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Published by Ian Staton, 2018-12-18 03:49:48




Bed and mattress testing to simulate real-life use.
Providing valuable information on how a bed or mattress
will perform during its full life-cycle.

Is testing beds and mattresses important?

A good night’s sleep is one of the most vital parts of living a healthy life, so making sure a bed or
mattress meets the users expectations is a key factor when purchasing them.
Strength and durability as well as safety and structural stability are all important factors when
purchasing new beds or mattresses, and each one can have a long term effect on the end users
ability to have a comfortable full nights sleep.

Testing to ensure products are complaint with regulatory requirements

The 2005 General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR) by law requires beds and mattresses to
present none or a minimal risk to the end user.
There is also a British Standard BS 7177, which is a voluntary compliance for fire regulations for
the use of beds and mattresses in the UK.
In 2018 a new regulation will be issued which is specific for the testing of mattresses which are
intended to be used by infants in cots and cribs.

Did you know?

In the UK, the flammability regulations are different from that of a product which is to be sold in
Europe. So when planning your testing it is essential that you look at the different regulations for
where each product will be sold/used and that you can provide a valid test certificate to show a
product is legal in this country.

31 Kingsland Grange, Woolston, Warrington, WA1 4RW, Cheshire, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1925 854 360 Fax: +44 (0)1925 851 654
Email: [email protected]

What standards do BVCPS UK test to

The range of tests carried out on beds and mattresses can vary depending on the type of product.
At Bureau Veritas we test Adult beds to EN 1725 standards, Children’s beds to BS 8509
standards, Bunk Beds to EN 747 standards and Cots and travel cots to EN 716 standards.
Even though there are no EN standards specific for the testing of children’s beds, at BVCPS we
value the importance of products being safe when specifically used by children. As an additional
safety measure, we can also offer testing for Children’s beds to NF D60-300-4, which is the French
safety standard.
As well as beds, we carry out a range of tests specific to the performance and durability of
mattresses and mattress toppings, which are included in standards EN 1877, part 10.

What products and methods can we test for

 Structural and stability testing of bunk beds
 Safety and stability for children’s cots and travel cots
 Structural and stability testing of bedsteads for domestic/commercial/contract use
 Mattress performance and durability
 Flammability testing on mattresses and mattress toppers

Global capabilities for hardlines testing

Beds and mattresses are just a selection of services we offer as part of our hardlines programme. We
offer full testing packages for a wide range of products, with dedicated hardline and mechanical
laboratories located in the major sourcing regions around the world.

Bureau Veritas CPS provides a wide range of innovative solutions for companies looking to protect their
brand, manage risk and save cost. We help our clients improve their regulatory compliance, the quality
of their products and the efficiency of their supply chain.

Bureau Veritas CPS hardlines testing capable laboratories

China Japan Singapore United Kingdom
France Korea Taiwan United States
Germany Malaysia Thailand Vietnam
Indonesia Mexico Turkey

If you would like to hear more about our bed and mattress testing or to enquire about
any of our other services, you can contact one of our experienced team on:

31 Kingsland Grange, Woolston, Warrington, WA1 4RW, Cheshire, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1925 854 360 Fax: +44 (0)1925 851 654
Email: [email protected]

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