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David Francis Furniture 2018 Retail Price Guide

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Published by David Francis Furniture, 2018-08-22 15:30:41

2018 General Information & Retail Price Guide

David Francis Furniture 2018 Retail Price Guide

2018General Information
& Retail Price Guide

General Terms


All furniture contained in this catalog are David An order will be scheduled for production only
Francis exclusive designs. The content of our after the following materials or information are
catalog, website and all marketing materials are received:
protected under copyright.
• Receipt of 50% deposit
PRICES • All COM material or selection of graded-in

Prices are NET, refelcting your trade discount and fabric
are FOB David Francis Furniture, Vero Beach, • Finish selection or custom finish approval in
Florida. Prices do not include shipping or local
delivery charges, sales and other taxes. There writing
is no extra charge for packing or cartoning for
delivery within the continental United States. RUSH CHARGES
Crating services are available for an additional
fee. There is no minimum order required to set up As an option for customers on a tight deadline,
an account with David Francis Furniture. David Francis Furniture may offer a “Rush”
service. The rush charge is 20% of the total order
PRICE QUOTES (excluding freight) and covers the cost of the
overtime work necessary to complete the rush
Written price quotes are good for 30 days. order. All rush charges must first be approved, in
After initial 30 days, all prices must be quoted writing, by both David Francis Furniture, then the
again. David Francis Furniture will not be held customer.
responsible for honoring quotes older than 30

SALES TAX All orders are shipped FOB from our warehouses
in Florida, unless other arrangements are made
Customer is responsible for all sales or use taxes prior to shipment. Orders ship by commercial
assessed on the products, sale or delivery of the truck. All deliveries are business-to-business
products. For any shipment within the state of curbside deliveries. Residential deliveries, where
Florida, the State requires that David Francis available, will carry additional charges.
Furniture collect the applicable sales tax, unless
a current Florida Resale Certificate is supplied by RETURNED MERCHANDISE
the purchaser.
David Francis Furniture reserves the right to
TERMS refuse any and all requests for product returns.
Each request will be handled on a case by case
A 50% deposit is required to establish an order. basis and will be initiated with a written Return
The balance is due before shipment. Goods Authorization form (RGA). All authorized
returns must be shipped as prepaid freight in
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT the original carton. All authorized returns will be
examined and evaluated for repair, replacement
Upon receipt of a purchase order, David Francis or credit. Damages caused by insufficient
Furniture will send an Order Acknowledgement. packing and, or, the sign of usage may result in
Customers should check each Acknowledgement an additional adjustment to the final credit being
for accuracy and immediately notify David Francis issued. Unauthorized returns will be refused.
Furniture of any discrepancies. The printed
Acknowledgement is the final agreement between
David Francis Furniture and the customer,
superseding all previous communications
regarding the order.

1 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | General Terms


David Francis Furniture’s acceptance of an Any claim for repair or replacement must be
order is final and binding and not subject to presented in writing to David Francis Furniture
cancellation by the customer. Cancellations within seven (7) days of receipt of your order.
result in forfeiture of deposits. Any expense incurred in the shipment of said
goods will not be the responsibility of David
INSPECTION CERTIFICATES Francis Furniture. David Francis Furniture’s
liability shall be limited to stated invoice price
Prior to shipment, an Inspection Certificate will of any defective goods and shall in no event
be attached to each piece of furniture. This include profits or lost profits. All replacement
certificate will state that prior to shipment, the orders for freight-damaged merchandise
piece was free of any defects in workmanship must be accompanied by a completed carrier
or materials. inspection report.

David Francis Furniture is not responsible for
damages or loss incurred in transit. All furniture All special orders that involve dimensional
is inspected and securely packaged before it changes or other structural modifications
is shipped. We offer the following suggestions must be quoted and approved in writing prior
when accepting a shipment: to acceptance. These orders require a non-
refundable deposit. Special order production
• Do not sign the delivery receipt “clear” will begin after David Francis Furniture has
without completely inspecting the box for received the deposit. Please contact our
visible damage. If you are not given enough Customer Service department for more
time to thoroughly inspect the contents of information.
the boxes, sign the delivery receipt “pending
inspection. STORAGE

• If damage is found, keep all boxes/packing If the customer cannot accept delivery of the
material and contact the carrier immediately order when David Francis Furniture is ready to
to file a damage claim. David Francis ship, David Francis Furniture will warehouse
Furniture cannot file freight claims on behalf the furniture, for up to 15 business days with
of its customers. The trucking company and no charge. Any order requiring storage beyond
David Francis Furniture are not liable for 15 business days will be subject to a monthly
freight damage (dents, holes,etc.) to boxes. storage fee of 2% of the total order.

• If an item is received damaged and the DIMENSIONS
receiver refuses to accept the shipment,
David Francis Furniture will be responsible Due to the hand-crafted nature of our products,
for filing the damage claim with the trucking dimensions noted in our catalog and website
company. David Francis Furniture will are approximate and are subject to slight
determine if that piece will be repaired or deviation.
replaced. In either case, because a finish
has been applied, the order will remain
“open” and cannot be cancelled.

David Francis Furniture shall not be held liable
for any damage, fire or other casualty, accident,
strike, government action, embargos, hostilities
or any other causes beyond David Francis
Furniture’s reasonable control. | 888.905.5678

Additional Yardage Required For Matching Repeats

Fabric Plain 2”-14” 15”-24” 25”-27” 28”-36”
Width Fabric Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat

54” / 50” 0% 20% 25% 30% 35%

48” 20% 35% 40% 45% 50%

45” 35% 45% 60% 70% 80%

36” 55% 65% 75% 80% 90%

MATERIAL (COM) David Francis Furniture’s and its

The “COM” column in your Price Guide shows the predecessor’s, The Trading Company, designs

number of yards of fabric required to upholster each are protected under U.S. copyright. A complete

piece based on a 54” roll of plain fabric. David Francis listing of our registered copyrights is available

Furniture will not be held responsible for any at

remnant material. The chart on page 3 will allow
you to compute the additional yardage required for CERTIFICATIONS
matching repeats. David Francis Furniture is a certified
General Terms
UPHOLSTERY woman-owned business.

Please give specific instructions for applying your ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT

fabric. Otherwise, we reserve the right to determine David Francis Furniture realizes the need to

which side of the fabric or leather is the face side protect our environment, both on a local and

and which is the top and bottom of the design. global level. We feel it is vital to continually

improve our manufacturing and business

If you select one of our graded in fabrics there is a practices to ensure a healthy world for our

charge of $106.67 per yard, Retail. employees, customers and future generations.

David Francis Furniture is a pioneer in using

To be assured your fabric will be applied correctly, renewable materials such as rattan and

attach a cutting to your purchase order, face side up, bamboo. Additionally, we use only

with an arrow drawn indicating which is the top or plantation-grown hardwoods, meaning no

“up” direction. There are two ways of “topping” wood species are utilized from endangered

fabrics - Right Way or Railroad. Right Way is “topped” rainforests. In the finishing of our furniture,

into the roll and Railroad is “topped” to the edge we use products that contain low VOCs. Our

of the fabric. We reserve the right to make an cushions contain plant-based renewable raw

additional charge if your cover material requires materials, replacing significant amounts of

unusual handling or if you require special detailing. petroleum-based materials. Our cushion backs

If so, we will notify you of the charge before proceeding. are manufactured using recycled materials.
Our use of recyclable shipping materials and

NOTE: There will be an additional 7% charge for recycled pallets are other ways we conserve

heavy fabric, leather, vinyl, laminated or woven resources.

material (such as twill), exploding fringe and twisted LAWS OF THE STATE OF
braid cording. We reserve the right to make an FLORIDA PREVAIL
additional charge if you require special detailing All matters arising out of or pertaining to

such as multiple fabrics for the same cushion. any transaction conducted by virtue of this

SHIPPING COM MATERIAL Catalog and Price Guide by and between

Your fabric should be sent to us prepaid and clearly David Francis Furniture and any party placing

side marked with your company name, purchase an order with David Francis Furniture shall

order number and product style number. We accept no be construed in accordance with the laws of
the State of Florida. Venue for any dispute
liability for incidental or consequential damages.
shall be in Indian River County, Florida. David

PLEASE SHIP YOUR FABRIC TO: Francis Furniture cannot be held liable for any

David Francis Furniture typographical errors found in this Catalog and

3990 US Highway One Price Guide.

Vero Beach, Florida 32960
Sidemark: Company Name/
Your P.O. #/Product #

3 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | General Terms


David Francis is pleased to offer selected pieces at sale pricing. Browse the outlet section of our website to find
the pieces that inspire your designs. You can take advantage of special pricing on our discontinued or one-of-a-
kind items and know that you’re getting unique furniture pieces not seen everywhere else.
Visit to view outlet items. | 888.905.5678

Indoor Furniture

David Francis Furniture uses only the highest
David Francis Furniture warrants that all first quality, eco-friendly materials in the manufacture
quality products are free from manufacturing of our cushions. Our standard polyfoam cushions
defect and will remain free from such defects are wrapped in Dacron® for additional softness
during the warranty period with proof of purchase. and comfort. As an upgrade, we offer Spring and
For complete and current warranty details, please Down cushions on many of our lounge chairs,
visit our website. loveseats and sofas. These are noted in the
product description in our catalog and website.
Our materials are first quality. Because these are
natural materials, they are subject to variations We have partnered with international fabric
in color, texture and character, especially under houses to offer a selection of fabrics for use on
different climactic conditions. Although David our indoor furniture. COM/Muslin and graded-in
Francis Furniture makes every effort to help fabric prices are listed in this Price Guide. Fabric
alleviate cracking, materials such as wood and swatches are shown on our website. Fabric
bamboo respond differently in low humidity, high samples are available on request.
elevation and desert areas. Therefore, expansion,
contraction and warping of these materials are FINISHES — INDOOR
beyond David Francis Furniture’s control. We
try very hard to avoid any wide variations in All of our finishes are applied by hand. We use
the materials we use. David Francis Furniture only the finest stains, paints and glazes to give
reserves the right to make modifications or our pieces their lasting beauty. We offer finishes
alterations and to discontinue styles and finishes for wood, crushed bamboo and rattan (with
without notice. skin and without skin); however these materials
absorb color at different rates, resulting in varying
SPECIAL NOTE ON RATTAN shades. A finish shown on rattan without skin will
be lighter on wood, crushed bamboo and rattan
Rattan is a vine that naturally grows in forests. It with skin. We offer two levels of finishes:
does not grow in a straight line. When harvested,
it is dried and cut as straight as possible in many • STANDARD Most of our indoor pieces are
lengths for use in furniture construction. Rattan available in a variety of standard finishes.
poles may have a slight curve to them. This is not There is no additional charge for a single
a defect in the material but how rattan naturally Standard Finish.
grows in the forest. We try to select pieces of
rattan that are as straight as possible. However, • CUSTOM Most of our indoor pieces are
in the event you receive a piece of rattan furniture available in custom finishes for an upcharge
with a slight curve to one of the poles, we of 20%.
hope that you will understand this is a natural
occurrence and not a cause for concern. • Custom finishes include: matches to samples
provided by customers; two-tone finishes
APPROPRIATE USAGE (where available) and discontinued finishes.
Call for details.
David Francis Furniture’s indoor products are
designed and manufactured for indoor/interior A small number of our indoor pieces are available
use only. For complete and current maintenance in a limited number of finishes only. These are
information, please visit our website. noted in the product description in our catalog and

Due to the inherent nature of wood products,
David Francis Furniture does not warrant any
indoor product stored or set in place in an
environment where temperature and humidity are
not controlled. Temperatures must be maintained
within a range of 50 to 80 degrees F (or 10 to
27 degrees C). The relative humidity must be
maintained between 25% and 40%.

5 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | General Terms | Indoor Furniture

All of our finish samples are shown on rattan
poles without skin. This will result in a richer, If you are ordering furniture to be used with
deeper color due to the exposed grain. Rattan existing David Francis Furniture, please
without skins absorbs colors more readily than understand that the finishes may not match. We
finishes applied to wood, crushed bamboo and strongly suggest that you submit an approved
rattan products with skin. Therefore, our finish sample or a piece of furniture for use as a guide.
samples will appear slightly darker. If you have We will prepare a strike off for your approval
any doubt about a color match, please contact us. before beginning the finishing process. Without
an existing piece to work from, David Francis
Samples are available upon request at no charge. Furniture cannot be held responsible for an exact
However, David Francis Furniture cannot color match.
guarantee an exact color match between the
sample and the actual finished item. Samples FINISH SELECTOR
must be regarded as approximation of the final
color. In order for us to match the finish sample Full-color photographs of our standard finishes
you received, you must attach it to your purchase can be found in the back of our catalog and on our
order. This is the best way to ensure you receive a color website. These photographs are an approximation
match. of what the final finish will look like, depending on
the material to be finished. Natural color variations
STRIKE-OFFS in the raw materials and the absorbency of the
fibers and grain will affect the final color. David
If you request a finish that we do not offer, please Francis Furniture cannot be held responsible
send us a chip for us to match. We will make a for slight color variations in the Finish Selector
strike-off color match and send it to you for final photographs or finish samples.
approval before work is started.

Because of the composition of the natural material,
David Francis Furniture does not guarantee the
adhesion of painted finishes. Some chipping may
occur. | 888.905.5678

Outdoor Furniture


David Francis Furniture crafts exclusive outdoor Proper care must be maintained for warranty to
pieces using the finest all-weather materials. be valid. No warranty coverage is provided for
cushion content, fabrics, pillows, COM fabrics and
Our aluminum furniture is constructed with sturdy glass. See limited warranty coverage below. For
welds and high-quality powder-coating or epoxy complete and current warranty information, please
finish, ensuring it will be both beautiful and visit our website.
resilient for years to come.
Our woven resin furniture is constructed with
material which is insensitive to temperatures Do not store furniture frames in freezing conditions.
between -50 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit. It is Store frames in an upright position to prevent
UV resistant, polyethylene (PE) based, nontoxic water build up in frames and allow water to drain.
and chlorine resistant. We weave this material Water that has accumulated in a frame in a
over a welded, powder-coated aluminum frame or freezing environment may cause water to freeze
Epoxy painted aluminum frame. and explode/crack the metal frame structure. This
will void the warranty. When not in use, storing
TABLE TOPS/GLASS outdoor furniture in a covered area will better
protect the frames and fabric from environmental
Clear tempered glass is standard on our outdoor damage.
dining and occasional tables.

For your convenience, we offer a selection of Please review the chart below, which lists the
Sunbrella® solution-dyed acrylic fabrics. We warranty periods for our outdoor furniture and
also accept customer’s own material (COM). For parts.
instructions regarding COM, please refer to
“Customers Own Material” on page 3 of this Guide.

CARE & MAINTENANCE Note that this is a limited warranty. Proper care
must be maintained for the warranty to be valid.
To properly maintain your furniture, wash it with
mild soap and a warm water solution. Use a soft No warranty coverage is provided for cushion
sponge or cleaning rag to clean. Rinse with clear content, fabrics, pillows, COM fabrics and glass.
water. Furniture should be cleaned biweekly to
prevent salt build-up on the powder-coated finish. DAVID FRANCIS ALL-WEATHER
Crystallized salt may oxidize, discolor and/or LIMITED WARRANTY
blister the finish over time. Residue from floor or
patio cleaning chemicals will deteriorate the finish. Product Limited Warranty (Years)
Furniture must be removed before cleaning floors
or patios. For complete and current maintenance Frames/Welds 5
information, please visit our website. Epoxy Paint 3
Powder Coat 3
Sunbrella® recommends their fabrics be cleaned. Resin/Wicker 3
For complete instructions, please visit the Cushion Workmanship 1
manufacturer’s website at Parts (Wheels, Bolts) 1
Note that this is a limited warranty. Proper care
If your cushion becomes saturated with water, must be maintained for the warranty to be valid.
unzip the cusion and stand it on its edge in a See care and maintenance instructions on this
dry, sunny location. The zipper-side should be page.
facing down to allow the water to drain through No warranty coverage is provided for cushion
the opening. Cushions will typically dry in 24-48 content, fabrics, pillows, COM fabrics and glass.
hours depending on the level of saturation and the
weather conditions during the drying process.

When cushions are not being used, you may
also stand them on edge with the furniture frame.
Doing so will reduce the surface area exposed to
the rain and allow for faster drying.

7 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | General Terms | Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Item Number Description Frame COM COM or Graded-In Hardware Table Top
ONLY REQ. MUSLIN Upgrade Upgrade
Price Price

AW6300-ENT Kobi Outdoor End Table $790.00 3 $2,450.00 $2,770.00 8
AW6303-CFT Kobi Outdoor Coffee Table $1,290.00 6 $4,400.00 $5,040.00
AW6305-T Kobi Outdoor Dining Table $2,060.00 N/A
AW6400-ENT Sunset Round End Table N/A $1,840.00
AW6410-ENT Sunset Square End Table $600.00 3 $1,520.00 $1,030.00
AW6700-ENT Nantucket End Table $600.00 1.5 $870.00 $3,320.00
AW6703-CFT Nantucket Coffee Table $770.00 6 $2,680.00 $1,186.67
AW7040-ENT Laguna End Table $990.00 1 $1,080.00 $2,410.00
AW7043-CFT Laguna Coffee Table $660.00 3 $2,090.00 $1,190.00
AW7080-ENT Chippendale End Table $1,060.00 1.5 $1,030.00 $3,970.00
AW7084-CFT Chippendale Rectangular Coffee Table $960.00 6 $3,330.00 $5,560.00
AW7085-T Chippendale Dining Table $1,220.00 9 $4,600.00 $1,470.00
AW8020 Bay Lounge Chair $1,710.00 1.5 $1,310.00 $1,300.00
AW8021-L Bay Loveseat 1.5 $1,140.00 $1,460.00
AW8024 Bay Armchair $1,530.00 1.5 $1,300.00 $1,460.00
AW8025 Bay Side Chair $1,480.00 1.5 $1,300.00 $2,740.00
AW8070 Newport Lounge Chair 3 $2,420.00
AW8070-OT Newport Ottoman $550.00 N/A $3,246.67
AW8071-L Newport Loveseat $520.00 N/A $1,520.00
AW8074 Newport Armchair $660.00 N/A
AW8080 Chippendale Outdoor Lounge Chair 4 $2,820.00 $4,266.67
AW8080-OT Chippendale Outdoor Ottoman $990.00 3 $1,200.00 $7,473.33
AW8081-L Chippendale Outdoor Loveseat $950.00 N/A $2,170.00
AW8082-S Chippendale Outdoor Sofa $890.00 N/A $3,820.00
AW8084 Chippendale Outdoor Armchair $1,010.00 N/A $2,100.00
AW8085 Chippendale Outdoor Side Chair $870.00 N/A $3,583.33
AW8086-BS Chippendale Outdoor Barstool N/A $2,280.00
AW8087-CS Chippendale Outdoor Counter Stool 4 $3,840.00 $3,660.00
AW8088 Chippendale Outdoor Bench 8 $6,620.00
AW8200 Cyprus Stackable Armchair 3 $1,850.00
AW8300 Tik-Tak Stacking Chair 6 $3,180.00
AW8400 Coronado Stackable Lounge 3 $1,780.00
AW8500 Palm Lounge Chair 5 $3,050.00
AW8500-OT Palm Ottoman 3 $1,960.00
AW9300 Seto Outdoor Lounge Chair 6 $3,020.00
AW9404 Kyoto Outdoor Armchair
AW9405 Kyoto Outdoor Side Chair
AW9410 Osaka Outdoor Armchair
AW9504 Sapporo Outdoor Armchair
AW9600 Captiva Lounge Chair
AW9601-L Captiva Loveseat
AW9700 Nantucket Outdoor Lounge Chair
AW9701-L Nantucket Outdoor Loveseat
AW9800 South Beach Lounge Chair
AW9801-L South Beach Loveseat
AW9900 Milano Lounge Chair
AW9901-L Milano Loveseat | 888.905.5678

Indoor Furniture

Item Number Description Frame COM COM or Graded-In Hardware Table Top
ONLY REQ. MUSLIN Upgrade Upgrade
Price Price

B1800 Six-Drawer Pencil Rattan Dresser $2,280.00 $160.00
B1810 Nine-Drawer Pencil Rattan Dresser $2,830.00
B1880-DSK Barcelona Desk $3,090.00
B1890-DSK Campaign Desk $3,360.00 $108.00
B1910-DSK One-Drawer Crushed Bamboo Desk $2,330.00
B1920-DSK Andros Desk $2,840.00 $160.00
B1930-DSK Colony Desk $1,990.00 $160.00

B1970-DSK Shanghai Desk $3,790.00

B1980-DSK Two-Drawer Mahogany Writing Desk $3,970.00

B2001-NS Pencil Rattan Nightstand $1,510.00

B2015 Pencil Rattan Chest $1,730.00

B2100 Banyan Eight-Drawer Dresser $2,730.00

B2110-NS Banyan Nightstand $1,320.00

B2120 Banyan Four-Drawer Chest $1,780.00

B2130 Pencil Rattan Five-Drawer Chest $2,140.00

B2140 Banyan Six-Drawer Dresser $2,290.00

B4000BED-K Bed Frame King $2,500.00

B4000BED-Q Bed Frame Queen $2,350.00

B4000BED-D Bed Frame Double $2,350.00

B4000BED-TXL Bed Frame Twin Extra Long $2,150.00

B4000BED-T Bed Frame Twin $2,000.00

B4020-K Lattice Back Headboard King $1,980.00

B4020-Q Lattice Back Headboard Queen $1,800.00

B4020-T Lattice Back Headboard Twin $1,280.00

B4025BED-K Lattice Back Bed King $4,480.00

B4025BED-Q Lattice Back Bed Queen $4,150.00

B4025BED-TXL Lattice Back Bed Twin Extra Long $3,430.00

B4025BED-T Lattice Back Bed Twin $3,280.00

B4030-D Chippendale Headboard Double $1,520.00

B4030-K Chippendale Headboard King $1,770.00

B4030-Q Chippendale Headboard Queen $1,610.00

B4030-T Chippendale Headboard Twin $1,210.00

B4035BED-D Chippendale Bed Double $3,870.00

B4035BED-K Chippendale Bed King $4,270.00

B4035BED-Q Chippendale Bed Queen $3,960.00

B4035BED-TXL Chippendale Bed Twin Extra Long $3,360.00

B4035BED-T Chippendale Bed Twin $3,210.00

B4050-T Cathedral Headboard Twin $1,190.00

B4055BED-TXL Cathedral Bed Twin Extra Long $3,340.00

B4055BED-T Cathedral Bed Twin $3,190.00

B4100-K Palm Springs Headboard King $1,530.00

B4100-Q Palm Springs Headboard Queen $1,380.00

B4100-T Palm Springs Headboard Twin $1,070.00

B4105BED-K Palm Springs Bed King $4,030.00

B4105BED-Q Palm Springs Bed Queen $3,730.00

B4105BED-TXL Palm Springs Bed Twin Extra Long $3,220.00

B4105BED-T Palm Springs Bed Twin $3,070.00

9 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | Price Guide | Indoor Furniture

Indoor Furniture

Item Number Description Frame COM COM or Graded-In Hardware Table Top
ONLY REQ. MUSLIN Upgrade Upgrade
Price Price

B4200-K Honeycomb Headboard King $1,560.00 10
B4200-Q Honeycomb Headboard Queen $1,450.00
B4200-T Honeycomb Headboard Twin $1,230.00
B4205BED-K Honeycomb Bed King $4,060.00
B4205BED-Q Honeycomb Bed Queen $3,800.00
B4205BED-TXL Honeycomb Bed Twin Extra Long $3,380.00
B4205BED-T Honeycomb Bed Twin $3,230.00
B4300-K Tiffany Headboard King $1,530.00
B4300-Q Tiffany Headboard Queen $1,430.00
B4300-T Tiffany Headboard Twin $1,110.00
B4305BED-K Tiffany Bed King $4,030.00
B4305BED-Q Tiffany Bed Queen $3,780.00
B4305BED-TXL Tiffany Bed Twin Extra Long $3,260.00
B4305BED-T Tiffany Bed Twin $3,110.00
B4500-K Darien Headboard King $1,600.00
B4500-Q Darien Headboard Queen $1,470.00
B4500-T Darien Headboard Twin $1,100.00
B4505BED-K Darien Bed King $4,100.00
B4505BED-Q Darien Bed Queen $3,820.00
B4505BED-TXL Darien Bed Twin Extra Long $3,250.00
B4505BED-T Darien Bed Twin $3,100.00
B4600-K Tulum Headboard King $1,660.00
B4600-Q Tulum Headboard Queen $1,560.00
B4600-T Tulum Headboard Twin $1,160.00
B4605BED-K Tulum Bed King $4,160.00
B4605BED-Q Tulum Bed Queen $3,910.00
B4605BED-TXL Tulum Bed Twin Extra Long $3,310.00
B4605BED-T Tulum Bed Twin $3,160.00
B4700-K Casablanca Headboard King $1,790.00
B4700-Q Casablanca Headboard Queen $1,680.00
B4700-T Casablanca Headboard Twin $1,260.00
B4705BED-K Casablanca Bed King $4,290.00
B4705BED-Q Casablanca Bed Queen $4,030.00
B4705BED-TXL Casablanca Bed Twin Extra Long $3,410.00
B4705BED-T Casablanca Bed Twin $3,260.00
B4800-K Royal Palm Headboard King $1,630.00
B4800-Q Royal Palm Headboard Queen $1,500.00
B4800-T Royal Palm Headboard Twin $1,200.00
B4805BED-K Royal Palm Bed King $4,130.00
B4805BED-Q Royal Palm Bed Queen $3,850.00
B4805BED-TXL Royal Palm Bed Twin Extra Long $3,350.00
B4805BED-T Royal Palm Bed Twin $3,200.00
B4900-K Whirlwind Headboard King $1,620.00
B4900-Q Whirlwind Headboard Queen $1,490.00
B4900-T Whilrwind Headboard Twin $1,150.00
B4905BED-K Whirlwind Bed King $4,120.00
B4905BED-Q Whirlwind Bed Queen $3,840.00 | 888.905.5678

Indoor Furniture

Item Number Description Frame COM COM or Graded-In Hardware Table Top
ONLY REQ. MUSLIN Upgrade Upgrade
Price Price

B4905BED-TXL Whilrwind Bed Twin Extra Long $3,300.00

B4905BED-T Whilrwind Bed Twin $3,150.00

B5000-K Swirl Rattan Headboard King $2,540.00

B5000-Q Swirl Rattan Headboard Queen $2,350.00

B5005BED-K Swirl Rattan Bed King $5,040.00

B5005BED-Q Swirl Rattan Bed Queen $4,700.00

B5060-K Ohana Headboard King $1,620.00

B5060-Q Ohana Headboard Queen $1,500.00

B5060-T Ohana Headboard Twin $1,140.00

B5065BED-K Ohana Bed King $4,120.00

B5065BED-Q Ohana Bed Queen $3,850.00

B5065BED-TXL Ohana Bed Twin Extra Long $3,290.00

B5065BED-T Ohana Bed Twin $3,140.00

B5070-K X and Diamond Headboard King $1,630.00

B5070-Q X and Diamond Headboard Queen $1,500.00

B5070-T X and Diamond Headboard Twin $1,120.00

B5075BED-K X and Diamond Bed King $4,130.00

B5075BED-Q X and Diamond Bed Queen $3,850.00

B5075BED-TXL X and Diamond Bed Twin Extra Long $3,270.00

B5075BED-T X and Diamond Bed Twin $3,120.00

B5080-K Infinity Headboard King $1,680.00

B5080-Q Infinity Headboard Queen $1,500.00

B5080-T Infinity Headboard Twin $1,160.00

B5085BED-K Infinity Bed King $4,180.00

B5085BED-Q Infinity Bed Queen $3,850.00

B5085BED-TXL Infinity Bed Twin Extra Long $3,310.00

B5085BED-T Infinity Bed Twin $3,160.00

B8120-K Pastiche Headboard King $3,040.00

B8120-Q Pastiche Headboard Queen $2,430.00

B8120-T Pastiche Headboard Twin $1,930.00

B8125BED-K Pastiche Bed King $5,540.00

B8125BED-Q Pastiche Bed Queen $4,780.00

B8125BED-TXL Pastiche Bed Twin Extra Long $4,080.00

B8125BED-T Pastiche Bed Twin $3,930.00

B8320-K Chesapeake Headboard King $3,040.00

B8320-Q Chesapeake Headboard Queen $2,430.00

B8320-T Chesapeake Headboard Twin $1,930.00

B8325BED-K Chesapeake Bed King $5,540.00

B8325BED-Q Chesapeake Bed Queen $4,780.00

B8325BED-TXL Chesapeake Bed Twin Extra Long $4,080.00

B8325BED-T Chesapeake Bed Twin $3,930.00

B8501-NS Chesapeake One-Drawer Nightstand $1,990.00

B8503-NS Chesapeake Three-Drawer Nightstand $2,180.00

B8505 Chesapeake Five-Drawer Chest $3,520.00

B8506 Chesapeake Six-Drawer Dresser $3,830.00

B8507 Chesapeake Tall Chest $4,650.00

B8601-NS Pastiche One-Drawer Nightstand $1,990.00

11 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | Price Guide | Indoor Furniture

Indoor Furniture

Item Number Description Frame COM COM or Graded-In Hardware Table Top
ONLY REQ. MUSLIN Upgrade Upgrade
Price Price

B8603-NS Pastiche Three-Drawer Nightstand $2,180.00 2 $2,210.00 $2,423.33 12
B8605 Pastiche Five-Drawer Chest $3,520.00 3 $2,480.00 $2,800.00
B8606 Pastiche Six-Drawer Dresser $3,830.00 1 $1,360.00 $1,466.67
B8607 Pastiche Tall Chest $4,650.00 2 $2,480.00 $2,693.33
B9000 Malacca Bench 2 $2,210.00 $2,423.33
B9005 Long Malacca Bench $2,800.00 2 $1,850.00 $2,063.33
B9010 Small Malacca Bench $1,050.00 2 $2,190.00 $2,403.33
B9030 Chippendale Bench N/A
B9050 Charlotte Bench $1,100.00 2.5 $3,480.00 $3,746.67
B9070 Bridgeport Bench $625.00 4.5 $2,970.00 $3,450.00
B9090 Syndey Bench $625.00 N/A
C0020 ZigZag Lounge Chair 3 $3,460.00 $3,780.00
C0030 Tivoli Lounge Chair $1,050.00 5 $5,860.00 $6,393.33
C0040 Copenhagen Louge Chair $1,100.00 5 $2,950.00 $3,483.33
C0050 Seto Lounge Chair 4.5 $2,990.00 $3,470.00
C0060 Sanibel Lounge Chair $700.00 4.5 $2,800.00 $3,280.00
C0061-L Sanibel Loveseat $700.00 4 $2,290.00 $2,716.67
C0070 Granada Lounge Chair 2 $1,290.00 $1,503.33
C0080 Tibet Lounge Chair 2 $1,290.00 $1,503.33
C0090 Nantucket Lounge Chair 2 $1,290.00 $1,503.33
C0100 Callistoga Lounge Chair 4.5 $2,660.00 $3,140.00
C0110-OT Rattan Ottoman 4.5 $2,670.00 $3,150.00
C0125-OT Terrace Ottoman 4.5 $2,390.00 $2,870.00
C0145-OT Island Ottoman 4 $2,790.00 $3,216.67
C0150 Island Breeze Chair 4.5 $2,560.00 $3,040.00
C0170 Malibu Lounge Chair 9 $3,980.00 $4,940.00
C0210 X and Diamond Lounge Chair 13 $5,380.00 $6,766.67
C0280 Samba Lounge Chair 4.5 $2,620.00 $3,100.00
C0410 Chippendale Lounge Chair 4 $2,660.00 $3,086.67
C0411-L Chippendale Loveseat 4.5 $2,920.00 $3,400.00
C0412-S Chippendale Sofa 2 $1,310.00 $1,523.33
C0420 Mariner Lounge Chair 5 $3,410.00 $3,943.33
C0440 Koi Lounge Chair 4.5 $2,120.00 $2,600.00
C0460 Manhattan Lounge Chair 4.5 $2,530.00 $3,010.00
C0460-OT Manhattan Ottoman 9 $3,500.00 $4,460.00
C0700 Santorini Lounge Chair 2 $2,600.00 $2,813.33
C0750 Amsterdam Lounge Chair
C0760 Sydney Lounge Chair
C0761-L Sydney Loveseat
C0790 Metro Lounge Chair
DCON4280 Faux Concrete 42” x 80” Top
DCON42R Faux Concrete 42” Round Top
DCON42S Faux Concrete 42” Square Top
DCON4272 Faux Concrete 42” x 72” Top
DCON4284 Faux Concrete 42” x 84” Top
DCON48R Faux Concrete 48” Round Top
DCON48S Faux Concrete 48” Square Top | 888.905.5678

Indoor Furniture

Item Number Description Frame COM COM or Graded-In Hardware Table Top
ONLY REQ. MUSLIN Upgrade Upgrade
Price Price

DCON4884 Faux Concrete 48” x 84” Top $1,150.00

DCON4896 Faux Concrete 48”x 96” Top $1,200.00

DCON54R Faux Concrete 54” Round Top $1,300.00

DCON54S Faux Concrete 54” Square Top $1,300.00

DCON5620 Faux Concrete 56” x 20” Top $600.00

DCON60R Faux Concrete 60” Round Top $1,400.00

DCON60S Faux Concrete 60” Square Top $1,400.00

D0020 Madrid Armchair 1 $1,560.00 $1,666.67

D0022-BS Madrid Barstool 1 $1,660.00 $1,766.67

D0022-CS Madrid Counter Stool 1 $1,630.00 $1,736.67

D0060 Aura Armchair $1,400.00 1.5 $1,840.00 $2,000.00

D0070 Koi Armchair 1 $1,890.00 $1,996.67

D0071 Koi Side Chair 1 $1,840.00 $1,946.67

D0080 Stockholm Armchair $1,300.00 1 $1,650.00 $1,756.67

D0110 Samba Armchair 1 $2,030.00 $2,136.67

D0111 Samba Side Chair 1 $1,890.00 $1,996.67

D0112-BS Samba Barstool 1 $2,470.00 $2,576.67

D0112-CS Samba Counter Stool 1 $2,470.00 $2,576.67

D0120 Seville Armchair 1 $1,690.00 $1,796.67

D0121 Seville Side Chair 1 $1,670.00 $1,776.67

D0130 Metro Armchair 1 $2,080.00 $2,186.67

D0600 St. Thomas Armchair 1 $1,890.00 $1,996.67

D0601 St. Thomas Side Chair 1 $1,840.00 $1,946.67

D0800 X and Diamond Armchair 1 $1,690.00 $1,796.67

D0800T X and Diamond Tight Back Armchair 2 $1,910.00 $2,123.33

D0801 X and Diamond Side Chair 1 $1,650.00 $1,756.67

D0801T X and Diamond Tight Back Side Chair 2 $1,870.00 $2,083.33

D0802-BS X and Diamond Barstool 1 $1,860.00 $1,966.67

D0802-CS X and Diamond Counter Stool 1 $1,860.00 $1,966.67

D1000 Chippendale Armchair 1 $1,680.00 $1,786.67

D1000T Chippendale Tight Back Armchair 2 $1,900.00 $2,113.33

D1001 Chippendale Side Chair 1 $1,620.00 $1,726.67

D1001T Chippendale Tight Back Side Chair 2 $1,840.00 $2,053.33

D1002-BS Chippendale Barstool 1 $1,840.00 $1,946.67

D1002-CS Chippendale Counter Stool 1 $1,750.00 $1,856.67

D1023-TB Solid Rattan Table Base $2,250.00 $700.00
D1033-TB Square Rattan Table Base $1,740.00 $1,400.00
D1043-TB Hexagonal Table Base 37” $2,190.00 $1,200.00

D1053-TB Rectangular Table Base $1,980.00 N/A
D1063-TB Large Rectangular Table Base 72” $2,620.00
D1073-TB Large Hexagonal Table Base 46” $2,640.00 $700.00
D1083-TB Medium Rectangular Table Base 63” $2,400.00 $1,050.00

D1103-TB Small Southampton Table Base $1,560.00

D1113-TB Small Round Table Base $1,770.00

D1123-TB Double Stack Rattan Table Base $2,050.00

D1143-TB Small Double Stack Rattan Table Base $1,860.00

D1900 Island Breeze Armchair 1 $1,720.00 $1,826.67

13 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | Price Guide | Indoor Furniture

Indoor Furniture

Item Number Description Frame COM COM or Graded-In Hardware Table Top
ONLY REQ. MUSLIN Upgrade Upgrade
Price Price

D1901 Island Breeze Side Chair $1,390.00 1 $1,670.00 $1,776.67 14
D2033-TB San Juan Table Base $910.00 $625/$700
D2053-TB Nara Table Base $900.00 N/A
D2063-TB Origami Table Base N/A
D2073-TB Tiffany Table Base $3,250.00 $1,050.00
D2701 Stacked Bamboo Side Chair
D2702-BS Stacked Bamboo Barstool $790.00 1 $2,090.00 $2,196.67
D2702-CS Stacked Bamboo Counter Stool $990.00 1 $2,240.00 $2,346.67
D2800 Allegria Armchair $900.00 1 $2,130.00 $2,236.67
D2801 Allegria Side Chair $1,050.00 1 $1,790.00 $1,896.67
D3022-BS Manhattan Barstool $1,130.00 1 $1,780.00 $1,886.67
D3022-CS Manhattan Counter Stool $1,470.00 1 $1,990.00 $2,096.67
D3600 Drake Armchair $1,560.00 1 $1,990.00 $2,096.67
D3600T Drake Tight Back Armchair $1,380.00 1 $1,580.00 $1,686.67
D3601 Drake Side Chair 2 $1,800.00 $2,013.33
D3601T Drake Tight Back Side Chair $2,890.00 1 $1,490.00 $1,596.67
D4052-BS Allegria Barstool $2,030.00 2 $1,710.00 $1,923.33
D4062-CS Allegria Counter Stool 1 $2,270.00 $2,376.67
D4092-BS Senegal Barstool 1 $2,120.00 $2,226.67
D4300 Alana Armchair 1 $1,780.00 $1,886.67
D4301 Alana Side Chair 1 $2,050.00 $2,156.67
D5600 Diamante Armchair 1 $2,010.00 $2,116.67
D5601 Diamante Side Chair 1 $2,320.00 $2,426.67
D5602-BS Diamante Barstool 1 $2,040.00 $2,146.67
D6300 Malibu Armchair 1 $2,290.00 $2,396.67
D6301 Malibu Side Chair 1 $1,840.00 $1,946.67
D6600 Palm Springs Armchair 1 $1,820.00 $1,926.67
D6600T Palm Springs Tight Back Armchair 1 $1,570.00 $1,676.67
D6601 Palm Springs Side Chair 2 $1,790.00 $2,003.33
D6601T Palm Springs Tight Back Side Chair 1 $1,560.00 $1,666.67
D6701 Kenya Dining Side Chair 2 $1,780.00 $1,993.33
D6800 Calla Chair 1 $1,290.00 $1,396.67
D6900 Sapporo Armchair 1 $1,830.00 $1,936.67
D7000 Kyoto Armchair N/A
D7001 Kyoto Side Chair N/A
D7100 Osaka Armchair N/A
D7200 Ibiza Armchair N/A
D7402-BS Nishi Barstool 1 $2,070.00 $2,176.67
D7601 Baja Side Chair N/A
D7700 Bali Chair 1 $1,790.00 $1,790.00
L1085-ENT Vineyard End Table 1 $1,810.00 $1,810.00
L1700 Mosaic Lounge Chair
L1701-L Mosaic Loveseat $375.00
L1702-S Mosaic Sofa 4.5 $2,400.00 $2,880.00
L2033-OT Lido Ottoman
L2035-CFT Lido Coffee Table 9 $3,940.00 $4,900.00
L2040-SB Pencil Rattan Sideboard 12 $5,230.00 $6,510.00

2 $2,890.00 $3,103.33

$80.00 | 888.905.5678

Indoor Furniture

Item Number Description Frame COM COM or Graded-In Hardware Table Top
ONLY REQ. MUSLIN Upgrade Upgrade
Price Price

L2059-CFT San Juan Coffee Table Base $1,390.00 $700.00
L2060-SB Antilles Sideboard $4,190.00 $375.00
L2074-CFT Phoenix Coffee Table Base $1,860.00 $470.00
L2094-CFT Spring Coffee Table $2,590.00
L2095-ENT Spring End Table $1,720.00 $470.00
L2307-NT Swirl Nesting Tables (set of 2) $1,460.00 $375.00
L2407-ENT Italia End Table $1,460.00
L2507-ENT Tao End Table $1,040.00 $375.00
L2704-CFT Phoenix Console Base $2,350.00 $375.00
L2705-ENT Phoenix End Table Base $1,570.00 $28.00
L2908-NT Chippendale Nesting Tables (set of 2) $1,460.00
L3500-CON Sobe Console $2,920.00 $28.00
L4004-ENT Tigris End Table $1,590.00
L4020-CON Wood and Bamboo Console $2,610.00
L4030-CON Santorini Console Table $2,390.00
L4035-ENT Santorini End Table $1,820.00
L4300-CON Barcelona Console Table $4,190.00
L4905-ENT Tribeca End Table $1,430.00
L5005-ENT Madison End Table $1,650.00
L6000 Chippendale Etagere $2,390.00
L6010 Chippendale End Table $1,750.00
L6020 SoBe Etagere $2,200.00
L6030 Hollywood Etagere $2,490.00
L6050 Sobe End Table $1,470.00
L6060 Casablanca Etagere $2,490.00
L6070 Aura Etagere $2,210.00
L6080 Tibet Etagere $2,680.00
L7060 Trinity Corner Etagere $1,810.00

15 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | Price Guide | Indoor Furniture

2018 Standard Finishes

Each piece of fine furniture is hand-rubbed and finished individually to bring out the
natural beauty of the materials. Intricate layers of stain or paint are carefully applied by
master craftsmen to enhance the form of your piece. Natural variations in our materials are


Natural* Golden Mahogany Toast Tobacco
Walnut Dark Mahogany Tortoise Shell
Tiger Eye

Dark Honey


White Satin Black Espresso Distressed Black 16

WEATHERED Green Haze Mist Gray Storm Gray
Cloud Blue Worn Gray Worn Charcoal
Weathered White

Worn White

Beach Wood


Canary Yellow Hibiscus Pink Indigo Green Apple
Purple Plum Seaglass Sprout
Orange Slice Surf Blue

Red Hot


Calypso Flamingo Lime

*Due to variances in rattan, Natural finish samples are not available. | 888.905.5678


Solid Maple Frames
Hand Made to order in the USA
Accepts Boxspring & Mattress

More info at

17 | David Francis Furniture General Terms & Price Guide | Price Guide |

Furniture COM Form Date:________________________

Customer Name:_________________________________________PO#: _____________________________
Item #: _________________ Item Name:_______________________________________________________
Side Mark:_______________________________________________________________________________

Fabric #1 Special instructions Fabric #1
Fabric Vendor: _________________________________
□ □ □Railroad Up the Bolt Other
Please Provide cuttings if available
Color: ________________________________________

Yards To Be Sent:___________

Fabric #2 Special instructions Fabric #2 18
Fabric Vendor: _________________________________
□ □ □Railroad Up the Bolt Other
Please Provide cuttings if available
Color: ________________________________________

Yards To Be Sent:___________

Fabric #3 Special instructions Fabric #3
Fabric Vendor: _________________________________
□ □ □Railroad Up the Bolt Other
Please Provide cuttings if available
Color: ________________________________________

Yards To Be Sent:___________

Note: Unless instructions are clearly stated on your order, David Francis Furniture reserves the right to use their best
judgement concerning the application on your fabric.


Send your fabric to:
David Francis Furniture
3990 US Highway One Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone 772.567.7769 ● Fax 772.569.5021
[email protected] ● | 888.905.5678

Order Form
Fax To: 772.569.5021

3990 US Highway One │ Vero Beach, Florida 32960 │ 772.567.7769 │ [email protected]

Company Name:_______________________________________________P_h__o_n_e__:_______________________________
P.O. #__________________________________________________________________________________________________
Special Instructions: __________________________________________________________________________________

Date Ordered F.O.B. Item Name Ship To:
Quantity Vero Beach, Finish Unit Price Total


Item No.

CC Authorization For Deposit

‌‌ / / /
Number Expiration Security Code Signature

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