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Published by Debbie Yarak, 2019-06-10 20:26:18

expo 2019 flyer flipbook

expo 2019 flyer flipbook





June 

feathers, Fur, Scales and Skin May the force be with you

Come and travel around the world with the Prep Enter with caution and let the magnetic environment pull you
community as we discover and locate different animals in into the Year 3/4 community. Our scientists have been testing the
their natural habitats! We welcome you all to explore and phenomena that surrounds us. Whether we’re falling through space or
uncover the reasons why animals have different soaring through the skies, there will be something that floats your boat!
coverings and what functions they serve in various habitats. Come and test these theories for yourself and may the force be with you.


Our Habitat Heroes in Year 1/2 have been creating This term’s Year 5/6 Inquiry unit is
different classroom habitats! We have been super busy researching ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Students have been researching and creating
different animals and their features that help them survive. their own ‘alien’ bodysuits to demonstrate their understanding of how
Come on in, although be prepared to jump aboard a Jungle living organisms can adapt in order to survive in a chosen
Safari, go diving under the sea or scorch through the African desert. environment. The students have paired up to design, plan and present their
costumes. During the Learning Expo, one of the students will be
taking the roll of the ‘Mad Scientist’ the other being the ‘Alien
Species’. On the day, they will be acting out their characters,
discussing their discoveries and taunting the audience with
their gruesome designs. Students have been studying defensive,
structural and behavioral adaptations. This understanding has led them to
deciding on their alien’s classification, class, family group and kingdom.

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