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La Voz - March 2021
Lucy Domínguez Pérez Obituary • Ordinary Women of the Borderlands: Extraordinary Lives by Norma Longoria Rodríguez • Poemitas for Nickie Valdez, RIP by Tommy Noonan-Minot, ND. • Rest in Power, Anne Feeney (1951 - 2021) by Alexandra Bradbury • The Legacy of DISPLACEMENT in San Antonio by Rodolfo Rosales • Source of Income discrimination..... the reality of Section 8 by Kayla Miranda • !Muchas Gracias! 246 Esperanza Donors! Your Support Keeps Us Going! • I Was Shackled to My Bed After Giving Birth. Then They Took My Baby Away. by Keeley Schenwar, TRUTHOUT
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