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Together We Grow (11)

Together We Grow (11)


Yeshiva Schools Strategic Plan

Together We Grow

2100 Wightman Street Pittsburgh, PA 15217 ~ 412-421-7300 ~

Creating the School of the Future

In 1943, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Sholom Posner opened one of the first dual curriculum Jewish schools in the
country. Seventy six years and several thousand students later, Yeshiva has earned its reputation for teaching
Jewish children to live healthy, productive lives, spiritually and materially.
Yeshiva is not resting on its reputation; instead, the school is building on it. To that end, Yeshiva engaged George
Szymanski, PH.D. senior associate of The Cambrian Group, to guide the school’s first Strategic Planning Effort.
A Steering Team was formed that included parents, community members, teachers, administrators, and board
members. During a three day retreat in August, at the new Even Hotel, the Steering Team engaged in dynamic
dialogue, examining and reexamining the school’s core values, mission, and identity. In the process of building
agreement, everyone contributed their ideas, their concerns, as well as their expectations and hopes for the
future, while staying true to a shared goal.
“We had a wonderful planning team,” noted Dr. George Szymanski. “Their diverse opinions made our
conversations very rich. I am very proud of how much was accomplished. I know this plan will move Yeshiva
School to much greater heights.”
The Steering Team developed six initiatives that will become a five year road map charting the way to future
growth. Each initiative will become an Action Team that will be the driving force behind realizing the vision. The
teams will be responsible for developing step by step action plans and specific objectives. “We need everyone to
be involved to ensure the success of the plan.” said Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld, Dean of Yeshiva Schools, “Now is
when the work begins. I encourage you to choose an initiative that you feel passionate about and join the Action
Inside is an outline of what was accomplished at the retreat, and be inspired to become a Team Member!

Core Values Mission Statement

Every person belongs to and has a unique Yeshiva Schools recognizes that all children are entrusted to
potential to contribute to the community. our mission is for each child to develop a love of Torah, awe o
children will acquire life and academic skills, actualize their p
Every parent has an obligation to educate their families, and contribute to their community and the world at
children. The school partners with the parents in
fulfilling this obligation. Yeshiva Schools will accomplish this by cultivating a trusting
academic experience in every classroom, fostering continuou
Striving for excellence is a religious imperative.   Studies, employing positive role models, and creating an env
respect for others, and a sense of mission.
The success of a system depends on the integrity
of all parties. "Many of the conversations were spirited debates
around our core values. Team members shared
Healthy relationships are cultivated through trust. quotes from Torah and Midrash and Chassidus to
prove their positions...and I thought to myself
Individual acts of goodness and kindness bring "Ashreinu!"  We are so lucky to have a school so
G-dliness into the world. profoundly immersed in our Torah heritage! The
most enduring part of the experience for me was the
The vision of the Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe, Rabbi safe atmosphere. We were all coming from different
Menachem Mendel Schneersonz y"aendures by perspectives, but were able to converse. This is the
emulating his example and following his sentiment that I want to spill over to the rest of the
teachings. Yeshiva community."

Positivity and simcha (joy) create an environment -Dena Taub
where people grow and flourish. Parent

Every Jewish child has a right to a Jewish Parameters
Guidelines for implementation of our Mission and
Good character traits precede the learning of Objectives.
We will always be a Chabad School inspired and
Children are our top priority. guided by Chabad Philosophy.

Every person has an intrinsic value, deserving of The Rabbinic Authority of our school is the lead
respect and dignity. Chabad Rabbi of Pittsburgh.

We are responsible for our actions. The Rabbinic Authority will determine the Halacha
Our destiny is determined by Hashem (G-d). (Jewish Law) and Hashkafa (guiding philosophy) of
the school.
Torah and Mitzvos, as illuminated by Chabad
Chassidic teachings, and Yiras Shamayim (Awe We will always have a dual track curriculum, excelling
of G-d) are the foundation of our daily lives in both Judaic and General Studies.

The Steering Team

Rabbi Amy Bardack * Dr. Beverly Barkan * Mrs. Sarah Clark * Mr. Yehuda Cowen * Mrs. Shayna Creeger *
Mr. Chaim Davidson * Mrs. Batsheva Deren * Mrs. Chaya Engle * Mr. Yosef Hashimi * Mrs. Rivky Herman *
Rabbi Yehoshua Hoexter * Mrs. Leah Jacobs * Mr. Yisroel King * Mr. Dov Ber Naiditch * Rabbi Zalman Raskin *
Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum * Mrs. Blumi Rosenfeld * Rabbi Chezky Rosenfeld * Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld *
Mrs. Jamie Rosenthal * Mr. Chanani Saks * Mrs. Kendra Swartzentruber * Mrs. Leah Shollar * Mrs. Dena Taub
Mr. Shuey Teitelbaum *

us by Hashem (G-d). Rooted in Chabad philosophy, Student Care
of Hashem (G-d), and refined character traits. Our
potential, establish and sustain Torah-observant We will support each child and provide for
t large. their emotional, spiritual, and physical
g partnership with parents, delivering an excellent
us skill development in both Judaic and General Academic
vironment that nurtures creativity, self-esteem, Excellence

The Results! We will ensure academic excellence in
both Judaic and General studies to
Yeshiva Schools will utilize the inherent promote each student's success.
capacities and strengths of the school
and community to realize 6 emergant Human
initiatives Resources

Objectives We will follow exemplary practices in
hiring, supervising, and retaining faculty
The organization’s commitment to achieve specific, and staff.
measurable end results in terms of student success,
achievement, or performance. Organizational
All students will achieve their potential
We will have exemplary governance,
All students will possess the qualities of good accountable leadership, and an effective
character operating model in order to fulfill our
All students will display a love of Torah and a
relationship with Hashem (G-d). Financial
All students will demonstrate commitment to
their community and the world at large. We will operate with integrity, financial
transparency, and implement controls to
"I went to school at Yeshiva and am currently ensure the allocation of resources align
sending my own children there, but as a student and with the mission.
parent I had struggled with feelings that my voice
wasn’t really heard. That changed in the three days I Parent
spent discussing the future of Yeshiva Schools with Engagement
the diverse and dedicated members of the school’s
staff and parents. The meetings were spirited and We will energize our community to
substantial, and I came out from the retreat with a create a strong parent-school
renewed sense of pride and participation, and a partnership.
sense of optimism about the future of our school and
community. My voice was heard, and I’m positive
that those who take our initiatives into the action
committees will be genuine contributors to a future
of academic excellence, institutional integrity, and
civic pride."

-Dov Ber Naiditch

2100 Wightman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Coming Up! "Participating in this process was a very powerful,
paradigm-breaking experience that has the potential
Become an Action Team member! to change the education of all of the students at
Yeshiva Schools."
Action Teams will turn the vision of the Strategic Plan
Initiatives into a reality guided by the core values, mission -Dr. Beveryl Barkon
statement, and objectives. They will establish action plans Carlow University
with specific objectives. The Action Teams will begin
meeting in September 2019 and will conclude their work "The retreat took commitment from a few of us, but
by January 2020. going forward will require a commitment from
everyone. But, if the Syntagma workshop is a forecast
Be a part of Yeshiva Schools of the Future of what’s coming, I’m actually hopeful about positive
Yeshiva’s Action Team cannot succeed without your
support. To join, fill out the enclosed form and return to -Mrs. Kendra Swartzentruber
Yeshiva Schools before September 15th or visit Teacher

Join us, because

Save the Date

September 8th
Presentation of Syntagma Strategic Plan

September 23rd
Action Team meetings begin

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