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Published by Ian Staton, 2019-12-12 04:21:14

BVCPS Consultancy Services Initial

Consultancy Services Initial

Keywords: BVCPS


To support you in your professional training.
We can help you validate and develop your knowledge and expertise.


EXAMPLES Understanding the purpose of regulations and standards BUREAU VERITAS CONSUMER PRODUCTS SERVICES FRANCE
Incorporating future regulations EXPERTISE TO SUPPORT YOU FROM THE MOMENT YOUR
Identify your obligations as an economic operator PROJECT IS DEFINED
Defining the markings

EXPERTISE TECHNICAL Technical support: customized support
AND REGULATORY Regulatory watch/Normative watch
Regulatory sheets
EXPERTISE Product information sheets
Elaboration or review of specifications
EXAMPLES Identify risky materials before designing your products Toys: Assistance in drafting technical documentation
Identify critical safety points
Request relevant documents from your suppliers PRODUCT Advice and guidance on the classification of a product
Read an analysis report in order to be able to determine the compliance of a product EXPERTISE
... Advice and guidance on the age class of a toy

Toy safety assessment
according to Directive 2009/48/EC


Information session - Product review - Custom workshop - Other Collection reviews Tableware
Contact your program manager or our sales department. Product design support
We will listen to your expectations in order to offer the right solution.
Packaging design assistance
Toys and Premiums
Product performance/
Sustainability approach

TCF (Technical Construction File)

Safety Datasheets

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services France APPROACH TABLEWARE Stationery
Rue John Hadley SOFTLINES
BP20431 - 59658 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex - France RISK ANALYSIS

Tel: 33 (0)3 20 46 34 56
Email: [email protected]


Bureau Veritas
Consumer Products Services



EXPERTISE TO SUPPORT YOU FROM Product classification Advice and guidance on the classification of a product, mainly ‘toy - non-toy’. € 150/ hour
THE MOMENT YOUR PROJECT IS DEFINED Issuance of a technical report. € 150/ hour
€ 450
Age classification of a toy Advice and guidance on the age class of a toy.
Issuance of a technical report. € 510

TECHNICAL AND REGULATORY EXPERTISE Knowledge Management Toy safety assessment Examination of the hazards presented by the toy and list of requirements it must € 600
meet (mechanical, physical, electrical, flammability, chemical, hygiene, per expert / day
radioactivity aspects) In addition:
cost of preparing
Toys: CE standard testi A standard CE test applies when all the hazards presented by the toy are not fully the service
covered by the harmonised standards - The amount of 510 € includes a review € 150/ hour
Regulatory sheets Summary of the scope of a regulatory text and the associated € 55/ hour of the technical documents submitted by the client and the issuance of the
requirements standard CE test certificate - In addition: cost of testing, cost of safety € 150/ hour
assessmentif applicable.
Contact us
Product information sheets Summary of regulatory requirements applicable to a given product/ € 75/ hour Collection reviews LEVEL 1: classification of the product, age class if applicable, list of applicable tests
List of applicable markings / Identification of critical safety points € 150/ TCF
LEVEL 2: classification of the product, age class if applicable, list of applicable tests
Regulatory watch Daily regulatory and/or normative watch, customised according to one or and markings
Normative watch more pre-defined themes, compiled using a variety of information channels.
LEVEL 3: classification of the product, age class if applicable, list of applicable tests
Alerts issued as soon as a new regulatory text or a new standard is detected and markings, performance of critical tests

€ 125/ hour

Product design support Evaluation of critical safety points (Design Evaluation)

Elaboration or review of Drafting or updating specifications for suppliers (regulatory requirements, € 150/ hour Packaging and leaflet Defining or reviewing markings
specifications customer requirements, specific recommendations, etc.) design support Assistance in selecting claims
Verification of product information
Technical support: Technical support on specific issues (markings, applicable requirements, € 200/ hour for EU distribution Development of marking databases according to the country of distribution
customized support comments on test reports, etc.)
/ please contact us if non-EU -
pleasecontact us for an annual plan

Performance Approach Development of test protocols
Product/Durability Benchmark

TOYS : Assistance in LEVEL 0: Collection of documents, very fast evaluation of the contents, without € 250 TCF Document review of test reports or certificates associated with a product
drafting technical documents evaluation of their technical relevance € 350 (Technical Construction File) Issuance of a letter of presumption of compliance with applicable regulations
€ 850
according to Directive LEVEL 1: Technical support in the preparation of technical documents: € 1 350
2009/48/EC distribution of an explanatory guide + provision of a blank template dossier +
1 hour of assistance (valid for 4 weeks)
Safety Datashee Editing € 225
LEVEL 2: Review and technical advice on the content of the documents provided Translation (51 languages available) € 50/ language
by the client

LEVEL 3: Complete handling of the production of technical documents:
collection of documents + review and advice on content + formatting
of the file

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