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Hacienda Times Digest Junio 11

June 11th , 2017

Sun June 11 Mon June 12 Tues June 13 Wed June 14 Thurs June 15

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
personal trainers! sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Fitness Class Schedule traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Monday, June 05
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Hacienda Signature Ritual
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am
Inspired by the rhythms and formations abundantly present in nature, this
beautiful ritual brings balance and harmony to the mind and body. Like the ocean
Tuesday, June 06 waves and delicate patterns
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am in the sea shells, the body´s
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am energy undulates and spirals,
creating the vibrancy and
Wednesday, June 07 power inherent in each of us.
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am This ritual will awaken and
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am stimulate that energy, release
the tensions built up in daily life, and promote overall well-being. The experience
Thursday, June 08 begins with a welcoming foot cleanse, followed by a purifying exfoliation,
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am continued by a deep massage to relieve tension and expand the breath. We use
Restorative Stretch: 10:30 am-11:30 am herbal compresses with traditional medicinal plants to reach areas of profound
tension and release blocked energy, while pure essential oils nourish and
Friday, June 09 replenish, leaving you feeling refreshed and vibrant.
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am 2hrs.. - $270 USD + TAX

Saturday, June 10 Gentleman´s Facial
Yoga: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am A deep cleansing and therapeutic facial
designed for the unique skin care needs of men.
Sunday, June 11 It includes exfoliation and a soothing mask to
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am help repair the damage caused by the
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am environment, daily shaving, skin sensitivities,
and aging.
This treatment leaves the skin refreshed and
Private classes invigorated.
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes 80 minutes - $170 USD + TAX
upon request. Spa Café

The Hacienda Spa Café is available daily serving a

selection of healthy snack foods, beverages and freshly-
made smoothies. Let the Café create a smoothie to your
taste, or choose from our Smoothie menu. The Café offers
wifi service. Adjacent to the Spa Café you can practice
and improve your golf game on the putting green.
Putters and golf balls are available at the Spa Café.
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Rejuvenate your Body. Daily 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
Replenish your Soul.


May 16 th – June 30 , 2017

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $210.00 $170.00 $160.00 $130.00 $240.00 $190.00
Early Twilight 12pm $175.00 $140.00 $145.00 $115.00 $195.00 $155.00
Twilight 1:30pm $150.00 $120.00 $120.00 $95.00 $170.00 $135.00
Includes Food & Beverages

Rates per foursome $560.00 $460.00 $640.00
(After 11 am) Includes Food & Beverages


$435.00 USD $675.00 USD
$320.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF 8pm in New York

SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

Shrinking Turf, Drug Trade Taps Dark Corners of Web

Wider Reach: As the opioid crisis worsens, then, countless successors have overdose epidemic, overtaking
the authorities are confronting a popped up, making the drugs heroin in some areas. Just a few
The ISIS Plan resurgent, unruly player in the il- available to tens of thousands of flakes of fentanyl can be fatal.
customers who would not other-
Their deadly efficiency also
licit trade of the deadly drugs, one
that threatens to be even more wise have had access to them. makes them ideal for sale online.
formidable than the cartels. Among the Unlike heroin and prescription
LONDON — In the weeks after The internet. dead are two painkillers, which are relative-
Islamic State operatives struck In a growing number of arrests 13-year-olds, ly bulky, enough fentanyl to get
Paris in November 2015, the group and overdoses, law enforcement Grant Seaver nearly 50,000 people high can fit
released a prerecorded video of the officials say, the drugs are being and Ryan in a standard first-class envelope.
killers. They stared into the camera, bought online. Internet sales Ainsw orth, Dark net drug markets first
waved serrated knives, raged at the have allowed powerful synthet- who died last gained attention six years ago
West and warned Britain: You’re ic opioids such as fentanyl — the fall in the re- with the rise of Silk Road, the on-
next. Footage showed scenes of fastest-growing cause of over- sort town of Ryan line market created by Ross Ul-
London through a gunsight. doses nationwide — to reach liv- Park City, Ainsworth bricht. He was arrested and the
For the next 13 months, the Islam- ing rooms in nearly every region Utah, after site taken down in late 2013, but
ic State and those inspired by the of the country, as they arrive in taking a syn- imitators quickly proliferated.
group killed and maimed in Brus- small packages in the mail. thetic opioid known as U-47700, The authorities say that dark
sels, Berlin, Nice and Normandy as The authorities have been or Pinky. The boys had received web markets have assumed a
well as across the Atlantic in Cali- frustrated in their efforts to crack the powder from another local prominent and frightening role in
fornia and Florida. Yet the rhetoric down on the trade because these teenager, who bought the drugs the trafficking of synthetic opioids.
against Britain began to feel like the sites generally exist on the so- on the dark web using Bitcoin, the The dark web “has become
frothy threats made toward other called dark web, where buyers Park City police chief said. such an important source of dis-
countries that had avoided attacks: can visit anonymously using spe- “It’s unimaginable that Grant tribution for this sort of deadly
loud and menacing but empty. cial browsers and make purchas- could gain access to a drug like drug,” said Kathryn Haun, who
Until now. The strikes in the past es with virtual currencies. Pinky so easily, and be gone so was a prosecutor in San Francis-
week in the capitals of the United The problem of dark web sales quickly, poof,” said Jim Seaver, co until last month, and the Jus-
Kingdom and Iran followed attacks appeared to have been stamped Grant’s father. “The pain and bru- tice Department’s first Digital
in recent months in Britain by an as- out in 2013, when the authori- tality of this tragedy is crippling.” Currency Coordinator. “It has en-
sailant who used an S.U.V. to smash ties took down the most famous Because of their potency, syn- abled distribution channels that
into pedestrians on Westminster online marketplace for drugs, thetic opioids have become the previously didn’t exist.”
Bridge in March and a suicide bomb- known as Silk Road. But since fastest-growing cause of the NATHANIEL POPPER
er at a concert in Manchester in May.
“This is for Allah!” the attackers were Liberals Fight to Sway Nation’s Moral Agenda
heard screaming in London as they
plunged knives into their victims.
From a publicity standpoint, the In Nashville, ministers car- Some are calling the holy ruck- the Amos Project, a multifaith so-
attacks in Britain and Iran are a rying palm fronds occupied the us a “religious resistance.” Others cial-justice coalition in Cincinnati.
lift to the Islamic State as it loses governor’s office during Holy point to an even loftier ambition The last time the religious left
ground in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Week, demanding the expansion than taking on the current White made this much noise was in pro-
Some analysts have interpreted of Medicaid to cover more of the House: After 40 years in which testing the Vietnam War, when
the strikes as a bid by the group to uninsured. In the Christian right has domi- the members of the clergy were
show its resilience, even as its terri- California and nated the influence of organized mostly white men. Now, those in
tory-holding caliphate disappears. 16 other states, religion on American politics, the forefront include blacks and
But a review of court records and an interfaith left-leaning faith leaders are hun- Latinos, women and gays, along
statements by officials suggests that network has gry to break the right’s grip on with a new wave of activist Cath-
the violence in London and Iran was or g anized setting the moral agenda. olics inspired by Pope Francis.
more than a message. It reflected ef- thousands of Frustrated by Christian con- And they include Jews, Muslims,
forts by the Islamic State since its rise v olunteer s servatives’ focus on reversing Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists.
in 2014 to hit targets once thought un- William J. to swoop into liberal successes in legalizing The Rev. William J. Barber II
assailable, especially in Britain. Barber II action when abortion and same-sex marriage, preached against Trump at Riv-
Hours after the violence in Iran, immigrants those on the religious left want to erside Church in Manhattan, the
the Islamic State released its online are arrested or turn instead to what they see as same pulpit from which the Rev.
magazine, challenging skeptics. houses of worship are vandalized. truly fundamental biblical imper- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. de-
“The reality faced by the Crusad- Across the country, religious atives — caring for the poor, wel- nounced the Vietnam War.
ers today is that despite their claims leaders whose politics fall to the coming strangers and protecting “If you think this is just a left-
that the Islamic State has been weak- left of center and who used to shun the earth — and maybe even versus-right movement, you’re
ened,” the article said, “strikes in the the political arena, are getting in- change some minds about what it missing the point,” said Barber,
heart of the Crusaders’ strongholds volved — and even recruiting po- means to be a believer. pastor of a Disciples of Christ
in the West will continue to occur just litical candidates — to fight back “We’re in a real battle for the church in Goldsboro, N.C. “This
as suddenly and unexpectedly.” against President Trump’s poli- soul of faith, of Christianity, of is about the moral center. This is
RUKMINI CALLIMACHI cies on immigration, health care, this nation,” said the Rev. Troy about our humanity.”
and LAURE FOURQUET poverty and the environment. Jackson, executive director of LAURIE GOODSTEIN


In Brief Venezuelan Musicians Protest Violist’s Killing

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed CARACAS, Venezuela — Ar- Musicians,
When Afghan Opens Fire mando Cañizales left his viola at who have
home that day in May.
benefited from
Three American soldiers were Eighteen and talented, he was the socialist-
killed and one other was wound- a success story of Venezuela’s oriented
ed after an Afghan soldier opened state-run music program for the
fire on them in eastern Afghan- poor. But he decided it was time to Venezuelan
istan on Saturday, according to join the protests against the gov- government,
Afghan officials. The incident in ernment that had supported his were outraged
eastern Afghanistan occurred career. by the
in the Achin District of Nangar- As teenagers throwing rocks shooting of
har Province, where American retreated from a line of soldiers, an unarmed
Special Operations forces are Cañizales moved forward alone. teenager at a
fighting alongside Afghan forces He said nothing as he advanced,
against Taliban insurgents and arms outstretched, palms facing protest. An
fighters aligned with the Islamic up. Then the fatal shots rang out. activist in
State. Attaullah Khogyani, the “When he fell, I didn’t even Caracas.
spokesman for the governor of know it was him,” said William
Nangarhar Province, said an Hernández, 19, a friend and fellow
Afghan Army commando opened musician a short distance from FEDERICO PARRA/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES
fire on the American soldiers, and Cañizales during the protests
the attacker was killed by other last month. He never expected musicians, who for years have people dead in the turmoil.
soldiers at the scene. Zabihullah Cañizales, who had expressed no been drawn from the country’s El Sistema’s youth orchestra
Mujahid, a spokesman for the political views to him, to be at the working-class barrios. toured the United States during
Taliban, wrote in a WhatsApp march. The viola had seemed to be They belong to the Simón Bolí- years of tense relations between
message that the attacker was a the only thing on his mind. var Musical Foundation, known the countries. Its young prodigy,
Taliban infiltrator. (NYT) Venezuela’s political unrest is to Venezuelans simply as El Siste- Gustavo Dudamel, who now leads
testing the loyalties of many who ma, Spanish for “the System.” For the Los Angeles Philharmonic,
U.S. Coalition Is Said have benefited from the social- four decades, the state-financed broke his silence about the protest-
ist-oriented government — and at
program trained hundreds of
ers’ demands, dedicating a concert
To Use Banned Munition times were its strongest defend- thousands of musicians across in Cañizales’s memory in May.
Images and reports from wit- ers. Doctors and nurses at public social classes, an achievement “We must stop ignoring the just
nesses in the northern Syrian hospitals hold marches to demand unheard-of anywhere else in Latin cry of the people suffocated by
city of Raqqa suggest that the supplies for empty clinics. Police of- America and one that has left the an intolerable crisis,” Dudamel
United States-led coalition bat- ficers, themselves suffering short- music world in envy. warned. “I raise my voice against
tling the Islamic State there has ages of food, now question the gov- The young man’s death is rup- violence. I raise my voice against
used munitions loaded with white ernment’s battle with protesters. turing that neutrality, as street repression.”
phosphorous, the use of which in Yet no group has been tested protests in Venezuela approach ANA VANESSA HERRERO
populated areas is prohibited un- quite like Venezuela’s classical their third month, with at least 67 and NICHOLAS CASEY
der international law. The images
news agency of the Islamic State, China’s New Bridges: Dazzling, and Buried in Debt
were distributed by the Aamaq
as well as a monitoring group
called Raqqa Is Being Slaugh- CHISHI, China — Soaring over highest bridge, the longest bridge, In 2016 alone, China added
tered Silently. The Islamic State a lush valley in southern China, the highest rail trestle and a host 26,100 bridges on roads, including
has made claims of use of white the Chishi Bridge is a 1.4-mile-long of other superlatives. 363 “extra large” ones with an av-
phosphorous by coalition forces marvel of concrete and steel. Four But as the bridges and the ex- erage length of about a mile, gov-
before. A United States official piers, like graceful tuning forks as pressways they span keep rising, ernment figures show.
said the munitions were not being tall as skyscrapers, secure cables critics say construction has be- The projects are often financed
used against personnel. (NYT) suspending a four-lane express- come an end unto itself. Fueled by loans from state-owned banks
way 610 feet above fields of corn by government-backed loans and to companies owned by local gov-
Qaddafi’s Son Is Freed and rice. urged on by the big construction ernments, which collect tolls to re-
pay the loans. But on many routes
Squinting up from a dirt road
companies and officials who prof-
A son of Libya’s deceased below, Gu Tianyong, a 66-year-old it from them, many of the projects in less populous inland regions,
former dictator, Col. Muammar farmer, pondered the colossus, are piling up debt and breeding tolls are not keeping pace with the
el-Qaddafi, was released on which is a shortcut linking south- corruption while producing ques- costs, setting off a spiral of mount-
Friday by the militia that had western China with the east coast. tionable transportation benefits. ing debt and rising expenses.
held him captive since the Arab “The government wouldn’t Leaders defend the infrastruc- The Chinese government esti-
Spring uprising of 2011, which have built it if it was useless,” he ture spree as crucial to China’s mated that expressways nation-
ended his family’s brutal rule. In said. “It does nothing for me, but development. wide lost $47 billion in 2015, more
an online statement on Saturday, must be useful for the country.” “It’s very important to improve than double the loss in 2014. In
the militia, the Abu Bakr Sadeek The Chishi Bridge is one of hun- transport and other infrastruc- Hunan, expressways faced inter-
Brigades, said that Seif al-Islam dreds of dazzling bridges erect- ture so that impoverished regions est payments of $1.9 billion a year
el-Qaddafi was allowed to leave ed across the country in recent can escape poverty and prosper,” while taking in $1.3 billion in tolls,
the city of Zintan, Libya, on Fri- years. Chinese officials celebrate President Xi Jinping said while a deputy governor said in 2015.
day. The United Nations and the them as proof that they can roll visiting the spectacular, recently The price of crossing the bridge,
International Criminal Court out infrastructure bigger, better opened Aizhai Bridge in Hunan in about $3 and up, is beyond the
want Qaddafi to stand trial on and higher than any other country 2013. “We must do more of this and reach of most villagers below.
war crime charges. (NYT) can. China now boasts the world’s keep supporting it.” CHRIS BUCKLEY


A Political Feud Eclipses a Dire Warning In Brief

WASHINGTON — Lost in the Comey, orchestrated a “massive Lunch With Buffett?
showdown between President effort” targeting hundreds — pos-
Trump and James B. Comey that sibly more than 1,000 — of Amer- That Will Be $2.7 Million
played out this past week was ican government and private A bidder on eBay offered near-
a chilling threat to the United organizations since 2015. ly $2.7 million to have lunch with
News States. Comey, the Comey’s warning about the the billionaire investor Warren
Analysis former director of Russian threat was overshad- Buffett, as part of an annual auc-
the F.B.I., testified owed by his confrontation with tion to benefit a nonprofit organi-
that the Russians had not only SERGEI KARPUKHIN/REUTERS Trump. Similar warnings have zation in San Francisco. The win-
intervened in last year’s election, been issued by others in the intel- ner, who was not named, offered
but would try to do it again. Russia has denied meddling ligence community, led by James $2,679,001 just minutes before the
“It’s not a Republican thing or in U.S. elections. President R. Clapper Jr., the retired director five-day auction closed on Friday.
Democratic thing — it really is an Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. of national intelligence. He or she, along with up to seven
American thing,” Comey told the Few doubt that the Russians friends, will share a lunch with
Senate Intelligence Committee. the conflict between the presi- have concluded that their attack Buffett, the chief executive of
“They’re going to come for what- dent and the F.B.I. director he on the American system was Berkshire Hathaway, at Smith
ever party they choose to try and fired with requests for docu- successful beyond their dreams. & Wollensky in Manhattan. The
work on behalf of. And they’re not ments, recordings and hearings. They started a scandal that has money raised goes to support
devoted to either, in my experi- But from the headquarters of consumed the political process. Glide, a nonprofit organization
ence. They’re just about their own the National Security Agency to “They can win two ways,” said that provides services for poor
advantage. And they will be back.” state capitals that have discov- Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., and marginalized people. (NYT)
What started out as a coun- ered that the Russians were in- who has been investigating the
terintelligence investigation to side their voter-registration sys- hacking through the Senate Judi-
guard the United States against tems, the worry is that attention ciary Committee. “They can do it” Sessions Set to Testify
a hostile foreign power has will be diverted from figuring out trying to influence votes, “or they Attorney General Jeff Ses-
morphed into a political scandal how Russia disrupted American can get caught doing it,” and un- sions told Congress on Saturday
about what Trump did, what he democracy last year and how to dercut confidence in the American that he would testify before the
said and what he meant by it. prevent it from happening again. electoral system. PETER BAKER Senate Intelligence Committee
Lawmakers have focused on Russian hackers, according to and DAVID E. SANGER on Tuesday about issues related
to Russia’s interference in the
Michigan Case Adds U.S. to Genital Cutting Debate 2016 election. Sessions had been
scheduled to testify before other
committees about the Justice De-
As more details emerge about in the United States two decades then how are you going to expose partment’s budget that day, but
the first charges of female genital ago but still seen in parts of Africa, it and bring awareness?” he will instead appear before the
mutilation in the United States, the the Middle East and South Asia. Prosecutors, citing phone re- intelligence panel. Sessions re-
case is opening a window onto a The focus on the Dawoodi Bohra, cords, texts, interviews and sur- cused himself from inquiries re-
small immigrant community, while a sect of about 1.2 million based in veillance video, accuse Dr. Jumana lated to the 2016 election. (NYT)
stirring impassioned discussion western India, with clusters in the Nagarwala, an emergency medi-
about genital cutting among wom- United States, Pakistan and else- cine physician, of cutting the gen- A House Divided, for Sale
en who have experienced it. where, is spurring Bohra women to itals of two 7-year-old girls from
At a hearing in Michigan last describe their experiences. Some Minnesota. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, Selling a home in two countries
week, a federal prosecutor said are doing so for the first time, de- an internist, is accused of letting is proving to be a challenge. The
the defendants — two doctors and fying the sect’s historical secrecy Nagarwala use his clinic in Livo- home, owned by Brian DuMoulin
a clinic manager from a small Shi- about cutting and taking a risk that nia, Mich. His wife, Farida Attar, the and his wife, Joan, and priced at
ite Muslim sect — were believed to they or relatives will be ostracized. clinic’s office manager, is accused $109,000, straddles the border
have arranged cutting for up to 100 “This Michigan case made me of holding the girls’ hands during between Beebe Plain, Vt., and
girls since 2005. The prosecutor, think I want to speak out,” said Na- the Feb. 3 procedures and urging Stanstead, Quebec. “You can’t
Sara Woodward, said investigators zia Mirza, 34, who was cut at age others to deceive investigators. just go this way or this way,” Bri-
had so far identified eight girls. 6 in her hometown, Houston. “To The World Health Organization an DuMoulin said. “You’ve got to
The charges provide an unusual me it’s very much like a rape sur- considers cutting to be a human go through (the ports of entry)
case study of a practice outlawed vivor. If you don’t say anything, rights violation. PAM BELLUCK and then back through.” (AP)
Adam West Dies at 88; His Dark Knight Kept a ’60s TV Show Light

Adam West, the classically Life magazine, the highest tribute created as a comic-book charac- I loved about
handsome baritone actor who to national popularity at the time. ter in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Batman was
turned a comic-book superhero in- The off-kilter camera angles and Finger. West’s television version his total lack
to live-action Pop Art in the 1960s superimposed dialogue balloons was a milk-drinking model citizen of awareness
television series “Batman,” died on representing fight-scene sound whose reaction to extreme frustra- when it came to
Friday in Los Angeles. He was 88. effects like “pow!” and “splat!” tion might be, “He’s right, darn it!” his interaction Adam West
The cause was leukemia, accord- were among the elements that led Besides villains like the Penguin, with the outside
ing to a family spokeswoman. it to be viewed as high camp. West played by Burgess Meredith, and world.
“Batman” lasted only two and dismissed that label but proudly the Joker, played by Cesar Rome- “He actually believed nobody
a half seasons, from January 1966 described the show as farce. ro, visiting stars included Zsa Zsa would recognize him on the phone
to March 1968. But the show was Batman, the crime-fighting Gabor, Milton Berle and Liberace. when he was Bruce Wayne, even
such a phenomenon that West ap- alias of Bruce Wayne, a bachelor At 76, almost 40 years after the though he made no attempt to dis-
peared in costume on the cover of millionaire in Gotham City, was end of the show, West said: “What guise his voice.” ANITA GATES


Eight Days of Crisscrossing America go to Minneapolis, 5:27 p.m.; Delta
3788, Minneapolis to Des Moines,
10:05 p.m.: The indignant man
A man is dragged off an over- talking to the clerk at Chicago’s
sold United flight in Chicago. Pas- Midway Airport has plummeted on
sengers are menaced by an Amer- the upgrade list, to No. 6 from No. 2,
ican Airlines flight attendant who and wants his old spot back.
has wrested a stroller from a sob- The man has Platinum status.
bing mother. A father on Delta is What’s the use of grubbing and
threatened with jail and the con- scratching your way up an airline
fiscation of his children unless he loyalty ladder if it exposes you to
relinquishes a seat he has paid for. this sort of status-based distress?
How did air travel, which once DAY 6: BAGS ON THE RUN American
seemed so glamorous, turn into a Flight 1886, Des Moines to Phoe-
sadomasochistic pas de deux be- nix, 2:40 p.m.: My bag got left be-
tween the industry and the passen- hind in Minneapolis. My luggage
ger? To understand the forces de- is to be sent to the hotel. It isn’t.
fining air travel in America, I spent I return to the airport. Someone
eight days crisscrossing the coun- TONY CENICOLA/THE NEW YORK TIMES eventually arrives with my bag.
try in economy class. Four airlines. Four airlines. Twelve flights. Twelve cities: a reporter’s trek. DAY 7: THE GREAT UNRAVELING
Twelve flights (half of them de- United Airlines Flight 5435, Phoe-
layed). Twelve cities. Twelve cups nix to Los Angeles, 10:50 a.m.: I’m
of tomato juice. Three trips through DAY 2: BOARDING NIGHTMARE fee and pass a background check, whiny, fractious and irrational.
body scanners. One alarming use Delta Flight 1106, San Francisco you cannot escape the possibility of I’m tired and tearful.
of the words “groin area.” to Salt Lake City, 10:34 a.m.; Del- the full-body scanner. The problem, one attendant said,
Airlines fit in more passengers, ta Flight 2926, Salt Lake City to After an alarm sounds, an agent is people are already in a terrible
charge more for once-basic ser- Denver, 3:20 p.m.: The plane has tells me: “I’m going to need to mood when they get on the plane.
vices and lavish perks on high- not arrived, but a group of passen- check your groin area.” “You’re crammed in like sardines,
er-revenue fliers. The resulting gers — known derisively as “gate DAY 4: EXISTENTIAL HUNGER Unit- your independence is taken away
caste system can turn into a micro- lice” to frequent fliers — is surging ed Flight 1571, Houston to Jackson- from you, you’re paying for things
cosm of “The Hunger Games.” toward the door anyway. ville, Fla., 12:50 p.m.: Those of us that used to be free,” she said.
DAY 1: THE CASTE SYSTEM American After boarding passengers who in the back make do with the tiny DAY 8: PANEM Delta Flight 1460,
Airlines Flight 85, New York to San need help, Delta divides the re- free packets like Savory Snack Los Angeles to New York, 12:50
Francisco, 7:55 p.m.: In the plane, maining people into five “zones.” Mix, blobs of crackerlike material p.m.: I’m on my way home. My
the mood changes as you go farther They are arranged so Zone 1 is coated with unpleasant flavoring. seat is capable of sliding out into
along. It’s like starting at a pent- actually the third group to board. But a seatmate received a free a full-length bed. I have a duvet,
house on Fifth Avenue and continu- Zone 3, for those with the cheap- Tapas Snack box, with crackers, side table and lamp. I have a dish
ing until you reach a tent shared by est tickets, boards last. Our passes dips and what appear to be choco- of almonds and cashews.
20 people. I have a middle seat. might as well say “Loser” on them. late-covered dehydrated blueber- I’m in business class.
As the attendants dole out our DAY 3: INSECURITY LINES United ries. “I’m a 1K member, and so I “I feel so sorry for them,” said Al-
sole free snack on this flight of six Flight 2049, Denver to Houston, 3:10 get a free snack pack,” he said. bert Zahalka, a passenger. When
and a half hours, a Lotus Biscoff p.m.: Even if you qualify for expe- DAY 5: STATUS ANXIETY Southwest he was younger, he had to fly econ-
(“Europe’s Favorite Cookie With dited boarding or have Transporta- 314, Jacksonville to Atlanta, 11:05 omy. “It’s hard to travel anyway,”
Coffee”), the aroma of something tion Security Administration Pre- p.m.; Southwest 757, Atlanta to Chi- he said. “But to sit back there, it’s
delicious wafts in from first class. Check status, for people who pay a cago, 12:50 p.m.; Delta 6209, Chica- soul-destroying.” SARAH LYALL
Cultures Clash at a Chinese-Owned Glassmaking Factory in Ohio

MORAINE, Ohio — When a gi- since 2016. But, at Fuyao, a major meeting highlighted arbitrarily en- agreement in March that reduced
ant Chinese glassmaker arrived culture clash is playing out, with forced rules and retaliation against the amount to $100,000 and re-
here in 2014 and began spending workers questioning its commit- employees who speak up. quired corrective measures.
what would become more than ment to operating under American An employee named Lisa Con- Eric Vanetti, the vice president
a half-billion dollars to fix up an supervision and American norms. nolly complained that Fuyao dis- for human resources, said that the
abandoned General Motors plant, In China, comments by Fuyao’s ciplined workers for absences if atmosphere had improved at the
it seemed like a tale from opposite chairman, a self-made billionaire they didn’t request their paid time plant, and that Fuyao remained
land: The Chinese are supposedly named Cao Dewang, stirred a de- off far enough in advance. A for- committed to its four-to-five-year
stealing American jobs — as Presi- bate. “Cao Dewang behaved like a mer employee named James Mar- plan for handing the site to an
dent Trump has pointed out. traitor,” one person wrote on Wei- tin said Fuyao had exposed him to American management corps.
But now the Chinese were cre- bo, the Chinese microblogging chemicals that blistered his arms But Weiyi Shi, a professor of po-
ating them. More than 1,500 jobs. site. “You set up a factory in the and diminished his lung capacity. litical economy at the University of
The company, Fuyao Glass In- U.S. to solve employment there.” Fred Strahorn, the Democratic California, San Diego, said Chinese
dustry Group, located in this Day- Solving employment is the minority leader of the Ohio House companies showed a reluctance to
ton suburb to be close to the Amer- promise that Trump rode to office. of Representatives, told the audi- transfer operations to local control.
ican-based automakers that buy Since his victory, foreign compa- ence that Fuyao’s operation felt like “At the managerial level, you
millions of windshields each year. nies like Bayer, SoftBank and Info- “a little bit of a hostage situation.” see that the technical staff tends
From 2000 to the first quarter sys have promoted plans for thou- In November, the Occupational to be from China,” she said. “The
of 2017, the Chinese have invested sands of United States-based jobs. Safety and Health Administration one local employee they hire at a
almost $120 billion in the United But Fuyao shows the potential fined Fuyao more than $225,000 for senior managerial level would be
States, according to the Rhodium pitfalls. It faces an acrimonious violations such as insufficient ac- the human resources director.”
Group, which tracks these flows. union campaign by the United cess to locks that shut down power NOAM SCHEIBER
Nearly half of that total has come Automobile Workers. An April to a machine. Fuyao reached an and KEITH BRADSHER

ARTS SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2017 5

An Artist and Her ‘Beautiful Boy’ Tradition Collides

With Technology
On a long subway ride three
years ago, BJ Lillis decided to
share something with his friend Just as giant streaming ser-
and co-worker, Lissa Rivera. vices like Netflix and Amazon
Lillis, who describes himself as have quickly established them-
genderqueer, told her that he had selves as movie production enti-
spent most of his college years ties, resentment and panic from
dressing, full-time, in women’s studios and filmmakers have
clothing. But in the professional grown more blatant.
world, he’d lost his confidence. To At this year’s Cannes Film Fes-
help him regain it, she offered to tival, the 70th, the great Spanish
take his photograph. filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, the
“So much of identity is con- president of the festival’s com-
structed from looking at pictures,” petition jury, said at a news con-
Rivera said in a recent interview. ference that he couldn’t imagine
“Looking at photographs and awarding a competition film that
looking at a film can really change would not be shown in a theater.
who you are.” COURTESY OF THE ARTIST AND CLAMPART, NEW YORK This came shortly after the festi-
The two have made dozens of In their intimate portraits, the photographer Lissa Rivera and val issued a statement saying that
images since, in a project called its competition section would not
“Beautiful Boy.” An exhibition of her partner, BJ Lillis, are building their own fantasy world. consider films that would not be
the same name opened June 1 at shown theatrically in France.
the ClampArt gallery in Chelsea. The couple did as many as four right kind of moody spaces. The Almodóvar’s throwdown had
The first test images were shot shoots a week in their spare time. images also grew larger in scale, implications. Would the jury lead-
in 2014 in Rivera’s apartment. Some were tightly composed inte- taking in whole rooms and con- er effectively blackball the two
“When we took the first photo,” riors. necting Lillis’s poses to the set- Netflix movies in competition,
Lillis said, “I felt like I’d never had In another 2015 image, “Mirror ting, implying a narrative. Bong Joon-ho’s “Okja” and Noah
my photo taken before.” With Jewels,” Lillis is reflected in a In the most luxuriant images, Baumbach’s “The Meyerowitz
That impromptu portrait ses- vintage makeup mirror, its frame Lillis’s expression is often pen- Stories (New and Selected)”?
sion stirred something between draped with beads and jewelry, el- sive, with a tinge of sadness. The While Netflix garnered con-
the two of them. Over the follow- ements that help code his visage melancholy, he said, comes from troversy without actively seek-
ing months, they became a couple. as feminine. But an almost imper- “thinking about the reality of gen- ing it, Amazon quietly took Todd
And when they returned to the ceptible wave in the glass slightly der and different roles that people Haynes’s new movie, “Wonder-
project, they brought the energy exaggerates half of his face, mak- have been stuck in.” struck,” to the competition. As of
of a new relationship to it. ing him appear less symmetrical But in surrendering his likeness this writing, there was no news
“There’s a real kind of honey- than he is. to his partner, Lillis also found a of either company’s having made
moon period that people have The image exposes an intimate path toward liberation. “I’m being major acquisitions at the festival.
mentioned in the earliest pic- moment between the artist and myself in every one of these pho- Efe Cakarel, the founder and
tures,” Rivera said. her subject. Rivera designed the tos,” he said. chief executive of the streaming
You can see as much in “Bou- image, but Lillis’s expression After three years of work, he service Mubi, told me I shouldn’t
doir,” from 2015, in which her hand makes it connect with the viewer. added, the photographs could be be too surprised by this.
appears, disembodied but tender, “The work really gives permis- seen as “an autobiography of our “There were 18 films in compe-
brushing Lillis’s hair. sion for women to look at women fantasies.” tition with 13 already bought,” Ca-
The portraits borrow from ear- and for men to look at men,” Rive- “Our relationship was in some karel said. “Every year it’s getting
ly 20th-century fashion photog- ra said, “and for people to be noth- ways created out of taking these more and more intense, and that’s
raphy and classic cinema. Rivera ing or anything or everything.” photographs,” Lillis said, “and the in part because companies such
cites the early Vogue photogra- They began to travel with the photographs were created out of as Netflix and Amazon are part of
pher Cecil Beaton as one of many project in mind. Rivera scoured our relationship.” the Cannes machine, so to speak.”
influences. hotel and Airbnb listings for the DANIEL McDERMON GLENN KENNY
Niecy Nash Lives by Just Three Little Words: ‘No Matter What’

With a high-wattage smile angry, but these women genuinely mind I was Cicely Tyson. Then
and style, Niecy Nash steals the love each other,” Nash said. in ’93 my only brother was mur-
spotlight in whatever show she’s In a phone interview from New dered, and my mother went into
on. But until “Claws,” a new TNT Orleans, she talked about the pow- a very dark depression, and the
series starting Sunday, Nash had er of laughter. These are edited ex- only thing that I knew was that I
never officially snared a lead. cerpts from the conversation: could make my mama laugh. I saw
Now she’s center stage as How did you become an actress? comedy serve as a salve.
Desna, a Central Florida nail sa- The three words that I began Why did they want you on “Claws”?
lon owner trying to go upscale by to live my life by were “no matter They were fans of mine from
laundering money for the Dixie what.” I got married very early, I [HBO’s] “Getting On.”
Mafia while clutching her emo- had children very early, and my “no What did they see in you that no
tionally challenged brother and matter what” was to pack up three one else did?
fellow manicurists for dear life. babies and take them to callbacks. The thing of it is, people who can
“Normally when you see a lot of Did you want to be a comedian? make you laugh can also make you AARON RICHTER FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
women on a TV show, it’s cat-fight- When I first started auditioning, cry. It’s not true for the reverse. Niecy Nash stars in “Claws,”
ing and yelling and people being I did not book jobs because in my KATHRYN SHATTUCK a new TNT series.

By Richard Russo
243 pp. Alfred A. Knopf. $25.95. BOOKS SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2017 6

Upper-Middle-Class Lives Spiral Out of Control Editor’s Row

Richard Russo’s novels, set most- recently lost her job as an office BLIND SPOT, by Teju Cole. (Random
ly in depressed industrial towns in Trajectory manager at a call center. Ray has House, $40.) This lyrical essay in pho-
upstate New York, western Penn- recently learned he has cancer tographs paired with texts explores the
mysteries of the ordinary. Cole’s question-
sylvania and inland Maine, typi- By Richard Russo that will require surgery, and ing, tentative habit of mind, suspending
cally chart the lives of people who 243 pages. Alfred A. Knopf. $25.95. his wife, Paula, is trying to find judgment while hoping for the brief
haven’t exactly been lucky. funding for her art gallery after miracle of insight, is a form of what used
The Pulitzer Prize-winning the 2008 market crash. But the to be called humanism.
“Empire Falls” (2001), for exam- because Ryan has a sick wife and most salient thread of the story MY FAVORITE THING IS MONSTERS,
ple, centers on the unhappy pro- lapsed health insurance. involves a character named Vin- by Emil Ferris. (Fantagraphics, paper,
prietor of a small-town diner in But Ryan learns that Nolan cent, a friend of Ray’s who is not $39.99.) In this graphic novel, drawn
Maine, a man who once imagined has talked to other screenwriters a bad person, but he is annoying. entirely on blue-lined notebook paper, a
a different sort of life for himself. without telling Ryan, even though “ ‘He’s your friend,’ Paula re- monster-loving 10-year-old in 1960s Chi-
Russo’s new collection of sto- the idea was Ryan’s. minded him now in the dark ga- cago tries to make sense of a neighbor’s
ries, “Trajectory,” is a departure Russo doesn’t trump up the un- rage. ‘He cares about you. If he death, her mother’s decline from cancer,
from that book in two ways. First derhandedness, doesn’t render knows a good surgeon …’ ” and her crush on another girl. The story
and most obviously, “Trajectory” Nolan an archvillain or exagger- “ ‘Not good,’ Ray corrected her. is punctuated by drawings of the covers
focuses on characters who are up- ate the harm he does. ‘The best. Vinnie always knows of the horror magazines she loves.
per-middle-class professionals, Perhaps a story about an adult the best guy. But that’s how he is. CHEMISTRY, by Weike Wang. (Knopf,
$24.95.) A Chinese-American graduate
people whose financial woes are wading through the pull of ambi- He’s just being Vincent. People student struggles to find her place in the
mostly of manageable propor- tion and financial need on the one like to feel important. What’s so world, arguing with her parents about
tions. Second, Russo has forgone hand and pride and principle on wrong with that?’ ” whether she can give up her Ph.D. and
the plottiness of “Empire Falls,” the other shouldn’t feel as unusu- Vincent helps Ray with the wondering whether to marry her boy-
a book somewhat marred by the al as it does, but there are far more house he is trying to sell, and Ray friend. Wang’s novel is honest and funny.
surfeit of action — everything stories full of cartoonishly awful becomes, at least briefly, a little CATTLE KINGDOM: The Hidden History of
from a school shooting to a flood Hollywood types than there are more tolerant of Vincent’s show- the Cowboy West, by Christopher Knowl-
— crowded into its final pages. ones as measured as this one. manship. It all feels very grown- ton. (Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin
The four stories in “Trajectory” Throughout the collection, Rus- up and humane and familiar Harcourt, $29.) The 20-year grand era of
all retain the insightfulness and so’s tone is wistful and reflective. — reminiscent of real life, which cowboys and cattle barons is a story of
sympathy of Russo’s earlier work, At one point, Ryan, thinking of tends to be laden more with small boom and bust. Knowlton’s deft narrative
but they are restrained, free of his wife’s illness, acknowledges to irritations than major enmities. is filled with sharp observations about
dramatic or improbable twists. himself that “some reptilian part Structurally, “Intervention” is cowboys and fortune-hunters.
Ryan, the narrator of “Milton of my brain was already prepar- the collection’s most artful story. THEFT BY FINDING: Diaries (1977-2002),
and Marcus,” the final story in ing for my own survival in a future The 90-some page “Voice,” by con- by David Sedaris. (Little, Brown, $28.)
These diaries mutate from a stress vent,
“Trajectory,” is a novelist whose that might not include the love of trast, cuts between two strands, to exercises for the kind of writing Sedaris
work has, in his own estimation, my life.” It’s a testament to Russo’s both of which feel, by story’s end, is going to do, to rough drafts. His devel-
“lost a good deal of its vitality.” He deft characterization that we don’t a bit rushed and abbreviated de- oping voice — graceful, whining, hilarious
turned to teaching gigs and writ- have to be told Ryan feels a pang spite their length. And the opening — is the lifeline that pulls him through.
ing for Hollywood, but he’s now of genuine shame at this thought. story builds to a (too) sudden re- TOWN IS BY THE SEA, by Joanne
in his 60s and those opportunities We also know that he will contin- alization on the part of its protag- Schwartz. Illustrated by Sydney Smith.
have begun to dry up as well. ue to focus more on the fate of his onist that fails to quite convince. (Groundwood/House of Anansi, $19.95;
When the story begins, Ryan screenplay than the fate of his wife. But Russo’s skill is such that ages 5 to 9.) This evocation of life in a
has been asked to meet with a Russo’s stories are less about these flaws are easy to forgive. picturesque, run-down seaside town in
Hollywood star named William the human condition than they Thoughtful and warmhearted, his the 1950s stirs timeless, elemental emo-
Nolan at Nolan’s vacation home in are about this particular charac- fiction has the engaging quality of tions. The ocean light is contrasted with
Jackson Hole, Wyo. Nolan wants ter and that particular character. tales told by a friend, over drinks, the coal mine, where a boy’s father works
to develop a film Ryan conceived In “Intervention,” a real estate about a person we know in com- and where he is resigned to follow.
of years ago. The potential revival broker named Ray tries to sell a mon. And so we lean forward, ea- The full reviews of these and other
of the project, to be called “Milton house for a divorced friend of his ger to hear what happened next. recent books are on the web:
and Marcus,” is exciting not least wife’s, a woman who at age 57 ADELLE WALDMAN

Paperback Row

HERO OF THE EMPIRE: The Boer War, a Daring Escape by Nathan Bomey. (Norton, $16.95.) Bomey, who es something akin to insight of a gnostic order.”
and the Making of Winston Churchill, by Candice Mil- covered the bankruptcy for The Detroit Free Press, A MURDER OVER A GIRL: Justice, Gender, Junior High, by
lard. (Anchor, $17.) In his early 20s, motivated by recounts the mismanagement leading to the crisis, Ken Corbett. (Picador, $16.) In 2008, Brandon McIn-
outsize ambition, Churchill headed off to war in from the cratering auto industry and racial inequi- erney, 14, shot his classmate Larry King dead. At the
South Africa — though as a journalist, not a soldier ties, to the shortsighted politicians who allowed the time of the murder, Larry’s sexuality and gender
— in an episode that elevated his status in Britain as city’s situation to deteriorate further rather than identity were unsettled; though Brandon confessed
a celebrity and a hero. reverse course. to the killing and was found to have neo-Nazi mate-
MODERN LOVERS, by Emma Straub. (Riverhead, $16.) ZERO K, by Don DeLillo. (Scribner, $16.) In DeLillo’s rials, an initial trial ended in a hung jury. In this ac-
A group of college friends grapples with middle age 16th novel, Jeff joins his billionaire father at a desert count, a psychologist examines the possible motives
in Brooklyn, while their teenage children begin an compound offering “cryonic suspension,” where behind the crime.
affair. Andrew, Elizabeth, Zoe and Lydia were once the dead are frozen until resuscitation is possible. HAG-SEED: William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” Re-
in a band; while Elizabeth and Andrew split over Pressures of life outside that technological utopia told, by Margaret Atwood. (Hogarth Shakespeare,
plans to make a movie about Lydia, Zoe’s marriage become acute when Jeff becomes involved with a $15.) Atwood’s version unfolds in Canada, with the
threatens to disintegrate. Straub’s novel ranks as woman and her Ukrainian child, with political ram- widower Felix, a theater festival’s former artistic
“a wise, sophisticated romp through the pampered ifications to follow. As Joshua Ferris, the reviewer director, living in exile. In contrast to the case of his
middle-aged neuroses of urban softies,” wrote Alex for The Times, put it, “Just as his characters plunge inspiration, Prospero, his daughter is dead, and his
Kuczynski, the reviewer for The New York Times. through constructed realities in quest of truer attempts to communicate with her result in a tender
DETROIT RESURRECTED: To Bankruptcy and Back, selves, so do we, as DeLillo’s readers, find in his pag- story shot through with humor. Joumana Khatib


THINK TWICE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21
ACROSS 53 Work unit 90 Coiled killer 22 23 24
1 Zip along 54 Intimates 91 Nikon product, for 25 26 27 28
7 Example of 22- and 55 Wash’n ____ short
of 65-Across (towelette brand) 92 “____ Rebel” (1962 #1 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
12 Conscience-stricken 56 Caribbean land hit) 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
19 Opposites of alphas whose capital is 93 Example of 44 45 46 47 48 49
St. George’s
20 It may be grand 59 It’ll knock you out 34-Down and
21 “Hah!” 60 Ricochet 94 Dimes, essentially 50 51 52 53
22 7- and 112-Across 62 Ambition for an 97 Straight 54 55 56 57 58
24 Flashing lights actor 100 “Othello” traitor 59 60 61 62 63
25 What scouts gather 64 In view 101 Milky gems 64 65 66 67 68
26 Intentions 65 7- and 31-Across 105 Admit 69 70 71 72
27 Donkey’s call 67 “So long,” for short 108 93- and 116-Across
29 Naval engineer 69 Part of a machine 112 Example of 83- and 73 74 75
31 Example of assembly 22-Across 76 77 78 79 80 81
65-Across and 71 Like Odin or Thor 113 “Little Women”
39-Down 72 Titter author 82 83 84 85 86
33 Subsides slowly 73 Some scratchy attire 114 Ruined 87 88 89 90 91
37 Org. for ex-G.I.s 74 “Sprechen ____ 115 Dead Sea Scrolls 92 93 94 95 96
40 Diddley and Derek Deutsch?” sect 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104
41 Farewells in 75 Lowest points 116 Example of 108- and
Florence 76 Car for which 47-Across 105 106 107 108 109 110 111
42 Take temporarily you “Listen to her 117 “See ya!” 112 113 114
44 First lady before tachin’ up now, 115 116 117
Bess listen to her whine,” DOWN
47 116-Across and in a 1964 hit 1 Desert crossed by 6/11/17
96-Down 78 Land in the Seine the Silk Road 30 Scrub, as a mission 56 Heights of 90 Sired, biblically
49 Levin who wrote “A 79 “I cannot tell ____” 2 Gulf state 31 Squealer achievement 93 Is disposed
Kiss Before Dying” 81 “Nuh-uh!” 32 They may be high in 57 Witherspoon of
50 Silver, for example, 82 Film critic 3 Celebration a fallout zone “Legally Blonde” 94 Need for a
in the opening to Christopher 4 Writer/critic James 34 93-Across and 58 Fussed over, as a professional
TV’s “The Lone and family 15-Down grandchild designer
Ranger” 83 112-Across and 5 Animal with 60 Like some 95 “Me So ____” (1989
51 Torah receptacles 86 Dress adornment luxurious fur 35 When repeated, a diplomats rap chart-topper)
Polynesian getaway
52 A professional 6 Org. with a “3-1-1” 36 What trees do in 61 AOL alternative 96 Example of 47- and
may need one to 87 Lathers (up) rule fierce storms 63 Skeptical response of 83-Across
practice: Abbr. 89 Not esos or estos 7 Twenty-one words 37 Is on the brink 65 Dudes 98 Excited cry in a
CO MP AS S C OS TA R O ME GA 8 Give ____ all 38 Passed quickly 66 Puts forward casino
AD MI RA L R E T I N AL CA NO N 9 Damage 39 31-Across and 68 Holt of NBC News 99 Highest score in
N EVE RG ENE RA L I Z E AD DO N 10 Blight victim 15-Down baccarat
R ESE ED ME I N ER GO 70 Part in an animated 100 Privy to
SP EC S P OO FR EA DC AR FU L Y 11 Film again 41 Len of stage and film
CO VE T S EE N A NY ON ES 12 Money in the bank, screen 72 “Well, look what I 102 ____ Barksdale, drug
AG ED SP A T E T RA CA R e.g. 42 They’re often pulled did!” dealer on “The
NO SE NT EN CE FR AG ME NT S 13 This and that at night 75 Lightly bite Wire”
AO RT AL UT AH VO I D 43 13 /2” gold-plated 103 Jay who preceded
SB AR RO AMP S P OT US A 14 Razor brand figure 76 Word of wonder Jimmy
PA SS I V ES MU ST BE SH UN NE D 15 Example of 39- and 77 “Really!”
RD S E SO SAS E A NO DE S 34-Down 45 Hall of fame 79 Ear: Prefix 104 Big bunch
YE AH AU D I LO ST I T 16 Lang. heard in Haifa 46 A mere stone’s 105 Juice drink
DO NT US EC ON TR AC T I ON S throw from 80 Den denizen
L E O A MI NO E T H C HA T 17 Before, to a bard 47 Upscale London 84 ____ the Explorer 106 Fleur-de-____
PO WE RU P A CR E P EN NE 18 ____ Moines retailer 85 Guide to studying 107 ____ Palmas, Spain
AV O I DR ED UN DA NC Y A BO UT 20 Bugs about the the night sky
CE RN SN OB TO OK TO trash 48 Fatty acid 109 90° bend
MR MOM AV O I DR ED UN DA NC Y compound 86 What “Mc-” means 110 Obama health law,
AG EN T L EA K I ER T E RR I E R 23 Toil 55 One of a pair of best in a name for short
NO DE S S T E ED S H EY DA YS 28 Competitor of friends in Greek 88 Richard Strauss
Answer to puzzle for 6/4/17 Petro-Canada legend opera 111 Old, clumsy ship

Answers to this puzzle will appear in next Sunday’s TimesDigest, and in next Sunday’s New York Times.




It’s the Olympics for Trump Apologists G-Man vs. Mob Don

Lordy, what a fine day to be Donald Trump.
“He’s just new to this,” offered Paul Ryan, the is now very publicly learning about the way peo- Three hours of earnest James Comey testi-
speaker of the House, by way of explanation for ple react to what he considers to be normal New mony before the Senate Intelligence Commit-
President Trump’s oafish efforts to get James York City conversation.” (As in: People in New tee and the president is not in immediate jeop-
Comey, then the F.B.I. director, to drop the bu- York City say: “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty.”) ardy of being indicted or impeached.
reau’s investigation of Michael Flynn, the for- During Thursday’s hearing, Sen. James The master of low expectations headed off
mer national security adviser. Trump stumbled, Lankford of Oklahoma suggested to Comey to his New Jersey golf club to celebrate that
Ryan said, because he is “learning as he goes,” that Trump didn’t want to shut down the Flynn he still has plenty of time for further self-in-
and because “he wasn’t steeped in the long-run- investigation: “When the president asked you crimination. If there’s going to be an auto-da-
ning protocols that establish the relationships about he ‘hopes’ that you would let this go … fe on the Potomac, he would prefer to light the
between D.O.J., F.B.I. and White Houses.” this seems like a pretty light touch,” he said. match. His talent for theatrical self-destruc-
With these bits of casuistry, Ryan became Sen. Marco Rubio, whom Trump ridiculed tion and Dickensian cliffhangers was on dis-
the unofficial leader of the Trump Excuses on the campaign trail, chided Comey for not play Friday at a news conference when he pro-
Caucus. This caucus is composed exclusively clearing Trump. “You ever wonder why of all nounced himself willing to testify under oath
of Republicans. Some of its members remain the things in this investigation, the only thing about his conversations with Comey.
supporters of Trump, while others are doubt- that’s never been leaked is the fact that the “One hundred percent,” Trump said.
less panicked about their political futures with president was not personally under investiga- As the Twitterati noted, the president might
Trump strutting about at the head of the party, tion?” he asked. Actually that information was just be salivating at the thought of scoring
insulting everyone and everything in sight. leaked — by Trump, in his letter firing Comey. higher ratings than Comey.
There was a day when Republicans derided Some Republicans, like the committee Thursday’s hearing underscored how ad-
President Barack Obama as inexperienced. chairman, Richard Burr, appear to be taking ept Trump is at creating the kind of havoc that
If Obama had fired an F.B.I. director who was the president’s transgressions far more seri- could bring down his presidency. Comey said
leading an investigation of his associates, can ously. And there are signs that members of the that if Trump hadn’t tweeted about a possible
you imagine Ryan treating the action as a learn- caucus are struggling to maintain their own tape of their Oval Office meeting, then Comey
ing experience? Thin-skinned as he is, Trump contortions. Pressed on his absurd comment wouldn’t have felt compelled to try to spur the
ought to be offended by Ryan’s condescension. about Trump’s inexperience, Ryan admitted, appointment of a special counsel by leaking his
He knows it’s wrong to interfere in an investi- “I’m not saying it’s an acceptable excuse.” memos. Still, this is, after all, Donald Trump.
gation. As a candidate, he condemned Bill Clin- If Republican officeholders can fake respect It was possibly, from his viewpoint, the third
ton’s tarmac talk with Loretta Lynch, then the for him long enough, they might manage to best day of his presidency. Even the press be-
attorney general overseeing an inquiry into enact their agenda. While Americans focused hemoth praised him in February when he stuck
Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. on the Comey hearing, the House passed a to a teleprompter addressing a joint session of
“What people don’t understand is that they bill rolling back Wall Street rules aimed at Congress and in April when his after-dinner
elected an outsider president,” offered the gov- preventing another financial crisis. And in entertainment at Mar-a-Lago, over “the most
ernor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, still an the Senate, behind closed doors, Republicans beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ev-
apologist despite the abuse he has taken from worked to shove a bill gutting health care cov- er seen,” was raining Tomahawks on Syria.
Trump. “What you’re seeing is a president who erage to a vote without a single hearing. We knew Trump was too big to be confined
by Infrastructure Week. Infrastructure doesn’t
The Russian State vs. a Librarian get good ratings. But a nasty gunfight between
a starchy, cautious lawman and a louche loose
cannon does. The Senate hearing drew nearly
There is something particularly Orwellian It was the librarian’s duty, she argued, to filter 20 million viewers — more than the N.B.A. fi-
about accusing a librarian of hate crimes be- new books and to destroy anti-Russian ones. nals. People started lining up to see the hearing
cause books under her care don’t jibe with Sharina’s eminently reasonable response in person at 4 a.m. Bars held screening parties.
government propaganda. That, in essence, is was an emphatic no: “I am absolutely not Sure, he got called a liar by the ousted F.B.I.
what a Russian court did in sentencing Natalia guilty of anything. Nobody gave a library di- chief. Sure, he came across in Comey’s testimo-
Sharina to a four-year suspended sentence be- rector the right, moreover the responsibility, ny like a mob don, demanding fealty and calling
cause the Moscow Library of Ukrainian Liter- to censor legally published books.” on Comey to do him a service by seeing his way
ature, which she formerly headed, purportedly Furthermore, she said, she never “dissem- clear to letting the nefarious Michael Flynn
carried literature that didn’t match Russia’s of- inated” hostile ideas, as the state claimed she go. But on the bright side for Trump, which is a
ficial version of what’s happening in Ukraine. did, but maintained a library founded in 1989. very low bar, there were these things:
No matter that most of the books seized in Of the books listed as “degrading” to the Rus- n Comey admitted he was a leaker, and
the raid on the library in 2015 and cited by the sian people, she said, only one was accessible to Trump is obsessed with catching leakers even
prosecution were in special storage and not readers, a children’s magazine called Barvinok. though he’s a world-class leaker himself.
available to the public, or that, according to the There, a court-appointed “expert” found the n Comey confirmed he had told Trump three
library staff, the book deemed most offensive “extremist” contention, one shared by much of times he was not under investigation.
was planted by the police. The case was not the rest of the world, that Russia was involved n And Comey seemed like a wimpy careerist
about inciting “interethnic enmity and hatred,” in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. for not confronting Trump on Flynn and say-
nor was it about the spurious charges of em- But in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, rights, respon- ing, “What you want is wrong and we will not
bezzlement that were leveled against Sharina. sibilities and the law have fallen prey to the old do it and I will no longer work for you.”
It was about denying Ukraine’s claim to a Soviet notion that any deviation from the posi- Trump has yet to express a scintilla of concern
cultural uniqueness, and even more about tion or the lies of the state is liable to be prosecut- that the Russians tried to hurt our democracy
making clear that the state would brook no ed under vague anti-extremism legislation. The and alter the will of voters. He is so self-regard-
challenge to its lies about Ukraine being in the motive behind the trial is to intimidate critics of ing that he can only process the hack as an insult
grips of fascists manipulated by the West to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and of its med- to him. If the Russians helped him beat Hillary
denigrate Russian culture. That version of Rus- dling in eastern Ukraine. That in itself is repre- Clinton, then he gets less credit. And Trump is so
sian-Ukrainian affairs was how the prosecutor, hensible. But to do so by accusing an innocent eager for the credit that he would rather bring
Lyudmila Balandina, opened her arguments. librarian of extremism is beneath contempt. himself down than allow someone else the honor.


Little-Known Colt Finds Limelight at Belmont In Brief

The “Test of a Champion,” as Tapwrit, Skipper Takes Plunge
the Belmont Stakes is known, was ridden by
anything but this time. Jose Ortiz, Nathan Outteridge, the skipper
The Kentucky Derby winner, Al- passed Irish of Sweden’s Artemis Racing, fell
ways Dreaming, was in no shape overboard during a tack in the
to race after finishing a disap- War Cry, the third race of the America’s Cup
challenger finals on Bermuda’s
pointing eighth in the Preakness race favorite,
Stakes. The colt that had banished and won by Great Sound on Saturday, allow-
him, Cloud Computing, was rested two lengths. ing Emirates Team New Zealand
by his owners and pointed toward to sail ahead and take a 2-1 lead
rich races at the end of the sum- in the best-of-nine series. The
grinder Luke Parkinson jumped
mer like the Haskell Invitational NICOLE BELLO/GETTY IMAGES
and the Travers Stakes. length victory in the mile-and- Todd Pletcher, is the undisputed behind the wheel of the 50-foot
So this grand old racetrack a-half marathon in a final time of king of racing in New York — and foiling catamaran, but the slip-up
on Long Island, the site of Triple 2 minutes 30.02 seconds in the beyond. Tapwrit became his third let the Kiwi skipper Peter Burling
Crown coronations for horses like 149th Belmont Stakes. Belmont Stakes winner, joining sail off to victory. (AP)
Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed He paid $12.60 for a $2 bet, and re- Rags to Riches and Palace Malice.
and, most recently, American warded his owners, a partnership Tapwrit’s victory also meant Sharapova Withdraws
Pharoah, was more or less an audi- of Bridlewood Farm, Eclipse Thor- Pletcher, who also trained the Maria Sharapova withdrew
tion stage on Saturday for unprov- oughbred and Robert LaPenta, a Derby champ Always Dreaming, from Wimbledon after failing to
en 3-year-olds, any one of whom first-place check worth $800,000. could boast that he swept two- recover from a thigh injury in
might evolve into a powerhouse. The winning jockey, Jose Ortiz, thirds of the Triple Crown. another blow to her bid to rebuild
A colt named Tapwrit passed is perennially at the top of the New “This is our home,” Pletcher her career after serving a doping
the favorite, Irish War Cry, down York Racing Association’s rider said. “This is where I make my liv- ban. Sharapova, 30, was due to
the stretch and legged out a two- standings. The winning trainer, ing.” JOE DRAPE play in the qualifying event in the

An Unseeded Prodigy Rises to the Pinnacle of Tennis hope of making the main draw.
(Agence France-Presse)

PARIS — Skipping the usual Halep, a Halep: a statistic unlikely to startle FRIDAY’S LATE GAME
base stations, Jelena Ostapenko 25-year-old Ro- those who had watched Ostapenko Seattle 4, Toronto 2
climbed straight to one of tennis’s manian, would slug and shrug her way through SATURDAY
major summits on Saturday, win- have secured the six matches leading to the final. Tampa Bay 6, Oakland 5, 1st game,
ning her first WTA Tour title at the the No. 1 rank- “At some points, I was like a spec- 10 innings
Houston 3, L.A. Angels 1
French French Open. ing by winning, tator on the court,” Halep said.
Open Her stunning run in but she fal- After rallying from deficits of N.L. SCORES
Paris — capped by a tered, just as 0-3 in the second set and 1-3 in FRIDAY’S LATE GAMES
4-6, 6-4, 6-3 comeback win over she did in 2014, Jelena the third, Ostapenko finished the Milwaukee 8, Arizona 6
the No. 3 seed, Simona Halep, in when she lost Ostapenko way she had started: nervelessly L.A. Dodgers 7, Cincinnati 2
the final — made her the first Lat- her first French nailing a backhand return winner San Diego 6, Kansas City 3
vian to win a Grand Slam singles Open final in down the line, to complete one of Minnesota 4, San Francisco 0
title. three sets to Maria Sharapova. the most unexpected title runs in Texas 6, Washington 3, 11 innings
It also made her the first un- Like Sharapova, Ostapenko is a tennis’s long history. Mets 6, Atlanta 1, 1st game
seeded woman to triumph at powerful and fearless hitter from “I mean, I think I cannot believe St. Louis 7, Philadelphia 0
Roland Garros since Margaret the baseline, addicted to risk and I am Roland Garros champion, Colorado 9, Chicago Cubs 1
Scriven of England in 1933, when capable of producing winners and and I am only 20 years old,” Osta- Minnesota 3, San Francisco 2
Pittsburgh 7, Miami 6
the tournament was known as the unforced errors in flurries. penko said. Kansas City 12, San Diego 6
French Championships. There were 54 of each against CHRISTOPHER CLAREY Mets 8, Atlanta 1, 2nd game
WEATHER Houston 87/ 67 0 90/ 74 PC 91/ 75 Sh Cape Town 59/ 48 0.05 60/ 54 C 61/ 55 C
Kansas City 89/ 67 Tr 91/ 71 W 92/ 73 W Dublin 68/ 54 0.02 62/ 52 Sh 63/ 53 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 73/ 62 0 71/ 56 PC 73/ 55 S Geneva 81/ 59 0 87/ 63 S 86/ 61 T
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 88/ 76 0.15 89/ 80 T 87/ 78 PC Hong Kong 92/ 82 0.12 92/ 83 Sh 93/ 83 Sh
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 95/ 75 0 85/ 70 T 89/ 72 T Kingston 90/ 82 0 91/ 77 PC 90/ 78 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 84/ 67 0 92/ 73 S 91/ 74 S Lima 69/ 63 0 71/ 61 PC 71/ 61 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 88/ 73 0.13 86/ 71 T 85/ 71 T London 73/ 57 0 70/ 53 PC 68/ 52 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 87/ 65 0 93/ 72 S 93/ 73 S Madrid 95/ 64 0 100/ 71 S 99/ 69 S
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 102/ 80 0 99/ 74 S 93/ 68 S Mexico City 81/ 57 0 81/ 56 PC 83/ 55 PC
Salt Lake City 80/ 55 0 89/ 59 W 68/ 52 T Montreal 77/ 50 0 86/ 67 T 86/ 68 Sh
San Francisco 68/ 53 0 64/ 53 PC 65/ 53 PC Moscow 68/ 54 0.08 69/ 54 PC 72/ 57 C
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 64/ 49 0.04 71/ 52 PC 65/ 51 C Nassau 95/ 79 0.04 92/ 80 T 92/ 80 Sh
Albuquerque 94/ 63 0 91/ 60 S 91/ 56 S St. Louis 88/ 70 0 94/ 74 S 97/ 78 S Paris 81/ 55 0 86/ 54 PC 73/ 52 PC
Atlanta 85/ 66 0 87/ 71 PC 83/ 71 PC Washington 86/ 65 0 94/ 73 S 94/ 75 S Prague 72/ 54 0 78/ 58 PC 79/ 52 T
Boise 66/ 48 0 69/ 49 PC 62/ 48 R FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 72/ 66 0 76/ 66 S 79/ 69 T
Boston 84/ 62 0 94/ 71 S 92/ 72 PC Rome 82/ 61 0 85/ 62 S 83/ 63 S
Buffalo 76/ 62 0 82/ 70 S 84/ 70 S Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 66/ 34 0 67/ 41 S 66/ 40 PC
Charlotte 86/ 66 0 89/ 67 PC 89/ 68 PC Acapulco 92/ 80 0.04 88/ 79 PC 88/ 78 PC Stockholm 70/ 50 0 70/ 55 C 64/ 48 T
Chicago 90/ 64 0 93/ 73 S 95/ 75 S Athens 82/ 64 0 79/ 65 T 80/ 67 PC Sydney 66/ 57 0.39 67/ 53 Sh 67/ 55 S
Cleveland 88/ 68 0 90/ 70 PC 92/ 73 S Beijing 88/ 63 0 91/ 59 C 82/ 57 S Tokyo 86/ 70 0 76/ 65 PC 76/ 64 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 89/ 72 0 89/ 73 S 91/ 74 PC Berlin 75/ 55 0 83/ 64 PC 74/ 54 T Toronto 84/ 59 0.01 88/ 68 PC 90/ 69 PC
Denver 91/ 65 0 87/ 56 PC 91/ 49 W Buenos Aires 68/ 48 0 62/ 35 S 60/ 43 PC Vancouver 63/ 50 0.26 67/ 51 PC 65/ 50 PC
Detroit 87/ 61 0 90/ 70 S 92/ 74 S Cairo 93/ 73 0 94/ 70 S 95/ 73 S Warsaw 77/ 55 0.07 75/ 57 PC 79/ 55 T


U.S. Teenager Has A Lap on the World’s Deadliest Race Course

A Bead on the Net DOUGLAS, Isle of Man — Davey

Lambert, a 48-year-old man from
COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — Gateshead, England, died last
The best player on the field for week after crashing at Isle of Man
the United States on Thursday Tourist Trophy, an annual motor-
night was 18 years old. That sen- cycle event here. Four competitors
tence could also have been writ- died in the races last year, another
ten in March, during the final set was killed in 2015, and two more the
of World Cup qualifying matches, lost their lives the year before that.
and it most likely will hold true Those fatalities brought the TT
again on Sunday, when the Ameri- death toll at the event, known as
cans visit Mexico. the TT, to 144 since it was first run
But that distinction will expire in 1907. If one includes fatal acci-
in September — when Christian dents occurring during the Manx
Pulisic turns 19. Grand Prix, the amateur races
Pulisic has scored seven goals held later in the summer on the
for the United States, including same Snaefell Mountain Course,
four in its past four games and two the figure rises above 250. IAN WALTON/GETTY IMAGES
in the second For this reason, and others, the Adrian Archibald on the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy course.
half Thursday TT has few parallels within global Below, memorial plaques for riders killed during the event.
in a 2-0 victory sports. The concept of mortality
over Trinidad underpins everything here. It For riders, the TT — arguably
and Tobago in a gives the race its prestige, opens the world’s most dangerous race
key World Cup it to criticism, makes it exhilarat- — represents a supreme chal-
qualifier. ing, makes it terrifying. It puts the lenge. Yet many of the world’s best
He has been island on the map. professionals have never put tire
Christian involved in the It is also why, for two weeks to pavement on the course. They
Pulisic United States’ each year, this sleepy rock in the know that the consequences of
even a minor mistake can be fatal.
middle of the Irish Sea (popula-
last eight goals:
scoring four, tion 88,000) becomes something ANDREW TESTA FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES “If Roger Federer misses a shot,
assisting on three and winning the like a rollicking festival ground. the Senior TT, which took place on he loses a point,” said Richard
free kick that led to another. At this Organizers convert 37.73 miles Friday, a public holiday on the Isle Quayle, a former TT winner. “If I
pace, he might catch his teammate of undulating public roads into of Man. (Schools are closed for the miss an apex, I lose my life.”
Clint Dempsey, who is one shy of an enormous, claw-shaped race- entire race week.) ANDREW KEH
tying Landon Donovan’s national track, and roughly 40,000 visitors, Speeds over the four race days
team scoring record of 57 goals, by many of them bringing their own routinely exceed 200 miles per ONLINE: GLADIATORS OF THE ROAD
the time he can legally celebrate motorcycles, join local fans for a hour. Every year, there are crash- From the grandstand to the
the achievement with a drink. week of practices and a week of es. Almost every year, there are Æ Tourist Trophy’s finish line:
The most impressive part, competition. It all culminates with deaths.
though — the one that makes fans
cheer, teammates smile and his Freshening Up the 2020 Olympic Games
gruff coach, Bruce Arena, lavish
uncommon praise — is the way
Pulisic seems to make scoring in- Three-on-three basketball? judo. There will be a 4-x-400-meter weight lifters have surrendered
ternational goals, a skill that even Yes, please. Mixed-gender relays mixed relay in track and field and their medals after failed doping
some of the world’s best players in the pool and on the track? Just a mixed medley in swimming. tests that you had to wonder if it
struggle to acquire, look simple. tell me when to be there. Imagine what a mixed relay would didn’t make sense to hand them
Pulisic will determine whether The International Olympic have been like at the 2016 Rio out with prepaid return envelopes.
the Americans advance to the 2018 SportS Committee announced Games, with Michael Phelps and Thomas Bach, the I.O.C. pres-
World Cup in Russia, and how far of the big changes to the Katie Ledecky in the same event? ident, has warned the Interna-
they will go if they do. He plays Olympic sports menu In Tokyo, four more Olympic tional Weightlifting Federation
with fearlessness and confidence, timeS for the 2020 Tokyo sports — canoeing, rowing, shoot- to get its antidoping act together
befitting a talent who has excelled Juliet Games on Friday. ing and weight lifting — will have by December, or the I.O.C. might
at the international level, for his Macur There will be new the same number of events for kick the entire sport out of the
German club, Borussia Dortmund, sports, like karate, women as they do for men. That 2024 Olympics. As it is, it will lose
in matches in the Bundesliga and and new events, like basketball means equal numbers of medals only a few spots in Tokyo.
in the Champions League. played three on three, with one for men and women. Equality. It’s Bach called weight-lifting’s
In a postmatch interview on hoop, kind of like playground ball a nice concept, backed by some punishment in Friday’s reorder-
Fox Sports 1 on Thursday night, with Olympic medals at stake. I.O.C. follow-through. Yet for all ing of the Games “a strong signal”
he predicted the Americans would The Games won’t be anything the sports and athletes who were to the sport. Good for him. Stand-
defeat Mexico at the Estadio Az- like your parents’ Olympics, un- winners, there were losers, too. ing up to cheaters, and meting out
teca, where they have won only less they are into skateboarding, Track and field will lose 105 punishment, is common sense. If
once in the rivalry’s long history. sport climbing and surfing. Those slots, and men’s weight lifting will one sport’s athletes can’t follow
Pulisic figures to play a lot again sports were added last year. Now, lose an entire weight class. Plac- the rules, other athletes from oth-
after being on the field for a full 90 the Olympics sound fresh and fun es for 64 weight lifters were cut. er sports should get a chance.
minutes Thursday. He was asked in a way that may make younger It was probably appropriate Let’s see what the surfers, the
if he could do it again at Azteca. fans want to tune in. those were the sports hit hardest. skateboarders and the climbers
“Yeah, absolutely,” Pulisic said. There will be mixed-gender The losses for weight lifting make can do. I’ll check them out between
“I’m still young.” BEN SHPIGEL team events in archery, and in sense. In recent years, so many three-on-three basketball games.

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