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This story is about Infinity War and Endgame. There IS SPOILERS.

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Published by Phoenix Newton, 2019-05-08 10:14:26

Phoenix Newton-Thanos' Bad Day(Spoiler Alert)

This story is about Infinity War and Endgame. There IS SPOILERS.

Bad Day
​By Phoenix Newton

Thanos was driving down the road in a
Thanos Car, and it was hot. Very hot. He had to
get the Infinity Stones. He was on his way to

His car broke down because he weighed like 1,000
pounds, and he needed the Infinity Stones.

His boss, Gamora, was at the mountain with Red
Skull, and he got fired when he showed up.

He was sad, but he was angry, so he shoved
Gamora off the mountain, and he got the Soul Stone.

Now he is really sad because he just killed his
daughter. His other daughter showed up later and
tried to kill him. He got all of the infinity stones,
even though he was fired.

He snapped his fingers after Thor just shoved
an ax in his chest and half of all population in the
universe disappeared into dust stuff. Here are all
of them I think. Spider-Man, Winter Soldier,
Star-Lord, Drax, and Gamora was already dead.
Mantis, Black Panther, And lots more were dead,

He did his job and now the new story is about

Now that Endgame came out, I can complete
this assignment. Now Thanos used the stones to
get rid of the stones. Then he started talking and
stuff. Then Thor sliced Thanos’ head off.

Then all the Avengers tried to get all the stone
thingies back. Then Thanos is the smartest thing
in the universe and guesses everything right.
Then they fight and stuff. Then Iron Man died by
sacrificing himself for the universe.

He snapped his fingers, and he said he was
Iron Man. Then everyone was at his funeral crying
and sad stuff. Then Winter Soldier, Falcon,
Captain America, and Hulk, were doing time travel
stuff then Captain America changed his past to be

with the love of his life and he turned really old.
Then Falcon is the new Captain America.
The End.

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