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Hacienda Times Digest Mar 21

March 21st, 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!

Fitness Class Schedule A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Monday, March 20 connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am

Meridian Balance Massage
Tuesday, March 21 Indulge yourself in a new way to rid your body of toxins and bring
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am your system back into a state of balance, this specialized massage
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am therapy will guide your meridians to an extraordinary relaxing feeling.

Begins with a dry exfoliation to remove excess and remnants of the past
Wednesday, March 22
followed by a warming compress to receive the benefit of organic
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
essential oil, continued by a neck, scalp and shiatsu massage complete
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am
the experience
Thursday, March 23 80 min $200 USD + TAX
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Restorative Stretch: 9:30am-10:30 am Hacienda Signature Ritual

Friday, March 24
Inspired by the rhythms and formations
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
abundantly present in nature, this beautiful
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am
ritual brings balance and harmony to the
mind and body. Like the ocean waves and
Saturday, March 25 delicate patterns in the seashells, the body’s
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am energy undulates and spirals, creating the
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am vibrancy and power inherent in each of us.
This ritual will awaken and simulate that energy, release the tensions
Sunday, March 26 built up in daily life, and promote overall well-being. The experience
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am begins with a welcoming foot cleanse, followed by purifying
exfoliation, continued by a deep massage to relieve tension and expand
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
the breath. We use herbal compresses with traditional medicinal plants
to reach areas of profound tension and release blocked energy, while
Private classes pure essential oils nourish and replenish, leaving you feeling refreshed
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes and vibrant.
upon request. 2 hrs $270 USD + TAX

Four Hands Massage

Rejuvenate your Body.
Replenish your Soul.

75 minutes - $295 USD + TAX


December 26 , 2016 – May 15 , 2017

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

-18 Holes $245.00 $200.00 $190.00 $150.00 $275.00 $220.00
-Early Twilight 12:00p $200.00 $160.00 $160.00 $130.00 $220.00 $175.00
-Twilight 1:30p $175.00 $140.00 $135.00 $110.00 $195.00 $155.00

Includes Food & Beverages
(After 11:00 am) $660.00 $500.00 $740.00
Rates per foursome Includes Food & Beverages


$360.00 USD $495.00 USD $775.00 USD
*Rounds may be played at any of our three courses.
*Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all-
inclusive food and beverage palapas.
*Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
* Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

Going Upstate F.B.I. Examining Trump Ties to Russia

To Lure Votes WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. sation was false. to criminal charges.
director, James B. Comey, took The New York Times and other American intelligence agen-
For Health Bill the extraordinary step on Mon- news organizations have reported cies concluded in January that
day of announcing that the
President Vladimir V. Putin of
the existence of the investigation
agency is investigating whether into the Trump campaign and its Russia personally ordered a co-
members of President Trump’s relationship with Russia, but the vert effort to hurt Hillary Clin-
House Republican leaders, trying campaign colluded with Russia White House dismissed those ton’s chances and aid Trump.
to lock down the votes of wavering to influence the 2016 election. reports as politically motivated That included hacking political
upstate New York Republicans, Comey’s testimony before the and rallied political allies to rebut targets, including the Democratic
inserted a last-minute special pro- House Intelligence Committee them. Comey’s testimony on Mon- National Committee, and releas-
vision in their health care bill that created a treacherous political day was the first public acknowl- ing embarrassing emails through
would shift Medicaid costs from moment for Trump, who has in- edgment of the case. The F.B.I. the website WikiLeaks.
New York’s counties to its state gov- sisted that “Russia is fake news” discloses its investigations only in The White House dismissed
ernment. that was cooked up by his politi- rare circumstances, when officials most of Comey’s testimony, say-
The move — one of many late cal opponents to undermine his believe it is in the public interest. ing there was no coordination be-
changes designed to gain more presidency. Comey placed a crim- “This is one of those circum- tween the Trump campaign and
votes — would affect New York inal investigation at the doorstep stances,” Comey said. Russia and so there was nothing
State only. It could save county gov- of the White House and said offi- Comey said the F.B.I. was “in- to investigate. Sean Spicer, the
ernments outside of New York City cers would pursue it “no matter vestigating the nature of any White House press secretary, said
$2.3 billion a year. But it would shift how long that takes.” links between individuals asso- the more pressing issue was who
the costs to state taxpayers and Joined by Adm. Michael S. Rog- ciated with the Trump campaign disclosed classified information
deny New York that same total in ers, the director of the National and the Russian government, and about Trump’s advisers to journal-
matching federal aid, state officials Security Agency, Comey also whether there was any coordina- ists, suggesting that they might
said. Upstate New York Republi- dismissed Trump’s claim that tion between the campaign and have been former members of the
cans pressed for the measure over he was wiretapped by his prede- Russia’s efforts.” Obama administration.
the angry opposition of New York’s cessor during the campaign, a Counterintelligence investiga- Comey did not say when he ex-
Democratic governor, Andrew M. sensational accusation that has tions are among the F.B.I.’s most pected his investigation to end or
Cuomo. served as a distraction in the pub- difficult and time-consuming whether he planned to make the
Wheeling and dealing may be lic debate over Russian election cases, meaning an investiga- results public, prompting Repub-
what the Republican leaders need interference. Taken together, the tion could hang over the Trump licans to complain that prolong-
to get the health bill through the two provided the most definitive administration for years even ing it would keep a cloud over the
House as they dash toward a vote statement yet that Trump’s accu- though such inquiries rarely lead White House. (NYT)
as early as Thursday. The House
leaders were to release a final set of G.O.P. Reply to Inquiry Is to Change Subject
revisions to the bill Monday night.
President Trump and House
conservatives already agreed to WASHINGTON — The head- issue of Trump’s Twitter posts ac- formation to reporters.
other changes involving Medicaid, line from Capitol Hill on Monday cusing former President Barack In one remarkable back-and-
including offering states the option was bracing: confirmation of a Obama of wiretapping him — and forth, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., in-
of imposing a work requirement for criminal investigation into con- Comey said the F.B.I. had “no sinuated that several top Obama
able-bodied beneficiaries. nections between associates of information that supports those administration officials — includ-
For more moderate members, a sitting president and Russian tweets” — Republicans railed ing John O. Brennan, the former
leaders plan to make tax credits operatives during a presidential against leaks. C.I.A. director, and Benjamin J.
more generous for older Americans election. When Democrats pressed Rhodes, the former deputy na-
to help them purchase insurance But the response from Repub- Comey on evidence of coordina- tional security adviser — might
policies on the free market. licans was almost as striking: tion between Trump’s associates have been the source of leaks to
The changes designed to win over During hours of testimony in and Russian operatives, Republi- news organizations.
conservatives may still not secure which James B. Comey, the F.B.I. cans questioned the F.B.I. direc- “One thing you and I agree on
the votes of some of the hardest-line director, acknowledged the inqui- tor about how the names of those is the felonious dissemination of
conservatives, including many ry, they shrugged off its implica- associates became public. classified material most definite-
members of the House Freedom tions and instead offered a coor- The political strategy appears ly is a crime,” Gowdy told Comey,
Caucus, would be swayed. But in dinated effort to defend President clear: Republicans are betting who repeatedly refused to say
a big break for Trump and House Trump by demanding a focus on that they can deflect attention that he was even investigating the
Speaker Paul D. Ryan, the leader leaks to news organizations. from the investigation into the release of classified information.
of the Freedom Caucus, Rep. Mark Throughout the 5½-hour hear- president’s campaign advisers At one point in the hearing,
Meadows of North Carolina said the ing before the House Intelligence by insisting that more needs to Comey noted that leaks of sen-
group would not take a collective po- Committee, as Democrats tried to be done to prevent the leaking of sitive government information
sition on the bill. highlight the criminal investiga- classified material. have bedeviled the nation’s lead-
That gave Trump the power to tion, Republicans demanded a re- Trump’s allies repeatedly ers since George Washington’s
woo members one by one when he newed focus on how its existence urged Comey and Adm. Michael time, though he conceded that
meets with them on Tuesday. was revealed in news reports S. Rogers, the director of the Na- leakers have been “unusually ac-
THOMAS KAPLAN months ago. tional Security Agency, to answer tive” in recent months.
and ROBERT PEAR When Democrats raised the for the illegal dissemination of in- MICHAEL D. SHEAR


In Brief Military Sticks With Obama Tactics on Terror

MARA, Chad — From Yemen to
A Putin Critic Is Doused Syria to here in Central Africa, the
Green; Selfies Follow Trump administration is relying Chadian
During Russia’s surreptitious on Special Operations forces to in- soldiers in
invasion of Crimea, much was tensify its promised fight against a training
made of the “little green men,” the Islamic State and other terror- operation led
soldiers without insignia who ist groups as senior officials em-
turned out to be Russian regu- brace an Obama-era strategy to by a United
lars. On Monday there was a new minimize the American military’s States Special
green man: the opposition leader footprint overseas. Forces trainer,
Alexei Navalny, who was doused In Africa, President Trump is right, in
with a bright green liquid in the expected to soon approve a Pen- N’Djamena
Siberian city of Barnaul by an un- tagon proposal to remove con- last week.
known assailant. Navalny wrote straints on Special Operations BRYAN DENTON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
on his Facebook page that he airstrikes and raids in parts of
initially feared an acid attack, but Somalia to target suspected mili- in Iraq and Afghanistan and was ect power without the risks and
relief appears to have given way tants with the Shabab, an extrem- a director of a counterterrorism costs of large ground wars, he is
to exaltation after he realized that ist group linked to Al Qaeda. Crit- exercise in Chad this month in- choosing to maintain the same
the bright green liquid would not ics say that the change — in one volving about 2,000 African and approach but giving the Pentagon
harm him. (NYT) of the few rejections of President Western troops and trainers. “But more latitude.
Barack Obama’s guidelines for we have a strategic interest in the That leeway carries perils. Last
the elite forces — would bypass success of partners.” week, the Pentagon went to unusu-
Formal ‘Brexit’ Process rules that seek to prevent civilian Trump came to office without a al lengths to defend an airstrike in
To Begin at Month’s End deaths from drone attacks and clearly articulated philosophy for Syria that United States officials
commando operations. using the military to fight terror- said killed dozens of Qaeda opera-
The British government said But in their two months in office, ist groups. He had promised to be tives at a meeting place — and not
on Monday that it intends to for- Trump officials have shown few more aggressive in taking on the civilians at a mosque, as activists
mally notify the European Union other signs that they want to back Islamic State, but had also sig- and local residents maintain.
on March 29 of its intention to away from Obama’s strategy to naled a desire to rein in the notion Trump is largely relying on the
leave the bloc, putting the coun- train, equip and otherwise support of the United States as the world’s policies of his immediate prede-
try on track to complete a with- indigenous armies and security peacekeeper and claimed at var- cessors, Obama and President
drawal by early 2019. David Da- forces to fight their wars instead of ious points to have opposed the George W. Bush, who were great
vis, the cabinet minister respon- having to deploy large American ground invasion of Iraq. advocates of Special Operations
sible for negotiating the exit, said forces to far-flung hot spots. Now, surrounded by generals forces. On Obama’s orders, SEAL
Britain would send notice next “Africans are at war; we’re not,” who have been at the center of a Team 6 commandos killed Osama
week to start a two-year negotiat- said Col. Kelly Smith, 47, a Green decade-long shift to rely on Spe- bin Laden in his hide-out in Paki-
ed exit, commonly referred to as Beret commander who fought cial Operations forces to proj- stan in 2011. ERIC SCHMITT
“Brexit,” under Article 50 of the
European Union’s treaty. After
the announcement, Donald Tusk, Trump Campaign Ex-Chief Faces Allegations in Ukraine
the president of the European
Council, said in a Twitter post that KIEV, Ukraine — After his name in a scheme to blackmail him. legal slush fund maintained by his
he would present draft guidelines surfaced last August in a secret Leshchenko insists that a letter client, the Party of Regions.
for the British withdrawal to the ledger listing millions of dollars in appearing to show him threaten- A handwritten accounting
other 27 member states within 48 payments from a pro-Russian par- ing Manafort with the release of document for the fund, known
hours of Britain formally giving ty in Ukraine, Paul Manafort not damaging information was itself in Ukraine as the Black Ledger,
its notice. (NYT) only lost his job running Donald a fake, and he denies any involve- showed entries for Manafort’s
J. Trump’s presidential campaign ment in blackmail. advisory work. Manafort has dis-
Duterte Opposes Gay but also assumed center stage The latest development un- missed the ledger as fraudulent.
On Monday, Leshchenko re-
Marriage in Philippines in a bizarre internecine struggle folded against the backdrop of a leased an invoice that he said was
congressional hearing on Mon-
among Ukrainian political forces.
The Philippines will not legal- On Monday, the intrigue took day in which the F.B.I. director, taken from a safe in Manafort’s for-
ize same-sex marriage anytime another turn, when a member of James B. Comey, was asked about mer office in Kiev, the Ukrainian
soon, President Rodrigo Duterte Parliament in Ukraine released Manafort’s work in Ukraine. capital, that seems to corroborate
has said, reversing a campaign documents that he said showed Comey declined to talk specifi- one of the 22 entries in the ledger
promise in which he pledged to that Manafort took steps to hide cally about Manafort or any other from 2009. The invoice billed a
support legislation to allow gay the payments, which were tied to individuals under scrutiny in the shell company in Belize, Neocom
unions. Duterte stressed the Manafort’s work for former Pres- bureau’s investigation of ties be- Systems Limited, for $750,000 for
country was Asia’s bastion of Ro- ident Viktor F. Yanukovych. The tween the Trump campaign and the sale of 501 computers.
man Catholicism, which opposes documents included an invoice Russian intelligence. In a statement, a spokesman
same-sex marriage. His allies in that appeared to show $750,000 Manafort worked for more than for Manafort, referring to the Na-
the House of Representatives, funneled through an offshore ac- a decade for Russian-leaning polit- tional Anticorruption Bureau of
who control the votes there, have count and disguised as payment ical organizations in Ukraine be- Ukraine, dismissed Leshchenko’s
relegated a bill that seeks to for computers. fore taking the helm of the Trump allegations as “baseless, as reflect-
protect the rights of gays and les- Manafort, who denied the lat- campaign over the summer. But ed by the numerous statements
bians to the back burner, arguing est allegations, has asserted that he was pushed out after anticor- from NABU officials who have
that it was not a priority. The bill the ledger is a forgery and that ruption authorities in Ukraine questioned the validity of the so-
would have legalized same-sex the member of Parliament, Ser- disclosed that Manafort may have called ledger evidence against Mr.
civil marriage. (NYT) hiy A. Leshchenko, was involved been paid $12.7 million from an il- Manafort.” ANDREW E. KRAMER


Gorsuch Tries to Position Himself Above Politics In Brief

WASHINGTON — Judge Neil rights viola- orous questioning from senators
M. Gorsuch presented himself tions and for on Tuesday. Martial Arts Fighter Is
on Monday as a creature of con- undocumented Gorsuch cast himself as a hum- Guilty of 29 Felonies
sensus during a sharply partisan immigrants,” ble Westerner with malice toward
The former mixed martial arts
Supreme Court confirmation he told the Sen- none in his decade as a federal fighter known as War Machine
hearing, clouded throughout by ate Judiciary appellate court judge based in was found guilty in Las Vegas
the bitter nomination fight that Commit tee. Denver.
preceded it over the past year. “Sometimes, “My decisions have never re- Monday of kidnapping, beating
Democrats, seething from the Neil Gorsuch too, I’ve ruled flected a judgment about the peo- and sexually assaulting his porn
hearing’s opening moments, against such ple before me, only a judgment actress ex-girlfriend over several
months in 2014, and of beating
made clear that they would not let persons.” about the law and the facts at her male friend when he found
the public forget about Judge Mer- Beginning four days of planned issue in each particular case,” he
rick B. Garland, President Barack hearings over Gorsuch’s nomina- said. “A good judge can promise no them together in her bedroom.
Nevada jurors deadlocked on
Obama’s nominee last year, whom tion, the proceedings on Monday more than that. And a good judge
Republicans refused to even con- — light on direct confrontation, should guarantee no less.” two attempted-murder counts
against Jonathan Paul Koppen-
sider at a hearing, saying the seat heavy on senatorial windiness A judge who is pleased with ev- haver but convicted him of 29 fel-
should be filled by the winner of — set the contours of the debates ery ruling he reaches, Gorsuch
the presidential election. to come: Democrats raised ques- added, “is probably a pretty bad onies stemming from attacks on
Christy Mack and Corey Thomas.
But when it was his turn, Gor- tions about Gorsuch’s record on judge, stretching for policy results
such reached often for comity issues like workers’ rights and he prefers rather than those the Koppenhaver shook his head a
little as he heard “guilty” to the
during a well-practiced 16-minute aired concerns about President law compels.” two most serious counts — kid-
speech, insisting that he favored Trump’s often dim view of the ju- Gorsuch did not mention the
no party above the law and ap- dicial branch. Republicans sought Trump’s attacks on the judiciary napping and sexual assault with
a weapon. Each could get him up
pearing to brace for attacks from to insulate a plainly well-creden- since taking office, leveled against
critics who have said his rulings tialed jurist whom they hope to judges who have ruled against the to life in prison without the possi-
bility of parole.
tilt toward corporate interests. install as the court’s next conser- administration in its push to enact
“I’ve ruled for disabled stu- vative stalwart. And Gorsuch took a travel ban from certain predom-
dents, for prisoners, for the ac- pains to position himself above inantly Muslim countries. Federal Investigation
cused, for workers alleging civil politics, on the eve of formal, rig- MATT FLEGENHEIMER Of Oklahoma Senator
Resentment Smolders in Aftermath of Wildfires vice in Oklahoma City confirmed
The F.B.I. and U.S. Secret Ser-
Monday they have joined an
ASHLAND, Kan. — Death countryside are facing an existen- underwhelmed by the response investigation of a Republican
comes with raising cattle: coyotes, tial threat to a way of life that has of a new president who had won state senator who is facing fel-
blizzards and the inevitable trip to sustained them since homestead- their support in part by promising ony child prostitution charges
the slaughterhouse and dinner ing days: years of cleanup and to champion America’s “forgotten after police say he solicited sex
plate. But after 30 years of ranch- crippling losses after wind-driven men and women.” from a 17-year-old boy. The F.B.I.
ing, Mark and Mary Kaltenbach wildfires across Kansas, Okla- “This is the country that elected conducted a search on Friday of
were not ready for what met them homa and the Texas panhandle Donald Trump,” said Garth Gar- the home of Sen. Ralph Shortey,
after a wildfire charred their land killed seven people and devoured diner, driving a pickup across the an F.B.I. spokeswoman, Jessi-
and more than one million acres of homes, miles of fences and as 48,000-acre Angus beef ranch he ca Rice, confirmed. No federal
rain-starved range this month. much as 80 percent of some herds. runs with his two brothers. They charges have been filed against
Dozens of their Angus cows lay But for many, the first job after lost about 500 cows in the fires. Shortey. (AP)
dead on the blackened ground, the fire passed was loading a rifle. Gardiner voted for Trump, and
hooves jutting in the air. Others “We did what had to be done,” said he just wanted to hear a pres- Cosby Wants Jury Pool
staggered around, unable to see said Mark Kaltenbach, 69. idential mention of the fires amid
or breathe, their black fur and Beyond the toll of the fire, a frus- Trump’s tweets about the rapper Screened for Bias
dark eyes burned, plastic identi- tration also crops up in conversa- Snoop Dogg, the East Coast bliz- Bill Cosby’s lawyers hope to
fication tags melted to their ears. tion after conversation. Ranchers zard and the press corps. prescreen potential jurors to
Young calves lay dying. said they felt overlooked amid the “Two sentences would go a long weed out those with opinions
Ranching families across this tumult in Washington, and were way,” Gardiner said. JACK HEALY about the sex-assault case before
jury selection begins in person.
Texas Woman Voted Like a U.S. Citizen, Only She Wasn’t A defense motion filed Monday
says the “inflammatory” world-
wide coverage of the case has
When Rosa Maria Ortega was a raised four children, now teen- $5,000 and sentenced to eight probably left some potential
teenager, her mother was deport- agers, sometimes working three years in prison because the ballots jurors with opinions about Cos-
ed to her native Mexico after be- jobs. she cast in 2012 and 2014 were il- by’s guilt or innocence. They say
ing arrested twice. “When my mom was here, she legal. While green-card holders pretrial questionnaires have
As she grew up, Ortega decid- did everything illegal,” Ortega, have many of the rights of citizens, been used before in celebrity
ed to take a different route. She 37, said. “I wasn’t going to let that they cannot vote. trials. Cosby, 79, is charged with
signed up for the Job Corps at happen to me.” If the verdict is upheld, she will drugging and molesting a young
age 18 and snagged a position at a She may not have a choice. Orte- serve her sentence and, in all like- woman at his house in 2004. He
state employment office. ga, of Grand Prairie, Tex., is a per- lihood, be deported to Mexico. For calls the sex acts consensual. The
In 2012, she registered to vote, manent resident with a green card, green-card holders, a criminal jurors will be chosen from the
and not only cast ballots in the but she is not an American citizen. conviction is effectively a ticket Pittsburgh area because of pre-
next two elections but also served In a case that made headlines last for deportation. trial publicity and sequestered
as a poll worker. Divorced, she month, she was found guilty, fined MICHAEL WINES once the trial starts. (AP)


Trump Keeps Power Over Brand, Despite Trust THE MARKETS

What role Ivanka Trump plays Under the trust, which was ex- vertisements, was the face of it DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
in her father’s White House is ecuted in the first week of March, all. Her brand is privately held, 7.50 0.37 3.79
among the pressing questions Trump may address potential con- meaning that its inner workings, ↗ 0.04% ↗ 0.01% ↘ 0.16%
at the intersection of politics and flicts in one of two ways: recuse partners and investments are not 20,922.12 5,901.37 2,374.46
business under the Trump ad- herself from related White House subject to public disclosure.
ministration. business or veto a potential busi- Under the arrangement, Trump EUROPE
Since her father became pres- ness deal for her company, said will no longer appear in adver-
ident, Trump has sat in meetings Jamie Gorelick, a longtime ethics tisements, Gorelick said, and she BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
with political and business leaders lawyer in Washington who is an has separated her business and FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
at the White House, drawing crit- independent adviser to the Ivanka personal social media accounts. 4.85 42.34 17.08
icism that she is using her access M. Trump Business Trust. Trump will receive regular finan- ↗ 0.07% ↘ 0.35% ↘ 0.34%
to enrich herself and her business. Trump is the sole beneficiary, cial reports on her company. 7,429.81 12,052.90 5,012.16
To address those concerns, said Gorelick, who provided de- But even if Trump is trying to
Ivanka Trump handed over day- tails of the trust in interviews. tread carefully, her trust raises ASIA/PACIFIC
to-day control of her company to On Monday, Trump, who is act- questions about how effectively
her top executive, Abigail Klem, ing as an informal adviser to her a voluntary arrangement can JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
and transferred its assets to a father, said the trust was part of a minimize conflicts, said Norman NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
new trust overseen by relatives voluntary pledge to follow rules L. Eisen, the chief White House 68.55 192.06 13.08
of her husband. placed on government employees. ethics adviser under President ↘ 0.35% ↗ 0.79% ↗ 0.40%
But details of the arrangement, For about a decade, Trump has Barack Obama. 19,521.59 24,501.99 3,250.52
which have not been disclosed, licensed her name to partners “There’s no enforcement,” he
indicate how much power Trump who manufacture her clothes, said. “If this is voluntary, what if AMERICAS
continues to hold over the brand shoes and other items. Trump, she voluntarily decides not to do
that bears her name. who appeared in her own ad- it?” RACHEL ABRAMS CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
Rub in Trade Talks: Why a Jeep Costs More in China ↘ 60.43 ↘ 1,572.92 Market
15,430.06 64,209.94
BEIJING — A Jeep Wrangler Those taxes on imported cars discussions were private.
can cost $30,000 more in China have become a growing area Li did not answer the question COMMODITIES/BONDS
than in the United States — and of friction between the United directly, the people said, instead
the reasons illustrate growing States and China. American responding that every country GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
tension between the countries. former officials and current ad- faced trade issues, and that Chi-
Manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, visers to President Trump say na had its own trade deficits with ↗ 3.80 ↘ 0.04 ↘ 0.40
the Wrangler is a descendant that concern about the widening a few countries. $1,233.60 2.46% $48.91
of the jeeps that were used by United States deficit in automo- Trump has made trade a ma-
American forces in World War II. tive trade has become a pressing jor issue, saying he wants a level
Equipped with a 3.6-liter engine issue ahead of the Trump’s meet- playing field and similar terms FOREIGN EXCHANGE
and an automatic transmission, ing in Florida next month with his on both sides. Partly because of
the Rubicon edition of the Wran- Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. China’s taxes, less than 5 percent Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
gler has a suggested retail price Hinting at potentially tough of cars in the country are import-
of $40,530 in the United States. talks to come, Lawrence H. Sum- ed, compared with one-quarter in Australia (Dollar) .7729 1.2938
But in China, the same vehi- mers, a former Treasury secre- the United States. Major Ameri- Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6588 3.0720
Brazil (Real)
cle would set a buyer back by tary, raised the issue of auto trade can, European and Japanese car- Britain (Pound) 1.2356 .8093
$71,000, mostly because of taxes in the first question to Li Keqiang, makers have built huge assembly Canada (Dollar) .7492 1.3347
that Beijing charges on every car, China’s premier, at a closed-door factories in China with the help of China (Yuan) .1448 6.9050
minivan and sport utility vehicle meeting on Monday, participants local partners, contributing to Denmark (Krone) .1445 6.9228
that is made in another country in the meeting said on the con- China’s rise as the world’s largest Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0212 47.1000
Egypt (Pound)
and brought to China’s shores. dition of anonymity because the automaker. KEITH BRADSHER Europe (Euro) 1.0741 .9310
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1288 7.7654
UBS Faces Trial Over Claims It Helped Evade Taxes Japan (Yen) .0089 19.0081
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1180 8.4751
Singapore (Dollar) .7161 1.3965
LONDON — The Swiss bank terpretations being made,” UBS tutions that assist them. So. Africa (Rand) .0792 12.6336
UBS said on Monday that it and said in a statement on Monday. In France, UBS was placed un- So. Korea (Won) .0009 1113.5
its French subsidiary would face A French trial would be the der formal investigation in 2014 Sweden (Krona) .1134 8.8208
trial in a long-running investi- latest legal headache for UBS, and ordered to post bail of more Switzerland (Franc) 1.0015 .9985
gation into whether it helped which reached a settlement with than $1 billion over suspected Source: Thomson Reuters
French clients hide funds from authorities in the United States in money laundering and tax fraud.
the national tax administration. 2009 and German tax authorities In February 2016, judges in
The announcement followed nearly three years ago. The bank France concluded their inquiry ONLINE: MORE PRICES
reports in the French media that also is facing a similar inquiry in into whether the bank helped AND ANALYSIS
UBS had rejected a proposed set- Belgium, accusations it has de- French clients hide funds from Information on all United
tlement. French prosecutors had scribed as “unfounded.” the country’s national tax admin- Æ
sought a fine of 1.1 billion euros, or Tax authorities in the United istration from 2004 to 2012. States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
about $1.2 billion, in the case. States and in Europe in recent On Monday, UBS said that the tual funds, commodities and foreign
“UBS has made clear that the years have aggressively pursued investigative judges had issued stocks along with analysis of indus-
bank disagrees with the allega- individuals who seek to avoid an order formally referring the try sectors and stock indexes:
tions, assumptions and legal in- paying taxes, as well as the insti- case to trial. CHAD BRAY


Former Obama Staffers Counter Trump

AUSTIN, Tex. — The cultur- podcasts and is making so much If this were 10 years ago, they GAINERS AND LOSERS
al-political revolution of the money from advertising that would have most likely returned % Volume
Nixon era was neither televised one of its founders, the former to the Democratic Party struc- Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
nor sponsored. If you listen to Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett, ture. Maybe they’d have started
the coolest protest anthem ever, joked that he didn’t understand a “super PAC” or joined MoveOn. 10 MOST ACTIVE
“The Revolu- all the whining about how hard it Perhaps they’d blog for Daily AMD (AMD) 14.40 +0.91 +6.7 909851
Mediator tion Will Not Be is to make money in media. Kos. Direct political combat Bankof (BAC) 24.44 ◊0.42 ◊1.7 870456
FordMo (F)
Jim Rutenberg Televised,” by “It’s easy,” he said at the South would have come in the form of GM (GM) 35.71 +17.55 +74.1 384828
Esperi (ESPR)
Gil Scott-Her- by Southwest festival here last television and Web ads. Aurini (AUPH) 8.78 +1.08 +14.0 277008
on, you’ll hear that it was not week. “Just start talking and But now politics are being Micron (MU) 26.21 +0.41 +1.6 267834
Chesap (CHK)
“brought to you by Xerox,” did money rolls in.” waged as infotainment — and all Oracle (ORCL) 45.23 ◊0.43 ◊0.9 214382
Snap (SNAP)
not “go better with Coke,” did not The “Pod Save America” crew too often, mis-infotainment.
have stars like Natalie Wood and were all in Austin in the middle of Trump’s White House is op- % Volume
Steve McQueen or the entertain- gaming out how to build ever big- erating less in the real world of Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
ment value of “Green Acres.” ger audiences for the four shows actual intelligence reports, solid
The Trump era’s #Resistance they now offer under the banner data and expert analyses, and 10 TOP GAINERS
is flipping all of that on its head. of their band-new company, more in the media sphere’s mix Esperi (ESPR) 41.22 +17.55 +74.1 304519
+6.61 +42.6
Nektar (NKTR)
It’s being televised, podcasted, Crooked Media, named after a fa- of hard facts, rumor and wild CytomX (CTMX) 18.89 +3.71 +24.4 23261
+2.28 +23.0
Domini (DDC)
hashtagged, Facebooked, Twit- vorite term of President Trump. conspiracy theory. Travel (TZOO) 9.55 +1.20 +14.4 750
tered and Periscoped. Lovett and his co-found- So as the Crooked Media guys Aurini (AUPH) 8.78 +1.08 +14.0 277008
Viewra (VRAY)
+0.78 +13.0
Just check out an episode of ers — Obama’s former chief set out to counter Trump, they re- Gemphi (GEMP) 10.12 +1.11 +12.4 945
“Pod Save America,” one of the speechwriter, Jon Favreau, and alized that they were already on Omeros (OMER) 11.75 +1.21 +11.5 11919
+0.52 +11.0
Xerium (XRM)
breakout hits of the resistance the former national security the right track. You don’t start a
movement. Running twice spokesman Tommy Vietor — super PAC, you start a show; you % Volume
weekly, it has named brands and were co-authors of Obama’s counterprogram. Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
sponsors, stars several mem- 2011 speech at the White House “The fusion of media and 10 TOP LOSERS
bers of former President Barack Correspondents Association politics now — and media as a Caladr (CLBS) 5.11 ◊0.62 ◊10.8 3927
Obama’s inner circle and seeks dinner that depicted Trump as a platform for politicians and for Profes (IPDN) 11.06 ◊1.34 ◊10.8 3729
to entertain as much as it tries to moon-landing truther and ended movements — is something Sevcon (SEV) 13.00 ◊1.38 ◊9.6 227
Northe (NTIC)
inspire anti-Trump action. with eerie prescience: “He cer- that we’ve never seen before, CraftB (BREW) 13.45 ◊1.20 ◊8.2 2801
It regularly sits near the top tainly would bring some change because that’s where people are,” Globus (GLBS) 5.70 ◊0.49 ◊7.9 3054
Ramaco (METC)
of the iTunes list of most popular to the White House.”) Favreau told me. USATru (USAK) 7.79 ◊0.61 ◊7.3 907
Quorum (QHC) 7.45 ◊0.58 ◊7.2 3037
Costam (CMRE) 6.47 ◊0.50 ◊7.2 11445
Merger Would Create Cellphone Colossus in India Source: Thomson Reuters
Stocks on the Move
India is fast becoming the new agreed last month to
battleground for global technol- buy the Indian assets Stocks that moved substantially or traded
heavily Monday:
ogy and telecommunications gi- of Telenor, a Norwe-
ants, as Facebook, Vodafone and gian operator. Wells Fargo & Co., down $1.04 to $57.63.
others vie to connect the coun- “Consolidation in The bank reported numbers from February
try’s population of 1.2 billion to the Indian market that indicated its sales practices scandal is
the internet. is the name of the still taking a toll on its business.
The fight took another turn on game,” said Rishi Dominion Diamond Corp., up $2.28 to
Monday when Vodafone, a Brit- Tejpal, an analyst in $12.20. Washington Cos. offered to buy
ish carrier, announced that it was Gurgaon, India, for the diamond mining company for $13.50 a
combining its Indian unit with Gartner, a technology share, or about $1.1 billion.
Idea Cellular, a local operator, in research company. Nektar Therapeutics, up $6.61 to $22.11.
a $23 billion deal that would cre- “The survival of 10 to The drug developer said an experimental
ate one of the world’s largest cell- 12 local operators isn’t chronic pain drug met its goals in a study.
phone providers, with roughly RAMINDER PAL SINGH/EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY a long-term reality.” Transocean Ltd., down 25 cents to
400 million subscribers in India. A sign advertising Idea Cellular in Under the terms of $12.22. Energy companies traded lower
The country’s cellphone indus- Amritsar, India. Idea and Vodafone’s the deal announced Monday as the price of oil slipped.
try is undergoing a drastic over- Indian unit plan to join in a deal. on Monday, Voda- Nvidia Corp., up $3.38 to $109.45. Tech-
haul, as more Indians make the fone and Idea would nology stocks rose Monday and did better
digital leap. merge their opera- than the broader market.
In recent years, the use of petition among carriers seeking tions in India to create the coun- Array BioPharma Inc., down 49 cents to
smartphones, which can be ever faster mobile networks and try’s largest carrier, with roughly $10.07. After talks with regulators, the
bought for as little as $20, has bal- cheaper data packages in a coun- 35 percent of the market, based company withdrew a marketing applica-
looned, and Indians have rushed try where consumers are partic- on subscriber figures. tion for a skin cancer drug and will contin-
to digital services like Google and ularly sensitive to price. And the The companies said the merg- ue studies.
Facebook. India is already Face- dynamic has prompted a flurry of er would allow them to invest Jamba Inc., down 30 cents to $9.59. The
book’s largest market, based on investments and deals. heavily in faster mobile networks juice company lowered its sales projec-
number of users. Local start-ups Reliance Industries, an Indi- across India. Those networks, tions and said it will open fewer stores.
like Flipkart, a growing e-com- an oil conglomerate, is plowing called fourth generation, or 4G, Aevi Genomic Medicine Inc., down $3.23
merce player, have taken on the billions of dollars into a new cell- are a basic requirement for movie to $2.21. The company said an experi-
likes of Amazon. phone operation called Jio that streaming and watching TV pro- mental drug for attention deficit hyperac-
The explosion of internet us- offers free data and voice plans. grams on smartphones. tivity disorder did not meet its goals in a
age has created cutthroat com- In a bid to compete, Bharti Airtel MARK SCOTT clinical trial. (AP)


Swimming Laps With a Brand New Leg In Brief

Lasko, a broad-shouldered former Lasko, an Some Gun Laws Tied
Marine, emerged from the locker amputee, To Lower Suicide Rates
room at Nassau County Aquatic
Center, ready to hit the pool with a tested Background checks and waiting
brand new leg. It was the first time a new periods for gun purchases are as-
in years that he would be able to prosthesis sociated with lower suicide rates,
stride from the pool deck into the that is a new study reports. According
water without having to remove designed to the National Center for Health
his reliable prosthesis, the one with to propel a Statistics, the national suicide rate
a sneaker attached, then hopping person in is now 13 per 100,000, a 30-year
one-legged on the deck to get in. high. Researchers found that
Since 2004, when an explosion the water. states with universal background
in Afghanistan shredded the low- SAM HODGSON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES checks had a decrease of 0.29
er part of his left leg, his swim- suicides per 100,000 people from
ming routine had involved some it. Flynn, himself an amputee, add- of Northwell Health, a network 2013 to 2014. Those without such
degree of acrobatics. But now that ed: “Other legs can certainly be of hospitals and local facilities, laws had an average increase of
Lasko, 34, from Bethlehem, Pa., used in the water, but they can’t which funded the project. 0.85. There was a decrease of 0.38
is the father of two water-loving propel you through the water.” Dr. David M. Crandell, the med- per 100,000 in states with manda-
boys, ages 2 and 6, he has been The aim of the aquatic test run ical director of the amputee pro- tory waiting periods, compared
dreaming of climbing in and out of was to work out the prototype’s gram at Spaulding Rehabilitation with an increase of 0.71 in states
the pool with them with ease. kinks to prepare for commercial Hospital in Boston, described without them. States with both
And until now, as a longtime sales. the new swim leg as an advance. laws had a decrease of 0.76 per
triathlete, he had mostly relied Lasko stepped into the water “Prosthetic devices that people 100,000; states with neither had
on his arms for the first part of his and took off into a gliding freestyle. use don’t typically offer advan- an increase of 1.04. The results
swim-bike-runs. He couldn’t wait He had not swum like this, using tages once you’re in the water,” he were unchanged after controlling
to use a water-friendly prosthesis both legs, since his injury at age said. More often, he said, they are for rates of gun ownership, de-
that would match the power of his 21. “It feels good,” he said after fin- “like an anchor.” pression, poverty and other fac-
intact right leg. ishing his first lap. “I can definitely The cost will range from $2,000 tors. The report, in the American
The new leg Lasko would be feel the difference, but I just have to to $5,000, depending on custom- Journal of Public Health, found no
testing had a jet-black foot with get used to the bit of extra weight.” ization and which off-the-shelf difference in year-to-year suicide
a nonslip tread on its sole, which As Lasko propelled himself parts are used, Feinstein said. rates between states with gun
he described as “awesome” even through the water, he was elated. Amputees likely will have to pay lock regulations or open carry re-
before entering the water. “I haven’t done that in years,” he out of pocket. Most insurance com- strictions and states without such
While waterproof prosthetic legs said. “I felt good and free.” panies don’t provide coverage for laws. (NYT)
have been available for decades, The device is expected to be- recreational prostheses, Crandell
“this is the first fully functional come commercially available in said, “even though ultimately get- Hospital Inspections
swim leg,” said Matthew Flynn, a about six months, said Eric Fein- ting back to sports is best physical- Linked to Fewer Deaths
certified prosthetist at Eschen, the stein, a manager at Northwell ly and for psychological recovery.”
company in New York that makes Ventures, the venture capital arm CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS Hospitals in the United States
are accredited by the Joint
Trump Plan Eliminates a Sentinel Against Disease Commission, which periodically
makes unannounced inspections,
spending several weeks assessing
Nobody in the United States has Bethesda, Md., was one of the few animals and insects. The system’s whether the staff is following best
ever died from an intercontinen- specific trims in President Trump’s furthest-flung sentries are usually practices. Now a new study sug-
tal missile strike. Over the past 50 “skinny budget.” Eliminating it underfunded and underequipped. gests that when the inspectors are
years, hundreds of billions of dol- would save only $69 million. The Bausch has a $50,000 Fogarty watching, fewer people die. The
lars have been spent on silos, sub- administration did not explain why grant to plan what could be a $3 study, in JAMA Internal Medicine,
marines, bombers and satellites it was picked, leaving scientists to million investment in Sierra Le- used records of Medicare admis-
to ensure that does not happen. surmise that it was because the one, one of the three West Afri- sions from 2008 to 2012 at 1,984
During the same period, nearly 2 center’s grants pay American doc- can countries where Ebola killed hospitals. During that time, there
million Americans have died from tors to train foreign ones. 11,000 people in 2014. were 244,787 admissions during
intercontinental virus strikes. The But most of those trainees focus “That would buy lab equipment, Joint Commission inspections,
toll includes one American dead of on diseases that circle the globe. train people to run it and to do con- and 1,462,339 in the three weeks
Ebola, 2,000 dead of West Nile vi- The idea of eliminating the tact-tracing during an outbreak,” before and after. They found that
rus, 700,000 dead of AIDS, and 1.2 center “is just atrocious,” said Dr. Bausch said. “The ability to do in the non-inspection weeks, the
million dead of flu. Daniel G. Bausch, a Tulane Uni- that is not a given in West Africa.” average 30-day death rate was
The federal budget to stop these versity virologist and the scientif- Once tropical diseases emerge, 7.21 percent. But during inspec-
threats is smaller than the Pen- ic program director at the Amer- “they know no borders,” said Dr. tions, the rate fell to 7.03 percent.
tagon’s, and the Trump admin- ican Society of Tropical Medicine Chris Beyrer, president of the In- The effects were modest, ranging
istration’s proposed cuts to the and Hygiene. “It would have a ternational AIDS Society. “Amer- from a relative decrease of 1.5
National Institutes of Health, and severe impact not just on global ica is not hived off from the rest of percent over all to 5.9 percent in
particularly its plan to eliminate health but on American health.” the planet, and it’s incredibly im- large teaching hospitals. Still, with
the Fogarty International Center A network of laboratories portant to our biosecurity to have 900,000 annual Medicare admis-
at the N.I.H., would, global health around the world, known as World surveillance capability — which sions, a reduction of only 0.39 per-
experts say, make America vul- Health Organization reference means partners in other coun- cent in the death rate would mean
nerable again. labs, collects samples from dis- tries. That’s what Fogarty does.” more than 3,500 fewer deaths per
The Fogarty center, based in ease outbreaks in local humans, DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. year. (NYT)


David Rockefeller Dies at 101; Banker on a Global Mission

David Rockefeller, the banker and philan- His stature was greater than any corporate D. Rockefeller, the tycoon
thropist with the fabled family name who con- title might convey, however. His influence who founded the Standard
trolled Chase Manhattan bank for more than was felt in Washington and foreign capitals, in Oil Company in the 19th
a decade and wielded vast influence around the corridors of New York City government, century and built a fortune
the world even longer as he spread the gospel art museums, great universities and public that made him America’s
of American capitalism, died on Monday at his schools. first billionaire and his
home in Pocantico Hills, N.Y. He was 101. Rockefeller could well be the last of an family one of the richest
A family spokesman, Fraser P. Seitel, con- increasingly less visible family to have cut and most powerful in the
firmed the death. so imposing a figure on the world stage. As a David nation’s history.
Chase Manhattan had long been known as peripatetic advocate of the economic inter- Rockefeller As an heir to that legacy,
the Rockefeller bank, though the family never ests of the United States and of his own bank, Rockefeller lived all his life
owned more than 5 percent of its shares. But he was a force in global financial affairs and in in baronial splendor and
Rockefeller was more than a steward. As chair- his country’s foreign policy. He was received privilege, whether in Manhattan (as a boy
man and chief executive throughout the 1970s, in foreign capitals with the honors accorded a he and his brothers would roller-skate along
he made it “David’s bank,” as many called it, chief of state. Fifth Avenue trailed by a limousine in case
expanding its operations internationally. He was the last surviving grandson of John they grew tired) or at his country estates.
He loomed large in the upper reaches of a
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz New York social world of glittering black-tie
galas. His philanthropy was monumental,
PUZZLE BY GEORGE BARANY AND JOHN D. CHILD and so was his art collection, a museumlike
ACROSS 42 Doctors’ org. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1 Work like Dürer 43 Something one repository of some 15,000 pieces, some lining
5 Peter or Paul, shouldn’t make 14 15 16 the walls of his offices at Rockefeller Center, to
but not Mary in public 17 18 19 which he repaired well into his 90s.
9 Bath fixture 44 Lifesavers for Rockefeller was instrumental in rallying
14 Lilting melodies cops and sailors 20 21 22 the private sector to help resolve New York
15 Concerning, to a 45 Disposable City’s fiscal crisis in the mid-1970s. As chair-
lawyer lighters and pens 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 man of the Museum of Modern Art for many
16 Musical with 47 The mark of 30 31 32 years, he led an effort to encourage corpo-
the song “Don’t Zorro rations to buy and display art in their office
Cry for Me 48 You, abroad 33 34 35 36 37 38
Argentina” 49 Floor warning buildings and to subsidize local museums.
17 Trick football 55 Good noise from 39 40 41 And as chairman of the New York City Part-
play an engine nership, a coalition of business executives, he
20 ___ bark beetle 56 Sarcastic laugh 42 43 44 fostered innovation in public schools and the
21 One side of a sound 45 46 47 48 development of thousands of apartments for
debate 57 Green govt. lower-income and middle-class families.
22 Dude, Jamaica- group 49 50 51 52 53 54 He was always aware of the mystique sur-
style 58 Study at a
23 Office staple college that 55 56 57 rounding the Rockefeller name.
since the 1980s doesn’t have “I have never found it a hindrance,” he once
30 Birth control applications? 58 59 60 61 62 63 said with typical reserve. “Obviously, there
method, for 64 Seize without 64 65 66 are times when I’m aware that I’m treated
short legal authority differently. There’s no question that having
31 Peach or plum 65 Listening device 67 68 69 financial resources, which, thanks to my par-
32 Descartes’s 66 Ink stain ents, I learned to use with some restraint and
“therefore” 3/21/17
33 Super Bowl- 67 Pool contents? 4 “The buck stops 25 Entrance for 51 Invitation discretion, is a big advantage.”
winning QB Bart 68 Newspaper essay here” prez Santa heading JONATHAN KANDELL
36 Bollywood 69 Old one, in 5 Bar on a car 26 Navel formation?
soundtrack Oldenburg 52 “Mack the Knife”
instrument 6 Be a busybody 27 Moves briskly composer
38 “... man ___ DOWN 7 Pound sound 28 White heron 53 Disney World
mouse?” 1 Alleviated 8 Family member: 29 Surf sounds theme park
39 High-ranking Abbr. 33 Signs of healing 54 It’s often 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
British 2 Duke or dame 9 Genre for Dizzy unaccounted •
Parliament 3 Pulls an all- Gillespie and 34 Native of for … or a hint Tom Brady, Editor
member nighter, say Charlie Parker southern India to this puzzle’s email: [email protected]
or northern Sri
10 Way or means Lanka circled letters •
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for one on them dog phone: (212) 556-1200
SPAY ASA P A MB ER fax: (646) 461-2364
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IM ON RU BY LO GA N munications 37 Nice location 60 7,485 •
LI TTLE DI PP ER conglomerate, 40 Itchy condition performances, For advertising information
EC OL I G AS GI AN T for short 41 Out in public for Broadway’s and to request a media kit
DE F B EG LI E F OE 13 Opposing vote 46 Baseball or original “Cats”
FR AM E B AR N 18 Bullish trends basketball contact InMotion Media:
ST AR CL US TE R 61 Noah count? phone: (212) 213-5856
FO OD KN EA D 19 Bully’s boast 48 Humiliated 62 With it email: [email protected]
OW L T AI OW N H OP 24 Dame ___ Te 50 Basketball 63 [No info yet] •
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HE AV EN LY BO DY not received TimesDigest should call
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ZU NI S G LE E A ST O Read about and comment on each puzzle:



Haunting News on Trump and Russia All the President’s Lies

The ninth week of Donald Trump’s presiden-
The acknowledgment by James Comey, the mised after Attorney General Jeff Sessions ar- cy began with the F.B.I. director calling him a
F.B.I. director, on Monday that the bureau is rived in the job refusing to recuse himself from liar.
investigating possible connections between any investigation. He was forced to step aside The director, James Comey, didn’t use the
President Trump’s campaign and Russia’s ef- only after it was revealed that he had met with L-word in his congressional testimony Mon-
forts to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s chances is a the Russian ambassador to Washington twice day. But his meaning was clear. Trump has
breathtaking admission. While there has been during the campaign. Even with his recusal, it repeatedly accused Barack Obama of wiretap-
a growing body of circumstantial evidence of would still be his deputies and staff directing ping his phones, and Comey explained there is
such links, Comey’s public confirmation ought and managing any potential prosecution — “no information that supports” the claim.
to mark a turning point in how inquiries into which raises serious questions of conflict. I’ve previously argued that not every un-
Russia’s role in the election should be handled. Mitigating this credibility crisis requires truth deserves to be branded with the L-word,
The top priority now must be to ensure that appointing an independent prosecutor. If because it implies intent and somebody can
the F.B.I.’s investigation, which could result in Trump’s assertion that there was no collusion state an untruth without doing so knowingly.
criminal prosecutions, is shielded from med- between his campaign officials and the Rus- But the current president of the United
dling by the Trump administration, which has sian government is true, he should want this States lies. He has lied about — among many
shown a proclivity to lie, mislead and obfuscate matter to be fully investigated as quickly and other things — Obama’s birthplace, John F.
with startling audacity. Testifying before the as transparently as possible. Kennedy’s assassination, Sept. 11, the Iraq War,
House Intelligence Committee, Comey said Appointing a special prosecutor would show ISIS, NATO, military veterans, immigrants,
the bureau is conducting its investigation in an that Sessions is willing to have an impartial anti-Semitic attacks, the unemployment rate,
“open-minded, independent way” and vowed examination of his actions as a surrogate for the murder rate, the Electoral College, voter
to “follow the facts wherever they lead.” Trump last year — which he has assured the fraud and his groping of women.
There is no reason to doubt Comey’s com- public were entirely appropriate. When Donald Trump says something hap-
mitment. But it is far from certain that senior As the F.B.I. investigation continues, a series pened, it should not change anyone’s estima-
officials at the Department of Justice, who of overlapping congressional inquiries into Rus- tion of whether the event actually happened.
normally decide whether there is enough evi- sian activities to influence the election are ad- Which brings us to Russia.
dence to file criminal charges in politically sen- vancing in a predictably muddled, partisan way. Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential
sitive cases, will be able to avoid White House This matter requires a broader investiga- campaign was an attack on the United States.
interference. Before Monday’s hearing began, tion run by a collaborative, bipartisan team of It’s the kind of national-security matter that
Trump issued a remarkable set of tweets call- statesmen. The ideal format would be a select a president and members of Congress swear
ing the possibility of collusion with Russia committee that has subpoena power and a to treat with utmost seriousness when they
“fake news” and urging Congress and the F.B.I. mandate to issue a comprehensive report of its take the oath of office. Yet now it has become
to drop the matter and instead focus on finding findings. The goal must be to make American the subject of an escalating series of lies by the
who had been leaking information to the press. political parties and democratic institutions president and the people who work for him.
These brazen warning shots from the pres- less vulnerable to efforts to distort the electoral As Comey was acknowledging on Monday
ident do enormous damage to public confi- process as the Russians appear to have carried that the F.B.I. was investigating possible collu-
dence in the F.B.I.’s investigation. The credibil- out. Failing to learn and heed the lessons of last sion between Russia and the Trump campaign,
ity of the Justice Department in handling the year’s campaign would be an abdication of a re- Trump was lying about it from both his person-
Russian matter was already deeply compro- sponsibility to safeguard American democracy. al and White House Twitter accounts.
The big question now is not what Trump and
Neil Gorsuch Faces the Senate the White House are saying about the Russia
story. They will evidently say anything. The
questions are what really happened and who
Here’s a good question for Judge Neil Gor- of South Carolina, who lamented the growing can uncover the truth.
such, who sat before the Senate Judiciary politicization of the confirmation process and The Republican House members question-
Committee on Monday for the first day of his warned that “what we’re doing is going to de- ing Comey acted like Trump staff members,
confirmation hearings to be a Supreme Court stroy the judiciary over time.” In that spirit, decrying leaks about Russia’s attack rather
justice: Why are you here? Graham admitted that he thought long and than the attack itself.
There’s one honest answer: “I shouldn’t be.” hard about whether the Republicans’ blockade It fell to Adam Schiff, a Democratic represen-
Under other circumstances Gorsuch would was justified. It was, he decided, because he tative from Southern California, to lay out the
be a legitimate nominee by a Republican pres- was sure Democrats would have behaved the suspicious ties between Trump and Russia.
ident. The problem is how he got to this point. same way if the situation had been reversed. “Is it possible that all of these events and re-
Gorsuch became President Trump’s nomi- Graham is right that both Democrats and ports are completely unrelated, and nothing
nee only after Senate Republicans’ outrageous Republicans bear responsibility for the degra- more than an entirely unhappy coincidence?
and unprecedented blockade of Merrick Gar- dation of the process, but their responsibility Yes, it is possible,” Schiff said. “But it is also
land, whom President Barack Obama picked to is not equal. Senate Republicans’ behavior last possible, maybe more than possible, that they
fill the same seat more than a year ago and who year set a new standard for bad faith. are not coincidental, not disconnected and
by all rights should long ago have been sitting Gorsuch may be qualified for the Supreme not unrelated, and that the Russians used the
where Gorsuch is now. But Senate Republicans Court, but there’s little doubt that he would be same techniques to corrupt U.S. persons that
made sure that would never happen, refusing among the most conservative justices in the they have employed in Europe and elsewhere.
even to meet with Garland — the chief of the court’s modern history, with negative conse- We simply don’t know, not yet, and we owe it to
federal appeals court in Washington and one of quences for workers’ rights, women’s reproduc- the country to find out.”
the most widely respected judges in the coun- tive freedom, politics uncorrupted by vast sums Comey seems to be one of the few public offi-
try — let alone give him a hearing or a vote. of money, the separation of church and state, the cials with the ability and willingness to pursue
On Monday, they mostly acted as though health of the environment and the protection of the truth. I hope that Republican members of
they did nothing wrong and couldn’t under- the most vulnerable members of society. If Gor- the Senate are patriotic enough to do so as well.
stand why Democrats were so upset. such is confirmed, his views will be driving deci- Our president is a liar, and we need to find
One exception was Sen. Lindsey Graham, sions into the middle of the 21st century. out how serious his latest lies are.


Oregon Shocks Duke to Reach Round of 16 In Brief

When it comes to N.C.A.A. Tour- BAYLOR 86, CALIFORNIA 46 Alex- Gale Sayers Is Battling
nament experience, all of the Or- is Prince and Nina Davis each
egon Ducks are like freshmen — scored 16 points, and Baylor is Dementia, Family Says
because they had never been here going to the Sweet 16 for the ninth Relatives of Pro Football Hall
until now. consecutive year after an 86-46 of Famer Gale Sayers say the Chi-
Fortunately for the Ducks, their win over California on Monday in cago Bears legend has been di-
actual freshmen are playing far Waco, Tex. Davis, one of four Bay- agnosed with dementia. His wife,
beyond their ages. lor seniors, also had six rebounds Ardythe Sayers, told The Kansas
Freshman Ruthy Hebard had 20 and five assists in her last game City Star that her 73-year-old
points and 15 rebounds, and Ore- at the Ferrell Center, where the husband was diagnosed four
gon earned its first Sweet 16 berth top-seeded Lady Bears have won years ago, and she blamed Say-
by upsetting Duke 74-65 on Mon- 12 consecutive N.C.A.A. Tourna- ers’s football career. He played
day night in the second round of ment games. Prince added five for the Bears for seven seasons
the tournament in Durham, N.C. rebounds and six assists, while after setting records at the Uni-
Maite Cazorla added 17 points and GERRY BROOME/ASSOCIATED PRESS Kristy Wallace had 10 points and versity of Kansas. (AP)
Lexi Bando finished with 14 points Oregon’s Sabrina Ionescu nine assists. (AP)
to help Oregon (22-13) become the STANFORD 69, KANSAS STATE 48
first No. 10 seed in a decade to being guarded by Duke’s Brittany McPhee had 21 points, Yankees Shortstop Out
reach the round of 16. (AP) Lexie Brown. Ionescu’s free Alanna Smith added 19 and sec- With Injured Shoulder
UCONN 94, SYRACUSE 64 Kia throws sealed the game for ond-seeded Stanford routed No. 7
Nurse heard the boasts from Syr- the Ducks. seed Kansas State in Manhattan, Yankees shortstop Didi Grego-
acuse that it would bring the best Kan., to advance to the Cardinal’s rius has a bruised right shoulder,
backcourt in America into Mon- 10th straight Sweet 16. The Cardi- ending his time at the World
day night’s second-round rematch thanks to an offensive showcase nal (30-5) had no problem dealing Baseball Classic and leaving his
of last year’s national champion- against the Sooners where Plum with the Wildcats (23-11) or their status for opening day in doubt.
ship game. She used that as moti- didn’t do it alone. Plum passed home crowd, which spent much of Manager Joe Girardi did not put
vation. The junior guard scored 29 another Jackie Stiles’ record to the game sitting in silence. Stan- a timetable on a return, only say-
points and tied an N.C.A.A. Tour- become the all-time single-sea- ford roared to a 39-21 halftime lead ing, “He’s going to be sidelined
nament record with nine 3-point- son scoring leader, having already and never looked back. (AP) for a bit.” The Yankees start the
ers to lead UConn to a 94-64 win topped Stiles’ all-time career scor- QUINNIPIAC 85, MIAMI 78 Mor- regular season April 2. (AP)
over the Orange in Storrs, Conn. ing mark last month. Plum has gan Manz scored 22 points and N.B.A. SCORES
The Huskies won for the 109th 1,080 points this season. Gioya made six 3-pointers, Aryn Mc-
straight time and 26th straight in Carter led Oklahoma (23-10) with Clure added 15 and 12th-seeded SUNDAY’S LATE GAME
the tournament. That streak in- 17 points, but the Sooners simply Quinnipiac is headed to the Sweet Cleveland 125, L.A. Lakers 120
cludes last April’s 82-51 win over couldn’t keep up with Washing- 16, stunning fourth-seeded Miami MONDAY
Charlotte 105, Atlanta 90
the Orange that gave the Huskies ton’s offensive efficiency. (AP) in Coral Gables, Fla. Sarah She- Indiana 107, Utah 100
their fourth consecutive title. (AP) LOUISVILLE 75, TENNESSEE 64 wan and Paula Strautmane each Orlando 112, Philadelphia 109, OT
WASHINGTON 108, OKLAHOMA Mariya Moore’s awareness of her scored 11 for Quinnipiac (29-6), Boston 110, Washington 102
82 Kelsey Plum scored 38 points, tournament shooting struggles which will head to Stockton, Calif. Golden State 111, Oklahoma City 95
adding another record to her made her especially determined to play top-seeded South Carolina. Houston 125, Denver 124
career resumé, and No. 3 seed to put them behind her. Extra The Bobcats of the Metro Atlantic N.H.L. SCORES
Washington raced past No. 6 seed practice finally paid off with the Athletic Conference made 15 of 26 SUNDAY’S LATE GAME
Oklahoma 108-82 on Monday in breakout performance the Lou- from 3-point range, and won their Calgary 5, Los Angeles 2
Seattle to earn a berth in N.C.A.A. isville junior guard always knew 12th straight game. Jessica Thom- MONDAY
Tournament regional semifinals. was capable of, ignoring leg as scored 25 points and Keyona Toronto 4, Boston 2
The Huskies (29-5) are going to cramps to get it done with a big Hayes added 21 for Miami (24-9), Buffalo 2, Detroit 1
Nashville 3, Arizona 1
the Sweet 16 in consecutive years fourth quarter that helped send which was looking for its first trip Dallas 1, San Jose 0
for the first time in school history, the Cardinals to the Sweet 16. (AP) to the round of 16 since 1992. (AP) Edmonton 2, Los Angeles 0
WEATHER Houston 85/ 67 0 85/ 63 PC 84/ 63 PC Cape Town 90/ 60 0 93/ 66 S 83/ 63 S
Kansas City 78/ 62 0 61/ 34 C 52/ 36 C Dublin 50/ 45 0.16 46/ 33 T 43/ 37 Sh
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 70/ 56 0 63/ 56 Sh 64/ 51 R Geneva 64/ 41 0 59/ 41 R 55/ 39 C
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 78/ 63 0 78/ 60 PC 82/ 63 S Hong Kong 81/ 69 0 77/ 65 PC 73/ 68 C
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 54/ 34 0 37/ 18 PC 40/ 30 PC Kingston 84/ 77 0 84/ 73 Sh 83/ 74 Sh
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 52/ 33 0 56/ 33 PC 36/ 21 W Lima 84/ 73 0 84/ 74 PC 85/ 74 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 79/ 50 0 84/ 57 S 87/ 64 S London 57/ 52 0.64 51/ 42 C 49/ 38 Sh
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 54/ 34 0 59/ 35 PC 40/ 23 W Madrid 77/ 46 0 67/ 38 PC 55/ 33 Sh
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 95/ 69 0 90/ 64 S 84/ 58 PC Mexico City 76/ 47 0 78/ 46 S 78/ 45 PC
Salt Lake City 73/ 50 0 75/ 51 C 67/ 46 Sh Montreal 41/ 19 0 41/ 11 C 18/ 8 W
San Francisco 65/ 55 0.18 67/ 54 T 62/ 49 R Moscow 37/ 34 0.15 46/ 36 C 49/ 36 R
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 53/ 38 0.01 57/ 45 R 51/ 40 R Nassau 79/ 69 0 81/ 65 S 83/ 68 S
Albuquerque 79/ 48 0 80/ 51 S 80/ 50 PC St. Louis 85/ 50 0 62/ 36 Sh 48/ 37 C Paris 54/ 50 0 53/ 38 PC 54/ 39 Sh
Atlanta 76/ 44 0 80/ 60 PC 73/ 45 C Washington 54/ 38 0 63/ 39 C 48/ 26 PC Prague 57/ 46 0 54/ 38 C 45/ 36 C
Boise 65/ 48 0.02 62/ 45 Sh 62/ 39 C FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 84/ 70 0.02 80/ 69 PC 80/ 70 PC
Boston 52/ 32 0 51/ 30 C 31/ 15 W Rome 64/ 52 0 65/ 48 PC 62/ 50 PC
Buffalo 40/ 28 0 46/ 17 PC 28/ 17 PC Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 82/ 55 0 86/ 55 S 84/ 53 S
Charlotte 67/ 32 0 83/ 52 T 65/ 38 PC Acapulco 90/ 68 0 85/ 74 PC 85/ 74 PC Stockholm 38/ 27 0.17 47/ 37 C 47/ 32 PC
Chicago 54/ 43 0 51/ 26 PC 39/ 28 PC Athens 70/ 48 0 69/ 55 PC 68/ 52 PC Sydney 81/ 71 0 82/ 72 T 84/ 66 T
Cleveland 48/ 35 0 51/ 27 PC 33/ 22 S Beijing 53/ 48 0 59/ 36 PC 61/ 44 C Tokyo 61/ 46 0 52/ 45 R 56/ 42 W
Dallas-Ft. Worth 91/ 67 0 88/ 64 S 82/ 63 PC Berlin 55/ 41 0.10 57/ 35 Sh 53/ 37 PC Toronto 43/ 30 0 51/ 17 PC 29/ 16 S
Denver 76/ 47 0 69/ 41 C 73/ 45 PC Buenos Aires 77/ 57 0 77/ 62 PC 77/ 61 Sh Vancouver 50/ 30 0 50/ 43 R 52/ 40 R
Detroit 44/ 33 0.02 55/ 23 PC 37/ 21 S Cairo 75/ 56 0 76/ 62 C 79/ 60 PC Warsaw 52/ 32 0.04 54/ 43 C 48/ 36 C


For Japan’s Hurling-Hitting Threat, a Complex Path to the Majors

TOKYO — When Japan’s team Shohei Otani can also help justify the tens of
breezed through the first two after hitting millions of dollars that teams will
rounds of the World Baseball a home run have to spend to sign him.
Classic over the last two weeks, Otani — who will turn 23 in Ju-
it earned a trip to the semifinals for Japan ly — has less wear and tear on his
in Los Angeles, where it stands a against the arm than other Japanese pitchers
good chance of winning the whole Netherlands who have moved to the United
tournament. in 2016. He States. But he has been dogged
Samurai Japan, as the team is is a pitcher by small injuries, and teams must
known here, has done this with a and plays the consider how a player’s statistics
roster filled with stars from the outfield for the in Japan will translate to the ma-
Japanese baseball league, Nip- jors, where seasons are longer and
pon Professional Baseball, but Nippon Ham ballparks are bigger.
without the country’s best player, MASTERPRESS/GETTY IMAGES Fighters. Otani ultimately wants to play
Shohei Otani, who is sitting out the in the majors. In 2012, he made
tournament with an ankle injury. known primarily for their bats, season, he was named the Pacific waves when he said he wanted to
Otani may be missing from Jap- Otani is an accomplished pitcher League’s most valuable player, and become the first player to bypass
anese baseball next season if, as and a power-hitting outfielder, a he helped the Fighters win their the Japanese pro leagues.
expected, he becomes the latest distinction that has drawn com- first championship in a decade. Otani ended up signing with the
Japanese star to leave for the Unit- parisons to Babe Ruth. Otani’s ability to hit long home Fighters on the condition that he
ed States and play in the major In his four seasons with the Nip- runs and throw fastballs more than bat and pitch. He plays sparingly
leagues, where teams are already pon Ham Fighters in Hokkaido, 100 miles an hour has made him in the outfield now, but is still in
hoping to sign not only a great Otani has a record of 39-13 with a the best-known player in Japan. the lineup as a designated hitter
pitcher but also a power hitter. stingy 2.49 E.R.A. He strikes out Big-league scouts say he will at- on days when he does not pitch.
Like Ichiro Suzuki and Hide- an average of 10.3 batters every tract a lot of attention, particular- Otani said after the end of last
ki Matsui before him, Otani was nine innings, while walking 3.1. ly from American League teams, season that he wanted to try his
marked for greatness even be- At the plate, he had his best which can use him as a designated luck in the United States in 2018,
fore he turned pro four years ago. year in 2016, when he hit .322 with hitter when he’s not pitching. His so barring injury, a sweepstakes
While those other two stars were 22 home runs and 67 R.B.I. Last dual talent for hitting and hurling could begin in the fall. (NYT)

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