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Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Low Organized


Regginee Flora-Booker
KINE 1151

GAME Table of Contents


Ships and Sailors 4

Team Basketball 5

Rolling Dodgeball 6

Zip Zap Zop! 7

Chiefs and Indians 8

Cat and Mouse 9

Elbow Tag 10

Stop Light 11

Red Rover 12

Human Knot 13

Hula Hoop Pass 14

Look up, Look Down 15


 2 Laps around the gym
 High knees- 10 seconds
 Butt kicks- 10 seconds
 Leg Stretches: 10 seconds each

 Arm Stretches: 10 seconds

Ships and Sailors

• Skill Focus: Concentration, Listening
• Equipment: Cones and/or Lines,
• Objective: Be the last Sailor Standing by following all

• How to Play: Ships and Sailors – Designate one side of

the room as ships the other as shore and a place in the
middle as the dock.When the ‘captain’ yells ships the
crew runs to that side of the room. NOTE:They do not
have to reach that side of the room before calling an
order or changing the direction.This is a non-eliminating
action. Students will hear the commands:
Hit the Deck
(number given) Men Rowing
(number given) Men Eating
Captains Coming
Walk the Plank
• Rules: students must quickly take commands from the
• Time: Last Person Standing


• Skill Focus: Agility, Concentration
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: Basketball
• Objective: score more points than the opposing team
• How to Play: Class will be divided into 2 groups, each starting at

separated ends of the court. Each student on the teams will be given
a number (1-10).When their number is called the player from both
teams will sprint to the basketball in the designated area.They will
have a minimum of 5 dribbles to score and return to their seats.
First team to 5 wins.
• Rules: students not selected must stay in their seats.

• Time: 10 minutes or whenever one team wins

Rolling Dodgeball

• Skill Focus: Concentration, Speed
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: 6 Hula Hoops, bean bags / pennies / different
colored cones
• Objective: Get three in a row of your team’s marker
• How to Play: have the class sit in a circle. One to Two
students will be standing in the circle.The rest of the class
must work together to tag the standing students with the ball.
• Rules:
• The ball must stay on the ground
• Students must stay on their bottoms
• The person that tagged the standing person will trade places.
Students not following these rules will be removed from the circle
until the next round.
• Time: 5 minutes

Zip Zap Zop

• Skill Focus: Concentration
• Objective:
• How to Play: Stand in a circle. Have kids

practice saying “Zip, Zap, Zop.” One person
starts by clapping and pointing to someone
as she says,“zip.” The person she pointed to
claps, and points to someone else saying
“zap.” The person she pointed to then claps,
and points to someone saying “zop.”
• Rules:

• If a player says a word out of order, he’s out. If
a player hesitates too long, she’s out.When
players is out, they can stay in the game, but
turn into “land mines” by crossing their arms
over their chest. If a player still in the game
points to one of the “mines,” he is out too.

• Time: 5 minutes

• Skill Focus: Listening Chiefs and
• Space Requirement: Half-court Indians
• Equipment: N/A
• Time: N/A
• Objective: The objective is not let the Guesser know

who the Indian Chief is, so don't stare at the Indian
Cheif the whole time.
• How to Play: Sit in a circle.A student is sent off from
the group and another student is picked as an Indian
Chief. Once the Indian Chief has started doing
something like patting their knees, everyone else has to
do the same thing like a copycat.The person that was
sent off has to come back in the middle of the circle
and guess who the Indian Chief is in three guesses.
When the Guesser turns his/her back to the Indian
Chief the Guesser might change to clapping his/her
• Rules:
• Time: 5 Minutes

Cat and Mouse

 Skill Focus: Speed / Team

 Equipment: half court
 Objective: The cat needs to

catch the mouse.
 How to Play: Class will be

divided into 2 even groups
(team 1 is the cat, team 2 is
the mouse). Each team will
be diagonal from each other
at cones. Both teams must
stay outside of the designed
lines while running.
 Rules:
 Time: 3 minutes

Elbow Tag

• Skill Focus: Speed,Agility, concentration
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Objective: Fun
• How to Play: Everyone gets a partner and

links arms.Two people are chosen to split up.
One will be it and the other will be chased.
Whenever the person links with a pair of
players, the person on the opposite end must
break off.They will now become chased. If the
person gets tagged, they become it.
• Time: 4 seconds
• Rules:

◦ Players must move constantly during game
◦ Players must keep arms locked

 Time: 5 minutes


• Skill Focus: Listening, Observation,Agility.
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Objective: get to the stop light before anyone else does
How to Play: Start with everyone along the starting line,
When you say ‘Green Light’ everyone will move towards the
finish line,
When you say ‘Red Light’ everyone must immediately stop.

If players are still moving when you call ‘Red Light’, they
must go back to the starting line.

Start a new round when everyone gets across the finish line or
when most players make it across the finish line.
• Rules:

no running is allowed.
Green Light=Walk
Yellow Light = Slow Motion
Red Light =Stop
Purple Light = skipping, galloping, tip toeing

• Time: 5 Minutes

Red Rover

• Skill Focus: Concentration
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment:
• Objective: The objective of the game is to end with the

most players on your team by maintaining the integrity of
your chain.The game ends when all the players end up on
one side.
• How to Play: Two teams line up opposite each other, no
more than 30 feet apart.The first team agrees to call one
player from the opposite team, and chants,“Red Rover, Red
Rover, send (player’s name) on over!” The person called
runs to the other line and attempts to break the chain
(formed by the linking of hands). If the person called fails
to break the chain, this player joins the team that called
Red Rover. But, if the player successfully breaks the chain,
he may capture either of the two players whose link was
broken by the dash, and bring them back to his original
team.Teams take turns calling out Red Rover and
challenging a player on the opposing team.
• Rules:
• Time: 5 minutes

Human Knot

• Skill Focus: Leadership,Time Managenment
• Objective: Relay the same message that was told initially
 How to Play: Get the group to form a circle.
 Tell them to put their right hand up in the air, and then grab the hand of

someone across the circle from them.
 Then repeat this with the left hand, ensuring they grab a different persons

 Check to make sure that everyone is holding the hands of two different

people and they are not holding hands with someone either side of them.
 That they must now try to untangle themselves to form a circle without

breaking the chain of hands.
 Get participants to take their time in order to limit injuries.Ask the group

not to tug or pull on each other and spot participants as they pass over
other participants. Monitor throughout the challenge and stop them if you
need to.

• Rules:
 If the chain of hands is broken at any point, they must then start over again.

 Time Allocate a specific time to complete this challenge (generally ten to
twenty minutes)

Hula Hoop Pass

• Skill Focus: Speed, Listening
• Equipment: Two Hula Hoops,Timer.
• Objective: Move the Hula Hoop around

while holding hands
• How to Play: Have the group form a

circle, holding hands. Have the group pass
the hula hoop around the circle once so
that everyone participates and time it. As
a final challenge, tell the group that you are
going to add another hula hoop to make it
a little bit more interesting. Add another
hula hoop to the opposite side of the
circle, with it moving in the opposite
• Rules:

◦ Players cannot break the circle

 Time: until time limit is reached

Look Up, Look Down

• Skill Focus: Concentration
• Space Requirement: Half-Court
• Objective: Be the last person standing
• How to Play: Players stand in a circle, all with their heads

looking down.The facilitator yells "look up".
All players look up at someone else (they cannot change
who they are looking at after they look up).
If two people happen to be looking at each other (i.e. make
eye contact), they both have to scream.Whoever screams
last is eliminated from the circle. If someone screams when
they are not making eye contact with anyone, they are also
The facilitator then says "look down" and everyone looks
down.The facilitator then says "look up" and the process
continues.The game continues until there are only two
players left.
When there are only two people left, rock paper scissors
or the game "Star Wars" can help pick a winner.
• Rules:

◦ Anyone who makes eye contact is out.

 Time: 5 minutes

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