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Features and benefits of spray foam insulation explained.

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Published by darrel.groves, 2020-04-10 10:28:39

ourValue Brochure

Features and benefits of spray foam insulation explained.

Spray Foam Insulation Specialists

OurValue™ is a full-service The R-value measures the
company that can deliver energy moving in and out of
the highest rated insulation a home through the insula-
and air-sealing product for tion material. But the real
your building. This will let energy-waster is air leak-
you to address the most age – causing up to 40%
significant source of energy of a home’s energy loss
loss and reap the benefits. (Source: U.S. Department
of Energy).

Myth - There is a common belief that all
insulation materials of equal R-value will
perform the same.

Fact - While insulations of the same R-value will
perform equally in a controlled laboratory, they do
not all maintain that R-value in the walls
and ceilings of a building.

what you may not

“R” Value Ratings

• Insulation’s “R” value
stands for resistance to
heat flow

• The higher the R-value,
the greater the insulat-
ing power

• You can save on energy
bills by using higher R-
value insulation

• Layers of insulation may
give higher R-values

• Spray foam insulation
has the highest R-value
per inch (6.8)


Spray foam creates a seem-
less vapor barrier, insulates
continuously and tightens
walls and ceilings. This elimi-
nates the potential for mois-
ture, condensation or mold
and improves the air quality
for you and your family.

Our Air Quality & Vapor Barriers

Building scientists are emphasiz-ing the benefits of using effective
vapor (air) barriers for homeowners.Vapor barriers significantly
reduce random air leakage, conserving up to 40 percent of a building’s
energy loss and improving indoor air quality, when combined with
mechanical ventilation.

Vapor barriers also extend the
life of a building by minimizing
the flow of moisture that can
breed condensation, mold
growth and decay.

Since the insulation is a spray application,
it adheres to the surace, seals cracks and
crevices, and insulates hard to reach areas.
It also provides a quick, seamless layer of
insulation that is rigid, will not settle, and
adds to overall structural strength.

Our Strength
& Our Savings

Spray foam insulation’s high
R-value at a lower thick-
ness allows you to fit more
insulation into less space
(2” x 4”s instead of 2” x 6”s)
also saving you money in
reduced lumber costs.

forHow it works you.

The closed-cell, 15 Minute
structure of spray thermal barrier
Vapor barrier
Get more than just insulation. Get a (Optional)

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as 40 percent

your eofnthee rengeyrgybcoisltlsof.heating and

cooling a structure is wasted

by uncontrolled air leakage, which also contributes to premature building deterioration,

condensation, spalling, ice damming and moisture damage. The DOE’s ENERGY STAR®

program recommends making homes more airtight to improve energy efficiency, comfort and

indoor air quality while preventing mold infestations, wet attics and ice damming. American

Lung Association® Health House® guidelines require homes to be constructed more airtight

to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Many states are adopting the air barrier concept into energy Codes. The goal is to comply

ourValue™ makeswith the DOE program targets of reducing building energy consumption by 25 percent by

2010 and by 50 percent by 2020. Several states are considering adopting similar Code
requirements or are expected to adopt the proposed updates to the ASHRAE 90.1 standard.



With all the money you’ll be saving, OurValue® spray foam
insulation specialists can help you start investing in what
really matters in a home – your family.


OurValue Makes Cents!

Established in 2008, ourValue Inc. offers high performance
spray foam insulation solutions. We’ve helped thousands
of businesses and home owners save money and add
value to their buildings.
OurValue is the supplier of choice for such prestigious
projects as:

The American Lung Association Healthy House®
The New American Home®
Department of Energy
The Energy Value Housing Award
Call 1-88-OUR-VALUE today to get more information.

Your Spray Foam Insulation Specialists

523 West Weber Avenue • DuBois, PA 15801 • 814.371.5964

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