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Hacienda Times Digest Feb 12

February 12th, 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!

Fitness Class Schedule
A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
Monday, February 6
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Functional Training: 8:00 am-9:00 am
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Tuesday, February 7
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Serenity and Prosperity Couples Ritual
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am

Wednesday, February 8
2 Hrs. - $250 USD + TAX per person
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
Restorative Stretch: 10:00 am-11:00 am
Enjoy the time to relax and unwind with a partner in the luxurious
privacy of our couple’s suite. Beginning with a soak in the private garden
Thursday, February 9
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Jacuzzi, the ritual involves a full body exfoliation with black and white
Yoga: 9:30am-10:30 am sesame seeds and sesame seed oil massage,
leaving the body nourished and entirely

tension-free. The sesame seeds signify
Friday, February 10
prosperity among local cultures, and the
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
colors of black and white support the balance
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am SERENITY
of opposing energies in nature. An

aromatherapy scalp treatment concludes the experience, head to toe.
Saturday, February 11
Spinning: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am
Sport Massage
Sunday, February 12
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
The perfect way to improve stamina and increase flexibility, this

combination of customized
massage work and stretching
Private classes
is great after a workout, a
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request. long walk on the beach, or
even a week by the pool. The

massage incorporates
stretches, compression, rocking and shaking all to release muscle tension
and increase circulation, as well as joint mobility. Loose fitting clothes are

80min. - $195 USD + TAX
Rejuvenate your Body.
Replenish your Soul.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016
Tarifa Pública $180 USD Tarifa Paquete $110 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $125 USD
Tarifa Pública $210 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $150 USD
Tarifa Pública $245 USD

Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $85 USD
Tarifa Pública $140 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $95 USD
Tarifa Pública $160 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $190 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.
El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de práctica previo a
la ronda y agua embotellada.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $195 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $140 USD
Tarifa Pública $230 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $165 USD
Tarifa Pública $ 275 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.

El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de
práctica previo a la ronda, agua embotellada, estaciones de comida y bebida .

FROM THE PAGES OF 8pm in New York

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

Civil Servants G.O.P.-Led States Race to Set Priorities

Sense ‘Dread’ When Republicans in Kentucky more at ease and assertive. election, winning 33 governor-
seized total control of the state Republicans have top-to-bot- ships and in many instances en-
In Trump Era government last year, Damon tom control in 25 states now, hold- trenching themselves in power
ing both the governorship and the
through legislative redistricting.
Thayer, the majority leader in
the State Senate, began asking entire legislature. These Republicans may have
for advice from counterparts in In states from New England to helped pave the way for Trump’s
WASHINGTON — Across the other capitals where the party the Midwest and across the South, victories in traditionally blue
vast federal bureaucracy, President already dominated both the leg- conservative lawmakers have in- Midwestern states.
Trump’s arrival in the White House islative and executive branches. troduced or enacted legislation to Acting fastest at the moment,
has spread anxiety, frustration, How should we handle all this erode union powers and abortion though, are four states where Re-
fear and resistance among many power? he wanted to know. rights, loosen gun regulations, ex- publicans won total control of the
of the two million nonpolitical civil One answer impressed him, he pand school-choice programs and government only in November.
servants who say they work for the said, from a Republican lawmak- slash taxes and spending. In addition to Kentucky, Missou-
public, not a particular president. er in Wisconsin: “Move quickly.” State Sen. Scott L. Fitzgerald ri and New Hampshire became
At the Environmental Protec- Kentucky Republicans have of Wisconsin, the Republican ma- one-party states with the election
tion Agency, scientists strategized done just that, swiftly passing jority leader, said conservatives of Republican governors, and Re-
last week about how to slow-walk laws to roll back the powers of in the states had taken the party’s publicans in Iowa snatched away
Trump’s orders without being fired. labor unions and restrict access national victories in November the State Senate. In all four states,
At the Treasury Department, civil to abortion. But they are only as a directive to “shake up” gov- Republicans are racing to strip
servants are gathering information getting started, Thayer said: ernment. “That has been amped back the influence of labor unions,
about whistle-blower protections as They also plan to make sweep- up as a result of Donald Trump a key Democratic constituency.
they polish their résumés. ing changes to the education and being elected president,” he said. In New Hampshire, State Sen-
At the United States Digital Ser- public pension systems this year. Some Democrats fear that ator Jeb Bradley, the Republican
vice — the youthful employees who While Republicans in Wash- while their party is consumed majority leader, said so-called
left jobs at Google, Facebook or Mic- ington appear flummoxed by the nationally with fighting Trump, right-to-work legislation was a
rosoft to join the Obama administra- complexities of one-party rule, leaders and activists may be too top priority, but he cautioned that
tion — workers are debating how to struggling with issues from re- distracted to put up roadblocks Republicans had to move deliber-
stop Trump should he want to use the pealing the Affordable Care Act, to the ideological agenda that Re- ately and not just fast.
databases they made more efficient known as Obamacare, to paying publicans are ramming through “We can’t just start bonfires
to target specific immigrant groups. for President Trump’s promised at the state level. Republicans that we can’t put out,” he warned.
Interviews around the country wall on the Mexican border, par- have gained power rapidly in the ALEXANDER BURNS
with more than three dozen current ty leaders in the states seem far states since the 2008 presidential and MITCH SMITH
and recently departed federal em-
ployees from the Internal Revenue More Women Having ‘Too Much Fun’ to Retire
Service; the Pentagon; the Environ-
mental Protection Agency; the Jus-
tice and Treasury Departments; the Kay Abramowitz has been ings, though not confined to them.
Departments of Homeland Security, working, with a few breaks, since Those not working are more likely
Veterans Affairs, and Housing and she was 14. Now 76, she is a part- to have poor health and low sav-
Urban Development; and other parts ner in a law firm in Portland, Ore. ings, and to be dependent on So-
of the government reveal a federal — with no intention of stopping cial Security and sometimes dis-
work force that is more fundamen- anytime soon. “Retirement or ability benefits, Goldin said.
tally shaken than usual by the un- death is always on the horizon, but Helen Young Hayes managed
certainties that follow a presidential I have no plans,” she said. “I’m ac- $50 billion in investments at a mu-
transition from one party to the other. tually having way too much fun.” tual fund in Denver while raising
“It’s almost a sense of dread, as The arc of women’s working MATT NAGER FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES five children. She missed spend-
in, what will happen to us,” said Ga- lives is changing — reaching high- Helen Young Hayes, 54, has ing more time with them, and five
brielle Martin, a 30-year veteran at er levels when they’re younger returned to the work force. children were a lot of work. So, at
the Denver office of the Equal Em- and stretching out much longer 41, she stopped working.
ployment Opportunity Commission, — according to two analyses of A decade later, she returned to
where colleagues share grim pre- census, earnings and retirement Many of these women report that the work force, starting a corpora-
dictions about the fate of their jobs. data that provide the most com- they do it because they enjoy it. tion to match low-income people
“It’s like the movie music when the prehensive look yet at women’s Nearly 30 percent of women with careers. The idea grew out
shark is coming,” Martin said, refer- career paths. Over all, the paths 65 to 69 are working, up from of volunteer work she had done
ring to “Jaws.” “People are just wary look much more like men’s ca- 15 percent in the late 1980s, one during her time away.
— is the shark going to come up out reers than they used to. Women of the analyses, by the Harvard “I just have too much energy
of the water?” MICHAEL D. SHEAR are more likely than in previous economists Claudia Goldin and and too much intensity to not be
and ERIC LICHTBLAU generations to work at almost ev- Lawrence Katz, found. Eighteen engaged,” said Young Hayes, 54.
ery point in their lives. percent of women 70 to 74 work, Working for 20 years before she
ON ECONOMY A Goldman Sachs vet- Most striking, women have up from 8 percent. left made re-entry easier, she said.
eran has the president’s ear. Page 3 become more likely to work into This rejection of retirement is “It gave me the confidence to re-
ON GAY RIGHTS What are the Su- their 60s and even 70s, often full more common among women alize there were no limits to my
preme Court pick’s views? Page 3 time, according to the analyses. with higher education and sav- career.” CLAIRE CAIN MILLER


In Brief A Trump Adviser’s Personal Bond With Israel

Korea Launches Missile When Jared Kushner was 17 He was educated at Jewish
North Korea launched a ballis- years old, he stood where a mil- schools, where Palestinians were
tic missile toward the sea from its lion Jews had been murdered and regarded as security threats who
eastern coast on Sunday, in what listened to Israel’s prime minister committed acts of terrorism — in-
South Korea called the North’s stress the country’s importance. cluding one that killed a sister of a
first attempt to test the Trump “The Holocaust could have classmate of Kushner’s.
administration. The projectile been prevented. We know it could When Trump ran for president,
took off at 7:55 a.m. from Ban- not have taken place had the Jew- his son-in-law’s stances on Isra-
ghyon, a town near North Korea’s ish state been established a few el helped shape the campaign.
northwestern border with China, years earlier,” the prime minis- Thanks in part to the younger
and flew 310 miles before falling ter, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in Kushner, Netanyahu will arrive
into the sea, South Korea said in a 1998, standing amid the ruins of an at a White House that has adopt-
statement. The South did not pro- Auschwitz-Birkenau crematory. DOUG MILLS/THE NEW YORK TIMES ed many of the prime minister’s
vide further information. (NYT) Netanyahu had just led Kush- Jared Kushner, left, with perspectives on the region. Now
ner and thousands of other teen- his wife, Ivanka Trump, and Kushner is helping Trump and Ne-
agers waving Israeli flags through tanyahu craft a strategy to recruit
Philippine Quake Kills 6 the camp’s gates and past the bar- Stephen K. Bannon, the Sunni Muslim countries that op-
At least six people were killed racks. The group would soon leave president’s chief adviser. pose Iran to help foster an Israeli-
and more than 100 others were in- Poland and fly to Israel, to com- Palestinian peace agreement.
jured when an earthquake struck plete the journey from slaughter in government or international The approach is a long shot:
the southern Philippines late to Zionist rebirth. affairs. His exposure to the Arab Negotiations are dead. The Israeli
Friday, a disaster management Back then, Kushner was no one’s world amounts to little more than right is pushing for more settle-
official said on Saturday. The guess to become a negotiating trips to Persian Gulf countries and ment in the West Bank as talk
earthquake, which the Philippine partner with Netanyahu. But un- Jordan. He has strong views about among Palestinians turns to a sin-
Institute of Volcanology and Seis- like the other students, he knew the the state of Israel, but he has not gle state in which they have equal
mology measured as a magnitude prime minister, who was friendly been outspoken about them, save rights. Mustafa Barghouti, a Pal-
6.7, hit northeast of the city of with his father, a real estate devel- for editorials in The New York Ob- estinian leader who was involved
Surigao in the Mindanao region. oper and donor to Israeli causes. server, the newspaper he owns. in talks both with Israelis and in-
Nearly 100 aftershocks have been Netanyahu had even stayed at the “Israel wasn’t a political dis- ternally, said Palestinians were
felt, residents said. (NYT) Kushners’ home in New Jersey. cussion for him; it was his family, skeptical of Kushner, and Trump’s
On Wednesday, when the Israe- his life, his people,” said Hirschy team. “We need somebody who is
NATO Investigates Claims li prime minister visits the White Zarchi, the rabbi at the Chabad really impartial,” Bargouti said.
House, Netanyahu and Kushner
House at Harvard, where Kush-
Through a White House spokes-
The NATO mission in Afghani- will reunite on far different terms ner was an undergraduate. woman, Kushner declined to
stan has opened an investigation from before. Netanyahu is on his Rather than diplomatic expe- respond or be interviewed. But
into claims that 22 civilians were second stint as prime minister; rience, Kushner has ties to Israel others said Kushner’s life had
killed in American airstrikes Kushner, now 36, is President that are personal and religious. given him cause to believe in the
early Friday in southern Hel- Trump’s son-in-law and a leading His grandmother survived the improbable.
mand Province, officials said on adviser on Middle Eastern af- Holocaust by crawling through a “This is a region that has resist-
Saturday. Elders from the Sangin fairs with a daunting assignment. homemade tunnel in Poland. His ed solutions from people with vast
district said the dead included Trump has said that Kushner will grandfather escaped the massa- résumés,” said Ken Kurson, editor
women and children. Brig. Gen. try to “do peace,” which the presi- cres by hiding in a hole for years. of The New York Observer, sug-
Charles H. Cleveland, a spokes- dent has called “the ultimate deal.” An Orthodox Jew, Kushner was gesting that his friend and boss
man for the NATO mission, said Kushner has been speaking instructed to protect Israel, re- may do better. “For 60-plus years
the investigators involved offi- with Arab leaders recently. But he member the genocide and assure we’ve been sending the best diplo-
cers outside the American unit to is a mystery to most Middle East- the survival of the Jewish people, mats in the world, and it’s yielded
ensure impartiality. (NYT) ern officials. He has no experience those close to him say. zero results.” JODI KANTOR
Invasive Spyware’s Odd Targets: Mexican Proponents of Tax on Soda

SAN FRANCISCO — Last sum- messages with links. When he an Israeli cyberarms dealer that NSO Group’s motto is “Make the
mer, Dr. Simón Barquera’s phone clicked, Encarnación was om- sells its digital spy tools to govern- World a Safer Place.” But its spy-
started buzzing with text messag- inously redirected to Gayosso, ments and that has contracts with ware is turning up on the phones of
es from unknown numbers. Mexico’s largest funeral service. multiple agencies in Mexico, ac- journalists, dissidents and human
One message said his daughter The messages were identical to cording to company emails leaked rights activists. Executives of NSO
had been in a serious accident. texts sent to Alejandro Calvillo, a to The New York Times last year. Group — whose headquarters are
Another informed Barquera, the founder of El Poder del Consumi- Mexico is Coca-Cola’s biggest in Herzliya, Israel, but which sold a
director of nutrition policy at Mex- dor, another organization that has consumer market by per capita controlling stake in 2014 to Francis-
ico’s National Institute of Public been battling childhood obesity. consumption. Soda giants have co Partners, a San Francisco-based
Health, that a news outlet had ac- All the men were proponents of lobbied against the tax through private equity firm — said they
cused him of negligence, again with the 2014 soda tax, which is aimed industry groups, like ConMéxico, have a strict vetting process, but
a link. In another, someone claimed at reducing consumption of sugary which represents Coca-Cola and it is unclear how the Mexican spy
to be sleeping with his wife. drinks in Mexico, where weight-re- PepsiCo. Lorena Cerdán, director efforts made it through the process.
That same week, Luis Manuel lated diseases kill more people ev- of ConMéxico, said the group had “This is one of the most brazen
Encarnación, then the director at ery year than violent crime. no knowledge of, or part in, the cases of abuse we have ever seen,”
Fundación Mídete, a foundation The links sent to the men were mobile hacking. “This is the first said John Scott-Railton, a senior
in Mexico City that battles obesi- laced with an invasive form of spy- we’re hearing of it,” Cerdán said. researcher at Citizen Lab.
ty, also started receiving strange ware developed by NSO Group, “And frankly, it scares us, too.” NICOLE PERLROTH


A Top Goldman Veteran Gets Trump’s Attention In Brief

A few weeks after the elec- sury secretary — surprised that and that he reaches out to the pres-
tion, Gary Cohn, the president of his infrastructure ideas had such ident on other occasions. Trump, Protests Prompt Yale
Goldman Sachs, was summoned a potential downside. said one of these people, often asks To Rename Building
to Trump Tower for a discussion “Is this true?” Trump asked the Cohn, “What do you want to do?” Yielding to a swelling tide of
about the economy. It would be the group, according to those people. Topping Cohn’s current to-do protests, the president of Yale
first of many such meetings with Heads nodded. list: corporate and individual tax announced on Saturday that the
President-elect Donald J. Trump. “Why did I reforms, to be carried out at the university would change the
At that sit-down, on Nov. 29, Cohn have to wait to same time; improvements to in-
briefed Trump on what he regarded have this guy frastructure to create new jobs; name of a residential college com-
memorating John C. Calhoun, the
as the chief hurdle to expanding the tell me?” he de- and regulatory relief in general. 19th-century white supremacist
economy, according to people who manded. Trump has already vowed to statesman from South Carolina.
were briefed on the discussion: a Two and a dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act The college will be renamed for
stronger dollar, which would un- half months af- and has ordered a reassessment Grace Murray Hopper, a trailblaz-
dermine efforts to create jobs. Gary Cohn ter that meet- of an Obama-era rule requiring fi- ing computer scientist and Navy
Cohn also argued that the ing, with key nancial advisers to act in the best
bold infrastructure projects that economic posts interest of their clients. The ef- rear admiral who received both a
master’s degree and a doctorate
Trump envisioned would need in the White House and cabinet forts have helped push up shares from Yale. “John C. Calhoun’s
private-industry partners, those still vacant, Cohn, 56, has become of financial companies, but they principles, his legacy as an ardent
people said, to avoid weighing the go-to figure on matters relat- have also generated outrage. supporter of slavery as a positive
down the government with costs. ed to jobs, business and growth. “The way I see this, there was good, are at odds with this univer-
That got Trump’s attention. He resigned from his position at a devastating financial crisis just sity,” Peter Salovey, the college’s
The president-elect turned to Goldman in December to become over eight years ago,” said Sen. president, said on a conference
the other people in the room — director of the president’s Nation- Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. “Gold- call with reporters. (NYT)
his son-in-law, Jared Kushner; al Economic Council. man Sachs was at the heart of that
his chief strategist, Stephen K. People with knowledge of his crisis. The idea that the president
Bannon; his chief of staff, Reince role said that Cohn, a Democrat, is now going to turn over the coun- Trump Ends Challenge
Priebus; and Steven T. Mnuchin, is summoned to the Oval Office try’s economic policy to a senior To Transgender Lawsuit
his campaign’s chief fund-raiser for impromptu meetings with the Goldman executive turns my
and Trump’s nominee to be Trea- president up to five times a day — stomach.” KATE KELLY The Trump administration
has dropped the federal govern-
Gorsuch Said to Be Hard to Pigeonhole on Gay Issues ment’s challenge to a nationwide
injunction issued last year that
blocked the implementation of
WASHINGTON — Phil Berg time when the clash between gay But Gorsuch has had two open- Obama administration guide-
was nervous as he prepared to tell rights and religious freedom is ly gay clerks, and he lives with his lines that said transgender stu-
Neil Gorsuch he was gay. one of the most contentious ques- wife, Louise, and their two daugh- dents’ access to bathrooms and
AIDS was still in the headlines tions on the court’s agenda. ters in liberal Boulder, Colo., other school facilities is protected
at the time, the early 1990s, and Democrats and their progressive where his church, St. John’s Epis- under federal law. The injunction
same-sex marriage was a far- allies are marching in lockstep to copal, welcomes gay members. was issued by a federal judge in
fetched notion. He moved with oppose Gorsuch, and gay pundits That leads some friends to won- Texas as part of a lawsuit filed by
caution, slipping the word “boy- are painting him as a homophobe. der if his jurisprudence might be more than a dozen states over
friend” casually into conversation But interviews with his friends, closer to that of Justice Anthony the contention that Title IX, the
with Gorsuch, his friend and Har- both gay and straight, and legal ex- Kennedy, who wrote the landmark law that bans sex discrimination
vard Law School classmate. “He perts suggest that on gay issues he 2015 opinion that found a constitu- in schools, protects transgender
didn’t skip a beat,” said Berg, now is not so easy to pigeonhole. tional right to same-sex marriage. students. Arguments in that case
a corporate lawyer in Manhattan. Trump has cast his nominee in “Everybody’s got him pegged as were to begin on Tuesday, but on
“It was a huge deal for me, and it the mold of the justice he would being more Scalia,” said Christian Friday the Department of Justice
made a lasting impression.” succeed, the late Antonin Scalia, Mammen, a San Francisco lawyer withdrew the challenge. (NYT)
Now President Trump has who once accused the court of who grew close to Gorsuch when
named Gorsuch, 49, of the Federal bending to a “homosexual agen- they were pursuing doctoral de- Miles Cahn, Co-Founder
Appeals Court in Denver, his nom- da” and voted against legalizing grees at Oxford. “I’m not sure I see Of Coach Handbags, Dies
inee to the Supreme Court at a same-sex marriage. that.” SHERYL GAY STOLBERG
Miles Cahn, who with his wife
Trump’s Claim on a New Rush of Refugees Is in Question founded the Coach Leatherware
Company, which helped redefine
the American handbag as both
JUPITER, Fla. — President major defeat he suffered on Thurs- Still, according to an analysis of chic and practical, died on Friday
Trump said on Saturday that ju- day in a federal appeals court. data maintained by the State De- in Manhattan. He was 95. Cahn
dicial decisions that halted his ex- Trump made the post at the start partment’s Refugee Processing and his wife, Lillian, founded
ecutive order banning travel from of a day of golf with Prime Minister Center, the percentage of refugees Coach in 1961 after buying a wallet
seven predominantly Muslim Shinzo Abe of Japan at his resort in arriving from those countries — manufacturer and renaming it. It
countries had allowed a flood of Jupiter, Fla. He cited a report in The Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, was at Lillian Cahn’s suggestion
refugees to pour into the country. Washington Times that asserted Syria and Yemen — has risen con- that they began producing their
“Our legal system is broken!” that 77 percent of the refugees who siderably since the directive was first generation of handbags, im-
Trump wrote in a Twitter post a day entered the United States since suspended, but the weekly total of pressed by the quality of a flexible
after he said he was considering a Judge James L. Robart of Federal refugees arriving from the targeted cowhide used to make baseball
rewriting of the executive order to District Court in Seattle blocked the countries has risen by only about gloves. They sold Coach to the
circumvent legal hurdles quickly order on Feb. 3 had been from the 100. And all are stringently vetted. Sarah Lee Corporation in 1985 for
but had not ruled out appealing the seven “suspect countries.” JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS a reported $30 million. (NYT)


Foreign ‘Trainees’ Fill Gaps in Japan’s Immigrant-Free Economy

GIFU, Japan — Liu Hongmei Cao Bao Farms, food-processing busi-
was fed up with her job at a Shang- said Chinese nesses and many manufacturers
hai clothing factory, where she would struggle to stay afloat with-
worked long hours for little pay. trainees were out foreign trainees, specialists
So three years ago, she quit to made to clean say.
take a job in Japan. A garment and paint To appease business groups, the
factory there promised Liu three the factory government has created immigra-
times her $430-per-month Chi- on their days tion loopholes, and hundreds of
nese wage, and she hoped to save off, without thousands of low-wage workers
thousands of dollars for her fam- pay, when like Liu have poured through them.
ily, which was growing with the Few doubt that “training” is a
recent birth of a son. managers fig leaf. Beyond a short period of
“It seemed like a big opportuni- found errors in language study, most trainees re-
ty,” she recalled. KO SASAKI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES their work. ceive little or no instruction that
Call it an opportunity, maybe, would distinguish them from reg-
but don’t call it work. Legally, ago achieved what Trump has according to the government, ular manual laborers, specialists
the time Liu spent ironing and promised: It has very little ille- lifted in part by people entering and participants say.
packing women’s wear in Japan gal immigration and is officially the country on visas reserved for Demand still outstrips supply.
is considered “training.” She closed to people seeking blue-col- technical trainees. The number of working-age Jap-
had entered the murky and at lar work. That growth has also led to an anese has been falling since the
times abusive world of Japan’s Now, though, its tough stance increase in cases of worker abuse mid-1990s, a consequence of de-
technical trainees — essentially on immigration — legal and ille- and fraud, labor activists say. cades of low birthrates. Nation-
second-class laborers brought in gal — is causing problems. Many Liu is part of that debate. She ar- wide unemployment is just 3 per-
from abroad to fill jobs Japanese Japanese industries are suffer- rived in Japan in debt after paying cent, and in some places, jobs are
citizens aren’t taking. ing from severe labor shortages, brokers $7,000 to arrange her vi- simply going begging. There are
Just like the United States which have helped put a brake on sa. Once there, she said, she found three to four positions open in
and other developed countries, economic growth. onerous working conditions and nursing care and construction for
Japan has a hard time finding That is prompting Japan to lower-than-promised pay. every person who applies, accord-
people to pick vegetables, col- question some fundamental as- Her bosses, she said, “treat us ing to government surveys.
lect nursing-home bedpans and sumptions about its labor needs. like slaves.” Eventually, Japan plans to
wash restaurant dishes. In Amer- The debate is politically delicate, Liu and other Chinese work- lengthen the maximum time that
ica, many of these low-skilled, but changing realities on the ers at her factory came to Japan trainees can stay in the country to
low-paying jobs are filled by ille- ground — in Japan’s factories and through a government-sponsored five years, from three, and allow
gal immigrants, an arrangement fields — are forcing politicians internship program. Its purpose more kinds of businesses to hire
attacked by President Trump to catch up. Japan’s total for- is to square the circle between them, including nursing homes and
during his campaign. eign-born labor force topped one Japan’s labor shortage and its ban cleaning companies for offices and
Japan, on the other hand, long million for the first time last year, on low-wage immigration. hotels. JONATHAN SOBLE
Cars Decline in Value; Why Not Homes, Too?

Suppose there were a way to shelter is also a basic necessity, In this thought experiment, around $281,000. The actual price
pump up the economy, reduce like food. We have a variety of housing prices would probably for a standard home in the area
inequality and put an end to de- state and federal programs de- adjust. They would be somewhat is more like $800,000 (using 2013
structive housing bubbles like the vised to make housing cheaper cheaper in most places, where data). The paper argues that
one that contributed to the Great and more accessible, and a maze population is growing slowly. But most of that difference is caused
The Recession. The of local land-use laws that make they would be profoundly cheap- by regulatory hurdles like design
idea would be sim-
er in places like super-expensive
housing scarcer and more expen-
and environmental reviews.
UpshoT ple, but not easy, sive. San Francisco. Say we opened the floodgate
Conor requiring a whole- Another big problem: High That was the conclusion of a of development. What kind of ef-
Dougherty sale reframing of rent and home prices prevent recent paper by the economists fects could we expect? The econ-
the United States Americans from moving to cities Ed Glaeser of Harvard and Joe omy would grow, and by a lot.
economy and housing market. where jobs and wages are boom- Gyourko at the Wharton School According to a recent paper by
The solution: Americans, ing, which hampers economic of the University of Pennsylva- the economists Chang-Tai Hsieh,
together and all at once, would growth and makes income in- nia. The paper uses construction from the University of Chicago’s
have to stop thinking about their equality worse. industry data to determine how Booth School of Business, and
homes as an investment. So instead of looking at homes much a house should cost to build Enrico Moretti, from the Univer-
The virtues of homeownership as investments, what if we re- if land-use regulation were dras- sity of California, Berkeley, local
are so ingrained in the American garded them like TVs or cars tically cut back. Since the cost of land-use regulations reduce the
psyche that we often forget hous- or any other consumer goods? erecting a home varies little from United States’ economic output
ing is also a source of economic People might expect home prices state to state — land is the main by as much as $1.5 trillion a year.
stress. Rising milk prices are to go down instead of up. Home- variable in housing costs — their The point of this thought exper-
regarded as a household tragedy builders would probably spend measure is the closest thing we iment isn’t to embrace it full-on,
for some, and spiking gas pric- more time talking about technol- have to a national home price. but to open our eyes to the neg-
es stoke national outrage. But ogy and design than financing According to them, a standard atives of the national obsession
whenever home prices go up, it’s options. Politicians might start American home should cost of owning a home, expecting its
“a recovery.” talking about their plans to lower about $200,000. By the paper’s value to rise, and using the le-
Homes are the largest asset for home prices further, as they often calculations, a home in the San vers of local government to keep
all but the richest households, but do with fuel prices. Francisco area should cost neighborhoods as they are.


Kidman Is Creating Roles in Hollywood

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — It was the morn- to ensure that complicated stories about adult
ing after the Golden Globes featuring Meryl women get to the screen, is to take creative and
Streep and her impassioned remarks, but Ni- business control.
cole Kidman was at HBO’s offices, taking one “It’s allowed me to shape my career in terms
last meeting before going home to Nashville. of being able to find things that I may not get
The subject was “Big Little Lies,” the sev- offered, that I wouldn’t get the opportunity for,”
en-episode limited series that she co-produced Kidman said.
with Reese Witherspoon, and that will begin Meanwhile, she is keeping up a fairly gruel-
airing on HBO on Feb. 19. The ing acting schedule. In 2015,
HILARY SWIFT FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES series features five women 17 years after starring in
A line forms at the Imperial Theatre. — the other three are played “The Blue Room,” Kidman
by Shailene Woodley, Zoe returned to London’s West
Have to Go at Show? Kravitz and Laura Dern — in End for “Photograph 51,”
playing the British chemist
an upscale part of Monterey,
Hurry Up, or Hold It Calif., that lends itself nicely Rosalind Franklin. Later
this month, she will learn if
to social satire.
First on the agenda: how she’ll win a best supporting
A revolution is taking place on Broadway, to market “Big Little Lies” actress Oscar for her role
and not just at “Hamilton.” to reflect the humor, but also as the adoptive mother of
Theater owners, confronted day after day by the serious drama and frothy a lost Indian boy in the film
long lines of women clogging lobbies and snak- melodrama. “Lion.”
ing down stairwells while nervously waiting Ads were appearing in Last year, she shot “Be-
for an available bathroom, are excavating, an- magazines. Along Sunset guiled,” a Civil War western
nexing, converting and renovating their build- Strip, billboards showed the RYAN PFLUGER FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES directed by Sofia Coppola,
ings to remedy the chronic inconvenience. words “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Nicole Kidman is putting and “The Killing of a Sacred
Broadway has never been busier — last sea- with the “F” knocked out of women first in Hollywood. Deer,” the latest film from
son brought a record audience of 13.3 million the final word and sliding Yorgos Lanthimos, who di-
people — and that means added pressure on its away. Trailers appeared on rected “The Lobster,” is in
theaters. And nowhere are the grand but geri- television and digital media. Kidman said she postproduction.
atric buildings weaker than in their paucity of wanted to ensure that domestic violence, per- “I feel like I’m in a very safe place in my life
bathroom facilities, particularly for women. haps the story’s darkest theme received public right now, a place of feeling far more comfort-
“I hate to say this, but it’s the standard every- attention. able with myself so that I can be more extro-
where,” Amy Braswell, 41, from Abingdon, Va., She is taking a lot of meetings like this one. In verted,” she said. “It also means that I can
said while standing in line for the bathroom in 2010, Blossom Films, her production company, work with people I like.”
the mobbed upstairs lobby at the Brooks Atkin- made its first film, “Rabbit Hole,” a low-budget It makes sense that “Big Little Lies” became
son Theater during intermission at “Waitress” movie in which she played a mother grieving a series on HBO rather than a feature film. As
last week. “I’m just used to waiting.” over the death of her child. It was an unexpect- superhero and other tentpole movies domi-
Kate Hellman, 30, from Olathe, Kan., agreed: ed success. “I thought, oh my gosh, I can actu- nate the release schedules of the major stu-
“Patience is definitely a virtue. Obviously, it ally do this,” Kidman said. dios, even bona fide movie stars like Natalie
would be great to have more stalls.” It opened up new possibilities for her in an Portman, Daniel Craig and Bradley Cooper
Several factors work against the theater industry known for its inhospitality toward are bringing their projects to places like HBO,
owners: Broadway houses seat from 600 to actresses who have reached the unfortunate Showtime, Amazon and Netflix.
1,900 people, many of whom want to relieve age of 40. Since “Rabbit Hole,” Blossom has “There’s not as much of a separation any-
themselves during the same 15-minute period. produced the romantic comedy “Monte Carlo” more,” Witherspoon said. “There’s a bigger
Audiences are now 67 percent female, accord- and the unhappy family drama “The Family pool to work in, the talent base is much broader
ing to the Broadway League. And liquid con- Fang,” and has picked up its pace in optioning than it used to be and it’s become sort of a blur
sumption — both hydration and libation — has the rights to books and plays. In today’s Holly- — what is television, what is a movie?”
also changed. MICHAEL PAULSON wood, the best way to play interesting roles, or SARAH LYALL
A Singer Recalls the Night of a Heckler’s Request: Bryan Adams

I remember the day well. It was so hot out- time cackle someplace off Sometime between the fifth and sixth songs,
side, the mugginess made my hair curl. The to the right of the stage, it a warbly, cruel male voice yelled out a song
window to the nameless hotel room in the was my first sign something request. The voice became louder and more
fine Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, Mich., was might go wrong. I tried to frequent, even in the middle of a song during
cracked open a bit as the phone rang. I had put it out of my mind.. a hushed moment. It was impossible to ignore.
been waiting for a call from my manager. After a handful of songs, The voice got so loud that it was making its way
I only said “Yes” as I hung up. Images of Lo- I heard muttering. A voice into the mikes and shooting back to the audi-
retta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Patsy commenting, followed by ence. This dream show was turning into a fight
Cline flashed through my mind. I couldn’t wait Ryan Adams loud “shhhh” sounds. to survive my own nerves.
to tell my GM and Papa that I was going to play I started to feel uneasy. By the time Gillian Welch and Dave Rawl-
the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. I dropped my pick in the ings came out to sing on my song “Bartering
When the day finally came in 2002, my middle of a song. I got distracted, and the dis- Lines,” the vibes were tense. We got to the
voiced echoed across the worn, wooden floors. traction became alarming. But song by song, quietest moment where it is just our three voic-
It sounded incredible, and there wasn’t even a I made my way back. I was struggling, but I es a cappella, and suddenly that voice yelled
single microphone on yet. I sat and played for was making headway, trying not to take what the song that would then follow me for nearly
what felt like a long time. was happening out there in the sea of faces per- 15 years: “Summer of ’69,” by Bryan Adams.
When I heard the worst label person of all sonally. RYAN ADAMS


A Grieving President Rouses Lingering Spirits Editor’s Row

George Saunders charted hid- cides and virgins, are assembled a THE ORIGINAL BLACK ELITE: Daniel
den creative territory with “Tenth Lincoln in the Bardo country. Murray and the Story of a Forgotten Era,
of December,” his 2013 book of The novel’s form is a kind of oral by Elizabeth Dowling Taylor. (Amistad/
short stories. By George Saunders history, a collage built from a se- HarperCollins, $27.99.) Taylor’s account
Now Saunders has repeated 343 pages. Random House. $28. ries of testimonies consisting of of a wealthy black civic leader and busi-
that accomplishment with “Lin- one line or three lines or a page nessman (1851-1925) reveals how black
Americans benefited from opportunities
coln in the Bardo,” his first novel and a half, some delivered by the afforded by Reconstruction policies.
and a luminous feat of generosity The novel spans the night of his novel’s characters, some drawn THIS CLOSE TO HAPPY: A Reckoning
and humanism. burial, as his presence upends the from historical sources. The nar- With Depression, by Daphne Merkin.
“Lincoln in the Bardo” unfolds order of the cemetery. rator is a curator, arranging dispa- (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $26.) This
in a Washington, D.C., cemetery in For one thing, “young ones rate sources to assemble a linear chronicle of despair is an important addi-
1862, where a cohort of lost souls are not meant to tarry” — unbur- story. It may take a few pages to tion to the literature of mental illness.
alternately apprehend, deny and dened by a lifetime’s accumula- get your footing. PERFECT LITTLE WORLD, by Kevin
resist the fact of their deaths. tion of failures and regret, they Are the nonfiction excerpts Wilson. (Ecco/HarperCollins, $26.99.) A
The bardo is the transitional usually pass over quickly. But a — from presidential historians, child psychologist persuades a pregnant
state in Buddhism, where the con- visit by his grieving father agi- Lincoln biographers, Civil War girl to join an experiment in communal
sciousness resides between death tates the boy, as well as his grave- chroniclers — real or fake? Who child rearing.
and the next life; for non-Bud- yard neighbors. cares? Keep going, read the novel, 4 3 2 1, by Paul Auster. (Holt, $32.50.)
dhists, it is a recognizable limbo, Making his way to his son’s Google later. Auster’s latest novel is an epic bildungs-
full of milling entities who will not crypt in the darkness, the presi- The war here is a crucible for a roman that presents the reader with
four versions of the formative years of a
take the next step of the journey. dent is an “exceedingly tall and heroic American identity: fearful Jewish boy born in Newark in 1947.
Saunders gives us three tour unkempt fellow” who “might have but unflagging; hopeful even in THE MEN IN MY LIFE: A Memoir of Love
guides to explain the rules of this been … a sculpture on the theme tragedy; staggering, however and Art in 1950s Manhattan, by Patricia
afterworld. Hans Vollman calls of loss,” and his demonstration of tentatively, toward a better world. Bosworth. (Harper/HarperCollins,
his coffin a temporary “sick-box”; love calls up all sorts of weird feel- Lincoln must stop being the fa- $27.99.) Bosworth’s second memoir is a
when he recovers, he will finally ings in the lingering souls. ther to a lost boy and assume his vivid coming-of-age story.
consummate his marriage (there “It was cheering. It gave us role as a father to a nation — one DARK AT THE CROSSING, by Elliot Acker-
have been complications). As long hope,” Thomas says, “as if one on the brink of cataclysm. It is a man. (Knopf, $25.95.) An Arab-American
as Vollman clings to this wish, he’s were still worthy of affection and perilous moment. ex-soldier, once an interpreter in Iraq,
dallying among the tombstones. respect” even in this debased In describing Lincoln’s call to travels to Turkey so he can enter Syria.
Roger Bevins III is a love-struck state. action, Saunders provides an ap- He wants to fight against Assad, but the
suicide who decided, as his blood If the spirits can persuade this peal for his limbo denizens — for border is closed and complications arise.
drained from his veins, to follow boy to undertake his rightful de- citizens everywhere — to step up THE MAN WHO NEVER STOPPED
his gay “predilection.” He, too, is parture to the Other Side, they and join the cause. SLEEPING, by Aharon Appelfeld. Trans-
confined to the bardo until he can might be saved as well. It will be As one graveyard slave puts it, lated by Jeffrey M. Green. (Schocken,
$26.) The protagonist of this dreamlike
accept that his resolve arrived too a long night. inspired by the great man in his novel is a Jewish refugee from World
late and that he has died. In the midst of the Civil War, mourning: “Sir, if you are as pow- War II who becomes a writer in Israel.
The Rev. Everly Thomas is the saying farewell to one son fore- erful as I feel that you are, and as A GREAT PLACE TO HAVE A WAR: Amer-
only spirit who is aware of where shadows all those impending inclined toward us as you seem to ica in Laos and the Birth of a Military
and why everyone is stuck, and he farewells to sons, the hundreds be, endeavor to do something for CIA, by Joshua Kurlantzick. (Simon &
has his own reasons for tarrying. of thousands of those who will us, so that we might do something Schuster, $28.) A thorough and affecting
Three guides, and one guest fall in the battlefields. The stakes for ourselves. account of the American intervention
of honor — Willie Lincoln, the grow, for we are talking about not “We are ready, sir; are angry, in Laos from 1963 to 1974, which was
11-year-old son of the president. just the ghostly residents of a few are capable, our hopes are coiled hidden from the public and prefigured
The “sort of child people imagine acres, but the citizens of a nation up so tight as to be deadly, or holy: the wars of the past 15 years.
their children will be, before they — in the graveyard’s slaves and Turn us loose, sir, let us at it, let us The full reviews of these and other
have children,” Willie has caught slavers, drunkards and priests, show what we can do.” recent books are on the web:
his death of cold. soldiers of doomed regiments, sui- COLSON WHITEHEAD

Paperback Row

BETTER LIVING THROUGH CRITICISM: How to Think Tragedy, by Sue Klebold. (Broadway, $16.) Klebold, in its empathic humanity,” Sam Byers wrote in his
About Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth, by A. O. Scott. the mother of one of the teenagers who killed 13 review for The New York Times Book Review.
(Penguin, $17.) The author, a co-chief film critic for other people and themselves at Columbine High ALL THINGS CEASE TO APPEAR, by Elizabeth Brund-
The New York Times, reconsiders the relationship School in 1999, approaches her book about the age. (Vintage, $15.95.) How much tragedy can one
between criticism and the art it assesses; rather massacre gingerly. Aware that the project could farmhouse hold? When Catherine Clare, a college
than art’s antithesis, such evaluations are part and draw ire or claims of insensitivity, she uses it to professor’s wife in small-town New York, is mur-
parcel of the creative process. “Criticism, far from warn about mental illness and consider what could dered in her bed, it recalls an earlier trauma at
sapping the vitality of art, is instead what supplies have been done to prevent the tragedy in this Col- the house: an incident that left three brothers or-
its lifeblood,” Scott writes. orado town. phaned. Brundage unspools stories of the Clares’
DREAM CITIES: Seven Urban Ideas That Shape the THE BRICKS THAT BUILT THE HOUSES, by Kate Tem- marriage and their home in this masterly thriller.
World, by Wade Graham. (Harper Perennial, pest. (Bloomsbury, $16.) Tempest, a spoken-word ONLY THE ANIMALS: Stories, by Ceridwen Dovey.
$15.99.) Graham chronicles the familiar institu- poet and a rapper, reprises characters from earlier (Picador, $18.) Dovey’s narrators are the souls of
tions around which the world’s cities are organized work in this, her debut novel. Harry is socking animals linked to artists and writers, including a
— including shopping malls, monuments and sub- away money for the future by dealing cocaine dolphin with an affinity for Ted Hughes. In these
urbs — and profiles the designers and planners to the wealthy, while Becky, an aspiring dancer, “tragic but knowing” tales, “the wronged do not
who imagined them. Cities, in his view, are best works as a masseuse. Tempest turns her ear for howl at their executioners as much as hold their
seen as “expressions of ideas, often conflicting, language to their love story, as well as the charac- actions in the light, and accept their place in histo-
about how we should live.” ters that surround them. “The cumulative effect ry,” the reviewer, Megan Mayhew Bergman, wrote
A MOTHER’S RECKONING: Living in the Aftermath of is deeply affecting: cinematic in scope; touching for The New York Times. Joumana Khatib



DO THE SPLITS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22
ACROSS 49 Kids’ TV character 82 Sight at Tanzania’s 23 24 25
1 Topic for Dr. Ruth who refers to Gombe Stream 26 27 28 29
himself in the third
National Park
7 Reimbursed expense person 83 Gist
for a commuter, 30 31 32 33
maybe 51 Greenhorn on the 84 It’s a drain 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
14 As yet 54 Horse for hire 85 Entry on an I.R.S.
form: Abbr.
19 Sound system? 55 Result of a 86 Dismaying 43 44 45 46 47
21 Major export of serious wardrobe announcement 48 49 50 51 52 53
Florida malfunction at the about disaster aid? 54 55 56 57
22 Blue hue beach? 91 What’s right in front 58 59 60 61
23 Berate some guy for 57 Hit one out of the tee?
getting too much 58 Clean with a 92 Photographer Arbus 62 63 64
sun? pressurized spray 94 Old gang weapons 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72
25 Like most “Quo 60 First name in 95 Heart of the matter?
Vadis” characters daredevilry 97 Bit of cushioning 73 74 75 76
26 Altar spot 61 Turbid 99 Arrears 77 78 79 80
27 “A bit of talcum / 62 Weighty matters? 100 Glitch 81 82 83 84
Is always walcum”
writer 63 He can be seen at 101 “Waterloo” band 85 86 87 88 89 90 91
28 Banquet the western end of 105 Corroded 92 93 94 95 96
the National Mall,
29 For whom Nancy informally 106 Roker’s appeal
before gastric
was first lady 64 Pens for hens bypass surgery? 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104
30 Gives an order 65 Toast word 109 Turn aside 105 106 107 108
32 Remain undecided 67 M, on a form 110 Bad look 109 110 111
33 Fabric from flax 69 March movement 111 Five-alarmer 112 113 114
34 Bearded animal 73 It may deliver a 112 Irritable
37 Suggestion to a punch 113 Spreadsheet 2/12/17
bored short-story 74 Scientist’s dilemma contents 16 “That villain in 51 Talk wildly 78 Jeer
writer? regarding work vs. 114 Dripping comics has sure 52 Way to go: Abbr. 80 Take some shots
40 Book reviewer?: play? gotta be sore!”? 53 Pricey French
Abbr. 76 “My only love DOWN 17 Desiccated ____ Sea fashion label 83 Annoys
43 Having less heft sprung from my 1 Tour grp. since 1950 18 Tear apart 55 Club cousins 84 Ad-agency output
45 Swinging Ernie only ____!”: Juliet 2 Breakfast chain 20 Plunger alternative 56 Utah’s ____ State 86 Devil-may-care
46 35-nation alliance, 77 Entry 3 Disapproving 24 Deputy: Abbr. University 87 “Aha!”
briefly 79 Wild revelry sounds 29 Dentist’s directive 59 Cap similar to a tam- 88 Mystical doctrine
47 Drive-____ 80 Archives material 4 Gather 31 Tip 61 London tea 89 Talk wildly
48 Fasten 81 Gist 5 “What’s the ____?” 32 Traffic cone accessory 90 Gaming trailblazer
6 Alito’s Supreme 33 Those who need 63 Fleshy-leaved
PO I N T S TR A I NE D S T AND Court predecessor sound memories, succulent 93 Sluggish
AC ME S T H I S L I F E C HL OE 7 Creature on the per Montaigne 96 Having no room for
DO E T H R AD I O ER A R A I NS movie poster for 34 See 8-Down 64 1950s French more
DNA I R E E AS TO N I T S OK “The Silence of the president René 97 Fuel from a fen
I N NEREA R N EO NS PC T Lambs” 35 W. Hemisphere 65 Steamed seafood
NON E T AK EN I T H E L P 8 With 34-Down, treaty of 1994 dish 98 Building’s rain
GROK DEN OT E T ESSE RA E longtime public 36 What a cash- 66 Abductor of diverter
D I D I W I N S UP R SVP radio host strapped beau might Persephone 99 Sobel who wrote the
L E A N I N P OCONO S take you on? 67 Exhibitor at 1863’s Pulitzer-nominated
G UMB Y O SA LA T I SH MO O 9 Some space vehicles 38 Pay Salon des Refusés “Galileo’s Daughter”
B REA KTH EG LA SS CE I L I NG 10 It must turn over to 39 Certain rod 68 Something easy, so
TO N I AGR EE H I E NAD ER start they say 100 Editor’s override
TR EE RA T SEX I L E 11 Docket 41 Was a busybody 102 One with a lot of
S PAY DEN F OGG I E R 12 With 42-Down, 42 See 12-Down 69 “Grand Hotel” star, tweets
C OLO R I Z E YOYO MA AB L E “Frosty the 44 Beatrix Potter’s 1932 103 Treat for a dog
I M BU ES PO S T E R I OR Snowman” singer genre 70 A.A. or AAA
R I G W I N CE F L EX AG ON 47 Conveyance for 71 Group’s basic beliefs 104 Presently
S L I D E I SE UL T E RE EK E 13 Super suffix? soldiers 72 Tool parts used for 106 Supplied
LO G I N D EG REAS E R OL OS 14 Pacific island wrap bending things
AD HOC T E E I NGU P T ROU T 15 Worry of 49 Timeline sections 107 Parliamentary
BE T T Y H AV EASA Y S AW TO stratospheric 50 ____ Palmas 74 Run out support
Answer to puzzle for 2/5/17 proportions (Spanish province) 75 High hairdos 108 Corp. bigwig

Answers to this puzzle will appear in next Sunday’s TimesDigest, and in next Sunday’s New York Times.




Using a Myth to Hold On to Power Can Trump Be Saved?

The peak of Donald Trump’s presidency, so
Given the increased political power Repub- periods that encourage greater participation. far and perhaps forever, happened before he
licans won in the last elections, from Wash- These are the sorts of hurdles federal courts became the president. It was the deal he struck
ington to red-state legislatures, voters might struck down in some states before the last with Carrier, the Indiana air-conditioning com-
expect the party to feel that the nation’s voting election as transparent voter suppression. In pany, to keep a factory open and jobs in the
procedures are working quite well. Yet this is North Carolina, the courts found the Republi- United States. No moment was so triumphant-
far from the case, as triumphant Republicans can Legislature had blatantly used racial data ly Trumpian; nothing has gone as well for him
are using their enhanced clout to continue to deny African-American voters their fran- since.
their campaign playing up the mythical threat chise with a regressive program of “almost Was the Carrier deal sound economic policy,
that voter fraud abounds in the nation. surgical precision.” a sober and restrained use of the presidency’s
The newest and loudest zealot in this cause Fourteen states had new registration and powers? Not precisely. But it featured Trump
is, of course, President Trump, with his scur- voting restrictions in effect last year, pushing following through on his most basic campaign
rilous claim that millions of illegal ballots cost a conservative agenda devised to secure and promise: the pledge, delivered in rallies across
him a popular vote majority. His baseless protect Republican incumbency. They were the country’s stagnant reaches, that he would
claim only encourages the renewed efforts at encouraged by a 2013 Supreme Court ruling focus on good-paying jobs for people both par-
voter suppression reported to be underway in that struck down a key provision of the Vot- ties seemed to have forgotten.
a score of Republican-dominated statehouses ing Rights Act requiring some states to obtain It was the message that helped win him the
intent on making it harder for citizens to reg- Justice Department approval before changing Midwest, and with it the Electoral College. It
ister or vote. election laws. was the message that Steve Bannon spent the
Trump is trying to sell the false idea that he The new state attempts at voter suppres- transition boasting would lead to a realign-
was fraudulently denied a clear mandate. Re- sion are underway in a political environment ment that would shock conservative ideo-
publican state legislators, in turn, are no more that has drastically changed. Jeff Sessions, the logues as much as liberals. And it’s a message
convincing but just as cynical in insisting that new attorney general, is hardly likely to be as that’s basically disappeared during Trump’s
elaborate new ballot protections are needed proactive as the Obama administration was in stumbling, staggering, infighting first few
— protections that effectively target poor peo- investigating complaints of voter suppression weeks in office.
ple, minorities and students, who tend to favor by the states. Sessions is on record as finding As a result, right now his presidency is in
Democratic candidates. the Voting Rights Act “intrusive.” danger of being very swiftly Carterized — end-
These include proposals requiring voters Trump’s postelection concern should be ing up so unpopular, ineffectual and fractious
to produce new or tighter voter identification with the government intelligence finding that that even with Congress controlled by its own
documentation and photos at the polls. Other Russian hackers interfered with the election party, it can’t get anything of substance done.
measures would eliminate the convenience of campaign, apparently in favor of him. But he Obviously, the absence of agenda-setting
Election Day registration, which invites more is narcissistically concerned with his own vote starts with the compulsively tweeting presi-
turnout. tally. Instead of looking into the threat of for- dent. But the role of Bannon in these first few
Some measures make it more difficult for eign foul play, he would rather join the Repub- chaotic weeks also distills the White House’s
college students to claim residency to vote lican chorus that is undermining vital respect problem.
near their colleges; others shorten early voting for democracy. The former Breitbart impresario has a clear-
er-than-your-average-Republican grasp of the
Retirement Advice in the Trump Era political promise of Trumpism — the power of
a right-leaning populism to speak to voters
weary of cultural liberalism and libertarian
A federal judge in Texas did President Trump and products when comparable lower-cost op- economics. But instead of spearheading a
a favor last week. It came in a decision in a case tions are available. domestic agenda oriented around these in-
filed by the financial industry against the La- The fiduciary rule, developed by the Obama sights, instead of demanding (or making sure
bor Department to overturn an Obama era Labor Department over years of painstaking his boss demands) an infrastructure bill and a
regulation called the “fiduciary rule,” which analysis and open debate, is a common-sense working-class tax cut from Congress the day
requires financial advisers to put their clients’ safeguard with far-reaching consequences. By before yesterday, Bannon has seemingly set
interests first when giving advice and selling requiring that advice be prudent and transpar- out to consolidate power over national securi-
investments for retirement accounts. ent about fees and conflicts of interest, it helps ty policy.
The judge, Barbara Lynn, called the plain- to ensure that the billions of dollars currently In effect, Bannon is trying to be both Dick
tiffs’ objections “without merit,” “unpersua- siphoned off in overly expensive investments Cheney and Karl Rove — the Darth Vader of
sive” and “at odds with market realities.” would instead remain with savers and retirees. counterterrorism and the architect of a domes-
If Trump were smart, he’d see the judge’s de- The financial industry has argued that the tic realignment, except with less experience,
cision as a warning that he chose an ill-advised Labor Department has no authority to impose subtlety and political support than either.
course on Feb. 3, when he sided with Wall Street, a fiduciary duty on retirement advisers. Citing But a White House run this way will be polit-
and against savers and retirees, by calling for a federal pension law, the courts have found oth- ically impotent long before it reaches its first
review and possible rollback of the rule, which is erwise. midterm.
slated to take effect in April. As Lynn’s decision Lynn quoted approvingly from Labor De- Is a different scenario possible?
makes clear, the rule is solid, and those behind partment research that justified the need for Of course, because the president still has
the rollback effort, which was spearheaded by a fiduciary rule by noting that the explosion of free will. From the White House, the message
Gary Cohn, Trump’s top economic adviser and, 401(k)s and I.R.A.s in recent decades had shift- should be simple, boring, popular.
until recently, president of Goldman Sachs, ed decision-making responsibility onto indi- We want a big infrastructure bill. A mid-
would have a difficult time asserting otherwise. viduals, but without updating the regulation of dle-class tax cut. Corporate tax reform.
The only rationale for a rollback would be to advisers. That mismatch has created a confus- Infrastructure. Tax cuts for workers and par-
entrench a status quo in which retirement sav- ing system, in which some advisers adhere to a ents. A better tax code for business.
ers forfeit an estimated $17 billion each year to fiduciary standard and many others don’t, while Not a war with the judiciary. Tax cuts. Not
stockbrokers, insurance agents and other ad- clients generally assume they are getting ad- CNN or Nordstrom’s perfidy. Jobs.
visers who steer them into high-cost strategies vice when they are really getting sales pitches. This isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s kind of easy.


Foes Get Together, and No One’s Fighting Like … In Brief

When word spread late last Preceding the No. 3 Kansas Survives
month that cats would be joining Westminster The freshman Josh Jackson
the Westminster Kennel Club Kennel Club had 31 points, including a foul shot
Dog Show, internet outrage fed with 2.8 seconds left, to lead No. 3
off confusion about whether the Dog Show, Kansas over host Texas Tech,
show, one of the world’s premier the dogs were 80-79, on Saturday. Landen Lucas
animal competitions, was about separated had 13 points and Frank Mason III
to become a mongrel event. from the cats, had 12 for Kansas (22-3, 10-2 Big
Cue the predictable responses, and larger- 12). Keenan Evans had 25 points
especially the scene from the orig- than-life for Texas Tech (16-9, 4-8). (AP)
inal “Ghostbusters” film in which cutouts of n UCONN WOMEN AT 99 STRAIGHT
Dr. Peter Venkman, played by Bill Katie Lou Samuelson scored 19
Murray, warns the mayor of New them, by an of her 22 points in the first half as
York of “dogs and cats living to- KARSTEN MORAN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES aisle. the top-ranked Connecticut wom-
gether — mass hysteria.” en’s team extended its N.C.A.A.
“People were talking about it Garden, trotting out on a leash dog, each type in a booth decorat- record winning streak to 99
being the end of days,” Anthony to compete for the best-in-show ed to represent its ancestry. All games with an 83-41 win over vis-
Hutcherson of Port Tobacco, Md., prize. But on Saturday, for the first that separated the cats from the iting Southern Methodist. (AP)
said Saturday while caressing time, cats shared space with dogs dogs was an aisle.
Ovation, his leopard-spotted Ben- at the American Kennel Club’s “Do they make leopard noises?”
gal cat. Meet the Breeds event. one spectator asked the Bengal Long Losing Streak Ends
No Abyssinian or munchkin Thousands of spectators min- breeder. Kait Ryynanen scored a pow-
longhair will invade the 141st gled with breeders and snuggled “No, they make kitty noises,” er-play goal nine seconds into
Westminster show on Monday and kissed members of the nearly Hutcherson said. overtime, and the Finlandia Uni-
and Tuesday at Madison Square 40 breeds of cat and 120 breeds of KELLY WHITESIDE versity women beat visiting St.
Norbert, 2-1, in Hancock, Mich., to
Golfer Carries Her Own Clubs, and Her Head High end a 70-game losing streak. (AP)
Anderson made his first start in
Nicole Broch Larsen is prob- teenth Beach Golf Links. “I just Staying with host families lets 69 days and turned aside 33 shots
ably not discussing much about need someone to talk to me on the players save money, and Broch as the Ottawa Senators beat the
yardage and lines with her caddie course, just be there. As you can Larsen — who finished the 2016 visiting Islanders. Anderson left
this weekend at the Vic Open in see, I’m pretty good on my own.” season ranked No. 12 on the tour the club to be with his wife, who is
Barwon Heads, Australia. Tournament rules, however, re- — chose to play without a caddie being treated for cancer. (AP)
If she had her own way, Broch quire every player who makes the earlier in the season-opening
Larsen would be carrying her own cut to use a caddie for the week- tournament for that reason. “I’m N.H.L. SCORES
bags in the Ladies European Tour end rounds. Those rules left Broch usually fine on my own,” she said. SATURDAY
event. That was how she played the Larsen, a 23-year-old Dane, weigh- Broch Larsen said she won the Philadelphia 2, San Jose 1, OT
first two rounds, wheeling her bag ing her options Friday evening. championship event of the Syme- Boston 4, Vancouver 3
on a pull cart and making course Her selection was a straightfor- tra Tour — the L.P.G.A.’s develop- Ottawa 3, Islanders 0
management decisions by herself. ward one: She asked Ken Guyett, a mental tour — in Longwood, Fla., Florida 7, Nashville 4
Dallas 5, Carolina 2
Broch Larsen took a two-stroke member of Thirteenth Beach and in October without a caddie. Columbus 2, Detroit 1
lead into the third round, but on Sat- the father of her host family for the With distances and green read- N.B.A. SCORES
urday she shot 79 to fall to a tie for week. “It’s not really my own deci- ings ticking in the golfer’s mind,
21st place, nine strokes off the lead. sion,” she said in an online message the man wheeling her bag is “not FRIDAY’S LATE GAMES
“I don’t really need a caddie,” before her round on Saturday. “I going to help me with stuff at all,” Phoenix 115, Chicago 97
she told reporters after her six- would be happy to carry on on my she said. “His job will be to be good Sacramento 108, Atlanta 107
under-par 67 on Friday at Thir- own, but I’m fine with a caddie, too.” company.” JACK WILLIAMS L.A. Clippers 107, Charlotte 102
WEATHER Houston 85/ 69 0 84/ 62 C 72/ 58 C Cape Town 81/ 62 0 75/ 62 PC 74/ 60 PC
Kansas City 65/ 50 0 48/ 27 PC 48/ 30 PC Dublin 39/ 32 0.18 40/ 38 C 49/ 41 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 64/ 56 0.01 74/ 53 S 75/ 54 S Geneva 44/ 36 0 49/ 35 PC 51/ 36 S
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 78/ 66 0 81/ 62 PC 82/ 66 S Hong Kong 64/ 48 0 65/ 58 S 67/ 61 S
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 43/ 36 0 37/ 24 S 46/ 29 PC Kingston 84/ 76 0 86/ 73 PC 84/ 74 Sh
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 47/ 27 0 38/ 33 Sn 39/ 26 W Lima 89/ 72 0 83/ 71 PC 83/ 71 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 79/ 50 0 86/ 60 S 78/ 57 PC London 37/ 34 0.55 42/ 39 C 48/ 36 S
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 55/ 31 0 46/ 35 R 44/ 27 W Madrid 45/ 39 0.16 55/ 46 Sh 54/ 39 Sh
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 77/ 61 0 78/ 60 Sh 73/ 55 PC Mexico City 78/ 48 0 77/ 48 S 75/ 48 S
Salt Lake City 45/ 34 0 42/ 23 S 42/ 24 S Montreal 20/ 7 0.12 29/ 21 Sn 29/ 11 Sn
San Francisco 59/ 49 0 61/ 45 S 61/ 49 PC Moscow 30/ 22 0.10 23/ 11 Sn 24/ 21 Sn
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 49/ 38 0.01 48/ 34 C 53/ 38 PC Nassau 82/ 69 0 81/ 66 S 82/ 69 S
Albuquerque 70/ 45 0 53/ 31 Sh 44/ 33 Sn St. Louis 73/ 45 0 53/ 30 PC 50/ 37 PC Paris 34/ 30 0.07 48/ 38 I 52/ 37 S
Atlanta 69/ 47 Tr 77/ 41 C 61/ 36 S Washington 52/ 35 0 69/ 39 Sh 48/ 30 W Prague 32/ 30 0 34/ 24 C 38/ 22 S
Boise 41/ 30 0 43/ 25 PC 42/ 25 S FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 93/ 77 0 95/ 76 S 95/ 76 PC
Boston 30/ 15 0.01 38/ 28 Sn 36/ 22 Sn Rome 61/ 41 0 61/ 44 PC 61/ 44 PC
Buffalo 40/ 25 0 39/ 26 I 29/ 21 SS Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 88/ 55 0 92/ 58 S 89/ 57 S
Charlotte 75/ 45 0 80/ 41 PC 63/ 33 S Acapulco 91/ 72 0 86/ 71 PC 85/ 71 PC Stockholm 28/ 21 0 30/ 25 C 39/ 29 PC
Chicago 49/ 33 0 43/ 25 W 43/ 30 S Athens 50/ 46 0.02 49/ 39 PC 48/ 40 PC Sydney 100/ 73 0 82/ 66 W 78/ 66 S
Cleveland 50/ 30 0.12 43/ 28 Sn 35/ 27 PC Beijing 49/ 22 0 51/ 27 S 52/ 24 S Tokyo 50/ 32 0 48/ 36 PC 50/ 37 S
Dallas-Ft. Worth 88/ 63 0 68/ 51 W 59/ 45 C Berlin 31/ 27 0 34/ 24 PC 34/ 24 S Toronto 37/ 25 0 35/ 26 Sn 28/ 20 SS
Denver 54/ 38 0.04 44/ 27 PC 50/ 26 PC Buenos Aires 82/ 64 0 73/ 62 R 74/ 61 R Vancouver 43/ 31 0 45/ 31 PC 46/ 36 PC
Detroit 47/ 31 Tr 40/ 26 Sn 38/ 26 S Cairo 70/ 54 0 69/ 53 PC 65/ 51 PC Warsaw 25/ 14 0 26/ 12 PC 26/ 16 PC


Winless on Court and Struggling Off, Chicago State Fights On

CHICAGO — When the coach, necticut, Jackson, 48, has with-
Angela Jackson, phones a poten- stood exasperating circumstanc-
tial recruit, the response is sur- es in the most recent of her 14 sea-
prise. Is there still a women’s bas- sons at Chicago State.
ketball team at Chicago State? Is Jackson’s dedication alone, said
there still a Chicago State? Doug Bruno, the longtime wom-
“The first question is, ‘I thought en’s coach at DePaul University,
y’all were closed,’ ” Jackson said. ought to qualify her for national
It is a stinging query for this coach of the year “as crazy as that
university, a vital institution that sounds.”
is on the eve of its 150th birthday, “To not bail out, to stay the
and that has served as a lifeline course through difficult times, is
to low-income, mostly Afri- a testament to how good she is,”
can-American students on Chica- Bruno said.
go’s far South Side. Like many public universities
Jackson is highly regarded as around the country, Chicago State
a coach. Her team went 24-10 in faces substantial cutbacks in its
2010-11. Her players are resilient. state financing. A budget stale-
They play purposefully, without mate between the Republican
bickering. But they have not won governor, Bruce Rauner, and the
in a year. Perseverance alone has KRISTEN NORMAN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Democratic-led legislature has
not halted Division I’s longest Chicago State University’s women’s basketball head coach, lasted more than a year and a half.
losing streak — defeats in all 23 Angela Jackson, center, during a timeout in a Feb. 4 game. Still, in athletics, as with aca-
games this season and seven at demics, the university is trying
the end of last season, many on to catch its breath. Chicago State
budget-straining road trips in the point guard tore a knee ligament. Chicago State seeks to recover, represents an acute example of
Western Athletic Conference. At times, Chicago State has taken reform and redefine itself athlet- the difficulties facing N.C.A.A.
A grim financial outlook at the the court with just six available ically and academically. schools on the margins of Divi-
university, and the fear that Chica- players, one above the minimum. “You could make Geno Auriem- sion I.
go State would shut down last fall, As the losses have mounted, ma the head coach, and he’s going Jeff Hurd, the WAC’s commis-
scared off three recruits for this Chicago State has encountered an to have the same problems with- sioner, said in a statement that
season. Two other players did not opponent that can be as difficult to out funding,” said Bob Hallberg, the conference was providing ad-
return to the team, Jackson said, overcome as defeat: perception. a former men’s basketball coach ministrative guidance as Chicago
worried that their majors might “Is it really as bad as they’re at Chicago State who is now the State sought to remain a Division
not be available. making it sound?” family mem- athletic director and women’s I school. But he stopped short of
The starting center left school bers of freshman forward Alexan- coach at St. Xavier University in saying that the Cougars would re-
in early December, depriving the dria Cliff ask her. “No,” she says. Chicago. main in the league.
Cougars of their leading scorer, “Not at all.” While Auriemma has won 11 SETH BERKMAN
rebounder and shot blocker. The Yet the questions persist as N.C.A.A. women’s titles at Con- and JERÉ LONGMAN
High-Tech Solution for Deciding Which Racket Is the Right Racket

MELBOURNE, Australia — and movement. The goals are but Reid said most players still
Frankly, I thought a smart court to improve coaching and draw chose rackets based on “feel”
would look smarter. a wired generation to the sport. rather than hard evidence. He
I had arrived at the National The company PlaySight recently says he believes that players can
Tennis Center in Melbourne installed 32 such courts at the be fooled that way and that the
on Park in my tennis vast new United States Tennis sport is long overdue for a more
Association national campus at
analytical approach.
togs for a com-
Tennis puter-monitored Lake Nona in Orlando, Fla. Players under contract with
Christopher hitting session at But the court used here by Reid a racket company have limited
Clarey the indoor practice and his team has a different pur- choices, but even when they are
courts during last pose. It is designed to measure free of commercial concerns, the
month’s Australian Open. minute differences in racket and process is typically unscientific.
My court was the last one in a string performance to give elite “A lot of times, switches are
row, and it looked at first glance players a more reliable method of made when you just pick up a
like all the standard courts that comparing equipment. friend’s racket and try it out for BEN SOLOMON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
preceded it. There were lines, a “In terms of players making fun,” said Ryan Harrison, an “Smart” tennis courts
net and a blue acrylic surface like multimillion-dollar career deci- American player ranked 62nd in measure minute differences.
those in use at the Open. sions and following their current the world.
Then my guide, Machar Reid of process for equipment selection, Reid and Tennis Australia, the
Tennis Australia, began pointing I think it just beggars belief,” said country’s governing body for the “The technology is not quite
toward the rafters, to cameras, 11 Reid, who has the title of innova- sport, want to make the process there, but it will be in place, I sus-
of them, and a large flat-screen tion catalyst at Tennis Australia much less serendipitous. pect, in a few years,” said Reid,
monitor fixed above the court. and a license to dream big. Preventing injuries, particu- who also thinks Hawk-Eye data
Smart courts are proliferating, Racket manufacturers have larly of upper limbs, is one of the from tournaments will allow play-
giving players quick data and begun using technology to help main long-term goals of Tennis ers to better understand the injury
video feedback on their strokes athletes choose their equipment, Australia’s program. risks.



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