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April 11th,2018

Wed April 11 Thurs April 12 Fri April 13 Sat April 14 Sun April 15

Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny

84º High 84ºHigh 81ºHigh 84ºHigh 85ºHigh

63°Low 63°Low 63°Low 64°Low 65°Low

Humidity: Humidity: Humidity: Humidity: Humidity:

38% 61% 71% 48% 52%



Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our

personal trainers! A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of

sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
Fitness Class Schedule atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Monday, April 9 traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Yoga: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am

Tuesday, April 10
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Sunburn Recovery Treatment
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am

Wednesday, April 11 This wonderfully soothing and cooling treatment is a welcome
relief for sun exposure or the desert heat. Aloe Vera is well
Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am- 9:00 am
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am known for it healing restorative effects, great for dehydrated
or sunburned skins. The treatment includes a full facial with
Thursday, April 12 organic Aloe with cool marble stones to help reduce any
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:00 am 10:00 am inflammation, and simply please all the senses.
Mat Pilates: 10:30am-11:30 am

Friday, April 13 80min. - $165 USD + TAX
Functional Training: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Spinning: 9:30 am- 10:30 am
Reformer Pilates: 11:00 am- 12:00 pm

Saturday, April 14
*Cardio Strength Circuit 8:00 am - 9:00 am COCONUT REPLENISHING PACKAGE
Yoga: 10:00 am- 11:00 am

Sunday, April 15
Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am – 9:00 am The rich texture and aroma of coconut
highlights this therapeutic experience,
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
as the body is cleansed, nourished, and
*Mix of cardio on bike, step including revitalized in every step of the process.
TRX & Weights overall cardio workout A coconut exfoliation smoothes and
with added strength exercises. polishes the skin, completely removing
impurities. Herbal poultices are dipped in warm coconut oil and applied to the
Private classes skin and used to massage, allowing the oil to penetrate and hydrate, and
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes delivering the healing extracts of the herbs. A paraffin hand and foot treatment
upon request.
with coconut oil completes this totally enriching journey.

3 Hrs - $365 USD + 16 %TAX.

Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Rejuvenate your Body.
Replenish your Soul.

Hacienda Spa & Fitness Center

Group Fitness Class Schedule
April 2 to April 15

Monday, April 2 Monday, April 9

Yoga: 8:00 am - 9:00 am Yoga: 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30am – 10:30am Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30am – 10:30am

Tuesday, April 3 Tuesday, April 10

Spinning: 8:00am – 9:00 am Spinning: 8:00am – 9:00 am

Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am – 11:30 am Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Wednesday, April 4 Wednesday, April 11

Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am- 9:00 am Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am- 9:00 am

Yoga: 10:00 am- 11:00 am Yoga: 10:00 am- 11:00 am

Thursday, April 5 Thursday, April 12
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:00 am – 10:00am Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:00 am – 10:00am

Mat Pilates: 10:30 am – 11:30 am Mat Pilates: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Friday, April 6 Friday, April 13

Functional Training: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Functional Training: 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Reformer Pilates: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Reformer Pilates: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Saturday, April 7 Saturday, April 14
*Cardio Strength Circuit 8:00 am –9:00 am *Cardio Strength Circuit 8:00 am –9:00 am

Yoga: 10:00 am – 11:00 am Yoga: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Sunday, April 8 Sunday, April 15

Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am –9:00 am Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am –9:00 am

Spinning: 9:30am – 10:30 am Spinning: 9:30am – 10:30 am

*Mix of cardio on bike, step including *Mix of cardio on bike, step including

TRX & Weights overall cardio workout TRX & Weights overall cardio workout
with added strength exercises. with added strength exercises.

Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes upon request.
(Fitness classes for ages 16 and up)


December 26 , 2017 – May 15 , 2018

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

-18 Holes $245.00 $200.00 $190.00 $150.00 $275.00 $230.00
-Early Twilight 12:00p $200.00 $160.00 $160.00 $130.00 $220.00 $185.00
-Twilight 1:30p $175.00 $140.00 $135.00 $110.00 $195.00 $165.00

Includes Food & Beverages
(After 11:00 am) $660.00 $500.00 $760.00
Rates per foursome Includes Food & Beverages


$370.00 USD $510.00 USD $800.00 USD
*Rounds may be played at any of our three courses.
*Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all-
inclusive food and beverage palapas.
*Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
* Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.

Important news for important people Volume 3148 Wednesday April 11, 2018
International Business Sports
The arrest of a former FARC negotia- President Donald Trump on Tuesday Spine-tingling wins in the final-night Cabo San Lucas
tor on US drug charges has brought praised the “kind words” from Chi- medley relays at the Commonwealth Sunny
Colombia’s landmark peace deal to nese leader Xi Jinping and pledged Games on Tuesday crowned a spec- Sunrise: 7:04 AM
its “most critical point,” the former “great progress” in the looming trade tacular showing in the pool for Aus- Sunset: 7:38 PM
rebel group warned... P.2 dispute between the world’s... P.3 tralia that has raised... P.5 Humidity: 71% 68-73 F

The Facebook scandal involving the harvesting of data from tens of millions of users Study
What social media platforms and search engines know about you ‘Devastating’ ocean heat-
waves on the rise
The Facebook scandal involving the What it shares: Most social media said Chirag Shah, a computer sci- Ocean heatwaves which can have
harvesting of data from tens of mil- platforms are open to outside devel- ence professor at Rutgers University. “devastating and long-term impacts”
lions of users has raised a lot of ques- opers who create apps fed in varying What they sell: like social net- on ecosystems have become longer
tions about social media and search degrees by using data from users of works, their revenue comes largely and more frequent over the past cen-
engines. these networks. In the case of Face- from advertising. They do not sell tury, according to an international
As Facebook founder and CEO book, the public profile -- the whole data, but rather access to a consumer study published Tuesday.
Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the page for some people, or just the first with very specific characteristics. From 1925 to 2016, the number of
US Congress this week on protecting and last name and photo for others -- This comes from compiling search annual marine heatwave days glob-
user data, here is a primer on what does not require authorization from engine data but also, in the case of ally jumped by 54 percent, with a
they know about you: the user, but accessing the rest may Google, from searches and content noticeable acceleration over the last
Social media require a separate OK from the user. viewed on its YouTube platform. three decades, a paper in the journal
Facebook, which has more than Once data is mined by outside apps, Google used to also mine the content Nature Communications said.
two billion users, has access to every- it is no longer in the grasp of Facebook of Gmail before ending this practice Similar to an atmospheric heat-
thing you do on the site: the photos and trying to get hold of it again is dif- in June. wave, a marine heatwave is a pro-
and videos you post, your comments, ficult. “Once people had access to that What they share: Like social me- longed period of unusually warm
your ‘likes,’ anything you share or data, Facebook has no way of know- dia networks, search engines share water. “While some of us may en-
consult, the identity of your friends ing for sure what they did with that data with developers and third-party joy the warmer waters when we go
and any other users you interact with, data,” said Ryan Matzner, co-founder app makers. swimming, these heatwaves have
your location and other information. of mobile app designer Fueled. “It’s Are there limits? significant impacts on ecosystems,
Ditto for Instagram and What- like sending an email to somebody In the United States there are prac- biodiversity, fisheries, tourism and
sApp, which are owned by Facebook, and then saying: ‘What did they do tically no laws against the use of data aquaculture,” said the study’s lead
and for Snapchat and Twitter. A user with that email?’ You don’t know.” from social media or search engines. author Eric Oliver from Dalhousie
can control some sharing of their Only bank and payment details But the Federal Trade Commission University, Canada.
Facebook data with privacy settings held by Facebook are off-limits. did sanction Facebook in 2011 for its “There are often profound eco-
and the ad preferences page. Search engines handling of personal data. nomic consequences that go hand in
What it sells: Facebook insists What they collect: Google, Ya- In Canada and Europe, there are hand with these events.”
it does not sell advertisers person- hoo and Bing gather all information some limits on the use of data, mainly The heatwaves are linked to an
ally identifiable information or even involving searches including the involving health. overall rise in average sea surface
aggregate data. What it provides websites that are accessed and the Facebook was fined 110 million temperatures consistent with climate
an advertiser with is the ability to location of the user. This can be in- euros ($135.7 million) by the Euro- change effects, the study found.
reach a specific demographic, which tegrated with information from other pean Commission last year for shar- “With more than 90 percent of
enhances the effectiveness of an ad services owned by the internet giants. ing personal data with WhatsApp. the heat from human-caused global
campaign. Twitter, for its part, pro- “You don’t have to tell Google your In an attempt to harmonize data warming going into our oceans, it
vides access to an internal search en- age and your gender and all those privacy laws, the EU’s General Data is likely that marine heatwaves will
gine that sweeps up all messages on things. They can determine all of Protection Regulation is to go into continue to increase,” co-author Neil
the site. that based on so many other factors,” force on May 25. Holbrook from the University of Tas-
mania said.
Just as atmospheric heatwaves can
The trial is expected to start in 2019 just prior the next federal election cause widespread ecological damage,
Canadian vice admiral in court over leak charge marine heatwaves can harm ocean
The former second in command the court appearance. Norman, who the navy with an interim supply eco-systems and the plants and ani-
of Canada’s military briefly appeared was second in command of the mili- ship. In emails obtained by the Roy- mals they house. They can also spark
in court Tuesday to face a charge that tary prior to being relieved of duty in al Canadian Mounted Police, Nor- economic stresses for humans, by
he leaked cabinet secrets related to January 2017, faces up to five years man seemed worried that the project shrinking fish stocks, for example.
navy shipbuilding plans. in prison, if convicted. would be delayed over concerns In Tasmania in 2016, an intense
Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, 54, He was charged last month with raised by the shipyard’s rivals about marine heatwave led to disease out-
wearing his navy uniform and medals breach of trust -- a criminal offense -- a lack of competition in awarding breaks in farmed shellfish. In West-
pinned to his blazer, did not enter a for what federal police said was hav- the contract. ern Australia in 2011, a month-long
plea. Instead, defense lawyer Marie ing “illegally disclosed government Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s heatwave caused a shift in the eco-
Heinen pushed for an expedited pro- information to unauthorized parties.” Liberals put the project on hold when system after part of the coastal kelp
cess. According to court documents, they came to power in 2015, but forest was wiped out. The following
“I’m anxious to get to court, get Norman provided sensitive govern- eventually decided to proceed with it. year in the Gulf of Maine, a surge in
this dealt with as quickly as possible ment information to a local shipyard The MV Asterix was recently water temperature led to a boost in
and get back to serving the people that had been selected by the previ- delivered to the navy to begin lobster numbers which crashed prices
of Canada,” Norman said following ous Tory administration to provide operations. and industry profits.

Page 2 Wednesday April 11, 2018
Orban says “They are now under arrest and face significant criminal charges”
Hungarian people want Colombia’s FARC furious over ex-rebel’s arrest on drugs charges
to ‘stop Soros’
Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister The arrest of a former FARC negotia- Santrich’s arrest was swiftly de-
Viktor Orban said Tuesday that his tor on US drug charges has brought nounced by the FARC, with a spokes-
resounding election win, challenged Colombia’s landmark peace deal to man warning it could deal a damag-
by the opposition, hows that voters its “most critical point,” the former ing blow to the 2016 peace deal.
want to stop US billionaire philan- rebel group warned on Tuesday. “With the capture of our comrade
thropist George Soros interfering in Jesus Santrich, a senior member Jesus Santrich, the peace process is
the country. of rebel-group-turned-political-party now at its most critical point, faced
However the largest opposition who had been slated to take a seat in by a genuine threat,” C said in a state-
party has demanded that the National Colombia’s Congress in July, was ar- ment.
Elections Office investigate alleged ir- rested on Monday in Bogota. The group accused Colombia’s
regularities in the conduct of Sunday’s Prosecutors in New York accuse prosecutors of colluding with a plan
poll. At a news conference with inter- him of conspiring to ship 10,000 “orchestrated by the US government”
national media two days after cruising kilograms of cocaine to the United describing it as yet another display of
to his third straight term, Orban said States while serving as a senior mem- “twisted US justice.”
his government had already drawn up ber of the FARC leadership. They are But Marquez also called for
a “Stop Soros” package of legislation. pushing for his extradition along with calm, urging supporters “not to be
“The reason we submitted this three others who are also allied with provoked.” The arrest was also de-
package before the elections is in or- the group. nounced by the ELN, Colombia’s last
der to allow the Hungarian voters to The partially-sighted 51-year-old, active rebel group, which said the
cast their vote knowing our intention whose real name is Seusis Pausi- move was “a slap in the face for the
on this,” said Orban. vas Hernandez, was a member of the agreements made with FARC.”
“This has happened and we believe FARC’s peace negotiating team in (FILES) Jesus Santrich (Photo AFP) Although the FARC’s leaders have
we are mandated by this election to Cuba, with the group warning his ar- sands of kilograms of cocaine from ruled out any return to the conflict,
pass this law.” rest posed a “genuine threat” to the Colombia to the streets of the US,” there are fears that many former reb-
The election saw Orban’s Fidesz deal. said Manhattan attorney Geoffrey S. els could take up arms again.
party sweep the board with almost Government peace commissioner Berman in a statement, which identi- Speaking to AFP, Colombian Sena-
half the vote, giving it a two-thirds Rodrigo Rivera also said the agree- fied the other three as Marlon Marin, tor Ivan Cepada, who acted as a con-
majority in parliament and a legisla- ment was facing its “most grave, 39, Armando Gomez, 70, and Fabio sultant for the Cuba talks, agreed the
tive free rein. One of his main cam- most serious and most delicate” chal- Younes Arboleda, 72. situation was on a knife-edge.
paign promises was to stop the “glo- lenge. “They are now under arrest and “A false accusation could be very
balist elite” led by Soros and Brussels US prosecutors allege that be- face significant criminal charges.” serious, even devastating and a threat
undermining Europe’s security and tween June 2017 and April 2018, All four are facing one count of to the peace process with FARC, but
Christian culture through mass Mus- the four worked together to produce conspiring to import cocaine, and two if it is true, it will be a lesson,” he
lim immigration. Images of the Hun- and distribute approximately 10,000 counts of attempting to import it into said. “There is absolutely no chance
garian-born Soros, 87, were plastered kilograms of cocaine from Colombia the US. that the victims or the state will put
on billboards and Orban depicted op- to the States and elsewhere. “These If convicted, they could face life up with being mocked if this really is
position figures running in the elec- defendants conspired to ship thou- behind bars. a case of drug trafficking.”
tion as “Soros candidates”.
Critics said these tactics recalled Report A widespread strike
dark anti-Semitic propaganda of the
past with Orban’s talk of an “enemy” Russia’s Syria envoy in Iran Andorra witnesses first strike since 1933
that is “not national but international” The tiny principality of Andorra is would be allocated for the next 25
and “speculates with money”. for talks on chemical attack witnessing a once in a generation years to supplement civil servant
Civil society groups funded by Russia’s special envoy on Syria Al- phenomenon -- a widespread strike. salaries.
Soros, who donates extensively in exander Lavrentiev visited Iran on Around a third of civil servants But government workers are un-
the land of his birth, have long faced Tuesday for an unannounced meet- across the mountainous micro-state convinced with unions warning the
bothersome regulations, harassment ing, Iranian state media reported, have walked out to protest proposed reforms could risk their 35 hour
from local authorities and online with both sides criticising Western re- reforms to their sector in what has working week and pay.
abuse and threats. actions to an alleged chemical attack. been described as Andorra’s first Customs officers involved in the
But the “Stop Soros” package Western countries have accused large-scale strike since 1933. strike interrupted traffic on the An-
promises to go much further, aping Syria of launching a chemical attack With no negotiation breakthrough dorran-Spanish border this week,
similar laws in Russia, slapping taxes in the rebel-held town of Douma near in sight, picket lines are expected to according to unions, while some 80
on foreign-funded non-governmental Damascus on Saturday that killed be manned again on Friday with cus- percent of teachers have walked out
organisations that “support” illegal more than 40 people. toms officers, police, teachers and of classes.
immigration. “If there is a claim about the use of prison staff among those taking part. Strikers have occupied the govern-
Foreigners deemed to support asy- chemical weapons, we want this issue The first major strike in 85 years ment’s main administrative building
lum seekers could be stopped from to be legally investigated,” Hossein was sparked by plans from the gov- and held noisy protests outside par-
entering Hungary, NGOs staff face Jaberi Ansari, a senior aide in Iran’s ernment of Antoni Marti to reform liament calling for Marti’s resigna-
being barred from approaching bor- foreign ministry, said after the meet- civil servant contracts. tion.
der areas and organisations will un- ing according to state news agency He has assured officials “will not “We have started collecting signa-
dergo “security tests”. IRNA. do an hour more” work under the tures to demand the resignation of the
Beyond the Soros legislation, Or- Syria and its allies Russia and Iran reforms and that 49 million euros head of government”.
ban was vague on his political agen- deny the attack and have called for an
da. “We won’t be simply continuing investigation by the Organisation for
the previous government but creating the Prohibition of Chemical Weap-
a new one. Significant changes can be ons.
expected,” he said, without elaborat- Lavrentiev reportedly held exten-
ing. sive discussions on the situation in
Orban also dismissed with sarcasm Syria with Ali Shamkhani, secretary
sharp criticism about the election of Iran’s Supreme Council on Nation-
campaign by the Organization for al Security, and other officials.
Security and Cooperation in Europe. Ansari said Western powers were
“Thank you for your contribution, using the alleged chemical attack as
for giving a political opinion on the “an excuse” to undermine the Syr-
Hungarian election,” he told the news ian regime’s recent success on the
conference. ground.

Page 3 Wednesday April 11, 2018
Xi earlier Tuesday pledged to open Chinese markets and lower tariffs Wall Street Indexes
Trump praises Xi’s ‘kind words’ in fresh sign of trade detente Dow Jones 24,408.00 + 1.79%
+ 2.07%
S&P 2,656.87 + 1.67%
International Stock Indexes
President Donald Trump on Tuesday The fresh sign of detente could eas that have been high on the list of Australia 5,856.969 + 0.83%
praised the “kind words” from Chi- further soothe fears that the tit-for-tat demands by Washington. Frankfurt 12,397.32 + 1.11%
nese leader Xi Jinping and pledged exchange of threats of new punitive “Economic globalization is an ir- Italy 23,173.68 + 0.52%
“great progress” in the looming trade tariffs on agricultural and manufac- reversible trend of the time,” Xi told London 7,266.75 + 1.00%
dispute between the world’s largest tured goods could boil over into an the Boao Forum for Asia. “The door Madrid 9,763.20 + 0.21%
economies. all-out trade war, damaging the glob- of China’s opening up will not close, Paris 5,307.56 + 0.84%
Still, the White House also admon- al economy. it will only open wider and wider.” Tokyo 21,794.32 + 0.54%
ished China to take concrete action Trump has signed off on duties on But analysts and veteran China Toronto 15,262.14 + 0.23%
on US complaints about unfair trade $50 billion of Chinese imports which watchers were less upbeat about Xi’s Latin-American Stock Indexes
practices. are due to take effect later this year, remarks than Trump, pointing out Bogota 1,548.01 + 1.06%
Xi earlier Tuesday pledged to open and he threatened to retaliate with that there was nothing new in the Buenos Aires 32,222.40 + 1.19%
Chinese markets and lower tariffs, tariffs on another $100 billion in statement and the Chinese leader had Lima 21,192.08 + 0.88%
remarks that helped global investors Chinese goods, after Beijing said it previously promised reforms of the Mexico 48,331.51 + 0.57%
breathe a sigh of relief after weeks in would target US agricultural goods auto sector. Panama 464.15 - 0.03%
which Beijing and Washington ap- among other items. Evan Medeiros, former US Nation- Santiago 5,605.86 - 0.48%
peared on a collision course. US officials have long accused al Security Council director for Asia, Sao Paulo 84,510.36 + 1.44%
“Very thankful for President Xi of China of forcing US companies to noted it was “not a new commitment Venezuela 7,909.660 + 22.94%
China’s kind words on tarrifs [sic] hand over technology, or stealing and will not dramatically change the Most Active Stocks
and automobile barriers... also, his it outright, and of spurring massive fortunes of US car companies.” 3M Co
enlightenment on intellectual proper- industrial overcapacity, among other “Xi’s bland and generic commit- Alcoa
ty and technology transfers,” Trump complaints. ments on IP protection fell short Amex
said on Twitter. White House officials in recent of what would have been a true AT&T
“We will make great progress to- days offered mixed messages, sug- gamechanger.” B. of America
gether!” Trump predicted, hailing the gesting in some cases the tariff The Eurasia Group agreed the Boeing
speech in which Xi renewed a com- threats were mostly a negotiating tac- speech was “not a game-changer” Caterpillar
mitment to lower car import tariffs. tic, while demanding China reduce its and said it “underdelivers after all the Chevron
But following Trump’s tweet the trade surplus with the US. hype from Beijing.” Cisco Systems
White House made clear it wants to In his address, Xi told an economic “Xi proposed actions which were Coca Cola
see changes enacted in China. forum on the southern island of Hain- previously promised and none ad- Dupont
“We’re encouraged by the words an that China “does not seek a trade dress the reciprocity issues in US- Exxon Mobil
but we want to see concrete steps surplus.” China relations,” Eurasia Group said General Electric
and concrete action,” Press Secretary Promising a “new phase of opening in a briefing note. H.P.
Sarah Sanders said. up,” Xi said China would “consider- But with Trump and his support- Home Depot
“We want to see more than just the ably lower” tariffs on cars and other ers happy to claim a victory for a IBM
rhetoric,” she added, and until that products this year, take measures to browbeating strategy, the flurry of Intel
happens the planned tariffs will enter liberalize automobile investment, and pronouncements could open the door Johnson & Johnson
into force. protect intellectual property -- all ar- to talks. JPMorgan
Kraft Heinz Co
As China and the US lock horns over trade
Alibaba’s Jack Ma says trade war endangers job pledge Merck & Co
Alibaba founder Jack Ma said a Chi- at Trump tower last year as Beijing good trade relations, providing 1 Microsoft
na-US trade war could endanger his worked to woo the newly elected million jobs to the US is absolutely Pfizer
pledge to create 1 million US jobs, president, known for his antagonistic no problem, we can even provide 10 Procter & Gamble
state media reported Tuesday, as Chi- views on China’s economic policies. million jobs,” according to the state- Travelers Cos 137.86 + 0.46%
na and the US lock horns over trade. Speaking at the Boao Forum -- owned People’s Daily. “But, if there United Tech.
The billionaire made the headline- dubbed the Asian Davos -- Ma said is no trade with China, there are also Verizon
grabbing promise to Donald Trump that “if China and the US maintain no million jobs,” he added. Wal-Mart
Walt Disney
The Labor Department reported Tuesday
US wholesale inflation bounces in March
Despite a big drop in energy prices, energy goods like jet fuel, gasoline prices in March of last year. Year- rate at least twice more this year and
rising healthcare and transportation and diesel fell 2.1 percent from Feb- on-year, the index rose three percent three times in 2019.
costs fed a surge in US wholesale ruary, the biggest drop in two years. -- the fastest pace since November Financial markets have shown
prices in March, pointing to stronger This offset a jump in food prices, and the fourth consecutive monthly heightened sensitivity to suggestions
pressures on inflation, the Labor De- which rose 2.2 percent, the largest in- increase. the Fed could raise rates a total of
partment reported Tuesday. crease in nearly four years. When food, fuel and trade services four times this year.
Bulk prices for machinery, air But outpatient healthcare jumped are discounted, the annual core index “The data should add to the confi-
travel and liquor also rose, while 0.4 percent in the month, and in- rose 2.9, the highest level since Au- dence of policymakers that underly-
wholesale costs for cable and satel- patient care rose 0.3 percent, while gust 2014. The Federal Reserve is ex- ing inflation is headed up towards 2
lite subscriptions had their largest transportation and warehousing pected to raise the benchmark interest percent,” RDQ Economics said.
monthly increase on record, the re- surged 0.6 percent, fueling the overall
port showed. PPI increase.
The Producer Price Index, which The food price surge, “likely Foreign Exchange
tracks changes in the costs of whole- weather-related, is responsible for
sale goods and services, rose 0.3 per- the overshoot in the headline index,” EURO USA CAN UK AUS SWISS H.KONG JAP
cent for the month, a tenth of a point economist Ian Shepherdson of Pan- EURO - 1.24 1.56 .87 1.59 1.18 9.70 132.00
faster than economists were expect- theon Macroeconomics said in a re- USA .81 - 1.27 .70 1.30 .95 7.87 106.38
ing. search note. CAN .64 .79 - .56 1.02 .75 6.20 84.00
Economists say there is frequently Excluding the volatile categories UK 1.15 1.42 1.79 - 1.82 1.35 11.10 151.00
only a weak connection between PPI of food and fuel, PPI also rose 0.3 AUS .63 .77 .98 .55 - .75 6.10 83.00
and more closely watched measures percent, faster than the 0.2 percent SWISS .85 1.05 1.33 .74 1.33 - 8.20 112.00
of consumer inflation but rising pric- economists had been expecting. H.KONG .10 .13 .16 .09 .16 .12 - 13.60
es are sure to attract some attention at And there were signs of a more JAP .01 .01 .01 .01 .01 .01 .07 -
the central bank. Wholesale prices for substantial trend in comparisons with

Page 4 Wednesday April 11, 2018
No firm is expected to need to raise additional capital as a result of this proposal Merkel
US Fed to roll out first easing of bank regulation No Russia-German pipeline
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday efficiently and effectively and in a new proposal the amount of capital
announced the roll out of the first ef- way that bolsters the resiliency of the buffer required will be tailored to plan without Ukraine role
fort to ease and simplify regulations financial system,” said Randal Quar- each institution and vary depending German Chancellor Angela Merkel
imposed on big banks in the wake of les, the Fed’s vice chairman for su- on the status of the economy and the said Tuesday that plans for a contro-
the global financial crisis. pervision. With the proposed chang- risks the banks face. versial second underwater pipeline to
The proposal would streamline es, large firms would be required to No firm is expected to need to raise bring gas from Russia could not go
rules requiring large banks to hold a meet 14 capital-related requirements additional capital as a result of this forward without Ukrainian involve-
certain amount of capital in reserve instead of the current 24, according to proposal, the statement said. ment in overland transit.
to protect against unforeseen stresses, the Fed, which is asking for comment The Fed said US firms have sub- After months of tension with east-
but without weakening the safety of from the public on the plan. stantially increased their capital since ern neighbours and the European
the financial system, the Fed said in The Fed currently runs annual the first round of stress tests in 2009, Commission over the so-called Nord
a statement. “It is a good example stress tests on banks with more than more than doubling through the end Stream 2 project, Merkel’s conces-
of how our work can be done more $50 billion in assets, and under the of 2017 to a total of $1.2 trillion. sion to Kiev’s grave concerns marks
a striking shift in policy.
Including ones that employ animal cells “A Nord Stream 2 project without
clarity about the Ukrainian transit
US farm lobby wants strict definition of ‘meat’ role is not possible,” Merkel said,
A major US agriculture lobbying Roger Johnson, president of the NFU. Johnson added. The cattlemen’s asso- after talks in Berlin with Ukrainian
group on Tuesday threw its weight He said his organization “embraces ciation’s petition, dated February 9, President Petro Poroshenko.
behind an effort to keep the “meat” new opportunities... including further noted that some major US meatpack- The German leader said the pipe-
label off of lab-created products, development of markets for plant- ers and companies in other countries line plans, which have long thrown a
including ones that employ animal based and insect-based proteins.” were investing in synthetic products wrench in bilateral ties, had played a
cells. “However, we believe all food grown in labs using animal cells and big role in their discussions.
The National Farmers Union products should be clearly labeled known as “in vitro” meat, “bio meat,” Merkel, who had previously called
backed a petition by the US Cattle- in a manner that helps consumers “clean meat” or “cultured meat.” Nord Stream 2 a purely “economic
men’s Association calling on the US make informed decisions and allows “Alternative products, such as project”, admitted Tuesday there
Department of Agriculture to bar producers to differentiate their prod- those described above should thus were “political factors that must be
the term “meat” for alternative meat ucts.” not be permitted to be labeled as taken into account”.
products. Products grown in labs using ani- ‘beef,’” the petition said. She added that in her talks with
“We are concerned with the recent mal cells are “not derived from ani- Anything called meat, “is under- Poroshenko, “I listened closely to the
introduction of foods composed of al- mals born, raised, and harvested in a stood to be derived from animal concerns of Ukraine”.
ternative protein sources that are being traditional manner, and should not be tissue or flesh for use as food,” the “The fact is that we cannot allow
labeled and marketed as ‘meat,’” said permitted to be marketed as ‘meat,’” cattlemen’s petition said. that, with Nord Stream 2, Ukraine
would have no significance at all
“The central bank has a broad spectrum of instruments in order to act in such situations” any more with regard to gas transit,”
Merkel told reporters at a joint press
Russia plays down stability risk from US sanctions conference. She noted that while
Russia’s central bank on Tuesday we will follow the situation and pos- had promised support for companies there would “always be dependence
sought to reassure the public after sibly introduce some revisions if nec- hit by sanctions. on Russian gas”, Ukraine relied heav-
new US sanctions prompted a mar- essary,” she said. “The main thing now is to minimise ily on income from transit fees.
ket collapse and plunge in the ruble’s Economy minister Maxim Oresh- this uncertainty, primarily by ensur- “We never raised the question of
value, insisting there was no threat to kin also said that “the macroeconomy ing the stable and calm functioning stopping Ukraine transit,” chief ex-
financial stability and that the bank and the financial markets will sur- of the companies where hundreds of ecutive of Russian state gas company
was ready to act if necessary. vive, there’s no doubt about that.” thousands work,” deputy prime min- Gazprom Alexei Miller responded
Russian central bank chief Elvira “There is volatility and that’s OK,” ister Arkady Dvorkovich said. later Tuesday. Between 10 and 15
Nabiullina said at a conference in he said. “We will understand later if fur- million cubic metres per year could
Moscow that the country’s economy Russia’s economy at the end of ther measures are needed,” he said. still reach Europe via Ukraine in fu-
could withstand the latest US sanc- 2016 emerged from two years of re- “Under previous sanctions, we found ture, he added -- although “the Ukrai-
tions, even as the ruble continued a cession caused by Western sanctions the right instruments to stabilise (the nian side must prove the economic
spectacular plunge against the dollar imposed over its actions in Ukraine economy) and reduce the impact,” expediency of a new transit contract”.
and the euro. and by falling oil prices, with the Economy minister Oreshkin even 15 billion cubic metres annually
The ruble’s fall came after the US country dependent on hydrocarbon said that the situation was a “good would represent a fraction of the gas
announced fresh sanctions against revenues. test” of the macroeconomic policies volume that Russia hopes to supply to
Russia on Friday over the diplomatic The new US sanctions were an- of the government and central bank Europe by routes bypassing Ukraine
crisis sparked by the poisoning of for- nounced to punish Russia for alleged in recent years. once the existing transit contract ex-
mer spy Sergei Skripal. attempts to subvert Western democ- The ruble’s “freely floating ex- pires in 2019.
The sanctions hit wealthy busi- racies. They focus on 24 individuals change rate absorbs shocks,” he Nord Stream’s twin pipelines are
nessmen close to President Vladimir and their companies and ban them added. slated to bring in 55 billion cubic
Putin and the companies they control, from doing business with Americans. The authorities have sought to metres per year, with a further 31.5
causing them losses of billions of dol- These include seven so-called oli- minimise the reaction to the latest billion delivered via the dual Turk-
lars. The US move prompted the ru- garchs close to the Kremlin. wave of sanctions in comparison stream pipeline through Turkey.
ble to fall on Monday and on Tuesday The founder of metals giant Rusal, with the economic turbulence of re- In 2017, some 93.5 billion cu-
it fell to lows against the euro and US billionaire Oleg Deripaska, as a result cent years. bic metres of Russian gas transited
dollar not seen since 2016. saw his group lose half its value on “Despite the very complex geopo- Ukraine bound for Europe.
The euro exceeded 78 rubles for Monday on the Hong Kong Stock litical situation, we preserve a certain In an interview with German busi-
the first time since April 2016 and Exchange. international presence.. unlike in the ness daily Handelsblatt on Monday,
the dollar went over 63 rubles for the The Kremlin sought to dampen 1990s when only the boldest ven- Poroshenko urged Berlin to abandon
first time since December 2016 on the the impact of the US moves, so as to tured onto the Russian market,” said plans to build Nord Stream 2, saying
Moscow foreign exchange market on avoid spreading panic. Alexander Afanasyev, the head of the it would enable an “economic and en-
Tuesday. “These things happen,” said Krem- Moscow Exchange who organised ergy blockade” against Ukraine and
“The central bank has a broad lin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, pre- the forum. blasting it as “political bribe money
spectrum of instruments in order to dicting that the situation would adjust Businessman and banker Oleg Tin- for loyalty to Russia”.
act in such situations, if risks arise to itself later. kov put on a brave face, telling jour- Authorities in Germany issued the
financial stability. In our view, there Russia is watching the situation nalists: “Yesterday I lost $250 million final permits needed for construction
are not such risks now,” Nabiullina closely and will deliver a solution in a day. But there have been worse of Nord Stream 2 on its territory and
said. that is in the country’s own interests, days. I remember losing $1 billion in in its waters to begin last month, al-
“There is no need to take some Peskov said. On Monday, Russian one day,” he said. “It’s ‘business as though other nations’ green lights are
kind of systemic measures. Of course Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev usual’ for Russia.” still needed.

Page 5 Wednesday April 11, 2018
“It’s pretty unreal, it’s very rare that I get a swim in the medley relay at all” Gosper
Gold rush points to bright future for Aussie swimming US bid for Rugby World Cup
‘sooner rather than later’
Spine-tingling wins in the final-night “We’ve got such a great team,” said World Rugby chief executive Brett
medley relays at the Commonwealth Larkin, looking ahead to the 2020 To- Gosper believes this year’s Rugby
Games on Tuesday crowned a spec- kyo Olympics. “We just swam through World Cup Sevens in San Francisco
tacular showing in the pool for Aus- our skin, we held our nerve, showed could ignite interest in the sport
tralia that has raised hopes for future up in those pressure situations. across America, raising the possibili-
Olympic success. “We’ve had some tough years,” he ty of a US bid for the 15-a-side World
Bronte Campbell, preferred to el- added. “But it sets us up with some Cup in 2027.
der sister Cate for the freestyle an- great confidence heading into next Wednesday marks the 100-day
chor leg, overhauled Canada’s Taylor year and hopefully on to 2020.” countdown to the seventh edition of
Ruck to seal a thrilling victory in the Australia’s head coach Jacco Ver- rugby’s four-yearly sevens spectacu-
4x100m medley in Games record haeren pointed to a greater number lar, which will be staged at San Fran-
time. of personal and season-best times as cisco’s iconic AT&T Park baseball
“It’s pretty unreal, it’s very rare justification for his move to bring the stadium from July 20-22.
that I get a swim in the medley re- selection trials closer to the Games Gosper told AFP in an interview
lay at all,” Bronte said as the Com- competition in line with other major that ticket sales for the three-day
monwealth swimming competition nations. “Our aim was to make Aus- event had already reached the 60,000
wrapped up on the Gold Coast. tralia proud and show Australia what level, and World Rugby is anticipat-
“We knew Canada was going to be we’re made of and we succeeded in ing a sell-out for the opening day.
really strong, but I’m just glad that that,” said the Dutchman, who used The tournament is being staged
the girls set me up and we did a good statistics to support his optimism. as rugby enjoys a surge in popular-
job in the end.” “We’re hitting about a 65-per- ity in the United States, buoyed by
Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers Bronte Campbell (Photo AFP) cent rate in terms of personal best the success of the men’s sevens team
then reeled in England’s Ben Proud Australia have not lost in the pool times, season best times, and that’s and greater exposure of the sport than
in a super-charged final lap to win at a Commonwealth Games since a very good score,” he told reporters. ever before.
the men’s medley relay by just nine going down to Canada at Edmonton “That’s double the Rio Olympics.” NBC television will broadcast the
hundredths in the final event of the in 1978. Mitch Larkin was Austra- Verhaeren plans to put his swim- World Cup Sevens, and in recent
six-day meet. lia’s most successful swimmer with mers through a training camp in trop- years has begun live broadcasts of
It left the host nation alone at the five golds in five events, including ical north Queensland ahead of the English Premiership rugby and the
top with 21 golds on the able-bodied a backstroke sweep, while Chalmers Pan Pacific competition in Tokyo this Six Nations.
swimming medal tally, well ahead of won four titles -- three in relays, but August -- and use it as a preparation Recent research commissioned by
England and South Africa, both on had to settle for silver in the 100m blueprint for the Tokyo Olympics. World Rugby found there were an es-
six golds. free, the event he won at the 2016 Rio “It’s great to win this amount of timated 33 million rugby fans in the
Australia also won seven more Olympics. medals,” Verhaeren said. “But in do- United States who described them-
golds in the para swimming events The Campbell sister and rising ing that you need performances and selves as either very interested or in-
for a combined team tally of 73 med- teen star Ariarne Titmus finished with medals -- and from what I can see the terested in the sport.
als. three golds and a silver. people love it, so we love it too.” Gosper believes July’s tournament
in California can be a “game-chang-
From 2019 It was a victorious moment for Semenya er” for rugby in the United States.
“It’s something that can ignite the
Rosberg, Mercedes and Semenya smashes Budd record as controversy persists sport in the US,” he told AFP. “We
Porsche backing Formula E Caster Semenya smashed Zola 1500m at the moment to compare know there is latent support for rugby
Budd’s long-standing South African
ourselves and be judged by our gov-
in the United States.
Formula E received a triple boost on 1,500 metres record at the Com- erning bodies on those times,” Mc- “So seeing rugby almost nor-
Tuesday, with ex world champion monwealth Games on Tuesday as her Gowan reportedly said. malised in an American context, in
Nico Rosberg taking a stake in the dominance on the track continued to Semenya’s emphatic win comes an iconic American stadium, with
electric championship as Mercedes be dogged by controversy off it. with her future again clouded after free-to-air coverage on NBC televi-
and Porsche were cleared to join the Semenya, who has elevated lev- the Court of Arbitration for Sport sus- sion, promoted by NBC, I think will
series from 2019. els of male sex hormones, made pended the IAAF’s hyperandrogen- be quite a game-changer for the sport.
Rosberg has taken a keen interest her move on the last lap, overtaking ism regulations, which now look set “We’re realistic. It’s only three
in Formula E since retiring abruptly Kenya’s Beatrice Chepkoech on the to be changed. days. And you can’t change the world
after seeing off his Mercedes team- final bend and accelerating away to However, she is now eyeing the in three days. But you can light some-
mate Lewis Hamilton for the 2016 F1 win in 4min 0.71sec. world record in the 800m, in which thing and create a detonator for great-
drivers crown. “I’ve become very in- The 27-year-old’s victory by more she will be hot favourite when the er things later. It will give people
terested in the e-mobility movement than two seconds sliced 1.1sec off heats start on Thursday. more confidence to host more events
and its potential to positively impact Budd’s 1984 South African record Semenya’s appearance raises new in America.”
our society and our planet,” said the and earned Semenya her first Com- questions at the Games, whose first That something could conceivably
Monaco-based German. monwealth medal, to go with her transgender athlete, New Zealand be a bid for rugby’s greatest tourna-
“I’ve therefore also long believed swathe of Olympic and world titles weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, dra- ment, the World Cup.
in the potential of Formula E and over 800m. matically injured herself mid-compe- The next edition of the tournament
came on board as an investor some It was a victorious moment for Se- tition on Monday and later said her will take place in Japan in 2019, with
time ago.” menya, who called for assistance for career may be over. France hosting the 2023 event.
Rosberg will get behind the wheel an exhausted rival lying on the track Elsewhere, Botswana’s Isaac Gosper believes that an American
of FormulaE’s new flagship model before setting off for a lap of honour Makwala did press-ups on the track bid for 2027 is by no means outside
which has almost double the energy wrapped in the national flag. after winning the 400m in 44.35sec, the realms of possibility.
storage capacity of the existing mod- “I want everyone to know that Grenada’s Lindon Victor won the “There is a general belief across
el before the Berlin leg of the 2018 South African athletes are here to decathlon and New Zealand’s Ju- the people running the sport that
FormulaE championship on May 19. stay. I’m proud to be a South African. lia Ratcliffe shed tears of joy after America’s time will come, probably
Later, motorsport’s ruling body We are a great nation and we want to she hurled 69.94m to take hammer sooner rather than later,” Gosper said.
the FIA indicated F1 world champi- display that to the world,” she said. gold. “We know that we’ve got a World
ons Mercedes and multiple Le Mans But Semenya has long endured In the pool, Australia rounded Cup in Japan in 2019, we’re going to
24 Hour winners Porsche would con- scrutiny over her hyperandrogenism off a golden meet with a haul of six France in 2023. Is 2027 a possibility?
test Formula E from the 2019/2020 and this week, Australian 800m run- victories, while Taylor Ruck, 17, fin- I don’t think that’s out of the ques-
season. Another German construc- ner Brittany McGowan raised famil- ished with a record-equalling eight tion.
tor, BMW, are due to join the series iar concerns. medals when she anchored Canada “They’ll have to go some to get
next season when the Gen2 car will “It’s a tough one. It’s tough for a to silver in the women’s 4x100m there. But there’s no reason why they
be introduced. lot of women in the 800m, 400m and medley relay. shouldn’t be candidates in 2027.”

Page 6 Wednesday April 11, 2018

The aim of the game is to fill a 9x9 grid (81 squares) that is subdivided into 3x3 “sub-squares, with each of the numbers one through nine, besides
the ones that are already filled with numbers.
The rule is that each number appear only once per row, once per column, and only once per sub-square. It is rather easy to solve, in fact no math-
ematical knowledge is required. The solutions are indicated below.
Have fun!

Beginners Advanced
6 9 8 5 7 6 9 2

7 3 8 5 2 5 6 3

7 3 1 4 8 1

4 6 7 1 2 5 8

1 8 3 2 7 6 8 5
1 2 3 4 5 6
6 3 8 9 9 7 8 1 9 4
11 12 13
8 2 1 9 14 15 16 3 8
17 18
9 1 6 2 8 7 19 3 4
20 21 22 23
3 8 9 7 5 24 7 25 26 27 6 29
30 31 32
Crossword 33 34
1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10
2 Scale note 1 Tax agency
4 Tyrannosaurus 2 Deoxyribonucleic acid (abbr.)
11 12 13 7 Peewee 3 National capital
9 Cincinnati locale 4 Cheer (2 wds.)
10 Pronoun 5 Extremely high frequency (abbr.)
14 15 16
11 Petty fight 6 Grape soda brand
12 Waste meat 8 Not down
17 18 14 Skit 10 Movie 2001's talking computer
16 Tender loving care 13 Foot for short
19 17 Flaunt (2 wds.) 15 Master
19 Magnitudes 17 Coins
20 Freudian term 18 Melting together
20 21 22 23
23 Married woman 21 Card game
24 Approximate date 22 Portland locale
24 25 26 27 28 29 26 Object 25 Central Standard Time
30 Inside 27 Bind
30 31 32 31 Tin (abbr.) 28 __evated railroad
32 Large African river 29 Males
33 Type of partnership
33 34
34 Popular appliance brand
Fold Fold
ACROSS 8 9 2 3 6 7 1 4 5 6 3 2 7 4 1 5 9 8 DOWN 5 4 3 2 1 6 1 4 8 6 7 9 N I L E S N I N (52)8183105037
[email protected]
[email protected]
2 Scale note 6 7 2 9 4 5 3 8 1 1 Tax agency 7 3 8 A M O U N T S P
Information Source:
Agence France-Presse (AFP)
4 Tyrannosaurus 1 2 Deoxyribonucleic acid (abbr.) A C T Printed and distributed locally in each hotel.
All rights reserved.
7 Peewee 2 5 9 6 1 4 8 3 7 3 National capital 2 H E O F F A L O H S P A T R U N T Reproduction in whole or in part by any printed
or electronic without permission of the publisher.
9 Cincinnati locale 7 4 3 5 8 9 1 2 6 4 Cheer (2 wds.) 3 W R E X D O I Solution:
10 Pronoun 5 Extremely high frequency (abbr.)
11 Petty fight 6 Grape soda brand
12 Waste meat 8 Not down
14 Skit 10 Movie 2001's talking computer
16 Tender loving care 13 Foot for short
17 Flaunt (2 wds.) 15 Master
19 Magnitudes 17 Coins
20 Freudian term 18 Melting together
23 Married woman 21 Card game
24 Approximate date 22 Portland locale
26 Object 25 Central Standard Time
30 Inside 27 Bind
31 Tin (abbr.) 28 __evated railroad
32 Large African river 29 Males
33 Type of partnership
34 Popular appliance brand

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