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kreston Menon is one of the best Audit & Accounting firm in Duabi, UAE.

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Published by krestonmenon, 2019-11-25 02:24:53

Auditing & Accounting Firm in Dubai

kreston Menon is one of the best Audit & Accounting firm in Duabi, UAE.

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Kreston Menon, Level 15, Lake Central, Marasi Drive,
Business Bay, P. O. Box : 55535, Dubai, UAE

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About Kreston Menon

No one else knows your business more.
No one else shares your history. Or your dreams for the future.
So, when it comes to the really important things – the decisions that
will shape the future of your business – you need someone who really
understands you. You need an ally. A confidant. A friend.

That’s where we come in.

We, at Kreston Menon offers the very best financial advice. More than that,
we also go beyond the traditional accountant or consultant role to mentor you
through thick and thin.

Our creative and dynamic approach means we’re always on hand with the fresh
thinking and personalized advice our clients need. As partners, we work side by
side with clients to understand their ambitions and tackle their challenges.
We take utmost pride in providing quality services without compromising on the core
values of fairness, integrity, ethics, trust and client satisfaction. Our commitment and the
cherished values have enabled us to successfully expand our footprint in the UAE with 9
offices and over 250 staff.

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Chairman’s Message

We are today in a world where change is the only constant in life. For businesses to become successful in this
era of constant change, the very mindset of its main asset, which is its people, should be tuned to this
eventuality. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) knocking on the doors, this is the time to seize the opportunity and
use the capabilities of AI with the traditional intelligence of mankind and carve a new world order.

We at Kreston Menon have been preparing for this and are ready to acknowledge change as a constant way
of life. As we enter a new year of hope, optimism and enthusiasm, I wish all of you a successful year ahead.

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Kreston Menon Core Services

. Audit & Assurance
. Business Advisory & Consulting
. Financial Accounting & Advisory Services (FAAS)
. Taxation Consulting
. Technology Consulting
. Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering
. Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)
. Corporate Finance Consulting
. Company Registration & Corporate Services
. Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
. Payroll Services

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Audit & Assurance

The role of Audit in the present business environment is growing in stature. With business
processes becoming more and more sophisticated, the need of the hour is to develop
competencies which are capable of providing the business community with the assurances it needs on its
business operations. Understanding the client’s business is a key phrase we at Kreston Menon have adopted
to ensure we meet our client’s expectation with respect to
the attest function.

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Financial Accounting &
Advisory Services (FAAS)

. IFRS Implementation & Advisory
. IFRS Policy & Manual
. Transaction Advisory Services

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Business Advisory & Consulting

Business success in today’s world is a combination of several factors. And it is very common knowledge that
every business house does not have every business solution. However, the key to successful business is the
business managements acceptance of this fact and using external consultants to bridge the gaps.
This is where Kreston Menon comes to your assistance. Our services cover a broad spectrum of consulting
requirements, with the main focus being on Business & Financial Advisory, Risk & Performance Advisory and
Valuation & Transaction Support. The market in the UAE and GCC is complex and requires authentic data
and information to enable business to harness the
dynamic business environment prevailing in the UAE and GCC.

Kreston Menon possesses in-depth knowledge of industry conditions and markets in this region and through
our widespread contacts and access to regional databases we are able to provide insightful research results
to our clients. Kreston Menon has a proven track record of completing projects across multiple industry
verticals, within specified timeframes, and we have made a name for ourselves as a highly reliable advisory
firm. Our client list includes the Who’s Who of the UAE from both the government and private sector

Our technical expertise enables us to provide customized solutions that address the specific needs of clients.
By strategically managing business needs of our clients we ensure lower risk and greater profitability for their

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Taxation Services

The Value added Tax, commonly called VAT in business parlance, is the most common type of consumption
tax levied on goods and services. On 1st January 2018, VAT became an integral part of businesses in the
UAE. While offering limited exceptions to some categories including basic food items, healthcare and
education, Value Added Tax will be collected at the rate of 5 % on the goods and services, at each step of the
supply chain. The new VAT system will be implemented across the GCC countries, although possibly on
different dates, at different rates. UAE and Saudi Arabia implemented it w.e.f. 1 January 2018.

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Technology Consulting

To tackle the unique business challenges in an increasingly digital world, Kreston Menon has two separate
divisions. We recognized the need to have specialist teams in place to handle website development and
software development. An online presence that is visible, robust and highly engaging gives out the message
that you’re a force to reckon with, and that you are serious about your business growth. In a world where
people are increasingly turning to mobile devices for making crucial purchase decisions, you cannot afford to
be left behind. Kreston Menon is your partner for technology solutions. Our innovative thinking and strategic
planning combines with our deep expertise to help you sail through the most turbulent challenges.

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Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering

. Compliance policy & procedure
. Compliance monitoring plan
. Transaction monitoring advisory
. Regulatory return review
. Corporate Trainings
. Compliance in sourcing

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Corporate Governance & Risk Management

GRC service assists organizations to effectively monitor and manage risk and ensure
compliance to regulatory requirements. It may so happen that a conflict of interests may
arise – some of the regulations may not exactly promote business growth. The trick is to strike a fine balance
between the two. Complying with governmental regulations is not optional, it’s mandatory. At the same time,
you cannot lose sight of your business goals. Juggling the two may be a difficult task; this is exactly where we
come in. GRC team at Kreston Menon have the experience to help you manage risk and ensure compliance
to regulatory requirements.

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Corporate Finance

Our strength in this arena ranges from raising capital to capital structuring, financial feasibility to fund
placement, from joint ventures to acquisitions or business disposal, and more. We also assist our clients in
preparing the requisite documents, completing the legal formalities, to get credit facilities, raise equity,
release/invest in Bonds and Sukuk, revolve credit, get credit rating, and so on. We serve government
organizations, sole proprietorships, family owned businesses, private equity, individuals with a high net
worth, shareholders, creditors and multinational corporations. Whatever be the action you are considering,
our team will be with you, providing sensible and decisive financial advice and seamless, customized
solutions from the first stage of the transaction, right up to its completion. We will bring all of our industry
expertise and transactional know-how to the table to make sure that the outcome is successful for you.

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Payroll Services

Outsourcing your payroll processing to Kreston Menon can be beneficial. Our customized payroll solutions to
our clients include:
. Monthly Payroll Services
. Ensuring compliance with Wage Protection Systems
. Payroll tax returns
. Payroll reports

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Company Registration & Corporate Services

The great economic and political environment that United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides makes the UAE a
very favorable destination to many global entities and aspiring entrepreneurs. They continue to set up busi-
ness in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other cities within the UAE. Incorporation of new companies is much
easier here compared to other countries, though there are still regulations that need to be followed, and
documentation to be completed. Kreston Menon provides comprehensive solutions for those planning to
incorporate, establish, and run their business in the UAE. Our incorporation team ensures seamless company
registration in Dubai and other part of the UAE. We are proud to mention that we work closely with several
government agencies in the UAE and are intimately familiar with the intricacies of government procedures
and their working. Our company incorporation services take away all the incorporation hassles off you. Right
from conducting feasibility studies to assisting in deciding the best place and legal form for your enterprise,
securing the physical space required, helping comply with regulations, obtaining licenses and manpower
services, we are with you in every step of the process.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

With the rapid globalization of markets, the emergence of free trade zones and the vast opportunities
provided by the expanded common markets, financial accounting has become a lot more complicated. And
if the past few years are any guide, the future might hold more regulations, new requirements, and a rising
compliance burden. Kreston Menon Chartered Accountants is one of the leading accounting firms in
GCC – a professional services firm that has been contributing to the success of its clients by creating value
and confidence, allowing them to move forward confidently in the new economy. We ensure that our
accounting services standard keeps up with the convergence of accounting and auditing standards
throughout the world, and are committed to maintain the highest level of professional standards and quality
for company’s financial accounting to meet global standards. The success of every business ventures is
directly linked to maintaining the confidence of its stakeholders, viz, shareholders, lenders, customers,
suppliers, regulators, and society in general. We provide insights to accounting and auditing guidance for our
clients, which is a key factor that is critical for successful business and for implementing accounting exercises
effectively. Earning an independent assurance report from Kreston Menon Chartered Accountants is one of
the actions a company can take to earn the trust with stakeholders. Our achievement of being awarded the
most acclaimed Superbrand status for four consecutive years not only implicated our breadth and depth of
commitment, knowledge and technical expertise, but also strengthened our position as the top Accountants
in GCC. Our commitment towards upgrading internal knowledge and support technology for our audit
professionals allow us to be abreast with the latest tools and knowledge to deliver quality services to our
clients. Ethical standards and professional integrity form the backbone of our service. With years of
excellence in the industry, Kreston Menon offers the best Accounting Services, GCC can hope for.

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Contact Us

Dubai JAFZ Hamriyah

Kreston Menon, Level 15, Lake Central, Office No. 1214-1215, 12th floor ELOB Office No.E2-115 G-08,
Marasi Drive, Business Bay, JAFZA One – A, P.O. Box: 61136 PO box 50821, Hamriyah Free Zone
P. O. Box : 55535, Dubai, UAE Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE Sharjah, UAE
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
+97142762233, +97144221680 +97148871727, +97148813229 +97165758899, +97165758896


203, Liberty Al Soor Building Office 429 – 5EA, East Wing Office No.1, Kizad Free Zone Offices,
Al Mena Road, P.O Box 5199 Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) Kizad HQ, P.O.Box 137257 Taweelah,
Sharjah, UAE P.O. Box : 371076, Dubai, UAE Abu Dhabi, UAE
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
+97165758899, +97165758896 +97146091019, +97146091020 +97124499005, +97144499126

Abu Dhabi Ras Al Khaimah

705, Abu Dhabi Plaza Tower – Bldg. Office No: 403,4th Floor
# 17, Najda Street at Hamdan Street Emirates Islamic Bank Building, Al Nakheel, P.O Box 28981
Crossing P.O. Box : 31616, Abu Dhabi, UAE Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
[email protected] [email protected]
+97126772727, +97126773737 +97172261007, +97172261009

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