 11:30 a.m. 2 Drink Tickets
18 holes with cart


Schedule of Events:

 12:00 p.m. Registration and



Zion Ev. Lutheran Church would like to invite your Registration forms will be posted on the web site as available.
children from Preschool to 6th grade

to Vacation Bible School Day Camp with Camp Phillip. Mark your calendar and tell your friends!
Dates are set for August 5-9, 2019. This is a fun-filled Any questions please call the church office.
week with Bible lessons, crafts and snacks to reinforce
the lessons, and plenty of games and outdoor activities as Zion Ev. Lutheran Church
6430 Hwy. D
Get ready to ROAR this summer at Morning Star’s
Vacation Bible School! Allenton, WI 53002
Phone: (262) 629-5914
Under the safari-themed program,
Roar!, children will explore God’s Word
and experience a fun-filled week of
Christ-centered activities. Vacation 1268 Pleasant Valley Rd. ~ West Bend, WI 53095
Bible School is held July 8 through July
11, 2019, from 1 to 4 p.m. daily. The You’re Invited!!!!
program is for children in PreK (age 4)
through 6th grade (Fall 2019 grades). Trinity Church Picnic ~ Sunday, July 14, 2019
There are lots of opportunities for teens 10:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m.
and adults to volunteer help before
 8:00 a.m. ~ Worship Service in Church
and during Vacation Bible School.  10:00 a.m. ~ Worship Service in the Park
Please check our website:  11:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m. ~ Food, Music, Auction, Games
w w w. m o r n i n g s t a r w e l s . o r g / 2 0 1 9 - va c a t i o n - b i b l e - s c h o o l /
for more details and for registration information! You’re Invited!!!!

KVMaL ScUaMtMioERnCOBNNibEClTeIONS2c0h19oo1l9

Trinity Ev. Lutheran School

About the Artist: Jessie You, ‘19: Jessie originates from Beijing, China. She has dedicated many years to developing her skills in the

visual and performance arts. Jessie enjoys using her gifts of painting and voice to glorify God. She graduated this past spring and will
attend Gordon College in Wenham, MA, next fall.

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