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Published by AR Career Ed, 2017-10-02 10:56:59

ARS Business Engagement

ARS Business Engagement

Solutions for Today’s Employer

Arkansas Department of

Career Education

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

Your Bottom Line is Our Top Priority.

In today’s competitive business world, innovative companies are exploring
new ways to gain a critical advantage and a greater share of the marketplace.
Employers demand qualified talent, efficient processes, and strategic solutions to
business needs.

ARS Business Engagement professionals assist Arkansas businesses with
far more than reliable staffing. As the premier resource for talent and disability

inclusion, We’ve helped hundreds of employers identify skills gaps, financial
incentives, grant opportunities, and federal compliance safeguards.

We all live, work, and play in an We are a company about making
intensely competitive world. We great food and making a difference.
measure success and opportunity in We strive to be a company of diverse
almost every area of our personal and people, and we cannot attain our
professional lives. Leaders that can goal without having a workforce that
excite and empower the talents of a is representative of the communities
diverse team will be more successful. in which we live and serve. Tyson is
The formula is simple: diversity committed to ensuring we all benefit
inclusion encourages creativity, by hiring the talent and skills of an
creativity drives innovation, and inclusive workforce. By partnering
innovation is what fuels our future. with organizations such as Arkansas
The more inclusive and diverse the Rehabilitation Services, Tyson Foods
environment the more successful we is employing skilled workers and
will become. This strategy makes good gaining the support we need to be
business sense. successful.

David Maples Rashad Delph
Maples Insurance Tyson Foods

ARS understands that your needs are unique to your business. We know that sustained growth
requires an outstanding workforce trained in the skills you want and dependable support that listens
and responds. Our Business Engagement team specializes in the “dual customer” approach to build
and sustain a mutually beneficial relationship that results in greater productivity for your business and
increased consumer revenue for your community.

ARS Business Engagement Services
is a solutions-based advantage for Arkansas’
employers and businesses. As your needs evolve, ARS tailors our
services to meet them. We measure our success on your satisfaction.

The Business Engagement unit of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) is a division of
the Arkansas Department of Career Education (ACE). We work with employers to alleviate
misconceptions regarding disability inclusion and provide supporting services that positively impact
your financial growth and company culture.
As an Arkansas employer, you belong to a group of innovators who recognize that finding and
keeping trained talent is good business. In fact, US News and World Report named Arkansas “The
Best State for Disability Employment.” (August/2017).
Whether you’re looking for qualified job candidates, needing accommodation for a current
employee, interested in grant opportunities or paid training programs, our Business Engagement
team is here for you. Our services are NO COST to you.
With regional offices located strategically throughout Arkansas, our representatives serve every
county in the state. We invite you to experience the “dual customer” approach that puts your concerns
front and center. Welcome!

501-296-1665 [email protected]

Staffing is most cost effective when trained “We have secured a high
employees stay long term and turnover is performing workforce
minimized. Typical expenses of recruiting, that works safer, has less
absenteeism and less
training, and retaining talent are reduced by turnover. It has increased
ARS Business Engagement Services. The pre- our teamwork, improved
screened candidates we offer comprise a diverse our work culture and
array of aptitudes and education. We partner made us more effective
with vocational training programs, vocational managers.”
-Mark Pierson,
counselors, and state workforce agencies to Operations Manager,
find the best possible skills match for your Proctor & Gamble
needs. We’ll stay involved with training, assess
for adjustments if needed, and ensure that you It Just Makes Sense…
and your trainee have all supports needed for ▪ 33% of all families in the United States have
successful integration. at least one family member with a disability.
Of course, we understand that you may have Purchasing power > $1 Trillion!
common misconceptions regarding the hiring ▪ 75% of consumers say they would likely
of people with disabilities. What we’ve learned switch to a brand associated with a good
from working with companies through diversity cause.
inclusion is that the entire workplace culture ▪ 87% of consumers prefer to give business to
benefits when we replace “no” with “how?” companies that hire people with disabilities.


Financial Incentives beyond no-cost staffing
services are designed to protect your enterprise
and offset training and turnover expenses. Many
resources, including annual federal tax credits,
grant opportunities, solutions to retain current
employees who have developed disabilities,
and compliance training to help you navigate
changing inclusion laws are all standard offerings
for the businesses we serve.

Federal Contractors

Employers who qualify as Federal Contractors
will certainly want to contact ARS Business
Engagement. Our services and networking
opportunities satisfy compliance standards for Work Opportunity Tax Credit
good faith efforts and community outreach that Nationwide, employers claim about $1billion in
are mandated OFCCP requirements. tax credits each year under the WOTC program.
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a
Federal credit available to you for each new hire
you retain through ARS Business Engagement
The Disability Access Credit Services. Your credit for a full-time employee
is up to 40% of the first $6,000 in wages or
If you employ less than 30 full-time employees
and have annual revenues below $1 million, $2,400 paid in the first 12 months of the new
hire’s employment. Part-time employees are also
this credit is available for expenses incurred eligible for the credit. The credit may even be
to comply with the Americans with Disabilities used by nonprofit entities. There is no limit to the
Act (ADA). The removal of architectural, number of new hires you can claim.
communication, physical, or transportation WOTC joins other workforce programs that
barriers apply, as do sign language interpreters incentivize workplace diversity and facilitate
and modification or purchase of equipment and access to good jobs for Arkansas workers.
materials. The credit does not apply to new
construction. For details, visit
Under this credit, 50% of the expense over
$250 and not exceeding $10,250 is applicable.
The credit may not exceed $5,000 annually. WOTC Savings

Employees 500
The Barrier Removal Deduction Annual New Hires 100

All businesses are eligible to take this
deduction, which is available to make existing Qualifying Ratio 15%
facilities or public transportation vehicles more
accessible. This incentive offers up to $15,000 Qualifying Number of New Hires 15
annually. Expenses that can be specifically
attributed to the removal of existing barriers Average Tax Credit $2,400.00
such as steps, narrow doorways, inaccessible
parking spaces, inaccessible toilet facilities or $36,000.00 Employer’s Savings
transportation vehicles are applicable.

Accessibility is not only required by law but is
just good business sense.

Increase Your Revenue

Nationally, consumers with disabilities have a
discretionary spending power of $220 billion. Are
you making the adjustments necessary to tap into
this market segment? Our Business Engagement
team members will facilitate job site analysis to
help connect your customers to your product or
Whether through physical access, electronic
access, or ensuring your digital platform is
available to persons with disabilities, there are
many options to help drive more traffic to your

Retain Valued Employees

On average, costs range from $3,800 to
$40,000, depending on role and wage, to train a
new employee and integrate that employee into
the company’s workforce. Julie Kantor, Huffington
Post, February 2017 It is simply more cost-effec-
tive to keep an existing employee who incurs a
disability in your workforce by making a reason-
able accommodation. As people live longer, more
longterm employees are aging into disabilities
than ever before. ARS will help you find the right
adjustment through our “Stay at Work, Return
to Work” program. Our team of professionals
will conduct an ergonomic assessment, assess
the needs of the individual, and provide counsel,
training, and whatever technological assistance
is needed to adapt to their disability, regardless of
the cause or age of onset.

Eliminate the ‘Guess Work’

Most employees with disabilities don’t require
special accommodations. If they do, the ac-
commodations are often inexpensive, with 20%
costing nothing and the average costing less than

Education and Training services are Professional Development is the catalyst
provided to your employees and stakeholders at for growth within an organization. Business
no cost to you. Our resources go beyond helping and Industry leaders who continue to innovate,
you comply with the latest legislation regarding modernize, and adapt to the changing needs of
people with disabilities. In addition, a relationship consumers have a distinct competitive advantage
with ARS Business Engagement Services is an in the marketplace. ARS understands the
investment in your local economy. importance of networking to share ideas and lend

Labor Market Information a voice to processes, legislation, and ideas that
affect your business. Increasingly, successful
Your current and future needs matter. Effectively employers are incorporating disability inclusion
engaging with businesses like yours goes beyond initiatives into the core mission values of their
building capacity for an inclusive and diverse enterprise.
workforce. Your input is critical to a broader
understanding of skills based needs, which will Arkansas’ Business Employment Summit
impact education and training programs for all Each October, Employers across Arkansas
Arkansas workers and create a “talent pipeline” attend our Business Summit to learn from the
to meet employer demand. best and brightest in disability inclusion. National
speakers and top business leaders present on
Grant Opportunities value-added business and economic topics,

Your Business Engagement Representative with sessions and strategies that align with
can help you identify grants you may be eligible your organization’s goals to create culturally
for. Assistance with growing a small business, competent workplaces. We recognize businesses
training in skills gaps, employee training on new for best hiring practices, providing reasonable
equipment, and professional development may accommodations, and being a model employer.
all be eligible for grant consideration. For more Arkansas’ Affiliate US Business Leadership
information, visit Network (USBLN)
grants. We connect businesses for engagement
on all matters surrounding disability inclusion
Social Inclusion Training and to share best practices. The US Business

ARS is helping employers prepare their Leadership Network® (USBLN®) is a national
workforce for disability inclusion by providing non-profit that helps business drive performance
training and professional development to by leveraging disability inclusion in the workplace,
employees. Our training encourages cohesion supply chain, and marketplace. Major Arkansas
and comradery with straightforward education employers such as Tyson, Walmart, and TJX are
regarding persons with disabilities and a members.
comfortable environment to ask questions.

We offer:
• Disability Etiquette
• Sensitivity Training
• Customized Training Community Connections and Partners in
Additionally, we can provide the latest Your local Business Engagement office hosts
information and education on the Americans with events throughout the year, designed to bring
Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA is a pro-business you into contact with consumers and screened
and a pro-individual-with-a-disability law. It is a job candidates in your area. Ask your Business
positive piece of legislation designed to protect Engagement representative for an opportunity
businesses as much as those individuals with to talk about your business during an upcoming
permanent injuries, illnesses, or impairments. event.

Talent Acquisition Portal

What TAP Offers Businesses

• Access to the largest centralized talent pool of
individuals and veterans with disabilities in the
country at the national, state, and local level. Job Credits

• Posting jobs that will reach all 80 Agencies in Businesses have the opportunity to purchase
50 States, Territories, and DC. job credits and post jobs to receive all of what
TAP offers.
• Voluntary Self-Disclosure of Candidates
1 Job Credit $59
• State of the art API which will integrate
seamlessly with any company career site. 5 Job Credits $279 (save 5%)

10 Job Credits $499 (save 15%)
• Resume searching
Monthly/Yearly Contact for details:
• Geographic Availability of Candidates Unlimied [email protected]

• Job Reporting Metrics *Job Credits never expire.

• Compliance Reports Included in price of Job Credit:
Job Posting and Metrics
• Ability to brand company on a Company
Profile Page (Including Social Media) Resume Searches with Geographic
Availability of Candidates
• Hold Online Interviews with printable
transcripts. Compliance Reports (including hires)

Interview Capability with Transcripts
• Host Online Job Fairs (National, State, Local)
Branding your Company
• Gain access to the national support of 25,000
VR Counselors, who are looking at your jobs. Access to National VR Support

*Onilne Job Fairs (Additional Cost)
• Tap is supported by the NET which includes Contact: [email protected]
Business Consultants in every state, the
territories and D.C. who can partner and can *Purchase Job Credits directly at
provide support services to your business at
the national, state and local level. TAP Offers Candidates

Compliance Vocational Rehabilitation’s candidates with
disabilities can explore job opportunities at the
Although TAP was not built solely for local, state or national level by utilizing TAP’s
compliance, it was built with the input of senior “TAP Matching” which will match their skills
officials at the Office of Federal Contracts and to specific jobs and locations. Candidates
Compliance (OFCCP) so TAP features all the will interface with companies who have a
necessary metrics for the new 503 and VEVRAA commitment to hiring qualified applicants with
regulations. Employers will be more than disabilities. These candidates do this with the
impressed by the reporting metrics of TAP and support of their VR Counselor and the National
the ease of generating your own reports. Employment Team. The site is fully accessible.


How will your business measure up?
Find out at :

Business Incentives

Federal Contractor Requirements

The High Cost of Turnover

Accessibility & Accommodations

ARS Stay at Work/Return to Work

ADA Guidelines

Arkansas Department of Asa Hutchinson
Career Education/ Arkansas Governor; State of Arkansas
Rehabilitation Services
Division Charisse Childers, Ph.D.
Director; Arkansas Dept. of
Business Engagement Services Career Education

501-296-1665 D. Alan McClain Commissioner; Arkansas
[email protected] Rehabilitation Services


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