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March SeaCliffLiving 2019 1

March SeaCliffLiving 2019 1


Living MARCH2019

Meet the

Cover Photos by
Carol Larsen Photography

An exclusive publication bringing people together in the SeaCliff community




To learn more about becoming an expert contributor, contact Marla Harchut at [email protected] or 714-305-2142.

Mortgage: Michael Wright – United American Mortgage Company Attorney – Family Law: The Law Office of Barbara E. McNamara
A local SeaCliff resident, Mike has served the local community for over 16 Attorney Barbara E. McNamara has served residents of Orange County
years and has personally funded well over $1.5 billion dollars in produc- since 1997. She provides both litigation and mediation for clients facing
tion and is a Top 100 Originator in the United States. He is highly trusted the difficulty of divorce, custody and related family law matters. She is a
within the financial services and real estate professions and is considered zealous advocate and has a reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness.
the expert and “go to” for home financing solutions. Mike resides in Sea- Attorney McNamara always tries to settle cases whenever possible, be-
Cliff with his wife Brooke, and their three children: Jack, Grady, and Kyla. cause settlement outside of court is best for family law clients.

714-536-2202; [email protected]; 714-740-2542;; 17011 Beach Blvd. Suite 218, HB, CA 92647
Automotive: Doctor J Automotive – James Broussard, Kevin Broussard, Estate Planning: Law Offices of Mark E. Lewis & Associates – Mark Lewis
Steve Broussard
Mark Lewis is a USC graduate estate planning attorney with experience
Doctor J Automotive is a family owned and operated in employment and real estate law, Est in 1997. Mark’s boutique firm pro-
business since 1978. James, Kevin and Steve work to- vides a highly personalized approach to meet the needs of each client in
gether specializing in Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Audi, today’s complex environment. In 23 years, Mark has advised and planned
Mercedes, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and for thousands of families and his staff would love to meet you and become
all Hybrids. They maintain all the latest equipment and your family resource.
software. All their technicians are ASE certified. Dr. J’s is 714-847-8586;; Ocean Plaza at Beach/ Warner
trusted and certified by AAA since 1983. 17011 Beach Blvd. Suite 101 HB
714-841-0979 (Import), 714-842-4069 (Domestic);; 7282 Auto Park Dr. HB Health Care: Edinger Medical Group
Home Improvement: Geers Plumbing – David Fleck
David Fleck & Don Baker of Geers Plumbing have been providing per- Edinger Medical Group has provided quality healthcare
sonalized services at affordable rates since 1958. We have over 50 years in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach for over five de-
of combined experience and expertise in plumbing & construction to cades. Caring for patients of all ages, the medical group
get the job done right the first time. Our mission has always remained is comprised of physicians practicing Internal Medicine,
the same – to deliver quality, value and most of all good service. You Family Practice and Pediatrics. Edinger Medical Group
can feel assured between our well-trained service technicians and has consecutively earned Top Performing Medical Group honors from the Integrated
friendly over the counter help that your homes is always in good hands. Healthcare Association (IHA) and is the State of California’s Right Care Initiative Plati-
714-536-1449; num Award Recipient for exceptional care of cardiovascular and diabetic conditions.
Real Estate: Debbie and Amie Real Estate Team 714-965-2500;
We are a mother daughter team with over 35 years of combined real Auto Collison Repair: Gustafson Brothers Automotive – Cynthia Varnell
estate and marketing experience, and we care deeply about maintain- All-inclusive automotive repair facility serving the community since
ing home values in the communities we live in and love. We promise 1971. Recognized by the industry as a leader in auto repair and colli-
honest, trustworthy service, and specialize in providing expert neigh- sion. Two local shops to serve you, providing complete honest, friendly,
borhood tips and advice. Although we serve all of Orange County, we prompt auto repair service at a fair price. We have been honored with
focus on representing buyers and sellers in SeaCliff, where our family the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence
laid down its roots in 1991. Award, ICAR Gold Class recognition, ASE Certification, and a AAA Ap-
714-357-7152; proved Auto Repair Facility. Gustafson Brothers is committed to bettering the industry
Financial Advisory/Retirement Planning: Elite Advisory Group – and the community through philanthropy and education.
Brian Mann 714-847-5600;; 19161 Gothard St. (Gothard & Main near City Hall)
Brian Mann is the CEO of Elite Advisory Group, a local financial advisory Dentistry: Pacific View Dental Group – Alexandria N. Arditti, D.D.S
firm serving the community for over 25 years with the tools needed to live Pacific View Dental group is a prevention and wellness focused dental
an optimal retirement and create a lifetime of financial security. Brian and office with conservative and esthetically driven results. Our state of the
his team have a solid reputation for being the best resource in the com- art, family practice incorporates traditional patient care with modern
munity as they seek a world where everyone feels empowered to make techniques and technology. Promoting a health care model in which the
informed sound financial decisions. Contact Brian today to schedule a patient’s best interest comes first. Alexandria N. Arditti graduated from
convenient time for a visit. USC with two bachelor’s degrees and her doctorate in Dental Surgery.
800-790-2920;; Ins. License #OE16920 714-592-4294;; 18800 Delaware Street, Suite 700, HB
Physical Therapy and Fitness: Cal Rehab & Sports Therapy & Fitness – Insurance: State Farm Insurance – Carl Ferraro
Alan Vogel State Farm agent Carl Ferraro has been serving the Huntington Beach
Cal Rehab & Sports Therapy & Fitness has been servicing the HB com- community for almost 40 years. Carl and his team of 9 are fully licensed
munity for 30 years. Cal Rehab believes that you can achieve your fit- agents, passionate about helping existing and new clients. State Farm
ness goals safely; combining cutting edge training, controlled exercise is the largest auto and home insurance company in America. Carl Ferra-
environment, you will see results. The highly-trained staff consists of ro is the owner of two convenient offices located in Huntington Beach,
physical therapists with doctoral degrees, who are board certified or- ready to serve you.
thopedic clinical specialists, as well as physical therapy assistants, ath- Bus. 714-536-2000, Cell: 714-803-2028; [email protected]; 20365 Beach Blvd. &
letic trainers, and certified strength and conditioning specialists. 17011 Beach Blvd. Suite 826.
714-847-3800;; 6930 Warner Ave. (right next to Sprouts) Orthodontics: Dr. Jennifer Messenger
Building Contractor: D’Ambra Construction Dr. Jennifer Messenger is an Orange County native and is thrilled to
D’Ambra Construction, a family owned business, has been a top- announce the opening of her practice in Huntington Beach! She loves
quality design/builder in Orange County for 50 years. D’Ambra creating beautiful smiles and is committed to excellence. She earned
produces accurate scale drawings, and with their experience, her doctorate at UCLA and furthered her study of cosmetic dentistry
they can bid the drawings accurately, document engineering (if and more complex treatment at USC. She earned her master’s degree
needed), pulls permits and works directly with owners to comple- in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics at OHSU. Dr. Messenger is a
tion. D’Ambra Construction has completed thousands of beautiful board-certified orthodontic specialist.
remodels and additions, and will continue to provide their clients with knowledge, 714-500-7147; [email protected];; 10035 Adams
integrity and attention to detail. Their clients appreciate a firm start and finish date. Ave. Suite 103 HB
714-848-YMOV(9668);; License #281750

MARCH 2019 3


Getting Real About Retirement

By Brian D. Mann, Elite Advisory Group

Preparing for retirement can be daunting, but like any challenge it helps to take a hard look at
some real data. Yet only 29% of workers or their spouses have tried to estimate their retire-
ment expenses, and only 33% have estimated the monthly retirement income they would need.

For younger people, this may be understandable. It’s difficult to estimate expenses and income when
retirement is a distant goal. But as retirement draws closer, the picture should become clearer, and the
need for realistic planning becomes essential. You might benefit from professional advice and a more
thorough cash-flow analysis, but you can start with the worksheet on this page.

Retirement Planning Worksheet Brian Mann

Estimate your monthly expenses and income the total savings you will have ac-
crued by the time you retire. Then
EXPENSES INCOME you might calculate income based
on withdrawing 4% of your savings
Housing Social Security each year, a simple version of the
Transportation Pension “4% rule.” Some experts believe
Food Other Income that a 4% withdrawal rate may be
Travel and entertainment Income from retirement too high to maintain funds over a
Health care long retirement, so a 3% or 3.5%
Taxes and insurance savings distributions rate might provide a more sustain-
Other* able estimate.
Total (projected savings x .04 ÷ 12)**
If your projected income is not suf-
*Clothing, personal care products, gifts, etc. ficient to meet your projected ex-
**A factor of .03 would be more conservative; a factor of .05 would be more aggressive. penses, don’t despair. You might
This hypothetical example is used for illustrative purposes only. Rates of return will vary over time, be able to reduce expenses, in-
particularly for long-term investments. Investments seeking to achieve higher rates of return crease your savings contributions,
involve a higher degree of risk. Actual results will vary. work longer, or all three. Even if
the numbers look good, it would be
BEGIN WITH EXPENSES wise to keep building your savings
to prepare for unexpected expenses
One common guideline is that you will need 70% to 80% of your pre-retirement income to meet your and provide more flexibility in your
retirement expenses. This assumes that you have paid off your mortgage, will have lower transportation retirement lifestyle.
and clothing expenses when you stop working, and will no longer be contributing to a retirement sav-
ings plan. Everyone’s situation is different, but these might be helpful starting points. A rough estimate of your retire-
ment balance sheet is a good begin-
If your income is lower, your federal and state income taxes may be lower as well. But don’t forget ning, and a professional assessment
that federal income taxes apply to pension payments, distributions from traditional IRAs and most re- may be the next step. Although
tirement plans, and a percentage of Social Security benefits (depending on income). State tax rules vary. there is no assurance that working
Property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, and other taxes and insurance will also add to with a financial advisor will im-
the total. prove investment results, a profes-
sional who focuses on your overall
Although some expenses may be lower, others might increase, depending on your retirement life- objectives and available resources
style. Perhaps you want to travel more or engage in new activities. can help you consider strategies that
could have a substantial effect on
Medical expenses may increase as you grow older, even with Medicare. A recent study suggests that your long-term financial situation.
an average 65-year-old couple who retired in 2018 would need $280,000 to cover Medicare premiums
and out-of-pocket health-care expenses (not including long-term care), based on a life expectancy of For more information contact Elite
87 for a man and 89 for a woman. This would require an average expenditure for the couple of about Advisory Group at 800-790-2920 or
$12,000 annually or $1,000 per month. Health-care expenses vary widely, but you might use this figure
and adjust based on your medical needs.


You can estimate your monthly Social Security benefit at Keep in mind
that the longer you wait to claim your benefits, from age 62 up to age 70, the higher your monthly ben-
efit will be. If you expect a pension from current or previous employment, you should be able to obtain
an estimate from the employer.

Add other sources of income, such as consulting or a part-time job, if that is in your plans. Be real-
istic. Consulting can be lucrative, but part-time work often pays low wages, and working in retirement
is less likely than you might expect. In 2018, 79% of workers said they expected to work for pay after
retirement, but only 34% of retirees said they had actually done so.

It’s more difficult to estimate the income you can expect from your savings, which may depend
on unpredictable market returns and the length of time you need your savings to last. First, project



MARCH 2019 5


Dear Residents, WHAT'S INSIDE

One hundred thousand welcomes to you! As we near St. Patrick’s Day, I 4 Getting Real About Retirement
wanted to welcome you as the Irish have for hundreds of years. This is 7 Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Please!
the day we all become Irish for the day celebrating Irish heritage and 9 The Wright Team – While Others Talk, They Perform
culture. It’s a day when everyone seems to enjoy each other a little 10 Calendar of Events/Schools/Phone Numbers
more. The children have fun dressing in green and playfully pinching 12 North OC Young Lives: Providing Faith, Hope & Love
those who are not. Many adults also have fun dressing up and perhaps
heading down to the local Irish Tavern for corned beef and cabbage to Local Teenage Moms and Dads
topped off with a green beer.
13 A Look at Huntington Beach Oilers Baseball
March also marks the beginning of spring. Longer days often mean 14 Three Reasons You May Not Be Burning (Enough) Fat
later sports practices, or if your children are older, less practices under 15 Orthodontics: Modern Perspective
the lights. It’s time for all of us to go outside more and enjoy what Hun- 16 St. Patrick’s Day
tington Beach has to offer. 17 Texting While Driving Includes Growing Mobile Web Use
18 Meet the Heydens
For many it’s time for a change and new beginnings after a long win- 22 At Gustafson Brothers Inc. Owners John & Kathy Don’t Just
ter. You will find many local businesses in this month’s SeaCliff Living
which can assist you on your spring renewal. Whether you are looking Service Cars, They Service Souls
to get into shape, enhancing your natural beauty, giving the backyard
a refresh, or starting on home improvement projects, you’ll find many 24 Consider Buying a Used Car
trusted and professional businesses in the pages ahead. 27 Protect Your Pet and Your Peace of Mind with Insurance
30 Say Bye-Bye to Your Old Mattress with Free Recycling Program
Erin go Bragh! 31 Amazing Local Handcrafted Floors by Gaetano Hardwood

Marla Harchut, Flooring
32 Turn Your Garage into a Castle with Professional Garage
Bringing People Together

33 4th of July Festival/Parade Seeks Sponsors
33 Orange County Cherry Blossom Festival
35 This Sunday Brunch Makes Businesses Well Known

Any content, resident submissions, guest columns, advertisements and advertorials are not necessarily endorsed by or rep-
resent the views of Best Version Media (BVM) or any municipality, homeowners associations, businesses or organizations
that this publication serves. BVM is not responsible for the reliability, suitability or timeliness of any content submitted. All
content submitted is done so at the sole discretion of the submitting party. © 2019 Best Version Media. All rights reserved.


Contact Marla Harchut at 714-305-2142 or [email protected]


The 25th of each month, two months prior to issue, e.g. June 25th for the August issue. Email: [email protected]


Marla Harchut Glenn Harchut Carol Larsen Robyn Stauffer Jen Sharp Monica Broussard Rena Saccocio Sofia Longo Kaci Lane Hindman
Publisher Content Coordinator Photographer PhilanthropyCoordinator Contributing Writer Contributing Writer Contributing Writer Contributing Writer Designer

CAROL LARSEN Time to start thinking about your senior photos! 714.791.5542
Lots of great locations in and around HB. You can also share [email protected]
because every moment matters a photo session with a friend and share the cost!
Contact me for more info and ideas.



Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Please!

By Grace Mayeda - Project Self-Sufficiency, Board of Directors
Coordinated by Robyn Stauffer

Celebrating 35 years as a non-profit organization, Project Self-
Sufficiency (PSS) cordially invites you to our 9th annual “Wine,
Cheese & Chocolate Please” fundraiser on Saturday, April 13, at 5:00
pm at the Mile Square Golf Club in Fountain Valley. Proceeds will go
toward our mission “to help low-income single parents graduate from
college with the skills necessary to achieve economic independence.”

The Cause Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Please
Project Self-Sufficiency provides financial resources so our “parent So please join us for an evening of entertainment, auctions, dinner,
students” can succeed in finishing school to obtain a career that will and of course, Wine, Cheese & Chocolate! Our live auction prom-
support their family. 88% of past clients have attained their educa- ises to be as exciting as last year with valuable gifts, memorable ex-
tional goal of an associate or bachelor’s degree. The program has ben- periences and exciting trips. Plus, a silent auction, an opportunity
efitted hundreds of low-income families including their children; they drawing and our popular “balloon pop” will be featured. We are also
see their parent succeed in college and are then motivated to do better excited to have Dennis Schoedl, a strolling magician (and member of
in school and pursue higher education themselves. Our unique model the world-famous Magic Castle) to astonish and entertain you during
ensures stable housing with a place to study (some clients come from the cocktail hour.
a homeless situation), child care while students are in class, transpor-
tation to get to college, money to pay for tuition and textbooks, and Thank you to AES Huntington Beach and our table sponsors for
some of the necessities of life like diapers and groceries. Our goal is partnering with PSS to support our event. Remember, all proceeds
to provide the support needed so our clients can stay in school. from Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Please go directly to client servic-
es. Help us reach our goal of assisting additional families in need this
Success Stories year. Together we can and strengthen and empower by giving our
Upon graduation, parent students are fully prepared for a career and Orange County families a hand up, not a hand out!
are ready to contribute to their communities. Our past clients have be-
come nurses, teachers, counselors, nutritionists, paralegals, pharmacy Tickets are $90/person and includes cocktail hour with gourmet cheeses,
technicians, auto mechanics and more! a tasty dinner served with wine, fun entertainment and the satisfaction
of knowing you’re making a difference. To purchase tickets, please visit
From a client: “What Project Self-Sufficiency did was help us keep Don’t miss this special event! Hurry, ticket sales close
food in our mouths and a roof over our heads. They made sure that my on April 4th. For sponsorship opportunities contact Cherie Schenck,
kids and I never went without a special Christmas or birthday. I can’t Board President at [email protected].
stress enough the emotional support they gave us. There’s no dollar
value for that. I remember crying, ‘I need you to believe in me’. And For more information on how to can support Project Self Sufficiency
they did. That’s all it took.” (Tax ID#33-0597719) contact

From a supporter: “This is an outstanding organization; one that my Surf
City Rotary Club of Huntington Beach has supported for several years. It
has been our pleasure to award our donation to this organization that sup-
ports low income, single parents working toward an educational goal to
become economically independent. On a scale of 1 to 5, PSS is a solid 5.”

Community Involvement Is Key
PSS owes much of its success to the
commitment of our donors and com-
munity partners who see the value of
education as a path to economic sus-
tainability. With financial contribu-
tions, in-kind donations, professional
services and volunteers, PSS is poised
to continue serving our families in the
Orange County community.

MARCH 2019 7


SeaCliff Real Estate Activity
1/1/19 - 1/31/19

In Escrow: *All prices are list prices Sold: *All prices are sold prices

Address Community Price Type Address Community Price Type
7658 Rapids Drive Huntington Creek $549,000 C 7688 Brookwood Drive Huntington Creek $472,000 C
19321 Archfield Lane SC on the Greens $829,900 SF 19266 Meadowood Circle SC on the Greens $740,000 TH
6056 Eaglecrest Drive SC on the Greens $1,275,000 SF 7765 Park Bay Drive Greystone Keys $840,000 SF
6052 Eaglecrest Drive SC on the Greens $1,375,000 TH 19462 Mountainview Lane SC on the Greens $856,000 C
1734 Main Street Downtown Area $1,649,000 SF 19285 Archfield Lane SC on the Greens $1,115,000 SF
1409 Arch Lane La Cuesta Rcqt. Club $729,000 TH 6901 Garden Circle Upper SeaCliff $1,150,000 SF
19486 Riverdale Lane SC on the Greens $870,000 SF 6195 Greenbrier Drive SC on the Greens $1,170,000 SF
18762 Ambrose Lane Seagate $1,299,900 SF 6892 Little Harbor Drive Upper SeaCliff $1,261,000 SF

18975 Rockinghorse Lane Edwards Hill $2,799,888 SF C= Condominium
TH= Town Home
SF= SF Home

Best Version Media does not guarantee the accuracy of the statistical data on this page. The data does not represent the listings of any one agent or agency but represents
the activity of the entire real estate community in the area. Any real estate agent’s ad appearing in the magazine is separate from the statistical data provided
which is in no way a part of their advertisement.





By Jennifer Sharp

Mike Wright with United American Mortgage Company (UAMC), is the or VA, construction, and reverse mortgages. His
Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer in the Huntington Beach of- industry knowledge is highly sought after and

fice. UAMC is a leading mortgage banking firm where Mike has established trusted by third-party professionals including Mike Wright

himself as the “go-to guy” for mortgage financing within the community. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Financial

Mike and his team have an extensive wealth of knowledge, experience, Advisors, Trust Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys,

and industry relationships. After finishing his professional baseball career Insurance Agents, and Real Estate Agents.

with the San Francisco Giants, a friend encouraged him to investigate a ca- Mike realizes the loan process can be a

reer in banking, and Mike began his mortgage banking career in 2003. Mike daunting task, and for many clients, it can be

quickly gained success his first year as a mortgage banker. He has been rec- an emotional and stressful time in their lives. “I

ognized and awarded as a top 100 loan originator in the United States every am sympathetic to the overwhelming emotions

year for Dollar Volume & Units, funding well over 1.2 billion dollars with a experienced from the first-time home buyers

collection of over 3,000 loans within his 16-year mortgage banking career. all the way to the most experienced investors.”

The Wright Team pride themselves in nurturing long term client rela- Mike and his family have lived in Huntington Beach for the past 15

tionships and providing appropriate solutions to every clients’ unique set years and enjoy giving back to the community and volunteering in sev-

of circumstances. Mike states, “No one loan is the same. It takes atten- eral local organizations. The Wright family is actively involved in their

tion to detail to each clients’ specific situation combined with my lending church, where their three children currently attend elementary school. In

experience, relationships, and product to deliver a high-quality solution.” his free time, Mike enjoys all things outdoors (surfing, skiing, kitesurf-

That attention to detail is what sets Mike apart from his competition. ing and training for triathlons. He also volunteers countless hours on the

“Getting a standard conventional loan is easy, but in today’s lending land- baseball field, coaching his sons’ Little League & Travel teams.

scape, that’s not the norm. Many of our clients are jumbo oriented clients, The next time you have mortgage banking needs, call your neighbor

who may be self-employed, own multiple companies and properties, or Mike Wright. He will provide you with a caring experience ensuring a

who are possibly retired with no standard income sources.” smooth transaction every time.

Under Mike’s leadership, the team will consult with you through the en-

tire lending process. Whether you are looking for a purchase or refinance Mike Wright of United American Mortgage Co. is located at 2100 Main St

loan, his vast array of loan options includes conventional, jumbo, FHA # 255 HB. Contact Mike directly: 714-536-2202; [email protected]

MARCH 2019 9



March 2019

Special Events Huntington Beach High School

Bird Talk and Nature Walk Feb. 23 Senior Registration Feb. 25 – Mar. 1

Ecological Reserve (18000 PCH near Warner) Free 9:00am – 11:00am Junior Registration Mar. 4 – 8

Beauty & The Beast March by Ballet Etudes Production Sophomore Registration Mar. 11 – 15

Mar. 6 – 7 Minimum Day Schedule Mar. 6

Tickets on sale at Central Library Children’s Desk SAT Testing Mar. 9

Kite Party Mar. 9 – 10 Guidance Information Night Mar. 19

Pier – Free, Registration The Phantom of the Opera Mar. 15 – 17 & 22 – 24

Surfin’ Sundays Concert Series Mar. 9 – 10 Auditorium, Tickets on Sale Now Fri, Sat. 7:30pm, Sun. 2:00pm

HB International Surf Museum - Free 8:00am – 5:30am Minimum Day Schedule Apr. 4

Monthly Huntington State Beach Cleanup Mar. 9 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Apr. 4 - 7

Free Entry to Beach Parking 9:00am – 11:00am Auditorium, Tickets on Sale Mar. 4 Tues, Fri, Sat. 7:30pm, Sun. 2:00pm

Art-A-Fare Mar. 2, 9, 16, 23

Pier Plaza - Free 11:00am – 6:00pm

6th Annual HB Cherry Blossom Festival Mar. 17 Dwyer Middle School

Central Park Band Stand - Free 10:30am – 5:30pm Open House

Jacks Surfboard Pro Mar. 21 – 24 Feb. 28

Pier – Free to Spectators 8:00am – 5:00pm

19th Annual HB Beach Cruisers Meet Mar. 23 SeaCliff Elementary

Downtown – Free to Spectators 8:00am – 4:00pm

Coastal Country Jam Apr. 6 Close of 2nd Second Semester Mar. 22
Spring Recess Apr. 15 – 19
Tim McGraw, Jake Owen, Dylan Scott

Brookhurst St & PCH – Tickets $75 - $285 12 :00pm – 9:00pm

City and Local Contacts

Utilities Others

800-655-4555 SoCal Edison 714-935-6848 Animal Control (licenses)
714-536-5919 Water, Sewer & Tax Office (Press 9) 865-483-8989 Department of Motor Vehicles (CA State)
800-427-2200 So Cal Gas Company 865-483-0541 Vehicle Tags/Registration
800-784-0574 Cable/Phone/Internet (AT&T/Verizon) 714-536-8888 Huntington Beach – Chamber of Commerce
714-847-3581 Rainbow Disposal 714-374-1565 Sandbags
714-847-3581 Special Collection/Large Items
Huntington Beach City Numbers
714-536-7507 Dwyer Middle School
714-960-8843 Huntington Beach Police 714-536-2514 Huntington Beach High School
714-536-5411 Fire Department 714-841-7081 SeaCliff Elementary School
714-536-5533 City of Huntington Beach 714-536-1469 Smith Elementary School
800-222-1222 National Poison Control Center




HHPC Juniors The Phantom of the Opera
are Making a Splash March 15-17, 22-24

The members of the Huntington Harbour Philharmonic Committee Ju- Friday & Saturday: 7:30 PM, Sunday: 2:00PM
niors are preparing for their annual fundraiser, The Juniors’ Splash.
This year the fashion show and silent auction will take place on March Tickets on sale February 15, 2019 at 10:00am
31, 2019 at Seacliff Country Club in Huntington Beach. The Splash is
the main event and only fundraiser for this motivated group of civic The Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts (APA), a mag-
minded high school students. Throughout the year, they also volunteer net program for the Huntington Beach Union High School District,
hours working the HHPC’s Cruise of Lights®, cleaning the harbor with presents “The Phantom of the Opera” by its Musical Theatre depart-
the Surfrider Foundation, as well as supporting other community or- ment. The show will run from March 15 to 17 and 22 to 24, with
ganizations including Robyne’s Nest. The members, who represent at show times at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 2:00 p.m. on
least five local high schools, will be modeling in the event, and collect- Sunday. The six performances will be held in the Historic Huntington
ing donations for the silent auction and opportunity drawings. Nicole Beach Union High School District Auditorium and Bell Tower, with tick-
Stewart Fashion Productions is coordinating the show, which promises ets priced at $22 for adults and $16 for students and seniors. Tickets
to be a real (beach) ball. available at

The Juniors’ Splash is $75 per person, for tickets, donation opportuni- “The Phantom of the Opera”–the most popular musical of all time–
ties or more information, contact Rachel Helgeson or Elizabeth Henry swings into the APA main stage this spring. APA’s Musical Theatre
at [email protected]. department will undertake Andrew Lloyd Webber’s timeless story of
seduction and despair. Watch high-school-level students offer profes-
Welcome to Pickleball sional-quality entertainment as they perform classics such as “Think
of Me,” “Angel of Music,” “All I Ask of You,” “Masquerade,” and the title
Are you in a pickle and looking to try something new? Come on out and add song: “The Phantom of the Opera.”
pickleball to your mix of activities! Pickleball has been played in Huntington
Beach for 12 years. Classes are offered through our Community Services APA’s Costume Design and Technical Theatre departments will also
Department, and taught by an International Pickleball Teaching Profession- shine as they present breathtaking attire and innovative stage con-
al Association (IPTPA) Instructor Diana Abruscato, IPTPA. You can walk-in struction sure to make APA’s “The Phantom of the Opera” an experi-
register at any Community Center or online at ence never forgotten!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
April 4-7

Where: Worthy Park (Main & 17th) Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 7:30 PM, Sunday: 2:00 PM
(4) Dedicated and Permanent Pickleball Courts
Tickets on sale March 4, 2019 at 10:00am

Time: Courts are open daily until 10pm The delirious 1925 Jazz-Age classic takes Lorelei Lee, a dazzling
blonde, and Dorothy, her sensible brunette friend, on a journey to
Who: Open to the public. Europe to complete their education. When Lorelei’s father can’t go to
chaperone, they go off on their own against his wishes. They'll "im-
A volunteer USAPA Ambassador is onsite on Saturdays from 9am-12noon prove their minds" all day, but for their evenings their main interest is
to help our local community get familiar with the sport, paddles and balls in men! Of course, ditzy Lorelei gets them into some big predicaments
are provided on Saturdays. For more information feel free to contact vol- in this frivolous and witty show!
unteer USAPA Ambassador Diana Abruscato, Call/Text (714) 315-0922 or
[email protected]

MARCH 2019 11


North OC YoungLives

Providing Faith, Hope, and Love to Local Teenage Moms and Dads

By Myrna Bittar - Area Director, Coordinated by Robyn Stauffer

North OC YoungLives is a program de- “I got a job in a
signed specifically to come alongside kitchen. Now I am
local teenage mothers, teenage fathers, taking care of my fam-

and their children with faith, hope and love. ily with clean mon-

YoungLives is a part of a national faith-based ey and have walked

program, Young Life, which was founded in away from drinking.

1941 and currently exists in every state in the Thank you for believ-

U.S. as well as over 100 countries around the ing in young parents

world. Young Life works with parents, schools, like us that many other Isaac
churches and community groups to tackle the people ignore. I am so

social problems that our teenagers face. What happy that I found people to help me. I want to do
makes this program so effective is that adult Local HB teenage moms building support and all that I can to make sure my son has a better life
leaders enter the world of the kids and build au- changing the next generation that they are raising. than I had.” –Isaac

thentic friendships with them. Several local reputable organizations, foundations, churches, and in-

In YoungLives, the program specifically for teenage parents, we get dividuals currently support North Orange County YoungLives. It is our

to enter into the worlds of young parents by teaching weekly parenting hope to build our network of partners so that we can continue to pro-

classes at local high schools, referrals from county agencies, and by word vide much needed support for our current clubs as they grow. Expanding

of mouth. North OC YoungLives was born here in Huntington Beach YoungLives programs by offering parenting classes at more high schools,

in 2012 when we learned about the hundreds of teen parents in Orange taking more teen moms to camp, and offering one-on-one mentoring will

County and the 50% drop out rate for teenage mothers. Since then we require further support and resources.

have seen tremendous success and growth. We have a volunteer base

of over 70 individuals and have worked with over 200 teen parents in Ways to support North OC YoungLives include:

the last 12 months. We currently have two clubs that meet monthly: one • Volunteer as a mentor, childcare, volunteer, food, craft, committee member

in Huntington Beach and another in Santa Ana. These clubs serve teen • Partner with us as a monthly donor—sponsor a parenting class, baby

moms and dads from Huntington Beach, Westminster, Fountain Valley, supplies, meals etc. at

Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa. Our volunteers are committed • Publicity and fundraising events—Attend our Gala on September 29,

to mentoring, childcare, providing meals, taking teen parents to summer 2019 or golf in our next golf tournament

and winter camps and much more. In the last seven years we have seen • Connect us to a grant or family foundation that has similar passions

incredible life changes in the forms of academics, life style choices, and • Invite us to come and share with your philanthropy group

faith. The need for this program has continued to grow and we are finding

that the schools and teens have received the help with open arms. Please check out the stories

on our blog and contact us

Below are a couple quotes from teen parents that have recently been im- via

pacted by North OC YoungLives: The consistency of our ef-

“Today I am sober, kinder, and more hon- forts will yield greater results as

est with myself. I am amazed that I graduated mentorship programs continue

high school. It is not something I ever thought to progress. We would welcome

I would do, even without being pregnant. If the opportunity to meet with

there is anyone that is a part of YoungLives that you, discuss a partnership, and

thinks they aren’t making a difference, let me answer any questions. It would

be the one to tell you that you are wrong. Your be an honor to serve in this en- Area Director, Myrna Bittar,
love and support is something that will never deavor together with you as with graduating teen mother.
leave me.” –Nikki we strive to reach the next teen

Nikki “My childhood was challenging. I grew up mom in the next school and next neighborhood with endless vigor.

in foster care with both parents incarcerated. YoungLives offers respect, Nearly 100 teen parents were in attendance at the last North OC Young-

support, and understanding. YoungLives has helped me realize a little bit Lives Christmas event.

more of who I am and what I am capable of doing not just for myself, but North OC YoungLives mentors take a group of teenage mothers and

for my son and the people around me.” –Alina their children to summer camp each year.



A Look at Huntington Beach Oilers Baseball

By Sofia Longo, A HBHS Senior

The Huntington Beach Oilers baseball team has a full season ahead Sofia Longo
of them and a stacked roster that consists of some of the most tal-
ented players in the state. For the seniors, most of the players have been

playing with each other since eighth grade. With a packed schedule, also want to always find a

Huntington Beach is a force to be reckoned with as nine out of the thir- way to give the team suc-

teen seniors on the team are college commits. Left hand pitcher and first cess, whether it be on the

baseman Joshua Hahn is ranked as the 5th mound or in the dugout.”

best player in the state and 50th nationally; Huntington Beach was

Hahn has been committed to UCLA since his one of the sixteen teams

sophomore year but is also a draft prospect invited to play in the Na-
tional High School Invi-
for the upcoming MLB draft. Teammates #26 Jeremy Weigman

Jeremy Weigman, a right-hand pitcher, is set tational in Cary, North

to play at Cal State San Marcos and outfield- Carolina this spring to

er Nick Upstill signed to play at San Francis- play for the title of the

co State, both of whom committed last fall. best high school base-

All three players, best friends on and off the ball team in the US. The

field, are set on making their senior season single elimination tour-

Joshua Hahn unforgettable. “As a team, we want to win nament takes place April
another league title, which will be our third
3-6 and will be broad-
in a row, so that will be a really big accomplishment as it is really hard
casted online. A unique
win Sunset League,” Hahn said. “We [also] want to bring home a ring
experience and opportu-
from CIF, which we fell short from last year in doing.” For a ring, ev-
nity, Huntington Beach
ery player needs to contribute to the team. “This season I’ll contribute #23 Nick Upstill has the chance to reclaim

a positive attitude with a hard-working mentality,” Upstill said. “I’ll the title that they won three years before. The team was also invited to

make sure everyone on the play in the Boras Classic in March, a fight for essentially a state title.

team is ‘pulling from the “Our greatest strength as a team is that we are a really close-knit team

same side of the rope’ and and it is really special to be able to carry ourselves and play baseball

that we will do whatever the right way,” Hahn said. All three seniors emphasized the closeness

it takes to get that CIF they share as a team. “I’m going to miss being with the boys. The team

ring.” A lot of the players bonding aspect is an important part of the game for me and as senior

have personal goals set in year winds down, I want to make more memories with my teammates

mind as well. “My goal before we all go down separate paths,” Upstill said. Huntington will

for this season is to throw have many opportunities to show their strengths as a baseball team and

90 mph and pitch 30 in- the brotherhood that they share.

nings,” Weigman said. “I

CALIFORNIA SPORTS Let us help you reach your 20197 fitness goals!
Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Sports Performance

Serious: Intense, Challenging Fun
Fitness: Change Your Body
Safely: Supervised By Sports Physical Therapists

Golf Fitness, TPI Certified • Sports Training
Semi-Private Group Fitness • Customized Meal Plans

A Team of Professionals Dedicated to Optimizing Human Performance
in Work, Sports and Daily Life


Huntington Beach’s Largest Dedicated Indoor Group Fitness Training [email protected] 6930 Warner Avenue Huntington Beach, CA 92747

MARCH 2019 13


Three Reasons You May Not Be Burning (Enough) Fat

By Amanda Mittleman, MS

Aclose friend of mine, who has been exercising regularly and eating clean at least 80% of the Solution
time, called me in tears recently because her doctor informed her, “if she just ate less and
exercised more, she would lose weight.” If you can relate to my friend, you are not alone. This Find a quality fitness and health coach to help you
story is by no means a complaint against doctors. Rather, it’s a perfect example of the knee-jerk navigate through the real-life obstacles that pop up
solution that doesn’t reflect individual needs and differences. Many of us beat ourselves up for while you are changing your lifestyle. Let them
this assumption. The goal is to find the solutions. guide you to better nutritional and dietary choices,
while also tailoring a fitness program that com-
Eating high quality foods, eliminating processed foods, and exercising are all part of the right so- bine the best of both cardiovascular and strength
lution; however, some “fine-tuning” of one’s lifestyle may be needed to help these solutions work. training to achieve your weight loss goals.

Here are three overlooked factors that contribute to fat loss resistance, and their solutions. To read more in-depth about this topic visit www.

There may be people in your life who will be uncomfortable with your progress, because it
makes them more aware of their own lack of evolvement.

When you start to lose weight, your friends and family members who used to overindulge with you
may feel the loss of their indulging accomplice. Unconsciously, they may attempt to delay your prog-
ress with comments like, “Just one time won’t hurt you,” or “You’re no fun to hang out with anymore.”


Surround yourself with a supportive group of people who are also working on fat loss and trans-
forming their lives through exercise and eating clean. This may not necessarily be your family
and some of your friends, and that’s okay.


People who sleep less than seven hours regularly each night have higher levels of stress hormones,
which raise one’s desire to eat. Increased stress levels also lead to accumulation of belly fat. Further,
stressors like frustration at work, too much time spent with negative people, lack of self-care, and
no outlets for personal expression, build up and over time take a toll on your body, mind and spirit.


In addition to your fitness program, make time for hobbies, walks on the beach, and for friends
and family that fill your soul.


Regular exercise and eating clean are conscious lifestyle choices, requiring consistency and dis-
cipline. Furthermore, the wrong kind of exercise and diet won’t burn fat efficiently and may even
be harmful. To lose weight and keep it off, you must change your lifestyle, permanently. This is no
small feat, and there is no quick-fix approach. Reading a handful of books and articles is not enough.



Orthodontics: Modern Perspective

Submitted by Jennifer Messenger, DDS, MS

Do you ever see 2nd and 3rd graders running around with braces and What I look for: Underbites
wonder why? You might even think to yourself, “They didn’t do that Growth and development of the
when I was a kid”. I get this question a lot in my practice! You are right,
early intervention wasn’t as common when our generation was in ele- teeth & jaws Crossbites
mentary school. Many (maybe even you) had more difficult orthodontic
treatments that lasted late into high school. You may have even had ex- Flared front teeth Impacted Teeth
tractions of 2-4 permanent teeth to achieve the optimal smile and bite. I
personally had braces for 3.5 years! In my practice, the average treatment Tongue and lip position Missing Teeth or early loss of a
time of a full set of braces is 18-24 months.
Teeth position and bite baby tooth
Early observation and potential intervention allows me to identify and
address problems before they become more serious, therefore reducing the Moderate to severe crowding Extra Teeth
treatment time in a full set of braces. Often times, it also allows me to start
making room for all the teeth so that extractions are not necessary later on. Excessive overbites

When should your child see an orthodontic specialist? If your child is 7 and up, please call our office today for a complimen-

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children tary consultation.
visit an orthodontic specialist at the age of 7. While it is recommended to
see an orthodontic specialist, not every child needs early intervention. I In the case that your child does not need early intervention, they will
take pride in keeping the treatment as conservative as possible because a become a member of our VIP (Very Important Patient) Club. The VIP
7 and 8 year old should not be in braces unless it is absolutely necessary. club consists of observation appointments every 6 months so that I can
closely monitor their growth and eruption of their remaining permanent
Why age 7? teeth. This allows me to address any issues that may arise before they be-
come more serious and I can time the treatment to give us the best result
By age 7 most children have a mix of adult and baby teeth. At this time, I possible. The VIP Club is complimentary and includes fun giveaways to
am able to identify conditions that are better to correct at a younger age, make the experience enjoyable for your son or daughter.
the size of the permanent teeth can be assessed, and I am able to catch
problems that have the potential to do harm to the teeth and/or gums. Through early intervention and regular observation appointments, you’ll
be giving your child the best opportunity for a beautiful and healthy smile!

Special Spring Promotion:

$500 off for until 5/31/2019 when you mention this article
Contact Dr. Jennifer Messenger, DDS, MS, 714-7147 or www.MESSEN-

MARCH 2019 15


St. Patrick’s Day

By Rena Saccacio, a HBHS Senior
C elebrated March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day marks the anniver-
sary of St. Patrick, the patron saint and national apostle of
Ireland in the fifth century. Recognized as a religious holiday, St.

Patrick’s Day is filled with the Irish traditions of parades, music,

dancing, drinking and cultural food. Kidnapped from Roman Britain and

enslaved at the age of 16 in Ireland, St. Patrick was acknowledged as the

individual to bring Christianity back to the people of Ireland. Though

while he restored Christianity to the people of Ireland, aspects of St.

Patrick’s legacy were soon ingrained in Irish culture, therefore leading

to the birth of the shamrock, a three-leaf native Irish clover that was used

to explain the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). And while the

shamrock represents the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), if

one were to find a clover with a fourth leaf then

that fourth leaf would represent God’s grace. The

four-leaf clover can only be found in the Celts

of Wales from the White Clover Plant seeing as

it is the only plant to regularly produce four leaf

covers. The four-leaf clover symbolizes not only

God’s grace, though it also represents the “Luck

of the Irish” and symbolizes the Celtic charms, as

it is believed to offer magical protection and ward Rena Saccacio
off bad luck.



Texting While Driving Includes Growing Mobile Web Use

Submitted by Carl J. Ferraro

Is Texting While Driving Still a Concern? Disclosure:
Rates, rating factors, and coverages vary by
Research around smartphone use while driv- state. The above information is not a guarantee
ing from State Farm® shows that texting while of how State Farm® may rate any individual
driving remains a concern on the nation's high- vehicle. The information in this article was
ways, but drivers also are accessing other mo- obtained from various sources not associated
bile web services at much higher rates. And with State Farm®. While we believe it to be
these behaviors may pose equal or greater con- reliable and accurate, we do not warrant the ac-
cerns in the battle against distracted driving. In curacy or reliability of the information. These
a distracted driving survey of nearly 900 mo- suggestions are not a complete list of every
torists, the company found use of mobile web loss control measure. The information is not
services decreased slightly for drivers ages 18- intended to replace manuals or instructions provided by the manufacturer
29 but increased for all drivers overall. or the advice of a qualified professional. Nor is it intended to effect cov-
erage under our policy. State Farm makes no guarantees of results from
Texting While Driving Has Evolved into Mobile Web Use use of this information. State Farm® (including State Farm Mutual Au-
While Driving tomobile Insurance Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates) is not
responsible for, and does not endorse or approve, either implicitly or ex-
For Ages 18-29 plicitly, the content of any third -party sites hyperlinked from this page.
State Farm has no discretion to alter, update, or control the content on
• Accessing the internet while on a cell phone while driving decreased the hyperlinked, third party site. Access to third party sites is at the user's
from 54% in 2015 to 50% in 2016, up from 29% in 2009. own risk, is being provided for informational purposes only and is not a
solicitation to buy or sell any of the products which may be referenced on
• Reading social media networks while driving decreased from 44% in such third -party sites.
2015 to 43% in 2016, up from 21% in 2009.

• Updating social networks while driving increased from 34% in 2015
to 35% in 2016, up from 20% in 2009.

• Playing games on cell phone while driving is 19% in 2016.

For Drivers of All Ages

• Accessing the internet while on a cell phone while driving stayed
steady at 29% in 2015 and 2016, up from 13% in 2009.

• Reading social media networks while driving increased from 21% in
2015 to 22% in 2016, up from 9% in 2009.

• Updating social networks while driving increased from 16% in 2015
to 19% in 2016, up from 9% in 2009.

• Playing games on cell phone while driving is 10% in 2016.

Texting While Driving Still a Concern for Small Businesses
with Drivers

Ironically, the study showed that use of texting while driving decreased in
the younger audience while increasing overall:

• Distracted driving is the cause of 1 in 4 fleet crashes.
• Distracted driving accounts for nearly 40% of all fleet crashes.
• Research conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administra-

tion found that the odds of being involved in a safety-critical event
are 23.2 times greater for commercial motor vehicle drivers who text
while driving.
• Texting while driving can result in driver disqualification and penal-
ties up to $2,750 for drivers and $11,000 for employers.

What Can You Do About Texting While Driving and Mo-

bile Web Use?

Distracted driving threatens the lives of many drivers, passengers, and pe-
destrians every day. However, you can help fight against distracted driv-
ing by avoiding dangerous habits such as texting while driving, accessing
your mobile phone while driving, among other risky behaviors.

About the Survey

In August 2016, the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
(State Farm) Strategic Resources Department conducted an online survey
with adults 18 and older to examine their attitudes and behaviors regard-
ing distracted driving. This survey was the eighth wave of a study first
conducted in August 2009.

MARCH 2019 17


Meet the Heydens

By Dylan Heyden

If you were to walk into the Heyden home at this moment, the
scent of Teakwood would hit you square in the face. My mom
has meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the olfactory
sense of "hominess" and that manifests itself through a rotation of
scents in diffusers throughout the house that changes with the sea-
sons. In autumn, pumpkin spice colors the air. In winter, balsam.

The rest of the year scents oscillate between Teakwood, Japanese
Cherry Blossom, and Eucalyptus. And if the same scent is in the dif-
fusers for too many weeks that it becomes mundane, well, that’s
when it’s time to switch things up.

What to some might seem like an inconsequential detail is ac-
tually indicative of a key personality trait belonging to my mom:
a desire to painstakingly make our house into a welcoming home
– a place where each member of the Heyden clan can find crea-
ture comforts no matter how long they’re away or what stage of
life they’re in.

Diane Heyden, my mom, rolled into Orange County from Sacra-
mento in 1967, when she was 8 years old. I say rolled in because
there’s a family photo of my mom, her siblings and my grandmoth-
er, Patricia, in front of their family "truckster" when they first arrived.



She’s one of four – with one younger brother, Michael, and two old- keeping it fun.Dallas and I spent summer days at Corky Carrol’s Surf
er sisters, Barbara and Linda. She went to Smith Elementary, Dwyer School at Bolsa Chica State Beach, which is where we both devel-
Middle School, and graduated from Huntington Beach High School oped an early romance with surfing that pervades today, and, when
in 1977. She then studied English at Cal State Long Beach. we were old enough, we were both enrolled in Junior Lifeguards.

While taking classes at Long Beach, she worked at Pacific City
Bank in Huntington Beach – where she met my father, Dale. My
dad grew up down the street in Orange, went to El Modena High
School, and is the youngest of three.

In the same way, my mom works tirelessly to turn a house into a
home, together my parents have sought to carve out a slice of life in
Huntington Beach turning the town into hometown. And our fam-
ily pride for our city now spans three generations.

When my brother Dallas and I were young, my dad had a sales job
that gave him the freedom to coach our Dwyer Middle School roller
hockey team. He grew up playing baseball, but quickly caught on to
the complexities of the game and was a judicious coach dedicated to

MARCH 2019 19


front of the newly When Dallas and I were in
restored HBHS the- high school, we each made
ater to commemo- decisions that would alter
rate those forma- the course of our lives. For
tive years. Together, my part, in 2006 I asked a
we’ve lived in New girl named Kelly Combest
York and Los Ange- from my English class to
les, but we’re thrilled be my girlfriend. Thirteen
to be back home years later, we’re married
and introduce our and have a five-month-old
son to the city that’s son named Jaxson. We were
given us so much. married here in HB and even
took wedding photos in
In those years, summers were a big deal. My mom served on the
Huntington Beach Fourth of July Board, and two of those years she was
the head honcho – president of the board.

As a kid, I couldn’t appreciate the months of planning and coor-
dination that went into Huntington Beach’s annual Fourth of July
celebration, from the parade to the fireworks. But, I had a vague
sense that my mom helped make it all happen, and was able to im-
press my friends watching the parade when Dallas and I rolled by
in a firetruck one year.

Around that time, my mom also oversaw another major under-
taking. She opened a brand new bank called Surf City Bank, a Divi-
sion of South County Bank, on the north end of town behind Bella
Terra. The intent, according to my mom, was a city like HB with its
entrepreneurial spirit deserves its own bank that bears its name.

That was a lesson instilled in us from a young age – that what
makes a city isn’t its infrastructure but its people and the relation-
ships between them.



In his senior year of high Dallas is currently on a nine-months-long deployment and conver-
school, Dallas decided he’d sign sations with him via FaceTime revolve around his excitement to get
a contract with the Air Force and back in the ocean when he’s home and ride beach cruisers along the
become part of their Reserve Of- boardwalk to the pier and downtown. "There’s nothing better than
ficer Training Corps at the Uni- riding your bike through the greatest city in the world," he says.
versity of Southern California.
He ultimately switched over to
the Army ROTC program while
in school, but his motivation and
commitment to serve came from
my grandfather and uncle’s ser-
vice in World War II and the Ko-
rean War respectively. Dallas is
now stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and I’ll wager he’s one of
the few surfing First Lieutenants and the only officer that drinks his
coffee out of a Huntington Surf and Sport mug.

I know I speak for our whole family when I say we can’t wait for Dal-
las to come back, open the doors of his childhood house, take a big
whiff of Teakwood and utter the words, "It feels so good to be home."

Here at home, our fam- MARCH 2019 21
ily and extended family
are constantly reminded
of Dallas’ commitment to
his city, his state, and his
country. A "Hometown
Heroes" banner adorns a
street light on Beach and
Main with his picture. At
five months, Jaxson isn’t
old enough yet to notice
the banner, much less un-
derstand its significance.
But, whenever we drive past it we point it out all the same. When
he’s older, we can’t wait for him to shout "Dally!" as we pass and we
can explain how brave his Uncle Dallas is.


At Gustafson Brothers Inc. Owners John and Kathy Gustafson
Don’t Just Service Cars, They Service Souls

It was on Feb 1, 1971 By Cynthia Varnell
when teenagers John
and Frank Gustafson took John and Kathy Gustafson

a leap of faith and opened and is a full-service mechanical and
collision repair facility working on
a small auto repair shop in all makes and models. Gbros as its
often referred to in the community,
Huntington Beach. As the grossed over $10,000,000 in rev-
enue in 2018. The shop is run by
young men of the family it John Gustafson, his wife Kathy, and
a strong leadership team. Brother
was their job to maintain Frank moved to Lake Havasu and
owns Brothers Auto Body.
their father’s vehicle. The
Together John and Kathy have
boys loved it, and they not only created an empire that ser-
vices cars, they improve the lives of
were good at it. Soon the their 68 employees with acts of ser-
vice as well.
neighbors began to notice John
them tinkering on cars and When it comes to creating a win-
ning family culture, the Gustafsons
before long the boys were

the unofficial mechanics of the neighborhood. When

their after-school business became too much for the

driveway of their family home to sustain, their father

encouraged them to open a shop.

They rented a small Quonset hut off Gothard and

Chrystal and they were in business. It was the days

of Volkswagens and Datsuns and the young men

thrived because they had a passion and desire to

learn and do better.

Brother Frank was still in high school and would

come over after class to help older brother John work

on cars. As years went on they would close shop and

attend automotive courses at Golden West College.

Soon the workload became too much for their

Quonset hut and they purchased a dirt lot where the

shop stands today. After working a full day on cars

the boys would go to their new location and build.

They never lost a day of work building the location

from the ground up.

Today Gustafson Brothers sits on over two acres



wrote the book. For years the Gustafsons Gustafson Brothers can be reached at 714-847-5600 or,
have mentored their employees not only located at 19161 Gothard St. (Gothard St. & Main St. near City Hall)
in work but in life. They have helped set
up budgets to achieve homeownership and
achieve other financial aspirations. With
the help of their admin team they gather
each and every employees’ personal goals
called WIN’s at the shop (What’s Impor-
tant Now). Throughout the year they assist
the employees in achieving those goals
through encouragement and support.

A great example of an act of service per-
formed by John was when he learned that
one of his employees was sick on Thanks-
giving. This employee is a single parent of
a young son. John went and got the medi-
cine his employee needed and hand deliv-
ered it to her house so she would not have
to go out with her young child.

It’s those little things, that make the Gus-
tafsons stand out from the rest. In addition
to mentoring and supporting their staff the
Gustafson support local non–profits such
as the Kiwanis Club of Huntington Beach.
In fact, this past year they started their
own non-profit, the Gustafson Education
Foundation to promote the career of auto
to the youth of our community.

MARCH 2019 23


Consider Buying a Used Car

Do you have a new driver in Submitted by Monica Broussard
your home?
the new car

Are you looking for the newer tech- price with its Monica Broussard
nology that is being offered in the used-car val-

vehicles today? ue because some models depreciate

Would you like to save thou- faster than others. Too much loss in

sands of dollars on your next auto- value may be a sign that there is a

mobile purchase? history of mechanical problems.

If you don’t want to spend the The used midsize and large-car

kind of money it takes to purchase Luxury models retain their value

a new car and your savings are feel- and will be offered at a substantial

ing a little thin, then maybe, you savings to the buyer. Luxury mod-

may want to Consider Buying a els are the most likely to be leased

Used Car. The reliability of the rather than purchased and the resale

newer cars is better than ever. market is set to be saturated. On the

Used cars can be a better deal than purchasing new. Just make sure other hand, the more fuel-efficient sub-compacts and compact cars

you do your homework and check out the car-research websites to will be harder to find and continue to hold their value.

pick the best make, model and year for your budget. Consider how You need to be prepared to get the best deal. Ask the selling party if

much you can save on a newer used car purchase. there are any mechanical problems with the vehicle. If the seller won't

The average used car has more features and last longer while sav- agree to let you test drive or take it to your mechanic for inspection,

ing you thousands of dollars. The older model used cars don’t have then walk away.

the same advantages and savings that a newer used car can provide. Watch out for cars that have been detailed to look like new they

The number of cars leased in the past few years has more than dou- might have big problems that still need to be fixed. Any reputable deal-

bled. The typical vehicle lease lasts three years then it will be returned er or honest person will agree to an inspection. The inspection will

to the dealer to go back onto the market as a used car. be worth the money paid to find out what you are purchasing. If the

dealer says that their technicians have checked out the car ask to see

their inspection sheets then insist on having an outside mechanic check

it out. The information you receive from the inspection can be used to

negotiate for a better price or to avoid purchasing the vehicle at all if

it doesn’t meet the standards of a safe reliable mode of transportation.

It's always nice to find a car that's only had one owner. But service

documentation is the most important detail. Ask the owner for the

service records to see if the vehicle has had regular maintenance, such

• Your Alternative to as oil changes. If they can provide you with the records, chances are,
Dealership Service it's been well cared for. But a lot of used-car owners can tend to think
and Repair! that their baby is worth more. Come equipped with printouts from
websites that show exactly what the vehicle is worth. That way you

• 2Yr/24K warranty can always whip them out if negotiations stagnate.

• Courtesy Shuttle A Vehicle History Report contains everything you will need to
Service know about the used vehicle you are about to purchase. It will provide
information on any servicing, accidents and the odometer registration

• Family Owned which will help with the pricing and knowing the reliability of the car.
And Operated Before you go out to the lot, have the dealer run a VIN check to trace

the car's vehicle identification number. Then follow up with your own

vehicle inspection by your mechanic. The information in the report is

available on all makes and models and will include a title search to

ensure that the vehicle can be sold clear of any liens.

Finally, make sure you know who actually owns the car. If the seller

hasn't paid off the loan then the odds are that the bank holds the title

and the car belongs to the bank. Make sure that the original loan is

paid off enabling you to own your new car free and clear.

Happy Motoring!!!
Monica Broussard
Doctor J Automotive



Thank you . . .

• To the Seacliff Community –

Your encouraging words, new ideas and support mean more to us than we can express.
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MARCH 2019 25


St. Patricks’s Day March Word Search ByGlennHarchut
Leprechaun Find the hidden words in the puzzle below. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Blarney Stone WO B N I A R C F S N V S V
Four Leaf Clover D S F Y KGHOOPML T U
Corn Beef G F PMJ X B RUP S AP R
Cabbage WG Z C Q T L N R C HOAM
Rainbow Q E E I S Y R E E I MN RW

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Tutoring and Enrichment SAT/ACT Prep Homework Help
Tutoring and Enrichment SAT/ACT Prep Homework Help
Mathnasium teaches children of all skill levels to understand and
Mmaasthtenramsiuamth.teWaechbeosocsht igldraredneso, fbaulilldskciollnlfeidveenlscteo, aunnddderesvtealnodp and
mcriatisctaelrthminaktihn.gWfoerbtoodoastygarnaddefosr, bthueilidr fcuotunrfeid.eWnece’r,eatnhde daeuvtheolorpity in
cmriatitchael tdhuincakitniognf,ogrrtoowdianygatnodofvoerrt9h0e0ircfeuntuterers. Wwoer’rldewthideea. uStthaorrtityyoinur
mchailtdh’esdtruacnastifoonr,mgarotiwoinn.g to over 900 centers worldwide. Start your
cShcihlde’dsutlreanascfoomrmparteiohne.nsive free assessment today.
Schedule a comprehensive free assessment today.

CChhaannggiinngg LLiivveess TTMhhrraoothuunggahhsiuMMmaaottfhhF™™ountain Valley
wMw wat.Mhna((at77hs1n1iua44msi))uom55f.99cFo33om--u1/1nF55toau00inn00t aVinaVllaellyey

www1.M85a8t h5nBarsoiuomkh.ucorsmt /SFto. (uanttEalilnisV) alley
18F5o8u5ntBarionoVkahlulerys,t CStA. (9a2t7E0l8lis)

In Fountain Valley | (71F4ou)n5ta9in3V-a1lle5y0, C0A 92708
18585 Brookhurst St. (at Ellis)

2 6 MARCH 2019 26


My Loveable New Little Puppy, Sassy! You're Invited to

By Elizabeth Ann Felten Sassy's Puppy Shower

Today I am going to be talking about my puppy, Sassy. school and family. Everyone
She is a standard poodle. You have to do a lot of things brought gifts, we ate brunch

to take care of a puppy. A few examples include: you have and we played with Sassy. A

to feed the puppy, bath it, and give it lots of love. I have puppy shower is like a baby

never had a puppy before so I didn’t know what to ex- shower but for a dog. Sassy re-

pect -but now I know. I recently hosted a puppy shower to ceived lots of chew toys and a

welcome Sassy into our family. We invited friends from pink sparkly tutu as presents.

It was really fun and everyone

had a great time. If you would

want to have a puppy shower do

these three things:

• Make food for your guests I'm a 3-month old curious little lady.
• Plan what you are going to I love to chew, play, eat and nap.

do at your puppy shower
• Get decorations to hang up

and get presents for your

Protect Your Pet and Your Peace of Mind with Insurance

Submitted by Glenn Harchut

Because cats don’t really have nine lives • Procedures & Surgeries • 24/7 Help Lines
and dogs love to sniff out trouble, many • Holistic & Alternative Care • Discounts and Special Offers
companies offer differing types of coverage • Specialty & Emergency Care • Convenient Mobile Claims
some up to 90% reimbursement which is the • Wellness • Fast, easy electronic reimbursements
reason one should shop around before making
the investment in your pet. Check plan details for specific coverage from Contact your local veterinary, they would be
each carrier to make the right decision. happy to help you select the right carrier for
Complete Coverage Some plans will also offer extra perks for as your pet and your peace of mind.
low as $35/month, such as:
Many carriers will offer different levels of
coverage including:

• Medical Coverage
◦ Accidents, injuries and illness, includ-
ing hereditary conditions.

• Wellness Coverage
◦ Vaccinations, checkups, flea control
and more.

• Comprehensive Coverage
◦ Medical and wellness coverage for
maximum protection.

Complete Confidence

Make sure you select the right plan for you
and your pet. Besides your cat or dog, many
carriers offer coverage for birds and exotic
pets, there isn’t anything they haven’t seen.
They can also offer coverage for:

• Accidents & Injuries
• Common Illness
• Serious Illness
• Chronic Conditions
• Hereditary Conditions
• Diagnotics & Imaging

MARCH 2019 27


Ready, when life gets messy.



Thank you . . . • To our advertisers –

Their generous sponsorship makes Seacliff Living magazine possible. We are committed
to supporting these locally owned businesses, the heart of a healthy economy, and ask

that you support them as well.

FFaammiillyy OOwwnneedd aanndd OOppeerraatteedd
SSiinnccee 11997766

GLASS & MIRROR, INC 771144..884488..55223300

Lic # 505567

Custom Glass for Doors, Windows, Cabinets.

• New Windows & Doors • Glass Railings

• Shower/ Tub Doors • Mirrors/ Wardrobe Doors

• Heavy Frameless • Wind Breaks

Glass Enclosures • Table Tops/ Picture Frame Glass

• Frameless Showers Etched Glass

VViissiitt oouurt SShhoowwrroooomm MMoonnddaya-yF-rFirdiadyay8:80:00-05-5:0:000

17712 Gothard St. Unit D

Huntington Beach CA 92647
(Between Slater and Talbert)

MARCH 2019 29


Say Bye-Bye to Your Old Mattress
with Free Recycling Programs

Submitted by Julie Toledo

Your old mattress doesn’t have to end up in a landfill. When a mattress and
box spring gets recycled, the steel, foam, fiber and wood become new
products like steel beams, industrial filters, carpet padding and even mulch
for your garden. There are two ways to recycle mattresses and box springs
in California — take-back and drop-off.

Ask Your Retailer to Take It Back

If you are having a new mattress delivered, your retailer is required by law to
pick-up your old mattress, at no cost, when they deliver your new one (some
exceptions apply). A retailer can charge a delivery or setup fee, but may not
charge you for old mattress removal. For more information about the retailer
take-back program, visit

Drop It Off

In partnership with the Mattress Recycling Council, the city’s trash hauler,
Rainbow Environmental/Republic Services, now offers free drop-off mat-
tress recycling to all Huntington Beach households. Residents will need
to deliver their mattresses/box springs to the Rainbow/Republic Services
Huntington Beach facility at 17121 Nichols Lane.
• Limit of two mattresses or box springs per visit
• Offer is for residents only – not valid for commercial haulers or com-

mercial entities (motels, retail stores)
• Depending on the condition, some mattresses will not be eligible for

the free recycling program, and Republic reserves the right to charge
for disposal or to refuse any of the following: items that are heavily
soiled, wet, ripped, or vermin-infested; futons, bed frames, blankets
and sleeping bags; water beds, and cribs. For more information and to
locate other mattress recyclers, visit



Amazing, Local Handcrafted Floors by Gaetano Hardwood Floors

By Jennifer Sharp

If you’ve experienced the simple pleasure of bare feet on an exquisite Customers who are purchasing a hardwood floor for the first time may
hard wood floor, you’ve enjoyed a glimpse of the passion driving entre- be interested in their free consultation. With over 100 domestic and ex-
preneurs Richard and Cheryll Larson. otic wood types to choose from, they offer something for every personal-
ity and motif. For customers who already have a wood floor that simply
Gaetano Hardwood Floors, Inc. has been family owned and operated needs touching up, they provide refinishing services to revitalize the ag-
since 1955. Though they like to keep pace with the latest technology and ing wood and bring out its character.
trends in their industry, they still abide by good, old-fashioned values
like honesty, integrity, and personalized customer service. “Ever since Gaetano Inc. is committed to providing reliable and thorough hardwood
my father, Gaetano Genovese, handcrafted his first hardwood floor over floor services. For more information reach out to Richard and Cheryll
half a century ago, we have prided ourselves on offering a high quality of directly by visiting their website at or call them at
workmanship at a fair and reasonable price”, says Richard. 714-536-6942 to schedule a visit to their showroom at 7071 Kearny Dr.
Huntington Beach, Ca 92648
Customers come into their showroom and are amazed that they make
all their floors by hand, right down to the final hand applied coating.
Gaetano’s unique offerings include over 100 domestic and exotic woods,
from intrinsically traditional to artfully avant-garde. “We really offer
something for everyone, and we work with our customers to help them
find the perfect flooring to suit their taste and budget.” Their showroom is
located off Garfield and Goldenwest and is by appointment only.

Their services continue to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations.
In fact, 85% of their customers are referrals — a testament to their sol-
id reputation and our satisfying results. A Gaetano floor is not merely a
structural component of a building, but a lasting work of art, infusing
homes with the luxurious aura and classic warmth of wood.

They believe that wood floors should be a durable and worthwhile in-
vestment. That is why, in addition to new floor installation, their business
also includes wood floor resurfacing.

MARCH 2019 31


Turn Your Garage into a Castle
with Professional Garage Organizers

By Glenn Harchut

Tired of a messy, cluttered, unorganized garage, but
don’t know where to start? Wish you had a magic
wand to make it nice, neat and functional? Professional
Garage Organizers is the wizard who can make all the
clutter disappear. Don’t get their services confused with
making your home nice looking by replacing a garage
door. With 18 years of experience, Chet Rougeau and
his team specialize into transforming your dirty garage
into a useful, beautiful and efficient part of your home.

If you are unsure how to get rid of your unwanted
junk, Professional Garage Organizers will assist you
in the effort by going thru each item and separating
them into items you want to keep, things worthy of
going to charity or need to head to the dump. After
the clutter is gone, Chet and his team can enhance
your space with paint, cabinets, lighting or beautiful
epoxy flooring, according to the plan you agree to.
Your options are unlimited.

Professional Garage Organizers have completed
over 80 garages, usually taking about 10 days from
start to finish. Their work is of the utmost quality,
thorough and timely. You will not be disappointed.
To see for yourself, Chet is always showing off his
beautiful garage transformations at the Huntington
Beach Street fair on Tuesday evenings. Chet is al-
ways happy to come to your home and discuss ways
to make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.

Contact Chet and Professional Garage at 714-770-
2197 or and let the
team perform their magic.

• New Construction & Remodels
Design • Installations • Electrical & Lighting Installations,
Hardscape Flagstone
Indoor & Outdoor
Stackstone • Surround Sound • TV Installations
• Automation/in Wall iPad Installation
• Surveillance Camera Installation

• Refresh Your Garden With New Flowers 7 Years Located in HB
• Plants/ Trees/ Shrubs/ Succulents
• Sod/ Irrigation/ Ground Cover “We take the extra Incentive for Quality,
• Low Voltage Lighting when it comes to Electrical, Audio,
• Drain Systems/ Slopes
• Planters & Retaining Walls Video and Surveillance let your friendly
• Installed over 150 Jobs in 2017 neighborhood Electrician light up your way!”

714-362-5861 License C10#946254 714-916-2689
Serving HB since 1988 License #897764
7501 Slater Av. Unit G HB, CA 92647



Orange County
Cherry Blossom Festival

By Glenn Harchut

Friday, March 15 (5:00pm-9:00pm)
Saturday, March 16 (10:00am-9:00pm)
Sunday, March 17 (10:00am-4:00pm)

The Orange County Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual spring
celebration of Japanese and Japanese-American culture in South-
ern California. Each year the festival brings together a broad spec-
trum of performers and activities that span from the traditional to the
contemporary. Taiko drumming, minyo, classical dance, gagaku mu-
sic, origami, ikebana are presented alongside cosplay contests, anime
characters, electronic music, jazz, video game tournaments and be-
yond. Of course, the event is also all about tasting the best of Japanese
food and drink vendors in the region- 2019 marks the launch of the
Sakura Night Market. Please stay tuned for the full announcement of
the 2019 program on the event’s official website.

Since its inception, the Festival has been inspired by and helped to
fund an international student exchange program between Huntington
Beach and its sister city, Anjo, Japan.

4th of July Festival/Parade
Seeks Sponsors

Submitted by Julie Toledo

The annual 4th of July Parade will march down the streets of down-
town Huntington Beach beginning at 10 a.m. on July 4. The larg-
est Independence Day parade west of the Mississippi River features
entries including bands, floats, local dignitaries, equestrian groups,
film and television celebrities and community groups. After the pa-
rade, entertainment on the pier will continue until 9 p.m., when the
4th of July fireworks show begins.

Event organizers are seeking help in sponsors for the parade and festival.
To find information on sponsorship packages visit

MARCH 2019 33


Slow-Cooker Irish Mint Brownies

Corned Beef and Cabbage BROWNIES: BY TORI S. BEVENS

Submitted by Glenn Harchut ½ C butter 1½ t vanilla
4 oz. unsweetened chocolate 1 C flour
No more dry corned beef! Cook this in your slow cooker all day and 1½ C sugar ½ t salt
you're guaranteed success! Serve this with soda bread for a warm and 3 eggs
satisfying meal.
Place butter and chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave
INGREDIENTS: on high for 2 minutes, stirring once after the first minute. Stir until
smooth. In another bowl, whisk together sugar and eggs, and then
1 (4 pound) corned beef brisket stir in the chocolate and vanilla. Add in flour and salt and stir until
with spice packet combined. Pour into lightly greased 9x9 pan and bake at 350° for 25
minutes. Allow cooling for an hour.
4 large carrots, peeled and cut
into matchstick pieces

10 red potatoes, quartered
1 onion peeled and cut into

bite-sized pieces
4 cups water
6 ounces of beer
½ head cabbage, coarsely chopped


1. Place the carrots, potatoes, and onion into the bottom of a slow
cooker, pour in the water, and place the brisket on top of the veg-
etables. Pour the beer over the brisket. Sprinkle on the spices from
the packet, cover, and set the cooker on High.

2. Cook the brisket for about 8 hours. An hour before serving, stir in
the cabbage and cook for 1 more hour.


1 pkg (10 oz.) mint
chocolate chips
½ C plus 1 T of butter, cubed

Melt chocolate chips and butter in a saucepan.
Cool for about 30 minutes while stirring occasionally. Spread over
cooled brownies.



This Sunday Brunch Makes Businesses Well Known

Rachel Svoboda was raised in Huntington By Jennifer Sharp Rachel Svobado
Beach. After years of being mentored by
some of the best creative people in So Cal expertise across branding, media, digital, social, BRANDING
and having led prestigious advertising teams video, events and more. Clients are mostly inde- DIGITAL x CREATIVE
across North America, in 2016, she decided to pendently owned luxury brands that range from
start her own advertising/PR agency. That is fashion to jewelry, spa’s, private transportation, SOCIAL MEDIA
how Sunday Brunch got its start. As the CEO interior design and other professional services. PR x EVENTS
of Sunday Brunch, she has a strong passion for
building brands and supporting local businesses When Sunday Brunch started, she vowed to
throughout the Orange County area. never have it be a brick and mortar office but
to instead use local spaces to enhance not only
Rachel and her team help clients build custom the creative process, but the team building that is
marketing solutions to match the growing and vital for a small group to thrive. Sometimes this
ever-evolving needs of their businesses. “Every means strategy sessions at her dining room table
business has their own personality,” she says, or brain-storming with freelancers at the gym.
“and it is because of this, that we need to help
them to be authentic to their customers”. Ra- This last year Rachel also took on the role of
chel has been fortunate enough to surround her- Editor of Newport Beach Lifestyle Magazine as
self with a curated group of creative people with well as starting a series of streaming videos called
The Brunch Club. These new endeavors have el-
evated her from entrepreneur to multi-preneur, as
they all work in concert with each other. She is
excited to not only set an example of a local fe-
male business leader, but at home as well. “The
roles I am taking on are giving my daughter ac-
cess to things she never would have seen or expe-
rienced otherwise.” Rachel is invested in building
the community and will continue to build the leg-
acy of not only women in advertising, but young
professionals in all business fields for generations
to come; embodying her mantra that empowered
women empower other women.

Because Rachel understands the importance
of having passion for what you do, and surround-
ing yourself with others that are like minded, her
disciplined and dedicated approach to develop-
ing business are providing her with a coveted
work-life balance.

Rachel and her kids are proud to still live in
Huntington Beach and thrive off everything the
community has to offer. “I was raised here and
am so happy to be raising my kids here.”

[email protected]

MARCH 2019 35

L1508 iving

Emile Wakim, M.D. Sarah Vakkalanka, M.D. Natalie Drone N.P. Julie Bishop, R.N.

Bjorkman, C.N.C. | Rose Kelly, Esthetician | Aimee Do, Esthetician

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