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Marketing account plan levels and a la carte pricing options.

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Published by Vero Vine, 2018-06-28 09:44:51

Vero Beach Marketing - Pricing Sheet

Marketing account plan levels and a la carte pricing options.

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Designed​ f​ or​ a​ ny​ ​business​ l​ ooking​ ​to​ ​get​ a​ cquainted​ w​ ith​ D​ igital​ ​and​ S​ ocial​ ​Media​ ​Marketing.​ W​ e​ r​ eview​ y​ our
digital​ ​assets,​ ​provide​ ​feedback​ o​ n​ y​ our​ ​branding,​ ​engage​ y​ our​ ​social​ c​ ontent,​ ​and​ b​ egin​ l​ ocal​ ​and​ c​ ommunity

$250​ M​ onthly​ +​ ​ ​$300​ M​ inimum​ M​ onthly​ ​Spend


For​ ​those​ w​ ho​ a​ re​ ​ready​ ​to​ ​market​ ​an​ e​ vent,​ s​ ervice​ o​ r​ ​product​ t​ o​ ​the​ m​ asses,​ b​ eyond​ ​the​ ​local​ ​community.
It's​ t​ ime​ ​to​ g​ et​ t​ he​ w​ ord​ ​out,​ o​ n​ ​a​ ​regular​ b​ asis,​ ​and​ ​you're​ l​ ooking​ ​for​ ​millions​ i​ n​ a​ ​ ​state​ o​ r​ ​region.
$500​ ​Monthly​ ​+​ $​ 5,000​ M​ inimum​ M​ onthly​ S​ pend


For​ t​ he​ ​mover​ ​and​ ​ ​shaker​ ​in​ t​ he​ ​community​ ​with​ ​multiple​ ​campaigns​ a​ nd​ ​messages.
We​ e​ mploy​ m​ ore​ ​advanced​ ​creatives​ a​ nd​ a​ ction​ f​ unnels.​ ​You​ h​ ave​ ​an​ ​agenda​ ​and​ y​ ou​ w​ ant​ t​ he​ ​entire​ U​ nited

States​ ​participating,​ r​ eaching​ ​hundreds​ ​of​ t​ housands​ o​ f​ p​ otential​ ​customers.
$1,000​ M​ onthly​ +​ ​ $​ 10,000​ ​Minimum​ M​ onthly​ S​ pend

à​ l​ a​ ​Carte​ ​Pricing

Services Mobile​ R​ esponsive​ W​ ebsites
$250​ ​-​ ​Google​ ​Maps​ S​ etup​ i​ ncludes​ ​Photos $500​ ​- Simple​ ​5​ P​ age​ W​ ordpress
$250​ -​ ​ F​ eature​ A​ rticle​ i​ n​ ​Email​ a​ nd​ F​ acebook $1,000​ ​-​ ​Basic​ ​10​ P​ age​ W​ ordpress
$250​ ​-​ C​ ustom​ S​ ingle​ ​Web​ P​ age​ o​ r​ L​ anding​ ​Page $2,000​ ​-​ ​Standard​ ​ ​10​ ​-​ ​20​ P​ age​ ​Wordpress
$250​ ​-​ ​Custom​ D​ evelopment​ H​ ourly $3,000​ ​-​ A​ dvanced​ 2​ 0​ ​-​ ​30​ P​ age​ W​ ordpress
$125​ ​-​ P​ rivate​ S​ ession​ /​ ​ ​Training​ ​/​ C​ ustom Call​ -​ ​ M​ ore​ ​Than​ ​30​ ​Pages​ ​Wordpress
$125​ ​-​ M​ arketing​ ​/​ C​ onsulting​ ​Hourly Real​ E​ state​ M​ LS​ I​ ntegration
$65​ ​-​ ​ ​ ​Graphic​ ​Design​ H​ ourly $3,000​ -​ ​ ​1​ ​to​ 2​ ​ M​ LS​ B​ oard​ I​ ntegrations
$30​ ​-​ ​ ​ W​ ebsite​ M​ aintenance​ ​Hourly $6,000​ -​ ​ 3​ +​ M​ LS​ B​ oard​ I​ ntegrations

Advertising​ ​in​ ​the​ V​ ero​ V​ ine​ ​Community Ecommerce​ ​/​ ​Shopping​ ​Carts
Free​ -​ Vero​ V​ ine​ B​ usiness​ S​ ubmit $1,500​ ​-​ ​Shopify​ W​ ebsite​ ​&​ O​ nline​ S​ tore​ ​Wordpress
Free​ -​ Vero​ ​Vine​ C​ lassified​ ​Ad $3,000​ -​ ​ W​ ooCommerce/Ecwid/Other​ ​Website​ &​ ​ O​ nline
Free​ ​- Vero​ ​Vine​ ​Deal​ ​Ad Store​ W​ ordpress
Free​ ​- Vero​ ​Vine​ E​ vent​ A​ d Call​ -​ ​ P​ OS​ ​(Point​ ​of​ ​Sale)​ ​Integration
Free​ ​- Vero​ ​Vine​ ​Real​ ​Estate​ A​ d
$100​ -​ Vero​ V​ ine​ ​Email​ ​or​ ​Instagram​ ​Ad
$100​ -​ Vero​ V​ ine​ ​Facebook​ P​ ost
$100​ ​- Vero​ ​Vine​ ​Business​ E​ mail​ ​Ad
$100​ ​- Venue​ ​Photo​ ​Album​ F​ acebook​ P​ ost
includes​ ​Photos
$50​ -​ 50,000​ C​ ommunity​ ​Ads
$75​ ​- 75,000​ ​Community​ ​Ads
$100​ -​ 100,000​ C​ ommunity​ A​ ds
$200​ ​- Vero​ V​ ine​ ​Sitewide​ ​Ad​ ​300x300

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