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School Nurse 2022 Product Catalog - Supplies to help manage student health and wellness
School Nurse is the newest division of Pocket Nurse®, devoted to the needs of K-12 school health professionals with a broad array of products dedicated to student wellness and facility cleanliness.
School Nurse offers a comprehensive array of student care supplies, all carefully curated by our expert staff of Registered Nurses and School Nurse advisors. Products include first aid gear, thermometers, vision and hearing screeners, sanitizers and infection control items, a large collection of personal protective equipment, and much more.
The mission of School Nurse is to provide everything that a school health professional could need to administer first-rate care to students in classrooms, clinics, and offices. Please contact School Nurse with any questions at 800-225-1600. Thank you for taking the time to peruse the School Nurse catalog.
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