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The Bad Day is a story about a guy named elmer who has a crazy day

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Published by Ashley Chavez Villalta, 2019-05-08 11:11:28

The Bad Day

The Bad Day is a story about a guy named elmer who has a crazy day

Elmers Horrible Day 
By:Ashley Chavez  


Elmer usually wakes up at 6 am but not 
to day was not a normal morning. 
Elmer has a wife Fany he has five kids. 
Elmer likes fishing Gardening and 
Construction. Elmer looked at the time 
it was 9:00.  
He jumped out of bed and ran to his 
closet.It took Elmer to quite a while to 
find clean clothes. 
Elmer got dressed and got his keys and 
ran out the door.Elmer got into his car 
and realized he had forgotten to put on 
his shoes he ran back to his house and 
put his shoes on. 
Elmer got into his car and road to 
work.As Elmer road his Ford pickup 

along the dirt road he heard a bang he 
didn't think much about it he just kept 
on driving then out of nowhere Elmers 
car stopped Elmer got out of his car and 
went to check the motor a cloud of 
smoke surrounded him. 
He could not see anything! Elmer went 
to his and got his tools he fixed the 
Elmer fixed his car motor he checked 
the time it was 11:00 he put the tools in 
his back seat but he forgot to shut the 
trunk of his car.Elmer saw a bunch of 
stuff flying through the air he saw his 
kids beach towels and his wife running 
shoes and his coffee cup. 

Elmer stopped his car and went to pick 
up all the stuff that flew out of his car 
but he didn't find one of his wife's 
running shoes and also his coffee cup 
was broken.  
Elmer put all his stuff in his car and 
did close the car trunk.Elmer turned on 
his car radio and it said there was going 
to be a thunderstorm Elmer saw a 
lightning bolt strike then it started 
raining 15 min later.  
Elmer was at work he opened the office 
doors he saw nobody he called hello 
nobody answered, 
Elmer called his co-worker Louis 
Elmer asked Louis if he was at work 

Louis said “No Elmer I am at home with 
my kids it Saturday” Elmer said oh okay 
thanks Louis have a nice day Elmer said 
goodbye and hung up.  
Elmer went through all that work to 
realize it was a Saturday. Elmer got 
back into his car and went home.He 
asked himself if it's Saturday why isn't 
my family home? When Elmer got 
home he saw a note from his wife 
I woke u up so we could go on our 
camping trip you said you drive there 
by yourself and bring the food and the 
tents so please don't forget 
-Fany.Elmer read the note and said oh 
brother what have I gotten myself into? 


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