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JHFM Yearbook

JHFM Yearbook


Class of 1968

50th Reunion 2018




125 Years of Tradition and Innovation Timeline......... 4
Class of 1968....................................................................6
Class of 1968 Biographies..............................................9
In Memoriam................................................................. 54


125 YEARS 1893

OF TRADITION Progressive Medical Education Begins
AND INNOVATION Philanthropist Mary Elizabeth Garrett (1854-
1915) leads a nationwide fundraising campaign
to establish the Johns Hopkins
University School of
Medicine. Herself the
largest single contributor,
she requires that the
school set rigorous
academic standards and
admit women on an
equal basis with men.

1944 1931 1929

Modern Heart Osler Medical Clinic and Halsted William H. Welch
Surgery Arrives Surgical Clinic Medical Library
Taking an idea To meet the growing Named after the first
proposed to him by need for inpatient dean and one of the
pediatric cardiologist beds and operating “Founding Four” physicians
Helen Taussig, surgery director Alfred space, the Osler of the school of medicine, the
Blalock and surgical technician Vivien Medical Clinic and Welch Medical Library provides
Thomas devise a way to correct the the Halsted Surgical a foundation for the education of
deadly heart defect called tetralogy of Clinic are added to The physicians, nurses, public health
Fallot. Their “blue baby” operation experts and medical scientists.
not only saves thousands of lives, it Johns Hopkins Hospital. Welch and other planners also
1951 proves that surgery involving the heart They are named for William launch the Institute of the History
is possible. Osler, Hopkins’ first professor of medicine, of Medicine, the oldest such
HeLa Cells and for William Halsted, Hopkins’ first department in the United States.
George Gey, director of the professor of surgery.
Department of Surgery’s 1977
tissue culture laboratory, 1963 1968
establishes the world’s first A. McGehee Harvey Teaching
continuously multiplying Discovery of Tower and Russell A. Nelson
human cell culture—HeLa— Blalock Clinical Restriction Enzymes Patient Tower
with cervical cancer cells Science Building Microbiologist Providing much-
obtained from Henrietta At its completion Hamilton O. Smith needed new space
Lacks. Gey distributes the the tallest building in discovers restriction for laboratories and
HeLa cells for free to scientific East Baltimore, this 15-story enzymes, the proteins that clinical care, these
researchers worldwide. Over structure is the first American can cut DNA at precise points in its genetic additions to The
the next 60 years, they prove hospital building to include an sequence. Microbiologist Daniel Nathans Johns Hopkins
instrumental in development internal pneumatic tube system. uses the discovery to analyze the DNA of a Hospital are named
of the polio vaccine, human The building, added to the hospital virus that causes cancer in animals, achieving for “Mac” Harvey, who
papillomavirus (HPV) to provide new operating rooms the first practical application of restriction headed the Department of
vaccines, chemotherapy as well as modern outpatient and enzymes. These accomplishments, along with Medicine from 1946 to 1973, and
breakthroughs, cloning, gene emergency room space, is named Swiss microbiologist Werner Arber’s initial for Russell Nelson, the hospital’s
mapping, in vitro fertilization for surgeon Alfred Blalock, who theorizing on the existence of restriction president from 1952 to 1972.
and landmark research on helped devise and was the first to enzymes, would earn the trio the 1978 Nobel
HIV and tuberculosis. perform the blue baby operation. Prize in Medicine.

2009 2000 2000

Medical Education Takes
Another Quantum Leap
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine launches a HPV Is Linked to Head Institute for Basic
revolutionary curriculum called Genes to Society. and Neck Cancer Biomedical Sciences
Reframing the entire idea of health and illness, Oncologist Maura Launched with a $30 million gift,
the new approach teaches students to take into Gillison, virologist Keerti the Johns Hopkins Institute for
account not only each patient’s biology, but the V. Shah and colleagues Basic Biomedical Sciences promotes the
show that human papilloma fundamental research that drives advances in medicine. It
unique effects of environment, virus, already known to be a cause of cervical brings together experts from nine basic science departments
family life and genetic cancer, is also strongly associated with cancers that to study metabolism and obesity, pain, autism and mental
inheritance. develop in the throat at the base of the tongue and illness, sensory loss and other medical conditions in new
tonsils. and innovative ways.

2009 2012

Anne and Mike Armstrong Medical Education Building The Johns Hopkins Hospital Opens
The school of medicine’s first new medical education center its New Front Door
in 25 years, the Armstrong Building provides innovative After years of planning and construction, the
classrooms, lecture halls and learning studios, as well as Sheikh Zayed Tower and The Charlotte R. Bloomberg
the latest digital communications technology, virtual Children’s Center welcome patients to the latest chapter
reality simulations and other 21st-century reference tools. in Johns Hopkins medical care. The buildings are designed top
It is named for a former chairman of the Johns Hopkins to bottom to support Johns Hopkins’ ongoing mission: patient-
Medicine board of trustees and his wife. centered care and education grounded firmly in research.


1902 1905 1910

Neurosurgery and Endocrinology Research Moves Into Johns Hopkins Medical
Become Specialties Clinical Departments Education Sets the
By creating three Standard
Performing the first brain research divisions The Carnegie Foundation asks
surgery in the United within the Department educator Abraham Flexner
States, Harvey Cushing of Medicine, Lewellys (1866-1959) to survey the
(1869-1939) becomes Barker (1867-1943) starts 150 medical schools in the
known as the founder a movement that changes United States and Canada.
of neurosurgery. He the character of university clinics In what later is called simply
introduces the use of in the United States. Barker, who had trained in the the Flexner Report, he hails
X-rays before surgery, basic sciences, helps to create the scientific basis of Johns Hopkins as the model,
monitors blood pressure modern medical practice. saying “the influence of this
new foundation can hardly be
during surgery, discovers the overstated.”
function of the pituitary gland and also
founds the specialty of endocrinology. 1911

1923 1917 1912

Postoperative Intensive A Woman The Nation’s First Full-Time Medical Illustration
Care Unit Scales the Department of Pediatrics Is Born Comes Into Its Own
Neurosurgeon Walter Ladder to Full Known as “the father of American pediatrics,” The Department of Art as
Dandy establishes Professor pediatrician in chief John Howland (1873- Applied to Medicine—the
what is considered Florence R. Sabin (1871-1953) 1926) stresses the importance of the clinician nation’s first—is founded
the forerunner of receives her M.D. in 1900 at scientist. Howland’s under German artist Max
today’s intensive the Johns Hopkins University own research, in Brödel (1870-1941),
care units. He School of Medicine and in 1902 collaboration whose mastery of medical
creates a 24-hour, becomes the first woman to join with other illustration at Hopkins
specialized nursing the faculty. Her discoveries about Johns Hopkins since 1894 had made him
unit where critically the lymph system and other colleagues, world-renowned. His
ill neurosurgical research lead to her becoming the results in new illustrations are pivotal
school’s first woman named a full ways to treat and to the advancement of
patients receive specialty care professor. prevent rickets. medical education.
and recover after surgery.
1982 1987 1989

Lifesaving Heart-Device Modern Twins Joined at the Back of Welch Center for
Surgery Begins Prostate the Head Are Separated Prevention, Epidemiology
Performing the first implantation Surgery Pediatric neurosurgeon Benjamin and Clinical Research
of the automatic defibrillator in Begins Carson becomes the first surgeon A collaboration between Johns
a human being, heart surgeon Before urologist to successfully separate twins Hopkins’ schools of medicine
Levi Watkins introduces a surgical Patrick Walsh joined at the back of the head. and public health, the Welch
defines prostate Involving more than 70 people, Center conducts research on
procedure that will save anatomy, nearly all men diseases and conditions that
the lives of hundreds undergoing surgery for five months of preparation impose a substantial burden
of thousands prostate cancer are left and numerous on the health and resources of
of people who impotent. Walsh shows rehearsals, the the public. Among the center’s
have a sudden that the prostate’s nerves 22-hour operation goals are to promote the health
interruption in the are outside the gland and uses circulatory of the public by generating the
natural rhythm of devises an operation to bypass to spare knowledge required to prevent
their heartbeat. remove a diseased prostate brain tissue during disease and its consequences.
without injuring nearby the procedure.
1993 blood vessels and nerves.

The Operation for Pancreas Cancer The Immune System As Medicine
is Improved Dramatically Scientists at Johns Hopkins find that mistakes in
Surgeon John Cameron develops a new so-called mismatch repair genes, first identified by
way to perform the enormous operation scientists at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere two decades
known as the Whipple, used to treat before, may accurately predict who will respond to
people with cancer of the pancreas. certain immunotherapy drugs known as PD-1 inhibitors.
Before his discovery, the mortality rate from Such drugs aim to disarm systems developed by cancer cells
the Whipple is nearly 30 percent. Cameron’s to evade detection and destruction by immune system cells. In
approach reduces the mortality rate at Johns Hopkins to less 2017, a drug was FDA-approved for cancer treatment when genetic testing
than 2 percent. reveals defects in mismatch repair genes.

2014 2018

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Turns 125 The Johns Hopkins University
John Shaw Billings’ words in 1889 prove School of Medicine Turns 125
prophetic. As the intellectual architect of Since the late 19th century, our community of physicians,
The Johns Hopkins Hospital, he says at its researchers, alumni and students has helped us build a
opening, “Let us hope . . . that it will be a premier learning institution that rewards hard work, inquiry
hospital which shall compare favorably . . . and collaboration. After 125 years, the Johns Hopkins University
with any other institution of like character School of Medicine continues to set the standard of excellence in
in existence.” patient care, research and education in the United States and beyond.



Class of 1968

Larry E. Alessi Ralph C. James W. Baird Larry B. Ballonoff Kenneth R. Berger

Thomas Berner Brian Block Edward R. Block Shelby R. Charles O.
Brammer Brantigan

Mark J. Brodkey Robert H. Brook Scott C. Bruins Robert W. Butner Martin W. Denker

Mark Donowitz Carole A. Dorsch Lynn Epstein Douglas T. Fearon Lois Flaherty

Perrin L. French Claude T.H. Daniel E. Furst Clarence W. Jeffrey R. Granett
Friedmann Gehris Jr.

DHPhaoovmnidee::L64. 91Ja10c7-6kO0s2ol-dn40P2im0 lico Rd., Baltimore, MD 21209 David L. Jackson Allan D. Jensen
OETEPrimmletdlfeppeP:llrooirPmyyeremdelirscEeiCodnmoetRnanSdtittla.a:,ctduBtrsIad:nlatfSivomteirlmo9l 9rwae9t,o@ioMrmknDi:anJcg2a.cc1ok2ms0o9n & Associates, Inc., 6917
Note: I also serve as adjunct professor of medicine in the Division
of Geriatrics and Gerontological Medicine, in the Department of
MMeadriitcailnSet,aDatautnsth:MeM. GJaorrahrnineodsff HopkSipnosuFHUsraeenmd:ievDbrerioecrckstyhiTtty.SmScahlloJoalcokDfsroJM.anTcehodobmiscaiJnsr.eP.

Tell Us About Your Family: I was lucky enough to marry Doty in
1(S9e6p6t.(41896g0o)i,nwghoinle 4I9wyaesarwsaatgchoi)n. gWAelfhreadd Bmleatlotchke pfiersrtfowrmeeak mofitmrayl cYoemarmIisesxuproertoiemncyein
the cardiac surgery amphitheater. Doty was on a tour of the hospital during her initial
wpmeearersrkoienidnalaintsyu—Irsriaenntgudrsnwcehadoitotionl.gmAfeofdtreimcr amel ostocrhefoitnhoialshninmfi1vy9e6P6yh.e.aDrs. (osfhpeuwttoinugldunp't wwiathit mfoyr bToytphe)—Awe got

She has had a varied professional career, teaching at the Hopkins School of Nursing,
being the nursing director of the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit at Hopkins for years and
serving as thReobheeratdM.nurse in thLeowpeelldHia. KtraiclleenmergencDyr.rRoicohmar.d GD.uring theElm10eryEe.aKresnnweel were Seymour Levine
at Case WestJeorhnnsRteonserve, Doty worked in the Clinical RKeastezarch Unit at University
Hospitals and was the nurse manager for the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Counseling
and Treatment Center. Through all of these years, she has been enormously supportive of
my multiple changes in my career path and has been the kind of partner one can only
hope to be lucky enough to find.

We have had two biological children and adopted the third. Our oldest child, our son Genevieve A.
David, was born at Case Western Reserve in 1975, a month after our arrival in Cleveland. MacDonald
David developed a fulminant case of Group B strep sepsis and died within 30 hours of
bpirretghn. aTnhtattwwoasyeoanrse lhaetecrkwoiftha owuaryotlodesrtadrtauoguhr tneer,wElliizfeabinethC,lesvheelawnads. aWt hriesnk wfoer tghoet same
aemxpeolisourraet,eaJtoshheDnroNits.ykLewowraisstoa agtrteomupRpictBhtaosrtdpreWrpe.vLceiganhrtrtitehre. AintSfteahmcatuitoetlnimJ.. LDelorty.hdCeJrarer.pweanstenrJoaacnpkdrCoh.tSois.cLonolenttgwo ork
in ID came up with a protocol for Doty and Elizabeth that included Doty receiving high-
dose IV antibiotics for the 24 hours before delivery and immediate culturing and
prophylactic antibiotics for Elizabeth at birth. This worked extremely well for Doty and
Elizabeth. That approach, tested in a large clinical trial, helped decrease the fatality rate of
this disease by 80 to 90 percent. When I had the privilege of serving as director of the
Ohio Department of Health several years later, I was able to help make it mandatory for
women to be cultured for group B Strep at week 36 of gestation to help identify those
carriers who are at risk.

Elizabeth has been a joy. For 21 years she was our only child. She graduated from the
University of Maryland, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in political science/public policy and
a Bachelor ofJoShcnieHn.ce in nursinRgo.ySMh.eMsatlaerttzed workinDgavaidsLa. Mnaeltoznatal ICUStenpuhresneJa. Mt Aarlxl Walter J. Meyer III
Children’s HMoascphlietadlt Jinr. St. Petersburg. She is a dynamite nurse. In recent years, she has
been kind enough to work with me in our consulting firm. She helps keep the business
side of the organization humming (a task at which her father fails miserably) and is an
enormous asset in much of our legal defense work for providers across the country. She
is married to a Navy attorney who is currently counsel to the commanding officer of
hNiasvcaol uSntatrtiyo,nanSdanwDhioegroap. iDdelynnbiesciasmaew(aosndanerfaudluylto)uanngotmheanr ,ocfoomurmcithteilddrteon.the service of

Fifteen years ago, we decided to adopt an infant. Since no adoption agency in America Mary L. Olson
would entertain permitting a 58-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman to adopt an
infant, we went halfway around the world just outside of Hanoi, Vietnam, where we
acudrorpetnetdlyKJauadjtuhitnheirKoin.rMeinilMlikhieninghhJsacchkosSooannl f.ionrSdBhDae.lMtiisminnkoionrwe. 1Sh6eaRniosdbseotraturAtri.nsNegocrhouemnrdc“”hOS.’hBrSeiheines has
blessed our lives with her energy and her ability to keep us young in spirit. She does
often work too hard. She takes an insanely difficult academic load at a very tough school
(against her father’s advice). She plays tennis better than I do, loves to draw and dances
in the upper school dance troupe (they are going to Greece in June for two dance

Paul M. Redstone Lester A. Reid Lamar W. Riggs Robert A. Jerry L. Rubin

Robert B. Ruskin George H. Sack Jr. Lucy M. Schmidt Edwards P. James H Sightler

Jerry D. Smilack Bruce D. Snyder Ilo Soovere Miriam R. Spinner Paul L.

Jess G. Thoene Vernon T. Tolo James M. Tubb David A. Waller Barbara P.

Martin P. Jenette H. Gerald W. Wilkins Dwight M. David S.
Wasserman Wheeler Williams Zamierowski

Christopher K. William D.
Zarins Zieverink




J A M E S W. B A I R D

Address: 736 North Avenue, Apt. 2, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania 15221
Email: [email protected] Phone: 412-243-1726

Degrees and Certificates: Favorite Medical School Stories:
Johns Hopkins M.D. 1968 I was ready to leave Hopkins after failing biochemistry in
October 1964, and I kept a trunk in my room. However
U.S. Navy 1968-1972 this includes internship, after getting invited to listen to records by a fellow student
U.S.S. Repose (a hospital ship off Viet Nam ) and the and getting advice from Mark Donowitz on studying, I
Philadelphia Naval Hospital. moved the trunk to storage and stayed.

Internal medicine 1971-74 at Jefferson Hospital in Life Since Graduation:
Philadelphia. I plan to report on supplements and diet on disease
reversal if I am successful
Rehabilitation medicine 1978-80 at Jefferson Hospital in
Philadelphia. Words of Wisdom:
We were in the golden age of medicine. Do not forget to
Solo practice at West Mifflin, PA, from 1982-2007. I have look at the patient while entering computer data.
certificates in Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine,
and Geriatrics. Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Jeanne Baird, sister
Professional and Volunteer Awards
and Recognition: Spouse or Partner’s Career:
I have no awards except the praise of my patients. Emotionally disturbed children.

I have three inherited cats from friends, one of which is
a constant companion. I am treasurer of a 100 year old
condominium which is falling apart. I subscribe to Life
Extension magazine concentrating on prevention rather
than treatment.

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
I agree with plant based nutrition since having a 5-vessel
bypass nine years ago.



Address: 8101 East Dartmouth Ave, #32, Denver, CO 80231
Email: [email protected] Phone: 303-750-1932 Cell: 303-910-2989

Degrees and Certificates: Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Johns Hopkins MD 1968, Case Western Reserve Int. Mia Ballonoff
Med Intern 1969, University Colorado Int. Med.
Residency 1971-73, Endocrinology Fellowship University Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Colorado 1973-75 Certified Int. Med. University of Michigan and University of Colorado

BS, MD, Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Internship - Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital; Residency School Teacher, Nia Instructor, Parachaplain
Internal Medicine- University Colorado Med School;
Fellowship-Endo. - University Colorado Medical School Children and Grandchildren:
One is a radiation oncologist, the other is involved in
Certified Internal Medicine research involving teen age choices regarding sexual
behavior. Three grandchildren ages 7-10.
Professional and Volunteer Awards and
Clinical Professor of Medicine - University Colorado
Medical School

Walking, Travelling, Reading, Volunteering in Resident
Clinic for training in internal medicine.

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
We need to institute universal health care for everyone
living in America.

Words of Wisdom:
The key to good patient care is caring about the patient.



Address: 4747 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, Indiana 46208
Email: [email protected] Phone: 317-283-5753 301-908-0331

Degrees and Certificates: Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MD Marilyn J. Bull, M.D.

Rotating Internship Northwestern University, Chicago Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
University of Michigan School of Medicine
US Navy service caring for Marines in DaNang, Viet
Nam Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Internal Medicine Residency and Infectious Diseases Morris Green Professor of Pediatrics, Riley Hospital for
Fellowship at Boston, University Children, Indiana University School of Medicine

Professional and Volunteer Awards Leadership roles in the American Academy of Pediatrics.
and Recognition:
Through a major portion of my professional career, I She founded the National Center for Safe Transportation
developed a needed hospitalist role providing continuity of Children with Special Morris Green Professor of
of care for patients from many extended care facilities. Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician, Riley
Hospital for Children at Indiana University.
For the past several years my biggest hobby has been She has assumed leadership roles with the American
travel, most of which has been accompanying my wife Academy of Pediatrics and through work with the
on her business trips to Istanbul, Delhi, Australia, Chile, NHTSA, Safe Kids Worldwide and the National
Costa Rica, Colombia, Netherlands, Munich, Vienna, Child Passenger Safety Board, and has played a major
Japan and Qatar as well every state in the US. contribution to the reduction of deaths and injuries to
children on US Highways.
I enjoy the beach at our summer home in Michigan and
work at the family cherry business filling in where needed. She is also lead author of the American Academy of
Pediatrics Health Supervision Guidelines for Down
I work currently volunteering in Neighbor to Neighbor Syndrome. She is the lead author of the AAP Health
and Habitat for Humanity. Supervision Guidelines for Down Syndrome.

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: Children and Grandchildren:
Prevention of highway injuries and reduction of firearm Our first daughter is a librarian in the Herald Washington
violence. Chicago Public Library and does Theater on the side.

Favorite Medical School Stories: Our second daughter received her degree in flute
Medical school is a blur but was delighted to have performance and teaches music at a private school in San
survived the tremendous change from Boulder, Colorado Francisco.
to urban Baltimore and from study of physics to anatomy.
My degree for Johns Hopkins is a treasured gift.

Life Since Graduation:
I met Marilyn J. Bull, M.D. on the first day of internship
and we have been together intellectually and emotionally
since. Married June 12, 1971.

Words of Wisdom:
Learning is a lifelong process. What we observe is true
and how we explain it will change over time in both
science and medicine.



Address: 250 Pine Hollow Ln. Houston, Texas 77056
Email: [email protected] Phone: 713-559-5206 Cell: 713-594-5266

Degrees and Certificates: Hobbies:
BA, Rice, 1964 Running, Shooting, Travel (mainly Eastern Europe and
Middle East), and Military Parachuting
MD, Hopkins, 1968
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Internship, Tulane, 1968-69 Special Forces Association

Ophthalmology Residency, Baylor, 1972-75 St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Houston

Retina Fellowship, Baylor, 1975-76 St. John Eye Hospital, Jerusalem

Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners, 1969 Favorite Medical School Stories:
My favorite course in medical school: History of
Diplomate, American Board of Ophthalmology, 1976 Medicine

Fellow, American College of Surgeons, 1980 My favorite activity in medical school: The Pithotomy
Fellow, International College of Surgeons, 1983
My favorite physical activity in medical school: Running
Professional and Volunteer Awards in Patterson Park
and Recognition:
US Army: Colonel, Medical Corps; Special Forces Tab; Life Since Graduation:
Flight Surgeon Badge; Master Parachutist Badge Since being in practice, my joy has been in caring for my
long-term patients and in teaching medical students and
Texas State Guard: Colonel, Medical Corps; Military residents in Houston and in Eastern Europe. My hope is
Emergency Management Badge to practice as long as I’m able.

Meritorious Service Medal, US Army, 20th Special Forces Words of Wisdom:
Group (Airborne), 1998 Pursue the specialty that seems to be the most fun.

Outstanding Humanitarian Service Award, American Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Academy of Ophthalmology, 2001 Carol Steib Butner, my wife of 51 years

International Public Service Award, Foundation of the Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2002 University of Texas and University of Houston School of
Special Diploma, Ophthalmological Society of Bosnia and
Herzegovina, 2009 Spouse or Partner’s Professional and Volunteer
Distinguished Medical Alumnus Award, Johns Hopkins Partner, Fulbright and Jaworski Law Firm, Houston,
University School of Medicine, 2011 1980-2006
Post-retirement Pro Bono Litigation
Honorary Membership, Union of Bulgarian
Ophthalmologists, 2013

Outstanding Teacher Award, University of Texas-

Department of Ophthalmology, 2014
Confrere, Order of St. John of Jerusalem, 2015

Texas Outstanding Service Medal, Texas State Guard, 8th
Civil Affairs Regiment, 2017



Address: 4308 Greenway, Baltimore, MD 21218
Email: [email protected] Phone: 410-235-5761 (home), 410-955-9675 (work)

Degrees and Certificates: and poor infrastructure it just does not improve. So what
JHU School of Medicine, MD has kept us here? JHU has given me great collaborators,
1968, Med Int, Resident- JHU wonderful young faculty to help develop, lots of lab
1968-1970, Senior Resident Albert Einstein School of space and positions and the equipment we have obtained
Medicine 1970-1971, GI Fellowship- Yale University belong to Hopkins. Our GI is thriving, the science is
SOM 1971-1974 exciting, enabling us to translate our findings to reduced
deaths from diarrheal diseases that are always just around
Professional and Volunteer Awards the corner. I have not yet figured out how long the lab
and Recognition: will stay when there are so many things we want to do,
ASCI; AAP; Fellow AAAS; American Physiologic our next steps haven’t yet come into focus.
Association Career Achievement Award and Davenport
Lectureship; American Gastroenterological Association; Words of Wisdom:
President. Gastrointestinal Research Group; President, Find something you are passionate about and love doing.
interurban Clinical Club. It is an honor to care for patients.

Hobbies: Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Exercising and Travelling Jacqueline Marx Donowitz- married 50 years.

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
J Street- working to save Israel from itself. Tufts University

Favorite Medical School Stories: Spouse or Partner’s Professional
Hopkins did me a huge favor that affected my life. and Volunteer Career:
After year 1, I attended the wedding of a classmate and Educator, superintendent Villa Maria School, Baltimore,
expected to sleep over in Reed Hall; but no. I had not Maryland. Largest school for children with emotional,
called ahead for a reservation. I ended up sleeping on the learning and other disabilities.
floor of Steve Marx who in the morning suggested I call
his sister for a date. 53 years later, still the best thing that Children and Grandchildren:
has ever happened to me. Michael- vice president, Fidelity. Paul- Human Rights
lawyer- Global Witness, 4 grandchildren- Jacob, Emma,
When I watched Baltimore burning at the killing of Clara, Nora.
Martin L King, we took the pack route of the Baltimore
and I thought we would never come back. In fact, we
did escape for 20 years, before I was brought back to
Baltimore by Jack Stobo to be Chief of GI. That was only
the second job I have had, having been in the Department
of Medicine under Sheldon Wolff at the Tufts University
School of Medicine/ New England Medical Center. Now
30 years after returning, I continue to enjoy the Hopkins
collaborative scientific environment and the wonderful
and talented clinicians. Great environment to do science;
the collaborations come easily and allow joint funding to
support scientific inquiry and help young investigators
move their careers forward. I have considered leaving
Baltimore many times, primarily because of seeing how
the underserved, largely African American population
has been denied a chance to develop a decent lifestyle—
Baltimore just does not work. My wife, as so many
Baltimoreans, has worked hard to improve the schools,
the foster children program, the poor neighborhoods; so
many great people giving it their all, but with the poverty



Address: 2021 Garnet Rd., York, Pennsylvania 17403
Email: [email protected] Phone: 717-845-4007 717-676-8108

Degrees and Certificates: Life Since Graduation:
M.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (1968);
internal medicine residency, Osler Medical Service, Johns I was on the Hopkins faculty in Rheumatology from
Hopkins School of Medicine (1968-1970); internal 1974 to 1982 and then entered private practice in
medicine residency, UCLA (1970-1971); fellowship in Pensacola, FL until 1988. Since 1988 until 2004, I
rheumatology, UCLA 1971-1974) practiced rheumatology in York, PA. York has active and
well established residency teaching programs which I
Board certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology have enjoyed. After leaving practice, I joined the full-
time faculty of Harrisburg Area Community College in
Hobbies: Biology, as they established a new campus (one of five) in
Reading, travel, and recently discovered...napping! York. This gave me the opportunity to renew my interests
in the basic sciences and to interact with what are really
Favorite Medical School Stories: some amazing students who can juggle coming from non-
I value associations with a number of Hopkins mentors academic backgrounds, working often full time, going
such as Dick Winterbauer, chief resident during my to school, raising children (one had a set of 3-year old
internship, and Dr. Philip Tumulty, but especially with triplets, but managed to make it to an 8 AM class), all at
Dr. Mary Betty Stevens who was my mentor and friend. the same time. I continue to teach one class a year as an
adjunct, but get to sit in my living room and watch but
My least favorite medical school activity, dog lab. I can not worry about the snowfall, e.g. March 21, 2018, 13
still hear Dr. Jake Handelsman saying to me, “Doctor, are inches!
you going to tie off that bleeder?” This had something to
do with my decision to go into Internal Medicine.



Address: 411 Poppasquash Road, Bristol, Rhode Island 02809
Email: [email protected] Phone: 401-254-5083

Degrees and Certificates: I was elected President of the Association of Women
Johns Hopkins University Psychiatrists, the American Medical Women’s Association,
School of Medicine, M.D., 1968 and as Chairman of the Group on Baccalaureate-Medical
Degree Programs. I received the 2003 Women in
Rotating Internship, US Public Health Service 1968-69 Medicine Leadership Award from the Association of
American Medical Colleges and was selected as a Local
Johns Hopkins University Adult Psychiatry Residency, Legend in the National Library of Medicine’s Exhibition:
1969-71 “Changing the Face of Medicine” at the National
Institutes of Health.
Johns Hopkins University Child Psychiatry Residency,
1971-73 I have been active locally and elected to leadership
positions in a number of organizations and programs,
Professional and Volunteer Awards such as: the Board of Trustees of the Providence
and Recognition: Mental Health Center, President of the RI Medical
I earned my medical degree from the Johns Hopkins Women’s Association, President of the Board of Reach
University School of Medicine in Baltimore, received Out and Read, Commissioner on the RI Commission
a Henry Strong Denison Scholar in Medical Research on Women, Chair of the Rhode Island School Health
and completed a medical internship in the United States Advisory Council, and so on. Now I am retired and a
Public Health Service, before returning to Johns Hopkins Distinguished Life Fellow in the American Psychiatric
for training in Adult and Child Psychiatry. Association and a Fellow in the American Academy of
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
I have always strived to further ongoing contributions
to advocacy, outreach and public education, with a Hobbies:
particular interest in programs designed to foster health Gardening-Master Gardener University of RI
maintenance and to further illness prevention. My Orchids- Vice President Ocean State Orchid Society
educational activities and interests cross borders between
disciplines, between the Medical School and the Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
University, and between the University and the larger Gender Equity
community. With a strong commitment to the personal
and professional development of women students and Reach Out and Read Rhode Island
faculty, I played a leadership role in establishing an Office
of Women in Medicine at Brown University. While an Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Associate Dean at Brown (Student Development and Dr. Mel H. Epstein
Women’s Affairs), I helped create: The Office of Women
in Medicine, the Harriet W. Sheridan Literature and Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Medicine Lectureship (the first of its kind in a medical Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
school) and the Stanley D. Simon Affinity Group
Lectureship. Brown University nominated me for an Children and Grandchildren:
American Council on Education (ACE) Fellowship, We have three children (two of whom attended Johns
which I was awarded and I spent the 1998-99 academic Hopkins Medical School) and four grandchildren.
year as one of two physicians participating in the ACE’s
national leadership program.

I have worked to further the educational and professional
environment for all women in academic medicine and
to expand the links between medicine, the humanities
and social sciences. I have served on Project Medical
Education through appointment by the President of the
Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and
the Council of Academic Societies and was elected to the
American Osler Society and to the Society for Leadership
in Academic Medicine.



Address: 1240 Waverly Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Email: [email protected] Phone: 650-515-5850

Degrees and Certificates: Life Since Graduation:
JHUSOM, MD 1968, Mt. Zion Hospital, San Francisco I am greatly enjoying a small private practice in psychiatry
rotating internship 1968-1969, Harvard University after retiring from many years of inpatient and outpatient
Medical School Residency: McLean Hospital 1969-1971, hospital-based work. Now have time to grandparent
Beth Israel Hospital 1971-1973 amazing and beautiful grandchildren.

Professional and Volunteer Awards and Words of Wisdom:
Recognition: Respect the patient as a person and enjoy what you can do
Paul M. Howard Prize, Harvard University Medical for them.
School 1971. Shared 1985 Nobel Peace Prize with other
MDs of International Physicians for the Prevention of Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Nuclear War after founding the 2nd largest US chapter Rita deSales French, PhD
in 1981. Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Medal in
Biography, 2003. Distinguished Fellow of the American Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Psychiatric Association, 2018. Boston University BS, Stanford University PhD

Hobbies: Spouse or Partner’s Professional
Painting; guitar; ballad writing and Volunteer Career:
Clinical Psychologist. Board member, children’s health
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: council; Palo Alto University (Pacific Graduate School of
Ploughshares Fund, Council for a Livable World, Psychology)
Physicians for Social Responsibility/ International
Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Children and Grandchildren:
Daughter Leslie passed the Bar on the first try at 7
Favorite Medical School Stories: months pregnant and has been a superb practicing
Unlike my father, who had a rip-roaring time at JHU mother of two marvelous and musically talented children
Medical School during prohibition, I really don’t have ever since.
favorite medical school stories—though I did have some
fun with the Pithotomy Shows and goofing off with Jim



Address: 8343 Tally Ho Rd., Luterhville-Timonium, MD 21093
Email: [email protected] Phone: 410-337-0130

Degrees and Certificates: Words of Wisdom:
AB, Princeton ‘64 Get as broad an experience as possible in the many
different realms of medicine before settling down to a
MD, Johns Hopkins ‘68 “sub-sub-sub-specialty”

Otolaryngology -Johns Hopkins ‘76; Board Certified ‘68 There is a lot of satisfaction to be had in just helping
plain, ordinary everyday people with plain, ordinary
Hobbies: everyday medical problems. I think this fact tends to get
Music; member of Susquehanna Symphony-have played overlooked in this era of super sophisticated high tech
in St Patrick’s Cathedral and Carnegie Hall; Did Academy medicine. Your family and friends think of you as being
week with Baltimore Symphony 2017-played with BSO able to advise them about their earache or sore throat and
in Meyerhoff. Chamber music occasionally. are not particularly interested knowing your skill-level
with Transoral Robotic pharyngolaryngeal surgery.
Also still enjoy skiing and travel and visiting grandkids
with Elaine, to whom I have been very happily married Spouse or Partner’s Name:
for 54 years. Elaine

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
World Wildlife Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Linden NJ High School, Trenton State College
FINCA, Helping Up Mission, Baltimore Lutheran
Campus Ministry, Baltimore Outreach Service Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Favorite Medical School Stories: Baltimore Outreach Services; Pickersgill Nursing Home;
One of our classmates took critical references home the My first secretary and office manager; Wife and mother
day before a big exam; other classmates phoned him extraordinaire! Best friend and life partner I could ever
saying unless he returned the references to the Professor’s have imagined and definitely better than I deserved.
office by 11:00 pm he would not be allowed to take the
exam; our classmate apparently went crazy trying to get Children and Grandchildren:
security to let him into the Basic Science building to Son Bill is an intellectual property attorney in NYC and
return the reference materials to a Professor who wasn’t manages the European end of the practice.
there. Of course this is only hearsay so it might not be
true! Daughter Heidi is a communications director for a lean
healthcare consulting firm, Portland, OR.
Life Since Graduation:
Along the way, I did a lot of Emergency Room work in Daughter Alison, is a graduate nurse/instructor at South
Ocean City and Connecticut which I believe really helped Shore Hospital, lives in Hingham, Mass.
me in the practice of ENT. I still love going to the office
on a reduced schedule since giving up surgery at the end Grandkids are 6 in number—-eldest will graduate from
of 2016. Occidental College in Los Angeles this May, his younger
brother is also at Oxy. Two granddaughters, Age 14, a
grandson 11 and granddaughter 10 complete the next



Address: 411 Boxwood Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
Email: [email protected] Phone: 610-525-4977 Cell: 610-212-6119

Degrees and Certificates: We help maintain a monastery for Tibetan Bon refugees
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, M.D., 1968 in Northern India. We have supported the Tibetan
community in Philadelphia with job training, housing,
Cornell University Hospitals, New York Hospital and medical care and immigration. We were instrumental in
Memorial Sloan Kettering, Internship and Residency, the choice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to receive the
1968-1971 Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center in
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore
Hospital, Cardiology Fellowship, 1971-1973 Favorite Medical School Stories:
I remember most vividly the riots and fires of April, 1968
Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.
We could see the city burning around us from the roof
Fellow of American College of Cardiology, American of Reed Hall. I remember the soldiers standing shoulder
Heart Association and American College of Chest to shoulder with bayonets drawn surrounding the entire
Physicians medical complex. I remember Hopkins staff members
sleeping anywhere they could since it was unsafe to travel
Professional and Volunteer Awards home. I remember some of us, as graduating seniors,
and Recognition: being pressed into duty in triage and elsewhere.
Assistant Attending Physician, Morrisania Hospital,
1972-1973 Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Catherine Morris Granett
John C. Sable Research Fellowship, 1972-1973
Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Chair Coronary Care Committee, Palomar Hospital, Marymount Manhattan College, B.A. US International
Escondido, California, 1975-1977 University, M.A. Urban Planning

Associate Clinical Professor, University of California, San Spouse or Partner’s Professional
Diego, 1973-1986 and Volunteer Career:
Charlene has been a public school music teacher initially
Group Director, Clinical Investigation, Smithkline and later devoted herself to raising our children. We have
Beecham, 1986-2002 been happily married over 52 years and looking forward
to more years.
Mainly golf and reading mysteries and nonfiction. Children and Grandchildren:
Also enjoy travel both in the US and internationally. Our only child, Daniel, left high school at age 16 to take
a full time job as Associate Editor of Game Fan Magazine.
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: Subsequently he graduated Summa Cum Laude from
Since retirement, my wife Cathy and I have devoted our UCLA with a degree in Japanese. He was planning a
lives to our ongoing charitable pursuits. We have built career as a journalist or in international relations but was
and maintained clinics, schools and hostels in India and killed in a car accident 4 months after graduation from
Tibet and have funded eye camps and cataract surgeries in UCLA.
Tibet, Tanzania, Cambodia, India, Nepal and elsewhere
leading to restoration of sight in thousands. We have
helped to preserve the cultural heritage of the Bon
religion which had existed in Tibet for thousands of years
but which had been nearly annihilated by the Chinese
invasion of Tibet. We helped to smuggle one-of-a-kind
Holy Scriptures out of Tibet and funded the digital
scanning of these ancient texts ensuring their survival.



2121 Webster St , Apartment 607, San Francisco, CA 94115
Email: [email protected] Phone: 510-860-0576 510-816-0576

Degrees and Certificates: Research Institute (currently UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital)
Johns Hopkins University, A.B. where I currently hold the Clorox Endowed Chair and serve
1964. as Director of the Center for Immunobiology and Vaccine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, M.D., 1968 Development.
University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, During the 1990’s, no manufacturer was motivated to develop
Pediatric Internship, 1968-1969 a meningococcal vaccine for Sub-Saharan Africa because the
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Pediatric Residency, 1969-1971 African epidemics were largely caused by serogroup A strains,
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine at which rarely caused disease in industrialized countries. In 1999
Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital, Pediatric Infectious I proposed to WHO to create a not-for-profit virtual company
Diseases Fellowship, 1973-1975 to develop a low cost serogroup A conjugate vaccine for Sub-
Medical licensure, California, 1973-present Saharan Africa. These efforts ultimately led to a 10-year, $70
Board Certification, Pediatrics, 1971-present million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to
Professional and Volunteer Awards and Recognition: PATH and WHO, and the formation of a partnership called
In 1980, I was appointed Director of Pediatric Infectious the Meningitis Vaccine Project. The serogroup A conjugate
Diseases at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor vaccine was introduced Sub-Saharan Africa in December
of Pediatrics and Molecular Immunology at Washington 2010. By the end of 2017, more than 300 million people had
University School of Medicine, St.Louis (advanced to Professor, been immunized. Studies indicate that the vaccine is highly
1985). My research in the 1980s focused on human immunity efficacious both in preventing group A epidemics and decreasing
to Haemophilus influenzae type b polysaccharide (Hib). We colonization, which is critical to establish herd immunity.
showed that the unconjugated Hib polysaccharide vaccine My main research focus over the last decade has been on a
was largely ineffective in preventing Hib disease in children. meningococcal vaccine antigen called “Factor H binding
In contrast, a single injection of a Hib conjugate vaccine in protein” (FHbp). With my colleague, Sanjay Ram, we
which the polysaccharide was coupled to meningococcal outer discovered that complement FH bound to one of the recently
membrane proteins, elicited protective se rum anticapsular discovered meningococcal serogroup B vaccine candidates,
antibody responses in two month-old infants. This result was called “Genome-Derived Antigen” (GNA) 1870. Further, FH
unexpected since most scientists at the time believed that two- binding was critical for the bacteria to survive in human serum.
month-olds did not have mature B cells capable of responding to Because of this important function, we proposed that “GNA
polysaccharide antigens. Our findings proved that B cells, with 1870” be renamed FHbp. In subsequent studies we identified
the appropriate rearranged genes, were in fact present at age two that the binding of FH to FHbp was specific for human and
months, but not activated by unconjugated Hib polysaccharide, some non-human primate FH. In animals other than primates,
or Hib polysaccharide coupled to other carrier proteins such as complement activation on the organism in the absence of
diphtheria or tetanus toxoids. We also showed the IgG subclass binding FH is unregulated and proceeds to bacteriolysis, which
responses of vaccinated children were genetically regulated and helped explain why these animals have natural immunity and
the importance of anticapsular antibody avidity in eliciting that meningococcus only causes disease in humans.
complement-mediated bactericidal activity (which correlates FHbp is part of two vaccines recently licensed in the United
with protection against developing invasive Hib disease). States for prevention of serogroup B meningococcal disease.
With my colleague, Peter Beernink, we immunized human
With Alexander Lucas, we also used idiotypic analysis to FH transgenic mice and showed that FH binding to the FHbp
investigate variable region gene diversity of human antibodies antigen decreased serum bactericidal antibody responses,
specific for Hib polysaccharide, and identified highly penetrant possibly by covering important epitopes and directing the
and predominant cross-reactive idiotype expressed in immunized antibody repertoire towards epitopes outside of the FH binding
infants and adults, which underscored the limited variable site. We therefore created mutant FHbp vaccines with one or
region gene diversity of Hib anticapsular antibodies. We also two amino acid changes that eliminated FH binding. These
found dramatic changes in light chain variable region gene vaccines elicited higher serum bactericidal antibody responses in
utilization as a function of age, and vaccine type; and that light human FH transgenic mice and in an infant primate model than
chain usage affected anticapsular antibody avidity and functional control vaccines containing wild type FHbp that bound human
activity. or primate FH. Thus, the immunogenicity of current FHbp-
based vaccines can be improved in humans by introducing
In 1993 I moved to the Bay Area of Northern California, as amino acid substitutions in the FHbp antigen to eliminate FH
Vice-President of Scientific Affairs at Chiron Corporation where binding. Several mutant FHbp vaccines discovered by my group
I oversaw development of several vaccines including Hib and are currently under development by vaccine manufacturers.
meningococcal conjugate vaccines. In 1998, left industry and Honors and awards, Alpha Omega Alpha, Faculty honoree,
became a Senior Scientist at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Washington University School of Medicine; Member (emeritus),
the American Society of Clinical Investigation; Elected Fellow,
The American Academy of Microbiology; 10th Annual Stanley
A. Plotkin Lecture in Vaccinology (2010, Pediatric Infectious

Diseases Society) and the 2014 Maurice Hilleman/Merck wonderful role models -excellent clinicians, educators and
Laureate for outstanding contributions to vaccine discovery and physician-scientists and occasionally professors who did all
development, American Society of Microbiology; Johns Hopkins three. These faculty members, including Bob Cooke, David
School of Medicine Distinguished Medical Alumnus Award Carver, Bob Blizzard, and Mary Ellen Avery to name just a
(2017) few in Pediatrics, served as role models in my career. My fellow
pediatric residents, including Russ Chesney (sadly, recently
Hobbies: deceased), Bob Haslam and Norman Fost also taught me much
I enjoy seeing films, reading, theater, travel, swimming and about patient care and aspiring for excellence.
hiking. Most recent book was “The Beak of the Finch” by
Jonathan Weiner. It is an amazing narrative of the work by Changes on horizon--retirement is on the horizon (later this
two evolution biologists over 40 year to investigate the role of year).
environmental selection and fitness in generation of different
species of Darwin finches on an island in the Galapagos (read Words of Wisdom:
before going on a recent 10 day trip to the Galapagos--a totally There are so many brilliant students entering medical
amazing travel experience). and graduate school in recent years with strong scientific
backgrounds. My main advice is to spend time on learning how
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: to write (finding the narrative or story for a scientific study).
Education of the next generation of physician scientists. I also This skill is often neglected, only learned by writing and more
serve on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Jewish Film writing--and critical for a successful academic career.
Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Favorite Medical School Stories: Marjory A Kaplan
In 1963, at age 19 years, I arrived at Johns Hopkins as a “Year
1” student. My first mentor was John Money, a brilliant medical Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
psychologist but a controversial figure (remember the “way-out” B.A, Chatham College, J.D., University of California Hastings
art displays in Reed Hall, which he curated, and the films he College of Law
sponsored that were supposed to enlighten us about human
sexuality?). Money pioneered research on sex and gender identity Spouse or Partner’s Professional and Volunteer Career:
long before terms like transgender were part of our lexicon. He Marjory and I have been together for five years, she had a long
taught me how to write a scientific paper; and the importance career as a family lawyer in solo practice and retired a few years
of checking and rechecking data. I vividly remember taking a ago. She is an avid reader (three book clubs), enjoys cooking,
manuscript to his office around 7 p.m., and leaving at midnight hiking and travel, and is active at the local Oakland Y.
without a single sentence untouched. The result though was my
first scientific paper on Turner’s syndrome. Children and Grandchildren:
Two children (Jeffery and Jonathan, with Alice Baghdassarian
I also remember our lecture on the complement pathways as Granoff). Jeffery received an AB from Dartmouth College and
part of the Year 2 microbiology-immunology course. I was MBA from Cornell University. He is an executive in a real
completely lost; if someone had suggested that 50 years later I estate development company in Miami, Florida. Jonathan did
would be working on components of the classical and alternative his undergraduate education at Colby College in Maine, and
complement pathways, I would have told them that the received a J.D. at Franklin Pierce School of Law (currently
probability was 0. University of New Hampshire School of Law). He (and his
wife Liza Granoff) are both Assistant U.S. Federal Prosecutors
Life Since Graduation: in Tucson, AZ. I have five grandchildren, Peter (age 16) and
I am immensely grateful for the education I received at Hopkins Natalie (age 13) in Tucson, and Callie (age 9) and Corrine and
both as a student and a pediatric resident. There were so many Colten (twins, age 7) in Miami.


F. T E R R Y H A M B R E C H T

Address: 14015 Manorvale Rd., Rockville, MD 20853
Email: [email protected] Phone: 301-460-3009

Degrees and Certificates: 1994 Goldenson Technology Award (United Cerebral Palsy)
1961 - B.S. Purdue University
(Electrical Engineering - E.E.) 1969-1999 U.S. patents for cochlear implant technology

1963 - M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (E.E.) Hobbies:
Scuba diving, researching Civil War medicine, model railroad,
1968 - M.D. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine hiking, riding on restored steam-era railroads and cruising with
my wife.
1968-1969 Surgical internship, Duke University
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
1969-1999 Research Associate, Laboratory of Neural Control, The National Museum of Civil War Medicine (co-founder)
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke,
National Institutes of Health (NINDS/NIH) Favorite Medical School Stories:
Ghee Harvey, my lab partner, telling me to “JUST STICK IT
Professional and Volunteer Awards and Recognition: IN” while I hesitated during my first attempt at venipuncture.
1972-1999 Head, Neural Prosthesis Program, NINDS/NIH
Life Since Graduation:
1981-1992 Board member, Centers for the Handicapped My proudest achievement was heading the international
Development Corp. (non-profit) group that developed the multichannel cochlear implant for
deaf individuals and knowing that over 400,000 have been
1981-1985 Section editor, Annals of Biomedical Engineering implanted. Hopefully, implants will be developed which will
replace and/or supplement other senses and motor deficits.
1982-1983 Chairman, Publications Board, Biomedical
Engineering Society Words of Wisdom:
Don’t listen to people who try to impart wisdom.
1987-1989 President, Centers for the Handicapped
Development Corp. (non-profit) Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Maureen (nee: Volz)
1988-1999 Scientific Committee, International Spinal Research
Trust Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
University of Maryland
1991-1996 Board member, National Museum of Civil War
Medicine (NMCWM) Spouse or Partner’s Professional and Volunteer Career:
NINDS/NIH extramural grant referral liaison (assigns grant
1994-1996 Vice President, NMCWM applications to various programs within NIH)

1997-1999 Member, Interagency Committee on Disability Children and Grandchildren:
Research, Subcommittee on Technology, U. S. Government Oldest son, Christopher, is an architect and has his own firm,
Member Design 45, which is located in Brinklow, MD.

1997-1999 International Scientific Advisory Panel, Danish Youngest son, Kevin, is a computer guru with U.S. Silica in
National Research Foundation Frederick, MD.

1998-2018 Senior Technical Advisor, NMCWM We have six grandchildren, two in college. They range in age
from 11 to 21 years old
1999-2004 Special Consultant on Cochlear Implants, National
Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders,

Member- Eta Kappa Nu (electrical engineering honorary)

Member - Tau Beta Pi (engineering honorary society)

Member - Sigma Xi (scientific research honorary society)

Fellow - American Institute for Medical and Biological

1975 U.S. Public Health Service Commendation Medal

1980 U.S. Public Health Service Meritorious Service Medal

1986 U.S. Public Health Service Distinguished Service Medal

1990 Secretary of Health and Human Services Distinguished
Volunteer Service Award



6917 Address: 6917 Old Pimlico Rd., Baltimore, MD 21209
Email: [email protected] Phone: 410-602-4020

Division Personal and professional and away from the bench. As I became more involved in health
ceinnteof Activities: policy and health systems issues, Dr. Carpenter asked me if he
For the first 7 years after the class could submit my name to the newly elected Governor of Ohio
as a possible candidate for Director of the Ohio Department of
Doty in of 68 graduated, I continued as a student at Hopkins (my wife Health. Two weeks later, I was director of the Ohio Department
of Health (ODH).
says it’s just that I’m a slow learner). I had finished my Ph.D.
whetoeiaknuhmgoldofiuntsmrpp'atyilwtwacYilaotehidmtIwCOauwiomfsrmtlrorhaepsiIryrDsnicm.seorgIbs.TmexwudBoymhipaacrtsrpiaeodhesblsertrrpi1)oooir9—nuieoA6mneggn6dhrwi.atyctamIiiseeanwaiftlanroLogs tmtaohnCet1miN9nd6taer8vr.yntinosipnt6eh9tceh.ifeUAiclf.aatSlsel.tryNymteoaayvrwysinooMtrfekertndhoisnechacilpo,ld I spent three hectic years in state government. The team at
stress physiology in the Sea Lab deep-sea diving project. I had ODH helped me to reconfigure the Certificate of Need program
to get politics out of it and make it truly based on community
a remarkable two years working with an enormously talented needs. We worked across the aisle with leadership in both
parties to establish a statewide multi-hospital Consortium for
mHenhaot. rpUDcDkhneiuiantUrtsihanntSigStcHyhatnohtoaarUesndpeomU.daSrk.la1fodnruiNek0onlmidlaavyfisbvcyeyeqlaeNufetrS;eoaCscsadulihiirnrfottoricesyeosyeaudlmiIewnonFf.faiagsrIeDisrlea,tesi-ldvlwCsioiatnnlhaehgnsegasraddaedndtedmheSpeias-osslviepoaapngodesrivwtauenirnmd.iTtmayhcittinusogaiasltltyeetsesgtpn,redatchditaeuhlaelyted the distribution of solid organs (livers and hearts), the first such
been enormMoaustesrlCyhiseuf tpoopkomretiavsidee aonfd promised that he would not let state-wide consortium for such a complex social and medical
kind of partnmee rdroownne. can only issue. This program was the basis of my receiving one of the 10
Centennial Awards for contributions to public health in Ohio
shCda.laenOfvdteeurdlraionoeuddldr.ewaWsWmIprnitrrteohh1hdigciv9ietrichea7aninm1nHil,leod3aIwiatunnr0,sHedeetouoChFtropugenolklceeloriooudnvwtmssrt.seoosphIllnHineapot1oenpf9ptr7dkho3ieg.n,rfsaIirmtdsote. fctIiwindwoiesadhysetlmauorcysakpriynepselityndhoeteonuncgteyhhueirtnoology during the first century of the ODH. The Governor also asked
h, she was agtetrsieslekctefdoarndthwoerksedafmrome September 1973 to September me to take a leave of absence and help clean up a scandal-ridden
e there was 1n9o74 pasraosptoecciaol alsstisotant to the administrator of the Department of MR-DD. That was an exciting effort, which
mDlmpeirnex.ecdtCdlrueiadadmretpeeceedrlcnyeDuatewlsatlEotiornfenueetdbv-yarlcietIrilhnhoinprannfdaneegomrWgtciirefhnacaenasigpiDhtnitsaaveialndtxoiePgplnnditrteotoeyrgiynitnete—nwcamhrtcintaeaoioh,jgntdoearerhsAykiewn-goaeetrenftorcrnfyaa.vWtIeitloaewtndeaarolgsvcaaeoterrn.effmoIetruaewrrnkaccasoebnstlrteouinnlyyeenaarts, led to more than 300 criminal indictments, the disbarment of
e of serving eansvirdonirmeecnttaol rheoaltfh trheperesenting the EPA. I remained a the chief counsel of the department and working collaboratively
sttoathioenlptomhaekcpleorpinosirutiitdlitmeaesnnttahtntrooifdEuygPahAttoohountroytehsneevfFioroorrndmaenndtaClahretaerlthyeRar&s.D funding with a state senator who was a member of the other political
party to craft major reform legislation to minimize the risk of
hitinlidceao. lnSshacteiaelgnIrcCaerAfdUreof/stuimpedrnaeuDcntuocbermy.rdlCsipincealefrntpriepanoeuntgormtoteAllhrioactglttolyyhy.jeoIeaaitrnh,neILdnreeiagtcuhcrenTpehtdeodmtompHsyoon“pfiakrnsintdsrCefaohlrujmocbky”acoshffieerf similar horrendous things happening in the future.
urse. In recetnhet Dyiereactrosr,ofsthheeMhedaicsal Intensive Care Unit at University
. She helps HkoesepiptalsthofeClbevuelasnind.eIssspent the next nine years at CWRU. I After leaving state government, I ran for the U.S. Congress in
ohtrnhve,oeirdcfcfeoaoormisumlsrmammccirthaitosenilseuafhdddrsfnarotrdieiamttnteraohbwsngLuNaelec.ystiIcohgHs)echpsfeolsfsaTiftuiuhunscpoloepfnecdmfaorrtfrrprvrdtioseoysiiomadcn.cfaletaraShenbnsehodutDhsefDcaiitvtr.iassttCiiuooadnnrip.eodeWfnCrtieetlshriu,nsttichchiaeetlasitPtnirhotoenannrgmosifvsautechpoceplaoborgerrytain 1986 in Columbus, Ohio (a place about which Jack Kennedy
once said, “There is no place in America where I get more
into a separate Division of Critical Care Medicine. We applause and less votes than Columbus, Ohio.” I found out what
he meant!). Thankfully, the run was unsuccessful. Raising the
o adoption aegsteabnlicshyedinan AEthmices Criecnater to study edge of life issues in the money then was awful. Today it is even worse. The unfettered
Hara-onlodi,wVoiemtnaIaCnmUtow, iwtah dhthoee psruetppwaonrteof the Cleveland Foundation. flood of money into campaigns today is one of the things that
eunsmsegciychooenluordnacgd“oolialnnetlgTrOysaohepstelacveitMsrhire.oieIniItrnlCa.sydaUorSn.cft”haeohetvreSuea.UrhwygHdShefhooewhuniearsessatschlvlhhentrriayoagishrnoetim,nltgihnpeisrMcoegnIrCatmUofsrmwetyeurreenxmpedeorvtioeinnagcnetsoeovenry makes me fear for our children’s future.
do, loves toothderranwightarontadtiodna(envecrey nsight for the attending physician).
ce in June foTrhistwdecoreadseadnthceenumber of transitions of care, currently Since 1986, I have been particularly interested in the translation
of quality improvement from the manufacturing world to
a problem in 2015 training programs. Despite the increased healthcare. I’ve worked extensively trying to improve the quality
number of hours, the teacher of the year in the Department of of care for vulnerable populations. Most of my work has been in
Medicine came from the ICU attending physicians for most quality improvement in skilled nursing facilities for frail elderly
of those nine years. My work began to shift to the ethics issues patients and patients with mental retardation and developmental
disabilities who have serious medical illness. Along the way, I
have been involved in a number of entrepreneurial activities.
I was the first president of APACHE Medical Systems (which
went public) and founded a software company in an attempt
to build a smart electronic medical record for nursing homes
in the late 1980’s (a not-for-profit venture, even though it was
designed to be a for-profit venture).

I am still working full time and still enjoying it as much as ever.
My major work now is consulting for the federal government,
state governments and providers of post-acute care. For the
past 23+ years, I have been back in Baltimore and have been
on the adjunct faculty in the SOM as a professor of medicine
in the Division of Geriatrics. I have been on the Admissions
Committee for 13 years (a lot of work, but worth it). On a



lighter note, Doty and I and the kids enjoy traveling (China, the Elizabeth has been a joy. For 21 years she was our only child.
Galápagos, Scotland, and Tanzania, Australia and New Zealand She graduated from the University of Maryland, receiving a
in 2018). Katherine and I love to play tennis. Doty is trying to Bachelor of Arts in political science/public policy and a Bachelor
get me to cut back a little on the workload, so far to little avail. of Science in nursing. She started working as a neonatal ICU
nurse at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. She is a
I am looking forward to seeing as many of the class of ‘68 dynamite nurse. In recent years, she has been kind enough
as can get back for the reunion. This celebration of our 50th to work with me in our consulting firm. She helps keep the
anniversary has also prompted me to begin to do a better job business side of the organization humming (a task at which
at reaching out to catch up with classmates who live in cities her father fails miserably) and is an enormous asset in much
that I am visiting on business. We all need to do a better job at of our legal defense work for providers across the country. She
keeping in touch with all those who played a role in shaping our is married to a Navy attorney who was JAG of the year for the
wonderful experiences at Hopkins. Southwest quarter of the USA 2 years ago. He is a wonderful
young man, committed to the service of his country, and who
Life Since Graduation: rapidly became (as an adult) another of our children. They have
I was lucky enough to marry Doty in 1966 (51 going on 52 made us Grandparents and John is now 2 and a joy.
years ago). We had met the first week of my Year I experience
(Sept. 1960), while I was watching Alfred Blalock perform a 18 years ago, we decided to adopt an infant. Since no adoption
mitral commissurotomy in the cardiac surgery amphitheater. agency in America would entertain permitting a 58-year-old
Doty was on a tour of the hospital during her initial week in man and a 55-year-old woman to adopt an infant, we went
nursing school. After more than five years of putting up with halfway around the world just outside of Hanoi, Vietnam,
my Type A personality—and waiting for me to finish my Ph.D. where we adopted Katherine Minh Jackson. She is now 19 and
(she wouldn’t wait for both)—we got married as I returned to our second “only child.” She is currently a Sophomore at the
medical school in 1966. U of Maryland Honors College. She has blessed our lives with
her energy and her ability to keep us young in spirit. She does
She has had a varied professional career, teaching at the Hopkins often work too hard. She plays tennis better than I do, loves
School of Nursing, being the nursing director of the Pediatric to draw. She is tending towards a career in Marine Biology/
Clinical Research Unit at Hopkins for years and serving as the Environmental Policy.
head nurse in the pediatric emergency room. During the 10
years we were at Case Western Reserve, Doty worked in the Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Clinical Research Unit at University Hospitals and was the nurse
manager for the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Counseling Doty Small Jackson
and Treatment Center. Through all of these years, she has been
enormously supportive of my multiple changes in my career
path and has been the kind of partner one can only hope to be
lucky enough to find.

timore, MD 21209We have had two biological children and adopted the third.
Our oldest child, our son David, was born at Case Western

Reserve in 1975, a month after our arrival in Cleveland. David

com developed a fulminant case of Group B strep sepsis and died
full timewithin 30 hours of birth. That was one heck of a way to start

our new life in Cleveland. When we got pregnant two years

later with our older daughter, Elizabeth, she was at risk for the

ackson & Associates, Inc., 6917same exposure, as Doty was a group B strep carrier. At that time
there was no protocol to ameliorate the risk or to attempt to

21209 prevent the infection. Dr. Chuck Carpenter and his network
essor of Medicine in the Divisionin ID came up with a protocol for Doty and Elizabeth that
Medicine, in the Department ofincluded Doty receiving high-dose IV antibiotics for the 24

hours before delivery and immediate culturing and prophylactic

University School of Medicineantibiotics for Elizabeth at birth. This worked extremely well
se: Doty Small Jacksonfor Doty and Elizabeth. That approach, tested in a large clinical
trial, helped decrease the fatality rate of this disease by 80 to 90

percent. When I had the privilege of serving as director of the

lucky enough to marry Doty inOhio Department of Health several years later, I was able to help
We had met the first week of my Year I experiencemake it mandatory for women to be cultured for group B Strep
gDAoltfyrearwidtskw.eaeBks36loaof glneostatciaonktothopelpueidrernftioofy tfrhomsetcharreaiers wmho airte ratal commissurotomy in
hospital during her initial
ore than five years of putting up w2i4th my Type A

T H O M A S P. J A C O B S

Address: 66 Magnolia Avenue, Tenafly, NJ 07670
Email: [email protected] Phone: 212-305-5578

Degrees and Certificates: Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine MD 1968, Janice Carmody Jacobs

Columbia University: Internal Medicine Residency 1973 Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Columbia
University of Washington: Fellowship in Endocrinology University School of Social Work.
Spouse or Partner’s Professional
Professional and Volunteer Awards and Volunteer Career:
and Recognition: Worked at Roche and Merck till kids appeared, now
Medical and endocrine practice at Columbia since 1975, working with families with children in New Jersey
with lots of teaching and some research. Several teaching
awards and recently given a named professorship at Children and Grandchildren:
Columbia. The kids all making the world a little better, with great
spouses, happy grands, useful work (teacher, architect, AP
Hobbies: editor, constructing housing for the homeless, and web
Biking to work, walking puppies, gardening, and playing design using musical abilities).
with grands.

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Physicians for Human Rights (doing exams for asylum
candidates since 1999).

Life Since Graduation:
Janice (nee Carmody) and I have had a lucky and happy
marriage since 1968, with five children whom we admire
and so far nine grands, all of whom know how to laugh.



Degrees and Certificates: He was chair of the Board of the Baltimore Opera
BA and MD degrees from Johns Hopkins Company, and is on the board of the Modell Performing
Arts Center. He currently serves as vice- president of the
Life Since Graduation: board of directors of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, and is
Allan D. Jensen, M.D. received his BA and MD degrees vice-chair of the Peabody Institute Advisory board. He
from Johns Hopkins. After serving as resident and chief also serves on the advisory board of the Johns Hopkins
resident at the Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute at Sheridan Libraries, and the Board of the Governors at the
Johns Hopkins, and a fellowship at the Massachusetts Wilmer Eye Institute.
Eye and Ear Infirmary, he served as a Major in the United
States Air Force and was director of ophthalmology Spouse or Partner’s Name:
resident training at the Wilford Hall Medical Center. He Claire
returned to Baltimore and has had a solo private practice
of ophthalmology since 1976. Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Goucher College
He is an associate professor emeritus at Hopkins, and
an annual medical student teaching award bears his Spouse or Partner’s Professional
name. His activities in organized medicine include and Volunteer Career:
being president of the Baltimore City Medical Society, Claire was co-chair of the Friends of Peabody, and serves
MedChi (The Maryland State Medical Society), and the on the Acquisitions Committee of the Sheridan Libraries.
Maryland Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons, and
in 2004 he served as president of the American Academy
of Ophthalmology. He subsequently served on the
Foundation of the American Academy, and was president
of the Center for a Healthy Maryland, the Foundation of

He has served as a member of the Maryland Health Care
Commission, and the board of MedStar Health, the
largest health care system in the mid-Atlantic.
He is currently Chair of the Baltimore City Commission
on Aging.



Address: 4214 Fort Lynne Rd., Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802
Email: [email protected] Phone: 540-833-2929

Degrees and Certificates: Words of Wisdom:
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, M.D. 1968 We are all God’s children.
Success is serving others.
University of Pittsburgh, General Surgery Residency, Put down roots in a community.
Spouse or Partner’s Name:
American Board of Surgery, 1976 Marianne Reimer Kennel

Fellow American College of Surgeons, 1977 Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Professional and Volunteer Awards Homemaker.
and Recognition: Llama farmer.
General, vascular, and pulmonary surgery practice in
Harrisonburg, Virginia, from 1975 to 2010. Children and Grandchildren:
Medical staff positions as chief of medical staff, surgical Three married sons.
staff, and surgical credentials committee. Chris (Marija) M.D. ENT resident in Columbia,
Board of Directors of Rockingham Memorial Hospital for
16 years. Tim (Jayne) PHD. Statistics, Survey Methodology in
Washington D.C.
Golf, woodworking, gardening (vegetables, fruit trees, and Jonathan (Alicia) PHD. Engineering, Hydro-geology in
grapes), photography, travel, reading, and hiking. Waterloo, Ontario.

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: Five grandchildren.
Solar energy.

Natural beauty.


Favorite Medical School Stories:
An elective in anesthesiology at Baltimore City Hospital
with Drs. Redding and Pearson was formative to my
career. The recommendation from my faculty advisor to
consider a surgical residency at University of Pittsburgh
with Dr. Bahnson could not have been better. A summer
and senior elective at a hospital in Tanzania was an
excellent start for my surgical career.

Life Since Graduation:
I have been able to go on 10 surgical mission trips to
Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Retirement has given me time to do things I didn’t have
time for while in practice (golf, woodworking, and
visiting family).



Address: 131 South McCadden Place, Los Angelos, CA 90004
Email: [email protected] Phone: 310-657-2855 Cell: 323-828-1114

Degrees and Certificates: Life Since Graduation:
B.A. Rutgers University 1964 Biological Sciences; Phi Beta I continue to practice fulltime in my specialty of
Kappa; Rheumatology. I have also carved out a niche evaluating
and caring for injured workers in Rheumatology and
M.D. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Internal Medicine.
1968; Internship in Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins
Hospital, 1968-1969; Residency in Internal Medicine, Words of Wisdom:
Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1969-1970: fellowship in Care for patients in a humane and meaningful way.
Rheumatology, UCLA, 1972-1974
Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Professional and Volunteer Awards Irene Rose Levine
and Recognition:
Clinical Professor of Medicine and Rheumatology, Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
UCLA; now Emeritus UCLA

Hobbies: Spouse or Partner’s Professional
Reading; Travel; Sports and Volunteer Career:
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Medical Education

Favorite Medical School Stories:
I always recall the camaraderie that we exhibited and the
pride and dedication we showed knowing that we walked
in the footsteps of Giants.



9470 Chesapeake Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027
Email: [email protected] Phone: 615-936-8267

Degrees and Certificates: Words of Wisdom:
M.D. Johns Hopkins 1968 Find something that makes you happy.

Pulmonary disease Johns Hopkins 1972 Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Judith Ann Light
Eating Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Sports Mt. Saint Mary’s
Wine Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: RN
Children and Grandchildren:
Life Since Graduation: Between us we have 6 children and 13 grandchildren.
Professor Richard Light was born in Steamboat Springs,
Colorado, the son of a fox and mink farmer. He then
attended medical school at Johns Hopkins University
from 1964 to 1968 and subsequently did his training
in internal medicine and pulmonary diseases at that
institution. He then spent nearly 20 years at the
University of California Irvine where his positions
included Chief of the Pulmonary Diseases Section and
Associate Chief of Staff for Research at the Veterans
Administration Hospital in Long Beach. Dr. Light
moved to Vanderbilt University 21 years ago and is
presently Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University
in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Light is best known for his
research on pleural disease. He developed Light’s criteria
for the separation of transudates and exudates in 1972.
Subsequently, he has published many papers concerning
the pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of pleural
disease. Dr. Light is the editor of 16 books of which the
two most famous are the single authored monograph
Pleural Diseases which is now in its sixth edition and The
Textbook of Pleural Disease which he edits in conjunction
with Dr. YC Gary Lee which is in its the third edition.
Dr. Light has been an author on more than 450 articles
and has spoken in 57 countries. Dr. Light is married to
Judith Light, R.N.


J O H N H . M A C H L E D T, J R .

65 Beers Road, Easton, Connecticut 06612
Email: [email protected] Phone: 203-268-8737 203-520-3048

Degrees and Certificates: Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine, M.D., 1968; Phyllis Copley Machledt

Ohio State University Hospital, Internal Medicine Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Residency, 1969-1970; Goucher College

Duke Univ. Medical Center, Endocrine Fellowship, 1972- Spouse or Partner’s Professional
75 and Volunteer Career:
Community Service Director, Sacred Heart University;
Professional and Volunteer Awards Habitat for Humanity (Youth Group), American Field
and Recognition: Service
Scoutmaster, Easton, CT (10 years, Conn Gen Assembly
Citation); National Jamboree, 1989; Bible Study Leader, Children and Grandchildren:
Golden Hill United Methodist Church (20 years);, Katherine, Middlebury College, BA, Biology; Director,
Mission trips, Jamaica, Bolivia, El Salvador; Americares Residential Life, George Stevens Academy, Maine,
Endocrine Clinic (Bridgeport, CT), 5 years, Receptionist and technician, optometry office; cooking,
camping, nature; Granddaughter, Maya, AFS student,
Major, US Army, Viet Nam, 1971-73, Bronze Star; Phi Ecuador; Grandson, Sam, swimmer and saxophone
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi; player, Maine

Citation, Bridgeport Hospital (Connecticut), honoring 12 David, Princeton University, BA, Anthropology; PhD,
years as Chief, Endocrine Section (1999-2011) Anthropology, University of California Santa Cruz;
Medical policy analyst, National Health Law Program,
Hobbies: Washington, DC, cycling, camping; Grandson, Winslow
Camping/cooking (Boy Scouts), Travel/photography, (7), Star Wars Legos and soccer; Juna, (5), Ballet dancer

Boy Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, Mission work
(Methodist Church)

Coaching the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
basketball team

Words of Wisdom:
Take enough vacation so you can enjoy your family and
see more of the wonderful world we live in.

Do not wait too long to retire!

Patients are more important than their diseases.



Address: 978 Worcester St., Wellesley, Massachusetts 02482
Email: [email protected] Phone: 781-929-0561

Degrees and Certificates: Life Since Graduation:
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine MD 1968 Of interest, as a pediatric cardiology fellow I co-developed
a technique for non-invasively evaluating the size of
New England Medical Center Hospitals, Intern Pediatrics intracardiac shunts which was in use for 40 years and may
1968-1969 still be in use today.

The Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Boston, Resident Words of Wisdom:
Pediatrics 1969-1970 Embrace change and look across boundaries to create
better ways of caring for patients. This includes AI and the
The Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Boston, Fellow salutatory effect it should have in imposing medical care
Pediatric Cardiology 1970-1972 while freeing up clinicians to be more pattern-focused.

Board Certified in Pediatrics 1974 Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Pamela Fineman Maltz
Swimming, photography Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Syracuse University, BA, Simmons College MSW
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Healthcare reform, patient rights, women’s causes, gun Spouse or Partner’s Professional
control and Volunteer Career:
Pamela was a LICSW who worked and diverted a
Favorite Medical School Stories: large child and adolescent mental health group and
This is a horrendous one with a supportive ending. I did a innovatively provided services to schools to help students
bone marrow biopsy on an elderly male who had anemia and educate faculty as to how to deal with mental health
of unknown cause and he died during the procedure. problems. She currently works part time as a consultant
The support I got from every level of trainee and faculty to a school system dealing with the most troubled and
during this episode was unbelievable. We were later to deprived children to give them the best chance of a good
find out that he died from an abdominal aortic aneurysm education and the ability to function independently in
that was slowly leaking before it burst. To think that society.
today a simple ultrasound would have diagnosed the
problem and that his defect would have been repaired Children and Grandchildren:
only emphasizes the advances in medicine over the past Pamela and I have two children Lyle Fineman Maltz
50 years. who is involved in the intersection of fashion and
entertainment as is his partner, Sam Dumas, and
Hopkins trained us as scientist-doctors which gave us an Lily Anna Maltz who is a pediatrician and whose
unusual perspective on medical care and led us to always husband Matthew LaPaglia is in finance. We have one
question how we treated patients and how we could do granddaughter, Leah, the apple of our eye, who is two
better. This has been invaluable to me as a pediatrician, years old and should have a grandson by the time of the
a medical director of a large insurance company, a reunion.
consultant, a medical guidelines editor and promotor, and
again, a health systems reform consultant. I have had at
least five different careers all supported by the scientific
curiosity instilled in me both as an undergraduate at Johns
Hopkins and a medical student there.



Address: 5402 Trent St, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Email: [email protected] Phone: 301-525-1817

Degrees and Certificates: Life Since Graduation:
Over many years studying mineral metabolism and
BA Summa Cum Laude Yale College 1964; Hopkins MD genetics, I led or participated in the identification
1968; Training: Massachussets General Hospital 1970; of most of the genes that could cause familial
Endocrinology NIH 1974; Board Certified in Internal hyperparathyroidism. Now, For the past two years, I have
Medicine and Endocrinology. been easing into retirement with Luba, my wife of 44
Professional and Volunteer Awards
and Recognition: Words of Wisdom:
Amer Soc of Clinical Investigation, Association of Amer Prepare yourself to enter an exciting field that will be
Physicians, Fellow of Amer Assoc of Science, Fuller rapidly changing in many ways.
Albright Award from Amer Soc Bone Min Research
(ASBMR), Chief of Metabolic Diseases Branch of Spouse or Partner’s Name:
NIDDK/NIH. Luba Marx

Hobbies: Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Zydeco Music and Dance, Reading American University

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: Spouse or Partner’s Professional
NIH, Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins and Volunteer Career:
Medical School, endocrinology, genetics, zydeco music Diplomatic officer of Brazilian Embassy.

Favorite Medical School Stories: Children and Grandchildren:
After my freshman year at JHMed, I, for the only time, Two children, Alexander age 36; David age 33. No
fixed up my younger sister with a blind date. 52 years grandchildren yet.
later, she continues happily married to her former blind
date, our classmate Mark Donowitz.



Address: 1502 Driftwood Ln, Galveston, TX 77551
Phone: 409-744-7689 Cell: 409-392-5616

Degrees and Certificates: Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Rice University, B.A. 1964 For 20+ years I have volunteered in the free mental health
clinic of the Episcopal Diocese’s St. Vincent’s House in
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, M.D. Galveston. I am passionate about affordable, universal
1968 health care. I opened the first transgender clinic in Texas
in 1976 and have worked with that population ever since,
University of Minnesota Hospitals, Pediatric internship supporting transgender equality.
and residency, 1968-70
Life Since Graduation:
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Fellowship I am still struggling with when and how to transition into
Pediatric Endocrinology 1972-74 retirement.

University of Texas Medical Branch, General Psychiatry Words of Wisdom:
residency 1985-88 I encourage them to enjoy seeing their patients and do
not worry so much about the future for they will always
University of Texas Medical Branch, Child & Adolescent have more than enough to do.
Psychiatry residency 1988-90
Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Professional and Volunteer Awards Olivia Thomas Meyer
and Recognition:
After leaving Hopkins in 1975 I have worked for Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
University of Texas Medical Branch, initially as Chief Rice University
of Pediatric Endocrinology for 10 years and then as a
child psychiatrist seeing two groups of patients: those Spouse or Partner’s Professional
with gender dysphoria and those with pain and trauma and Volunteer Career:
problems at Shriners Hospital for Children (burn Olivia worked in local media and historic preservation
hospital) in Galveston. My effort has always combined until retiring to build our current home in 1998.
clinical care with research. I have held the Kempner
Professorship in Child Psychiatry since 1991. I received Children and Grandchildren:
the Harry Benjamin Distinguished Service Award from We have a daughter, Ellee, and son, Randall, both of
the World Professional Association for Transgender whom hold doctorates in chemical engineering. They are
Health in 2014 and the University of Texas Medical each married to great in-laws for us! We are very proud
Branch John P McGovern Lifetime Achievement Award grandparents of four grandchildren, a girl and 3 boys,
in Oslerian Medicine last summer. ranging in age from 9-19.

I enjoy travel, gardening, and fishing.



Address: 2721 Baltimore Blvd, Finksburg, MD 21048
Email: [email protected]

Degrees and Certificates:
M.D. Johns Hopkins 1968
Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry- Johns Hopkins 1970-1975
Spouse or Partner’s Name:
My husband is deceased
Children and Grandchildren:
3 daughters, 4 grandsons



Address: 149 Algonquin Rd Newton, Massachusetts 02467
Email: [email protected] Phone: 617-965-8015

Degrees and Certificates: Professional and Volunteer Awards
and Recognition:
Yale University B.A. 1963 Private Practice of Psychiatry, Teaching Residents and
Medical Students - Harvard Medical School, Mass.
Johns Hopkins Medical School M.D. 1968 General Hospital through 2001.

Univ. of Pennsylvania Internship 1970 Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Physicians for Human Rights plus other rights and
Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Residency welfare NGOs.
Life Since Graduation:
Fellow, Harvard Medical School 1974-1978 Retired in 2001 to live part-time abroad and write fiction
(two with Hopkins Medical settings) and poetry.
Assistant Clinical Professor Harvard Medical School
1978-2001 Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Maria Nahlok
Assistant Psychiatrist Massachusetts General Hospital
1978-2001 Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
University of Bucharest, Romania
Private Practice of Psychiatry, Teaching Residents and
Medical Students - Harvard Medical School, Mass. Spouse or Partner’s Professional and
General Hospital thru 2001 Volunteer Career:
VP Director and Chief System Architect for major
Physicians for Human Rights plus other rights and telecommunications firms, most recently in Beijing.
welfare NGOs.



Address: 6201 E 19th Ave., Denver, CO 80220
Email: [email protected] Phone: 303-321-2532

Degrees and Certificates: Favorite Medical School Stories:
Rich Light & I were carrying a cooler of beer into Loch
BS chemistry-University of Michigan(1964), MD Raven for a graduation party (illegally). The handle
Johns Hopkins, IM residency Johns Hopkins Hospital broke & spilled beer cans everywhere-right in front of
1968-1970; IM residency University of Colorado several police. They made us carry it out but one of the
1972-1973;General internal medicine fellowship policemen told us they would be gone in a half hour. The
1973-74. party went on with only a slight delay in the beer arriving.

USPHS (Epidemic Intelligence Service) 1970-1972 Life Since Graduation:
We have lived in Denver for over 45 years and plan on
Faculty in IM & EM University Colorado 1974-2016 staying.

Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado, Spouse or Partner’s Name:
2016-present Linda Redstone

Professional and Volunteer Awards Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
and Recognition: University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins
Outstanding Clinical Faculty award, University of
Colorado, 1989 Spouse or Partner’s Professional and
Volunteer Career:
Hobbies: Teacher
Skiing, biking, fixing things

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Gun control
Environment, global warming



Degrees and Certificates: Spouse or Partner’s Name:
MD- Johns Hopkins School of Medicine- 1968 M. Estelle Connolly, M.D.

Internship union Memorial Hospital Baltimore Spouse or Partner’s Professional
1970-1971 and Volunteer Career:
ENT Resident at Hopkins while our class was there.
Internal Medicine Residency/Pulmonary Fellowship-
University of West Virginia Medical School Fellowship

Cardiology Fellowship Kettering Hospital Dayton, Ohio

Life Since Graduation:
I’ve had successful/fulfilling careers in Computers in
Medicine, in clinical practice, and in executive/medical
director positions- and now retirement!



Address: 4033 SW 57th Ave., Portland, OR 97221
Email: [email protected] Phone: 503-292-4662 Cell: 503-702-4994

Degrees and Certificates: Words of Wisdom:
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine After my fellowship, I was chief of pediatric orthopaedics
at Hopkins for 11 years. I then moved to the Children’s
Baltimore City Hospital Internship Hospital Los Angeles to build a fulltime pediatric
orthopaedic program.. This program has flourished and
Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Residency in there are now 12 full-time academically and clinically
Words of Wisdom:
Certification in Electroencephalography, and Have dinner at home so you can see your family. Go back
Electromyography to work after that if you have to.

United States Public Health Service 2 years Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Joanie Rosenbaum
Professional and Volunteer Awards
and Recognition: Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
I was in the private practice of Neurology 1974-2011. I Mills College and Goucher College
was one of the founding members of the multi-specialty
group, The Oregon Clinic, which has now grown to 250 Children and Grandchildren:
medical providers. My main focus was in the electrical Julie has a master’s in speech pathology and lives with
aspects of neurology, EEG and EMG. her husband and two sons in San Antonio. Mark has an
MBA, is in private equity, and lives in Santa Monica with
Hobbies: his wife and three children. That has meant a lot of travel
Since retiring I have had a good time trying out a number for us over the years to see the grandchildren.
of activities and hobbies. I walk a half marathon every
other year. For several years I took classes at our local Our two children Julie and Mark and their families have
university, worked a year building with Habitat for settled in San Antonio and Santa Monica. After spending
Humanity, and struggled to learn Italian and Spanish. I our entire lives in Portland Oregon we have decided
also enjoy birding, volunteering, traveling, and drawing. to downsize and move to Santa Monica to be closer to
Lately I have spent much of my time working with ham family.
radio emergency communications for the local county.



Address: 174 Walter Hays Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: 650-326-8527 Cell: 650-714-8651

Degrees and Certificates: Life Since Graduation:
MD Married Ellen DuToit after sophomore year at Hopkins.
Raised two wonderful boys with her in Palo Alto, CA. She
Resident at Mount Zion Hospital 1968-1970 died from a Glioma in 1991.

USAF General Medical Officer 1970-1972 Married Debby Ide in 1994 and we have a fantastic
blended family of 4 children 2 nieces and their spouses
Resident and GI fellow Oregon Health Sciences Center and 9 grandchildren. All families live in SF Bay Area
1972-1975 except one in Orange County CA. We travel together to
Hawaii for a week in the summer and enjoy ski trips in
Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology winter.

Professional and Volunteer Awards I enjoyed my career at Kaiser PMG very much and am
and Recognition: now happily retired with time to spend with the family
Chief of Gastroenterology at Hayward, CA PMG travel and other activities.
Words of Wisdom:
Gastroenterologist at South San Jose CA PMG A medical career can be stressful and mindful meditation
2003-2007 can be very helpful in dealing with crises at work and at
Gastroenterologist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation
2007-2013 Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Debby Ruskin
Physician of the year at Hayward PMG 1986
Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Palo Alto Kiwanis Club Distinguished Service Award University of Arizona
Spouse or Partner’s Professional
Rotocare Free Clinic Mountain View, CA 2009-2014 and Volunteer Career::
Landscape Designer
Tennis Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto
Reading Children and Grandchildren:
Volunteering in grandchildren’s’ classrooms Dan Ruskin- software engineer at Amazon video game
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
East Palo Alto College Prep School for preparing children Ethan Ruskin- health educator at Kaiser PMG in South
to be first in their family to go to college. San Jose

Service projects at schools in underserved parts of Santa Amy Palmer- Landscaper
Clara County.
Josh Palmer- office manager at legal research company
Favorite Medical School Stories:
Jerry Rubin watching Humphrey Bogart movies while Grandchildren- all in second to sixth grade and doing
studying in Reed Hall. The rest of us were relatively well.



Address: 15 Aintree Rd., Baltimore, MD 21286
Phone: 410-821-0244 Cell: 443-315-8236

Degrees and Certificates:
Johns Hopkins University: B.A. 1965; M.D. 1968, Ph.D.
Osler Medical Service, Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins
Hospital 1968-1970
Fellow in Medicine and Microbiology 1970-1973 - Thesis
advisor Daniel Nathans
Major USAR 1973-1975
Fellow Medical Genetics 1975-1976
ABIM Certification Clinical Genetics 1982
Founding Fellow American College of Medical Genetics
Professional and Volunteer Awards
and Recognition:
Faculty, Medicine and Biological Chemistry Johns
Hopkins School of Medicine
Continuing study of amyloid-related biology and disease
at clinical and basic levels.
Playing piano and organ
Favorite Medical School Stories:
Fortunate to return to graduate school and work with
Daniel Nathans immediately prior to his Nobel Prize
award - the beginning of a new era in genetics.

Words of Wisdom:
Understanding basic science will help adapt to rapid
changes in medicine. Details of genetics and clinical
implications are only beginning to emerge.



Address: 77 N San Mateo Dr., CA 94401
Email: [email protected] Phone: 650-344-4142

Degrees and Certificates:
JHU School of Medicine MD 1968
Pediatric internship residency 1968-1971
Dermatology fellowship 1972-1974
Board Certified in dermatology
Professional and Volunteer Awards
and Recognition:
Full-time private practice
Adjunct Professor at Stanford University School of
Medicine Department of Dermatology


E DWA R D S P. S C H W E N T K E R, M.D.

Address: 1237 S. Meadow Lane, Palmyra PA 17078
Email: [email protected] Phone: 717-439-1923

Degrees and Certificates: Words of Wisdom:
Do not think that you will not have reached your goal
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, M.D. in life until you have graduated and then completed
1968 residency training and maybe that specialty fellowship.
Your goal was to enter medical school. On your first day
University of Pittsburgh Health Center Hospitals General you became a medical professional studying the science of
Surgery Residency 1968-1970; Orthopaedic Surgery human medicine and its application to the care of human
Residency 1970-1973 beings and that will never change. Getting into medical
school was your goal. Getting out will never be an option.
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Pediatric
Orthopaedic Fellowship, 1973-1974 Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Nancy (Bunny) Ravitch Schwentker, died of ovarian
Professional and Volunteer Awards cancer 2011
and Recognition:
James E. Bobb Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Penn Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
State College of Medicine 1990 -1999 Johns Hopkins University

Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Spouse or Partner’s Professional
Penn State College of Medicine 2008 and Volunteer Career:
Real Estate Agent
Honorary Alumni Award of the Penn State University
2017 Children and Grandchildren:
Daughter, Ann, a pediatric plastic surgeon
Motorcycling, woodworking, cooking, guitar Daughter, Pam, an elementary school teacher

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: Son, Mark, a restaurant manager
Continuing pediatric orthopaedic mission work in
Honduras 1995 to present. Total time served thus far in Eight beautiful grandchildren, 4 boys and 4 girls from 4
country equivalent to three years. to 20 years of age.

Favorite Medical School Stories:
A most memorable experience was taking an elective in
forensic pathology at the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office
where I assisted with 45 forensic autopsies from crib
deaths to gruesome murders, absolutely fascinating work
but I prefer to work with the living.

Life Since Graduation:
I have spent 42 years at the Penn State College of
Medicine in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Although fully
“retired” since 2008, I continue to volunteer at the
College of Medicine as a Problem-Based Learning Master
Facilitator working with first and second year medical
students. Learning alongside these inspiring young
people, I am, myself, still in medical school.



Address: 16252 North 109th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Email: [email protected] Phone: 480-860-9669

Degrees and Certificates:
Johns Hopkins University, B.A., 1965
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, M.D.,
Internship and Residency, Internal Medicine, Ohio State
University, 1968-1970, and Brooke General Hospital (San
Antonio, TX), 1970-1971
Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Brooke General Hospital
(San Antonio, TX), 1971-1972, and Baylor College of
Medicine, 1974-1975
Fellow, American College of Physicians
Fellow, Infectious Diseases Society of America
Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine (internal
Medicine and Infectious Diseases)

Professional and Volunteer Awards
and Recognition:
Listed in “Best Doctors in America,” multiple years
Listed in “Who’s Who in America,” multiple years
Listed in “Guide to America’s Top Physicians,” multiple
Mayo Clinic Arizona Emeriti Association, Secretary-
Treasurer, Vice President, and President

Digital photography, tennis

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Mayo Clinic Arizona Emeriti Association
Digital Imaging Group

Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Gayle Smilack

Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
BA from Concordia College (Minn)

Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Former office manager of medical practices
Active in multiple book clubs and movie groups



Address: 153 Dromore Crescent, Hamilton, OH L8S 4B3, Canada
Email: [email protected] Phone: 905-719-3255

Degrees and Certificates: Of the 10:
B.A., Johns Hopkins University, 3 children have Hopkins degrees (3 BA’s)Of the 10:
1965 – “2-5” Program 1 is a faculty member at JHU,
MD, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, -Samuel Spinner, Assistant Professor, Tandetnik Chair in
1968 Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture, 2017
Psychiatry Residency, John Hopkins University, 1969- 5 Children:
1971 -Rabbi Joshua Spinner – CEO, The Ronald S. Lauder
Psychiatry Residency, McMaster University, Faculty of Foundation (Rebuilding Jewish schools and life in Eastern
Health Sciences, 1971-1973 Europe)
Faculty, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural -Benjamin Spinner, Psychiatrist, Cleveland, Ohio
Neurosciences, McMaster University, 1973-present MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Psychiatry
Residency, NYU
Hobbies: -Ruth Spinner, Geriatrician, Mount Sinai School of
11 grandchildren and photography (of the grandchildren) Medicine, Associate Medical Director, The New Jewish
Home (Manhattan)
Favorite Medical School Stories: -Sarah Spinner, BA, MA, JHU, 2002, JD Yale Law
1. Walking into class at JHU– all men and me, Lucy and School, 2006, PhD (History), Yale University, 2013
Judy. -Samuel Spinner, BA, JHU, 2002, PhD (German),
2. Riding on back of Tom Burns’ motorcycle without a Columbia University, 2012, Currently Assistant Professor
helmet from the hospital to the university on Jones Falls of Yiddish, JHU, 2017
Expressway. Spouses of 5 Children:
3. Locating the only women’s bathroom in Gilman Hall -David Liska, BA, MA, JHU, 2002, MD Yale, 2006,
as JHU was not coed in 1963. Colorectal Surgeon, Currently staff at Cleveland Clinic,
Life Since Graduation: -Rachel Weinerman, MD, OB-GYN, Reproductive
I am Associate Professor of Psychiatry and am still Endocrinologist, BA, MD, Harvard University, Staff
working full-time on an inpatient services at McMaster University Hospitals, Case Medical Center, Cleveland,
Faculty of Medicine providing clinical care and teaching. Ohio
-Adam Jacobi, MD, Radiology, Co-section Chief,
Spouse or Partner’s Name: Cardiothoracic Radiology, Mount Sinai Hospital, 2012
Nahum Spinner (died 2006) -Hanna Abrams, Lawyer, Washington DC, BA Stanford,
New York University
Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater: -Joelle Bollag Spinner – Event Management/Planner,
McGill University, Faculty of Medicine (MD 1963) Berlin

Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Residency and Fellowship, JHU, MD, Department of
Psychiatry, 1964-1968

Fellow, Wilmer Eye Institute, 1968-1971

McMaster University, 1971-2006

Children and Grandchildren:
Nahum and I had 5 children who are all married. Nahum
met only 3 of the 11 grandchildren and 3 of the 5
Of the 10 (children and spouses) I have:
1 - Radiologist, 1 - Psychiatrist, 1 - Colorectal Surgeon,
1 - Geriatrician,
1 - Reproductive Endocrinologist and Fertility Specialist



Address: 128 Volley Road, Ellenboro, NC 28040
Email: [email protected] Phone: 828-248-1589 Cell: 828-748-8752

Degrees and Certificates: Words of Wisdom:
JHU School of Medicine, M.D. 1968 Psalm 37:5-6. Psalm 50:15

JHH, General Surgical Residency, 1968-1970 Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Hilda G. Tecklenberg (married January, 2003)
NIH, NHLBI, Surgery Branch 1970-1972
Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
JHH, General Medicine Residency 1972-1973 Depauw Univ., B.A. 1968 / Univ. of Illinois M.S.W.
Stanford U. Hosp. Cardiology Fellowship 1973-1975
Spouse or Partner’s Professional and
Stanford U. Hosp. Gen. Medicine Residency 1975-1976 Volunteer Career:
Social worker in Chicago, 1973-1975
Tennis; Active in Bible study ministries Dean of Women, Evang. Inst. Bible School, Greenville,
SC, 1980-2003
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Bible Study Fellowship International, San Antonio TX. Children and Grandchildren:
We have 2 children and 13 grandchildren and 1 great
Community Bible Study, Colorado Springs, CO grandchild.

Evangelical Institute School of Biblical Training, Amy Lynn m. Daniel Johnson (1989). They have 11
(Greenville, SC.) children, ages 5 to 27, and 1 grandson, < 1 year. Dan is
the New Testament teacher at the EI Bible School.
Creation Ministries International
Stephen Tecklenberg m. Solvita Lipsane in Latvia, 2003.
Favorite Medical School Stories: They have 2 daughters, ages 8 and 10. Steve and his girls
Class on surgery: Vivian Thomas aided me in L. live in Latvia where he is involved in work in their church
thoracotomy on our dog, and it survived! He also helped and in missions.
me in research procedures for Dr. Alex Haller.



Address: 1308 Brooks St Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Email: [email protected] Phone: 734-272-5573

Degrees and Certificates: Life Since Graduation:
BS (Chemistry) Stanford University 1964 In spite of the estrangement from our patients produced
by electronic medical records, pressure to see more
MD Johns Hopkins University 1968 patients more rapidly, and reliance on algorithms, there
is nothing to compare to the feeling when you have
Harriet Lane Home Pediatric Residency, Johns Hopkins correctly diagnosed and helped a patient.
Hospital 1968-1971
Words of Wisdom:
Metabolic Genetic Disease Fellowship, University of Never forget, in spite of our current government, that
California, San Diego, 1974-1977 people are basically good. During Hurricane Katrina,
when Louisiana’s infrastructure was shattered, some of
American Board of Pediatrics 1973 our rare disease patients shared their child’s life-sustaining
medication with others who had run out, not knowing if/
American Board of Medical Genetics (Clinical when their own child would be resupplied.
Biochemical Genetics) 1982
Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Professional and Volunteer Awards Marijim Stockton Thoene
and Recognition:
Major, Chief of Hospital Services, USAF 1971-1974 Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
U of Oregon (BS English), Duke University (MA
Assistant- Full Professor, Pediatric Genetics, University of English), Peabody Conservatory (B. Music), U of
Michigan 1977-1999 Southern CA (Master Music), U of Michigan (Doctor of
Musical Arts), Tulane University (BA)
Assistant- Associate Professor Biological Chemistry,
University of Michigan 1984-1999 Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Public Policy Fellow 1988-1989 Professional musician. Organist/choir director at St Luke’s
Episcopal Church in Ypsilanti, MI and recitalist. Studies
Karen Gore Professor, Director, Hayward Center for the image of the organ in medieval manuscripts. She is
Human Genetics, Tulane University Health Science also a photographer and jewelry designer.
Center 2000-2006
Active Emeritus Professor, Pediatric Genetics, University
of Michigan 2006-present

Meritorious Service Medal USAF 1974

President, Chairman of the Board, National Organization
for Rare Disorders, 1983-1995; Decade of Achievement
Award, 1995

Award for Vision and Pioneering Guidance, National
Organization for Rare Disorders 2013.

Fly fishing, fly tying

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
Rare disease diagnosis, management and insurance

Favorite Medical School Stories:
One morning on rounds with Dr. Cooke on CMSC 5,
the ward clerk interrupted to say “Excuse me Dr. Cooke,
but Ambassador Shriver is calling from Paris.” To which
he said “Sorry, but I guess I’d better take this call”.


Address: 1255 South Oak Knoll Avenue Pasadena, CA 91106
Email: [email protected] Phone: 213-999-9250

Degrees and Certificates: seeing kids and working with residents but likely will phase
Johns Hopkins University School out of practice in the next few years. Charlene and I love
of Medicine, MD, 1968 living in Southern California and we plan on being there
throughout all our retirement years.
Intern and 1st year general surgery resident, Johns Hopkins Words of Wisdom:
Hospital 1968-1970 Appreciate the superb education you will receive at JHSOM.
Remain optimistic at all times. Keep a good sense of humor
United States Army Medical Corps, Orthopaedics 1970- and don’t take yourself too seriously despite your successes in
1972 your career. And providing the best care of all your patients
later is why you are in med school.
Orthopaedic surgery residency, Johns Hopkins Hospital,
1972-1975 Spouse or Partner’s Name: Charlene Tolo

Pediatric Orthopaedic Fellowship, Hospital for Sick Children Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
in Toronto, Ontario 1975-1976 BA from Concordia College (Minn)

Professional and Volunteer Awards and Recognition: Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
I have had the pleasure and honor of being involved in Charlene has been a public school music teacher initially and
leadership roles in several orthopaedic organizations, having later devoted herself to raising our children. We have been
served as President of the American Academy of Orthopaedic happily married over 52 years and looking forward to more
Surgeons, the Scoliosis Research Society, the Pediatric Our son Eric is an upper extremity orthopaedic surgeon
Orthopaedic Society of North America, and the Orthopaedic at the Lahey Clinic outside Boston, after having done his
Section of the American Academy of Pediatrics. I have training at the Hospital for Special Surgery and the Mayo
received the Distinguished Service award from the Pediatric Clinic. He and his wife Jennifer have 4 boys from 9 to 18
Orthopaedic Society of North America and from the years in age and named Larson, Oliver, Brodie, and Mathias.
Scoliosis Research Society, as well as the Tipton Leadership All are very involved in sports, particularly lacrosse and
award from the American Academy of Orthopaedic soccer. Our oldest grandson Larson will attend Tufts where
Surgeons. I was inducted into the Johns Hopkins Society of he will be playing lacrosse. Our daughter Jenny lives in
Scholars in 2001. San Francisco city with her husband Kyle and is the design
director for children’s books at Chronicle Books in San
Hobbies: Francisco. Jenny graduated from Middlebury College with
an art major and has subsequently received another BFA
Mainly golf and reading mysteries and nonfiction. degree and a MA degree in poetry. Her boys Auden and
Also enjoy travel both in the US and internationally. Henry are in 5th and 6th grades, respectively. They too are
involved with sports and are very avid readers.
Favorite Medical School Stories:

There were so many good times that I had in med school
that this is difficult to bring down to a few….but mostly I
remember how collegial all my classmates were throughout
all four years.

I recall the Airborne troops from Fort Bragg sitting on
the marble stoops of our row house near the hospital with
rifles fitted with bayonets the Sunday morning after the
assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Life Since Graduation:

After my fellowship, I was chief of pediatric orthopaedics
at Hopkins for 11 years. I then moved to the Children’s
Hospital Los Angeles to build a fulltime pediatric
orthopaedic program.. This program has flourished and
there are now 12 full-time academically and clinically
productive faculty in the Children’s Orthopaedic Center. I
have still been working fulltime, seeing outpatients and with
surgery primarily for scoliosis and tumor patients, but plan
to drop down to 3 days a week summer 2018. I still enjoy



Address: 7623 Cliffbrook Dr., Dallas, TX 75254
Email: [email protected] Phone: 972-385-3476 Cell: 214-802-7209

Degrees and Certificates: Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Harvard College, B.A., 1964 Barbara Chasen Waller, MD

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, M.D., Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
1968 Vassar College, Johns Hopkins University School of
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Harriet Lane Service, Pediatrics
Residency, 1968-1971 Spouse or Partner’s Professional
and Volunteer Career:
Boston Children’s Hospital-Judge Baker Guidance Center, Staff Psychiatrist, Student Mental Health, Boston
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency, 1973-1975 University and University of Massachusetts-Dorchester

Massachusetts General Hospital, Psychiatry Residency, Director, Student Mental Health, University of Texas
1975-1977 Southwestern Medical Center

Board Certified in Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Child and Student Affairs Dean, University of Texas Southwestern
Adolescent Psychiatry Medical School

Professional and Volunteer Awards Children and Grandchildren:
and Recognition: Daughters Amy and Nancy are married and live nearby.
Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University Grandchildren Anna, 8, and Jake, 5, are wonderful (of
of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Children’s course!)
Medical Center of Dallas, 1983-2001

Initial holder, Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Chair in
Child Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern
Medical School

Our research group identified a gene with a strong,
Mendelian effect in a family with anorexia nervosa.

I like reading the traditional print editions of newspapers
and books and hope they don’t go away!

Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About:
I enjoy our affiliation with Temple Emanu-El in Dallas,
and I’ve been reading a lot of Jewish history lately.

Favorite Medical School Stories:
Marty Wasserman’s “distress” performance in a seminar--it
was quite convincing!

Life Since Graduation:
We never expected to live in Texas, but Dallas has been
a very pleasant place to raise a family. We’re enjoying
spending time with our children and grandchildren.

Words of Wisdom:
Take good care of our generation as we grow older.



Address: 13200 Triadelphia Rd., Ellicott City, MD 21042
Email: [email protected] Phone: 301-854-0033

Degrees and Certificates: delighted to see all the women in the SOM, the commitment
Johns Hopkins University School of the administration to ensuring student diversity, social
of Medicine, M.D., 1968 support during the demanding years as medical students and the
Rochester General Hospital and University of Rochester Strong promotion of students’ efforts to reach out to the people who
Memorial Hospital, Internal Medicine Residency, 1968-1971. live in the East Baltimore community. Hopkins SOM has come
Board certifications in Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine a long way since 1968 after the Martin Luther King riots which
and Occupational Medicine. prompted a 10 day suspension of classes just a few months
before our graduation.
Professional and Volunteer Awards I would encourage students to be the best doctor you can be,
and Recognition: make a strong and ongoing commitment to your immediate
Accomplishments which have provided personal and family and contribute to the welfare of your community. Keep
professional satisfaction: in mind that “paying forward” is a good rule to live by. Each of
Wrote the proposal and implemented the first and ongoing us has gotten to where we are thanks to the love, support and
Fitness Center for NIH employees at the Bethesda, MD campus. contribution of so many; maintain the momentum and offer a
hand to others.
Actively participated in a multi-year effort that eventually led to
the Hopkins SOM’s 2016 discontinuation of the “pig lab” and Spouse or Partner’s Name: Martin Paul Wasserman
other teaching activities that involve live animals. The SOM,
along with 176 other medical schools in North America, use Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
non-animal methodologies featured in the Hopkins Simulation Williams College, B.A.; Johns Hopkins School of Medicine,
Center that initially opened in 2008 thanks to funding by our M.D.; University of Maryland School of Law, J.D.
classmate, Dr. David Zamierowski.
Spouse or Partner’s Professional and Volunteer Career:
Worked closely with Marty and the extraordinary staff of the Marty trained as a pediatrician and spent most of his career in
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine on efforts that various public health positions, which he will share in his Class
led to NIH’s 2013 decision to eliminate the use of federally of 1968 Bio Book Submission. His interest in attending law
funded research on non-human primates and their life-time school was prompted by the deaths of several victims of child
transfer to sanctuaries. abuse while a pediatric resident. With his medical and law
expertise, Marty has made many contributions in the area of
Hobbies: public health policy.
Volunteering in elementary school program to encourage
healthy food choices; volunteering at county animal shelter; Children and Grandchildren:
horseback riding; biking Our son, Brad, is a pediatrician in private practice in Raleigh,
NC and the only “real doctor” in the family. We are not sure if
Causes or Organizations You’re Passionate About: his child, Adam, at 9 months of age (mid-Sept, 2017) has any
Physicians for Human Rights career plans at this time. Torrey, our daughter, has a career in
public health with the American Public Health Association and
Favorite Medical School Stories: the pleasure of being a mom to Zoey, age 6 months (mid-Dec,
At our 25th medical school reunion, Marty was talking with 2017). Although we arrived late to grandparenthood, we could
some of our classmates and I was across the room with another not be more delighted.
group. One in Marty’s group reminded him about a comment
he made during freshman orientation. Apparently on seeing
me at a school-sponsored social event in 1968, Marty said to
a group of fellow students “Wow!” His response: “I still do”.
Fifty-three years later, I still like that story.

Life Since Graduation:
Over a 37-year full-time career, I combined clinical and
administrative duties in the Indian Health Service, National
Institutes of Health, and National Naval Medical Center,
Potomac Electric Power Company and the Social Security
Administration that drew on my commitment to internal
medicine, preventive medical and occupational medicine. At the
same time, I shared with Marty the raising of our two children, a
joy and responsibility that has enriched my life beyond measure.

Words of Wisdom:
In the 1960’s there were far fewer opportunities for young
women to pursue a career in medicine and raise a family. I am



13200 Triadelphia Rd., Ellicott City, MD 21042
Email: [email protected] Phone: 410-404-8827

Degrees and Certificates: no other vocation that can provide the level of satisfaction,
Johns Hopkins University School contribution, and personal impact on others than becoming
of Medicine, M.D., 1968 a doctor and practicing medicine. Be proud, passionate, and
University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital, Pediatrics humble and you will have a life well worth living.
1968-1971 (Chief Resident 1971 and President of House Staff Spouse or Partner’s Name:
Council) Barbara Pearson Wasserman, MD
University of Maryland School of Law, JD, 1977 Spouse or Partner’s Alma Mater:
Barnard College, 1964
Professional and Volunteer Awards Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, M.D., 1968
and Recognition: Spouse or Partner’s Professional and Volunteer Career:
Ford Foundation/JFK School of Government Innovations Board certification in internal medicine, preventive medicine,
Award ($100,000) for Project Deliver: Assuring Quality and occupational medicine. Did an amazing job of maintaining
Obstetrical Care, Montgomery County, MD (1990) a healthy workforce and understanding the particular
occupational health related issues at each company she led.
AMA Nathan Davis Award for State Government Service (1999) Now inspired by her work supporting animal welfare and well-
being as well as her commitment to children’s nutrition and
National Association of County and City Health Officials physical activity focused on improving efforts in our local school
Mullet Award for Lifetime Achievement in Public Health (2017) system.
Children and Grandchildren:
Hobbies: Brad Wasserman, MD
Swimming (22 years 4.4 mile Greater Chesapeake Bay Swim) Williams College BA 1996
Horseback riding and Biking with Barbara University of Maryland School of Medicine, 2000 and Medical
Singing in Temple Choir University of South Carolina for Pediatric Residency 2000-2003
Cooking Pediatric private practice, Raleigh, NC
Reading Son: Adam Matthew Born 2017
Torrey Wasserman MBA, MHA
Favorite Medical School Stories: Duke University, BA 2000
Beside the “Wow” story upon first meeting Barbara, I recall University of North Carolina Keenan Flagler Business School
spending special time with Philip Tumulty learning physical MBA 2007
diagnosis and how to create a differential diagnosis, Henry Seidel University of North Carolina Gillings School of Public Health
learning how to examine a child and interact with parents, and MHA 2007
Richard Rowe learning how to examine a child’s heart and what Director of Fundraising, American Public Health Association
made it “different” from that of an adult and how to develop a Daughter: Zoey Pearson
clinical research project.
Life Since Graduation:
Attending Law School because of some child abuse problems
during my residency and passing the Maryland Bar.
Career spent in public health directing health agencies in all
three levels of government.
Serving as President of three national organizations:

National Association of County Health Officials
Public Health Foundation
Public Health Law Association
Improved health status of Maryland citizens by reducing tobacco
use, enhancing oral health, providing new medications to AIDS
patients, and participated in the creation of Health Choice,
Maryland’s Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Program
I am concerned about the big business impact on the practice
of medicine and the interference with the bond between
the physician and patient. I am also concerned about the
politicization of public health interfering with the focus on
stewardship of the agency and promoting the health and well-
being of the population served.

Words of Wisdom:
Medicine will always be the “noblest” of professions allowing
you to provide care and service to those in need. There is

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