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Published by Booker Wholesale, 2021-11-08 06:23:51

Ambient Soups Category Guidance

Ambient Soups Category Guidance

Category Guidance:

Ambient Soup


• Stocking up on Heinz (the UK’s #1 soup brand) is key to maximising sales over
this winter period.

• Keep mindful of the impact of cold weather on sales.

• While Heinz continue to be the market leader in brand, our own label continues
to grow share.

Top Sub Categories Top 4 Brands


Steps to Success 2 3

1 Market wide, in branded soups Heinz Tomato 4
Soup achieves more than double the sales of the
number 2 brand (Heinz Cream of Chicken).

2 Ahead of the peak Winter months, revisit the
fixture to check that it reflects current planogram
and capture the top selling lines.

3 When cold weather is forecast, prepare for a
significant uplift in sales as this offers an ideal
opportunity to maximise profit from the range.


Happy Shopper range of tinned 400g soup - great quality
and very competitive versus the branded offerings with a

69p price point offering 30.7% POR

The Heinz range of soup offers an ongoing on pack 3 for £3
consumer deal - ideal for driving incremental basket spend.

Bestsellers Download the latest
planograms at CLICK

Convenience Bestsellers

Mcode Product code SIN Description Size WSP RSP POR
274143 Hz Tomato Soup PM109 3/PM300 400g £20.92 £1.09 20.0%
M252123 92096615 018911 Hz Cream of Tomato Soup 400g £10.46 £1.09 20.0%
274145 Hz Crm/Chkn Soup PM109 3/PM300 400g £10.46 £1.09 20.0%
M240014 92056283 018929 Hz Veg Soup PM109 3/PM300 400g £10.46 £1.09 20.0%
159491 Hz Big Soup Beef & Veg 400g £13.50 £1.45 22.4%
M252443 92096631 159426 Hz Big Chicken & Veg Soup 400g £13.50 £1.45 22.4%
018754 Hz Cream of Chicken Soup 400g £10.46 £1.09 20.0%
M252447 92096649 180533 Hz Crm/M/rm Soup PM109 3/PM300 400g £10.46 £1.09 20.0%
871707 Bat CAS Chicken 4s 81g £11.49 £1.89 32.5%
M268661 10012122 018846 Hz Oxtail Soup PM109 3/PM300 400g £10.46 £1.09 20.0%

M219687 10012130

M222413 10037554

M252442 92096623

M125653 85454111

M252455 92096657

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