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Rachel's day was going fantastic... Then something happened when she got into a car accident.

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Published by Jaidyn Nelson, 2019-05-08 11:13:11

The Craziest day of my Life

Rachel's day was going fantastic... Then something happened when she got into a car accident.




By:Jaidyn Nelson 

Rachel was driving and hit something then it all went black……. 

Rachel Ray is tall 5´4, very very very nice. She is an actress and model.  

It's 7:00 am, and she is waking up from her alarm that is placed 
halfway across the room, so she wakes up when she goes to shut it off. Then 

she goes to wake up her German shepherd puppy since she sometimes 
sleeps with Rachel and Chris or just lays in her dog bed. When Ellie is fully 
up she goes outside and when Chris her husband hears the door shut that's 

in their room he wakes up. 

While Ellie is out running around and going to the bathroom Rachel and 
Chris have coffee. Then Rachel went and showered while Chris let Ellie in and 
plays with her. When Rachel is done showering, she gets dressed. She always 
wears a T-shirt and sweatpants to work since she has to drive 3 hours and 15 





Then she gets Ellie´s leash, and harness on since Chris also has to go to 
work. He is a mechanic. She gets on her tennis shoes that are Nike and they are 
pink, and then orange, around the outside and the Nike sign is black. Then she 
gets into her car which is a red 1987 Camaro. She gets in it and starts to drive.  

She saw an ice cream place so she stopped there to get Ellie and her some 
ice cream then the went back on the road. ERRR the tires went when she slammed 

on the brakes. 

When they were halfway there there, was something on the road, and
she went into the ditch and suddenly it all went black…

Then she woke up, and it was dark, and her boss Matt called her.

He said ¨where are you? you are late and you're never late.¨

She said, ¨Well, something was standing in the middle of the road,
and I hit it and went into the ditch, so I'm gonna be late.

He said ¨ok but come straight here when you can.¨

She said, “ok.’’ Then she called Chris he said, ¨I'm glad you're ok.

Then she got up she looked at her car and said, it'll be fine it just has
a few dents. But then she saw that Daisy wasn't with her so she called for
Daisy. ´´DAISY!``, ´´DAISY!´´ said Rachel. She was as scared as a little


Finally, after 10 minutes of waiting, she saw Daisy, and they ran to
each other. Then they walked back to the car and started to drive.

When they got there all of the other actors were there saying, ¨hi.
Where were you? Why are you so late? We're so glad you're here.¨ Then in

not even a second they were throwing a party for me.


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