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The trend of tuition centres in Singapore is very popular. A good chemistry tutor is very hard to find. The parents make great efforts to find good chemistry teachers for their kids. There is many chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. To increase marks in secondary schools and improve chemistry grades better teachers are appointed.

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Rise of O level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

The trend of tuition centres in Singapore is very popular. A good chemistry tutor is very hard to find. The parents make great efforts to find good chemistry teachers for their kids. There is many chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. To increase marks in secondary schools and improve chemistry grades better teachers are appointed.

Keywords: chemistry tuition centre in Singapore.

ORise of

Tuition in

The trend of tuition O level chemistry tuition
classes are getting very
centres in Singapore is very popular in Singapore for
popular. A good chemistry
tutor is very hard to find. junior college. The students
The parents make great feel free to communicate
efforts to find good with their teachers in the jc
chemistry teachers for their
kids. There is many chemistry tuition. This is
chemistry tuition centre in not possible in the schools.
Singapore. To increase To achieve better grades the
marks in secondary schools students needs to work hard
and improve chemistry full time.
grades better teachers are
appointed. The chemistry concepts of

the O level chemistry

students get better when

they start learning

chemistry from an

experienced teacher. There

many segments and levels

in learning chemistry such tuition centre. The need is
as O level chemistry, A level felt for the good chemistry
tuition centre where pure
chemistry, h2 chemistry, chemistry is taught.
There are many types of
The good chemistry tuition exams held in Singapore.
centre depends on the track The most popular among
record and the performance are those which the MOE
of the students. MOE standards. The students
want to follow the studying
(Ministry of Education) pattern which is widely
helps to maintain the acceptable all over the
standard of examination country and the world.
such as structure, Cambridge International
curriculum and activities. Examination is one of them.
MOE teacher are those who The students and the
are equipped to help the parents always search for
students in the O levels the teacher who will help
chemistry exams. the students to score good
marks in the examination.
Ang Mo Kio is known as The board examination is to
score in the school. The
AMK is a residential town students are made ready for
the competitive exams.
in Singapore where the
The subject chemistry is a
students are very egger to tough subject. The students
are required to have good
learning chemistry. The teachers for their guide. The
parents always worry to get
students from this their kids the best teachers
and the coaching centres
developing city join the available. The coaching
centre or the tuitions are
very popular in Singapore

as the students finds very confident, taking more
difficult to learn in the responsibility, more skills to
school. The other option is learn, getting attention, etc.
they go for the private
tuition that helps these kids The group studies help the
in their studies.
students to get more
It is not for the students who
are weaker in studies. It is knowledge about chemistry.
for everyone who can afford.
Though teaching is a The number of students
profession in which there is
always a risk. It always studying together finds
depends on the particular
students how they actually more quarries. They starts
perform in the examination
hall. The chemistry being a find out the solution. The
hard subject it requires a bit
more attention for the teacher in the private
students for performing
well. tuition helps them to solve

The school teachers find it the equation easily. This
hard sometimes to give
attention to all the students becomes a perfect way in
at school. So the private
tuition is getting popular. which the students doesn’t
There are many reasons the
students choose to have hesitate and gets ready for
private tuition and opt for
going coaching. the exam perfectly. The

There are many reasons in students find the coaching
the rise of O level chemistry
tuition in Singapore which centre more comfortable for
are group studies, getting
their studies as they get

enough time for themselves.

They can ask question to the

teachers and get the

answers. The

communication between the

private teacher and the

students develop.

Getting confident is another

point to discuss. The
confidence level of the
students increases. The
student often doesn’t get

enough time in the school to
get their solution. Sometime

they are unable to pay The students find more
skills and technique to learn
attention in the school. They from the teachers available
in the tuition centres in
find some topics difficult to Singapore. The teachers are
very professional and highly
understand. These trained to solve problems
the students are facing in
problems get solved when their studies. The skills are
tough to the students while
they opt for the private they go through the
different chapters. This
tuition. helps the students to accrue
more marks in the
Taking responsibility can be competitive exams.
The parents always want
discussed in both ways. The their kids to get success in
responsible remains on both the field of chemistry.
end the teacher and the
student. The student is The study of chemistry
involves forming of new
responsible to study hard to technologies which helps in
score better marks and modernization of our lives.
grade. The teacher is The students get the help of
the new technologies while
responsible to teach the learning. The teachers are
student and make them helping the students to
understand the following develop their own skills to
topics. The students are help them in new
innovation. Innovation is
eager to learn better as they creating new process to help
get more advice and the technology move more
practical knowledge from ahead. The benefits can be
seen in the field of
the tuitions. technology when innovation
takes place. The people are

benefit along the country. It The teachers are trained
helps the growth of the with the latest materials
country and the country and resources to support the
progress. students in their studies.
The teachers are always
Getting attention is another trying to improve
part which helps in the rise themselves to give their best
in the growth of the for the students in the
chemistry tuition in chemistry field. The
Singapore. The teachers in teaching methods vary from
the coaching centre pay place to place. There are
more attention as compared different methods used by
to the school teacher. The the teachers to help the
students in the private students to compete in the
coaching centre require international exams.
more attention and time to
solve the problems. The The theme of the subject
teachers personally always may change but the basic
help the students as per structure remains the same.
their requirements. Student The teachers find it easy
getting attention from when they attend and go
teacher means gaining more through different seminars,
knowledge. The skills of the discussion and training to
students get developed to get them update.
get them ahead in the
competition. The teaching is aimed to
help the students to develop
The learning capacity of the a balance knowledge and
students increases as the
get help from the coaching
tutors. They get their
regular help in their
studies. The regular study
helps them to stay ahead.

understanding. The skills Chemistry plays an
are developed to help the important part in
students to get qualified and in our daily
to become good skilful everything
learners. lives.
The new technologies help
the teachers to progress in There are different
the field of education.
branches of chemistry which
The O level chemistry
tuition in Singapore helps are involved in the studies.
the students to know about
the understanding of the The five common branches
technological world. It
informs the students about in chemistry are analytical
the science and scientific
development of the world. chemistry, physical
The students have the
theoretical and practical chemistry, organic
knowledge about chemistry.
chemistry, inorganic
The skills which we use in
our day to day lives are chemistry and biochemistry.
reflected in the studies.
When these skills are The analytical chemistry
elaborated and described
the total view comes to deals with the quality and
existence. The student after quantity of the substance. It
studying gets the total does the physical
understanding of the measurement of the subject
subject chemistry.
and detects its chemical
Chemistry is the study properties.
which is related to the
matter separating and Physical chemistry includes
combining the substances. the study of physics
including the chemistry. It
says about the matter and
energy of the substances.

Organic chemistry is the

study of element containing
carbon. Organic chemistry
is also known as chemistry
of life. This deals with the

living tissue which has

Inorganic chemistry is the carbohydrates, lipids and
study relating to the metal
and different gases which Carbohydrates are relating
doesn’t have carbon in them. with the sugar and starches.
This is the basic food to
Biochemistry is the study of provide power to our cells in
chemistry that deals the
process going on in the our body. This helps the
living organism. cells to function and work.

Lipids deal with the fats and

oils which are found in the

There are many field of cell membranes. This
studying chemistry. The
provides cushioning
study helps to understand
the different process we see substances in the body.
in everyday is all related to
Proteins are composed with
chemistry. Chemistry is
dealing with food, clothing the amino acids. There eight
and shelter. necessary amino acids
which are needed for the
In understanding the body. These acids are

subject of chemistry we need included in our food. Food
chemistry also related to
to study some more topics. who much water content,

The topics are food vitamins and minerals we
chemistry, environmental

chemistry, agricultural

chemistry, chemical Studying food chemistry the
chemists helps to improve
engineering, geochemistry, the quality of the food we
take. They help the food to
forensic chemistry. These
store properly and keep it
will make us understand for long duration. They
develop better quality of
the chemistry in a more seeds for production of good

elaborative way. quality crops. They test the
level of nutrition the food
Food chemistry is dealing
with the three components
of the food that are

has. They take care to help They test the water bodies
in packaging of the food such as river, lakes and
items. This helps the food to oceans water to help
stay in good quality for prevent water pollution.
longer duration. Water is the most important
They taste the food so that part of the environment.
they can change any colour The study helps us to find
issues, bad odour and bad out the features of water.
texture. They improve in a The water may contain
large aspect to give us a fine harmful substances. They
product. help us to process the water
to help for human
The environmental consumption.
chemistry is related with to
the natural environment. Agricultural chemistry is
This is the relationship with related to protect the crops
soil, water and air. The and livestock from being
chemists understand the destroyed. This helps in
relation and reaction which development of the
takes place in the natural fertilizers, insecticides and
process of chemical changes. other necessary items. This
They describe how the also helps in improving the
chemical changes take place nutritional supplements.
and the effects of the These are formed from the
environment pollution. different crops. The study
helps in the growth in the
The harmful reactions of the increase of the production of
chemical changes which are meat and dairy products.
done by the human
activities are described by
them. They take the
following steps in the
preventing the environment
from polluting.

Chemical engineers helps in different kinds of gases
found on earth.
solving the technical They work on the pipelines
problems faced in the world. of the oil refinery to prevent
It helps in forming the new chemical reactions which
products in pharmaceutical stops from any kind of
industry. explosion.

Thus we can understand
there are many things
which the subject chemistry
involves. The student must
pay great attention to study
this subject. This will help
the students in future to get
involved in some of this field
with better knowledge and
understanding. This makes
the O level chemistry
tuition in Singapore very
popular. The students find
better understanding of the
subject for the private

Geochemistry is the study
which describes the
relationship of the
substances found on the

earth. The geochemists are
appointed in the oil
companies to find out the

natural resources. They
deal with the oil reserve and

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