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Hacienda Times Digest Julio 5

July 5th, 2017

Wed July 05 Thurs July 06 Fri July 07 Sat July 08 Sun July 09

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
personal trainers! atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Fitness Class Schedule traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.

Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am With 15% Discount

Tuesday, July 04 Purifying Back Treatment
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am
Tension from the whole body

accumulates in the upper and lower
Wednesday, July 05 back. Our Back Treatment works to
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am release this tension, purifying with
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am warm compresses and essentials
oils, while relaxing with a hot stone
massage. Toxins are extracted with a green clay mask, while a scalp massage or
Thursday, July 06 reflexology completes the experience.
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Restorative Stretch: 10:30am-11:30 am 50min. - $130 USD + TAX / 80min. - $195 USD + TAX

Friday, July 07
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am Scalp Massage and Foot Reflexology
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am
Allow your body to experience the amazing effects of
Saturday, July 08 scalp massage and foot reflexology. You will feel the
entire body slip away into total relaxation while you
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am experience this very popular treatment, giving yourself
a chance to relax, recover, and renew.

Sunday, July 09 50min. - $135 USD + TAX
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am 80min. - $190 USD + TAX
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Private classes
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes Aloe Cooling Wrap
upon request.

This wonderfully soothing and cooling
treatment is a welcome relief for sun exposure
or the desert heat. Aloe vera is well known for it
healing restorative effects, great for dehydrated
or sunburned skins. The treatment includes a
soothing mask and treatment with cool marble
HACIENDA SPA stones to help reduce any inflammation, and
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm simply please all the senses.

Rejuvenate your Body 50min. - $95 USD + TAX
Replenish your Soul


July 1 , – October 31 , 2017
Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $180.00 $145.00 $140.00 $115.00 $200.00 $160.00
Twilight 12:30 pm $125.00 $100.00 $100.00 $80.00 $140.00 $115.00
Includes Food & Beverages
Rates per foursome $480.00 $420.00 $560.00
(*No time restriction) Includes Food & Beverages


$250.00 USD $330.00 USD $500.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

Carmakers Cut Few Options After Missile Milestone

American Jobs When President-elect Donald mer Defense Secretary William minutes by the calculation of the

As Sales Slump J. Trump said on Twitter in early J. Perry noted recently, “chang- United States Pacific Command.
es every calculus.” The fear is
January that a North Korean test
Flatten that out, and you have
of an intercontinental ballistic
a missile that could reach Alaska,
not that Kim would launch a
missile capable of reaching the pre-emptive attack on the West but not Los Angeles.
News United States “won’t Coast; that would be suicidal, Perhaps that is why Trump
DETROIT — After a prolonged re- Analysis happen!” there and if the North’s leader has has not issued any “red lines” the
covery that culminated in two years were two things he demonstrated anything in his North Koreans cannot step over.
of record sales, the American auto still did not fully appreciate: how five years in office, he is all about So what are Trump’s options,
industry is slowing down. close Kim Jong-un, the North’s survival. But if Kim has the po- and what are their downsides?
Automakers said sales dropped in leader, was to reaching that goal, tential ability to strike back, it There is classic containment:
June for a sixth consecutive month, and how limited any president’s will shape every decision Trump limiting an adversary’s ability to
falling by 3 percent from a year ago. options were to stop him. and his successors make about expand its influence, as the Unit-
As demand falls, there is less work With North Korea’s launch on defending America’s allies. ed States did against the Soviet
in the nation’s assembly plants. Tuesday of what the administra- This latest test suggests the Union. But that does not solve
Last year, those plants hit a peak tion confirmed was an interconti- United States may already be the problem; it is just a way of
of 211,000 workers, a 55 percent nental ballistic missile, the coun- in range as well, and that, as living with it.
increase since the depths of the try has new reach. Experts said one former top American intel- He could step up sanctions,
recession in 2009. That figure has the North Koreans had crossed ligence official noted recently, bolster the American naval
dropped by more than 2 percent so a threshold with a missile that would put enormous pressure on presence off the Korean Penin-
far this year, to 206,000 workers in could strike Alaska. [Page 2.] American missile defenses that sula and accelerate the secret
April, according to the Bureau of La- Kim’s missile tests show that few trust to work. American cyberprogram to
bor Statistics. a more definitive demonstration Trump still has some time to sabotage missile launches. But if
“There’s been a consistent re- that he can reach the American act. What the North Koreans ac- that combination of intimidation
duction in plant output in the last mainland cannot be far away. complished was a breakthrough, and technical wizardry had been
six months, and what is ahead in But for Trump and his national but not a vivid demonstration of a success, Kim would not have
the next six months could be pretty security team, Tuesday’s tech- their nuclear reach. conducted the test on Tuesday,
startling,” said Ron Harbour, an au- nical milestone simply under- Their missile traveled only knowing that it would lead only
to manufacturing expert at the con- scores tomorrow’s strategic about 580 miles, but it got there to more sanctions and perhaps
sulting firm Oliver Wyman. dilemma. by taking a 1,700-mile trip into persuade China it has no choice
The decline signals at least a A North Korean ability to space and re-entering the at- but to intervene more decisively.
pause in Detroit’s resurgence from reach the United States, as for- mosphere, a flight that lasted 37 DAVID E. SANGER
the dark days of the financial cri-
sis. It’s happening despite Presi- With Voters Riled, G.O.P. Senators Lay Low
dent Trump’s promises to pressure
automakers to save and create
good-paying American factory jobs. ALDERSON, W.Va. — In nor- Ohio, Rob Portman, had none ei- opponents of the current bill, and
Industry analysts said consumers mal times, the Fourth of July pa- ther. Nor did the two Republican most in rather remote locales —
might be pulling back on spending rade is a fat pitch down the mid- senators in Iowa. The parades in were largely rewarded with en-
because of tighter credit conditions dle for the grinning politician. Colorado proceeded without Sen. couragement to keep fighting.
and more expensive vehicle loans. Here was Sen. Joe Manchin III, a Cory Gardner. This may be promising for oth-
The impact on employment is un- Democrat facing re-election next It is a tough summer for Repub- er senators who are not planning
even, however, reflecting the evolv- year in a state that President lican senators, who are trying to to stay in all week. The delay in
ing tastes of American car buyers. Trump won by 42 points, waving combine a repeal of the Afford- voting on the Senate bill, which
With low gas prices motivating unheckled among the firefight- able Care Act with a replacement Capito strongly rebuffed, has tak-
buyers to trade in traditional cars ers, beauty queens and county as popular as sunburn. en some of the heat off, though ac-
for larger models, factories making commissioners who streamed up Many lawmakers seem to have tivists in West Virginia said signs
trucks and sport utility vehicles are Maple Avenue. given up on town hall meetings had been readied for Tuesday’s
humming. Even as overall vehi- Political disputes have never and parades. Others are braving parades just in case.
cle sales declined in June, sales of impinged on the festivities here, them, knowing they may get an Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas has
trucks and S.U.V.s rose about 4 per- said Karen Lobban, 70, who has earful on the health care bills. a town-hall meeting Thursday,
cent from a year earlier. been involved with Alderson’s “Never before, in the 15 times and Sen. Charles E. Grassley of
That consumer trend is play- parade for all of its 56 years. that I’ve marched in this parade, Iowa has scheduled nine meet-
ing out in the opposite direction at But, she added, “Things are dif- have I had people so focused on ings later this week.
plants building small and midsize ferent now.” a single issue,” Sen. Susan Collins While the receptions they re-
cars, which are scaling back or shut- Manchin’s Republican col- of Maine, who rejected the latest ceive may vary, judging by those
ting down entirely while they are league in West Virginia, Sen. version of the bill, said after walk- in the streets on Tuesday, the pri-
converted to produce trucks and Shelley Moore Capito, was not ing the parade route in Eastport, mary subject will not.
S.U.V.s. here on Tuesday as she had been Me. “I think it’s because health “Health care! Health care!
What none of the automakers are two years earlier. She released care is so personal.” Health care!” Hilary Georgia, a
doing is building new plants or add- a YouTube message but had no On Tuesday, Collins and the part-time resident of Eastport,
ing a significant number of new jobs public events for the day. The few other Republican senators cried as Collins passed specta-
anytime soon. BILL VLASIC Republican senator next door in who ventured out — most of them tors. (NYT)


Modi Visits Israel U.S. Confirms N. Korea’s Claim It Fired Missile

In a Shift Aimed SEOUL, South Korea — The The North’s state-run Korean the United Nations Security Coun-

At Boosting Trade Trump administration on Tuesday Central News Agency said its new cil will meet in an emergency ses-
sion on Wednesday afternoon.
confirmed North Korea’s claim
ICBM, the Hwasong-14, was ca-
that it had launched an interconti- pable of hitting the “heart of the The North Korean missile de-
JERUSALEM — Prime Min- nental ballistic missile, and it told United States” with “large heavy parted an airfield in the north-
ister Benjamin Netanyahu has Pyongyang that the United States nuclear warheads.” west and flew 578 miles before
long argued that, far from being would use “the full range of capa- Early Wednesday, North Ko- landing in the sea between North
diplomatically isolated because bilities at our disposal against the rea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, taunt- Korea and Japan, the South Ko-
of its policies toward the Palestin- growing threat.” ed the United States, saying the rean military said in a statement.
ians, Israel is courted by countries The administration followed launch was a Fourth of July “gift” The American military said it re-
seeking help in technology, intelli- up that warning on Wednesday to the Trump administration. The mained aloft for 37 minutes.
gence and counterterrorism. morning with a joint military ex- Korean Central News Agency said If the missile took 37 minutes
That narrative was reinforced ercise in which United States and the country’s citizens were happy to fly 578 miles, that would mean
on Tuesday when Prime Minister South Korean forces fired ballistic with the “great timing” of their that it had a highly lofted trajecto-
Narendra Modi of India arrived in missiles in the waters along the leader’s decision to “hit the arro- ry, said David Wright, co-director
Israel for a three-day visit. Korean Peninsula’s east coast. gant Americans in the nose.” of the Global Security Program at
The two countries are looking But North Korea reaffirmed The joint missile exercise by the Union of Concerned Scientists.
to expand trade and cooperation Wednesday that it would never the United States and South Ko- “That range would not be
in areas like agriculture and water deviate from its determination rea was first proposed by the enough to reach the lower 48
management. to bolster its nuclear and missile South Korean president, Moon states or the large islands of Ha-
India has long embraced the abilities as long as the United Jae-in, and endorsed by President waii, but would allow it to reach all
Palestinian cause and kept its dis- States’ “hostile policy” and “nu- Trump, Moon’s office said. of Alaska,” Wright wrote in a blog
tance from Israel to protect its in- clear threat” persisted. Acting on an American request, post. CHOE SANG-HUN
terests in the Arab world. But Mo-
delink Israel from the Palestinian Irish Premier Shows Trudeau Own Fancy Footwork
di seems as eager as Netanyahu to
question and, notably, will not be
combining his trip with a courtesy DUBLIN — Canada’s deft pair of gray socks on Tuesday. undermine the power of states to
visit to the Palestinian Authority. young prime minister, Justin Varadkar bested him with a pair enforce regulations.
Israel, a sliver of a country, has Trudeau, was beaten at his own of bright red socks, decorated While acknowledging that there
a population of 8.5 million while game by his younger, newly elect- with Canadian Mounties and ma- were problems, both leaders said
India is a vast land with 1.3 billion ed Irish counterpart, Leo Varad- ple leaves.Varadkar and Trudeau the agreement would be good for
people. Despite the apparent mis- kar, in Dublin on Tuesday. reaffirmed their nations’ support their countries.
match, both have developed as In advance of the first meeting for the Comprehensive Econom- Both leaders pointed to anoth-
vibrant democracies in adverse of two of the three fresh faces of ic and Trade Agreement, a free- er common bond their nations
conditions and have many joint Western politics, speculation had trade pact between Canada and shared as the smaller neighbors
interests. centered on whether Varadkar, 38, the European Union. of Britain and the United States,
“We have the same enemy: rad- and Trudeau, 45, could recreate Like the Trans-Atlantic Trade which are “taking a different di-
ical Islam,” said Efraim Inbar of the chemistry between Trudeau and Investment Partnership be- rection from many other coun-
the Begin-Sadat Center for Strate- and the French president Em- tween the United States and Eu- tries,” as Trudeau put it.
gic Studies at Bar-Ilan University manuel Macron, 39. rope, the Canadian-Irish trade On Monday, while Trudeau
near Tel Aviv. “Like us, they live Trudeau and Macron hit it off at pact has encountered resistance looked forward to playing geopol-
in a difficult neighborhood,” he the Group of 7 summit meeting in from environmentalists, trade itics at the G-20 meeting, Varad-
added, alluding to Pakistan and May. unionists, farmers and others kar was scrambling to deal with
China. Trudeau has a penchant for who fear that provisions allow- a looming parliamentary defeat
Inbar said Indian weapons pro- quirky hosiery, but an Irish re- ing private companies to sue on a private bill about garbage
curements from Israel amounted porter noticed he wore a subdued governments for lost profit will charges. ED O’LOUGHLIN
to more than $1 billion a year, and
that the countries make “good In Brief
partners” in other areas of securi-
ty and innovation.
“The sky is the limit in this re- Senators Urge Filling of Vacancies fill many of the vacant positions in the State Depart-
lationship,” he said, with India an ment dealing with South and Central Asia. (NYT)
economic power and the strength A delegation of United States senators visiting
of the Arab world declining. “We Afghanistan issued a stark warning on Tuesday Leader Chosen for War Crime Inquiry
are just scratching the surface.” to President Trump to fill vacant embassy and
For India, the visit is the culmi- State Department positions here in order to better After more than six years of atrocities in Syria
nation of a gradual policy pivot. address the country’s mounting military and polit- that have been exhaustively documented by human
P. R. Kumaraswamy, a professor ical crises. Led by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the rights investigators, a former French judge will
of international affairs at Jawa- American delegation in Kabul voiced what has been take on the task of preparing evidence that may
harlal Nehru University in New a concern for months now in the absence of a perma- eventually lead to war crimes trials. The judge,
Delhi and the author of “India’s Is- nent American ambassador. The civilian diplomatic Catherine Marchi-Uhel, was appointed late Monday
rael Policy,” compared it to a clan- mission has been led by a chargé d’affaires, Hugo by the United Nations secretary general, António
destine love affair that has, at last, Llorens, who was called in from imminent retire- Guterres, to lead the legal team that will collect and
been brought out into the open. ment to help as a stopgap during a time when the preserve evidence of crimes for use by courts or an
“You have a relationship, but Afghan government has faced political storms. “All international tribunal. The team, the International
you are not ready to admit it in of us realize that it’s more than just dropping bombs Impartial and Independent Mechanism, was creat-
public,” Kumaraswamy said. that will win in Afghanistan,” said Sen. Lindsey Gra- ed by a General Assembly resolution in December
(NYT) ham, R-S.C. He also called on the administration to despite fierce resistance from Russia. (NYT)


Arrests Stun Iraqis Who Fled for Their Faith Coast Guard

have given for the arrests of tens Faces Challenges
STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. dean Catholic churches and rose
— A few Sundays ago, federal im- in numbers and wealth. of thousands of Latinos and other
migration agents walked through Even so, they, too, are subject to immigrants without legal status At Budget Office
the doors of handsome houses American immigration law — de- since Trump took office: These
here in the Detroit suburbs in spite what the Chaldean commu- people, too, are what the govern- ALAMEDA, Calif. — Vice Adm.
search of men whose time was up. nity took to be an ironclad promise ment refers to as “criminal aliens.” Fred Midgette, commander of
If the Trump administration from a president. Though most of them came here Coast Guard operations in the Pa-
prevails, more than 100 of these “Christians in the Middle East legally, their green cards were re- cific Area, has a challenge almost
men may soon be deported. But have been executed in large num- voked after criminal convictions as vast as the ocean he patrols in
the arrests may have stunned this bers. We cannot allow this horror on charges including theft, drug search of drug traffickers, with
community more than most. to continue!” Trump said on Twit- possession, rape and murder. responsibilities for an area that
While President Trump was ter in January, returning to a re- The men had been allowed to is twice the size of the continental
hurling verbal napalm at Mexico frain that had captured Chaldean stay, in some cases for decades, United States.
and vowing to keep out Muslims hearts and ballots across this because the Iraqi government had The Coast Guard is struggling
during his campaign, he was also stretch of Macomb and Oakland refused to issue travel documents to keep pace, seizing about 20
promising to look out for people counties. As the Chaldeans like to for them to return. percent of all the drugs that come
from these men’s besieged corner say, the area helped tip Michigan That changed in March, when into the United States through a
of the world. to Trump in November. Iraq agreed to begin accepting coastal border, as its aging fleet at-
They are Christians from Iraq, Soon after the June 11 immigra- deportees in exchange for being tempts to pursue the speedboats
a land that they and their families tion raids, a local Chaldean noted dropped from the list of countries favored by the traffickers.
fled decades ago because, they the disconnect between tweet and affected by Trump’s revised trav- “When most people think bor-
say, to live as a Christian in Iraq deed. “Then why are you deport- el ban, which barred citizens of der security, they think Border
is no life at all, and sometimes ing them?” he wrote on Twitter. several predominantly Muslim Patrol,” Midgette said. “What we
means death. They settled in De- “Everyone thought this could countries from entering the Unit- do by intercepting drugs on the
troit and its suburbs, accumulat- not apply to us,” said Nadine You- ed States. high seas has a direct connection
ing into what may now be the larg- sif, a lawyer who is coordinating Trump “broke his promise,” said to what happens at the southern
est population of Chaldean Chris- the community’s response. Nahrain Hamama, 54, whose hus- border in terms of stopping illicit
tians in the world. They opened The immigration authorities band has been detained. drugs and illegal immigration.
businesses, founded a dozen Chal- give the same explanation they VIVIAN YEE “When you are stopping drugs
at the Rio Grande, that’s already a
Turning Back Time at an Old Cranberry Bog loss,” Midgette added. “You want
to push that stuff off from America
as far as you can.”
PLYMOUTH, Mass. — For we can protect them and re-natu- sources and federal money to pay But that is becoming increas-
more than a century, this place, ralize them — that make for good for restoration. ingly difficult for the Coast Guard,
called Tidmarsh Farms, was places to receive that water in the Yet they had no idea, Davenport which has operated with flat bud-
the site of a cranberry bog, but future.” said, “what it would take to restore gets even as its mission has ex-
commercial cranberry farming, After more than a year of inten- this to a natural, functioning wet- panded.
which began in Massachusetts, sive work, including seven earth- land.” President Trump’s new budget
has flagged here in recent years en dam removals and a project to In Europe, there have been ef- would cut Coast Guard funding
as prices dropped and different rebuild the stream that had not forts to bring back much older by 2.4 percent. The proposed re-
farming methods emerged else- flowed uninterrupted since the landscapes, called “rewilding.” duction comes as the smuggling
where. Unfolding here is an ambi- And in the United States, the 1988 problem has become more urgent.
tious project: turning a cranberry farm bill created incentives for About 70 percent of the cocaine
bog back into the coastal wetland In Massachusetts, preserving and restoring wet- consumed in the United States
it once was. lands on former farmland. But passes through a corridor that
Economic shifts have left land- landowners are reviving Jeanne Christie, the executive di- runs up to the borders of Guate-
owners and communities around dormant wetlands. rector of the Association of State mala and El Salvador.
the country trying to figure out Wetland Managers, said it had The Coast Guard, which is part
what to do with fallow industrial been a difficult learning process. of the Department of Homeland
space, from abandoned farmland Projects like the one at Tid- Security, operates simultaneous-
to empty factories and warehous- 1800s, new life is returning to Tid- marsh, Christie said, could not ly as a military service, a law en-
es. Experts say the project here marsh after a century of industrial come at a better time. Coastal forcement agency and as a mem-
shows one path for dormant cran- use. A walk through the property wetlands — which she called “nat- ber of the American intelligence
berry bogs; four similar, smaller is a stroll back in time. Tadpoles ural infrastructure” — have dis- community.
efforts already are underway in and kestrels are turning up. Cran- appeared under the pressures of Funding the Coast Guard at
Massachusetts. berries are withering. And the development and agriculture. current levels — nearly $10 billion
But they say this could also be changes offer clues to a crucial As the herring returned, so too — leaves the service struggling
a broader template for bringing question: What does it take for have the croaks of spring peepers, to combat the drug trafficking
back disappearing habitat that nature to come back? a kind of frog. New cattails and that has been pushed offshore by
scientists say could be useful in an The owners of this land — Glori- rushes have sprouted. beefed up security on the south-
age of climate change. anna Davenport, a visiting scien- The vegetation has come from ern land border.
“Lands like this can store flood- tist at M.I.T. Media Lab, and her seed banks that were buried un- “We give you the biggest bang
water or storm surges,” said Alex husband, Evan Schulman, a finan- der sand and cranberry vines for the buck,” said Adm. Paul F.
Hackman, a restoration specialist cial services entrepreneur — de- when the land was a farm. Zukunft, commandant of the
with the state who has overseen cided to end the farming operation “Much of this,” said Gene Alba- Coast Guard. “But our resources
much of the work at Tidmarsh. in 2010. They had already begun nese, a scientist with Mass Audu- are limited. As a result, we can’t
“The ocean is going to push in- the process of getting protections bon, “has been laying in wait for catch all the drug smuggling we
land, and it’s lands like this — if for the land and finding state re- over a century.” JESS BIDGOOD know about.” RON NIXON


Payments Firm to Consider 2 Bids for Merger THE MARKETS

LONDON — Worldpay Group, Still, talks between Worldpay and JPMorgan has been particu- DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
the British payments processing the potential suitors appear to be larly keen to build up its payment
company, said on Tuesday that at an early stage. business. Its goal has been to Closed for Holiday
it had received preliminary ap- Banks have been hesitant to have a hand in the payments in- EUROPE
proaches about a potential take- consider big acquisitions since frastructure from start to finish,
over from two separate suitors the financial crisis of 2008 be- giving it greater power in the BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
— its American rival Vantiv, and cause of regulatory discomfort marketplace. FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
JPMorgan Chase. with the size of the biggest banks. While the biggest fight in the 19.86 38.18 20.82
Payment processing has be- Under the Trump administra- business is over smartphone pay- ↘ 0.27% ↘ 0.31% ↘ 0.40%
come important as more people tion, though, regulators have ap- ments or online purchases, JP- 7,357.23 12,437.13 5,174.90
choose to make purchases online peared to be taking a more hands- Morgan has also been among the
or via their cellphones and other off approach, which could allow big banks trying to make inroads ASIA/PACIFIC
devices. This transformation is deals to move forward. against peer-to-peer services like
fueling growth in a new field of Worldpay has long been part of Venmo. JPMorgan has partnered JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
financial technology companies the banking community’s effort with more than a dozen compa- NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
and motivating acquisitions by to take on startups like PayPal. nies to set up Zelle to compete 23.45 395.16 12.44
traditional banking firms that But that competition is heating with Venmo. ↘ 0.12% ↘ 1.53% ↘ 0.39%
don’t want to be left out. up as Square and Stripe make Some of what is driving the in- 20,032.35 25,389.01 3,183.47
The announcement on Tuesday bigger gains with companies terest is concern about the threat
sent shares of Worldpay almost wanting to accept smartphone presented by newer payment ser- AMERICAS
30 percent higher in trading in and online payments. vices like Apple Pay, or services
London. The company was worth Smartphones are where much like PayPal or Europe’s Klarna. CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
some $10.5 billion, based on its of the action is. PayPal has had Services like these can develop TSX BOVESPA BOLSA
market capitalization Tuesday. success in this direction with into a main point of contact with 51.58 47.99 67.58
Any prospective deal could Braintree, which PayPal owns, individual customers—potential- ↘ 0.34% ↘ 0.08% ↘ 0.13%
well rank among the most signif- and which companies like Uber ly usurping traditional banks. 15,130.61 63,231.59 50,041.58
icant in the field in recent years. use to accept payments. CHAD BRAY
Plan for Fuel in Hamburg Is Still Short on Drivers ONLINE: MORE PRICES
Information on all United
HAMBURG, Germany — With A hydrogen- Æ States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
its sleek architecture, the gas powered tual funds, commodities and foreign
station in this city’s famous ware- commuter stocks along with analysis of indus-
house district hints at the future try sectors and stock indexes:
of fueling. train had its
A small laboratory with tubes first test in
and tanks stands in place of cash Germany Uber Is Dealt a Blow
registers and snacks. Two white in March.
pumps are ready to dispense hy- Hamburg In European Legal Case
drogen, a clean fuel without the hopes to get
climate-harming emissions of hydrogen LONDON — Uber suffered a blow
gasoline or diesel. to its expansion plans in Europe on
All the place lacks is customers. cars on the Tuesday after a senior adviser to the
On a recent day, the only people GORDON WELTERS FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES road. region’s highest court said that the
using the pumps were employ- ride-hailing service should have to
ees, learning to fill the company There, the gas is mixed with oxy- In Hamburg, Germany’s bus- abide by tough rules governing taxi
car. gen, a process that generates an iest port, the money has helped services.
A Swedish energy company, electric charge to power the vehi- build a small network of filling The recommendation is a non-
Vattenfall, built the station at cle. The only emission produced stations, encouraged road trials binding opinion by an advocate
a cost of 6 million euros in 2012, is water vapor. of hydrogen-powered city buses, general for the Court of Justice of
anticipating growing numbers Hydrogen vehicles also offer and funded research. Daimler is the European Union.
of hydrogen-powered cars, and advantages over battery-pow- planning to introduce a hydro- The case hinged on whether Uber
especially buses, that would guz- ered counterparts. They have a gen-powered S.U.V. this year. should be treated as a taxi service
zle large volumes of the fuel. But longer range and can be refueled Germany has only about 260 in France, and therefore be subject
hydrogen is still stuck in the pro- quickly. passenger cars on the roads, and to rigorous safety and employment
totype stage, struggling with high As the United States retreats 16 buses, that are powered by hy- rules, or as a digital platform that
costs, competition from electric from its global leadership role drogen fuel cells. By comparison, merely connected independent
vehicles, and worries, perhaps on climate change, countries like there are about 55,000 battery drivers with passengers.
exaggerated, about the risks. Germany are moving ahead, test- and plug-in hybrid cars across The French authorities brought
“We try not to have lunch here ing all manner of clean energy the country. criminal proceedings last year
or have guests stay too long,” initiatives. The German govern- “There is so much disinforma- against the ride-hailing service for
Arne Jacobsen, a Vattenfall busi- ment, along with private com- tion about hydrogen,” said Thom- infringing a law that required any
ness development manager. panies like Royal Dutch Shell, as Bystry, who is in charge of the vehicle carrying passengers for a
The filling station in Hamburg Daimler and the industrial gas hydrogen filling stations in Ger- fee to be licensed as a taxi service.
reflects the great appeal and giant Air Liquide, has invested many at Royal Dutch Shell. Shell Maciej Szpunar, an advocate gen-
challenge of this clean fuel. about €1.4 billion over the past de- says that hydrogen is no more eral of the court, recommended on
Under the technology, hydro- cade to nurture the development dangerous than gasoline. Tuesday that Uber was effectively a
gen gas runs through a fuel cell. of hydrogen vehicles. STANLEY REED taxi service. (NYT)


Apple’s New Home Disrupts Silicon Valley E.U. to Unveil Outline

Of a Deal with Japan
CUPERTINO, Calif. — Things
change when a spaceship comes The European Union and Japan
to town. have signaled that they plan to
Tourists use their phones to get announce a broad agreement on
a photo. New businesses move in. trade on Thursday, a pointed chal-
And real estate prices rise. lenge to President Trump, who
Apple’s new home in Cuper- is scheduled to attend a meeting
tino — the centerpiece being a of world leaders in Germany the
$5 billion, four-story, 2.8 million- next day.
square-foot ring that can be seen The timing of the announce-
from space and that locals call the ment — on the eve of the Group of
spaceship — is still getting some 20 summit meeting in Hamburg,
final touches, and employees have Germany — was a clear reac-
just started to trickle in. The full tion to the United States’ protec-
squadron, about 12,000 people, LAURA MORTON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES tionist stance the last time the
will arrive in several months. Apple Park, the future headquarters of Apple, has earned the G-20 met. During a meeting in
But the development of the nickname “the spaceship” because of its ring-shaped design. March of cabinet-level officials in
headquarters has already helped Baden-Baden, Germany, Steven
transform the surrounding area. connections, said Mark Lynn, a hood, have been particularly vo- Mnuchin, the American Treasury
In Sunnyvale, a town just partner with Sand Hill Hotel Man- cal. They have complained about secretary, refused to endorse a
across the street, 95 development agement. early-morning construction rigs statement in favor of free trade.
projects are in the planning stag- City officials and residents say that beep and rumble along major By forging ahead with their
es. The city manager, Deanna J. this project is like nothing they’ve streets, unpredictable road clos- own accord before the meeting
Santana, said she had never seen seen before. ings, unsightly green sheeted bar- with Trump and other heads of
such action before. In Cupertino, a Drone operators want that riers and construction potholes state, Europe and Japan threat-
Main Street Cupertino living and coveted aerial shot while pedes- that result in punctured tires. ened to isolate the United States
dining complex opened in early trians want to get an eyeful of the When her car was covered with in important industries like auto-
2016. This downtown enclave in- curved glass building before the construction dust, Sheri Nielsen, mobiles.
cludes the Lofts, a 120-unit apart- headquarters become hidden by the wife of Ron Nielsen, who lives The European Union followed
ment community opening this a man-made forest. in Birdland, contacted Apple. The up with a statement saying that the
fall; small shops; and numerous The entire project shows off Ap- company sent carwash certifi- bloc would announce at a summit
restaurants and cafes. ple’s obsession with details. The cates. meeting with Japan in Brussels on
Other local businesses are al- custom windows were made in Dan Whisenhunt, Apple’s vice Thursday that they had reached a
so gearing up in anticipation. Germany and are considered the president for real estate and de- political agreement on a deal.
A Residence Inn at Main Street world’s largest panels of curved velopment, said the company Among other things, the pact
Cupertino, expected to open in glass. One pair of glass doors is 92 strove to answer every complaint would eliminate a 10 percent duty
September, has been customized feet high. it received, “and if the issue is seri- that the E.U. imposes on Japanese
to meet the needs of Apple em- Not all of these changes have ous enough, I will personally visit car imports, while removing ob-
ployees. Guests will have access thrilled everyone. Residents of to see what is going on.” stacles that European automak-
to Macs and high-speed internet Birdland, an 877-home neighbor- KATHY CHIN LEONG ers face in Japan. (NYT)

How Silicon Valley Plugged Coding Into Public School Systems

At a recent White House gath- he said. ment, a partner at Omidyar Net-
ering of tech titans, Timothy D. Computer science work, a philanthropic investment
Cook, the chief executive of Ap- is also essential to organization started by the eBay
ple, delivered a blunt message to American tech com- founder Pierre Omidyar and his
President Trump on how public panies, which have wife, Pam, which has given $5.5
schools could better serve the na- become heavily million to
tion’s needs. To help solve a “huge reliant on foreign But’s multilevel in-
deficit in the skills that we need engineers. Trump’s fluence machine also raises the
today,” Cook said, the government efforts to limit immi- question of whether Silicon Valley
should do its part to make sure gration make Code. is swaying public schools to serve
students learn computer pro- org’s teach-Ameri- its own interests with little scru-
gramming. cans-to-code agenda tiny. “If I were a state legislator,
“Coding,” Cook told the presi- KOREN SHADMI even more attractive I would certainly be wondering
dent, “should be a requirement in to the industry. about motives,” said Sarah Reck-
every public school.” renown by using a viral video to has raised more than how, an assistant professor of po-
His education mandate was stir up mass demand for coding $60 million from Microsoft, Face- litical science at Michigan State
just the latest tech company push lessons. Now’s goal is book, Google and Salesforce. It University. “You want to see pub-
for coding courses. Even without to get every public school to teach has helped to persuade two dozen lic investment in a skill set that
Trump’s support, Silicon Valley is computer science. states to change their education is the skill set you need for your
advancing that agenda — thanks In our tech-driven world, Hadi policies and laws, Partovi said, business?”
largely to the marketing prowess Partovi argues, computer sci- while creating free introductory Partovi, 44, said he simply want-
of ence has become as essential for coding lessons, which millions of ed to give students the opportuni- was founded in 2012 by students as reading, writing and students worldwide have tried. ty to develop the same skills that
Hadi Partovi and his twin brother, math. “Encryption is at least as “They have got this multi- helped him and his backers suc-
Ali Partovi. The group first gained foundational as photosynthesis,” pronged approach,” said Amy Kle- ceed. NATASHA SINGER


Southern Chef Puts Down the Bourbon and Begins a Quest

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Sean known for choosing recovery and
Brock went to rehab. choosing health.”
That might not seem terribly Over lunch, Brock said he hoped
remarkable today, in the golden the intervention was a final piece
age of recovery. But this was Se- of punctuation on years of ex-
an Brock, the Southern culinary treme highs and lows.
revivalist with an arm covered He grew up in rural Virginia
in vegetable tattoos, who had col- with a father who worked over-
lected vintage bottles of bourbon time hauling coal and a mother
like a maniacal museum curator. who read Gourmet magazine. He
Brock wasn’t the kind of chef was 11 when his dad died of a heart
who drank during work, but he attack; he watched it happen,
was often the last man standing at something he didn’t even tell Noe
the end of a night saturated with until recently.
Budweiser and Jägermeister. In By age 15, he was working in a
some circles, his name had be- KYLE DEAN REINFORD FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES restaurant. “I found a place to hide
come a verb. After a long stretch Sean Brock at Husk restaurant in Nashville. in the shadows,” he said. “I found
on the line, one cook might look a place where I was safe, I was
at another and say, “Let’s get secure and surrounded by people
Brocked.” Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods like meditation and reiki and is just like me. I didn’t leave.”
All of that came crashing down have sought help. a regular at support groups and David Howard, president of the
in January, when the doorbell By all accounts, he came back therapists’ offices. Neighborhood Dining Group, is
rang at his home in Nashville. He a markedly different man from And he has a new mission. For- Brock’s business partner but also
was packing for yet another com- the angry, isolated star chef who get cooking shrimp and grits, he a father figure. “In a short period
muter flight to Charleston, S.C., more than one person, including said, using a much stronger verb. of time, he’s gone from a young
where he runs Husk, McCrady’s Brock himself, suspected might “Anybody can do that,” he said. “I guy from a little town in Virginia to
and Minero. Brock, 39, thought die young. He had been coping have this opportunity in front of a point where he can’t walk down
a package was being delivered. with an autoimmune disease that me. If I can inspire people to take the street in Charleston or New
Instead, three of the people he ad- threatened his eyesight, but he better care of themselves in this York without someone identifying
mires most were trembling at the was falling apart emotionally, too. industry, that will be my greatest him,” he said. “That’s a blessing
threshold. “I was concerned about killing contribution.” and a burden, and requires you
“The second I opened the door myself not by my choice, but by It’s not just about alcohol, he to always be on point. With that
I knew exactly what was happen- being unhealthy and miserable,” said. It’s about teaching people comes addiction.”
ing,” he said. “We sat down and he said. in the restaurant business how to Brock’s rebirth, as he calls it,
had us an old-fashioned interven- Today his crazy giggle is back, ask for help. could help change an industry
tion.” and he is about 20 pounds lighter. “It’s a way for him to be ac- that has always demanded too
Within a few hours he was fly- Brock had never had a lick of per- countable and to do service,” said much.
ing to the Sonoran Desert to spend sonal therapy until he went to the his girlfriend, the publicist Adi “Surrendering,” Brock said, “is
six weeks at the Meadows, the Meadows. Now, he spends a few Noe. “I told him instead of being the greatest feeling on the face of
Arizona treatment center where hours a day in self-care activities known for bourbon, you could be the planet.” KIM SEVERSON

Finally a Happy Coexistence: My Six-Stage Journey With Berries

My relationship with berries fol- fruit, I couldn’t get enough of the pâtissière-filled tarts. Within a
lows the same arc as so many re- delicious reality of low-lying bush- very short time, my love affair
lationships: ignorance, discovery, es and plants offering up more with berries had entered the post-
infatuation, growth, complacency fresh berries than I could possibly honeymoon phase: complacency.
and, then, happy coexistence. consume. Stage 4 was growth and Complacency did not feel right,
Stage 1 — blissful ignorance — learning, when I was working in though, so I hopped off that con-
sees me growing up thinking that my first professional kitchen at veyor belt and moved forward.
raspberries came in a bottle of an Launceston Place in London, un- The years that followed had a
overly sweet cordial that you’d der the tutelage of the chef Rowley moderating effect. They brought
dilute with water and drink after Leigh. He was showing me how to with them a more measured,
school. It was called mitz pettel ANDREW SCRIVANI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES make a summer pudding, and just less intoxicated approach. When
(“raspberry juice”) and had nev- Rolling out the dough for a as he had inverted the berry-filled I set up my own shop window at
er seen a fresh raspberry in its life. pistachio and raspberry tart. and wine-soaked bread onto a Ottolenghi in Notting Hill, rasp-
Mine was by no means a platter to serve, he inverted ev- berry-swirled meringues soon
fruit-deprived childhood. I grew erything I had thought about ber- became part of our signature look,
up in Israel, surrounded by an what I rather grandly called the ries until then. alongside many other delights.
abundance of the tree-grown “European Tour.” It was 1986 and By the time I mastered berries, My relationship with berries
sorts: fresh figs, pomegranates, my best schoolmate and I land- I also knew I wanted to become a has since kept on moving toward
lemons and dates. Apart from a ed in West Germany, bought two pastry chef, so I got a job at a Lon- that happy stage of balanced co-
glut of late-winter strawberries, old bikes and proceeded to cycle don chain of patisseries, Maison existence. The berries are still
though, fresh forest berries were through the Netherlands and Bel- Blanc. Alas, rather than learning there, of course, used in all sorts of
just not around. The hot Middle gium, to Paris. the fine art of French cake making ways in all sorts of dishes. It feels
Eastern climate didn’t allow it. It took us a month and, along as I thought I would, I found my- as though the arc has come full cir-
Stages 2 and 3 — discovery and the way, I fell in love with berries. self on a production line throwing cle and I’m allowed the best of all
infatuation — hit me hard during Coming from a land of tree-borne raspberries onto individual crème worlds. YOTAM OTTOLENGHI


With a Truck, a Troupe Helps Return Opera to Its Roots

ROME — On an evening in late June, Lisa ically makes news for its drug gangs, daylight scared of the formality of opera.”
Scen, a retired cook of inscrutable age, pre- shootings and protests against foreigners In many ways, Cherstich is merely restor-
pared to go to her first night at the opera. moving into the local public housing projects. ing to opera its popular roots, transporting
Actually, the opera came to her. “This place is really, hmm, rock ’n’ roll,” the medium out of stately theaters where tick-
The OperaCamion, a mobile stage, set up in said Fabio Cherstich, the director of “Don et costs are prohibitive for most, and onto the
the San Basilio quarter of Rome, where Scen Giovanni” and creator of the OperaCamion streets for “a public that is not yet a public,”
has lived for the past 30 years. It was a free, project, which aims to bring opera to what he Cherstich said.
one-night stand of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni.” described as “non-elitist” audiences. The project also means to challenge the
“Rich or poor, we all need diversions, es- “Each piazza is an unknown quantity, be- “white head,” or older, demographic that
pecially in summer when it’s so hot,” Scen cause they are places known to be difficult,” prevails in opera audiences to “create a new
said. “The difference is that the rich can go on he said. “We try to bring a little happiness.” public,” for the future, he said.
holiday, and those who can’t are destined to Luca Bergamo, Rome’s deputy mayor, said In the 19th century, Italians of all social stra-
solitude.” the OperaCamion was an attempt to break ta hummed and whistled popular opera arias
It would be a fair bet to say that seeing an down barriers between downtown Rome and in the same way that today’s teens rap along
opera was a first for many of the evening’s its more peripheral neighborhoods, as well as to Billboard chart toppers. “Everyone had the
attendees in this neighborhood, which period- the cultural barriers for those who “may be opportunity to know opera, not just the domi-
nant classes,” said Paolo Fallai, the president
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz of the board of Rome’s municipal libraries.
OperaCamion — which began last year with
PUZZLE BY JAKE HALPERIN a coproduction of Rossini’s “Barber of Seville”
ACROSS 38 Get by 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 by the opera houses of Rome and Palermo —
1 Songwriters’ org. 40 Window-closing was conceived in that same spirit.
6 Honorific that key 13 14 15 16 It was clear, however, that some residents
becomes another 41 Part of the Dept. 17 18 19
honorific if you of Homeland were not acquainted with theater etiquette.
reverse its last Security 20 21 22 23 Cellular phones added unscripted notes to
two letters
42 Some cosmetic Mozart’s score. Dogs were not muzzled, and a
9 Subjects of a surgeries, for 24 25 26 posse of children played a rowdy game of tag
Roswell museum short on a nearby street.
13 Twinkled 43 Travel edition of 27 28 29 30 Captivating videos by the artist Gianluigi
14 Hydrophobic a classic board 31 32 33 34 35 Toccafondo set the opera in a Las Vegas-type
substances game?
16 Attire for a Druid 47 Found 36 37 38 39 amusement park, a place of “entertainment
and artifice,” according to Toccafondo, who
17 Travel edition of 48 Puzzlements 40 41 42
a classic board 52 Nongay, typically designed the production while Cherstich di-
game? rected it.
54 Atlanta-based 43 44 45 46
19 Gift from heaven health org. “I’ll be happy as long as they don’t throw
20 Prefix with 55 “I’m ___” 47 48 49 50 51 dead cats on the stage,” said Toccafondo, re-
directional (“Whatever you ferring to what he described as a Roman tra-
21 Channel 2? suggest”) 52 53 54 55 dition captured in one scene of Federico Fel-
22 Superrich 56 “Sad is my lot!” 56 57 58 59 lini’s 1972 movie, Roma, where the audience
24 Wax sculptor 57 Travel edition of 60 61 62 turns against a Fred Astaire impersonator.
Marie a classic board He needn’t have worried.
26 Beside game? 63 64 65 “If I stayed to the end it means I liked
27 Travel edition of 60 Fails to be it,” said Carlo Vigevani, an opera buff who
a classic board 61 Done, in Verdun 7/5/17 listened attentively throughout the perfor-
game? 62 Singer Mann 2 Very 23 “___, I’m so 39 Boudoir wear mance. ELISABETTA POVOLEDO
31 Consciously join whale-known scared! (not
63 Young fellows 41 At a distance
34 Opposite of 64 It might appear performer? really)”
caliente 3 Woes on toes 25 Slangy form of 44 Nonproliferation
after an etym. treaty subjects,
35 Peace activist 65 Rats’ places 4 Providing a 60-Across informally
Yoko better grip 26 Many an internet
36 Sprang 5 Part of b.p.m. meme 45 Not the usual 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
spelling: Abbr.
37 One’s nearest DOWN 6 Boing, for a 28 Quaint 46 Crawl (along) •
and dearest, 1 Neckwear with spring commercial Tom Brady, Editor
informally dress whites suffix 49 Badly injures email: [email protected]
7 Barbecue serving
29 Countermand 50 Factory, to its •
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9 Worldly 51 Wanda of phone: (212) 556-1200
FO IL VA NS ASP CA 10 Cooking class? 31 ___ Burov, “Snatched” fax: (646) 461-2364
UP DO E LAL RE LA X K.G.B. officer 52 Greet with email: [email protected]
JA YG AT SB Y S AU TE 11 Instrument that on “The acclaim •
an orchestra
IL L R OO S S EE MS tunes to 32 Mexican money 53 Mrs. Albert For advertising information
HO E M AN ET 12 Thrill Einstein
YO UA RE NO TA LO NE 33 Place to grab a 54 French filmdom and to request a media kit
TO NE R N ADA L M IR 15 Have as a bite in Mexico contact InMotion Media:
OK AY ST AI N M AX I customer 38 People in an 58 Jar top phone: (212) 213-5856
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The Way Forward on North Korea A Tutorial in Hubris

We can scoff and sneer at those images of
President Trump seems to have absorbed at States and South Korea held their own missile New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on his beach-
least one piece of advice from Barack Obama: launch exercises. Secretary of State Rex Til- front imperium, or we can learn from them.
North Korea’s nuclear program is a problem lerson also announced plans to use traditional Christie doled out a lesson, the same one that
in urgent need of a solution. That was driven diplomatic tactics, including asking the Unit- Donald Trump is delivering on a daily basis
home on Tuesday when the North tested a mis- ed Nations Security Council to enact stronger and in a grander fashion:
sile that appeared capable of striking Alaska. sanctions and urging countries where North Beware the politician who doesn’t give a
Trump may also be learning another lesson, Korean workers are employed to stop “abet- damn for decorum. What he markets as irrev-
that he can’t rely on China alone to force North ting a dangerous regime.” erence can be something coarser and more
Korea to rein in its nuclear program. What he One hopeful sign has been an unofficial perverse.
hasn’t grasped is that a solution will eventually meeting between North Koreans and Ameri- It can lead to ruin. Christie’s approval rating
require direct dialogue with the North. cans in Oslo in May that included Joseph Yun, a from New Jersey voters was just 15 percent
Trump has long insisted it is up to China to senior United States diplomat, which led North — the worst in his state’s history — before
force North Korea to abandon its nuclear pro- Korea to release Otto Warmbier, an American his weekend repose on what turned out to be
gram. After a meeting with President Xi Jin- student it had detained unjustly and treated quicksand. He could sink into single digits.
ping in April, Trump seemed confident China outrageously. Warmbier died June 19 after be- I hope Trump is watching, but I have my
would do so. But the intervening weeks have ing returned home in a coma. doubts. The Christie family’s swimwear pag-
proved that China remains reluctant to exert For Trump and other political leaders, nego- eant wasn’t the kind that he’s known to ogle.
the kind of pressure that could force the North tiating with North Korea is anathema. It has The stories of the disgraced New Jersey gov-
to denuclearize. Beijing fears tough sanctions one of the world’s worst human rights records. ernor and the disgraceful American president
could destabilize North Korea, leading to the But sanctions have not ended the nuclear overlap. Christie was “Trump before Trump,”
collapse of its government, chaos, a surge of threat, and military action against the North Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Re-
refugees across the border and absorption of would put millions of South Koreans at risk. publican National Committee, told The Wash-
the country by South Korea, an American ally. Negotiations did lead to a deal in 1994 that ington Post’s Robert Costa in an article pub-
After Trump acknowledged in a recent tweet froze the North’s program for nearly a decade. lished late Monday. “He does what he wants to
that depending on China “has not worked out, Some of America’s most experienced nucle- do, and his success can be traced to that. But
his administration took steps that reflected ar experts, like George Shultz, former secre- there are consequences, of course, when you
his annoyance. It approved a $1.4 billion arms tary of state; William Perry, former defense work that way.”
sale to Taiwan, and it imposed sanctions on a secretary; and Siegfried Hecker, former direc- Steele could as easily have been talking
Chinese bank accused of acting as a conduit of tor of Los Alamos National Laboratory recent- about Trump, and when Costa referred to the
illegal North Korean financial activity. ly wrote to Trump urging him to begin talks “defiance that has both lifted and hobbled
Nudging China to ratchet up the pressure on as the “only realistic option” to prevent North Christie’s political career,” he brought to mind
North Korea is not a bad thing. But an outright Korea’s potential use of nuclear weapons. And Trump’s temperament and trajectory.
break between the United States and China 60 percent of Americans regardless of political The twins of tantrum, Christie and Trump
would likely embolden North Korea. affiliation, agree with them. There is no indica- had almost identical political appeals. They
After the North’s missile test, the United tion that Trump has a better strategy. mocked propriety. They broke rules. They as-
sertively peddled the impression that as happy
Who Can Reform Chicago? as they were to make friends, they were even
happier to make enemies, because that meant
that they were fully in the fight.
The police scandal that has dogged May- city’s law enforcement practices convened In an era of resentment and anger, many
or Rahm Emanuel of Chicago for two years about a year after the McDonald shooting voters thrilled to the spectacle. The problem
heated up again last week when three veter- found unconstitutional policing was the or- with other politicians, these voters reasoned,
an officers were indicted on charges that they der of the day. Indeed, the department found was too much indulgence of vested interests
lied about the circumstances in which a white numerous cases in which the city failed to in- and too cowardly an obeisance to convention.
officer fatally shot a black teenager named vestigate brutality allegations or took at face If you didn’t slaughter the sacred cows, you’d
Laquan McDonald in the fall of 2014. The spe- value a police version of events that was later never get to the tastiest fillet.
cial prosecutor overseeing the case, Patricia undercut by video evidence. But Christie and Trump proved to be butch-
Brown Holmes, made clear that the investi- When the Justice Department’s report was ers of a more indiscriminate and self-serving
gation was not over and left the unmistakable released in January, Emanuel embraced the sort, and both demonstrated that there’s a
impression that others might yet be charged. idea of negotiating a court-enforceable reform short leap from headstrong to hardheaded and
The case lends considerable weight to a new agreement with Justice. But he saw a chance to from defiant to delusional. Bold nonconformity
lawsuit filed by civil rights groups arguing that lower the bar when the Trump administration can be the self-indulgent egotist’s drag.
Chicago is incapable of bringing constitutional arrived with its dim view of federal interven- Trump and Christie somehow decided that
policing to the city unless the process is over- tion in local police matters. The city is seeking you have to govern by middle finger if you
seen by the federal courts. to negotiate a less stringent arrangement with want to avoid governing by pinkie finger. But
The cover-up in the McDonald case substan- an independent monitor overseeing reform. there’s a digit in between: a middle ground. It’s
tiates that view. The department stated at the The courts have greater powers of enforce- where real leadership and true effectiveness
outset that McDonald had been killed while ment and would be more reliably independent. lie.
approaching officers with a knife. But the pub- Writing in The Chicago Tribune, the Illinois Christie’s disrepute and dashed ambitions
lic learned otherwise 13 months later when a attorney general, Lisa Madigan, called the confirm as much. So does the ongoing insult
court ordered the city to release a police video agreement the city is now seeking “ludicrous” of Trump’s presidency. They show that if you
that showed the teenager veering away from and declared, “There has never been systemic embrace a politician who talks too frequent-
the officers when one of them, Jason Van Dyke, and comprehensive police reform in Chicago ly and proudly about not caring what anyone
shot him 16 times. Only then did prosecutors because there has never been an enforceable thinks, you’ll wind up in the clutch of a politi-
charge Van Dyke with murder. court order requiring it.” Emanuel should take cian whose last refuge is not caring what any-
A Justice Department investigation of the those words to heart and act. one thinks. That’s a dangerous place to be.


Federer and Djokovic Benefit from Injuries In Brief

LONDON — Novak Djokovic’s quit because of a painful right an- OK, you can’t play. If something
first-round match at Wimbledon kle he first twisted last month. is tweaked here or there and you Hayward to Join Celtics
lasted all of 40 minutes Tuesday. Centre Court spectators did, feel like you can give it a decent go And His College Coach
Roger Federer’s, which was next however, have the opportunity to without hurting yourself, I think
in the All England Club’s main sta- watch a pair of top women, cur- they should stay out there and I Gordon Hayward, one of the
dium, went 43. rent No. 1 Angelique Kerber and think you owe it to the fans,” said top free agents in the N.B.A., de-
When two of tennis’ biggest former No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki, 23rd-seeded John Isner, who beat cided to mix things up. With stars
stars crossed paths after both ad- win full-length matches. Taylor Fritz 6-4, 7-6 (3), 6-3 in an congregating in the Western
vanced when opponents stopped Two other men also stopped all-American matchup on Court Conference, Hayward opted to
playing because of pre-existing mid-match Tuesday, 19th-seed- 14. “I know the Wimbledon Cen- move east. Hayward, an All-Star
injuries, they kidded each other ed Feliciano Lopez (left foot) tre Court didn’t get their money’s forward who spent the first seven
about a way to try to make it up to and Janko Tipsarevic (right leg), worth today, that’s for sure.” seasons of his career with the
the fans. bringing the first-round retire- Collette Sherratt, 54, a spectator Utah Jazz, announced Tuesday
“We had a little joke about it in ment total to seven. who traveled from Manchester, on the website The Players’ Tri-
the locker room,” Djokovic said, Kerber, last year’s runner-up England, to attend the tourna- bune that he would join the Bos-
“saying we should maybe play a to Serena Williams at the All En- ment for the first time, sure felt ton Celtics. In Boston, Hayward
practice set on the Centre Court, gland Club, got past Irina Falconi that way. will reunite with Coach Brad
have the crowd stay.” of the United States, 6-4, 6-4, and “I’ve been watching Wimbledon Stevens, who was Hayward’s
The short workdays for the Wozniacki, a two-time U.S. Open (on TV) for 42 years, and it’s been coach at Butler. An unrestricted
two were quite similar. Djokovic finalist, needed three full sets to on my bucket list to come here,” free agent, Hayward, 27, had vis-
led 6-3, 2-0 when Martin Klizan edge Timea Babos 6-4, 4-6, 6-1. Sherratt said. “I was absolutely ited with officials from the Miami
retired with left leg problem that But it was the short men’s thrilled that (I) was going to be on Heat, the Celtics and the Jazz in
has bothered him for about two matches that had everyone Centre Court, and then for that to recent days. Last season, Hay-
months; Federer was ahead 6-3, talking. happen, it was like, ‘I might never ward averaged a career-high 21.9
3-0 when Alexandr Dolgopolov “If it’s just excruciating pain, get to come here again.’ ” (AP) points a game and made his first
All-Star team as the Jazz went 51-
Slovak Cyclist Disqualified From Tour After Crash 31. (NYT)

VITTEL, France — Peter Sa- nounced on Twitter that he had bloodied and bandaged hand. A.L. SCORES
gan, the world champion from been “forced to withdraw” from When he left for the hospital, he MONDAY’S LATE GAMES
Slovakia, was disqualified from the race. was wearing a sling. Boston 7, Texas 5, 11 innings
the Tour de France after causing a Although Sagan went to speak Cavendish’s crash was the sec- Chicago White Sox 7, Oakland 2
Kansas City 3, Seattle 1
crash in a chaotic sprint finish that to Cavendish at his bus after the ond in the final third of a mile. Ger- TUESDAY
forced Mark Cavendish out of the stage, Cavendish said he still aint Thomas of Wales, the overall Toronto 4, Yankees 1
race after he sustained a broken wanted an explanation about the leader, was taken down in the first Detroit 5, San Francisco 3
shoulder blade. elbow. crash, along with about a dozen Minnesota 5, L.A. Angels 4
About 55 yards from the end “I’m not a fan of him putting his other riders, but he emerged un- Oakland 7, Chicago White Sox 6
Kansas City 7, Seattle 3
of Stage 4 on Tuesday, Sagan el- elbow in like that. I get on with Pe- hurt and retained the leader’s San Diego 1, Cleveland 0
bowed Cavendish who slammed ter — a crash is a crash — but I’d jersey.
into metal safety barriers, and two just like to know about the elbow.” “The crash happened right in N.L. SCORES
other riders plowed into him. Sagan, who won Stage 3 on front of me,” Thomas said. “I had TUESDAY
Sagan’s team, Bora-Hansgrohe, Monday, had moved into second nowhere to go, really.” Washington 11, Mets 4
said it had appealed the decision. place over all before his disquali- Arnaud Démare won the stage, Miami 5, St. Louis 2
Cavendish was taken to the fication. becoming the first Frenchman to Tampa Bay 6, Chicago Cubs 5
hospital with shoulder and finger After receiving medical treat- claim a Tour stage during a sprint Pittsburgh 3, Philadelphia 0
Milwaukee 6, Baltimore 2
injuries. Hours after the crash, ment on the course, Cavendish finish since 2006. Houston 16, Atlanta 4
his Team Dimension Data an- crossed the finish line with a AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Cincinnati 8, Colorado 1
WEATHER Houston 95/ 79 0 93/ 75 PC 94/ 75 T Cape Town 66/ 45 0 73/ 53 PC 69/ 50 PC
Kansas City 79/ 71 0.31 83/ 64 PC 91/ 70 S Dublin 68/ 57 0.03 64/ 57 C 69/ 54 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 82/ 63 0 85/ 67 S 88/ 69 S Geneva 81/ 54 0 87/ 62 S 89/ 65 PC
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 91/ 83 0.04 92/ 81 Sh 91/ 80 Sh Hong Kong 87/ 81 0.33 88/ 82 Sh 87/ 80 T
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 86/ 67 0 90/ 71 PC 92/ 65 T Kingston 90/ 81 0.02 91/ 79 PC 91/ 78 Sh
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 84/ 70 0 83/ 67 S 75/ 68 PC Lima 72/ 62 0 72/ 62 PC 71/ 61 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 93/ 73 0.34 91/ 73 T 92/ 73 T London 75/ 55 0 81/ 62 PC 83/ 64 T
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 89/ 76 0.08 84/ 69 PC 79/ 70 PC Madrid 95/ 63 0 96/ 70 PC 82/ 64 T
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 111/ 89 0 112/ 89 S 113/ 91 PC Mexico City 71/ 56 0.09 71/ 55 PC 71/ 54 PC
Salt Lake City 102/ 72 0 105/ 74 S 103/ 74 PC Montreal 79/ 57 0 81/ 62 S 82/ 66 PC
San Francisco 72/ 57 0 69/ 54 PC 69/ 54 PC Moscow 67/ 50 0.01 67/ 53 R 65/ 48 R
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 77/ 55 0 83/ 58 S 84/ 57 S Nassau 93/ 81 0 93/ 81 PC 93/ 81 PC
Albuquerque 98/ 69 0 95/ 69 PC 96/ 69 T St. Louis 88/ 73 0 80/ 71 R 90/ 74 PC Paris 82/ 55 0 88/ 65 PC 90/ 69 T
Atlanta 90/ 72 0.70 92/ 74 PC 91/ 73 PC Washington 91/ 76 0.04 84/ 73 C 85/ 74 T Prague 71/ 57 0 78/ 55 PC 75/ 56 PC
Boise 101/ 64 0 100/ 68 S 101/ 70 PC FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 73/ 61 0 76/ 61 PC 75/ 64 PC
Boston 82/ 68 0 78/ 63 S 76/ 64 PC Rome 86/ 64 0 89/ 64 S 89/ 67 S
Buffalo 80/ 59 0 85/ 66 PC 82/ 66 T Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 50/ 39 0.28 51/ 37 PC 58/ 41 PC
Charlotte 89/ 71 0.28 93/ 71 C 94/ 74 PC Acapulco 94/ 77 0.10 89/ 78 T 88/ 78 T Stockholm 61/ 52 0 66/ 46 C 69/ 49 PC
Chicago 82/ 64 0 86/ 66 C 92/ 70 PC Athens 86/ 75 0 87/ 71 S 89/ 74 S Sydney 69/ 51 0 67/ 48 PC 63/ 45 PC
Cleveland 79/ 69 0 85/ 66 PC 86/ 68 T Beijing 88/ 75 0.35 89/ 73 Sh 79/ 73 T Tokyo 87/ 79 0.03 84/ 74 T 82/ 74 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 92/ 70 0.39 91/ 76 PC 93/ 75 T Berlin 70/ 57 0 68/ 52 PC 72/ 56 PC Toronto 79/ 59 0 79/ 60 S 83/ 64 PC
Denver 91/ 61 0.06 96/ 63 S 96/ 61 PC Buenos Aires 68/ 54 0 63/ 43 Sh 56/ 49 Sh Vancouver 71/ 55 0 75/ 55 S 75/ 57 S
Detroit 81/ 59 0 85/ 62 PC 89/ 69 PC Cairo 99/ 79 0 97/ 76 S 95/ 77 S Warsaw 68/ 50 0.04 66/ 47 T 71/ 50 PC


For Sale: Team With Few Fans, Sweet Stadium In Brief

MIAMI — Few things make Marlins Park
Carlos A. Gimenez more irritated during a game Without Francona,
than Marlins Park. A decade ago, last week in Indians Waste a Gem
Gimenez, then a county commis-
sioner, was one of the few local which Mets Cory Spangenberg drove in the
politicians to oppose spending fans lifted only run with a groundout, and
hundreds of millions of public dol- attendance. six San Diego pitchers combined
lars to help the Miami Marlins pay on a five-hitter as the visiting
for a new stadium. Padres edged Cleveland, 1-0,
Gimenez, who is now the mayor despite a record-setting outing by
of Miami-Dade County, was out- the All-Star Corey Kluber. Cleve-
voted. In the midst of a recession, land Manager Terry Francona
the city and the county agreed to missed the game after he was
pay for about three-fourths of the ANGEL VALENTIN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES admitted to Cleveland Clinic for
$650 million retractable-dome tests. Francona was hospitalized
stadium, even though the base- The expected sale of the Mar- eted partners, according to The twice last month after feeling
ball team would keep nearly all lins has thrust Loria into the spot- Miami Herald. lightheaded and developing a
the revenue from the building. light. Eager to push a deal to the The auction is being led by Da- rapid heart rate. Kluber (7-3) al-
The city and the county will end finish line, Commissioner Rob vid Samson, the Marlins’ team lowed one run and struck out 10 in
up paying about $2 billion over the Manfred has publicly endorsed president and Loria’s stepson. eight innings — setting a team re-
life of the bonds on the stadium. two of the groups that have shown Unlike most teams going through cord with five consecutive games
Now, the team’s owner, Jeffrey interest in the team — one led by a sale, the Marlins have not hired with double-digit strikeouts.
Loria, wants to sell the Marlins for the former Yankees shortstop an investment bank to help broker But Kluber, the 2014 American
an estimated $1.2 billion, nearly Derek Jeter and another by Tagg a deal. Omitting this step will save League Cy Young Award winner,
eight times what he paid for the Romney, the son of Mitt Romney. the Marlins’ ownership from hav- received little help from his of-
team. Gimenez can only think But the chances of a hand- ing to pay a hefty commission, but fense. (AP)
about how Loria may end up mak- shake deal for the team before the it has also led to a less-than-fluid RAYS PREVAIL IN REUNION WITH
ing hundreds of millions of dollars, All-Star Game faded after Jeter process. And while Major League MADDON Tim Beckham hit a
in part, he says, because the sta- had a falling-out with one of his Baseball is eager to have a deal two-run homer as the Tampa Bay
dium has substantially enhanced partners, Jeb Bush, who is now done, Loria has an incentive to Rays won their reunion with Joe
the value of the team. working with Tagg Romney. A wait until next year: After March, Maddon, beating the Cubs, 6-5,
“I would think he’ll walk away third potential ownership group as part of the team’s deal with the in Chicago. Beckham’s shot high-
with $500 million in his pocket,” is led by Jorge Mas, who is from county, he will no longer have to lighted a five-run fourth inning
Gimenez said. a prominent family that runs a give the city and the county a 5 against Jon Lester (5-5). (AP)
The bidding for the Marlins has multibillion-dollar infrastructure percent share of the profits from
turned into a major distraction for firm. Though the negotiations are the sale of the team. Carolina Hurricanes Get
Major League Baseball, which still fluid, Jeter’s group may have The Marlins declined to make
will host the All-Star Game in Mi- nudged in front because he may Loria and Samson available for Ex-Blackhawks Forward
ami on July 11. have found enough deep-pock- comment. KEN BELSON The Carolina Hurricanes
acquired Marcus Kruger from
To Keep Cespedes Fit: Add Water, Stir, and Hope the Vegas Golden Knights, the
forward’s second trade in three
days. The Golden Knights picked
WASHINGTON — Just before precaution, Mets Manager Ter- again. up Carolina’s fifth-round pick in
batting practice began during a ry Collins overruled Cespedes’s When Cespedes returned to the 2018 draft. Chicago traded
recent Mets game in Los Angeles, desire to start Tuesday’s 11 a.m. Florida with a bad hamstring this Kruger to Vegas on Sunday
Yoenis Cespedes carried a large game, an 11-4 loss to the Nationals. spring, he and Mike Barwis, who for undisclosed future consid-
water bottle out to the dugout. The team was mindful that was given full oversight over the erations. Used primarily as a
Several days later, he stuffed two since Cespedes defected from Cu- Mets’ strength and conditioning checking-line forward, Kruger
bottles of water into each pocket ba and reached the major leagues programs before the 2015 season, had five goals and 12 assists in 70
of his shorts before heading to the in 2012, he had landed on the dis- started anew. Alderson credited games last season. He helped the
indoor batting cages at Marlins abled list four times with leg prob- Barwis for many of the changes to
Park in Miami. lems. Cespedes’s regimen. Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup
in 2013 and 2015.
For many major leaguers, this Last year, Cespedes missed Cespedes returned from the dis-
would be normal behavior, but for nearly three weeks with a nagging abled list on June 10 and said then
Cespedes, who admits his hydra- right quadriceps strain. This year, that his revised pregame routine Scottish Giant Stunned
tion regimen was lacking, this is the left hamstring injury claimed was so extensive that it took him In the Europa League
new territory. 40 games. as much as an hour to complete.
“I’m not a big water drinker,” So the Mets have become more The new regimen is focused on im- Rangers, the record 54-time
Cespedes said recently. “Since I proactive. When Cespedes trav- proving the flexibility of his legs, Scottish champion, was knocked
got hurt, I’ve been drinking more eled to the team’s spring training back and hips. Cespedes said that out of the Europa League by a
water. I think this will help me.” facility in Port St. Lucie, Fla., to he had not done this type of pre- tiny Luxembourg team, Progres
Yet it is not a foolproof plan. Ces- work on recovering from the ham- game preparation before. Niederkorn, which had never
pedes, 31, felt cramping in his right string strain, team officials told “They are things that he needs won a match in a European com-
hamstring Monday when he made him he needed to increase his wa- to be doing that he’s now doing,” petition. It defeated the Glasgow
a sliding attempt to catch the ter intake. Alderson said. “Whether that will side, 2-0, at its 14th attempt to
game-winning single by Wash- Cespedes has said that he spent have an impact or not, we’ll find reach the second qualifying
ington Nationals outfielder Ryan the winter trying to improve his out. But it should be expected to round, advancing by 2-1 on aggre-
Raburn in the Mets’ 3-2 loss. As a legs. Despite that, he still got hurt be a positive.” JAMES WAGNER gate. (AP)

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