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Geography is very vast subject. It includes with many kinds of subjects in it. This helps in increasing the knowledge of the students. The requirements for geography tutor Singapore is felt in the tuitions. The tuitions are getting very popular in the place like Singapore.

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Requirements for geography tutor Singapore

Geography is very vast subject. It includes with many kinds of subjects in it. This helps in increasing the knowledge of the students. The requirements for geography tutor Singapore is felt in the tuitions. The tuitions are getting very popular in the place like Singapore.

Keywords: geography tutor Singapore

Geography is very vast subject. It includes with many kinds of

subjects in it. This helps in increasing the knowledge of the students.
The requirements for geography tutor Singapore is felt in the
tuitions. The tuitions are getting very popular in the place like

The students require a guide for scoring good marks. The tutor
makes all the efforts to help the student get better marks. The skills
and knowledge develops as the students get help from the tutor.
There are different kinds of levels in learning the subject geography.
O level geography, A level geography, h2 level geography, etc. the
tuition agency in Singapore takes care of the students and guides
them to score well. The school teacher is not sufficient for the
students. They have limited time to give attention to the students.
They provide wonderful knowledge to their students but the special
guide is always given by the private tutors. The home tuition is very

popular where teacher comes to teach at home. The students fix
appropriate time for the classes to study the subject.
There are many teachers available in the cities like Singapore. They
do part time teaching jobs. This method helps the part time tutor to
get some extra income. The teaching depends on the level of the
students. As there are junior college, secondary school to help the
student. Geography syllabus is different in many places.

The teachers with their teaching experience help their students to
take part in the competitive exams. There are many competitive
exams held for the students in the different parts of Singapore. These
exams help them to get in to the university and the acquiring

Geography tuition in Singapore is becoming very popular. The
students are finding very easy to communicate with the teachers.

The subject is difficult to manage alone. It requires special attention
by the teachers. The geography student in the classroom finds it hard
to learn from the subject teachers. The teacher does not have enough
time for all the students. Some of the queries are not asked by the
students in the class. The students can always ask the same question
to the private tutor. The tutors can always elaborate the queries to
the students.

The geography subject is as important as the other subject like
general paper, h2 chemistry, ip chemistry, maths science and social
studies. With the help of the tutors the students are able to
understand the concepts of pure geography.

The National University of Singapore is a research based university
offering different type of studies such as sciences, medicine, design
environment, law, arts, etc. The geography is on the important
researching aspects of this university.

Raffles institution is one of the oldest schools in Singapore. It
provides secondary education and pre university education being an
independent school. The students can take the raffles program for six
years. It will help the students to take integrated programs like GCE
A-level. It is the first school which received the Ministry of
Education’s school excellence award.

The requirements of the geography tutors are for teaching in the
school and colleges. The subject has so many details in it. The
students will need a help from an outside source. The school teacher
is not sufficient to explain the subject to the students. By the help of
the private tutor the student will be more comfortable to work for the
exams. They can get better practical knowledge. The students will
have better skills to make projects. The question will be more
elaborately described by the tutors. This will help them to get ahead

of others. The requirement is always felt by the parents. They want
to provide better tutors for their kids.

They need private tutors for effective time management skills. The
tuition helps the students to figure out the time management. The
students have to manage the school, homework, different subjects,
along with tuition. The student needs to plan for their exams. The
preparation takes more time. The private tutor helps the students by
teaching the time management. They get ready for the exam slowly
every day. The private teacher takes all the responsibility to helps
the student get better grade in the exams.
Geography has different parts in it. It is the study made up of
different land forms, climatic condition. It also includes different
culture and people living in different parts of the world. It helps to
improve the knowledge of the students.
The environmental changes which take place in different parts of the
world are studied in the subject of geography. These changes take
place due to growth of population in huge number. The increase in
population can be seen rising heavily in urban places. The cities
involve more people and labour force working for the living. The
transportation used in the cities as compared to the villages is huge
in number. The industries and vehicles used in the cities increases

the air pollution. These are the man made causes for the degradation
of the earth’s atmosphere.

The poisonous gases which are mixed in the air cause different kinds
of diseases to the human beings and animals. The industries drain
out waste water in the river, lakes and ponds. This destroys the
natural life living in the water bodies. The drinking water is also
polluted by theses harmful chemicals.
The eco system is damaged in this process.

These studies are included in the study of geography. The students
need special attention from their teachers. They need their help to
understand about the damage caused on the earth’s surface. These
increase in the pollution level of the earth resulting in the global
The global warming is caused by the rise in earth’s temperature. The
pollution in the air causes earth to get warm. The ice in the polar
areas stars to melt. This raises the water level. The ultraviolet rays
of the sun fall directly on the earth surface. This can cause different
types of diseases and skin cancer in the bodies. The natural resources
such as plants, tree and the natural vegetation will get destroyed
totally. This causes soil erosion.

In the process soil erosion is the earth surface looses the fertility. The
plants and trees die. This makes the soil barren and the top part of
the earth surface is carried away by the rain and wind. The main

problem the people will face the flood will come because the soil will
wash away. There will be no tree or plants to hold the soil. The upper
part of the soil is the most fertile part in the earth surface.

Another problem the earth surface face is the deforestation. The land
is cleared for cultivation purpose. The raise in the population level
means there is huge need for the food resources. The food resources
are mainly crops which are stored in large quantities to feed the huge
population. To increase the growth of food resources the advance
technologies are used to cultivate. In this cultivation and the
irrigation process the chemical fertilizers are used to increase the
growth in production. This ultimately reduces the health of the soil.
Then again the people shift to another plot of land for cultivation.
This way the nature habitat is getting destroyed.

The damages caused by the air pollution are the destruction of the
ozone layer. The ozone prevents the UV rays coming directly from
sun. The damage can harm all the living beings as well as the plants
and trees. The total eco system of the earth can be destroyed.

The misuses of the power by the man kind will lead in mass
destruction. This will also lead in the climatic change. The climatic
change will lead to bad weather condition. The weather will change
as heavy rain falls, cyclones, floods, etc.

The man made changes which takes place on the earth make the
climate condition more vulnerable. The study of geography will help
the students to understand this factor of man made changes. The
natural resources found beneath the earth can be used properly. It
they are overused such as coal and other natural resources. This will
pollute the earth and destroy our home. The different life forms that
are living on the earth and on the water will suffocate. The
awareness is required. The teacher needs to teach the students about
the topics. The projects and skills of the students will develop when
they will do different kinds of projects in home and in school. This
will help them to get total awareness about the environment.

The teacher is mostly required for home tuition. They can describe
the subject to the student more comfortable. The students can solve
the problems along with the private tutor.

In Singapore private tuition is very popular. The complete
understanding of the subject is required. The topics can be easily
described by the private tutor in regular classes. The teacher can pay
full attention to their students. The students get more time to spend
with the private tutor.

Geography is related to the study of map. The map pointing, finding
out different locations, and calculation the time. All these study
depends on the understanding and experiences. This is achieved by
the students only through the help of the private teacher.

The students are taught about the longitude and latitude and the
different directions. The subject deals with finding out the location.
The location is pointed for the study of crops, natural resources and
different types of eart6h surface. It includes the study of the
cultivation. This is learning about to producing the different crops in
following seasons. The developing of crops means innovating new
type of crops. This helps in producing more crops for mass
production. This helps to feed the huge population.

The people think in different ways about what they eat or consume.
The study relating to the culture and the food habits are also studies
in the geography. People communicate with one another in many
ways. There are so many languages in the world. There are many
cultures and diversity. The study about these cultural diversities are
includes in the study. This mainly says about the living animals,
human being, rivers, mountains, trees and natural things that have
developed by their own.

There are different groups of studies which are included in the study
of geography which is geomorphology, glaciology, pedology,
hydrology, climatology, biogeography and oceanography.

The teacher has to gives attention to the students in learning the
subject. It is because this with help the students in the future while
relation to the other subjects.

There are different kinds of subject which deal in various kinds of
natural resources. There are three kinds of geography which are
cultural, social and political.

These are all related with the people living in different countries and
having various cultures. They have different culture and social
lifestyle is different. The political structure is also different in the
countries. This is mainly related to the crops and nature resources
which the countries deal in. The boundaries of the countries are
different but the utilization of the resources is same.

There are huge amount of data which the geographers collect. This
recorded to research purpose and they use these data for the future.
These data can predict earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, etc. So,
the subject of geography helps in assisting the teacher and students.

The (GPS) global positioning system is one of the important tools
invented to help finding the location. This helps to gather the data as
it is equipped in the mobile phones, computers and electronic devices
to navigate.
The requirement for geography tutor Singapore can be analyzed as
students needs tutor. These topics shares that the huge subject to
geography cannot be studied along. This requires a special attention
by the teachers. The private teachers can be the only choice for the
students of Singapore. The tutors will help the students to get better
marks. They will score well in the exam and get higher grades. They
will be able to score in the competitive exams.

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