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Published by Jaime Olguin, 2019-12-04 15:23:13

the piglets journey

the piglets journey

The piglet’s journey

By Anastasia Olguin

Once upon a time there was a poor little pig,
his mother. His mother was also poor, and
there was a man that was a worker for a big
the mean butcher, and his job was to go out
And collect pigs to take them and then he
Could make them into snacks with pork.

One day, the man came and tried to take
the little pigs’ mother. As much as the
two pigs squealed to be with each other,
they could not stop the situation. Finally,
his mother said, “you need to run! And
what ever you do, don’t follow me!”

She said, “go hide under that big branch,
and don't come out until they leave! Go!
Go!” then the baby pig did what he was
told. And then when she was gone, he
cried. The pig didn't know what to do.
He felt so lost, and all he could do was

cry. Then he found some some tracks
of the truck that the big “meanie” came
in. and the pig figured that he needed
to follow the tracks in the mud and be
the hero of the day. He always dreamed
that this day would come with the idea
of saving his mother, and them having a

better life after all. He dreamed of having
his mother by his side, and then them just
strolling down the streets, full of other
pigs that they can socialize with so that
they can have friends and not be so sad
with out any other piglets to play with.

And that was the kind of life that the
pig wanted to have to live. So the
little pig went out. And he followed
the tracks the truck had left so that
he could try and find his mother. So
he walked and sobbed happily,

thinking about what will happen
when he finds his mother. He
continues to follow the tracks
wondering were the big scary man
had taken her. “Maybe he took her to
some sort of, gallery of flowers, or

No, he looks too mean to take her to
such a lovely wonderland. Or maybe
he took her to a bath full of shiny
pink bubbles, and some horrible
smelling soap!” oh, the pig grew sick
just thinking about it. After all,

He hates baths. The little pig then
wondered when mother would give
him his next bath. Well, if he even
finds his mother again. Finally, he
found the place where he had taken
her. It was to the butcher. There

Where many other pigs here. Small
ones, big ones, fat ones and skinny
ones. Then he saw mother. “Don't
worry mother i will find you and all
the other pigs’ a way out too!” he said.
“No, go home, you are in danger.” she

said, and that is when the big man
came out and scared the little pig, and
then the pig nocked over some water
trying to run away, and then the man
slipped, and his hand nocked over the
lever to open the cages, and let all of

The pigs out. Then they all worked
together to open the door, and ran out,
and that is when the little pig realized.
His dream had come true. “You have
saved every pig in the world my little
pork chop!” said mama.

And then they all lived happily ever after. All of them. THE END.

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