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Memahami adalah prosesku

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Published by eulaliaratihpalupi, 2021-04-18 05:32:25

My Understanding

Memahami adalah prosesku


My Understanding

I am currently in the 10th grade of Leonardo
Klaten Vocational School. At this time I was in the
second semester. In vocational school, many
subjects change because they are adjusted
according to each department. Apart from enjoying
the subjects at school, I also like reading the news
on the internet and listening to music.

Since this pandemic I like to read news related to
corruption, natural disasters, and Covid-19 that are
trending or being discussed around the world.
Sometimes, when I'm reading the news, listening to
music is my habit. The music I hear is usually
wertern music, because it helps me to find difficult
words and trains me to learn English.

Henceforth, I want to listen to songs every day at
least two more to train my hearing and learn
English. It may be difficult for me at first, but I want
to be able to speak English. And to read news, I
have to make sure beforehand whether the news is
true? Is the news hoax?. It can also train me to be
wise in using social media, so as not to be exposed
to hoax news, and so that I am not easily fooled
into using social media.

Eulalia Ratih 1

Bahasa Indonesia

Karya : Ratih

Kau datang di awal tahun
Kau membuat semua orang takut
Kau tak terlihat tetapi engkau sangatlah
Kau membuat beribu orang sakit
Kau membuat beribu dan jutaan orang
meninggal Kami sangatlah lelah

Pergilah dan hilanglah dari bumi
Di seluruh dunia memohon
Satu tahun kami lewati
Tetapi engkau tak kunjung menghilang Mau
sampai kapan engkau bertahan
Kami sudah lelah dan pergilah dari bumi

Eulalia Ratih 2

Karya : Ratih

Bertahan berbulan-bulan memanglah tak mudah
Semua aku rasakan
Senang, sedih, lelah hanya aku yang tahu
Rasa sakitku tutupi dengan senyuman
Rasa lelahku tutupi dengan dengan semangatku

Lelah, sedih aku rasakan setiap hari
Semua hanya demi kebaikan mu
Rasa sakit ini tak akan terlupakan
Dengan semua perlakuanmu
Aku hanya lelah
Sampai kapan akan seperti ini?

Eulalia Ratih 3

Eulalia Ratih 4

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